Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 29, 1957 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 9
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Member Associated Press The A r CK'*/Mi/>er For The Home x Lay Health Group Elects Two Officers County Unit Flans Anniversary Event, Animal Luncheon ! A vice chairman and secretary of the Allegany County Public Lay Health were elecled al a meeling last night at the Allegany Labor Temple, and plans were formulated for the observance of the tenth anniversary of the organization in October. About 50 people attended thc meeting. Named vice chairman was Mrs. Frank Taylor of LaValc. while Mrs. George Tennant of Krostburg was elected secretary. Mrs. Patrick Allcnder was appointed chairman of the anniversary commitlee by Mrs. Lester McGill, president of Ihe Lay Health unit. Assisting with arrangements will be Mrs. A. G. Wallis. Mrs. James Armstrong, Mrs. Elizabeth Nave, Mrs. Albert Siltig, Mrs. Thomas Williamson and Airs. Jennie Grahame. Luncheon June 24 The county organization will hold its annual luncheon meeting al noon Monday, June 24, at Moon's Restaurant. The chairman of the affiliated community organizations will take reservations and report the number to Mrs. McGill. Mrs. Jennie Grahame, executive secretary for the Countj Health Department, introduced Dr. David Edwards, who spoke on "Mental Hygiene." Dr. Edwards, a psychiatrist on the stalt of Spring Grove State Hospital conducts a mental hygiene clinic in thc clinic rooms of the Cumberland Public Health Department each Wednesday. His talk covered the type of work done in Ihe clinic. A discussion period followed. Representatives Attend Attending the meeting were personnel of the Health Department, representatives of Lay Health organizations throughout the county, Board of Education personnel who work with Dr. Edwards. Mrs. William A. Douglas, of LaVale. chairman for Ihe 1957 Mental Health campaign for Allegany county, and members of the mental hygiene staff. Mrs. James Armstrong was program chairman. Miss Nancyjoi'the state's syste; WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1957 Second Section AHS Seniors Hear Sermon On Sunday Graduation Even! Scheduled Wednesday Night Al School Two-hundred and seven seniors will be presented diplomas at the 69th annual commencement of Allegany High School on Wednesday of next week at 8 p. m. The senior sermon will be delivered this Sunday in the school auditorium, beginning at 2 p. m. Hev. John F. Sammel, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, [will deliver (he sermon. Sunday's program will open IVI <-. |-. ' ?ith an organ prelude, "Andante! * till - with [Cantabile." Patricia Ann np ~\T f jSmith, followed by the proces-j I pi! Y f*fl t'C! II"! Isional. "Pomp And Circum-: Amelia ill jslance," with Patricia Ann Smith;¥) •« . • at the organ, and Regina Eich- 1 ! eillteiltlclL'V ner at the piano. i J A hymn, "Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind," will he given and Rev. Kenneth W. Grove, pastor of Emmanuel j Methodist Church will give the; rTw i iir\ecite' ie "Tte ne ford's\ JameS Linco!n 3 *<**»- *>, department at '"»"Phiiaddpto ray will recite I lie Lord s burly Ha gcrstown man. was sen- Protectory for Boys, five years c , b .:,. . ... ! tenced to two five-year termsi as _ assistant principal and'guid- Judge Henderson Passes Sentence In Iliigeivstou'ii Court 55 Will Get Diplomas At LaSalle High ~ " Brother Martin, City Native, To Address Graduates Sunday A class of 55 students will he [graduated from LaSalle High j School on Sunday at 7 p. m. iti j CarrolJ Hall. Brother Martin Stark, FSC, a native of Cumberland, will deliver the address to the gradii- jales, according to Brother Paulian, principal. Brother .Martin was graduated from LaSalle High School in 1931, and in December of 1957 will observe his silver jubilee as a Christian Brother. He holds bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees. Following his initial studies. Brother Martin taught English at West Catholic High School in Philadelphia, Central Catholic in Pittsburgh and St. John's College in Washington. Brother Martin served three years as principal of the school K1UGELEY HIGH W1NNEKS—At commencement exercises last night, of liidgeley High School awards were presented to the four members of the graduating class pictured above. Left to right