Logansport Pharos-Tribune from ,  on July 1, 1957 · Page 36
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from , · Page 36

Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1957
Page 36
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logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Predictions in News United Press correspondents •round the world look ahead at the news that will make the headlines. Invitation Insiders in London are certain that when Queen Elizabeth visits the United States in October she will invite President Eisenhower to pay her a return visit. They •take it for • granted that '.he Queen's visit will do a lot to increase American friendliness toward Britain. And they figure that a return visit by Eisenhower would correspondingly increase British friendliness toward the United States. Compromise A group of influential northern •nd southern Democrats are quietly exploring the possibilities of * compromise on the administration's civil rights bill, Washington expects the measure to reach the Senate floor next week. A filibuster by southern Democrats is certain. Estimates of its length run from 10 days to one month. The compromise -' seekers .believe it may be possible to draft some right-to-vote guarantees, acceptable to the southerners, which could be substituted for the present "program. They will try to put over the compromise if the filibuster gets really serious. Adenauer Supporters of West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer—and Allied diplomats in Bonn — are watching him worriedly. Adenauer Is West Germany's indispensable man to them. He faces a tough campaign for the Sept. 15 parliamentary election. Every attempt was made to play down his attack of "mild grippe'* two weeks ago. It can now be revealed that he Jost nine pounds in six days.. He looks tired and strained, and his breathing sounds labored. Despite his 81 years, Adenauer had planned a strenuous campaign tour. Now his aides are trying to get him to slow up. Kevolution European scientists are enthusiastic over the possibilities of the International Geophysical Year — it actually will last W months — which started Sunday night. With experts on both sides of the Iron Curtain taking part, it will be the biggest study of secrets of the earth, atmosphere and ' sun ever undertaken in the history of mankind. The scientists believe their: studies may bring revolutionary changes in radio, television, navigation, agriculture and space ! travel. Preparedness West Berlin intelligence sources say that despite increased hope for an agreement that may lead to abolition of nuclear warfare, Soviet Russia has worked out ,a gigantic four - year civil defense program for East Germany. The program would call for expenditure of about 428 million dollars on radar defenses, bomb - proof warehouses and warning systems. : Study Government and private agencies which took part in last winter's emergency Hungarian refugee program plan a joint study on how 'the newcomers are faring. Incomplete spot checks have shown less unemployment than expected.. Officials hope that the more thorough survey, to be spearheaded by the American immigration conference- in New York City, will be as cheering. ' and placed men rrom two other teams on the list. He is not expected, to gut the choice up to the fans again. Look for Paul Henru Spaak of Belgium, new secretary 'general of the' North Atlantic Treaty Organization, to visit Greece soon ; in search of an agreement on the future of Cyprus. Spaak inherited from his predecessor, British G«n. Lord Ismay, a mandate to 1 mediate in the dispute in which Greece seeks the island. NATO leaders believe that Spaak, as a non-partisan, may be able to make some progress. Sporti Outlook It's pretty certain that' baseball Commissioner Ford Frick will hand back to the 16 major league managers the job of selecting the players for next year's All - Star Game. Or he might even turn ; over the job, for the first time, to the players. .The system of having the fans select the players, came unstuck this year when a last-minute avalanche of votes put Cincinnati players in- the seven fielding positions of the National League team. Frick ruled 'that out Prince Philip Does Stint os TV Emcee LONDON .(UP) —Prince Philip gave a British television audience an expert introduction to Britain's role in the International Geophysical Year Sunday and made only one.bobble during the 75-minute show.'', The prince, , who had appeared only oiice before on television, missed a cue and announced the cameras would switch to Greenwich for a demonstration "of "earth wobbles." Instead, a picture of the Swiss Alps appeared on the screen. "I'm afraid I made a mistake there," he said calmly. "I wouldn't have missed that Swiss sequence for anything." Hoosier and Two Others Killed in Crash of Airplane SUMMER, 111. (UP)—Lee 0. Fiscus, 39, Black Oak, Ind., was on«.of two persons killed outright and a third person was fatally in- jitrrd Sunday .when a private plane crashed in Red Hill State Park near here. Fiscus, pilot of the plane, and Mildred Hess, 6, Sumner, were killed when the plan* plunged to earth while Fiscus was preparing to land on a strip in the state park. The girl's mother, Mrs. Madelon Ridgely, 33, died in Richland County Hospital in • nearby |01ney from injuries sustained in the crash shortly after the mishap. State Police said Mrs. Ridgely's husband, 'Estes saw the plane crash and told them th« plane 'seemed to hit an air pocket" while approaching the strip. No Children Admitted BIRMINGHAM, England (UP)— A Birmingham movie Uieater today advertised its current film, "The 'Wicked Go to Hell," alonj with the notation, "Children Under 16 Not Admitted." 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