The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1936
Page 4
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MONDAY, DECEMBER -7, 1936 H BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIEH-NEWS TOR 6 ALE — Eishl good Work Mules nt R bargain. See I'aul Byruin, 118 E, J\Saln. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for consecutive insertions: " -•' ; Ono lime per line- lOe .Two times per line per day .. 03c Three times per line per day .. 00= Six times ]jer line per day .. 05c Month rate per line .....— OOo; 7ards of Thanks — 500 & V5C-! - Minimum charge. SOc : | Ads ordered 'for three or sixl times and "stopped before, cxpira-| (ion will be charged (or the num-| her of times the ad appeared and[ adjustment of bi! 1 made, : All' 1 ClasslllcU Advertising copy submitted by porsons residing outside ol the city must be., accompanied by cash. .Rules jinay bu easily, computed Irom above table. .Hlvertt-lng ordered for irregular Insertions' takes-the one time rate. ;,No responsibility will:: be taken (•or more than one Incorrect Insertion ol any classified ad. VIE SELL. Alabama & Kentucky COAL Slythevfe 8in Co. WE HAVE THE 0EST " 'Alabama, Illinois & Kentucky -At. the Best Price V Kindling Too GIVE US A TRIAL p. Guaroiitee Honest Welgrtts Shaver-Foster Want Another Mother And A , Good Home TJke • We Have Been Used To We Arc In Good Health At The Bight Price 1036 TtKKAV'LANK CONVERTIBLE COUrE,.... ?M3 1S3G PLYMOUTH :.DE LUXE , TOURING SEDAN $543 SEAMSTRESS. Do fancy work. Grace McFarland, 913 J lolly. Phone 936. '• • • s Uirjiaory PLASTERING .BOB'MALONE' And Stucco - - Plione 350 OUR 'STOCK IS ' ' NOW COMPLETE ON Rawlings Athletic Equipment At' School Prices rhone 35 ' Shouse-Henry'HcKvv Co. J. W. Shouse , .Wilson Henry I'hoiic Z78 Chickasawba & It. It. N. W. TRANTHAM Denier In BEECH CREEK COAL Other liieh gnulc Coal, Wood and Kindling -S. Broadway PKone • 964 1934 LAFAYETTE COACH ,. 5*75 1935 DE LUXE TERRAPLANE 1-DOOR SEDAN ..... I 1935 MASTER CHEVROLET J COACH j..'.i ,',...;'?450 1D31 MAST E R'l CHEVROLET COUPE ^35 1933 DODGE SEDAN '., ?2!>5 1033 CHEVROLET' SEDAN .. $210 1932 DODGE SEDAN ...... $'«!! 1930 MODEL "A" ' : *V0 K P * ROADSTER $100 1931 FORD PICK-UP 1'KUCK *1TO 1533 DODOE ROAUST.KK, New Tires ... •,, ! GRAVES BOX TURKEY CALLS A iicrfect. yelp, 1K)L and. SQUcnl Price $1.00' . . p. L .Graves, Ynle, Vti. Store, Dxturcs .& slock with living quiuters, In best nelghbor- hc«l, Doing good business. Leav- ''iij town. Cash only. Box "P" Courier News, 3-p-k-7 O'DHIBN'S equipped. .CAFE, completely Doing KC-od business for pnst 1(! years. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL TABLE, complete. CHEAP. JORDAN SEDAN, in. good condition. AI e'™ away price. : ,; . . P. B1MON, Phone 7W Cold Weather Comma ! ! Protect Your House With - Nu-Meta! : :. Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co: Phone 40 COAL PRICES •Delivered In Blytheville Slack Coal Nut Coal ..... Blue Ribbon Lump .. While Ash Eild Coal Hock Creek Lump : I5cn Franklin Lump Hi5 ncn-T,ump ton $3.26 toil $4.75 fan 55.15 . ton $6,50 ton $G.5( ton $1,25 ton S7.5Q Ky. 3 to K in. lump ton 5C-M 1929 CHEVROLET^ COACH.. ? 75 1835 DODGE 1)4 Ton TRUCK, Stake Body >VX 1935 DODGE Hi Ton TRUCK, Stake Body SJ1U BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadway TKUCKS VOU SAM5 International, ;-i Ton, Loii^ wheel base. International, 1 -- Ton, ~- - : Stake tody. 1935 U« Ton Chevrolet, ,• Slake body. 1834 lit. Ton Chevrolet, Slake body. Nabors 1'ole Trailer, Electric brakes. All in Good Mechanical condition «j with Good Tires. | DELTA IMrLEMENTS, Inc. • Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co, 301-WJ E. M/itf) WE BUY Hides & Pecans Metals and Scrap Iron Blylhovlllo lion & Mela! Co. Clicrry & R. R, ' Phono 418 We Pay Highest Prices FOH SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES & PURS Wolf Arian 120 E. 'Main'— Phono 17Q Coal Delivered Anjavliere, Any Time - - 24. Hour Service .-.HARRY BAILEY rhcnc 1505-F4 State llm 1 Call Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service , i , MTNTTN G - PAPER HANGING tfceman & House - Call 149 ALADDIN I,AMT PARTS = •!&•. each rbumcE HDW. co. If iou Want WOOD AVo Have It! ECONOMY COAL CO. Cherry & IJ. R. Phono 118 Coal, \Vood & Kindling PHONE 244 FOB THE BEST COAL FROM ALABAMA,. ILLINOIS, WEST KENTUCKY.. •'' L. I. RICE . MULES Foi Sale or Tr»5e Terms To Responsible Panics. DELTA IMFLESIENTS, Inc. Home Made Pure Pork Salvage ! '•! , :. C OUNTRY '.'. 'STYLE - : -. One Trial \VII1 Convince You. Pickafd Grocery Phone r S?3 101* ChiiVasawb- WK 1UJV OOD Cnmo (o Cwnl i-o. -Jaliu Untur Chi TOM LITTLE USED CARS If You Are Interested lit unil Quality! Check Nicely Furnhlltd Rooms Boaul. Mre, a, K. 656 > with )f 14 These SKK : THESE OAKS J935 CHKVHOLET COACH, With' TOPAY iTI Radio IMS ClIEVHOIiKT KTAND- AltD COAt'll $385 1931 CHKVROLET OOA With lUdlo |565 1931 I'OKD V-8 TUDOR ,' v , $315 1935 DOUCiK COUM; ,].,\t ?115 PLYMOUTH COUPE, Rumble Sent —-T-Il U 0 K S — v-s Hi TO'N 5381 Nicely furnished BEDROOM, ba o»u «o, Nico cornfoflablD bedroom, ciosoTi Mis Noloii, 310 W, Walnut 3 loom Jur. apartment, bath, Mrs Mick, 110 W. Anil, 21.]i-k-a W ARM BEDROOM, reasonable. all lit :p'])rJen'« Cflfo or 201 Cliorry, to kO a or 3 Fiirntsliert Rooms, . 914 Hearn, Wanted 193G FOUB 'TRUCK 334 CIIKVROI.ET TRtlCK JOl) iis innsc, cook Or housekeeper. Km' FranWm, ,:rcar of U04 S. Lnko 3-pk-7 TYPEWRITER: Standard Unfier- woott Typewriter' In Good Operating Condition. Only"$39,00. Tcrtns, $15.00 Cosh and.4 months at $5.00. Phone '810. Russell Phillips. 5-ck-9 FOR SAI,-E—40 ncrcs gootl Improv^ cd laiKl' 3 3-4 miles northwest, o( Mnnlln'.-.'3-4''mile from Highway 18. 