Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 28
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PAGE TWENTY-EIGHT ALT<t>N EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 Lumberjack's Gumbo Is Rare Creation fey ttfCLfc FRASR HOttLKK (OrtCT SWfwt£ifefr) LUMBERJACK'S GUMBO, rare creation from Canada, is the Initiation fee of J. G. Stothers, Vancouver, B. C. Chapter. "A favorite amongst many." he says—and well it might he. First, you need one and one-half quarts of beef stock. We did this the easy way. using eight bouillon cubes and three pint* of water. But to do it beef shrink or soup hones and right, take three pounds of split «immer for four or five hours, i.'iwi remove excess fat and bones. The complete ingredients Include: 1H quarts beef Mock. onion. 2 stalks of celery. 3 carrots. 1 grr-on pepprr. 2 cloves parlir, minced. 3 bay leaves. 1 No. 3 can tomatoes. 1 tablespoon Worcestershire. 'a teaspoon tabasco. '2 teaspoon thyme. 1 teaspoon chopped parsley. 2 tablespoons barley. Salt and pepper to taste. 3 tablespoons rice. 1 nip raw oysters, chopped. 3 nip fresh crab meat. 1 cup fresh shrimp. The seafood equals one quart, and can be any available mixture of the hbove items. Mr. CARSON NATCH IENUI SPECIAL! "Alton's Largest Credit .fore/cm" FIN., SAT. AND MOM. ONLY H«rVi What Wt Dot • Clenn Movement • Pollfth Pivots • Clean Dial • Poise Balance Wheel • Add New Lug Pint • Re-Cement Cryttm • Replace Bent. Ilnndi • Pollnh Cane • Tent Watch on "Wfttchmaiter" Expert Watchmaker In Charge. OR OENTH' WATCH BAND S.95 COMPLETE WATCH REPAIR OVERHAUL 4.95 REGULAR $10 VALUE YOU PAY ONLY CARSON JEWELERS 215 W. THIRD ALTON, ILL. Stothers says it is good with straight oysters Or flams—but with the combination of, all four, it Is par excellence. Just to prove it could be done, we used cannerl rrsh. shrimp, minced clams and ranirvl oysters. By the way, If you have an electric blender, use it to chop the clams nnd oysters. This saves a messy business. Finely chop the onion, celery, carrots and green pepper, and add to stock. Add tomatoes, sen- sonfngs and barley. Simmer for two hours. Then add the rk-e and seafood, and simmer 20 to 30 minutes more. Mr. Sloth'-rs adds a final admonition: "Start the above process over attain because (he Kant; will want more tomorrow!'' And we'd like to add a word, too. lie s;iys this will serve 12 but it made such a hit with our crowd that four polished it off. And If it was that good with the materials we had available, It must be terrific where fresh ingredients arc ready to hand. S. Chuck D'Amlco, Newark, N. J. News Chapter, makes this rTZZARINA favorite on a base of half nn English muffin, lightly toasted. On each hnlf he spreads canned tomato sauce fyou cfin use Ihin slices of fresh tomatoes), then sprinkles each with grilled Parmesan cheese, MIH! dusts lightly with oregano, suit nnd pepper. A one-Inch square of Mo/zarel- lo cheese is placed in the center of each pixznrina, and one teaspoon of olive oil is sprinkled over the muffin. Then he bakes at 4(>Q degrees for 15 minutes, or until rheese is melted. If you haven't the Italian Mo7- /arello, you ran u«e sharp aged chuddar to advantage. \Ve found a cher-so called Skamorxa whir-h we liked ver>' much on this lun< h dish. Send VOT'R favorite reripr and a stamped, .self-addressed envelope to this newspaper and become a life member of The Skillet Club. We'll send you a membership r;ml to prove if. (Copyright