Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 29, 1957 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 10
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TEN TELEVISION IHCIILIGIITS "Hit** television U»tlnci »ce compltco rrom proinmi iurt]|b«<S Qy the ***** 7b« Tlmei IB noi ropo-jiibl* Tor lit* rh«ni«. 8: •TAT1QN KD&A rutibuub, Cfe»nacl 1) TODAY 10 Wednesday Movie ili lvon« Ranger :*5 News. Weather :00 Superman :30 ritUburg Tonlte ;OQ Onic and Harriet :30 flobcu Young :00 Highway I'atrol :3g Lucy Show :00 20th Century Fox :CO News :15 Gateway Studio . M. ;3ft Final Kdition :*G Suinj Shift TELEVISION HIGHLIGHTS THURSDAY.' MAY 5", 1951 Thftw lelevi.lon Uitinc* *r» comptwa from piojrami funil*h»d by •tatlon*. The Timei U not rtiponilbt* for lat* cianf«(. Hr20 Sports 11::S S»m and friends 11:30 Tonight TOMORROW 7:00 Garrow&y 9:00 Lfllle Jlascali 9:30 Romper Room 10:00 Home Price Is Klght Ti30 Dlsneylind 2:30 Navy Log S:00 Oriie and Harriet S:30 Theatre Time 10:00 Fight* 10:46 SpOJ-ls Album 11:00 News, Sports 11:20 The, Ms hi Show TOMORBOW 11:30 TruUt. Consequence* 12:30 Clown Comer 12:00 Tic Tac Ooujh :2.30 (I Could Be Y«it ixly . 1:30 Club Six 2:30 Tcnueisee Ernie 3:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 Queen (or a Day 4:45 Modern Homancei 7.00 5,00 9:30 10:00 10:30 10.-4S 11:30 12:00 11; Li 12:30 12 -IS 1:00 2:30 3:00 3;3fi 3:45 4:00 1UMURROW G arro* ay SloryUnd On Location (Jairy Moose Bab.v Prog . Atlhu m it Hich Cartoon* Search Tomorrow Guiding l.'ghl Bifi Movie Father's Trouble House Party Secret Storm Valiant. Lady Queen (or a Day STATION WSVA ifflionbur^. Channel 1 TO 0 A V (.Sirir-dariJ Time) :45 N>ws -00 Va. Sliuwi-JJ* :J5 Wcaihez, Market :.~0 Transition :15 Information Time :00 Arthur Godfrey :3l> Burn? and Altta :00 The -Millionaiit :30 Dragnet :00 Fights :M Wire Service :00 News, Sports -15 Movielime USA SlATfON W1TG (Wiiblnxton. Cfcinnel t) <CumbcrlKnd C»bl« 4) COOAl 5:00 Mill Grant Show 6:00 Billy Jonnson 6:30 1 he run Houic 7:00 Long John Silver 7;30 Federal Men 8:00 Movietime USA 3:30 NOPI) 10:(X1 Press Conference 10:30 Sherlock Holmes 11:00 News 11:14 D. C, Movietime rOMOKKOW 9.W Kaitoon Klub 10:03 Mornini Movie 11:4S Fi ankle t-aine 12;&i> Music Mall 12:30 AElcrnoon Wo\le '2:00 Ladles Be Sealed 3:«0 I.ihPrai-c- 3:30 flranrtpa's Plac? 4:00 Ij[« With Kii^belh 4:30 The URC\rt-cted 1:30 J-adles Theatre 2:3<J Favorite Story 3:00 Public Defender 3:30 Cantor Theatre 4:00 Ui-Jghter Day 4; 15 Secret Slorm 1:30 Edge ot NlfM STATION WTUP CCumbirlxnd C&hl« 1) IOHAT 5:00 Amos And Andy 5:30 Margie 6-,00 Cisco Kid 6:30 SpolUfitil 7:00 Hamar ol Jungle 7:30 1 Led Three Lives 6:00 Arthur Godfrey 9^00 The Millionaire 3:30 I've Got a Secret J0;00 201h Century Kox 11:00 The II Report 11:15 The Late Show TOMORROW 11:00 Film Theatre H:15 Ixivc of Life 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:« Cuidins Ughl J2:00 C!o&e-Lfp 12:3n As World Tumi 1:00 Matinee 1:30 Tennessee Erire 2:00 Nfsilnee Theatre 3:00 OrishtCr Day 3.