Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 29, 1957 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1957
Page 7
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I UOVI HCHG-KEYSERMSHS Nam«£« And Tri-S<tt<<> Area News (7) Evening Times, Wednesday, May 29, 1957 W.Va. Methodist Conclave sins-In Buckhannoii BISHOP LLOYD c. \VICKE Communion Set Al Coney Church Kl : LONACOMXG — IHJCKHANNON-Minislers and Morgan Fair Heads Named Paper Staff MT. SAVAGK - Directing the Warrior at Ml. Savage High School next year as edilor-in- BERKELEY SPfllNGS cliic L. Largenl, president of the aymcn from the 1,600 churchesiMorgan County Fair Association, I the West Virginia Confcrcnceiannomiced that department sii- f the Methodist Church will con-jperinlcndents have been select- cue al West Virginia Wosleyan'cd for the Morgan County Fair. Miego, Buekliannon. today forlAugust M, 15, 16 and 17 as fol- ive-day 112th annual session of low: he conference. Bishop Lloyd Dairy cattle—Kenneth Michael; C. Wickc, rosi-'bcct cattle — Ralph Davison; Steve Bittncr as .or, according lo Mrs. Madeline lion advisor. associate edi- a release by Gainer, publiea- The position of business manager will be filled by Dale Geary. He will have charge of the Warrior finances and will help direct other phases of business work of the staff. Serving as news editor will be Annette Weimer. George Beal and Dale Thomas State Troopers To Work Holiday CHARLESTON. W. Va. - Any state Iroopcr whose regular day chief will be Sue Ann Lcpley with °f is Thursday will be oul of luck tomorrow. Stale Police Supl. Hazen Fair said (here will be no days off Oakland Will Fete Heroes Memorial' parlment Hay will so that the de- have its entire dent bishop of the Pittsburgh'?™ 11 ''? — Danny Gales; field area, will preside over the con-' cr °P s —Julian Hovermale; educa- vticatiofi ot representatives of national — George Noland; sewing 216,000 members throughoul the ! —Mrs. Frank Spriggs; baking- state. The conference opened wilh!* lrs - E "' s Steiner and .Mrs. J. registration and will be highlight-! 0 - Henry; panning—Mrs. D. M. cd by the following features dur- Gates; vegetables-Lester Ungc will Ihe key positions as force available to cope with the expected heavy volume of highway travel. "Every available man will be working May 30," Col. Fair said. Slate Police records show that, i-;lli five days remaining in J.May, the month's total of high- OAKLAND — Tomorrow. Memorial Day, will be appropriately WESTERNPORT - The Mem- observed in Oakland with the us- orlal Day observance in (he Tri, activities, il was announced! 1 '™ 115 '"morrow will follow the by Harrison Stewart, commander; 1 ™'! 0 ™ . of lnan >* > cars - Kvml * of Proctor Kildow Post 71, American Legion. Stewart said a parade Memorial Day Program Set At. Weslernport Cemetery building in Pliilos Cemetery irn- mediately following Ihe arrival ot tlic parade. will icclude local organizations, service at memorial Philos Cemetery m-! (hc decoratins of Kraves Rev. Byron M, riory, pastor the U'eslernpurt Chiircii oi (he a slrcel parade of Brethren, will give the invocation and Rev. [lex ]{. Coffman, .ndpnslor of Pentccoslal Holiness church, Piedmont, will pronounce the benediction. Selections will (be played by the firncc hand elude a band, Legion, Knights <jf' ans j n a ii i oca | cemeteries with |Py()iias, fire company, Buy and flag ami (lowers. Girl Scout organizations, the Na-j The parade will form al 3:30lunder Ihe direction o[ William lional Guard, and pfrhaps U!lle, a ' m - '" lh(i vicinity of Piedmont Simpson. League and oilier groups. 