The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on November 6, 1927 · Page 46
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 46

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 6, 1927
Page 46
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGT.E. EW YORK. SUNDAY. NOTOfBER C. 1927. D 3 REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE Recti Estate at Auction Rrl E.-taie at Auction Imu Inland VrwAj. Ijant l-lan, Prope-nr. Apartment-House Revieiv oiue on Beautiful At Its Finest Intersection i 'Ibr ;gT r.zJ& ' - ( j. r i fc. - iv n , . i '-',l'''r"iiiT'TMitiii 1 Finest Location in B'klyn On Main Plaza Overlooking I Prospect Park jilli i'i ils'iil PARKWAY TERRACE Ocean Parkway and 18th Avenue H) At your door a stately boulevard, 240 feet wide, with landscaped walks, malls, bridle paths, benches and a motor concourse from Prospect Park to the sea. 2 Rooms, Kitchenette and Bath 3, 4, 5 Rooms and Bath All Outside Rooms. Restricted Neighborhood. Latest Type Elevator, Incinerator, Noiseless Oil Burner. Now Renting, $53.00 to $125.00 Per Month Agent on Premise!, or Bulkier A Horton Co., -4214 Flatbush Atb. Tel. Buckminster 5400 V MIDWOOD MANOR Just Completed 945 East 26th Street, Near Avenue J Between Avenues J and F One of Brooklyn's Finest Modern 4-Story Apartment . In exclusive and beautiful neighborhood IDEAL SPACE FOR DOCTOR ROOM SUITES' 2-3-4-5 Near schools, stores and churches. 3 minutes to I. R. T, Subway marked Flatbush Ave, Incinerator, oil burner, ample closet space; moderate rentals. Agent on Premises BUCKMINSTER 1900 New Building Opposite Brooklyn Museum PETER STUYVESANT" Ultra-Modern Elevator Apartments 159 Eastern Parkway, bet. Washington and Underhill Aves. Directly at I. R. T. Subway Station Containing every conceivable wp-ta-dat Innovation and convenience. Including Incinerator, etc. 1 ROOM ""h altehenette and Mnrphy Bed. (8-room exfldeacj) 2ROOVS't--.fflH,11(T) A ROOMS eJiambers, wllh or wllhoat break-""vu,u fa.t mm, or mald'e room In addition. 5 ROOMS coa'a'nlng either breakfast room er reatd'e reotn. KELLNER BUILDERS,-Inc. fcttfi Telephone Bterllng 10.111. er Office. S Pranklla Are, Brooklyn, I'hoae Storting CM. BROOKLYN HEIGHTS Newest and Most Exclusive Co-operative Apartment House We offer for sale the only remaining apartment, at the original purchase price, of six rooms and three baths. We also offer one apartment for resale of eight rooms and four baths. Soundproof walls; open fireplace; electric refrigerator; Every Modern Improvement Particulars en Application KAUFMAN & KELLOGG Triangle 5832 44 Court Street Equal to New York's Best S. oft. enni Pl n n .i m 00 10 ou riaza dl, tor. Duuer riace ) NEW 12-STORY FIREPROOF CORNER .APARTMENTS Plaza Lane t Prospect Lane 4-5-6-7 Room. - 2-3-4 Room, Bath N 1-2 and 3 Baths 4 Kitchenettes. Dining Alcoves Very Reasonable Rentals Immediate' Possession FRIGIDAIRE Electrical Befrlgeratlon 1 Block to (Prospect Park 2 Minutes Walk to all Sub- . Plaza) Subway Station. ways. 10 Minutes to Wall Street 20 Minutes to Times Square. A Beautiful and Most Convenient