-15 Secict Storm 3:30 Edce of Nifilit 4:00 Comedy Time 4:30 Theatre Time STATION WRC (Wftshlnzton, Channel «) (CnmbrrUnd Cable 4> rODAT 3:00 Comedy Time 5:30 Susie 6:00 HeacKma 6:30 News. Weather 6:45 Sporls 6:50 Sam and Friends 7:00 Last Ol Mohicans 7:30 Xavicr CiiffU 7:45 NBC NCWF 8:DO Masquerade Party 8:30 Robert Young- 9:00 TV Theatre 10:00 This U Your Ufa 10:30 Star And Story 11:00 News, Weather STATION WJAC (Joboilown. C'h»i TODAY 5:00 Sagebrush Trail 6:1X1 Sports G:J5 Nevis 6:30 Golden Playhouse 7:00 County Sheriff 7:30 School Program 7:45 NBC News 8:00 Masquerade Party 3:30 Playhouse of Stars 3:00 TV Theatre 10:00 This Is Your Ufe 10:30 Studio 57 11:00 News 11:15 Feature Movie TOMOKBOW 7:00 Carroway 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 Home 11:00 Price Is Rlffht 11:30 Truth, Con*cquencei 12:30 It Could Be You 1:W Rural Review 1:15 Man To Man 1:30 Feature Theatre 2:30 Tennessee Krnle 3:00 Matinee Thcaire 4:00 Queen for a Day 4:45 Modern Romances TOMORROW 6:5i Morning Meditation 7:00 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Panoramic Co torn a 9:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:45 Oswald, llabbit IO:1AJ Carry Mooie 10:30 Arthur Godfrej 11:30 Mrike It Hirh 12:00 Valiant Lady 12:15 Love of Ufe 12:30 Search Tomorrow 1 W 32.-J5 Guldinx Light 1:00 N'ews l:tO Donna Douglas 1:30 As World Turns 2:00 Our Miss Broofci 2:30 House Party 3:00 Big rayotf 3:30 Bob Crosby 4:00 Pick Tempi* R»nc STATION WMAL uMnitcn, Channel TODAT 5:00 Mickey Mouso 6:00 Jungle Jim 6:30 Town and Country 6:55 Weather, Newj 7:03 Sporlj 7:15 John Daly STATION WFBG (Atlooa&. Chinnel 10) 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Cartoons 6:30 Penna, Today 7:00 Disneyland 8:00 Arthur Godfrey 9:00 The Millionaire 9:33 I've Cot A Sect* 10:00 20th Century Fox 11 ;OQ News TOMOBBOW 7;W Jimmy Dean 8:00 Caplalo Kaagar 9:00 Itorizons 10:00 Movleilmp 11:30 Strika It R!fh 12:00 News 12:15 Love of Ufe 12:30 RFD 10 1:00 News 1:30 As World Tumi 2:DO Search Tomorro 2:15 Griding Light 2:30 Charles Fly an 3:CW Big Payoff 3:30 Theatre Time 4:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret £<orm 4:30 Edse Of Night Our word "chocolate" comes] Red squirrels voluntarily swiir from the Aztec word "choclaL"jsircanis and lakes, including sue atcrs as Lake George and th> roadest parts of Lake Cham From our Take-Out Window (open from 12 Noon) We repeat our Grab Cake Special for S 1.00 t / /Z Dare's Banquet Fried Chicken of a 3 Ib. 7J- CHICKEN *vC of a 3 Ib. CHICKEN $ 2.75 Whole CHICKEN Chicken Box Lunch Complete 5' .25 Dave Gunter's Good Food in La Vale Phone PA 2-0244 NOW VAN RUTH JOHNSON ROMAN "BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE" CARTOON PIUS "PRIDE OF THE BLUE GRASS" ftccffig Sfory in Cofor EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD,, WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1957 STATION KU&A iritUburib. Cbkoutl TOUAT 5; 10 Thursday Movl« 6:15 Hoy Ho*e/i 6:45 Ncutj Weather 7:00 Code 3 7:30 Susie 6:00 Gro-JcJio Mine 8:30 Drajncl 0:00 Stardust Melodies 9;30 Tennessee Ernie .0:00 Video Theatre 11:00, New* I1:1S Thursday Theatra A. M. 13:30 News wlotf Shift TOMORROW 7:00 Girrowiy 9:00 Sioryland 9:30 On Location 10:00 Garry Moore 10:30 Woman 1 * A a git 10:45 Ol All Thine* 11:30 Strtka II Rich 12:00 Ne*» 12rl5 Cariooni 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Ujbt 1:00 Bis Movie 2:30 Fatheri Trouble 3:00 Big I'ayofC 3:30 Secret Storm JMS Valiant Lady 4:00 Queen For A Day 4:45 Cartoons 10;M Vldto Theatre 11:00 News, Weather 11;30 Sports 31:25 Sam ana rr;cr,Ji U:30 TonUht TOMORROW TiOO Garrovr*y 9:00 l-IHle Rascal* 9:30 Homptr Room 10:00 Home 11:00 Price Is Right 11:30 Truth, Consequ'ce* 12:00 Tic Tac Dougb J2:30 It Could Be YOU 1:00 Closc-Vi» 1:30 Club Sixty 2:30 Tennessee ErnJa 3:00 Matinee Thcitr* 4:00 Queen For A Day 4:4J Modern nominee* 7:15 John Daly 7:30 IAM Ranker 6:00 Circus 9:00 Danny Thorn»« 9:30 Bold Journey 10:00 Telephone Tint* 10:30 Star Playhouse 11:00 News, Sporia I);20 Premier Playhous TOMOBBOW 12:30 Clown Comer 1:30 Ladles Theatre 2:30 Favorite Story 3:00 Public Defender 3:30 Cantor Theatre 4:00 Uriehlrr Day 4:15 Secret Slorm 4:30 Edge of Night STATION W6VA HkrrliODbarf. CbinntL rouAv (Clindird Tlmr) 5:45 News 6:00 Gardening Tipi 6; 15 .News, MaiKel 6:30 Bob CumminKs 7:00 G roue ho Marx 7:30 Climax 8:30 Doclor'i Journal 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Tennessee Erni« 10:30 Beat Hie Clock 11:00 News. Sports 11:15 Moviclirne USA TOMORROW 11:00 Film Theatre 11:15 Love of Ufe 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Lig&l 12:00 Close-Up 12:30 As World Turni 1:00 Matinee J;30 T«nn<Msc« Ernl« 2:00 Maiinee Theatre 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Seciet Storm 3:30 Edge of Ntghl 4:00 Comedv Tima 4:30 Theatre Time STATION WTTG (Camtieil.Bid Obit 5) TODAY 5:00 Milt Grant Shot? 6:00 Billy Johnson 6:30 Fun House 7:00 Brian Donlevy 7:30 Tfafl Whistler 8:00 Movietime USA ' 9:30 The Falcon 10:00 WreMUng 11^00 Newt, Weather 11:10 D.C. Movielime TOMORROW 9:00 Kartoon Klub 10:00 Morning Movie 11:45 Frantic mine 12:00 Music Hall 12:30 A/terooon Movte 2:00 Lad lei Be Seated 3:00 Liber a re 2:30 Grandpa's Place 4:00 Ufe v.-Hh Elizabeth <:30 The Vnexpccifd ICi STATION WBO i hint too, Channel LmbcrUnd C*b!» 4) TODAY 5:M Comedy Tim* 5:39 Susie 5:00 Father's Trouble! E.