1!igl1 Scll0()1 al| d start at 9. In the " The parade will form at Cily' linc of march will be (he Bruce on Tlm-d!"' ; Hal) ami move north sports editors. Thomas Carter will he the undergraduate sports reporter. Peggy Carter will direct the ing the week: At tonight a memorial service, uith an address by Bishop Don- ild Trippclt. resident bishop of;' 1 . 0 " 8 Ihe San Francisco area, will be],., held. Tomorrow, Ihrec will beheld at 12:45; Cabi Hoard of Lay Activities Methodist Church; liostoi 4-1!—Mrs. Clark Catlett; FFA— oiready exceeded the death toll parade route also will include the'sanizations. for the entire month of May inibusiness section of Second. S ' writing of the feature material and Die column "Smoke Signals." Hxcbangc editor will be Betty- Gordon. Her duties will be chiefly! the mailing of copies of the War- ;rior to the various schools and flowers — Mrs. Lesliejthe writing oi the exchange col- 5!) School band, local fire com-'bon,- by An added feature of the pro- ram will ui- two vocal num- Ihe Bruce Girls' Chums Peter's 11 hut six of Ihe 21 previous [Street and will disband at years in which records have beenlcemetcry where an address nirjnt way fatalities in West Virginiajstreet promptly at 10 a. m. The l l> an ! cs ' lio >' ami Girl Scout or-'under the direction of Miss Betty : -••'•-- ' drill team of Jean W ithrov,. vocal instructor. School: Pied-.They will sing "This Is My Coun- Company's JO, Uniform'try." and "Give Me Your Tired, Rank, Knights of Pythias; IhejYour Poor." lilue Angels" Drum and Bugle Local women's civic clubs hava Corps of Victory Posl, 155 Amcri-.liecn requested to solicit flowers al 37, making the 1957 total 173.| Members of Garrelf Lodge 113.'can Legion; a firing squad fromifor decorating (lie graves of vet- kept. be delivered at the tomb o[ May fatalities up lo today stoodiunknown soldier. Kenneth Lee Kerns. Home economics — Mrs. Paul Hodges; ser and Mrs. Raymomllumn. Cloivser; frozen foods—Liz Rus- ,. .. _. . .. .. „._ _ 3n the corresponding date injKniglits of Pythias, are to mec^Kelly-Mansfield Post 52, Amcri-'orans. The flowers will be collcct- 956, Ihe year's traffic death toll-at Castle Hall at 9:30. At tbe'can Legion; cars with officials of fd and placed on the graves by vas 133, including 22 fatalities in'cemetery they will decorate thc'thc three towns, participants inlmembcrs of Boy Scout"troops. Doris Harden and Mary Louise Garrcll Alumni, First 1 Church; 2, anniversary (service. Woman's Societv of • „ •„ , r °, mo !T°w. Christian Service. First Metho- Ascension Day. will be highl.ghl-! riist church wilh Mrs. John M. rd by Holy Communion al 9:30j Pcarsol , as s eakcr . .. Missions in a. in. m hi. Peters Kpiscopal {he changing East-" 8. address iun<-npnJ £C " : 'omalocs-Mauricc DeanKe-Spataro will serve as adverlis- ibinct and'" ckcr: tommcrtial exhibits managers. Their assistants - r<vnirali Norman " rtohcrtson : handle raft'will be appointed in September s'tnn Unl'~ Mrs - "'"^ ™"' Mrs ' Auslin James Glass has been designat- vcrsity" Alumiii"First \!.ihodi-t! 0rme> MrS ' GC ° rEC Luteman Jr - cd circulation manager. He will r"^.l. ,"™".'., f o'L 5 :': 6 " 1 "*^!"