Location RENTING AGENT ON PREMISES PHONE NEVINS 9519 or JOHN F. JAMES & SONS 193 Montague St, Brooklyn, N. Y. Telephone Triangle 620V r-003-0ti NOW RENTING 2-Room and Kitchenette and 3-Room APARTMENTS ICafeelanti Irms. 3101 LAKELAND PLACE Brighton-On-The-Boardwalk BRIGHTON BEACH Electric Refrigeration, Cedar Closets, Murphy Bed, in 3-Room' Apartments, Lockers and Showers for Ocean Bathing. Tak B. M. T. Brighton Line to Ocean Parkway. Two Blocks from Station. Agent on Premises. 0 Rest Kitchens Incinerators Roof Gsrden Overlookyig Bell Room . tlevstor I f Park 1 and 2 Rooms Housekeeping Apartments 1 Minnies f f nee mnn it. rl I Wall Street ana up fTk B. M. T. iirisThton Lint 99 Ocean Av.prcp.'". Park Station t Jeanne Ami frtmUta Flatbueh SSSl :rORGENTHAU-SEIXAS 130 W. 42i Street, N. Y. ' Tel. Wlsconaln (i 3runcis Court , flew 4-Story Brick Apartment Dwelling 3 & 4 Rooms All Improvement Located in the beautiful Bay Ridge Section. Luxurious interior refinements, unurually large court providing light for all rooms; near Bay RiHge ave. station of Fourth ave. H. M. T. subway. Schooln, churches and shopping district in the immediate vicinity. Very Moderate Rentals Agent on Premises OVINGTON AVENUE Between Slh and 61b Ares. BP Now Renting I MONTH CONCESSION 3 and 4 Room Apsrhatnti eew nt.(n-4j,t s-femitr bit' Hmimm, rr titwlern imi-r.rmnt m Sfreet u "Tr... "13 Km 1 JUST COMPLETED "The Mayfair" FLATBUSH ELEVATOR APARTMENTS IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY 125 East 19th St.. Brooklyn Keltx-I RoNldfntltvl Hocfton H-t Htvurtr ami AIr.miirl Ki. Tlt U M.T. !( h b.&t to ilavarljr BWtTini.8URGE. AIRY 2-3-5and6R00MS 6 Rooms hsve 2 Baths ATTRACTIVE RENTALS Owae-sbip Management Arri.v IIS HRKMIOM Kenrnore Building Co., Inc. 26 Coorl St. B'klrn. Trisnrle 2692 ItelMlne raoae rialheek ZH "ora hmzs, Inc. ST. aisfl A'lSST OS riiKMIrlce rsea Sanut 1U17 t Large Rooms with Kitchenette anal Tith (iiirniahea with conceals! beel) Redfordj JUtiApattiU'nts li:4 Pact Tie Street (Miar lk.1f .ra Ateitae) H'tl'd-e h-l fin'.'.-': M-aI-ht ele t'-.r , rtlf. ftf 11 n I, in fr'urt ..f th ri, eivre. et' .1 r..r it . If n As'al, K' I '( ' i III. ftrrmleea, tel. sreeeei IStSn, LUX0NIA ARMS 490 East 23d Street Aajotalag teeter Aee Uroukljn Six-Story Elevator 2, 3, 4 and 5 Room Apartments All Modern Improvement" Inludles Kelrlnatftr Rlertrle tttrtfetatlwa ami Inrineraiur Ready for Occupancy Moderate Rentals AOEKT OK rmCMISCS OH M. C. O'Brien 1184 Flatbush Avenue Phone Buckmtnster 100 62 PIERREPONT ST. MODERN ELEVATOR 12 Minutes from Times Square 4-5 ROOMS REASONABLE RENT ZONING MATTERS TO BE DISCUSSED BY STANDARDS BOARD 45 OCEAN AVE. Ovs.Iook ig Protpect Pa.k At Prefect Park, I. M. T. Sakwst Sta. 1-2-3-Room Apartments tslel imrnoeeeveis. Seperste hied thsweri. I d I nam ajXrntentt coals a Msrrjhjr Beifa, I reom apattntats, kitihrnelle. Rent $30 In $70 Seaerieleaileat an Premiies Garage Problems Prominent in Applications to Be Heard on Nov. 9. The Board of Standards and Appeals will hold a public hearing, under the provisions of the building zone tesolutlon, on