-30 Ke\vs, Weather 6:43 Sport* S:50 Sam and Friends 7:00 Wild Btii JJlcjEDJt 7:30 Dinah Shore 7:45 NBC News 8:00 Groucto Mane 8:30 Dragnet 9:00 People's Choice 9:M Tennessee Ernie STATION WJAO (Johatlowa. Ch»nn»l 4) TODAI 5:00 Comedy Time 5:30 Wild BUJ Utckok 6:00 Sporli 6:15 World New> 6:30 Ozzle and Harriet 3:00 American Legend 7:30 Uicah Shore 7:4i NBC News 8:00 Groucfio Man S;30 Dragnet 9:00 People's Choice 9;30 Tennessee Krnia 10:00 Video Theatre 11:00 Newg TOMORROW 7:00 Garroway 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 Home 11:00 Price Is Right 11:30 Trulji, Consequ'cea 12:00 Tic Tac Uougb 12:30 It Could Be You .1:00 The Answer 1:30 Feature Theatre* 2:30 Tennessee Ernie 3:00 Matinee Theatre 4:00 Queen For A Day 4:45 Modern Romances STATION fflOl* (CumturUcd Cibli 1) TODAF 5:00 Amos and Andy 5:30 Margie 6:00 Ciftco Kid 6:30 SpOIlifiht 6:45 Newi 7:M Code 3 7:30 Sgt. Preiloa 8:00 Bob Cummlngs 8:30 Climax 9:30 PUynouie 50 11:00 The H Report 11:15 The L&tft Show TOMORROW 6:^5 Morning Medft&tloD 7:00 Jimmy Dean 6:00 Panorama Potomac $;00 Captain Kangaroo S.-J5 Cartoons 10LOO Harry Moore 11:30 S(r!Ve It Hich 13;f>0 V«JJ*nt L«dy 12:15 Love Of LUe 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 GuldLDC Ulb! 1:00 Ntws 1:10 Donna Cousin 1:30 As ^Vorld Turn* 2:00 Our Miss BrGcX« 2:30 House Party 3:00 Big Piroff 3:30 Bob Croiby 4:00 Pick Temple Ranch STATION WMAL (W^sbiarton, Chuintl 1) ICumberltnd C»ble X) TODAY 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Sky King 6:30 Town and Country 6:55 Weather, Kevs STATION HFBO <Altcon*. Cdmatl 14) TODAY 5:M Afickey Mouea 6:00 Cartoons 6:30 Peana. Today 6:40 Sports 6:45 Nevis 7:00 Treasure Hunl 7:30 Sgt. Trcjton 6:00 Bob Cummings €:30 Climax 9.30 Playhouse 90 11:00 Newi 11:15 Best Movies TOMORROW 7:00 Jimmy Dean 8:00 Capuin Kaoj*aroo 9:00 Horiions 10:00 Morning Theatre 11:30 Strike It Rich 12:00 News 12:15 Ijove Of Llii 12:30 RFD 10 1:00 News 1:30 A • World Tumi 2:00 Search Tomonovf 2:15 Guiding Light 2:30 CharSe* Flyna 3:00 BU Puoli 3:35 "forf Girl 4:00 Brtghler D»y <:15 Serrat Storm 4:30 Ed«« O5 IVlfM Rapid Inflalion CLEVELAND (INS) — Two cups of coffee were enough to convince Nelson Brown there is inflation. He was charged 8 cents for one cup of restaurant coffee, 15 cenls for the second. When he complained the waitress said: "Sec that man putting up a, gn. Well, that says 'Coffee 15 cents,' So it'll be 15 cents for this second cup and hereafter." Maria Mitchell was a famous American astronomer. Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Tatc«'i!| • Mary llaworAh 9 ® Mail he is married now, Editor'' N'ole: Happily married three y«ar*. wife aaks why her thoughts revert to old admirers. DKAfl MARY IIAWORTH: I am 23, the same age as ray husband. We have been married hrec years and have a year-old son. We have been very happy— nuch more since we married. Is it unusual for me to begin :o think about boy friends I had in girlhood? Why do I remcmbe: one time in particular? Am iust now beginning to miss something in marriage? If so, what is '? I've had an occasional tele- Jhone call from (his or that former boy friend; and, at limes, I've found myself wanting to ca!i one or another. One came