^- John Goodman and C. Paul he assisted by a junior who will Hedges; children hobby — Mrs. awrence Rcppard. Church. Hast Main Street. j, r . j oh(I c . Tr ever. "Adventures \ bake sale will be held Salur- wit ji Manuscripts.' <iay at Burn's Store, Main Slrcel, Friday—9-2» a in addre-s by In- the Auxiliary of Si. PelorVuishop Paul N. Garbcr. resident Church, beginning al 10 a. m. tbiftiop ot the Richmond i\'a.) 4-H Leader MishapVictim also be named next fall. Oldtown Fiirnis Nnw Boy Seoul Troop 79 OI.DTOWN'—.Veivly formed So> Scout Troop 79, sponsored by the Oldinwn Parent-Teacher Associa-! FRAMKIOWN. W. Va. — A 4-H tion and Oldtown Sportsmen Club leader was killed Saturdayjciub, is showing steady progress May. To Decorate Grave .raves of deceased members, ilhe memorial program and vc- The National Guard unil will lerens. provide Ihe color guard for tlicj Kennlh Shcetz, principal of parade and the activities at ihe'Rruce High School, will he OLDTOWN-Ross F. Shaw will f " rtery - [speaker at Ihc memorial service, honor Capt. Michael Cresap to For Sale: Chrome Kitchen and Four Chairs. All metal. Frost burg 442-J. Adv. N-T Mov 29 morrow by placing an American flag on his grave. Capt. Cresap was a grandson of Col. Thomas Cresap. founder of Oldfown in 1740. The Hag was donated by Mrs. Maud^en Johnson of Waco. Texas, a direct descendcnt of Col. Cresap. Miss Elizabeth Atkinson. Mrs.larca of Ihc Methodist Church P vhcn a tractor sne was driving'and the boys recently'took their J;,mes F. Bosley, Mrs. Ella Braz-j-The Quadrennial Emphasis O ni ore " urnc <l «" a dirt road near first over-night hike. With the noil. Miss Edith Holder. F.jChristian Higher Education;" farm '" lhls BraxU)n coun-[acquisilion of 13 pup lenls. they Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. \r>:45 p. m.. three luncheons—re- For Sale: Kitchen table, chairs jAlso lot on Beall's Lane. 61 West Main—Frostburg 368-J. Adv. N-T-May 29-30 T-31 ty community. The accident happened P.iffey. Miss Anne M. Sloan. Mrs.'tired ministers. Central Metho- Roland C. Staup, Mr. and Mrs.-ciist Church; Duke University George .1. Wilson and Ilev. Lcs-lAlumni. First Methodist Church'-!'" 8 !he 1 f aclor *» vn an mclme. Ice K. Schwindt. vicar. altcnded'Weslminislcr Alumni. Prcsbvler-it was h/ ; [ ? s r °'\^ v<!d ln a car |are now equipped for a summer \vhile;of camping. Ihe Convcjcatioii of Cumherlnnd'ian Church; 3:30, Service of rec- M SI. John's Ctiurch, l!agcrs- ! o?iiition of retired ministers and Io',vn. jwivcs: 5:30, layman's dinner at Several members of St. Peter's.'"""*' Mclhodisl Church; 8. Lay- Chtirch have signed to give blood' 171 *"'* Night program at Atkinson Tuesday from noon until 6 p. m.'.tnopel with address by Bishop when the blnrximcibiie unit wili;' )ollal d C. Tippctt. ho set up at the home of Ajvin C.!. Saturday_12:45 p. m.. c'nap- \o,it Pnsl 5280, Foreign Wars. Mrs. Irene Given. 44, was driv-| Ralph Lester Rader is scoutmaster and there are 23 mem-; bers of the troop. Assisting Rad-! ei as committee members are Iby some of her children. Mrs. Given Bruce and her husband, Edward B. Wheisenhunt, a!rence Ma ,, ory Sr ^ Je£ , VVCrof!c f ders in ! arid llmvartl McDonald " pCS °' ' arr1n S' LawShipe: epartment of « ° , Agriculture. Veterans of ioin ' s '""chcon at Evangelical jUniled nrcthren Church; 2. min- lionr-c: wives tea Dt First Metho- Church; 3:30. youth picnic .Memorial Service Scl THOMAS—Blue Ridge Post 22. American Legion and Company]i For Sale: Top Soil, Kill Dirt. 1 Bulldozing. Phone Frostburg: 742-W-I. Adv. \-May 29-30 T May 31 CONDON'S SHOE STORE 20 Weit Main St. Froitburg POLL PARROT Tennis Oxfords with Arch PRICED Childrens .... $2.98 Misses 3.29 VVomens 3.59 ror Sale: 3 standard sued „„ lhe Weslcyati "campus; 7,1 E. 2nd Battalion. 