Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 29, 1957 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 8
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EIGHT _ EVENING TIMES,. CUMHHULANJ), MD., WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1057 Dial 1'A 2-4GOO for a WANT AD Taker Corps To Ask Bids On Army Armory Here Yocke Roiul IVojt-cl For Reservists Will Adjoin SRC Property The Corps of Engineers is ex- peeled to issue invitations for bids lor the construction o( Ihe Cumberland Army Reserve Training Ceulcr sonic lime this week, according to word received yes lerday by (he Cumberland Chamber of Commerce. Bids on the USAR center wit he opened about June 28 by the Washington District, Corps of En gineers, in Washington. Tiie new armory will be erect ed on a live-acre Vocke Roa< location adjoining the State Roads Commission properly Braddock Road. High Industry Estimate Early estimates placed Hie cos at about $150,000. hut industry! sources estimated the conlracl in the $250,000 range. The advance notice said the Work will include Ihe construction ot a training center building approximately 156 by 46 feet, wilh 70 by 50 foot assembly wing and a 47 by 53 foot maintenance shop. All of (he buildings will be one. story high and without basements. They will have reinforced concrete footings and foundalion walls, and exterior walls will be brick-faced conerele blocks, and will hove built-up roofs. Included in the contrncl will be the construction of blacktopped roads and parking areas, concrete walks, a steel flagpole, fecurity fencing, water distribution, drainage and sanitary sewage facilities, and grading and feeding. The project is to be complcled within 360 days after Ihe notice to proceed. Funds Allocated Funds for the construction o! liie armory were sel aside some time ago by the government. The new armory will serve as a training center for the units OUT OUR WAY By R. J. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MA OR HOOPLE GREAT CAESAR, I'VE GOT ALUTHE WINiPOvVS AMP DOORS LOCKED EXCEPT THIS OME/ WHEW US OPENS IT, THIS REMINDER SIGU WITH THIW6S I WAHT DONE vVEITTEN ON IT WILL POP IN FEONT OF HIM AtJP HE CMJ'T HELP SEEING IT. DOT WUSS TALK 1 , AJA30R/ SOME OP IT GOES O^ER HEAD LIKE CrlBT SOU DOM T KMOW THAT CEAF-ry UTTLE EM2AIKJ OF HIS.' I'LL OET WHEM HE SEES THIS 15 THE ONLV WAV HE CWJ GET IM HE'LL SENf IM A PAL FIRST TO PISPOSE Df= THE BCC0Y TKAP-THEW HE CAN CLAIM HE MEV DO & TRIBE . ._ ARE THEY DIGGIMG IT CRA.7.Y, IT IS WE1RD-O, DADDIO WHY MOTHERS GET GRAV IT'5A . LOT OF I FIEASE.' YOU'VE APPLE- I SAID E fiMJCE, I ALREAPV.'YOU'VE IF YOU 5AYIN6, AIA30R DEE DANCE 1SS riOT SO MY VERDICT DANC& gUSSED ME POP6.' 8DT THE MU&C SAME /VAN/THE /HUSIC ^LtS TOLC7 WITH TEA LEAVES- YOU HAV/E A VEE.V SHOfCT LIFE LIME-THERE: A DEFINITE SU THAT YOU : HE BE STOUT OF LIFE WHILE 'Akl AVJP-- Zion Church To Dedicate Building i^^ which are now located in recent ly remodeled quarters on Walnut Place here. Units include Headquarters and Zion Methodist Church wil dedicate its educational buildim •September, Rev.- Louis Emerick. pastor of Union Grove Methodist Church has announced. Rev. Emerick said the final uiiHi iiiuiuue iieaaquaners anci' »"->• i^m^-in^ saiu mi: iimn Headquarters Detachment, gloUijP a >' rnen ' wns mode last week by , Signal Battalion; 729lh Army! J ' rs - Rachel lames, treasurer for Postal Unit; 372d Military Police 'he church, and the mortgage i Company; 941st and 942d Ord-irclired. lie said Ihe mortgage fiance Detachments; Companies will not be burned, but kept as G and H. 319lh Infantry Regi- ««i-~i -•• • • • time Bishop Charles Wesley Flint presided. The plans were drawn by Ilen- scl and Fink, church architects of Philadelphia, Pa. The blueprint calls for the new sanctuary to be built on the north side ot Ihe fellowship hall. Minislers who have served \rden Beck anil Rev. Emerick, vho was appointed last June. At the time of organization in 1940 there were 55 adults in theUerial Association ment and the 749th Signal Detachment. The armory which is being built is designed to serve as a training center for about 