Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 14, 1967 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1967
Page 10
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Johnson Can Draw Lesson From Critic By JAMES MARLOW AnnlysO WASHINGTON (AP) - It was President. Johnson who must have felt baffled. But he was in the wrong place to do anything about it, silting in the very pew George Washington used in an Episcopal church in Williamsburp. Va. He could not very well get up and walk out. And he couldn't very well answer back. All he could do was sit and listen. But when it. was over he left at once without a smile. He had just finished a 5,100- mile Veterans Day weekend trip, stopping at military camps from coast to coast, appealing to North Vietnam to talk peace and hitting at the critics of the war and the way he is h.-indling it- He is probably more sensitive to criticism than any president. With growing intensity he and his administration have been striking at. the critics. This trip, most of it spent congratulating servicemen on their valor, was a platform. "Vietnam Is no academic question," he said at Ft. Bcn- ning. Ga. "It, is not, a topic for cocktail parties, office arguments, or debate from the comfort of distant sidelines." It probably never occurred to him that at the very end of his journey he would be hit. with criticism in a church while he was sitting there and by a clergyman who apparently either hadn't kept up with what Johnson had said, or had ignored it. The President finished his trip Saturday night at Williamsburg and Sunday morning took his family to the Bruton Parish Episcopal Church where the pastor, the Rev. Dr. Cotesworth Pinckney Lewis, was ready and waiting. A parish spokesman explained later that while Dr. Lewis had prepared one sermon for Sunday's services, he put another one together when he heard Johnson would bo present. Since Johnson has been accused by his critics of not leveling with the American people on the war in Vietnam, of creating a "credibility gap," it is easy to imagine his reaction when the minister got started. Dr. Lewis said, "There is a rather general consensus that something is wrong in Vietnam . . . (and) we wonder if some logical, straightforward expla- High-Topped . . . World 1967," Rcita Faria of India, is a world traveler as well as a world beauty. In Vietnam earlier this year to entertain allied troops, she currently is touring East Africa in the line of her business — crowning "Miss Kenya." "Miss Uganda" and Miss Tanzania" at local beauty pageants. F.B. Chief: Must Wrest Control From Government— Urges Farmers to Take Initiative on Problems DES MOINES (AP)-Farmers must wrestle control of agriculture from the government if their economic problems are to be solved, the president of the Iowa Farm Bureau, J. Merrill Anderson, said Tuesday. Farmers should take the initiative by developing better bargaining and marketing methods, cutting expenses and improving their products, said Anderson. "We all agree that the farm programs we have had have not solved our problems," said Anderson in his annual address to the bureau, holding a three-day convention here. "Yet the government is more deeply invoked in our business than ever before and is paying out tremendous sums. "At least a part of our problem is due to the government's dumping of surplus stocks, export embargoes, excessive concern for the consumer and false signals on needed production. "I do not believe that these things have been done deliberately to hurt farmers. 1 am sure they have been done to help consumers." Farmers can improve their economic position by "getting the government out and keeping it out of the market dominating position it has acquired," said the bureau president. Anderson, a farmer from Newton, said farm legislation should be limited to a program 10 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Tuesday, Nov. 14, 1967 authorizing the retirement of farms over periods of five years of more to balance production with demand. "It would free the farmer from quotas and other impediments and permit him to use the balance of his resources more efficiently," he said. "No subsidy is involved which other nations could use as a reason or excuse to establish trade barriers against us." An estimated 3,000 persons were attending the bureau convention, which began Monday. The assistant legislative director of the American Farm Bureau, Marvin McLain, said at the convention's public policy conference that farmer unrest over low prices is at its highest level in 15 years. He said the Johnson administration is trying to blame the farmer for cost of living increases and growing inflation. "Surely the President and secretary of agriculture know tnat irresponsible federal spending, which exceeds anything in the history of this country, is the real force driving up non-farm prices and farmers' operating costs and deflating the real value of the dollar," said McLain in prepared remarks. Read the Want Ads nation might be given without endangering whatever military or political advantages we hold... "We cannot close our Christian consciences to consideration of the Tightness of actions as they are reported to us, perhaps erroneously, perhaps for good cause of which we have not been apprised." He cautioned against oversimplifying things by viewing the war as directed at monolithic communism. He said the complexities of the American involvement in the war are "baffling." But this is what must have baffled Johnson in turn. On June 29 Johnson made a speech—which he probably thought was logical—explaining the basic reason why the United States was involved in the war and that reason was communism. If the clergyman had read that speech then his statement — warning against oversimplifying things by viewing the war as directed at communism — can be interpreted as a rejection of Johnson's explanation. If Dr. Lewis hasn't read the Johnson speech—the most detailed in a long time—then he undertook to be critical without taking the trouble to be informed. , Kill him with carelessness. He's only 13 and itching to drive a car. There's yours. Unlocked. Keys in the ignition. Tempting. Templing. Tempting. Then oil on an impulsive joyride that you could have prevented. A joyride that ended without joy. Smacked into a brick wall. You ought to know that 64% of people who live long enough to be arrested for car theft are under 18. And you ought to know lhal 7b' r l> of stolen cars were left unlocked. 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