Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 11, 1959 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1959
Page 11
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Read Facts Classified Ads Every Day For Money-Savers! Hoover Charges Parents To Blame For Youth Crime WASHINGTON <UPI) —' FBI Di rector J. Edgar Hoover charged today that delinquent parents are largely to blame for the "growing menace of youth crime." In a caustically-worded editorial in the FBI's law enforcement bulletin, Hoover noted that the public only thinks of criminals who lead youngsters into thievery and immoral activities as "corrupters of youth." In truth, said the bachelor FBI boss, "large segments of the adult population are also among the guilty." "Countless adults escape the stigma," Hoover wrote, "although by their negligence, indifference, personal greed and bad example, they are in fact responsible in large measure for juvenile criminality." He asserted that a "major factor" in the youth crime problem "is our present society which has substituted indulgence for discipline, pleasure for duty and money for morals." He said the time has come Ur "decisive action." Hoover predicted that based on the "alarming BCBM Base At Lincoln, Neb. WASHINGTON (UPV —The Air Force has disclosed that its sev enth intercontinental ballistic mis sile (ICBM) base will be located at Lincoln Air Forct' Base, Neb The service issue! a statement! late .Monday after it developed that congressmen already had been notified that Lincoln had been selected. It said the Lincoln base was in eluded in the Air Force construction program now pending in. Congress for the fiscal year start ing next July 1. The service refused to siy whether Lincoln would have Atlas or Titan ICBM's An ICBM base, not counting nil clear warheads and the price of land, costs approximately 290 million dollars. The Air Force disclosed previously that Atlas missiles will be based at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., Cheyenne, Wyo., ia the Omaha, Neb., area, and in the Spokane, Wa?h. area. Titans will be based in the Denver area. V'orbes Air Force Base Topeka Kan., also has been selected as| an ICBM site but the missile it vill fire has not been announced, present rate" more than one million youths in the 10-to-17 year age bracket will be arrested in 1962 and in each succeeding year. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Supreme Court Reverses Death Sentence SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — The state Supreme Court Tuesday reversed the death sentence and ordered a new trial for Earl F. Matlock, holding :hat Los Angeles Superior Judge V.roy Dawson had improperly excluded evidence in the first trial. Matlock, 37, Los Angeles, was found guilty of killing Max Shayne, a Los Angeles money lender, on Sept. 29, 1957. Matlock contended he was precipitated into strangling Shayne because the latter wanted to commit suicide. In a G-l decision, the Supreme Court said evidence that Shayne had taken out a $250,000. life in surance policy two days before the killing and details regarding federal fraud charges were excluded from the trial. The state contended that Mat lock, also charged with robbingj Shayne of money and jewelry, which he later buried, strangled the victim in an automobile parked in an isolated spot The defense asserted that Shayne wanted to die because he was facing seven possible prison sentences for defrauding the Federal Housing Administration. Matlock, a long - time acquaintance of the victim, said Shayne drove to an isolated spot and asked him to kill him. Shayne began a struggle, and it was only then that he was strangled, Matlock said. CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum 2 lines, 9 avenge wo r di to the line. Do not abbreviate. 1 Time 3 Time* * Tim«*» 2 Unn_ $ .75 f !32 12 41 3 Lines™ .73 1 911 381 4 Llnes_ I 00 264 481 5 Lines IXS 3J0 600 0 Lines—. 1 30 399 1A 7 Lines 1 .7S 4 62 8 *0 8 Line* a 00 3.28 8* 9 Llnei_ 22S 5 *1 10 »• 10 Lines 3 30 cm 12 00 12 Houses for Rent J BEDROOM. UNFURNISHED. W Key at 112 First. NEAR U. of R . Urga 1 bedroom un- pi id. Per Month by the line — $3 00 Commercial Rates on Request rbe Facts is not responsible Cor more tban one Incorrect Insertion. DEADLINE Non-Commercial-10 a.m day of publication. Commercial - 3 p.m. day preceding publication. TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL PY 3-3221 FACTS OFFICE 700 Brookslde at Center P. O. Box 111. Red lands furnished. Cooler. Water PY 2-6343. 335 'y High. 3 ROOM unfurnished house in rear. 3rd house north on Nevada, north of Barton Road. 2 BEDROOM, newly decorated, carpeted, fenced .vard, water paid, $93. 831 College. PY 3-5738. 