23 ncres I- mile: west ot. Bly- thevllle on Hishway 18. ">Each tiiict $2400, $500, : caslii balance" like, rent. J. M. Jonte Phono .312 :•-.;. We Buy ! ."CORN & SOYBEANS Blytheville Gin Co. , Female Help -Address ': envelopes at home, -spare lime; substantial weekly pay. tiiinecessHryi work. Stamp; brings details. Vogue ' Personal FREE! S'lOMACM ACID, GAB '.,-PAlNS, INDIGESTION, rellevw quiijk, Get frco sainolq [lector's proscription, Utlga, nt Klrby Bros Drug Co. Seeds - Plants Wo ore buyers of Eur Corn. l*s pedezn Sred.... v -Soy ' Bcnn.s, Co 1 1)5 i TON, CAB ^cr,!-,T CLOSHO 1'ICK-Ul 1 TRUCK' $445 .035 K 0 K 1) V-8 CL O'S K II. CAB 1'ICk-Ui' : TRUCK-?335 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. PHONB Male Help I need ?i ongo u man (Ivlng In sinnl' town or on rnrm. l'own>cni Fcimnncnt pioiic'sltlon.' Must l>< sfttisUccl with Giuiilni; $7fi a inonll at nist AdilrcBS Hav 2447, Jlura Dcpt MemphK, TJHII Name .. Address Two hvnidred -> hvcnly-two mil on irostol ' money older:, arc told ELKCTRIO ACETTI.ENE BILLFOUJ, cantnlnlnit »oturn ticket to Lgng Bench,' Cain, vy pn|iera, money. Keep money foi reward & ictnru papers and Mllto'd. Courier News. '4-p-k-T LOST— 1'nlr of big, brown mare mules, \\clsht nbout 2600 Ibsi to- BCtlici, BlKUly Edwords, No, 28 Store, norlh of Doll, HE\VARD, '11)0 word "nnrt" Is used 55W tlmis In the old 'i'cslnmc.iU. .ill WELDING , AT.BEfiT PRICES PROMPT, SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. Nnturally >OU will ^ls|i Ihe last scrylcc3 foi your loved ones to l>e as' Impressive nn'd digntdcU as pare can make them. Here, regardless 'of Ihe cost, every minute detail Svlll rocclvc cor&Ulcriilo" at- • tent-Ion 1 . ' ' t ' Cobb Funeral Home/ GAY & BILLINGS, - Feed -. - PHONM 7« Now Located at l(rl North 'Second •,' ' ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER , SERVICE BUREAU > . DON tDWAI^DS, Proprietor ' All m»l«« , of R«bull^ Typnwrltcrs, Acjdlnjf, Aiqchlnes 'an«' Rep»lrlli|t—Parts—Hlbbons ''• ' fJt h. I? Mrs._J."J. Davis—Spencer Corsiitlere Call 421-W for Appointments New Carload Shipment MOCHE'S HEATERS, COOK "STOVES. OIL ft GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS SEE OUH NEW STOCK -'. 'Liberal Tniae-in : Allowance for Old Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. Bus. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course ' DAY & NIGHT CLASSES : State supervised TUITION -VERY- REAdOKABLE Bee Mrs. \Vm. Berryman Elaine .Beauty Shop Night Clubs" BEST COAL— BEST PBICES BUY NOW! "My coal is Black- But I treat you .White." LOCAL HAULING ' JOHN BUCHANAN-TPHONE 107 " CALL E. P. at FRY Wonder City Coal Co. .! ORIGINAL GENUINE IWonteyallp AND OTHER HIGH GRADE CUAL PHONE 477 COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Service — Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. Real Estate y • •N 'FOR SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes in town. | Could be made into apartment.! Cheap lor cash. 809 Chickasawua. . ; dll If I For Sale: 8D acres FARM land near Manila, stcrnberg Cotton Ever" Night 9 'Til 2 vpr Mnon Nisht Club Miles North Missouri Line Music by Harold Sudbury and His Orchestra -NEW FLOOR SHOW FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY DIRECT FROM NEW ORLEANS —ADDED ATTRACTIONS— Good Comedian - Master of Ceremonies FOR SALE- -40 acres fine land, cast of Yarbfq, , $3,200. $1,300 cash, $154 annually 3 days to sell. THOMAS LAND CO. LAND FOR SALE 40 acres hear No. 9'Toad.