Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 21, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 21, 1972
Page 3
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Emmet Demos Caucus i John C. Lazaris, EmmetCoun- ty Democratic Chairman announced today that the precinct caucuses for Emmet County will be held at 8 p.m. Monday. . Iowa is the "weather-vane" state of the nation in 1972. Iowa's precinct caucuses are the earliest in the whole country and thus will be the first meaningful indication of the 1972 presidential campaign. The presidential results will be known by the next day on the state wide level. The caucuses are open to eligible voters, residents withinthe precinct and supporters of the Democratic party. There will be caucuses in most of the county's precincts this year. ; Monday nighf s caucuses will elect delegates and alternates to the Feb. 26 county convention. The number, of delegates and alternates from each precinct and the total number of delegates to the county convention have been determined by a formula according to the Democratic vote iin the county for Robert Fulton, candidate for governor, in the 1970 general election. Delegates and alternates will be elected to both the statutory and presidential portions of the county convention. Also, the precinct caucuses will elect new precinct men and precinct women to sit in the new central committee of the county. The county convention of Feb. 26 will elect delegates and alternates to the district statutory and presidential convention to be held in, Storm Lake on March 25th. From there, the delegates will be elected to the state conventions. The state statutory conventions will be on April 22 and the state presidential will be on May 20. The presidential conventions will carry out the process of determining the support among the presidential candidates to be reflected in Iowa's delegation to the Democratic national convention in Miami on July 9. The conventions for the first time this year will operate under proportion representation rather than majority rule. That change was made as part of the reform movement in the Democratic parly since 1968. Even if a majority of the county convention votes support a single candidate, minority delegations for other candidates would have a .right to participate in the district arid state conventions barf*ed on the amount of support for their candidates at the county convention. A delegate must represent at leasY <15 per cent of the votes ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, FBI, JAN. 21, 1972 Page 3 Sea Lion Trio Will Swim Way Into Medical History The New Precincts Estherville now has five precincts instead of four, and these will be important for the Democratic caucuses. The wards are bounded by the solid lines or city boundary lines indicated on the above map. Main division points are Central Avenue, North Western Railroad line, North Sixth Street, North Thirteenth Street, Fifth Ave. North, Eighth Ave. North and Seventh Ave. South. cast at either the precinct or county level in order to represent a candidate. There will be supporters of the various Democratic candidates in the precincts....and .many ..uncommitted tn si wt «,••').;>. .; Precinct locations in Emmet County are as follows: Ward 1 (precinct 1) Estherville: Roosevelt Jr. High School Auditorium Ward 2 (precinct 2) Esther­ ville: Redeemer LutheranChurch Hall Ward 3 (precinct 3) Estherville: Gardston Hotel, Shore Room ''"[tyar'A'.t' (precinct /4 1 ) tsther- .XW&£tty,*W AuditorlujR. Ward 5 (new precinct) Estherville: Rotunda Building Armstrong-Grove Township: United Presbyterian Church Basement Hall Emmet Township: Residence of Al and Kay Neppl Estherville Township: City Hall Ellsworth Township: Residence of Mr. and Mrs. Isidore Neppl, Huntington Twelve-Mile Lake Township: * Residence of Mr. and Mrs. George Mart Denmark Township: Rings ted Implement Company Jack Creek Township, High Lake, Swan Lake, Iowa Lake, Lincoln and Wallingford, to be announced. SANTA CATALINA ISLAND, Calif. CAP) - A trio of sea lions will swim its way into medical history in the waters off this sun-drenched resort island. Diving long and deep, the sea lions will carry electronic snoopers that ferret out secrets of their adaptation to the underwater world. The secrets will be analyzed by University of Southern California physiologists who wonder how man might cope better with the stresses of an alien environment. The scientists know that as man extends his reach beneath the seas, it's imperative he understand his responses to the underwater environment. The scientists say the sea lions will make a significant contribution because they stand at an evolutionary crossroads. They once were exclusively land animals, but after millions of years of evolution they are terrestrial animals who spend most of their time in water. "We want to look at the way the sea lion's cardiovascular regulatory mechanism has changed to meet the challenge of evolution from land to sea," explained Dr. Chris Stevens. That's where Samantha, Elwood and Bruthie come in. Samantha, a sleek, black beauty of four years, is the star at present, reigning over a wire mesh enclosed raft anchored in Big Fisherman's Cove here. Elwood and Bruthie await their debut in pens on the nearby shore. Samantha has blood pressure sensors implanted in her chest and abdomen. During experiments she swims in the sea wearing a harness with a box. The box is filled with electronic devices which connect to the sensors and monitor changes in the cardiovascular system. When a diver jumps into the water, sometimes deadly stresses develop. The heartbeat slows and becomes irregular. The heart can become dangerously gorged with blood. Gases in the air in the lungs dissolve in the blood but can turn to bubbles if the diver ascends too rapidly, causing the crippling and sometimes fatal bends. But a sea lion can hold its breath, dive to 750 feet, swim around several minutes and then zip back to the surface, all effortlessly. To do this, he slows his heartbeat to as much as one-tenth of normal. Blood vessels in the "exercising mus venting undesirable gas exchange with the blood. The scientists want to know how the sea lion makes such changes. "We're a long way from definitive answers," Stevens said. "But we've found these little animals have a great deal to tell us and we're just beginning to scratch the surface." Corn, which provides more food for men and beasts than any other food, has a mysterious heritage. While it was under cultivation when the first explorers reached the New World, corn — ... — «o v& o l *.