Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 24, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 24, 1969
Page 2
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2 - Monday, Feb. 74, 1M9 Redlands OaHy Foeb New rale on suspensions in effect at UC BERKELEY, Calit OJPD-A new rule calling for immediate suspenaon of any stiideat who violaies campus regulations during the ^current 'state of extreme emergency' N.Y.Sfoeks <Continiied from Page I) traded, sboired a loss of 1.4S per cent near tiie doM: Of tte }JSH issues crossing tiie tape, UBt declined aai 285 advueed. The Dow Jones average of 30 _ blue dnp industrials was oSi aejJS^ 9IH09 near Ibe belL Nfxofi finds Britain in mo;or row witli France a and no By POHI SCSH* (Oootiniied from Fage 1) Bd^ iqaaie that hogses ibt tomb e( tlw Unkwini Soldier. Iliere he waded into a mob of j wildly CBdwsiaitic Amerieaa •dtoolehildien and started sbak- ing hands. Vohune ap{Toximated U-mH-l nindreds of sdioddiildrea , lion shares, vosus some 10-; and a few adults, many of them 'million sbaies at the same time. Americans sUtioned at NATO in the previous session. ™rf rff-rf t^=^ ^ thP Dwn a point or better in thejundef a leaden dgr and in the ^SifS^ ^^^chemicals ^M««nto. Dowjchill, wind that Mew across the ^^Ji ofiSs ertab-:'"^ Po^t. lie last issue lost ment agencies if necessary toi yp, M^Hnt Indiealer prevent a r^wtttioa of disturb-i i^y-s dosing net price diange of aB NYSE stocks trad- Royal Palace and lundi with 100 faettt. ' Banging over Oe hmch table wludi stretdMd neariy 100 feet were sz ciystal ehaadelien. an army «f footmen in Made kneebreecbes and white siUr stockings served the food on silver plate. . , TliehaU is patterned after the headquarters, wmted for hours j Versailles Palace near Paris near downtown square where the cohunMd momuient is k>cated. The crowd chanted "We want Nixon! We want Nixon!" until a bu^w jdayed taps. Ihey fdl alent for a moment but as the last echo died away to end the official ceremony ances wfaidi readied proportions on the campus Thursday. * The state of extreme emer -'^V^„J" " i barricade "holding bock the gency was declared by Gov. ^sing .Aprfl 1, 193S prices as'"'O a 100 base, the indicator dosed Be*eley:^_ imputed by Quotron Serv -'>'«J^»»'^ was off 150 from Thurs.1 walked up to the metal : today at 126.89. R»ald Reagan during that followed a student strike | called Jan. 22 by the Third .^.^ Mium. World LiberaUon Front. Adv^ Mean»tile. there was disagreement over what Progress unchanged It appeared Belgian police bad allowed in only children and the adults with thera. Less and its vaulted ceilings are painted in that traditioB. Nixon wore a gray suit and red tie and the King woce a rintf e- breasted Italian cot gray suit with light ^een tie. Queen Fabiola wore a smart black and white dress. Nixen delivered his speech after being introduced by NATO SecreUty-genenl Uaidio Bco- sio, vio said "tiie Atlantic alliance has not aged with the! passage of time, but matured.! It has remained vigorous and. responsive to a changing, world." i Appearing tanned and re- Mthiiciadip pmmis were con- Appearing tanned ana re- Florida giri wins music confroet OAKLAND. Calif. (UPI) A young pianist from Florida who studies at the Universi- Aionio Bolmr to talk of UR fomorrow Dr. Alonzo Baker, emfaent speaker on public affairs, will ty of Texas won L "iSi^^e'^^'^f'lLtSSl 1"^ American foreign poUcTThis A^%i win be at 6:30 in the Student Sl^ JU^^ J ?h *^'sorship of California College Re- sao appearances wUh thetnuhiiMns Oakland Symphony during &e^:ZZ^:^, p. ^ ,^.„„ 19S9-70 season, fialshinfe first ini AccordmgNo Rick Swmton, the competition among six fiaal.!!P!?^ers jhaiman. partM the ists .Saturday night - - Miss Arce, diu^ter of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Arce ot Coral G^es. Fla., was a sdxdardup student at the Miami Mnsic Chib before tufting graduate studies in music at the University'of Texas in Austin. Second prize of SSOO went to Miss Arlene Portney, 19, of Meadowferook. Pa., and third prize of $250 went to Miss Mona Odabdc, IS, of Beverly Hills, Calif. community forum program of the CaHfmrnia Qdlege Republicans is to "bring people to peo- jple for a better understanding of poUtics." Next qieaker will be Evd !e Younger, Los Angeles county district attuney. He will appear 00. March 25. also a Tkioday. VACANCIES WORRVINO VOW Find