The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 7, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY,-.DECEMBER .'7, BLYTHEVILLIC,-(AUK.) 'COURIER NEWS Dionnes Get Things Ready For Santa Clans Humor and Pathos Blend in Letters to Dionnc: Quintuplets This Is Ihe llrst. of live stories by Dr. Allan Hoy Da foe under his rchcwc'd arrangement (o wrife exclusively about (he famous Dionne children for NEA Service and Courier News. By A1XAN ROY DAFOE M. D., O. B. E. Copyright, 1936, NEA Service, Iiie. CALDANDER, Out.—If there were lio other visible signs of the Christmas season at the Dionnc quintuplets' nursery, Ihc bag of mail lhat is brought up from Callander every day would reveal Ihc approaching' holiday. The bag has already begun ' to grow heavier, and it will continue to do so, laden with greetings from all over the world, until the holiday season Is past. The varied nffiil"received b'y the quintuplets and by me Is one of thu pleasanleet and most amusing sides of "the job" here. Some of the mail lhat comes to me is very touching,- and some is amusing, but almost all of it tries : to be helpfu|. and expresses a good will that adds warmly to the joy of the Christmas reason. And soiiie of (liar^addre'ssed 'a the little Dtonric gins will,.I am sure, give them a great "kick" n little later, when they are better able to understand and. enjoy it YVONNE'S FIRST PROPOSAL, For instance, what will Yvonne" - Ihink, years hence, when she is' _ shown her first proposal, which "somewhere where It Is beautiful making'quills from the shiri-talla came to ijer in a childish scrawl and they cot:ld enjoy life by of famous men, and wouldn't 1 like some weeks ago? I know, that wearing styles from New York, and to send them a nice patch cut out of a shirt-tail to add to the quilt? Of course not all our mail is so trivial. Here are serious requests far as Ne\v York: styles nrc con- for irifoHnatibn on the rearing of corned, I have the'word of Ihose Ihe quins from an Egyptian doc- who.know more ^biiut Ihings like,.tor in Alexandria, ffoiu the Cal- tliat "than I do, thai their clothes cutla Medical'. Journal 6J India, are -the very lastV.wonl in chil- and from Ihe director of a famous dreii's/-apparel from'trie best 1 New children's clinic in Osaka; Japan. York stores. j who confesses that, in spite of The letters .vary ; from the hu- "near-modern" equipment for the moious to Ihc tragic. Here is one care of premature infants, "we ate from a- father of, 15 girls who says not proud of our results. 1 ' he' "hasn't got .50 Cents'' andj The Japanese hospilal srat five would liko us to receive his girls! beautiful Htlle kimonos for tt|c When Life Was Happier For Kii - .'•• • • - * •*•'•"•'.- .'"•'.'••• •• •'••••• .-.-' . Christmas cheer Is in the making at, the Dionne - mirsefy as the qulfjs bring-up the, newly cut Christmas trco on their toboggan. It's a real adventure for them, and they look quite, gi'nve as they peer out of their heavy woolen snowsuits. Led to right are Cecils, 1 " . . Anriette, Marie, .Yvonne and Emilie. - ; .,'•'..• incarnation of the prime law ot nature. ing. "Yolirs, but the letter clos- ih Peace profound" is a little loo esoteric for me. SOME WEiHD UEfjUESTS No request is too bizarre lo ba sent lo me here In Caliamlcr. Sams ! ladies offer, for 10 cents apiece, parts and versions of this touching little letter have been published, but I think the full and exact text lelis flic story better Ihan anything else. There is certainly no harm in "Bobble'' did- full name or ;. She'would louve them and we only have elgt chil- I don't know whether mother- was consulted on that one or not, but the sincerity of the children is clear enough,, arid very appealing. ((DINS ARE IN STYLE ._ . - . -- - Here is a -lellcr from a liian who to embrold6r niy name and those of *lhinks the quintuplets have been the quins on a quill they arc mak- working loo hard, and that it is iiig, bill another group goes fai- about time they had a vacation t her, and announces lhat they are go to Florida and California." Of courss, enjoying life is just about all the . quintuplets do. As reproducing it f fo n't even sign his give his. address: •-;! "Dear. Yvonne: "I have .liked : you very mutch Eince I seen your-picture. I want to be to marry you'when .-we are grown. I am nine next month., i am going to keep my promise with you so don't forget ,,1,05k : -you first. -,; V'My.,name is Bobbie. Not^sutcn >,£!Uhot,.n<rme fs it. I am'going''(o ,,.,;school.- -I am going, to -be president when jMr. Roosevelt gets done into our Inursery for care such as the quins are getting. What a shariie that our nursery isn't big enough' to take'In all the little girls'-" in the world who haven't proper care! . -. b ^ 0 „„„,. 