Nov. 8, In Room 1013, Municipal Building, Manhattan. The following matters will be discussed: Application of George M. McCabc, architect, on behalf of George J. Brennan, owner, to permit In a business district the erection and maintenance of a gasoline service station ; premises 2302-2304 Avenue U, soutii east corner of E 23d St., Brooklyn. Application of David Kugel, applicant, on behalf of Estate of Arinur H. Bclinger, rwner, to permit, partly In a business district and partly in a residence distilct the erection and maintenance of a garage for wie stor age of more nan five motor vehicles: premises 340-360 Amboy St., south-viest corner ot Livonia ave., Brooklyn. Application of Stanley Bogart, ap plicant, on oehau of Adolpne btern-berg, owner, to permit In a tcsldencv district the eicctitn and matniennnt; of a moior vc.iice repair shop: premises 20-22 Kosciuko St., Brooklyn. Application of Bnmuel Rosenblum. architect, on behalf of Jtilliu Daub, owner, to permit In a residence district thr maintenance of an exten sion 'occupied by business unci to ait existing building occupied as a store on the first story and as dwellings above; premises 1110 Park ave., Mai.- nattan. Application of Deiches, Ooldwater ft Hytm, applicant, on behalf ot The Van Dam bprtnit corporation, owner to permit, partly In an unnatrlcleJ district and "artly in a bwtinia di- tnct, the extension or a factory uue throughout an existing building: premises 233-245 Spring st. and 20-J4 Van Dam St., Manhattan. Application of William F. Doyle, uppiit'grt. on behalf of RocU-lmoiC rtealty Corporation, owner, to pcrm.t in a bu.ness district the erection ana maintenance of a gasoline service station; premises northwest corner of 151 h ave and S6th St., Brooklyn. Application of Cass Clllbcrl. Inc. architects, on behalf of 130 West 3utli Street Corporation owner, to permit in an imreitnrted district and also two times helnht diMrtct the erection and maintenance of a building not conforming mill the height rrau.a Hons of the fine resolution, premie. s 178-134 w. 3 )tn it , Mantisua.i Appll.allon of Myron H. Oibornt. appUcsht, on behalf of De I'eviU'r Kealtv Compiny owner, to pttmlt ir. i a bus, reus dutt let the erection and j .lalntenance of a building to oe utd as a garage lor the storage of mm ; lan five moU-r vehiries and, also, as ' a staJile for moro thsn five horses; Iprermscs 45-47 W. M'.h St., Minha'-! tin. . RTATEM lI.An llFAI.. Jorncllus O. KolfT, Inc., has sold a plot, 40,-.CJ, on Victory Boulevard, near Cebra ave, in th fa-.-gmt!ing b ml-n-ra s-cilnn of Tnmnkinsvllle. Ptalen I land, The proper, y was pirrhar.ed br an Investor fiutn Mrs. Cdaard H. td wards. "TH William Kennelly frS" w'W'snT.-BsnTanTanTMn sfe.i.lbro:k ynsalesday Tomorrow Evening, Nov. 7th At 8 P. M. im lh Brooklya Rul Eatat Exchui. 189 Montafu St. tu to test Asn tntt to wit ntih st. bfnsomii rst It two-Umily tax-exempt twmt-detacJied bruk dwelling... Sie lixlOO uch. mil TO SUIT KI HP A KIR 7 builtlins cotnpriainir in curnor BAY PARKWAY ! blor-k Iron. th St. Sub. Rt, 2-tory tuirk und framo c1wflin. Kite for aiHtrtmeut. H.wm KXlaiMl. 