The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 29, 1959 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Wednesday, April 29, 1959
Page 4
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. " 1 !f;V> AM*. iI*.-,' '• . 1. m The OTTAWA HERALD ** iWttto»day» AprtI 89. 1889 ; Editorials Think Hani! A firm, which manufactures a line of outboard motors has come up with a recommendation thfil fishermen should "think like a fish" if they desire t6 "improve their luck in the sport of angling. When you fish for a couple of hours, says the bulletin, and your luck is a complete zero, stop wearing out your casting arm, and sit down quietly and think like a fish instead of like a fisherman. They urge, for example, that if you do a bit of studying on what a bass would be doing on a real cold, or real hot day, you'll be able to figure out whether you should be on the creek bank fishing, or home with a good book, or something. The same applies, says the bulletin, to the walleye, the northern pike, or the muskic. The bulletin goes so far as to discuss such things as what a bass thinks about while It is waiting under a submerged log or in an aquatic weed growth waiting for a minnow to dart out into open water. It even talks about how the small mouth bass would be thinking differently than the large mouth bass about whfcre to lie in wait for a choice morsel to show up. Well, this business of thinking like a fish is probably all right, but— Isn't there an awful lot of that going around already? laff-A-Day Look Again, Prof! A Topeka biology instructor has announced that foxes are showing up in Kansas in increasing numbers, and the animals appear to be thriving. Look again, Professor, You're seeing things. This is 1959, and next year is 1060, and 1080 is an election year — a big election year. From precinct commltteemen to that important seat in the White House, up Washington way, offices are to be filled the country over. It isn't a bit too early for a lot of Kansans to start getting foxy. Look again, Profl This And That byjph Most banks now offer drive-in service if you wish to leave your money, but which will be the first to send a vice president out to your car with a blank note if you want to borrow some? Middle a*e is the period one is out of before he admits to himself he has entered. The new Tarznn in the movies is one of last season's basketball stars. One hopes he adjusts himself rapidly enough to his new profession so that he will not try absent • mindedly to dribble an ape. Predictions now are that GM will have its new "compact" car with a rear-end engine on the market in only four months. The two pressing questions are will it sell and who's going to sell it? Billy Graham sends word back from New Zealand that prayer could avert another war. Such optimism is admirable, but prayer never yet has and on the contrary has set off more than one, .Eddie and Liz are to get married in Mexico any day now, he for the second time and she for the third. In their league how many weddings does it take before one loses his amateur standing? Neighbor reports that his six-month-old pup has so completely taken over the house that apparently it hasn't dawned on him he's a dog. Within da.vs after Chicago was selected as the site of the 1960 Republican national convention, the price of haircuts advanced to $2 in that city. Can this be an omen that next year the Republicans will be expensively trimmed? AuW Lang Syne 25 Yean Afo A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fidel Oliva, who lived on East Powhattan Street. New seats were being installed at the Webster Theater. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Powell, 611 N. Mulberry. 50 Years Ago County Clerk Baldwin was trying out a new type of adding machine which had only 10 keys instead of the customary fll'. The new machine was designed to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Marriage license was issued to Clarence Fredeen and Madelene Alwes, both of Ottawa. Mrs. Lena Marson went to Kansas City to visit friends. Prayer For Today Now if Christ is preached as raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?d Corinthians 15:12.) PRAYER: Our Father, whose highest gift is life, we thank Thee that it is within Thy divine will to give us eternal life. Help us to seek daily 4his precious gift that by deeds of love and faith we may someday enter our eternal home; through Christ our Lord. Araea. 