reliable tenants the easy way with a fast-acting Clasrified Ad. Dial 733-3221 today! Total was bang made to end the dispute over the demand by minority students for a Third' Dew Janet Stock Avoraiae World CoUege. Dow Jones final stodt aver- Bericdey Chanceltor Roger i ages: 30 industrials 908.97, off Heyns. reported to be under fire! 12.68; 20 railroads 280.65, off for his handling of the disorders!2.90; 15 utilities 134.23. OB 1.09; on the 28,000-student campus, and 65 stodts 327.89, oft 3.98. said he was "cautiously optimis-1 „. . _ tic" after weekend talks with Sales today were 12.73 million strike leaders. But. a ,^kes-shares compared with 10,99 mU- man for the strikers claimed no sl>ares Thursday. such talks tot* place. „ ^.rt AeUn suck. The Third World group (D W-JMM scrnet, CcaHur announced it would suspend MJ"E,'?U.' picketing today t3 hold an v «i»me ci*w ciuac* "open class" at the- hugejj"^ outdaor Greek Theater to !i«^M» "debate the issues." However, a enjoying it;i».iM Gredc|{:i5j: _ «>.i 4M« 4SH O.tN Ct.1M 6ZJM UfL P»r. O M M. Pet. Delta Air. _ INA Cory. NalMnat .... tUh C««t. Amer. T. * T. _ itfi Ckrriler »••• CIn AM» I6<> Bramvlek H!» Mlaa. IllB(. »I MGM «% Cevm. Oil Bcf. ti^ Mnnato 4»« «. OU NJ Km university spdcesman said had denied use of the Theater because of conditions on the campus. .At a news conference Sunday, Third World spokesman Charles Jackson daimed the student strikers were not re ^Knsiblej for Thursday 's outbreak, during j \rtiich police used a tear gas' barrage to break up rampaging; by several thousand students' and off-campu-s supporters from! militant and hippie groups. j However, journalism professor Joseph Lyford. who sakl he was sympathetic to Uie strikers- ^APE KENNEDY (UPI)demands insisted *he sinkers ^ countdown began today for were "just not tellmg tbe^ ^^.^ b ,3 ,t„^a to , J , „. ^ , . Mars, the new goal of ^ace Lyford said "A ©real deal of ^^^on now that man " the violence Ive observed hasjlt^., ,.„j been inspired and encouraged by the strike leadership. 9,890,000 ^ . , 1060 000 N"*""' <*"«>usiy I2*73o'ooo W"****^' ^ caught up in a sea ' ' of students, their parents, newsmen, piiotographers, Bd- giaa police and his own secret service guard. To Belgian childrens' screams of "over here... over here . he moved to other areas. With a final wave of both arms above his bead be entered the limousine for the processional through the streets of Brussds to King Baudouin's drab gray paUee for lunch. Relieving the grayness of the day were the gendarmes on horsdMLck with flowing capes and liearskin caps. Nixon was flanked by horsemen at he drove from the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to the -in -14* -Hi -IW +» -J - « -Hi -1 - M —1 +1% + M -1>4 -IT* to the edge of Brussels address NATO permanent representatives at the headquarters built for them in Bdgium efler France ordered the organization to move out. Scattered heeUing and shouts of "Tfixon, go home!" greeted him Sunday when he anived. Then were no serious outbursts, but neither were there large crowds, of dieering people. The trip was deliberatdy designed to discourage public turnouts. When he left his hold this morning to ride to NATO headquarters, about 100 persons, in the lobby, applauded loudly and Nixon waved and smiled. He siMok hands with some of I to barrier and then left for his car. .JVbout 150 peoide outskie the hotel k)dced on quietly as Nixn rode off. He held meetines until almost midnight Sunday with Belgian officii to discuss NATO and East-West problems in general. He was sticking dose to his program of a "woridng" tour, long on conferences and short on ceremonies. Meetings went on from the time of his arrival were turned out late in his suite in the Brussels Hilton Hotel. The White House said the President was "watdiing very carefully and dosdy" tiie new effaisive by North \^etBamese and ^net Cong / m South Vietnam, especially as it mi^t affect the Paris peace talks. His address to the NATO Council stressed vbat Nixon said beforehand was /the purpose of his visit to Bdgium, Britain, Bonn, Beriin, Rome, Paris and, finally, the Vatioan. "I have come for wnk, not for ceremony," be said. "To inqmre, not to insst; to consult, not to convince; to listen and learn, and to begin vritat I hope to be- a continuing interdiange of kieas and insights." He said the Atlantic alliance must "replace the unity of a common fear with the commu-: nity of shared purpose;" a pooli not only of arms hut of brains. "I have said before that we are ending a period of confrontation and entoing an era of negotiation," the Pres- idoit sakl. Step 'nto IQnne/s exdtihg World of Casual Clothes • siada • Shim • PMt Mils Havt FUR — Mil and lAoteii! ^ ^ V CIRCLE. MO East RedliRds Blvd. 79^f929 Countdown starts for blastoff to probe Mars ^.fL .Tm.