The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 5, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1930
Page 1
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.Entered as second class:matter, Oct. 4, 1805, Clerk AutKbriied to Receive Bids for Hew Equipment at Bu% Corner. MEET AGAIN MONDAY City Will Discuss Plans for Budget With Members of State Board. At '"the' meeting ; of the city council Friday night with .Mayor L. F. Griffith presiding alid all members present, the report of the public property committee •was received as to the advisability of removing the present stop and go signal from the center of the intersection of Main and Jefferson streete.- The-report' was in writing and recommended that' the signal, which is considered a ce, "be removed and'two oth- Oigars and Salad Oil Produced by .Xicotineloss -Tobacco Leaf Berli#, April 5. — A nico- tineless tobaceo leaf which produces both salad oil and cigars will be exhibited, in the traveling fair 'whjch will begin at Cologne on May 27. - Although attempts have been made to extract the nicotine from tobacco, it is believed here that this will be the first exhibit of tobacco ] grown without nicotine. ..The salad oil is said to be of fine flavor and the hicotineless cigars to have a pleaBant aroma. ,,' . ; DAY FOB Several Filed Declartions With the County Clerk Saturday. TICKETS ALL FILLED mena- era placed, one on the'Bine Front corner and one on the'Boston store corner. The signals fecom- . mended were to be of. the switch 'control typ^. so that all or one way traffic could be maintained at any time. | City Clerk Mrs. Irene Fin ley, yas authorised to advertise" for bids-to-be received at the'next regular .Meeting ; of 'the council which will be May, 2. The signals desired will cost in the neighborhood of $400. A Teport was also made and- a draft of a contract read to'be entered into by the mayor jon behalf of the city and the Tipton • Furniture Company, the Ooakes Manufacturing Company and the Inland Alkaloid Company, for fire protection.- Councilman Fields, who objected to the pro» posed - con tract offered two weeks ago, submitted the contract ! adopted. It provides that the city shall furnish prompt service and : fire equipment in case of fire at any. of the factories, unless the equipment Is being used at a fire in the city or elsewhere at the • time the call Is received, charge of $25 for the small truck and of $50 for the pumper, ' the first half hoar need and $10 for each additional half hour Is to be paid by the factory needing aid. The Mayor w*S authorised toj execute the contracts " seviral ntilitles. Street Commissioner John H«r- ttm #«• authorised to purchase "" sjaMrta) for the 1 repair of streets;. He nee*> sand, gravel and other material. City Clerk Flnley re ported $2,907 in the gaaoline tax fund available tor this purpose. ' 7 The report of (fee appraisers appointed by Judgfe >' place a value on twoengines and other etflpnient at the "- h,i plant was deferred until, meeting. The! ee.tpment is said to be obsolete and will ' ~" probability sell for junk prices; unless.some dealer can be fou Who has a cnstofner for this type; -ol engines. • •.. j ' - £ie" council allowed a number, ot'ehttms some of Which'will have to" •* held hp fo* a time* on ac- coakt of a shortage in the funis Oft irawdfy' Afternoon .the- fin< «nes eMMatttee of the council coastfttijas of feryah. MdaUien Saturday was the last day for filing of declarations of candidacy atnd when the Tribune went to press Saturday evening a number of! new ones had been added to the list. All tickets are completed with the exception of "some, of the minor| offices in v some .of the townships, such as constable, justice of the peace, etc. j Among the last candidates to iile are the declarations of Wil -i ijajp;..F\ Ryan, precinct commit-' •semap Xrom the 1st; I. N.' Smith from! the 3rd; Raymond. Wim'er froik'the 4th; F. J.,.'Essig of trie nd; tundy Johnson from the Sth; w. E. Smyser from the 6th;, m'd A. A. Coppock from the 7th, ( All are