they are Dwight Myers Lambert, who won a citizenship awar(i of the Ridgelcy Lions Club; John Franklin Tcter class Prayer" valedictorian, who won four prizes including the American Legion's William E. Shuck Memorial award; Patricia N'ield, who won a four-year honor point medal and also a medal for oratory and Jack Spangler, who won a Babe Ruth sportsmanship award. Club will sing "The Light." The Choral ing "Sing And Rejoice," and: West "Virginia Park Opening Set Thursday Parade, Ceremony Memorial Day Observance .Memorial Day tomorrow will be observed in Cumber- land W ' th a P 31 " 31 " 0 over downtown streets and thetice to West Virginia's 31 pa'rks'and^for.j 1 ? 056 H , iU Cemelcr y where services will be conducted at the .. —j» . ». tjnuii o m | JU i 0.3 oiiu iui -;,,,,. , _ - ests open for visitors tomorrow,| So!d lf r s Monument. the day the full summer program begins. With new cabins available and more facilities than before. Ihe Conservation Department expects a record number of visitors this year. Mill Harr of thc Parks Division estimated today that more million persons would spend anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks at one of the parks or forests. Cacapon State Park in the East- The units in the parade .will assemble at the State Armory at 10:30 a. m. and march , at U a. m. The parade will pro- ff fl f US ceed from the Armory to Union „_„„-,-,• ** . Street. George Street, Baltimore ^Tr New Chapter Votes To Join teger Vitae," and the Choral i consecutively in the |iMaryland penitentiary after beii Court on charges of assaulting two nurses at the ante counselor at St. John's College and is currently serving as guidance counselor at Central Catholic High in Pittsburgh. Sunday's graduation exercises iwill he; jJackson Convalescent Home therei w ."' llcgm wilh a mass in St. Pat- J-2SSST w llh a selection, and Rev. W.! sjmj , ar namo / me fle:>pl!c tfle Church, Frostburg. will deliver Randolph Keefe. pastor of Grace er Baptist Church, will invocation. the sermon. Brother Paulian will preside at the graduation, while Rev. Marius offer the! .Jackson was sentenced by Chief jJudgc George Henderson of Alle- Robert Pave, class orator, will " an - v Eisner. OFM, Cap., pastor of SS. y Street, Cumberland Street, Alle- DEURVBEURV—Lee R.,60. Van-j?any Street, Fayette Street and (dress to the graduates. •[ Joseph M. Miller, of the Alle-. c ' gany County Board of Educa-'to rapi fffu classmen. Charges of "assault with intent Joseph Passarclli, a junior derbilt. Pa. jinto the cemetery. igainst Jackson were PARKER _ William, 60, of 600i Tf) e memorial address at the S »PP°" °> Ine ""^ Louisiana Avenue. Soldier's Monument will be de- Dlrec Previou imr, .• » r ... . . h;..^__ j i n T-..I ... ! nai<Jn^ in trip ^Cnvst ,. i j-» , - - o""j v-uu...j .-r^u. i» v,» j...uu->-u ; \.\j io|jt ci£aiija k ijctv;iv: Mineral County service orgamza- :l j on . will present the diplomas,(dismissed by the court tions, who said a check made by jan d Dr. W. Ardell Haines, prin-i them indicates overwhelming! C jp a |, will present awards. studcnt ' give a voca! ' . jwhile Mrs. Ann Moore Newnam KOBV of .. V— Mrs. Arthur, 57, formerly livercd by Rev. Petersburg. ' JMcGowan, chaplai support of the one-fund appeal.! Officers of the class are Rob„ _ |Directors of previous fund cam-[ er t Goodfellow. president; Perry Father Myles palgns in tl!C Ke >' si;r arca also'shelton, vice president, Frances, n of the 115th P h M • ,i rKlnthe .k* 5 . 1 - SHH'EY-JIiss Bertha, 56 .Manns llnfanlr > T . 29th Division, .National Larl K - I1(;ss was elected Harvey, treasurer, i I anhandle is the most highly, Choice. Guard. He is pastor of St. President of the new chapter and; Miss Virginia Jenkins and R. developed, and its facilities arej [typical of those in the other parks William Parkpr attended. Earl K. Belt, secretary, and Hess was elected Harvey, treasurer. Frances [will present organ solos. Tax Petitions Are Collected Joseph's Catholic Church in Mid- directed to formulate a working! Eugene Shaw are class advis- William W. F. Parker. SO, of! land ' Floral Ceremony . . . . , ora eremony Reed presented a vocal solo ao Cacapon has a new'HW Louisiana Avenue, died this! The Allegany Hi«h School comamed b Sondra lode, includin a res Memorial Hospital! Band open the memorial ' companied by Miss Sondrailodge. including a restaurant and^nornin™ Myers. Both are students at Al- gift Shop, and 11 deluxe .and- n where he had been admitted on'service followed bv the in' standard cabins jMonday. jtion. by Rev. J. F." Zimmerman, milestone, which opened onlyj A native of this city, he was'the memorial address bv Father lastyear, has an unusual feature-; born October 12. 