'But here'is another letter, from being It if I am older enough. Ireland this time,; asking for the Would you like to live iii ', the quins' fingerprints to include In a White House? you prescient when can be the am off fighting "I rion't gess your bigger enough' to write- yet but .when you gel 'so Jet me no what you .think- of it and I won't give no bthsr'. girl a chance to niarry me but'yoii ' "Don't tell the kids or they, will tee us. I think you are prettier than your sisters. I have two sisters and they are not so hot looking either, i Bot C1 j r i y hail . at](J cute dimples, but I won't pay no tenshion to other girls but just. you. your first husband. .,„. , .. Nest time chewing gum. 1 .' CHILDREN SEND "WISHES" Sonic of the letters to the little Dionnc girls are apparently from' - children little older than they are. Ofleri the messages are just scrawls, and the mothers will append a note indicating what their children ara trying to say. Quite a number ask for iittle brothers and sisters, and hops that cither the quins or i wili be able to help them. For instance, here is one: "Daddy made me a wishing ring but the. fairies havn't bi-ot any bab3is lately altho have been wishing Hard and praying. • please send "Bobbie XXX 11] send you some private collection of such prints- Letters from religious zealots arc quite common. -, Here is one which entreats us .to keep:our little girls out of-Hollywood/ ''Holiest people," • (lie writer says, "can cbrhe through this life without ever beirig'in so low.a" place as Hollywood. Is Ihe moral completely out of Hollywood?" UNTAINTED BY MOVIES On Ihe morals of- Hollywood I am no -expert, since I have never been within Ihousands of miles of that city, but surely whatever taint there may attach to' Hollywood Is pretty . far removed when pictures are "shot" way up here in the quins' own h'ome! , One writer grows sarcastic at reports that the quins were undernourished, nnd notes that,"It-they are, their pictures don't show it." Then he adds his sarcastic suggestion, "How nice' it wdilid be to see 10 or 12 ol thehi sit down to a big bowl of .vegetable soup, followed by corned beef and cabbage or a New England boiled dinner and sliced cucumbers and dessert of apple pis and cheese and ice cream and onions." The mystics, too, are drawn to our babies, and oho' reports that Faces New Trial Dionne girls. A cablegram of greetings recently arrived : froin St. Ul- tain's Infant Hospital . at Dublin, Ireland, bearing "all v good wishes from the babies of .^Teac ; Ul(ain for our little piounes. BENEFITS OTHER BABIES Serious requests for information arc always answered to the best of our ability, and one of the nh- CEt things about the survival of the qxilns has. been the revived interest of baby specialists- and clinics all over'UVe. world. It usually costs me about $12 to $20..a mouth in postage alone to mail - out' monographs and answer as best we may :'the questions of hospitals. and physicians, There are many requests also from individuals for personal advice, but of course, this kind of inquiry can not be satisfactorily answered. We do not try to answer, beyond the old trfed-and true rule, "yoiir own doctor knows best." NEJCT: Dr. Da Toe tells why the quiris will begin to nndcrElanil tlic Christmas story and message this year, and outlines the inler- cstinjf holiday customs of French Canada. : Wld Ducks fa'ggca OAKLAND, cal. (UP)—On the "Your treasure babies are the re- habits. shores of Lake Merrill, in the heart of the city, where 5,000 wild ducks annually make their winter home, oificials cf the. U. 5. Bureau of Biological Survey have begun their annual' banding of the birds in onier to trace .their migratory Edllh Judge Kzra T, C'arfer In the grim little mountain community of Wise, Va.i nlomj Ihc lull oi the lonesome pine, Edith Maxwell, shown above in a new picture, again fights .' ngninsl a prison sentence for playing her falhcr,, Trice Max- jwcll. Convicted of killing her iparenl with a-siippcr'-during an argument, the .'former. school ; teacher was senl'ciicecl to 25 ; years, then won ,1 bow Vrial bc- '. fore ,ludge Ezra T. Cnrler, •shown belov;. • Ninety-two per cent:, of. the ; 9,- COO.CCO peoiiic living in Egypt are 1 informality: (Continued From Paso One) "prog".having the short "o". as In "fog." 3n.ii Is Fiivofllb Kliul of Music Tli= American Jazz spirit Is Influencing His Majesty's muslclil requests. This was manifested as early as last .summer when the "King hud Mrs. Simpson and • a number of other men and women as his guests nt,Balmoral Castle In Scotland. The Balmoral pipers were asked to dp something that seemed almost sacrilege to good Scots— they veri asked to try their hand at playing jam Now from time Immemorial, the bag-pipes" have been attuned to martial Scotch .songs or to wallb., laments like "Flowers of the Field." - The attempt at ja?!