The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SB (ARfc.) COURIER N6WS Wrangle Over Economy .Move Rage's In. Justice ^Department I By BRUCE CATIOH Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Dec. 22. — The inner administration fight over cutting down on spending next year is nowheie raging more i,lmrply tli'ijn in connection with t!ie nnli- trust campaign of the Department of'Justice. Assistant Attorney General Tliur- iniyi Arnold believes his program is jus,t getting under way, and that it 'offers the government the test single means at Us disposal for keeping living costs down find promoting industrial revival. He wants to sec the anti-trust division's appropriation for next year raised from its present level of^ $1,300,000 to nbo'ul $3,000,000. The budget bureau, meanwhile, Is insisting on a ciit instead of an Increase. Right tiow the fate of the whole, anil-trust-campaign is hanging in the balance. Arnold has bluntly told the administration (hat If lib division cannot expand Its .work during the coining year it might just as well shut up shop entirely. ' 'BUIUHN'G PROBE BEHIND'. SCHEDULE "• ' Most publicized Job l!ie' : >mtl- trust division Is doing now Is Its investigation of the building industry. Tills is behind schedule. It hus barely begun to operate on its .nation-wide suits, 1ms not yet touched the network of restrictive city ordinances which It considers a. big factor in . freezing building costs, and hns not been able to go into the question of pilenl rights. The building investigation Is only one of several fronts on which the division Is now active. Arnold' contemplates a mvich broader program aimed at reducing prices anil promoting freer trade all along I lie line. CONDEMNS INTERSTATE ttfgPAY, DECEMBER 23, lj>39 • SERIAL STORY . SANTA GLAUS BROWN 'BY.MILDRED GtLMAN COPYRIGHT. 1939, NEA SERVICE. INC. He wants to attack Interstate! trade barriers. He wants to Investigate the milk-supply problejn. He believes lower .prices to the consumer could be had nil across the purchasing field— In agricultural products, In tobacco, in retailing generally— If tactics applied in the building Investigation could be extended to all major distribution fields. To carry out such ft program requires a larger staff limn Is now available, and (lib means more money is needed. All In all, Arnold wants around 150 men to do the Job. About one-third of these would be used to form n pennant'::!, .on- the-spot organization, posted roinh- ly one man to each state. Each man's function would be to keep in touch with trade and industry. He would maintain contacts with Merry Christmas AND'A Happy New Year To (he food handlers and dairies of Mississippi County for their cooperation regarding our better health program in 1039. May we take this opportunity to extent! out viish that you enjoy a very prospcrous N ew Yea r. CountyHealtH Department v I:STI;K n A Vi Smitn Clnu* llrtmn, xiunltliiK llit cnmlnjc uf JI!H ilmixhlcr, rlJnfCN fo life. Mm. nrtmii Ilex lei liEin nljoul Iliu iclrl'n Mirri'NH. At the-. Carter iiuiui*, riirlftfIIIIIM liiiiiihliirKS rct^riN when Itir rlillilrru fluU Ihflr i»yn, Ji'rry nKfru Ciirlrr n Joli lit Die 1'uluU ItOyule. Alter Iltink* i-oniCH In, CHAPTER X A LICE BANKS entered the Carter living room v/ith her gifts for (lie children's Clirislmas. She Mopped, amazed at the outlay of toys, 'Oven more amazed at the sight of Jerry. Jerry went to her, took her in his arms under the mistletoe, and Iiisscd her, tenderly, lie spoke in' « low voice, only for her cars. "I almost killed Santa Claus— I've been trying to take his place ever since . . . finish up his job for him. Altec, he gave me a wonderful Clirislmas present—lie brought me to my senses—he gave you back to me. God bless Santa Claus Brown!" Betty stared at them, openmouthed with astonishment. "My teacher and Mr. Donaldson love eacli other! Mother, look!" Mrs. Carter tried to divert Betty's attention back to'her toys. The boys, derisive of love-making, paid no attention to the couple. Jerry was so full of enthusiasm that he might as well have been alone in the room with Alice. "Alice, when I take that Job in dad's basement, will you struggle along with me? Furnish a little bungalow on installment—furniture from Donaldson's Palais Royale. Begin right'at the bottom with me. We'll have to—pop's set on it. • "You're forgetting, 1 ' Alice laughed, "I'm not social register enough for your mother." Jerry kissed her again. "It's time all ol us took mom in hand and taught her a few plain facts about living," Jerry said. "She'll be so tickled having her little boy Jerry behaving like a human being again—slic'll forgel oil ahoul Hie social register. Underneath mom's human and sweet —you'U sec, darling. Just lake a cliancc. Leave il a)l lo Jerry. We better go right .over and wish 'em a merry Clirstmas. They've probably called every bar in Ihe slate, looking for me." Belly handed Alice some sleigh- bells. "Here's some wedding hells for you, Miss Banks," she said, and added wistfully, "Aron't you gong to tench us any more?" "You'd outgrow me in another evv months anyway," Alice mlled. "You'll have other leach- rs, dear." She hugged the child. They looked around suddenly o find Mrs. Deakin and "Dead- bcal" Mlddleton standing in the loorway, looking astonished at the estive early scene in the Carter iving room. Mrs. Deakin quickly recovered icr comiM.sure and addressed her ludience. "We've been at the hospital all night. Santa Ciaus Brown is—" "You're standing under 'the mistletoe, Mrs. Deakin," Mrs. Carter interrupted her quickly. "Deadbeat" Middleton instantly rose to the occasion and kissed icr. She blushed furiously. "Looks like the Christmas spirit's taken possession of every- wdy," Mrs. Carter said, smiling. 'I think Santa Claus Brown had a finger—in all—o£ this. Run along you two love birds," 'she said turning lo Jerry and Alice. 