'The men were here today to repair the sidewalk." Your Good Health By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molncr: Arc pains and aches in the left arm, hand and sometimes leg due to other causes than heart? "I am 42 and highly strung. I just had a complete examination by a heart specialist and was told everything is fine except that 1 am underweight, Yet every time I get an ache or pain in some part of my left side, I continue to worry and cannot get it off my mind (hat, perhaps, the tests have false readings.—A.D." Letters like this — the pains fmay be in different places and ;he fears varied, but the [principle is similar — are not I uncommon. I get a lot of [them. This one is quite typical. Several years ago I mention- Jed a little teen-age incident of ] spitting a bit of blood, ;and (worrying, and "realizing" that Mt "must be" tuberculosis. What Dr. Molner it turned out to be was a wisdom tooth that sort of chewed up the gum a bit as It erupted. To this day, I still feel that the reassurance from the doctor was worth the money — in those days an office call was about $2.50 as I recall R, plus a bottle of fizzy pills that the doctor gave me to take. I know now that they didn't do n thing for (or against) my wisdom tooth, but they kept me occupied for three or four days until I accepted the truth of the matter, which was simply the fact that nothing ailed me except an over-active imagination. Now I don't necessarily say that nothing ails "A.D." Maybe something docs. But it doesn't have to be heart trouble just because certain pains on the left side sometimes accompany heart trouble. The real trouble may be arthritis, muscle spasms, bursitis, indigestion, emotional tension, poor posture, a pinched nerve, a mild strain from sleeping with your arm in an uncomfortable position, or something else. Any would fit "an ache or pain in the left side," To be sure, for each one of these casues (including heart disease) there would be some small but significant difference. I can't go into all the differences short of writing several books. But the symptoms would not be identical. That's the doctor's worry. But what's my advice to the person involved? I'm not going to say, "Go back to your doctor and ask him what ails you," I'm not going to say that it hurts a doctor's feelings for a patient to como in with the trouble already "diagnosed." It doesn't. I say, just be natural and frank about things. Go to your doctor and say you have such-and- such pains, and if you are saddled with some particular fear (as "A.D." happens to have heart trouble in mind) just say so. I gather that "A.D." has a private suspicion that the doctor is right. It isn't heart disease and it might be sheer nerves. But how to be certain? Just lay things on the line to the doctor. If you have some special fear, tell him, and he can take some extra precautions to make sure that it is — or isn't — what you fear. A faulty heart that can cause any pain at all • will give some further unmisakable signs that will be detected by the stethoscope or other instrumentation. "A.D.'s" heart, I'm sure, is sound as can be. If you have some special worry, tell your doctor. Then leave things up to him. There's nothing wrong with developing these fixations or fears. I've had 'em. Everybody has had 'em. But don't bottle 'em up. NOTE TO MKS. E.R.: These patent medicines (like the one you mention) that make such extravagant claims tip their own hand. A product that is really good doesn't have to brag like that! (2) Sodium carbonate is ordinary "washing soda." (3) Vitamin E contains several varieties of a chemical called tocopherol. D.M.L.: The growth of such hair at the age of 21 would, in my estimation, be worth a visit to your doctor. (And, depending on his findings, he may want to refer you to an endocrinologist. i "Dear Dr. Molner; I have had a yeast infection for over a year. Could this cause a woman to become sterile?