'Sit BAY KIU4.K AT.. or. 14th A. Thre-ntrry brick sjtor nl apart-m.m bulitllns with l sturaa Six ltil. 109 HIIOV AY., Car. Cats-a At. Thr-atury tturro dwUtniE. with -tory lirirk axtenalun with 3 atorea. Size I'axlOn. 17 AND 4 EAST 91 h BT. Two 4-atory new law walkupfl. SIm 4fxinrt earh. Hut water only '71 JOHNSON AY., Cur. MorRta Aw. Three-wtory brick tor and mart merit hullrlinif Six 2B.2xlU0. '75-7 WARRKN ST. Two 4-atory brick and frama apart. menta wtih one stur. tilxe eUxllO. ?10-I0'1S-14-16 14th AY. Five J-tory brick store ap4 apart ment hiiMdfnpra. Size lf.6rl00 each, 6 HI TTKR AV., 8. K. Cor. Hurrett t. Four-ittory new law walk-up. 21 tea, on atore. Size 64xl0t. BEECHHURST. L. !. TKFrnuO()l TKRRACE, Bet. STth t. aad Cryder'a Ine Two-etory and attic Dutch Colonial dwelling with garage, bize 80x100. LAWRENCE, L. I. IFRI.IM ST. Six -Iota at Lawrenc Ave. Bit 20x100 each. W. Mth T. rONEY isi ,vn, lore and aix aeimiaLe buncalowa Hx&im Irreg. issa stth rr. Twe-arory brick etore and apart-meat buildi at Bix 20x..2S. 5flS-7- JO UN SO V AV. Three 3-ntory double brick, l-fara-lly dwatlingi. Slzea 2 2 Wxl. I 'aj. 2iii4.1 and 2fc.:mi7.0. ton (.RAFTON PT.. Near Dumont A. Kour-tury brick tax exempt dwell-ing. Six 60x1(10. WFST MfE NOSTRA I AY. 3 feet north of Fnrragut Rd. Vacant bualneaa plot. Blia 100x100. BK!FOHI AV., . W. Cor. Dean t. Hix-atory elevator apartment building with i atorea. Size lUOxTS.I. B4 OCKAN PKWY., Cor. ElnSwood A. Two-atory brick and frame . tax . exempt dwelling with 2-car garage. Hixe 6&XM8. NORTH HIOK FARRAC.rT RD. 80 feet eaut of K. lo&th Ht. Vacant unreatricied plot. ISixe 60x100. COPIAGUE, L. I. N. W COB. MEHHICK KI). AND hTRONO'8 HI). Vacant corner. Site 60x130. EDCEMERE, L. I. 40 IlKAt'll 47th ST. One-femUy frame, sarase, 30s9S. 4OT HKACII 411h KT. Two-taintly trume, sarase, 40x95. SEND FOR BOOKMAP Zr WlLUAKENNELEV ESSvTS 11 r Beat Estate Auction Specialists fin-HO Yean --- Queensborongh Property. Queensborough Property. 0 Put Your Cards on the Table in aTRUMPc? ($ 9, 95 OJJr-u MlOOOTaslt mrarf modern hiiiiryvement (.ruin' street., cltr eener. No two. V ' emf-ir!: W-i"- ;-boo.ct elike- ine of the mo.i Vfn ;t 4 t JTV nnloue snd benutlfnt boms d.v.lop itwt -ntfiin -'; ' i-lllle? meals on Loaa Islsna. tlnlr S Stfl BBaB .-..if M t el . ' t ej jM,- " " JiliV I tnlniitea Visit t&a Fnmiihed Model Ho ma M HollU An. & 193th 5t HoIHt. L I V Owner ar.d Bultilr.e E. TRUMP & SON flr Autn Out Hillnltle r. to lHHth at.. Hfht to Ho.iu ave., then out to tUSth et. nirfetlnna Ttttte L, I II. R. to Hoi I in it at ion. walk auuth H block b to 1Mth , ave., then pant to ll'tl'.ri i at. Phono 101 Utl I Are Really CHARMING HOMES si., whnlai vear round Cmitm to y. Torrosir. ax. ma.ns aot rci-iiBUNRi Merrick Road & 118th Road, Jamaica $5800 (500 CASH) $5950 PLOT 30x100 ft. "I mli-aivsTK DIIIKCTION'S Take II. M. T. "1." to llth M. stalloa. Mm-ILL".; I uIS Ihrilowilal. b.i. dlreetl, te th. PPe'II ttkj I I IB. from Vlnthwb Are.. Brookljn. er I'e.a. slallan l Ijneert Are .t..loi. Talk lek S blocks te