Jllli'l. funeral Kea- 11 ires Corps i No-Sugar Quick Loaf fnftrcdicnls: 3 cups prepared biscuit mix. 1 egg, 1'4 cups milk, 'i cup pitted dates (thinly slirerl), 'a cup moist shredded coconut fcuf in short lengths), U cup pecans, '« cup walnuts. Method: When measuring biscuit mix. spoon into cup lightly; do not pack down. Put biscuit mix in mix- Inf! howl; add cRg and milk. Beat with rotary beater just until dry <n» gredients are moistened, about Va minute-—mixture will bo lumpy. Stir in dales, coconut, pecans and walnuts all at one time using as few strokes as possible. Turn into greased loaf pan (about 9 by 5 by (":•. indiesi. Rako In moderate f.'t'iOF) oven 4. r ) to 50 minutes Or until cake tester Inserted in center conies out clean. Turn out on rack; cool thoroughly before slicing. Note; This loaf has an even texture, good flavor and slices well. Leg of Lamb Is Favorite Weekend Buy Head Telegraph Want Ads Dnily! fresh MOM,*IET* op rj> MERE'S A BRUSH FOR EVERYONE.* PITCH RIGHT IN, THERE'S NOTHING TO IT- VHIN YOU treSlrUp'woRK SEEMS FUN/* of Iamb will be a favorite wcekflnd feature in the nation's ! food (stores this week, and food ,rnen .'Uy you'll find good value for your ijnoney in various cuts of veal. Wh«-e leg of lamb Is a special, j prices| will be down as much as 10 cents a pound from last weekend. Some stores also will offer lamb ehops! and shoulder roast at lower price;!:. Veajl continues to be nominated as onh of your best bets in meats. Mo-it beef and pork nuts will be the sime price as last, week or a bit higher. Chicken prices have risen slightly. arid you may have (o p;iy more f-jr ftjvers this weekend. Kggs will be nrlmnr] two cents lower in many placeli. Thd government is still faced with overwhelming stocks of butter, aM there are reports in Wash- ingtoili that the agriculture department is considering a plan to make It available to consumers for iirnurjd 45 cents a pound. However, IVcei 1 !! butter may be some way off. Cofifee prices went up ngain this week, Sever*)! Irmling chain stores tnckfld another four cents on the price df a pound of their own brnmlls. Arrlong the best buys in vege- Inblek this week are golden and greert pnsrnl celery from Florida, old drop onions and potatoes, new crop cabbage and eggplant. SatmMi. spinach end corn offer good value. use Clorox everij time added health protection!" CLOROX makes linens more HMD white makes them Clorox not only protects tho snowy- whiteness of your linens... by removing dinginess, stains, even scorch and mildew ... Clorox protects family health as well. For Clorox makes linens hygienically clean. No other home laundering product equals Clorox in germ-killing efficiency! And Clorox protects f!n« fabrics, tool First, because Clorox is free from caustic... made by an exclusive, patented formula. Second, because Clorox, a liquid, contains no gritty particles to damage wash and washer. vlWWtUtttmdM iS*iv»iw£ A CloroX'dean bathroom U a tign of 0ood housekeeping! In roulin* caning, Clorox not only lemovei tioini end d«- odofiiet, il di}infeclt...htlpi prol»ct your lamlly against inf«ctlou« gormi. And Clorox i> a npn-poiionovi diiinfec- lonl.. o type r«commendt>d by hundtedj of public hialih deportmsntj. See igbel dime- Itoni for tht many um of Clorox... Am»rl(o'i favorittl YoofettHOiettbeneBttio M i f ttl „, " • health! I'each Satice Ingredients: 14 cup sugar, 1 tens|>oon comstorch, dash of salt, M «''iin syrup (from canned