200 men, but space is available on the site for future expansion. For a number of years, the Army Reserve training center was localed in part of the old Footer Building, which was va cated as of May 1 when Ihe lease on Hie building expired. •The units arc now (raining in the former Farmers Dairy building on West Side, which has been remodeled io provide quarters for the reservists. an official document ol church. . Worship. . .services have been held in this building since its erection in 1950, but plans are in the making to build a sane- Rev. Emer- New Hampshire has Ihe shortest coast line of any coastal stale in the United States. Rcxall Zion Church include Rev. Robert Parker, Rev. Odell Osteen, Rev. the J- W. Merchant. Rev. Richard Bready, Rev. Gordon Hall, Rev SUPER ANAPAC With Citrus Bio- Mavonold and Vilamin C Figdli <«IJi foitort Bottle ftQ_ of 12 $H)C luary in (he future. k said. ScpCcrntjcr 22 lias been set as a tentative date tor tlse dedication The congregation was organiz ed April 7. 1940. and worship ser vices were held in the smail !>ricl building at Bedford and Masot roatls. u'hich was formerly Zion Lutheran Church, anci is being used as a Baptist chapel. The first shovelful at tlie ground breaking ceremonies for Zion Church was turned by Charles A. Smouse in 1949. The original plans called for the erection of the church plant, which included units comprised of a sanctuary, fellowship hall and Sunday school unij. The social hall was built first and has been used as a place ol worship since Us consecration Your Horoscope nontli,, it now numbers 155. Si. MuUliew's Clmix-h Plans Service Sunday Rev. Dr. Ralph S. Weiler, DO, astern field secretary of Ihc \ational Missions of the Evan* ^clical and Reformed Church, Philadelphia, will speak al a service Sunday at St. .Matthew's Evangelical and Reformed Church in Bowling Green. Dr. Weiler is a rlhtia the sectio comes and in find which youi what outlook JF, according la"the" stars!" i-"or Thursday. Maj'3U, ]'jj-, MAKUll 21 lo APH1L 20 (AricsJ-^ day for einphasiring talent; for ful tilling sot-Jal oWiagtions. tackling cor respondence, Piich into necessary busi ness, duties; be content with moderait sins. APRIL 2E to MAY 2L (Taurusl- Crand Venus, Moon -ind other plane aspect iterests, botli honored- Heavy work. nd social sscnti.i nd plcasm wdv, artistic ven affairs especiall; MAY 22 to .JUNE 21 (Cemini)-Vin ny "USli jiosilioned planets. TJo not worry, over be careless, however. Ktijoy youi A-nil other duties, and you will noi lind tfiein irritaling. .-- JUNE 22 to JUIA* 23 (CancrrJ service on April 2, 1950, at which ^ ^ nd famit1 j; ir1tasks arc "niicr zoo [aspects now. Work wnh renewed inter .t and viRor; be eager to investigati e possibilitieii ol makitig improve menls in your line. . -> JULY 24 lo AUGUST 23 (Lro)—You an turn ynur lalents, knouledfte ther atlrfhutes to K ood advantaKt tiovs-. The clsy favors both difficult and - : -i(.ilij -- •- Services Set For Summer The South Cumberland Minib bounty Board To Sell Tract At Mt. Savage Thocrig Properly Was Purchased For School Road IVogrum Bids will be received Tuesday une 18 until 10:30 a. m. by Ihe \llcgany Counly Board ot Com nissioners for Ihe lofmer Jamet ''. Thocrig residence in Ml Savage. The properly was pur biased in connection with the HI. Savage School road project This properly occupies .7-1 ac es on the north side of the road eading from Ml. Savage pas he old blast furnace. A deed dated March 20 givin; lie county commissioners litie tc his Thoerig properly was fileo or record yesterday in the office A Joseph E. Boden, clerk o Allegany County Circuit Court. This deed was signed by Ihi hrce members of the Stall ioads Commission, Robert 0 Bonncll, Edgar T. Bennett an John J. McMullen, and the hrco members ol the Stat Joard of Public Works, Govcrno Theodore R. McKeldin, Slal Comptroller J. Millard Tawe md State Treasurer Hooper S Miles. The SRC, acting in behalf of th county commissioners, had ae quired the Thocrig property fo he Ml. Savage School Road. Un dcr Section 6 of Article 89B o he Code of. Public General Law of Maryland (lie Board ot Publi Works must join in the convej ance of any property by the SRC Additional information col corning the property the count commissioners now wish to se may be obtained from Count Roads Supervisor J. \Yalke Chapman. The county commissioners ye. lerday also received a teller \Va lace G. Ullery, cily clerk, e plaining lhal on May 20 Ihe Ma. or and City Council had endorse Charle Welsh, the city h' , mane officer, for a similar po (ion covering all of Allegan membership class, and with theories of community' Sunday nm u members received last • ,,, ,- au«u.