—Mrs. G.S." Not sterile, but it could interfere with becoming pregnant. What about constipation? Many can be relieved of it, both mentally and physically, by reading my booklet "The Way To Stop Constipation." For a copy write to me in care of Box 158, Dundee, III., enclosing a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope, and 20c in coin to cover handling. Television Programs Channel 4. NBC Channel 5*13, CBS Channel I. ABC WEDNESDAY 8- flicker tt— runtime UN »~Mlokey MOUM IS-aordon Elliott 6)40 6~Take I I'fS b~Ntwt 18-SporU Sift) 13-Weather «iM 4— Newt 6— aoi a iterct 18-Oot a Secret • i48 «— Bally* Miller • 100 4-Your Lire 5— circle Theatre 9— Donna R«ed 13— Lom&ardo 4— Highway Pair. 9— Accuted ID—Muilc Th're .»i4R 9-8elty Miller 10 iW 9- Sky Klfl| 13-Newi • ltd 4-SpurU 8— Sport* I:U 4-Newi ft— Raider* titt 5-WetUier «t» IV— Peraonallty «:80 4— Wagon Train 6-Badge 714 0-Welk 13— Twilight ThT flOO fr-Koep Talking 13- Keep Talking 7:30 4— Price li Right 5— Trackdown 0— Ozi'.le-HarrJet 13— Trackdown H:00 4— Milton Borle 6-Mllllnnalre 9— Flghls 1»— Millionaire « ISO 4~Bat Mnst'son IDiOK 13— Boy* Choir 10:18 t-aport* 13— Weather 10)20 13— Dev Nelion 10130 5— Newe 4— Wroilllng fl_Wre«lllng 13— Mtvletlme 5— Theater 11:30 8 -sur A fltory t::(Hl 4— Rlgn Off 9— Daily Word 13-Slgn Off 12:05 0— Sign Off 12:30 a. m. ft— Late New* 5-Late Show I tOO t-Bljn Of THURSDAY 0:30 4—Clawroora 8:ft» 5— Farm Fact* 7:00 «-Tod»y 6—Newa HUB 4—Farm 7:15 6—Kangaroo 1:30 4—Today 7 IBS 6—Take Five RSOO 8—New* 1?.—Newi fl:10 0-Take 5 H:t5 5—Moinlng Sh'w 13—Kangaroo Mi3ll 5—Jim Dean 0—Romper Room «i45 13-New* 9:00 4—Let's Learn R—Llfo of Rlloy 13—On The Go 0:30 4—Treasure Hunt 5— Godfrey B-Ually Word 13-Godfrey 0:38 0—Science 10:00 4—Price Right 5—Love Lucy 9—Whlzzo's 13—Love Lucy 10:30 4—Concentration 5—Top Dollar 13—Top Dollar 11:00 4—Tic Tnc Dough 8—Love of Life 0—Susie 13-Love of Life 11:30 4-Coulri Be You 8— Search 9—Theater 13—You Decide 11:1S S—Quldlng Light 13:00 4—Cartoon 8—Ncwa 9—Gco Hamilton 13—News 13:05 6—Teleichool 13—Newa 12:10 13—Weather 12:15 13—Farm Report 13:20 4—New* 13:30 4—Accent 6-World Turn* 13-World Turn* 1:00 4—Queen for Day 8—Newa 9—Music Bingo 13—Jim Dean 1:05 6—Garden Party 1:18 8—Take Five 1:30 4—Haggis Baggls 6—Hnnne Party 9—Follow 13—House Party 2:00 4—Dr. Malone 8-Payoff 9—Day In Court 13-Payof! 3:30 4—From Root* 8—Verdict 0—Gale Storm 13-Verdict 3:00 4—Truth or Con. 8—Brighter nay 9—Amoi'n Andy 13-This Is Forbe* 3:18 6—Secret Storm 13—Secret Etorra 1:30 4— Country Fair 6— Edge Of Night 9_Who You Trurt 13— You Truit 4iOO 4 — People'* Ch. 9-Bandetund 13— Bandstand 4:30 4— Theatre 6— Early Show 9— Banitand • SOU 4— Movie 9— Junge Jim 13— Hound BUO 9— Walt Dtiney 13— Gretchen-L'n 1:40 6— Take Five 1:48 6— New* 13- Sport* 8:88 13-Weather 6-N«w* 9-Hound 13-New* 6:10 4— Sport* 8— Sport* 6:13 13— Weather 6:18 4— New* 13— New* • IM 8— Weather 6:28 8— Personality «:30 4— Texas Rodeo 8— Lucy 9 — Beaver 13—1 Love Lucy 7:00 4— Kelly's Blues 6 — Doc. Bride H— Znrro 13— Dec. Bride 7:30 4— Music Thealic 6 — Derrlnjer 0— McCoys 13— Science FIC. Hi 00 4— Laugh Line 8— Zanc Grey U— Pat Boon* 13— Pat Boone 8:30 4— Ernie Ford 6— Playhouse 0— Rough Rider* 13— Playhouse • :00 4— Bet Life 0— Science FIc. 1:30 4— Bold Venture 9— Had A Mllion 10:00 4— Ne-.v* 5— U.S. Marshall 9— New* 13— New*, Bport* 10:10 9— sport* 10:18 4— Jack Paar 9 — New« 13— Weathei 10:20 13— Dev Nelson 10:30 5— New* 9— Movie 13— Movletlm* 10 :38 8— Theatre 10)48 13— Dateline 11:00 4— Jack Paar 13— Movletlroe 12:00 4— Sign Off 9— Dully Word 13— Sign Oft 12:06 9— Sign Olt UtilO •. m. 6— New* 12:35 8— Late Show 2:00 6— Sign Oft Summer Theater Attracting Many TV Performers By CHARLES MERCER AP Radio-Television Writer NEW YORK (AP) — The vast American summer theater is cocking a straw-hat to attract elevision performers. They plan to go in droves this lummer—many for the experience of playing roles they never get on TV, some for the money. The American public will come in droves to see them. Some summer heater managers maintain television has been a tremendous x)ost to their business. One of thcte is John Kenley, director of one of the nation's nost successful summer playhouses in Warren, Ohio. From June 16 through mid-September he >acks 'em in a 2,600-seat auditorium at 90 cents to $2 a head. His theater is strategically located in an area roughly bounded )y Cleveland and Akron, 0., and Erie and Pittsburgh, Pa. "There are five million people n that area —, all of them watch- ng TV every night. "Jack Paar is keeping all of Ohio awake, for examp.e. They used to be 11 o'clock towns, but now they've become one o'clock towns." The people who flock to summer theaters want to see performers they've met on television, Kenlej' says. The most popular performer of recent seasons in his theater, he believes, is Genevieve, who appar ently took Ohio by storm as a result of her appearances on the Paar show. Kenley paid her $7,000 a week to play Warren last sea son. She's