1896 a"son of thcJMcGowan, and the American legany High School. Of Refreshments were served. St. Mary's Hi Program Set -» fin »-,n ru • i • j r i —..~~-. .-..iv^^w ovi. ui »..^_ |.-.~uu.-uu, cmvj 11 ic miici iv ail a ZO-room fishermen s lodge. for ; ] a t e William F. and Mav- (Norris) I Legion ceremonv. conducted by men only. Part™- " r/.m^a n ^ or m,-",!,... r^.n^n. I Parker. Lonservation officials hope loi jj c %vas Commander Charles Griffith, a member of First The floral ceremony will be . , ..MI.; *"- >0 - " iiituiut.-! i»i rnsi «iit. uvjicii Ltricjiiuny VtUl De open a new lake al Blackwater Christian Church and had been]conducted by Joseph Macon fol- tails during the season for boat- c , ^ as car ; t for ;lowed by a selection bv the Fort n ad svv - organization. He is expected to orsT name his working aides within a: short time. Representatives of the U Fund who attended the ses and who outlined the major rea-jTT 1 sons for joining the organization.'Ill V sfon d |Girls Central were Lewis J. Ort, Wodrow J. Peaier and Adolf Blunk. Catholic Girls Central High During the hearing it was brought out that Jackson had a prior police record. The defendant interrupted the court trial a number of times while acting as his own attorney, despite the fact that he was accompanied by his court-appointed attorney, William J. Dwyer. Thejwho is headin" the"campaign to defendant said he would conductjobtain the re°quired number of much of his own defense as hellions calling for a referendum s rather familiar with the law on the raising of the city tax lim- " cr 'mmal cases. jtolion from $1.25 to', said Jackson'_s first move was to 'hey will be collected from the make a motk Ort said "although two na- School will hold its annual com- tional hc-allh organizations are|mencemeqt on Sunday otion for a dismissal, ! var ' ous volunteer workers today which was refused byj and submitted to the city clerk Judge Henderson after a pojite, eitller b - v registered mai] or in a motion person by Saturday. loath to give local chapters per-jnoon mission to join in the County i Church. ass at Si classmen will also be presented. Holly River. Cabins arc still avail- Kight Funeral Home. able through the season al Babcock. Blackwater Falls. Bluestone, day si ihej The defendant cold (he court! D .™ b Eaid res P° ns e to the ad. Patrick's,that he would like to avoid a trial 1 eme f '" the Times-News if nossiblf and hp ivas arfi>ic<u! pa P e P a lcw da >' s a so has been if possible, and he was • that from a legal standpoint this ! would not be possible. Thc St. Mary's Club will sing at both" the mass and commencement. Following the mass the grad- Dro °P Mountain. Tygart Lake nates and their parents will be' Parks ancl Cabwaylingo. Grccn-:^." honored at a breakfast in the! hrlcf - Kumbrabow and Senaca for- day. parish hall by the Mothers Club CS1S- of St. Mary's. Lee R. Derrybcrry Roy Dcrryberry. 68, Van- jrbilt. Pa., died there vester- 'm the post I Many persons will take advant-iT'lll'C of the holiday to go swim-! CelanesCr The graduating classes of 1947 through 1936 will hold a reunion at the 11 a. m. mass on Sunday. Eighth grade students of St. "We have sufficient names on a numerical basis." Doub said, Asks For Recess " anti il W 'H depend on how many are stricken out because the sign- At another point Jackson asked ; ers arc not registered voters or the court for recess to enable him.'have signed in the wrong wav." to "look up the law" on a matter] City Hall sources this morning of the case. The recess was'Puinted out that workers have jdenied. jbeen granted a long weekend due ! Jackson then arose to argue to '"morrow's holiday, and that [that the court was without au-i ! '° definite plans have been 'thority to try him. whereupon he'T ia(ic for anv n e to work Satur- was admonished to sit down andi ca - v ' ' H was also pointed out that though the law stipulates that e petitions must he turned in v.ithin -10 daj-s, no regulations keep quiet- Defense counsel Dwyer made a motion to have certain witnesses Police Arrest Ttirce Three local teenagers were arrested last night and will be He was employed, as an Ualiway. and was preceded in by his widow, Mrs. Kalh- irmvTh 5 P ° 0l l S , Will1 °^ n . lomor - Three area men were arimittedijTme rmv. Others will go lo their sum- to Mcmorja i Hospiia' 1 Patrick's Parochial School will cxcmaea trom the court room i- a ve been made concerning hoi - IhoW their graduation on Friday, jdurmg testimony and it wasjdays fallin" within that neriod L T -r n t ~ .