«w.~v — >~ -—' - cles" and near the skin pinch was unknown in ancient times and off. The lungs collapse, pre- cannot be traced to a wild plant! TRACTOR OWNERS] We're Tirtston* equipped for -THE - FIELD service T»r «t0nt Our up-to-date Firestone farm service truck delivers fast on-the-spot tire repairs, replacements and expert Hydro- Flation... when and where you need it. ...JUST CALL US! 801 Central Avenue, Estherville, Phone 362-3557 Iowa FLOOR TILE U.S. and Cuba Vs. China WASHINGTON (AP) - The standard administration explanation for the differing U.S. po^cies for Cuba and China is, as President Nixon stated it, (that "Cuba is engaged in a constant program of belligerence toward the United States." The difference regarding China, the President said recently, is that "at this particular time, we have some evidence, that the Chinese are now ready to talk about their role in Asia and our role in Asia." But other reasons are outlined privately by some administration officials, reasons that more nearly mirror the reality of world politics and special U.S. interests. This is almost self-evident as the Chinese continue their direct military and economic aid to North Vietnam, accompanied by continued verbal attacks on the U.S. role in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Whether or not Nixon chooses to call this "belligerence," it is clear he feels important national gains are to be achieved by seeking a diplomatic relaxation with Peking. It is equally clear he sees no percentage at this time in improving U.S. relations with Fidel Castro's government. In fact, the President can point to his constant, strong opposition to an aggressive Communist regime in Cuba in an effort to ease the sting of conservative attacks on his new China policy. Internationally, by snubbing Castro and playing up charges of Cuban revolutionary intent, Nixon is able to maintain leverage with Western Hemisphere nations and obtain their support on other issues. Administration officials, in acknowledging these positions, add that Castro still is a threat to'peace in Latin America and deserves the U.S. hostility. They say he has not changed his goals of sparking revolution throughout the hemisphere. The officials deny any serious weakening of the anti-Castro stand taken years ago by the Organization of American States, which imposed mandatory sanctions against any diplomatic and economic dealings with Cuba. Even the Soviet role in Cuba brings no alarm to adminis­ tration officials who are convinced Moscow is not threatening U.S. strength in the area. And they say relations between Russia and Cuba are not at their best, with Castro fighting any overwhelming Soviet influence on his government. Thus, U.S. experts say, there is no reason for the United States to make any overtures aimed at driving a wedge between Moscow and Havana. All in all, that attitude marks the general U.S. feeling about Cuba: The Castro government serves more purpose by being kept at arm's length. And, until Washington stands to gain, there will be no China-like moves toward conciliation with Cuba. Slightly higher Less Than By Lots Do you really want your brother-in-law to know how much you earned last year? Of course not. It's nobody's business but your own. However, annually millions of taxpayers bear this kind of personal information to people who really shouldn't know. For what? Just so they can save a few dollars doing their income tax. That's some price to pay. You see, for only a few dollars more than it costs to do it with any amateur who might not know that work clothes in some instances are deductible, or that income averaging might save dollars, you can have your tax return done by a specially trained member of the H&R Block team with complete confidentiality. There are thousands of them in over 6,000 conveniently located offices. H & R Block's fees start at $5 and the average cost was under $12.50 for the 7 million families we served last year. tax Furthermore, if your return is audited we will accompany you, at no extra cost, to the Internal Revenue Service and explain how your return was prepared, even though we will not act as your legal representative. This means that H & R Block is ready to offer you year 'round tax service for just one low fee a year, with no extra charge for audits and estimates. Yes, we cost a little bit more than your relatives or friends or neighbors but when you think of what we deliver, you can't afford anything less than H & R Block. DON'T LET AN AMATEUR DO H&R BLOCK'S JOB. H&R Block. The income tax people. Super Savings In Roll Floor Covering^ Sq. Yd. 12' Wide Color Matched to Appliances CARPET SALE $495 1 t SOAR SHAGS • Vt" heavy pile-Easy to Clean High Density Back-,12' Wide Crisp, Sharp Colors-2 Tone Red, Blue, Reg. $5.55 Sq. Yd. Genuine Fiberglas ROLLED BLANKETS Quick, Easy to Install Medium 2-114" $CQ95 W M per M PAYLESSCANDY STRIPE • Low loop pile-foam back Easy to clean-long wearing-colorful blends Reg. S2.95 INDOOR-OUTDOOR • 100% Polypropylene olefin fiber-7 colors-12' wide 89 Sq- Yd. Delivery Within City Limits of Estherville Every Wednesday - $2.50 Per Order SUPER AT THE JUNCTION OF HIGHWAYS 3 & 4 1 fcuf PHONE (712) 335-3581 MAR POCAHONTAS IOWA 50574 POCAHONTAS LUMBER STORE Mon. Thru Fri. 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. — Sat. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY 1126 CENTRAL

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