^f'^;:^ a «n. EST fir the lauid. of a Z^^'^rt l^tiMariner spacecraft aimed to fly that man is about to land on the moon. Ground crewmen began the countdown promptly at 10:54 provocateur." and goddam guy out" Lyford fiiully was advised be SL ^'f^V within 2 .000 of the "red idanet' TTielaundi «-iU open a decade or more of ^vestigation of had "no business" being at the^??- , n^ co^S, ^itl hifl ^'^y insistence that he was journalist" Curious Foefs 'William CiiUen Bryant's *Thanatnp«is," a meditation oa death wliicb many liave called the first im- portaBt American poem, was written by Bryant at about the age of 17, The World Almanac says. The author Richard Henry Dana, impressed with the poem and incredulous of its authorshfa*. said: "No one on thitade of the Atlantic is capable of writing such verses." „ and pro-j •'digressing smoothly, were countdowns for the launcfa of a weather sateUite at 2:3S a. m. Wednesday, and for the ApoUo 9 earth orbital mission of astronauts James HcDivitt. David R. Scott and RuccA L. Scfaweick- jart, due to takeoff at U a. m. I Friday. i Mariner 6 is scheduled for an '8:14 p.m. EST launch atop an ' Atlas^entaur booster combina- ition. U the $64 mUUon ! spacecraft succeeds in the I complex series of maneuvers to ; put it on course toward Mars, it 'should travd 226 millioa mDes. Mariner's Qy-by is scheduled 156 days from Uastoft, on July !31. Donald P. Hearth, dbector «f hmar and plarvetary programs tor the fedeiial space agency, said Sunday Mars "is the one planet in the solar system wel nill be expiring in the next lo' to 15 years." How's Your^ REDLANDS. CaliL — A most unique free offer of spedal interest to those who bear but do not understand mrds has been announced by Bdtone. A replica of the smartest Bd­ tone ever made will be given abedutdy free to anyone answering this advertisement. Tty it to see bow it is in tlie privacy ot yoor O«B borne without obligation of any kind. It's fourt to keep, free. It weighs IccB than a third of an ounce, and it's all at ear lerd. hi one unit. So mres lead &«n body to bead. Here is truly new hope for the bard of bearing These models are bee while the limited supply lasts, ao «« sng- sest yon phone for yoon now. Agahi «« repeat, then is ae cost and ccrtaiidy ao ohHgation. CALL TU a4SB rO« INTOR- MATION OB WIRE 'WU TONF'. SO SAW* BEBNMtlMW)^CAUF. VOL,. DENNY'S Cosuof Shoes Iff Yucoipa pedwin SeM axchnlvily by OINNV {} SimhrHiaiim If you an leelnng for Sfyl« —w»Ii«v«if — in a six* to fit any feet. e BaakAi I* m i7 Days Mday ••aainf'M* SMdar - IM PJm. 12142 4lh St. ft la. M Mr Which cooks better-a flame or a hotplate? Urn Mm lis. Perinoli chef cam only •bovt topcrb ibod~*tfid bo coolts widi So doot Chasenis cfa^ And Scandia's cfaet Gas give* them qnicfcer ^ With aa deetrie lante, yea Isava the door partly open. Thhik of all that cnasy smoke! Thnk of the kitdian aStaul How can tbagr c«)amL97%aralldMfi ihay.«»caakwitfipt. say electric ranges an The teakettle raca. This teakettle with 1 ' cttpofwatarwfaistlos in leK than 2 niiH utes on tUs gas on "High." TU* tight tDwhiMlaaBa mWalauiiuiaBff. OB-Hvb.'Whaa poepla dahn alactiie eooUng is bHar. H MhM « 4 B • ataar ban. } When 3^*^ tun off thagaaflamaandertheaggs. . h's ofE It doesat go on glowing Kka an alactnc coiL Tba eggs don't go OQ cooking. Sancat deot go en boiling-«r worn yet. stiddng to the pot Electric ranges an mon modem—ha! Somebody has been handing yoo a line. Moaey talks, loOk It costs aa average tadlyarfow|27jOO ayaarfbrftMlteeoolc wiBiaeabUikiaaia. Bat only $ajao (!/3i muehl tscook aWi If ya»aw«p«fcci|y coold probably fix a lensational nieaI'aaacoal> burning, pot-bellied stov& And surely on an dectric range. Our punt is that the same gmt meal it a lot easier to addeva on a gas rmge-For all the many reasons given above. Perino's chef agrees: thafs why he cooks with gas. And so do over 86% of women in our whole Soothoro California servng area.

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