to visil our home; too. This one. I'll call him Hoy, had a great effect on my life when I was 13. We had dated for a year, then all at once he wouldn' speak lo me or call or come near. I wanted lo die, but was helped by a friend who gave me Ihe will to live again, and the hope that I would find someone (o care for me. All Habitual Day Dreamer Can it be this same feeling, this fear of being left all alone, that haunts me now? My hus band and I are more affection ate than most couples married three years; but he isn't too happy in his job. Due to rheumatic fever lie didn't finish high school, so it is hard for him to get what he wants — especially as he isn't clear what this is. Should I try to help him find a more suitable job? If so, how go about it? In my husband's condition, illness could cause sudden death; so is my wanting to return to the past a symptom of feeling In high school, when I was al- ! eady in love with my husband o-be, Roy started dating me gain, and even wanted lo marry ne. I wasn't interested, but rateful thai we were parting rieiids. Now my mind harks back: o that time. I used to day dream lot— too much. Maybe I need nolher baby, lo keep me too usy to think. I love my husband very much nd always but he is so red when he gets off work that 'e don'l go out much. Please clp me with these two problems —my day dreams, and my hus and's job.— C. W. fi'andering Mind Ixpose* Chics DEAR C. W.: Your letter, here ondense'd, is an inleresiing ex- mple ot "tree association"— that HI-ROCK DRIVE-IN »» IHIATRE s, Idling Ihe mind wander un guided, to track down the inner meaning of emotional distress. In this recilal, your mind harks jack to a time ot crisis at age 13, when you (ell into a sort of de- gression, due (o your feeling abandoned by fate. It was the time when Hoy had abruptly cast you off and refused (o have anything lo do wilh you and you almost wanted to die because it seemed you had lost your connecting link with life. Mow inucli the same feeling has come over you in marriage. a feeling ot being hopelessly out •>f things,'"marooned, as it were, on a desert island wilh just you» nshand yi!rt baby for company— 1 vith 110 closp friends US T an Ititcg- •al part of your life, and very illle money for recreation, hosp.-"' lality, etc., probably. IP(IHts Mitgic -. , Deliverance !u short, you are socially iso- aled and stymied. Your hus- >and's dislike of his job. his uncertain health and baffled a((i- lude towards his future all worry (Cimliiiucd on I'ujje 16) TONITE t<**t WogM, . Uny M. Plus Cartoon 2 Great Hits! New! Academy Winner! Great Picture! Crystal Drive-In THEATRE LAST TIMES TONITE Almost Everybody Listens To WKYR 5000 WATTS These people each won 1000 VACATION) from their Ford Dealer (You can, tool) JJUNI " 2JEMMON JAMES E. DUNMVRE, JR. 75 North Fifth Avenue Clarion, Pa. BOBERT K. MURRAY 1222 Old Boalsburg RH. State College, P.a. TELt-TOONS