returning there this summer. Among others he has lined up for this summer are: Peggy Cass playing in "Born; Yesterday' ("She's popular nor because o; what she did in 'Auntie Mame, but because of the Paar Show Jaye P. Morgan in "Bells Are Ringing." .Virginia Mayo and Michael O'Shea in "Tunnel o Love." Dick Shaw in "The Seven Year Itch." Deborah Paget in Pajama Game." The list is long and impressive. Expect To Travel 21 Miles Today WESTMORELAND, Kan. (AP)- Thc Oregon wagon train company of 23 hardy Individuals rode out of Vestmoreland today headedjor Frankfort — 21 miles nearer heir destination of Independence, Ore. The train covered only 12 miles yesterday, but that was described iy wagon master Tex Serpa as a planned "slowdown because the rain was ahead. of schedule." The band of Oregonlans was escorted into Westmoreland by the o w n ' s saddle club yesterday. chools of the area were dismissed and the kids turned out to welcome the covered wagons. Citizens of the community and surrounding area picked up the ab for the visitors, who attended he annual Farm Night at the Westmoreland High School. News From The La n e Area DANA PORTER Mr. and Mrs. George Finley of Missouri were weekend guests of Mrs. Elda Triplet! and Mr. Raymond Gibbs. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Potter of Garnett were Friday evening callers on Mrs. Earl Porter and Dana. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bussell of Kansas City spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Kyle LaFollette and Bill. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Christian, Mrs. Teasley, and Mrs. Mary Schroeder, all of Pueblo, Colo,, arc spending a few days in Lane visiting relatives an d friends. The Ottawa Herald 106-108 6. UalD Published diiij except Sunday and Holiday*. Second claia poitace paid al Otiawii, Kaniai. Robert B. Wellington Idltoi Guy Bnedaker PublUHer •ubicrlptlon iaiee to trade area—By mall, one month .81; three raonUn t): ilx month! $3.76; one year IT. Subscription ratet outilrie tride area by mail, one month. 11.50; three months 14.25; lU mooUu 18.00; oat jretr |u,00. Are Americans Afraid To Talk? ... By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP)-Are Americans today afraid to speak out their mind? The question is raised by John Braine, one of Britain's brightest new literary talents. Many British visitors in the pasl lave complained that Americans if anything, are too vocal aboul :hings they know little about. Braine, after a two-week tour ranging from Boston to Chicago said: "This seems to be a country where I don't hear people giving their opinions out loud about any issues.' 1 "It might be fear. It might be something else. I haven't been here long enough to tell," he said Braine, classified as one of Eng land's "angry young men," a la bel that he detests, is author of a best seller, the story of a working class lad on the make—financial!: and • socially. . Here are a few other quick U.S mpressions by the 37-year-old uthor; "No one here seems to wear his air longer than two inches—which a frightening thing. It is rather ke being in an army camp. And all the little boys have heir hair shaved—as if for ring- orm. There is nothing wrong ith it. But why do they nil have i do it? It is so uniform." Too much conformity of any nd seems sterile to Btaine, a elf-educated writer who had to uit school at 16. In 1031 he gave p a "good safe job" as a, $28-a eek librarian to try his luck as writer. There, he recalled, he some mes had to pawn his best pair trousers to raise the price -for 1 meal, but at least "I had lased to remain a prisoner of my own timidity." Once you've been on your earn ends in a strange city, you're ot frightened of anything after hat. You may riot get to be a ery mature person, but you are our own master," he said. Braine is quietly proud of his orklng class origin. But as to eing one of Britain's "angry oung men," he said: "It's non- Easy Handling HILLMAN MOCK Meters 103 N. Main CH'2-3601 IS HERE! Does Your House Need Painting? Sherwin-Williams SWP is your best buy in house paint... sense. There Is no such group o! like-minded young writers «t all." He hopes, he said, to build a whole fictional world around the life of his time. "I don't know how many books it will take. Because I don't know how long I'll live." he said. "I write slowly—in longhand, and I write three drafts of each book. "To me the only reliable pleasure is work. You are born to