Democrats. v Claude' Louks!, Democrat, >has filed as a delegate to the state convention. G. A. Hunt, Allen M. Wright and (Ji. It. McShane hate filed as members of the advisory board of Cicero township. • JacobHoffman, residing west if Tipton and former custodian with thfr two >MM"*«Pts who have tenf* *«*• *««•; eity Mtlesi; ****** the pta. Marconi at post! office at! Tipton, lad., under .the •act of March 5, 187,9. TIPTON", INDIANA, '• 9ATCRDAY EVENING, APRIL 5, 1930, Latest Marvel King Gustav at Bedside of • Invalid Victoria ih Rome at Her Death. NATIONS IN MOURNING Queen Was Once Mentioned at Possible Bride of the Kaiser- * if the courthouse has filed as a andidafe for assessor of Cicero ;ownship on the Democrat ticket. DAVGIITERS OF AMERICA. Local Attorney Made Address Before Meeting at Kokomo. Attorney A. A. Fletcher arnd wife were at Kokomo • Friday night and attended a meeting of, the Daughters' of America held in the Woodmen hall at.' ;that place. There was a splendid, attendance with i the initiation of class of candidates. - j A degree team from Indianapolis (gave the work, land following this a banquet -was served to the assemblage. Following thejpanquet Attorney Fletcher and-others delivered short-addresses: , The Kokomo council is known as Julia T. Roth No. 77J Rome, April 5.—Queen Victoria of Sweden, .long an invalid, died peacefully here late yesterday. The queen, who had been sinking for some time from* a complication of pulmonary , aH- ments, took a sudden turn for the worse and King Gustav, who had been visiting in Naples, returned to Rome to be s at her bedside. She was sixty-eight years old. Funeral services will be held at the German Lutheran, church here Wednesday and on the same day a special train will carry the body and the royal funeral party; including King Gustav, Prince William arfd Princess Ingrid, to some German, port from wjiieh; a Swedish warship will take the body to Stockholm. '•• Premier Benito Mussolini ordered the flags- on all public buildings throughout Italy to be carried at half-staff. This- city knew the queen .almost better than her own capital, Stockholm,., since it was here she spent a .considerable part of her twenty years of bronchial illness. The queen died with almost all the royal family, including Prince William, 'at her • bedside, King Gustav held her. hand aslife ebbed. i' | Shortly after her death King Victor EJmanuel, Queen Elena, the prince of Hesse" and the [undersecretary of foreign affairs called to make their condolences and say prayers. Cardinal Pac^Ili, papal secretary of state, communicated the news to the pope; who expressed profound sorrow. Premier Mussolini also visited the Villa Sve'zla and .signed the register. Flowers were sent from the royal hothouse byythe que?n of. Italy and were placed beside The Harchese Marconi, to ^ ( ' accomplished the greatest experiment ' wireless energy. In his yacht Eleetra he operated a switch which ia tarn operated . switch ia Sydney, Australia, jsonte 10,000 miles ASSAULT ON """1 Organize to Oppose Nbhu nation to the U, S. Su preme Court OBJECTION IS GIVEN Dawes' Will Defend Chicago -in Transatlantic •Broartiast Chicago, April 5.-^-Am'bassa- dpr Dawes will defend the good name'of his. home city April 9 in a five-minute broadcast from London' in !which he willirefute belief that Chicago is a city of gunmen and. raceteers. Mr. Daw,es will be the principal speaker at a dinner here sponsored by. the Better Business Bureau. His.-speech will be carried by wireless telephone to a hotel here, amplified dnd rebroadcast: The meeting will open-a campaign "to establish the truth about: the city as a good place in>wHicK to live and do business."} PARLEY ON MacDbnald Still Has Hopes of Getting France in a Naval Treaty. (Claimed Jurist Is Not Friend j to Labor, But to! Industry. FARM BUREAU PLANS MADE 2UT [END SEEMS HEAE Believed Three-Power Pact 13 Only Thing That Is Possible Now. 'Washington, April . 5.