th. propertn autamoblle. teas MEM Kit a read alree s. propertj. PHONES LAURELTON 3378 VIRGINIA 644 HOUSES OPEN EVENINGS YOU CAN OWN THIS HOME ay a y vy mm iriviitii Keven Roorni and Hun J'arlor. Tiled Klt'-isr. and Hnfh with fttilltln Tub and nhnwer open ('lumblrg. I'ar-juel Klmim, Juautiru HnU,-l Mtiaite-n, KlMlinryte K1etrlc Fixlitrea, lec,(rt. Walla. ft. oitlnga, Kmiahed Cellar Ollinir. Hteum Heat, J'lenty if i'haet Itmim. fontttruttH-n la frame and Frsam-h alucro. (!! d llrl k fln'tu- I'rlvate tlrtvtway. favett pirenta, walka and lurba I-t 34x1''' Convenient to tran-ilt. Near arhttnla. and tl.urchea. After tit fH Oiree ntcnUta r"tt la paid you aecure tlwl. Full Price, $6,750 HERTLE-BUSCHMANN, Builders 96-10 Roc It a way Boulevard Fulte HI. '!. t HetettawMf Itl.d. ntatlea, t ac Kmknnny HUd. Kml el ltl n. Opea F.venlnge aad Haadaa. I'liuae .IIH.IM I MK,',. TtrnI F.iftt at Atirflnfl atwl f f inc. SPECIAL SALES DAY Tuesday. Nov. 15th N(HV, H I X' (MS')K mt,Fi:.M, a K-KY HT, X t. ' li t K(MKLYN n. 1;. r. skh ithimit Ar.. a ;mn r. ftar 3-atfiry tf-nementa with atorea 4b I 19. M-7-M "OITrt IM NT. Five tn-ft tn) io :n:irrg ti rr Ki, ar. Thi"ib tti J A T JT- T-. lorr dweilin Irreg, lia iKTl t; avk. C niirir f t etieinerU 'a, i ' b t if tl.f.uah in H l l'l lKr,li HT (mi-ftniv l"f u h t)aOd arage, IV tft N( H W K. Ttftrr lr k imy-r w"Hh m-.ffft. St I'r.. i. K, f of. VK. a t I.UliH I M wT. H!)tt bted f .ti. r'tn tor 10 tare, I'ti 107 in irr- ' Mnt pk V K. f nr i1 IM r. A IK. a ttiuii. t. Ihr-w l-fi-r ir nt,n taeiina, ftna Jti, oi'.er t J ti. iprTit 1 1 1 H)Nt. r Ami-, oi irr r. Five-atf.rjf telftfof '-! f-stn'te fa' tftff with mta) ) t.d ehe.ia raiMMe ( r rt1-d .!. nf St ( . 1 (Mr - 4erlteeill s:ll. tmng Iliin, l'r"Mne. BUILDERS 210 RESIDENTIAL LOTS I offer 210 highly rentrict-ed lots, with tttrei'ts, side-walkx, curbs, electricity, water, Kits, etc., in the bout house Kellini; section of the north shore of Lonn Island, situated loss than !) minutes from IVnn. Station. All lots priced under f 1,500 each. FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE BUILDERS CAN ACQUIRE THESE LOTS IN PARCELS OF TEN OR MORE. WITH 75 SUBORDINATED. ADDRESS BOX K Ne. 16, Eagle Office. ) s 3 i ROCKVILLE CENTRE This beautiful stucco home, located in the best part of Ilot'kville Centre, seven minutes to the depot, large plot and two-car (TuraKc; seven rooms and two baths, of finest craftsmanship and material; all larjre size rooms. Built by the R. W. HOLDING & CONSTRUCTION CO. Price $24,000 A 1 f " I , First mortgage Part cash and terms. $10,000 Call and see BOLDT-WICK CORPORATION Main Office Opposite Railroad Depot Rockville Centre. Phone 1783 He (I 3 0 9 JO YOUR LOT CONTRACT AMI $250 CASH W'M juif ri tn ielsi nf f,n. t.'tie. t. Mh Ii" - Op ts.ii" nl-f ! I'.f - ira at fM tte-tt tft.e teffi fel la a fne Tt and B m h'f i plsiefsite rentalfij- HH. flfM'a tercah'siat .'fc in pu'ltr ram a-nt Mt' r. HI'sM Ssyt i (twa ijut ttn'. H' l 1 V t ' t , : ii'4-ta. a tmu9 Ae,. . rr.e) f IKK "MM Pll S'l )ltllMIl LOTS i l lft th - "f e f ' inf nf a ft "rt (', i 't. e st. $-i f Jl fAint of l,i. ' ".) at'-.t..! th 1 - ''! 