-, was not much of n success. The musicians clU| not want to break with Uadilloi). However, when asked nboul pf big-pip-s tune which the king hhfaclt composed, called "Maioicn," one of tlvcm answered: "Ah weel, when Majesty takes a bit here and a bltlock there and splices them, do ye mind? Folks say he has composed KOIIIG- thhij But it's no a great work" The -King :formerly had a -habit of pulling at his necktie. Wh'in he grew neivous or tired particularly, he would reach for the tie and U'ltch it. Now, under Mrs. Simpson's Influence, he has stopped this gesU're. Habits aie hard to break, so the Biltish nopulica agree that tho King is aiming very hard to please. Dininj Informality " fs lltr limovalion Even In the manner of social customs, Mrs. Simpson's innnence Is 'felt. Last summer two American friends of hers, guests at Belvedere for a day or two, arrived in their smartest traveling costumes, with full evening dress carefully packed in their bags and no other attire at all. Mrs. Slmpsor and the King greeted them from the garden, where, dressed in comfortable oiit-door clothes, old and not any loo well prcssad, Ihey were digging In .the'garden. "Never liiind about dressing for dinner." their hostess told them "David and I aren't going to." Tho King didn't, cither. He re Pprlcdly likes the naw : Ambricai 1 of Ihc Mohammedan faith. I Edward VIII has been troili/ltu No hint of the storm that soon was lo rage abo\it (hem \m evident \\hen this picture of Kinfr Ed- mrt VIII -mil Mis Wallls Simpson \vns taken last summer, durljig Ihelr attendance at tlie Ascic :s The pholo radioed tiom Lohdon to Ne?, York City, shows the pair in merry mood during an Interval beluccn races ' yllh some calairh In one ear Whoiievcr lie go^s to his doctors office— whltili he does so the hictli- cal man wont have to bring his special instruments to the pilacc —Mrs Simpson accompanies him Proof, again, the (leople <ny that iic v,ants her by lite' side 1-rltncilincss LnhanccM ( hnrmi. TJie\e (s a vivid charm coupl'd witlm (.Oiuliie -spirit of friondll ne=s sympathy and demociacj v.hloh drn« people to Mrs Simp sou those v,ho know her In Etig Innd antl Aineilca say Any man or '-woman, -from, the King to Iho cobbler"6r chaiiibsniiald, feels her charm Fiirlhermoie <ihcs a gra clou? hosles!, who continually plans surprises /or her gu->ts Tor Instance the American fav orltc of EdAard VIII 1ms a din . whose ton Is made of bliok glass Electric lighting fiom beneath:' illuminates the dining room. 'As the meal progresses, lights gratluallj grow softci un 111, when the coffee and llqueiii arc'.se'ryed, tho guests sit in a dim half-light, which is becoming to the women whos« spirkllng Jewels are given a flalleilng bick ground The hostess usually Is wearing- ah emerald necklace, val lied/ at '$150,000, which was a ' gift of the King. This drama, you uri- dcrs'tand,; lakes place oil tho" nights when the guests do dress for dlii neri Beast of Legend Shot By Settler in India NAIROBI India (UP)-Jessc R Coopo, white sotllei hunting in t|ie \fau forest 100 miles fiom here shot a huge Ijntf-liko animal y-hlcji ' natives oelieve , to bo a Naijdl benr ^ ' * roi more than 200 years natives and while scltlerf, liavp repbrteq" seeing n Naudl bear at iare Intervals but never lias one besn shot or caught before The animal has achteicd an almost lege^nry reputation. Oapt ATA Ritchie the Kenya game warden declares the beast lescmblcs a huge, lynx but possesses significant, polnls of difference It Ms dark mahogany colored fui The skin nnd skul are trlng sent lo the British Museum for exam Illation' and possible''Identification. Decides to, Try Marriage ' ;| New International House Awaits Leipzig Visitors Dag Kim's In t Ohssc ORLEANS, Mich. (UP) —Lawrence. Smith lost his glasses while helping a neighbor extinguish a urc in his home. Three days later Smith's': c'oili-! dog scratched at his front.door, lie had the lost glasses in his mouth. (UP) -t One of the hrgest International houses In tho world has been cstnbjjshcd in con nectlon with the Leipzig Fair to provide accommodations.: for visitors 'iom 74 counlilcs in nil parts of. the world, who regularly. attend lho< trade fair/ There are special infoimatton bureius telephone and telcgrapn exchanges foi contacting with nil parts- of the world, "a post office and special bureaus"' for ; collecting and disseminating news, and photographs in the house, Sciccn Aclicss Mliliel Kvans, smilirig vJnmsIcilly iboV«, hi* levealul phns foi hci second iniiiia^jL thi tune willi.i New Yoik Slo61v hiolcr ilfmslnll Woiccslei Miss T-vruis \\is dl- \OicCd m IblO fiom Miclncl Cudali>, member of the Chicago mwt packjny family. Game Stops Slop Walcii .MABTINS FERRY, O.'" (UP).— Tlfe stop witch frequently stops a. [ game but the game slopp°d irie i stop watch here A ball thrown in ! from the sidelines struck tho J timepiece held by an official Five Little Heads With One Big Idea - To Make II a Merry Christmas tCop>riEllti 1S36, M3A lionlce, Inc ." Emilie Marie' L'(.|>jTlslil,-.153e, KliA'Smicc, Inc. : Com rlghl" Cecile Annette.

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