-$3,200, $1,300 cash, and $154 . yearly. 80 acres near Armorel. 2 houses and barn. Fine place. $1,000 cash, $400 yearly for 4 . years, then $150 annually. Price $4,000. Every Night 8:30 io "2:00 G60 acres .west ,of Blytheville. Fine farm.- Price $37,500, terms. 80 acres near Holland." Has VS mile frontage on gravel- road. Nice residence. Price $8,000.. Cost owner. $10,000 cash. Terms ."•-.•• 1,320 acres south ot Blytheville. CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Wondcrtm tract and 'highly in.- proved Four Miles North of Missouri Line Frank "Wcnncr". Ifarmon, and Ills Sensational n-Ftcce Orchestral ol Chicago Flor Show Thursday Through Sip^fay . Direct From St. Louis Hubert" Ullcy, Owner : and Proprietor ; '. Hotels For quick sale $50.003. 25 per cent cash, balance nual payments. We have any sjze tract you may ^— : want.-- -.-••" Clean, comfortable, slea rooms, hot mid cold water, rea- sonactc rates—day, week or month. PEABODY HOTEL, Furniture WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND-HAND FURNITURE Kuhbnrrl 2nd Hand Furniture Store rboae 1031 THOMAS LAND CO. Automotive LET US CHECK YOUR 'BATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING! J. B. CLUNE Jackson service Station—Call 8 ~~CALUNG ALT, CARS 1 I GET READY FOB WINTER Heaters, $1,19 up Radiators anlt-fre02<!, 78c eol Vip Texaco oil, 2 hal can,.83o New Guaranteed batteries, $3.25 up — Fluor Mati, 75c up Good prices on radiators exchanges. Heater parts cheap. See Us Befove You Buy -Anything.. For Your Car WOLF ARIAN' 120 E. Main — Phone 173 Co., Dcpt.- 21CO,' Jnckson, Tciin. Co, Memphis, Tenn A BOUT •;'!'{>-GET THE LOWJROWN! COME WITH ME TDTHE ' WOOZY >i ARp'UNP-'VJlTH THAT TOUGH IOOKIN METHOD OF TELLIfJ 1 MS SUtiPIN HE LEARNE0 WHILE MB WAS BOOTS ANDfHEL BUDDIES WHERE DOES' Ut VWE ;5 TUB FEMALE OF THE SPECIES! WASH TUBBS , WILL wu PLEASE ME KUT UP WV CLOTHP.S LINE? WEGOTTAl nHINKIT'S DO 5UMPIN/A SHAME, BOW SHE NEvER. BEFORE NEEPED ANV HELP WITH ACLO ... , LOOKIT ^ . ONLV HE ROLLINS) GUV ON , WOW THE WAV VOUVE BEEN Jl',Tc6 FDRTHAT NEW FI6HTEI2. MATTER LOS M& YOUR APPEALT FRECKLKS ANR.HIS PH]RNi) IHE PELLO.VS JUST CALL ME Wunv AND I'M BEGIMMlMG TO BELIEVE THERE'ARE'S '.PLACES I'D LIKE ! WILL ^t)U TAKE ;WPJ IF I CAM H...H.... I-MEAM, SURE. ER-CCKTA.NL.Y.,. OH, THAT WILL BE JUST T0O, TOO 1 CHARM IWG OP you TO ESCORT ME HERE THEY WANT HER., \'M OU6HTA CO 1E * AFTER TD- WIGKT, WtrnY? easy an-

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