pcnrihes), '.4 cup water, 'i teaspoon nutmeg, 1 tablespoon hut- tor br margarine, \'i cup drained (funned cling poach slices. Ml'lhod: Mix sugar, cornstarch and salt thoroughly in saucepan; add |poach syrup and water, stir constantly over low heat until slightly thickened and clear. Re- movje from heat. Stir in nutmeg nnd butter until blended. Dice poaches and add. Serve warm ovpf Cottage Pudding. Makes aboilit 1 cup sauce. N'kv-Htylc Bneon nnd Eggs Ingredients: For each serving —2 | slices bacon, 1 tablespoon crcf|m, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons grated cheddar cheese. Method: Cook hncon in skillet ovef low heat until ightly browned but not crisp; drain on paper towel. Utitter individual shirred CKK\ dish or six-inch heat-resistant glass pie dish; pour in crajm; break eggs over cream; sprihkle with cheese; place strips of baron over cheese. Place in slow C125F) oven until eggs are as ifirm as desired and bacon crisjps—this will take 12 to 18 mirutes. Froglegs Time Is Here Again, Try Them By Vnfle Frank fCMef Froglets Time—And hero they are, Kentucky Style, from Mr. Childs Dickinson of thp Lexington Leader Chapter. For three people; 6 large froglpfrs (they may be fjuiek-fro/eni Milk Pure pork lard (we used ha- bacon fat) Flour Salt Pepper Garlic salt Va cup sweet Spanish onion. chopped U cup minced parsley ffre.^h or dried) If legs are frown, let them thaw nt room temperature for three hours or more. Soak them in milk for 20 minutes. Remove the legs and save the milk. Melt in your largest skillet, enough lard or fat to cover one- fourth of the legs. Get the fat very hot. Dredge the legs well with flour, which has been mixed with a goodly amount of black pepper and a small amount of garlic salt. Ix?ave a thick coating of flour on the legs. Fry quickly for five minutes, turning the legs carefully only once. They should he a golden brown. Reduce heat, cover skillet and let simmer for about five minutes more. Don't overcook them. Remove to absorbent paper, drain and keep hot. Dust with salt .iust before serving. With the milk in which you soaked the legs, and the flour re- maining from the dredging (plus more as needed >, make a cream gravy with the fat remaining hi the skillet. Make plenty of gravy — it is good. After gravy has thickened, stir in the chopped onion and parsley. Add seasoning (to taste t and pour gravy over the legs just before serving. Have platters and plates VERY HOT! From the Beloit, Wis., Daily News Chapter. Mrs. Margaret Adwell sends us this PIEPLANT CONSERVE - spring tonic and all that sort of thing. She uses: 4 pounds rhubarb, cut small 4 pounds granulated sugar 3 oranges, cut small 1 pound seeded raisins 1 pound dates or figs, put through meat chopper 1 cup chopped nut moats Put sugar, rhubarb and oranges in a kettle and let stand overnight. In the morning, add raisins and PET OR CARNATION MILK .... dates or figs. Cook 25 minutes, stirring constantly. Then stir in nutmeats and remove from heat. Sealed in small .jars, it will keep a long time, and is, withal, a pleasant happening. \Ve were in an experimental mood on this, and found interesting results by separating the mixture into four parts. One we tried as Mrs. Adwell makes it. To one we added about % lemon (everything but the seeds). To another, we added some chopped, candied ginger. And to a fourth. a dollop of brandy. They were all very good, indeed. SKILLETTPS. Mrs. C. W. Voorhees, Trenton, N. J., Times