393th Infantrvjj overhead garage doors .8 ^^Vouth N'ight proaram at Atkinson!Regiment Reserves commanded!' > ,V ,-J, " v ha ^ a ' a , rc '"-Chapel and reception by West by Captain Charles A. Bennett!! chuled. SaO.oo each; Black and Virginia Weslcyan College in thc'of Thomas, will hold memorial;! white enamel gas range S40.00. Annie Merncr Pfeiffer Library, jservices tomorrow at Rose Hill 1 ! Sunday—9 a. m.. Service of.Cemetery at 10 a. in. (EST', at^[ Ordination of ministers by Bishop the Catholic cemetery at 10:30^" \Vicke. ambled by Ihe 11 dis-jand at Thomas and" ihe Davis ! KEYSER THEATRE AIR CONDITIONED KEYSER, W. VA. Today and Thuildoy "Three Brave Men" V.illc^d, frneit Betsr.ine, Nino F«>i Phone Kroatburg 5-)3-F(. Adv.—X-T-.Mav (Cir,. '**! trict superintendents of the cab-lcem Friday - Salu/day — Satu/day Malmefe 2:30 "The True Story of Jesse James" Rcb«rt Wcor.r, JrHr,, Huatt,. Hop. long. (D,! Sundoy Hol!nt« 5:30 — Sunday Nighl 8:30 — Mo "Designing Woman' Tuatday speaker al the contcrei ll»ill be Bishop Tippetl. Rev. Sam- l.uel A. Harford. pastor o( First 'Methodist Church, and RcvJI Charles Roth, pastor of Central Methodist Church. Buckhannon.ij arc host pastors to the conference. Bishop Wicke will bring the I devotional messages each day at Sam. Morning and afternoon sessions 1 ! fjf the conference will be devoted f to meetings and reports of the boards, commissions and com-,) mitlces. Dance — Round and Square—'I May 29 al Chris' Place. Music by:" Doc Kenny—9 lo 12:00 p. m.;| Eastern Standard Time. Adv. N'-T May 29. 1 ] SAVE ON THESE FIRESTONE SPECIALS !! ! Chrome Rearview MIRROR For Home or Car WHISK BROOM Leather Palm WORK GLOVES See us for Lowest Prices ... Lowest Terms in Town TAX EXCHANGE TAX EXCHANGE 670-15 Full Treads 5 7,95 670-15 P^ONE Champion Tires 11.95 SEAT HOLIDAY SPECIAL Reg, 1? 95 BeLuxe Fiber .;;. . 14.95 1NS ^ ELEUD Reg a 19 95 PeLuxe Plastic 16.95 INS S ELUD AIR'S ATLANTIC SERVICE FREE MAIN DEPOT PHONE 495 on Curved Sects m ...< WMROOK RYE and BOURBON Take your choice ... Origi- nat Wight's Sherbroofc, tho largest selling Maryland Straight Rye Whiskey in America ... or its fitting companion . . . Wight's Sherbrook Bourbon ^_.. ~ No increase in price. ST 42 JL 1/2 PfflT SHER8RMK STRAIGHT STE MISKEY. JS PSOOF. ) YEARS CIO; THE FRANK L WIGHT DISTILLINtt CO. LOSEIET. «*RVUND SHESeSOOK SOUSSOB. Si PROOF. 6 YEASS CH.DJTXE FRAN* u WIGHT CO..FEORI*. ILL Fire$fone SEAT COVERS *15" nimi 1D $12.95 *19" ,.d Ut .d ,. $15.95 INSTALLED FREE E-Z IE RMS iERVICt IN REA8 DEZEN'S PHONE fBG. 1366 FJOSTBURC NtKl to Fbg. Ns>. oank Executor's Sale HOUSEHOLD FtlRNlSHlN'GS and EFFECTS 85 Broadwoy Frosrborg, Wd. Saturday, June 1, 1957 Regular $339.00 SOFA Now $295.00 + Plus a Chair and Cocktail ! \ r.> ; I i Table! fefcx -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiHiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiMiini'. ] I HOSKEN'S JEWELRY H 55 W. MAIN ST. FROSTBURG PHONl 473 — •tl - GIFTS FOR GRADUATES = WATCHES | ELGIN = BULOVA I HAMILTON | LONGINES • i WITTNAUER SHAVERS SUNBEAM REMINGTON SCHICK NORELCO YOU GET ALL THIS! O RIGHT and LEFT ARM SECTIONALS O e CURVED CENTER SECTION © MODERN CHAIR e ROUND COCKTAIL TABLE Fulfill your dreams for a completely modern living room . . . choose this 5-piece group now! Three smart sections join together os one dramatic sofa or go their separate ways with unlimited possibilities. 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