Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 26
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 26

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 26
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PAGE TWENTY-SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 Rhubarb Pie Unsurpassed As Spring Dessert By liDFlB 51. BARBER RhubArb pie! ThPre is no het- trr spring flesserf. provirime it is made txpertiy so that »ho boi- tom crust does not soak too much and if the cook does not skimp or the sugar. Even the fine mod- riti rhubarb fcnwn rspeciBlly for market needs much sweetening. Whether you make a onr-or t\vo-cnist pie, some sort of thickening must be mixed with the fruit to absorb some of the natural juice. This may be flour or tapioca. For the two-crust pie. thr thickening is mixed with the sugar and fruit before the fillinR is placed in the pastry-lined pan. After adjusting the top mist to the moistened edpr of the bot- I torn cru-t. he sure to cut ' slits so that steam will j and the iuice won't run over Into j the oven. For one-crust pie, the shell should be baked before adding the coolrd cooked filling. Then cover It with meringue and bake it in « hot oven until lightly brown. The meringue should touch the crusty edges of the shell to prevent "weeping." Rhubarb Merlngn* Pie 3 cups fresh rhubarb (cut in Vs-inch pieces before measuring) 'i cup water. 3 tablespoons quick - cooking tapioca. *i cup sugar. '< teaspoon snll. 1 tablespoon Irrnnn juice. 3 egg yolk". 1 hrikeri 0-irvh pi' ?, ''KK whites. . * tablespoons su^ar. CVimhin* rhubarb and \v«tfr in ;i saucepan. Bring to a boll. Mix I; pioca. % cup sugar, and th" salt. Add to rhubarb. Cook ;md Mir over medium heat until mix lure aRfiin i-omes to a boil. P.f. n,f)\e from hent. Arid Ion ion juice and set mirk- to cool slichi- l.v. Heat ecc yolks until thick ,-ind Icmnn-cnlorrd. Add thulnirl" mixture gradually, mixing wHI. (,'onl llioroiifthly. Pour cooled filling into baked pie shell Beat PRR whiles until foamy. Add MX ta- blf.tpoons silt;"''. '»'> Uiblnsponns fit » lime, bcnling ;ilter each ad- dition until blended. Then continue b«--;itine until rnTinpu* mixture «ill ttand in peaks. Spread. AT rr pie fillmu. Rake In hot oven '425 F.I five to 10 minutes. Or i until mr-i mKue is delicately j hi owner). Double frtiM Rhubarb Pie ' •1 t;ili|e>fioons flour or 3 tahle- . spoons qujr-k-fooking tapioca. i 1'a cups siiRBr. \ '« le;i>|KKir- salt. ' 4 cups rhubarb, cut in 'j-lnch' pieces. I recipe '-'and.'iid paltry (0- p inch pic i. 1 t;ib|i\'-|io"r) bullrr or tnnr-' gnrinr. Combine (lour or hipmiH. su- ; K»r, still, anr} rhubarb, ;iri'l let stand l.'i minulps. Line n-imh pie I p;m with p»strv roller] '.