<> .. it now numbers .55. " sht wcrsll " J sc ™" cs «»* sum- sponsor County. The county Local Firemen Check Scare On West Side, Smoke from some papers be ing burned in the furnace atlren. 314 Washington Street yesterday evening caused a sca're when an occupant of an apartment at mer. with the services scheduled lo start at 8 p. in. each Sunday. Elects Officers The committee in charge of arrangements. Rev. l.ouis P. Chastain, Rev. Adam lev. Dr. E hat the openin 0 ^ „, held June 2 at Grace Methodist "hurch. Oilier services June ^ r ^ ilttl United Brethren; June 16. Trinity Methodist; June 23, St. Johns - graduate of Lutheran; June 30. Livin" Stone Franklin and Marshall College" 1 - ' ' " - and has been a parish minister for 25 years. He is well known in this area and was instrumenta in establishing the present con _ ,,.^., UU ,,L, ouiv « 01 J0 nn s JO^a S ° Bowlins Greon some 'J'lheran; August 4, Grace Meth- Dver 500 /Scouts, Leaders , ' A Participate hi Camporee ? More llian 500 Boy Scouls.'ish celebrated Mass Sunday xplorers and leaders attended morning while Rev. Keiniclli M, camporee lasl weekend which Grove, pastor of Emmanuel as conducted by Potomac Conn- 1 at the Girl Seoul camp at lintslone. Ross 0. Decker, camping anil ctivilics chairman of (lie Coun- I, announced thai some 87 pa- ols and 3C Iroops from this area articipaled. Decker said 46 received blue bbons for participation in Ihe eld events. Such a ribbon will he placed on ic palrol flagpole as a mark of stinclion in winning the top ward. Red ribbons were award- d to 34 participants while seven on the yellow ribbon. Those scouts who did a good job l the 10 categories received Hie award rated on camping tills. As a token of appreciation o Ihe Girl Scouts for the use o. icir camp facilities the Bo> couls and leaders rolled up theii Methodist Church, held services or the Proleslanl scouts and eadcrs. William G. Barjjer was campo- rec director and was assisted by "lenry Lowery. Explorers ot La- leeves and did some cleanin f the premises. up The cleaning up project ineltid ig brush cutting and (he re noval of some old fences was nder the direction ot Elmer eachley, a Do-Dad, who is also n assistant scoutmaster of £ aVale troop. Rev. Kenan Crowley. OFM ap., of SS. Peter and Paul par Vale Post under Kenneth Stone, advisor, served as service >alrol in charge of rogislration and cheek-out. The field meel was under he direction of C'oiiimissioiiei'.tf J h a r 1 e s D. S m i t h antc Francis Richardson. Campsite judging was handled by lioss Decker, Alton Kortney, Waller llulchins, II. H. Lowery, Charles Smith ami C. H. Parks. Participants were from Cumberland, LaVale, Cresaptown, Frostburg, f.o n a con ing, Tri-Towns, Keyscr, Romncy, Ml. Savage, Mr, Lake Park, Oakland, Wiley Ford, McCoole, Grantsville, and Petersburg. Wull Of Silrm-c MILAN. Italy UN'S) — A Milan woman added oiie explanation too many when she accused her husband in courl of abandoning her. The judge ruled against her when she said: "He didn't leave entirely. He built a wall in our apartment and lived behind it." SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE • SAVE Freshen the Impression with Footer's Fine Quality Dry Cleaning ot these Special Low Prices DRESSES Icoutifully Dry Cleaned and Pr«u«d. (Plain) SUITS iii' or Men's (Plain) PANTS SKIRTS Sweaters 99« 49c foit Dry Cleaning Seivic« on r.quot at no extra ctiargl Harry FOOTER & Co CLEANERS S!=ie. !„ <W>.ilj.nd. l.Vol., Fra.tburg. Ke,,., 1 PUJmonl or Priori* PA 2-6400 fcr PicV-up and D«!i*ery • IN OUR OWN PIANI • MISSING BUTTONS REPLACED • CEUOPHANE WRAPPED • SAVE • SAVE V SAVE • SAVE • SAVE . 