'f ' it .' I HO-e MMI 1 , I UMf S I J- I S. A'-fl- SQ7 EJ The First Step O to Your IN LYNBROOK PARK HOME VALLEY STREAM in-iintlful l-i'nnijy Ihhihoh, t nnrt 7 larae rouniH nnd t'lit lom-J Hnu parlor ; plot 4t' lui): oturtly t-oiiHtnictltut ; dieitlnotlve archi-Uvtnrt' very dt-riirHltle cuHimniilty : alt iikkUti) aiipnliiTnit'iitet : jmriiif t floors thr.HiKlioiit ; tilftl klt'luTi a nil Imth with IViuliniki tub ; h In ml tug wliower ; o'ii wood-litirntrtt; flrpiilnccfi ; Ktifiliab, Itufe h mitl i (il:iil oYteriort ; aldt- entrnncen ; i'IPt leitdVni nnd B'tttern; finirtlifd anil iinlinletliwl titti'-Hi coiifrutt! rouJ and Bide-whIKm; HID t'iil. flnll. PRICED FROM 8,950 to 42,750 CASH t-ROIVl $750 Uf FURNISHED MODEL HOME OPEN FOR INSPECTION WILLFRED STEWART, Inc. Merrick Road at Cornwell Ave., Valley Stream, L. 1. Chone VALLEY KTKKAM 40 Representatives on Property Daily and Sunday. j Cory ikaurtful Baltiotn Five and Six-Room English Type Cottages Baldv L. I. 1.V RKLKCT residential eeetloa, tiled hath aad ehower, sua parlne, steam heat, hardwnod fliior. dlaaptiearlns breakfast niHtkt slirob-herr, flower tMiKes: llsht plot; aouthem eipiNsaret fireplace, brlrk stuup, traftex finish dowa-.talrs. A Most Beautiful and Modern Type of Home A Rare Bargain at $7,950 Small Cask C. H. LUERSSEN, Sole Agent 5 Gr.nJ Ave. or 130 West Merrick Read Telephone Freeport 2500 I GARDEN t CITY, L. I. At lrwart Manor Stitlon. Ismt Ultinrt tnoat romnM nift l-fulllul lr-vcl.inii- nl of "il-tut ' nHrcrl Ik "' Pick a location now and .ave at least $300 in the Sprint- Nnw Ili.ti.'Mio rlnl.lHiUW for priii ownrn. Ali a wll-tM,itn...-i . initl-s t. 'm I'li.yKinJtxl. llti'i-i f ! i t.rt lurcf !"i' l. .iti-il.t i-.i 1-n U.-.i;..-!. W Mi ,..!,... ,((,.. ,t, nfft HitlfirV.ilkrV 1 1 nit. nil; . rtiili"ii r . If re 1 Sw'msn'ns Pool Tcnnia Club Price !ncl ide Garage T--n.i L ite n-t 5(iili r t ypMuf IIoidcm i: i in Vicf from is H to li,750 t'llt- III V- lit Tit-ilii.)r ,.,,1,, j. in U-rk Mil ,... ',,1 J t;-e- ii- ' V t. k l't U.itl T'ltt. r i a.- ' 1(t!, 1. 1 i !' i H II . ',,tun nt 'i. i" --Bi.'i en Reaily Atsociates 152 Retries St., Bk'yn Trt.i'""iel TKI.n :ie I',iriil, llff'r- T'lryhelie; l lllr.l -;m. LCNC ISLAND DEALS The Lon't Isiund Real Estate Board recorded the Inllonliiit sales made by Its members: Ef lir Bros , of Bfll?roe, L. I., sold a one-family s'uero dwelling located at Pennsylvania blvd.. Beilerose. for t'hlllip Btattel, to James Meensn. The property was held at 117000; aUo a otic-lainlly daclllnit located at Willoa- st . Floral Park, for Henry Kora;e. t.) James McQtiade for orrupatlon. The property was held at 110. ym Utile Ac V.'hlte, realtors of Jackson Height, sold a nnc-Iainlly brick dwell-in' located at 72d st .Jackson HrlKhU. for lrvmor C'orniraMon. Ui Marcare. A Kenrttl! Ihe property was held at I i 7.10 EXHIBIT TO TRACE DEVELOPMENT OF GERMAN BUILDING tfOSEDALE HOME BUYERS Rmerale llmie. Inc., sold ono-,'amlly dHarncd houses at IG JM l.i .neir d ve'.apmenl lorsted two blocks Irom Rnsedaie station of the L. 