-mrh 'hick. Fill with rhubarb rnivm' and dot with butter or rnare.-u- ine. Moisten edge of pastry. Cut several slits in top crust to permit esoap* of steam. Cover with tup crust and bake in hot oven i425' F.I 50 minutes, or until syrup boils with hepvy bubbles that do not burst. 'Copyright. ISM. Gentr*) tttlurn Corp I Sweet Tips When you are measuring honey use a moist or greased cup of spoon If your honey has crys- alixed, place the container of honey In a bowl of hot water an stir occasionally until all the crystals have melted. TKUCORAPH WANT AIM "CLICK"" No.W CAM TOPMOST LIKEFRESH KRAOT 2 s.' 29 CANADIAN LUNCHEON MEAT 2 r 79 WILSON CHOPPED BEEF 2 79 TOPMOST CONCORD PURE GRAPE JELLY OR JAM Larg« 24-Oz. J«r 39 RED ROBE DOG FOOD 3 £ 25' NATION-WIDE MARGARINE 1-Lb. Box 27 BENNETTS PURE FRUIT SYRUP STRAWBERRY MCH IOITII tvia UAH OVH J * Of IICIOU1 IKSHHlJltt - PINK LEMONADE HIU 29 OXYDOL 30* LARGE BOX SPIC & SPAN 25 REGULAR SIZE PKG. CHEER 30 URGE BOX SEVEN.UP MOTTtt CTN. ^tUS DEPOSIT DREFT 30' BOX URGE BOX TIDE 30 CRISCO 87* 3 LB CAN THE NSW PRIME Cleanj Paint, Eownel, PUstic, Tile, lilu magic. No Mi»- ing ; » s Rinsing . , •. Qt. 60c Nabisco Cookies YOUR CHOICE 39' CREO OREME SANDWICH IIVOl «q SWISS CREME SANDWICH 1014-Ol Hg JOY LIQUID SOAP 7 Ox. BOTTLE 30 ABSORENE WALL PAPER CLEANER IS-Oi. Can The Cleaner wi+h the Magic Touch 21 c C M ft NIW! IMPROVED! WHITE! WITH FOAM-AWAY ACTION! KREY OLD TYME TWCK SLICED BACON Lb. Pkg. IHINTFD BASEBALL nun i tit SPEOIAL SKINLESS WIENERS Lb. Pkg. ARMOUR STAR CUT up A A FRYERS 99' l-lb. 12-01,, to I Ib, 14-01. Vv Vw Each , , . i • ^^^ ^^^ GREEN CABBAGE . . . 2' Ik WASHINGTON WINESA1' APPLES 2 27c No. t ItKD TKIUMPII, CASHED AM) WAXED POTATOES 10 35c I.ONO. OK BEN CUCUMBERS - 10c PUREX QUART BOTTLE AURAS MARKET (I. l.ynn Arr») li','1 Cltwion SI. I's S05I C.ntnl III Kill U. M. P. uni k Sivfutb BBIM^MK'S TiROCLBT .1 V. I I1K h 101 t Midlion. \Voud Hlv«t KAt I (,odlrr>. Illlnuli CAST AI.1UN UKDCEKT t'il tdu«rd«vlll« Rd.. Cut Alton I AS! CM) UROUKRt Uil C Uto»d»» AllDD. Illlnolf FtaOUSON A\IMK MKT VOO C r»r|u>un. Wood Bu.r OHtt.\»l)01) MARKET 1001 ttrewo St. OOUUMAN'S MARKET UAlllBfc NAUKtT Brlfblou, Illlnolt HOtl.OHAV'i MARKET »U Bownim. t«it Alton, III HORN 4> HORN. INC. »OI Unloo It. HL»SONO SUPCK A1ABKET II Eltl aib |t (t Alp» AltOD. 