24 (o SKf'TEMBER should ho enable ALKJU'Sl . CVirKo)—This -_ „ ,. L nd itilcrestme period for study, learh- ifi, iMLlxTimentin^, research; home affairs, trades, skilled mechanical work electronics. • SEPTEMBER 21 to OCTOBfR ague Libra)—Don't be perplexed or .„.„, There is much lo be sained by intcll. Kent reasoning anri the sound handling lit all unrtorl.ikings—large or small, non l quit a certainty for an uncer- Isinty. Use logic. lather than railroading BANK SERVICES > pin pointed to . fe your needs ; EASY DRIVE-IN BANKING Our convenient Drive-In Window is located on Second St. where you con do your bonking in a matter of minutes. Drive in today. Member F.D.I.C. Cumberland Savings Bank Virginfa Avc. at Second St. PA 2-0011 OCTOBER 24 lo NOYKMRKIt (Scorpio) — Reasoning, argument uill net you now. The day is generous ous for industry, trade NOVEMBER 23 to DKCKMBKH 21 [Sa KE ;itianus> — Dealings j n lumber, leather, sleet, livestock ami farm pro- rts arc under especially fine aspects. Sound investment can prove profitable hut extravagance is I a boo. EC cautious n makine promises. m&EMHE-R 22 to JANUARY 20 1 TapriconO-E*pccialLy favored now:' k-nJjits, svrfcons, medical rcsrarcnors, thnsc handlmp (inc tools, machinery; also mechanical work, trades; build-: inc. ships, roads, engineering. A /inc" day' i JANUARY 21 to FEBRUARY 59 ewed cnerKy. stimulate vigorous action. Tnrre is much for you to ae-1 complish and, uith such fine influences^ you should not [ail. FEBRUARY 20 to MARCH 20 (Vis. s>— Stimulating influences cncouracc nusual any" unique interests anr! acti-: ities. as "ell as familiar roulinc.' Slcp out. do your Iwst lo earn top Rains ' YOU BOHN TODAY are brilliant, versalilc: have a cav and interesting personality— if making the nest of your floct-Kivcn attributes. II is inipoi'tant thai jou curb restlessness and main- lain a steady lempo. You usualfy rhoosc an occupation compatible >ou r taslc and talents, but it is- the daily- dcvelopjnenl and fojlou-lhroucn able lo many lines ol endeavor, especially those which bring you before the public. You could succeed, e.specially- promotion, advertising: as actor journalist. Birlhdatc: I'eter. the Great Russia: Bryan A. Ijcc, sincer. sician, promoted of motion pictures. "King Features Syndicate, Inc.) PLYMOUTH 1955 Chrysler 4 Door Windsor * 1 Owner • A*I Condition ST '1995 Potomac Motors INC . Ill So. George Si. PA 4-3340 CHRYSLER Forl Hill Band Patricia Turner has been elcc ed president of the Fort Hill Hig E. Miller, announced Dress Shirts Laundered Leasure, correspondin Porcelain is called ause it first was baked in Chin Church of the Brethren. United Brethren; July 14, , ley Methodist; July 21, Emman, - uel Methodist; July 28. St. John's oiiist. August 11, Kings ley Methodist: August 18, Calvary Evangelical United Brethren; August 25, Emmanuel Methodist, and! Ihc linnl service September l, first Evancelical United Breth- Four Area Ulen Enlist that address thought the house Here Wilh Air Forte The local Air Force recruiting a call about 7:42 p. m.. but when office enlisted four area men this too much paper had been stuffed They are Frederick L. Thomp- into the cellar furnace and smoke . son. 17, of 402 Hill Street, former Naval Reserve member, Ronald C. Fleigle. 18. ot Midland David. W. McKenzie, Barton ex-Marine, and Franklin .,' Brown, Beryl, W. Va., ex-Navy man. Airmen basics Fleicle and Phone CoiujMiny Plsms Projects In District The C&P Telephone this week approved the expenditure of S43, (raining in Iheir four-year enlist- Approval was given for the installation of poles and cables lo , . man 1C McKenzie and Airman . Savage and for additional switch- Texas base where they will be boards in Thurmont. classified and reassigned brive citizcni of our Imtbrical put, irico* men tbjieuT brriuge of iribuu h <ftdrV»wd; wit t> ike fTiyte ti*t tifi brave fi^hi for pcice w» cat in viin. A&P SUPER MARKETS KKEKUY BIS1I1UM CO.,O.C 61ENCEB KHISH. M HOOF. «5%Clu!liil,tomi SfililS.

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