'Break Ihc good news to your parents." and Jerry ran out laugh"" ing, hand in hand. Betty went to the window one looked out. "I wisli Santa Claus Brown was here," she sighed wistfully. "He always conies in Christmas morning and looks at our presents am shows us how to work things, anc fixes 'em when we break 'em, am "He's hurt," her father fold her "He had an accident. He had to go to the hospital." There was a soft knock on tlje door, and Mrs. Brown entered slowly. Everyone greeted her. "How's your husband, Mrs, Brown?" inquired Mrs. Carter. "lie's—just fine—" Mrs. Brown replied, with a far-away look. "You mean, he'll—live?" cried Carter, and looked relieved. "Oh, yes," nodded Mrs. Brown, he'll live," and added, half to "always." "I'm glad Santa Claus Brown is 11 right," said Betty.-~"Daddy said ic got hurt bad." Mis. Carter walked over to Mrs. Brown and put an arm around >r. "My Frances is coming in on he noon plane," Mrs. Brown fold icr. "If Santa Claus Brown is all veil and Isn't going to die, why doesn't he come here?" Betty demanded with childish insistanee. 'He always came here first thing Ihrislmas morning. I wanl to show him all my presents. I never did gel auch wonderful presents before." "Well, you sec, dear," Mrs. Brown said softly, "he had lo make a trip back to the North Pole." "But Daddy said Santa Claus Brown was in Ihe hospital—" Betty began, and slopped short. The sound of sleiglibells drifted in from the street outside. Betty ran to the window and looked out. She peered lip and down the slrecl. She couldn't see Santa Claus, but she knew (liose must have been his sleiglibells. She knew Santa Claus Brown must have gotten up from his hospital bed, put on his Santa Claus uniform, and, once more his usual happy, jolly sell, ridden away in his sleigh drawn by reindeer. She was almost sure that she heard him call back, as his reindeer galloped north, . "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!" (The End) ..various bulldta? trades union lead, ers has been based have conie, so far, from members of APL unions . —and not, as might have been ex- i peeled, from CIO people. Mayor Writes Letters To Each New Resident VVILLOUGHBY, O. (Uf 1 )—Mayor C. B. Todd believes in making all newcomers to Wllloughby feel they i a re welcome. [ Every time a new family moves to town, the mayor writes them a persona! note, telling them he's glad ihey have come, and giving them perdnem information about his tcwn. Examples of the mayor's information: •The schedule for garbage and rubbish collections; location and facilities of Daniels Memorial park; municipal parking-ground sites behind the Terminals building; a list of village-owned public utilities, of telephone numbers for ptllce find firemen. Read Courier News -sant ndu. and receive complaints from consumer organizations, trade nssQcia-- lions, labor .unions, retaili grMips" and the like. ' ••;,-,'; The (representative could thus spot nny monopolistic or prlcc- frcezlng trend ns it developed and before it solidified. The rest' of • the men would constitute a. mild field force which could be sent to this or that lo- callty. as need tor full-dress investi- gatipns arose. > INQUIRY PACES ; < A. F. OF I/. OPPOSITION Whether ' Mr. Arnold will attain this rirenm nt the coming session of congress is an open question. Right now Ills big difficulty Is the budget-balancing drive being practiced 'ruthlessly at the White House. When congress convenes, another hurdle will be the oppo- s\tlon of the American Federation .ol. -Labor, which is bitterly opposed to continuance of the building in vestigation. If the building drive has aroused APL officials, it has received con siderable support from labor' rank and file, according: to Arnold Just incidentally, the complaint oijjwhlch grnnd Jury action ngnlns i • • Our Good Wishes The good will of the Christmas season reminds us of our pleasant relations with the people of this section during 1939. for which we are sincerely grateful. • o Our mission is one of service and we are glad to again pledge our efforts and facilities to the use of this community. Federal Compress & Warehouse Co. TRY THIS FINE RECIPE FOR PINEAPPLE TURNOVERS Make n sweet biscuit dough with our fine flour . . . using butter as shortening and nniK to make dough. COM „ ItSSE/. Eas 7 '*« F " e \£~^S Tiouble-Frae .GUARANTEED. JM. FURNACE, STOVE or STOKER WASHED WftXOLIZED DUST-mSTED COBBECTH SIZED $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. C7 ^ Phone 76 Y * Roll and cut In circles. Top with half pineapple ring spread with butter .. . . sugar . . . and cinnamon. Fold .over and crimp. In practically no time you have pineapple turnovers. You'll recognize the excellence of our flour for Imking. SKIBLEV'S BEST FLOUR AT YOUU GROCER FOR SALE 320 Acres in New Madrid County at §40.00 per acre ant) really a bargain. 240 Acres of Good Land near Sikcston, Missouri, located on gravel road and serviced by electricity, school bus, andVrura! mail route. Priced right with easv terms. One Section of very iine land located in New Madrid County, Missouri, near one of the best towns in the county. This farm is well-improved and located on a good highway, serviced by electricity, school bus and rural mail route. The price is right. Fred M. Copeland Phones 33 and 213 NEW MADRID, MO. i Our Christmas Message To You 1\ T this season when old friendships are renewed and a hearty handclasp restores old faiths and trusts, we feel that our own expression of good will is in order. To those with whom we do business each year we say "Thank you" for your kindness and consideration. To those whose work does not bring them into actual contact with this concern we emphasize that our community interests are in common. To all, we say "Happy Holidays and Good Luck." . sp. SIX BLYTHEVILLE COTTON OIL COMPANY

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