^nrm'ni n-ncclitranrrirJ i, .. " *V\>- at a morning mass, jgranted. I It was generally agreed that Derryberry. en hearings later this week in Survivors include Juvenile Court. il.ulhcr Dcrrybeir>-. ^j^, sons. Florida; lorial Hospiial yesterdayJMsgr. Kilkenny will be celebrant - Deputy State's Attorney W.'retilions would be accepted wilh- n after being injured in — Warren Stuftz recounted to the'out question on'Monday. . . , t> will visit Shawnee Park in nearbv! . Cp " Bedford County Offices Close Those fortunate to have a long . oay are - Albert Kla ™ h ». =3- of '''" ^ Thru ' h - iver Avenue and Rus„.,. , , i,-., i r\ u Tr nr ,v-~tnt.-n *iiu~-«- iui lunaic lu im^t; a lUiJy n t- i • f f «T i o [ «*•• r**ut i r^ujiiii" L.ULLII:I am »..^«^^..» i. vt ..^ »n u «i \nt, Of jeer Clarence Valentine nab-|Cloyd Dcrryberrj-. ^^ ^^ ( ^ = «,« Valentme, 60, of OIdlown, ch h _ W3S acc » , ed into , hc ;allcged statements and advances ie c Piulo Church To Have Program B, Charles Hostetler, pastor bed the trio, two 16 years of age James T. Derryberry. Ridgelcy; L'""]^ "a'rcas^'^Ba'sebaii' "f-vns Roac! ' of The Mennonite Hour and thc:and one 14. The officer said the Paul Derryberry, Warren. Ohio; from , hc arca \ vil] have the on- Atla Male Quartet, will present a pro-jboys stole automobile tags froniiEugene Dcrryberry, Pittsburgh,j portun j ty to see a doiib]eheaderP urc<1 wnile loading a truck at gram Monday at 8 p. m. at the'a Columbia Avenue woman, and-and L. Z. Dcrryberry, Vander- in \v as hington between the New' lhc stonc <l l ' arr >' rcar Corrigan- Pinto ,\!ennoni(e Church, located were riding around town. I (Continued on Page -J> York Yankees and Senators to-| ville - w ' llilc thc othcr lwo mcn M. L. Johnson Elected Officer In UCT Council Rev. Saimncl Acccjitcd IlUo lmo Synod ^> llul Rev. John F. Sammel. pastor court the events loading to thel charges against Jackson and (old how two nui'ses discovered Jackson in a room in front of the . Lut hcran! convalescent home ont of thejir „,..,! i nd of the, 1 ' 1 " 1 ylaiHl off Route 20 at Pinto. Before becoming full time pastor of The Mennonite Hour, B. Charles Hosteller served as pastor and counselor at Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg. Va. He traveled widely as an evangelist and Bible conference speaker Singing in Thc Mennonite Hour Marlin L ' J ° hnson ' loco1 food Quartet are John Horst Jr.. Johni !)ro ' icr - was e l cctcd grand sen- Hostetter. Earl Mausl ami Rob-jlinel of the Grand Council. Unit- ert Hosteller. Earl Mausl is mu- c d Commercial Travelers, al the sic director and serves on the annua , convcnUon o( lhc organ .; ization held over the weekend al Charleston. W. Va. i . tl , .. ¥ ,, , . I Lj vuu:;l.lL>.ill i.ulllwIMII i?>lluu VJi I? 0 5L", .]> lav " hn . Wa . s '"-(-Maryland at the 138th annual con- vcntion in progress at Gettys-' burg. Pa. --_ — .„ t The synod also voted to in- orrow or they can attend the| were '"J«red while at work onj crcasc ( nc minimum salarj^ of (loubleheader in Pittsburgh be-' a c°' ls| r«c(ion job in LaVale. [pastors from S3.000 lo S4.000 an- iEvangelical Lutheran Synod ofjmade by Jackson lo the women.j T "'° students from the fifth music faculty of Eastern Men- rimitc College. t\. Lehman Longenrckcr is pastor of the Pinto church. HI-POCKETS HERtS A GOOD REMINDER TO Johnson succeeds W. Warner; Ford of Lexington. Ky., and in the normal process of moving up Ihrough the offices of thc council will head the organization in five years. The jurisdiction of the UCT council includes West Virginia. Virginia. Kentucky. Maryland and the District of Columbia. (Cumberland Council 179. which has approximately 650 members, is one of 33 councils. Only one other member ol Cumberland Council has held office in the Grand Council. He is H. C. Elder, a past grand councilor, who headed thc organization some ten years ago. Elder MARTIN L. JOHNSON -•jIOOF Temple on South Mechanic : 7 .30 n m at will attend thc supreme eonv-cn-(street. ! P ' tion of the UCT next month in Cincinnati. Johnson, who resides at Camden Avenue, has headed his ton convention.' The local unit is headed by garland Chancy and lueen the Pirates and Brooklyn! Klav «hn sustained Dodgers. ! ~ "'" ' The Court House will be cd lomorrow as will city, state^ rac * urc d r '°s- ar,d federal offices. City "workers^ , will also have Friday and Sat-j | urday off. Local industrial plants' i will work the usual holiday sched-i ! ulc with only necessary maintcn-' ^ ancc work or skeleton crews on i hand. - i Heavy traffic on area highways; and (he usual holiday travel by: his and train is expected. Lt.i W. E. O'liara of the State Po-; lice here urged motorists to cx-1 ercise care in driving over ihej holidays. Troopers at the LaVale i barracks have made plans to] patrol the highways. j There will be no issue of the: Evening Times tomorrow but the! Cumberland Xews will publish.! The iVcws will not he published Friday morning. LaVale Cub Pack To Meel Friday Cub Scout Pack 10. sponsored by LaValc and Parkside schools, will hold its last meet Friday at Methodist Church. . . chest in-] r ,i a lly. Rev. Dr. Elwood S. Falk- Jackson managed lo escape. : S rat * e °( West Side School are in after an alarm was given and hcj AnnapoIis loda >' exchanging ideas was captured by fi\y police somej ' cn thc of Marj-land. :iays later after he barricaded' The students. Gary Shroyer, himself in his home. i son of Mr - and Mrs. Robert mseu in nis nome. — "• " llu iuia. rwufii. The court room entrances wcre !Moorc - . Lt >e"5l Street, and Billie ........ - _.._.. _- guarded by police and ihe <j e .:»°'°™k. daughter of Mr. and juries. Thrush suffered a broken'enstein. Westminster, was elect- fendant was surrounded by a'i' Mrs - ^'"'«"> Holbrook, Washing- clos-jankle and Valentine sustained e d to a new position as director cordon of deputies in view of his| lcn strccl . are making a tour of iof synodical missions. past difficulties with police. Annapolis and Gernjantown Elementary School there. Thc fitth grade students of the Germantown School recently sent a letter to cWst Side asking that two pupils be their guests to exchange ideas on Maryland. The fifth grade is currently studying the History of Maryland. The local students left yesterday and are scheduled to return this evening. Mrs. William llolbrook accompanied Ihe students. Flclcliiugcr Retires After Half Century Council 179 was represented own food broker business since by eight members al Ihe Charles- 1932. He is married to the former Miss Mildred Paiipe of this city. meet in gs--arc held on the firsliThey liave two sons 12 and 16 COLLECTION DAY FRIDAY Saturday of each month al thelyears of age. Brook Bodkin, state forester, will show films in conjunction w-'th thc theme of thc month, "Fire Prevention." Cubs and parents are asked to attend. Refreshments will be served, according to Robert J. Sutlon, Cubmaster. MILL EXPANSION PROJECT—The West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company is constructing a bridge across the Potomac River as part of a $50 million expansion program at its Luke plant. The bridge will provide access to a concrete batch plant al Piedmont and is being constructed by the Tidewater and Hazelwood firms, contractors for thc expansion proaram. The piclurc, taken from the Luke side of the Potomac, faces Piedmont where the paper firm has purchased land from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the vicinity of Piedmont High School. The structure will be 370 feet long, 12 feet wide and will have concrete flooring. A handrail will be placed on the bridge. The bridge will enter Luke near Cromwell Street where the pai>er firm has done a considerable amount of demolition work. Fifty years of newspaper service was ended today when George Vincent Fletcbinger, 705 Frederick Street, helped "put „ The Evening Times tc bed" for 1 Ihe last time. Fletchingcr began his career in \yfi as an office boy at the Okl Daily News. Thc following year he began his trade as a p-essman. When the Times and Alleganian Company purchased Daily News in 1933. Fleteh- ingcr began work on the Evening and Sunday Times as a stereotype-pressman. Members of L«cal 254. Allegany County Pressmen, presented Kletchinger with a $100 bond.

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