1. R R !i the follow x. rior"tice Csm. Mrs. P K. Mts:ti;ie. E. Tltomas Kelllv. dilates H. tlat(lel!n Chstlrs A. Jrown Vroiti e 1, C"iiUl. Allied It 4ampell and Harold Uarby, Architectural Collection Covers History of Design From 11th Century to Date. An exhibit of more than usual In terest, not only to the architect and the architectural student but to the building professions and trades as a whole, will be opened within the next two weeks In the new north wing of the Architects Building, 101 Park: ave., Manhattan. The collection is a very extensive one and traces what might be called the present architecture of Germany from its inception In the Eleventh Century to data The work is tne result of an effort on the part of Arthur Woltersdorf, F. A. I. A., one of Chicago's most prominent arcnitects, who, when travehne, In Germany a few years ago, visited what wis the nucleus of thla collection, then on display in the Academy of Arts at Charlottenburg, Berlin. The character of the work shown was so diilerent from anything to which the American public is accustomed that Mr. Woltersdorf prevailed upon the German Government to have a much larger and more rp-resentatlve exhibit collected for display in the United States. Dr. Edmund fichueler of, Berlin, then Privy Councilor, who for many years had bi'en connected with the German Kor elKii Office and Is known internationally due to his connection with the various German Embassy buildings in many countries, was commissioned to do this work. He secured the cooperation of the foremost architect and Judges of art in Germany ana with thrlr au-Wance many hundred of representative Illustrations of German architecture were collected. These were ver carelnlly gone over and from them the present selection of over 500 was derided upon as best lepresenllng the subject. This collection has now reached the United Slates and will be shown In New York during th3 presens month, alter which It will b? exhibited In the principal cities throughout the country and eventually will lie donated to some eo'.le-e of architecture In the United 6'ates. Frank Fox's Opinion On Real Estate Market Frank Fox. vice president of the) Prudence Comnanv. Inc.. in discuasln ' conditions in the real estate, market, I stated: " More d'wrlmlnatlon bv builders, ! real entate buyers and mortgage lend-ters will mark the coming winter and lirring season. There) will be better , iwieriion exercised and considerable I activity in properties that deserva tt. I tie ciaASa oi rem prnw may wo. probably be nines in ciemano inciuoe) retail stores not only in the heart of the clt t but In new outlined business cent-rs, very hi-fh-clasa apartments for renting and co-operative) i-ilen particularly In llrooklyn and in Rror klvn, Woerns and Long Island modrraie-prlrrd dwellings ot modern del ,n betneen I90UO and 2U 0"0 III prlte. Mortsaee money should be verv plen'iful for meritorious project where the owners have a substantial amount of lh-i r n mn'tj Invcstml tn tiie equities behind the artigage.'

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