— Or* | ••: • ——— • ganized labor mobilized its forces • • today in opposition to the confir- First of a Series in the Dii- mation of Judge as an associate John J. Parker. justice of the United States supreme court Evidence in Case of Dennis vs. Wood Etsate Sub mitted to Judge. JURY HERE THURSDAY Tipton High School Offering \ at Gymnasium Next Fri* day Night. AUSPICES GLEE CLUBS Saturday morningj in the Cir- ! The cast for the Tipton , high school operetta has been selected jjand the! members! are in rehearsal oif railway trainmen were here' to J tendance testify also.] j ;' j . |4 n(1 fifty. The program included Green today made public a let-j a talk. ; by Drl Ada Schweitzer of terto Senator George W. Nofrisjthe state health department of (Rep.,' Neb'J), chairman of the j Indianapolis. Her talk was along senate judiciary committee, writ-.; lines, of conservation of! r ten in behalf of! council of ; the cult court the. case of Colonel E. f. I ! [ : Dennis against the estate of the late Dr. G. C. jwood, |was tried before the! court without the serv-ijoperetta, "Jerry of Jeijicho Road,' vicos of-a jury. Mri Dennis I had' i! will be presented at (the gymna- under the directijon of Miss Viola iKoiilmeyer, music supervisor. The [for $428.26 against jlsium next Fridajy evening. The folio* filed a claim the estate which was disallowed jcast is a follows by the administrator and j the evidence - was |siibmit!ted Saturday morning; several witnesses being heard. A call has been issued for the members of the petit jury to report Thursda^, April 10 at w^ich time the case |of the [State against The Mrs. Eva Cast is set :for trial, action is in the juvenile • court, Mrs. Cast being charged with i delinquency of a minor.. The case previously contributing to the; the body. \ , . She was born August 7, 18J62, i in Karlsruhe,. Germany, the only daughter of Grand Duke Friedrich , of Baden and Princess Louiseppf Prussia. She became [acquainted with Grown Prince Gustav of Sweden at the German army maneuvers at Strassburg in tlie autumn of 1879. They were betrothed March 12, 1881, and parried _in i Karlsruhe September of that year. ' Until the break of the union. between 1 Sweden and Norway; in (Continued'on Page 2). set for trial was continued oh account ofj; the absence of Dr. W. B. Huron.and Dr. kl] S. Gifford, both of whom have!, been, away j from Tipton and are now both' at 'home. elge Frank B. IRus- choseu to preside at appointed James M. Special Ju sell who was the trial has Purvis to assist in [the prosecution" of ihe case. Mrs. ; Cast • who of not guilty plea in abate- affidavit, is- repre- A. A. Fletch- been Jerry _Miss Mary.Jane Carr John Drayton j John Barrum, Jr. .Sandy Bank 1 i.Miss| Mary Hash' Alan O'Day -1— ! LOra Hartman Amos Bank J James Tolle Lcttice BankJ L Dorothy Gerard Cornelius Beaiu I ^-Robert Smay Mimi J. J Miss Ruby Cblgrove iDora -. -Misjs Loiiis^ Thompson Uncle Petej ', ! Charles Dennis Hunter, a detective: James Ebert There willj be choruses and these are no^ being j trained in the stately minuet and! on through to the snappiest; dances of [today. The chorus; numbers sixty, j The operetta has tuneful melodies and there are clever lilies for the characters. j ! WITH WESIiEy HOSPITAT*. PUme Flies With Oil-Burning Motors; Diesel Engines to Be Optional on Craft has entered a plea and later filed a ment to the -sented by Attorney .««•• 'I •. i V.: '.'f . LewiS E. Hnckstep has' named ! administrator of the ! estate of his late wife, Mrs. .Emma' Huckstep, whose; death occurred; MaVch 30. The estate consists ot personal property of the value of 1500 and real estate valued -nt $600. Besides; the.] husband Huckstep is survived by Boyd Burkhardt Will! tcrneHhip With Institution Labor leaders, were invited to . appear before; a with others ferent Townships Held Friday Night. TWO REORGANIZATIONS .J*meV senate judiciary sub-committee which has the Parker. - Nomina tion under consideration and give I their reasons for pbjecting to con-'*' firmation: -Wiljiam Green, presi-S dent of the | American Federation j " A very" fine meeting of the Cic- of'Labor, was reLdy