Chapter, comes along with a fine suggestion. She says, to pep up the bland taste of veal stew, when making the dumplings to top it, she adds tomato juice instead of the same quantity of milk. "Pretty color, too," she adds. Send YOLU favorite recipe and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to this newspaper and become a life member of The Skillet Club. We'll send you a membership card to prove it. (Copright 1954, General Feature* Corp.) DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK Homogenized 'OR THAT "MHMM-YOW-MOUTH" TWTUfll! NO COOKING Add to Cold Milk Beat..Let Set..and Serve! SUPER MARKET ' '. : .' PHONE 3-3549 We dt«'t *U Z U tte 4 W- 8ut vl-uU tl* B* CORNER HIGHLANb AVE. & GOLD ST. OK REGULAR RESH MILK . . . '- «,o. 33c ILNOT .... 3 25c .MTIIKLL'S EGETABLE SOUP . . 2 25c HKAKT FOOD 3 29c FAKM ILK .... 3 35c J.LARD'S ISCUITS .... lOc :<•(> LOSS STARCH . . . 2 25c I'KKT HOME ATSUP 2 1 - 29c KTRONGHEART pl.O\'EI{ FAKM UUi CHOICE QUALITY MEATS GRADED CHOICE CHUCK ROAST Ib, 42c GRADED GOOD BEEF RIB STEAKS Ib, 49c PURE GROUND BEEF Ib, 35c CHOICE PORK STEAKS Ib. 57« SMOKED JOWLS . |b, 3] 0 KREY'S SKINLESS WIENERS '. Ib, 47e THRIFTY SLICED BACON ' Ib, 68e KREY'S LARGE BOLOGNA Ib. 43c ILOVER FARM FLOUR 5-lb, bae 47c (LOVER FARM BLEACH 2 qt$, 25o GREAT NORTHERN or NAVY BEANS I Ibs, 25c GLENDALE TOILET TISSUE 6 relit 49c ILOVER FARM POTTED MEAT 3 cam 23c FRESH QUALITY POULTRY HENS c FRYERS AUVI5 ..... Lb. AUVB 14). i'imsii mmssKn DAILY. BANANAS Z Ibf. 25c CUCUMBERS 2for25c ASPARAGUS bunch 25c HOME GROWN SPINACH . 2 Ibf, ISe CORN 3e«rf25c A.Q. WHITE CREAM STYLE CORN ..2 No c.iS 3 33 WALDORF OR NORTHERN TISSUE 3 r 23 PRICES YOU LIKE CRISCO 3 ••"•• 85c A.G. SLICED BEETS HIGHLAND BRAND APPLE SAUCE 2 "J, 3 39' BALLARDS BISCUITS 8oz. Can 11 ICE CREAM DISH WITH PURCHASE OF NOLL'S ICE CREAM HALF GALLON 89 LEMONADE or ORANGEADE SUNKIST 6 c-16' I9 C A.G. Cut Green BEANS . N £T 23 C Morton SALT. . V M c 8m>1 , 20' W«ll 1'nper Cleaner ABSORENE 1801 * lc 21 3I Camay Soap' KOK 2fio GLOROX . Liquid Soup JOY t • • Bottle 30 TIDE or DREFT . . , n r K , 30 C Ivory Snow i^ X e 30° Lflrge 12c Dial Soap / £ IUAKU CMMM S Kt 'K- ~ r>f ' IVOry OOap » rersonul 2So Lava Soap 2 »»?; 21° BAB - O CLEANSER 2 ' 25c Spic & Span 'r, 1 ,!.'' 25c Wax Tex or Cut-Kite WAX PAPER A.G. Karly June PEAS . . ^ A.G. Brand SPINACH *£T I6 C r , Cream of Mazola Oil - 37c WHEAT Strongheart tly - Power Dog Food 2 F°r 21c Tamales 3 -?„•;'' 89c Maull's Bar-B-Q Flavorkist SAUCE . „"„,"; 15° Sallines ^ 25° JERSEY BAKERY LARGE SIZE ANGEL FOOD CAKE 59c Value 39 Friday and C Sat. Only 2 Reg. 25c e 3fie 25 n. Uoll 27c GOLDEN RIPE I'. S. No. 1 Funry . . . Ne w Potatoes 5 23c A.O. Fanry Fresh Tomatoes, 4ct! ;: 23c Triumph Potatoes,, 10 -37c Fresh Cut Salad or Slaw Mix ,, ',; t | BC Long Grvt-ii Cucumbers . . >» 20c GODFREY FOOD MKT, OOUrKKT SCHWCQil'i MARKET LUER'S CUBE STEAK L - 79c HICKORY HILL BACON . . . Ib. 79c ROPE PORK SAUSAGE . . . Ib. 59e SMOKED BEEF TONGUE . . Ib. 55c LUER'S PURE LARD . . . 2 Ibt. 53c LUER'S PICKLE LOAF . . . Ib. 49c LUER'S BOLOGNA, Large . . Ib. 49c LUKK'S BEEF STEW Luer'i KingVX Sliced Lb. LUER'S GROUND CHUCK 49c BACON Lb.l Mayrose Real Hani LUNCH LOAF . . llulf 45c l.uer'ii or SIRLOIN STEAK . . - 65c 2 Lb. Cuti PORK LOIN ROAST ». 59c First Cut* PORK CAc CHOPS, Ib.OSI DIETSCHY'$ 8ROCERV CHILOER'S MiRKET RAIN OROCERY THRIFT MARKET

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