111. J W HUNT •blpmtD. llUnoli KtNNVS StJI-LU MARKI/I 530 EdwirdtvllU Hi.. W. R, OON l.tAl'H MARKtl 1 1 Oil MIIIOD Bo.d MAI'U;. II I.. UtdoM. Ullnoli J A. W MAKhtT (14 »lnrl«lt An . Soolb ROIID* M.l.lilliV JOHN U J«r>rvvlllc. Ullnoli Ml I II A VS MAKKET Hunktt Hill. III. t!M\ MOIILB llcldon. III. RLHHIIS GHOCERT tnd ii J>nnln|i. \\uod Rlttr ROBGRTSUN ipd HlcMAM* TiO Bill* St. ROSEWOOD UUOCI.R1 II C. Alrllnt llr . Ruuugud H(l». HIST mm IIQI «UU H *AMI>fO>V't MAUKET 100 Em Hro»dw«> SILVER RIUQt: MARKET «0 E Bro«d»»y Cut Alloo EBTLE SHI I II JR.. ( Ulllcnn .Mtiktll WOO Hlllorril Aft. UKOCIEI Ht|4*vbr»»k. III. U *. rtr|w*«, Wo«4 . CH4». Or»fl«*. Illlpol, BALLARD OR PILLSBURY OVEN READY BISCUITS CAN 10 MAtiM.'S 6-OZ. BOTTLK BAR-B-Q SAUCE 15c K;A XTIIA WHIPPED PINT JAR SALAD DRESSING 29c UNDKRWOOD CAN DEVILED HAM 23c swn '" r 12-OZ. CAN PREM . . , 47c DERRY-WITH BEANS 16-OZ. CAN CHILI 19 C WHOLE KERNEL NIBLETSCORN . . "£ 18c CHINA BEAUTY , NO . 303 CAN BEAN SPROUTS .... 2^25c TABLE-DELITE FRESH FOODS Golden Bantam CORN U. S. No. 1 Fancy Florida — Full Worm-Free Ears! 5"" 29 U. S. No. I FI,OltlDA — 9« si/.e Seedless Grapefruit. . 10 49c U. S. Xo. 1 KUJKIDA Stalks Pascal Celery ..... 2 I9c EXTKA FANCY— WASH STATE. In hancl.v plastic !>aj? Winesap Apples . . . 4 59c —FROZEN FOODS— BIRDSEYE 10-oz. kgs. PEAS NATURE'S BEST (In Quarters) Margarine 2 ^45' SAVE AT THESE IGA FOOD STORES CHARLIE'S SUPER MARKET 801 SINCLAIR AVE. SOUTH ROXANA OAUER'S SUPER MARKET 201 CENTRAL ROXANA. ILL. ELM ST, MKT. ELM AND ALBY S'|S. ALTON. ILL. CERDING'S IGA MARKET UAWTHUHNB * CENTRAL WOOP RIVEH COLOFARB'S SUPER MARKET 38 W. FERGUSON WOOD R4VER KNIBB'S IGA MARKET BUNKER HILL, ILLINOIS MATHIAS FOOD MARKET HARTFORD, ILLINOIS ROWE'S IGA MARKET 6TH AND FERGUSON WOOD RIVER SCHNEIDER'S IGA MARKET SEVENTH AND SPRING ALTON, ILLINOIS STAHL'S IGA MARKET FQSTERBURG, ILL. nor, HOUSI: DOG FOOD 16-Oz. Can 3 c«. 29c IGA 46-02. CAN TOMATO JtJICE 25c CAMPBELL'S NO. 300 CAN PORK & BEANS .... 2r«29c OERBKR'S STRAINKb OR CHOPPED CAN BABY FOODS 3r«,27c IRA DELUXK 1-LB. TIN COFFEE $].17 IGA FANCY , 14-OZ. BOTTLE CATSUP 19 C SCqiT COUNTY CREAM STYLE C 2 Mo. 303 CANS GOLDEN ORN 21 2-LB. PKG. . 49c AUNT CLARA FIG BARS IGA ENRICHED FLOUR . . . 5&52c PET WILSON CARNATION TALL CAN MILK . .] 3-r39c HOMOGENIZED SPRY 3a87c IGA BARTLETT j NO. 303 CAN PEARS . j . ....... 27c IGA GRAPEFRUIT JUICE C4afin °' IGA SLICED CLING PEACHES 21 c NO. 303 CAN 2 for 43 C IGATABLll-RITE FRESH MEATS U. S. Good—Shoulder 29 VEAL Shoulder Chops 3 S1.00 VEAL BREAST ' 19c VEAL RIB [CHOPS . . . 49c VEAL STEW, Bo " <! '™' CM <"> "• 49c FRESH LEAN SPARERIBS ' 59c INDEPENDENT — KUKV'S — AMEKICAN SMOKED JOWLS .... - 39c INDEPENDENT — KKEV'S — AMERICAN CHILI or HEAD CHEESE » 49c KKEV'S — Delicloul Boiled Ham Flavor! CHOPPED PORK ' 79c PRE-COOKED Ju»t heat and terve! lo-oz. pkg. FISH STICKS 55c IMPERIAL FANCY FILLET of SOLE J-Lb. Carton . 39c LOW PRICES EVERY DAY!

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