to speak for | ero Township Farm Bureau was that organization while represen-1 h el<i Friday, night at the Luther- tatiyes of the ftfve brotherhoiids; an school building- with an at- of perhaps a hundred the executive federation, | in and. especially of the children. Vocal duets wei-e given which 3 he. expanded his ^prev^ustby Rev. and Mrs. Theo. pchwann expressions [of objection to Judge j and Mrs. C. E/Fi'ndling and Miss Parker's: confirmation. ; [ I Evalyn Messmore. Therij "Our action in'opposing itherPiano.duet by Rev. ai; confirmation t of [the ^appointment jschwan^ and. readings by of Judge Parker is based," -the •'—- " " letter said, ["upon a study of} his qualifications, his -life . environment, bis point of yiew regarding j present. was a i d Mrs. Clayton Martz, Miss Bernice Ranisay and . Miss'Margaret Tebbe. The program was enjoyed by every one | London, April 5.—Prime Mln- ' .ter Ramsay MacDonald, of Great Britain, and Aristide Bri-, and, F> <.uch foreign minister, : continued efforts this afternoon ; to find a solution to the security ' demand France has' made in the five-power naval conference. At the end of their talk at St. palace the French foreign minister returned to Paris for the week-end, saying he woald be back Tuesday to resume the negotiations. As he was going to the train he r~markM somewhat cryptically: "I think the end of next week will see the finish of it one way or the other." The aesampttoo was that he was referring to the proposed security pact. Unless the situation change* health > greatly in the neat day or two. care of : observers believed, the neftotfa- human relations in modern industry problemsji . A detailed discussion ' ot .the Red Jacket; case and. the subject of injunctions in labor disputes followed, in which it .was asserted that Judge Parker's decision forced a condition approximating "industrial -servitude" on the miners of West Virginia.'The injunction is still in effect, .the letter continued, and has "served to make serfs ;of the miners" - with Wages "below a subsistence level." and conditions ot employment which are "un-American and intolerable." . i'. •During the coming wejek there will be a series of tbwnsljip meetings; in the county, the first one being at Kempton for Jefferson township on Monday night and in Prairie township at the Prairiq Consolidated school, Tuesday night. The Wildcat township Serve In- Detroit, j April p^-Another goal if aviation was reached at Ford Airport' this week when a -mnltU motored [trahsport; plane, powered with oil-burning engines, Successfully pn*ie4 : all!tMts.^The'.piane ^-r T . — was a trl-motored Ford Trans- •ni «te#klrt. will meet with ««|fi»rt^BdTlte; three raginea were ed by Wright J-6 engines. The Packard engines give the planes a total «f 660 horsepower while! the Wright engines, provide a total ofj^ one , n> ^ filed a suit for a [limit 900 horsepower. Despite the difference In now- Paekard-IMesel -rldUl alrTCOoled « wiMPP«oto «t «BrtB« Its teat ted by Mrs- lone daughter, Mrs;-Inai-Hunt of iKor komo. tour I granddaughters and er, however, the -plane left j the ground after a very short run.' It cllmtted rapidly, 'the three] oil bnrnlng iengifee* emitting m, irall smoke,sharply. ^0a v tln- <lr«t t . flight the' piiot aw .wWil .ft. ,*bn»Jk .aeWra'l of Uaish-htack deflnlw the path two grandsons. Through her Coleman, Mrs. ( f attorney ll.i R[ iMable (Wilson) - Relatives here have been notified of the appointment ot Boyd C. Burkhardt, a's an interne at the | Wesley Memorial hospital in Chicago, one! of the large institutions of its kind in that city. The 1 Tipton inan, who will finish at Rush .Medical College in . June will "serve an 18 months interne- ship with the Wesley hospital. This institution has 276 beds and 15 internes are used, j they being on duty-all of the time, - -The fact that the Tipton man 1 was one out of 15 picked for a long: list of applicants speaks well fori his record in I the ; - medical school. Boyd: Burkhardt Is a son of Dr. and' Mrs.] Ai E. Burkhardt, and will