do your job. "If you don't do it, you might as well be dead." Stanton News OLLIE BRASSFIELD Mrs. Pearl Elrod of Paola returned to her home Wednesday after a week's visit with her broth* er George Brassfield and family. The Spring Ridge Community meeting will be held at the hall Thursday evening with a potluck supper and program. A large crowd attended the last day school supper Friday evening at the Stanton school house. Mrs. Virgil Beebe spent Monday in Topeka with her daughter Mrs. Don Watson and husband. Latest Spring Colors H OUSE PAINT A 4*0 ENAMEL BEST BUY FOR PORCHES, FLOORS, STEPS AND DECKS SHIRWIN-WILLIAMS PORCH AND FLOOR ENAMEL OTTAWA LUMBER CO. 1516 S. Main Bob McCrea, Mgr. CH 2-1196 WEEK END SPECIAL Thursday, Friday, Saturday, April 30, May 1-2,1959 Lombordy Poplar (Due to the tremendous popularity of this tree, we arc repeating the earlier special' price on Lombardy.) Tall, slender, rapid-growing. Use for accent in landscape plantings, for screens, windbreaks and shelter belts. Widely used on property lines of new homes. The exclamation point of all trees! Big 3 year old trees, well branched, Regularly priced at $1.50 98 GIFT CERTIFICATES Remember your gardener friends and relatives at Birthday and Anniversary time with a Gift Certificate. POTTED ROSES Here are just a few of the better kinds of patented roses available: Carrousel Starfire Ivory Fashion Spartan Texan Cli. Crimson Glory Cli. Peace Chrysler Imperial Diamond Jubilee Kordes Perfecta Mojave Peace Pink Peace White Knight and 50 other lovely varieties, both patented and non-patented. Come out and see our complete stock. "Everything for the Lawn and Garden." WILLIS GARDEN CENTER 5th and Cherry Public Sale GIGANTIC AUCTION Electric Equipment, Tools and Miscellaneous TUESDAY, MAY 5,1959 (Commencing at 9:30 a.m. sharp) 1244 SOUTH MAIN STREET — OTTAWA, KANS. Barnes lathe, 12-in., 3 and 4 jaw chuck; Gosiger milling machine; bench drill press; 1—5-horse electric motor; hydraulic hand press; industrial gas burner; electric light plant, with Wisconsin motor; medium sized grinding machine; 2 large sewing machines, to sew canvas, etc.; air compressor; 5 dust collectors, 2 have motors; several metal tool boxes; lots of winding wire; several 14-inch band saw wheels several welding helmets; lots of high pressure hoses; lots of sander belts, 1-inch; several 18-in. 2-groove belt pulleys; 1 lot of compression springs; several radio noise filters; several boxes of socket head bolts; iron horse gasoline motor; 1 hand rod bender; Dynomotor unit; several time switch boxes; acetylene oxygen gauge; lots of drill bushings; lots of valves; step-ladder; bolts, pins, screws, hose couplings; lot of off-set screwdrivers; lot of snap-on wrenches; several V pulleys of all sizes; gasket material; asbestos belting; electric blower; several rolls of cable; gallons of paint; several fuel-oil burners; several 50-gal. gas barrels; lots of pipe fittings of all types and sizes; soil pipe fittings; several electric motors, large and small; several doz. drill bits and reamers of all sizes; several micrometers of various sizes; several milling, cutters; 2 metal work cabinets; several hundred emery wheels, new and used; metal shear, 24-inch; portable grinder; 1—14 in. B.C. drill; Black & Decker valve machine; several doz. house doors and screen doors; picks and handles; Tore wrenches; several doz. fire shovels; Mallory rectifier; 2 Mimeograph machines; 2 electric blowers; bench vise; drill stand; several boxes of motor bearings of all sizes; electric soldering iron; several •amping stoves; rubber clamps; loud speakers; electric welder; 2 electric potato peelers; lots of welding rod of all types; several cans of insulating varnish for motors; steel covered flexible hoses; small weighing scales; large electric fan, 24-inch; all kinds of radio and television repairs and parts; bench grinder; cabinet benches; several small fans; several doz. toilet bowls; squirrel-cage fan; radiators; several rolls of cable, different sizes; different types of copper wire. Lot of other miscellaneous items of all types. This is a large sale — Only about V t of merchandise is listed. Come early — Must start on time. Terms: Cash. Not responsible in case of accidents. 1244 South Main Ottawa, Kansas Auctioneers: Col Chuck Stewart & Son, Ottawa, Kansas; Col. Charles Beatty, Lyndon, Kansas Kansas State Bank, Ottawa, Kansas, Cleric

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