PARAMOUNT RADIO SALES ^SERVICE TELEVlSlON-RADlOS-APPLIANCEf f- SALES"SERVICE*'SATISFACTION loi VIRGINIAN. CUMBERLAND MD AIRLINES NEED Men and Women 17 (o 39, H. S, graduates, to prepare (or veil poi<f positions, technical or non-tcchntcal. Public contact, riostesJCJ, communicotionisls, reservation! i is, radio operators, itation agents, electronic technicians, etc. Goad pay, travel, glamour, security. Qualify now. APPROVED FOR KOREAN VETERANS. Preliminary I mining nrcd not interfere vith present occupation. For information an<f interview, mail coupon today! AIRLINE TRAINING DIVISION » 816 National Cily Bank Bldg. • S Cleveland U, OhiaJ CCHMICOLO* • . CHARLES BICKFORD PLUS 2nd BIG HIT RECORD HOP IN HI-FI Conducted by M. C. Kenny Robertson at STATE ARMORY 8 to 11 P.M. Thursday Night May 30 SOc Admission •^ SYCKB mwsre STORJ AIR - CONDITIONED A RIOT STARTING TOMORROW! 9:00 Spencer Katharine TRACT' HEPBURN winkingly introduce you to the NUWNKir KAIHAJlWt BD6ARHEPBURN -PLUS- , OTT • THf UWTIB 5IATU- r THE 1 PHENIX CITY GARY COOPER " ». William Wylerv Usjorie Mata ». *.«^ .,««.. _ ^ . PUUTZER PRIZED screen fl4«oveiy •We J&mtv QeaM STARTS TOMORROW The True Story of COt_ DEAN HESS, V _^^ CLERGYMAN TUftNED . FIGHTER >C^ PILOT! ' CINEMASCOPE /I % I;I2-15-2:10-4:00 i COLO" »I DE LUXE 5:55-7:45-9:35' WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAMPS GENERAL ELECTRIC Thin-Line AIR CONDITIONERS • Fits Upper Sash • Fits Inside windows • Fifs Casement windows Ask About Our "GE" 1-TON SPECIAL $229,95 Cumberland Electric Co. Virginia Aye. ot 2nd Sf. 47 N. Centre St. PA 2-6191 PA 2-6862 No • " • tad,,i, J Cily 5| OI . I Phone „ 4g« __ ACX-28 9x12 Rug Beautifully Cleaned FREE . . . FREE Plastic Moth Proof Garment STORAGE BAG With Every 2 FULL Garments Cleaned and Pressed For Pickup and Delivery Coll PA 2-3322 South End Cleaners & Dyers 219 Virginia Aye. . , Cumberland Branch lore City Gleaners and Dyers 501 N. Centre St. 752 Greene St. Rug Storage Available inc. LI I mi STACKED WE GIVE S & H GREEN STAMPS LAST TIMES TODAY "The Incredible Shrinking Man' 1 1:30 . -t:JS . 7:15 - 10:10 And Me" VAN 40HNSON ROCK HUDSON CHrtMAScopf-TECHNlCOLOIi. 'THE LITTLE HUT" IS - -I _____^ WITH THE SAME SLY AND SPICY HUMOR THAT MADE "THE MOON IS BLUE" SUCH A HIT! NOW * POTOMAC ZARAK ~ 8:45 - 12:15 CARTOON 10:30 JUNGLE 10:40 "2 TOP SHOWS 2" A THOUSAND SPECTACLES AND ADVENTURES! PILLAGE - PLUNDER PASSION . i (WE: I 1 IJJSTIEIJ JUNGLE .-LWC,.,WARNER BROS.. PERRY LOPtt-BEVERLY GARIAND WALTER ABEl ClN»M*S«>p6 •. TECHNICQl&Ft^, " . « couwrncim IT'S MORE FUN THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A GRASS SKIRT ATI Ava GARDNER Siewart GRANGER David raELlTTLEHUT F R E P PARKING FOR YOUR CAR - AT THE CfNTRAl r " *• *- WHN WHEN YOU ATllNO THE MARUANO Feature Timei 12:13-2:10-4:]0.<:05 8:00-9:58 W AIR-CONDITIONED

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