probably enter the i practice here-with his father 'serving! his Internship, j ed Sspai'atlon from her husband Aria Jones;! Union) Traction leon- d.ctorJ| Tbsl^complalnt i[ charges utter IncompaUblllty of the [parties anji Mk4i*h*t]torlfWe wsarf' they H^.i ||-H ~ta>n|«r«er !nriv the time; th«y> m wmm Seriously III. street with John Reed of Third reported seriously ill heavy cold j bordering^ on ipnjeu- monia. . There are also asthma complications. are •y . meeting will be held at fall Wednesday night at school ^building. The township meeting will b tions will be ended before Easter. The French and Italian delegations may leave as soon as the the plenary session In held next week.. ; It was expected that a three- power treaty Involving the United States, Japan and Great Britain would be drafted In the remaining days, with MacDonald said to be the only delegate who still has much hope of a break ht the impasse which seems definitely to exclude France and Italy from agreement. The French and Italians, patience apparently frayed by the long arguments over Italy's contention for parity with FrfnceJ in unofficial statements, had qpH , expreming polite hopes and : Liberty ; blamed each other for their faille at the ure t0 reacn an accord. ' Wind|the high ; the county, chairman Glass. These townships I. O. D. F.-hall ~ in Sha r P svi,Ie ! As visualised today the three-; Friday night: power [treaty will the There will be a reorganization j principles of a battleship holiday, of the Farm Bureaus intjhese two] scrapping'of' five capital ships by : townships under the direction of' Great Britain, three by the Ualt- j Dorse L. i ed States and one by . JasM; j formerly j adoption of a big cruiser'ratio. had organizations but ped out. Mr. Masterson of the State Farm Bureau will be the chief speaker, at each of the meetings, (Continued on Page 2). / had drop- j and thi> United States -JapMeee ' comnromise; an agraeaem o»; [ 11 .! »misers, destroyers aald ^.h*' marines, and a new definition ot. air craft rarrier tonnage. | The manization of sabaariaesi. The Americans Take Vp German Oil Lands; Will Exploit Country With Deep Wells treaty for llf pact may ajso ho­ is expected also to cewiate; an "eacuin'tor" clause ing of the rariow All Women sDeteated, Altamont, MKT i April 6.—The' women of Altamont who,' chal| hinged this 'men with; .>'femlaln.[ iS^it^ses'. I • . a ^fThsirTumsr;. th. : Berlin, April 5.—German 1 oil- circles have been aroused by the reported founding of the North European Oil Corporation: in Delaware, .the 1 purpose of which Is understood to be exploiting •'! US petroleum | possibilities of NOrth- westerh -Germany, partti.mrly the district between the S lower Weaer and lower: Elbe Rlfei|*. . It la no learned, that '. AnWi^ can oil experU have been ejltetl^ prospecting In the i ret »h-'trim* H.£oTer [.Wd;.pidrah.r<;^'-.ftn4'" l«ni as a year .nd ara arrati||li#; fj»r| optlo^r .pn the llkalteaf Jg*fci been smsll and t'he borihgs con»-| paratlvely shallow.: It isj asserted. that the output in the section just south of Hanover, which is* now flourishing, amounts tp, about | al levels if building by land Italy upsets the t' I standard Europe. ImproetasT Wleelj. V. M. Coy. Nickel Plate i00;000 tons yearly fr>>m wells i dnctor. who has bee. o* *.ty ;ift)Kji 660 Snd 700 yards deep. It is un-1 the past month or mora w»fc raws-? Seratobd that the idea bshlnd thejmatism is slowly Impress. Vrt- Ndrth Rnropean Oil Corporation! day he was able to walk ;<|*.[ IIHI Nickel I Pmte dep. longest W.IK bsi Iff-to apply American deep-drilling methods in an uncover real reservoirs. | .. : tt Is. also'believed that 1 big Aifieflean -oil companies .re behind the new company ajtd 8Und- Cri' r <tt-< and Sinclair have I been [ taimthMud in this, connetjtlo.. The Iforife' larapM. CorpeUtion is lellerad to b^|e~ fo.naKsnrar.1 !fi^»,''ap;Wwriwi wUeb ^wlll |et^^6^'-:e|l^«h> severs^ « MU . Mr. soveral tali teeth ing suspected they his troebla. I Cef •ry.

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