2 BEDROOM unfurnished house, J50. Some ranch work if deslredV Inquire 1250 Occidental Dr. or call PY 3-5740. ~RAY XRBTJETEN OVEROCKER REALTOR RENTAL SERVICE CALL ANYTIME PY 2-1804 » F.rnitoe-Appli .Krs facfa> C | assif ; ed nUMfc NDEX SUPPORT SUPREME COURT NEW YORK (UPD—The New ork City Bar Association Tues day night adopted a resolution in support of the U.S. Supreme Court. The resolution, passed unanimously, urged all lawyers to back the high court's authority to interpret the Constitution and laws of the land. OTICE OF CONSOLIDATED GOVERNING BOARD MEMBER ELECTION AND COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION ELECTION NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the voters of the following district or districts of the County of San Bernardino, California, that the Annual Election for members of the Board or Boards of the said district or districts ill be held on Uie third Tuesday of Auto Dealers Bargain Spot Beach-Mountain Properties •• Business Opportunities - ** Business Rentals - - «• Business Services - ft Furniture and Appliance Dealers 30 Groves and Ranches 5- Help Wanted Home Services - fi Houses For Rent._ " Lost and Found > Lou and Acreage _ Money to Loan - w| Mortgages-Trust Deeds *Personals * Heal Estate For Sale »l Real Estate Wanted —- o J Situations Wanted 4 Schools and Instruction 6 Trucks-Trailers 59 Wanted and Swaps 25 Wanted to Rent _ _ _.. 13 Trading Stamp Directory 3-BEDROOM. 2 - car garage, garbage disposal. Will furnish. 348 or 357 Mulvlhill Ave. RAMBLING 3 - bedroom, furnished Creenspot arra. Landscaped yard nice shade. S100. Helen Hill. PY 3-3017. Eves. PY 2-1303 ffEXR new 2 bedroom unfurnished house. Children O.K.. new schools, shopping center. 334 Church St. PY 2-4193. 1-Bedroom. unfurnished. Adults. Large apartment, unfurnished _*7U BERT MARCUM, Realtor 204 E. State PY 3-3780 Eves. PY 2-3586 tflCECYlurnlshed. nearly newTTTjea- room unit in court. Carport, storage, laundry, swimming pool. 924 E. Central. PY 3-5785. 1-Bedroom apartment, close to town $33 REES _ REES. Realtors !4 Beacon (Hiway 99* PY 2-5323 FOR RENT or sale, unfurnished 2 or 3 bedroom San Bernardino north end home. Children, pets O.K. Call TUrner 3-5310 alter 6 p.m. I TOR RENT" Modern, well-furnished 1-bedroom du plex, walking distance to town. $60. PRESCOTTS 5 W. Slate PY 3-3188 HENTXLS 2-Bedroom duplex $ 60 2-Bedroom house, close in $ 60 1-Bedroom furnished apartment $ 4f 3-Bedroom furnished home $125 PRESCOTTS 3 W. State PY 3-3188 FURNITURE CO. NEW — USED — UNFINISHED ALSO Hospital Beds, Rental We Give S At H. Green Stamps 315 ORANGE ST. PHONE PY 2-4240 RALPH'S BARGAIN SPOT Used Furniture - Appliances We buy and sell most anything. 342 ORANGE ST. PY 2-M57 Closed Sun. Bes PY 2-2362 S. & H. Green Stamps THE HARRIS CO. 17 E. State Phone PY 3-2386 HINERMAN JEWELER 109 Orange Phone PY 3-5811 WINN'S DftUC STORE 10 W. Colton Ave. Phone PY 3-2804 1 Lost and Found LOST —Bunch of keys on ring near post office. PY 2-2124. 5-edroom. 3-bath home. Cedar Avenue — *150. Modern 3-bedroom home on acre Oak floors, enclosed breezeway, double garage. Crafton district. $110. Deluxe 2-bedroora apartment with swimming-' pool. Near Market Basket—$100. PHIL LUKE1 131 Cajon PY 3-2885 FOR RENT 2 Bedroom, adults $70 2 Bedroom, in nice court $75 1 Bachelors apartment - $30 DON FIGGINS th at State REALTOR PY 3-2881 2 Personals RE WEAVING—Moth holes. Bums, tears. ^ItNorgaard. PY 2-5419. will call 4 Situations Wanted BABY sitting near HarUell Street. PY 2-4768. MARRIED man needs work, part or full-time. PY 7-6398. PAINTING BY HOUR — Experienced. George Davis. PY 2-4420. PAINTING — A-l workmanship. Reasonable rates. Bob De Witt. PY 3-3722. PRACTICAL NURSE —Any type care. TU_7-7149. evenings TU 84-2440. RUBBISH hauled, house cleaning, win. dows washed, yard work and ianl May. namely. May 19, 1959. for the pur- tor services. Phone PY 2-5812. pose of electing the number of mem- fcff lAnf ?—n-nm.n bers of the governing boards of the dls- "^^^ , ° IMn "Which way to the complaint department?" TIZZY By Kate Osann ~7 0 iMf fcj &CA far.**, bw. TJsL UX Pat. Oft. J-/_ "I don't mind your gossiping about people, Louise, but for the past 10 minutes you've been gossiping: about me!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer "I don't care how much collateral you put up—you're not getting an advance on your allowance!" tricts as indicated below, and for the purpose of electing a member of said County Board of Education as indi cated below: Two Members of Redlands School District. One Member of Redlands Joint Union High School District. One Member of San Bernardino County Board of Education, Trustee Area E. Precinct No. 1 shall include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Redlands 1. 3. 5. 6, 7, 15, 34" and the area embraced within those portions of San Bernardino County Election Precincts *'Red-| lands 2" and "Mission 1" in the Red lands School District of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Board Room. 25 West Lugonia Avenue, Redlands. California. Precinct No. 2 shall include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Redlands 14. 24. 25 27, 28, 29. 30. 37, 38" and "Yucatpa 20" and the area embraced within that portion of San Bernardino County Election Precinct "Yucalpa 6" in the Redlands School District of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Kingsbury SchooL Cypress Avenue and Qajon Street, Redlands, California. Precinct No. 3 shall Include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Mentone 1, 2. 3. 4. 5, 6, 7, and 8," "Crafton." and the area embraced within that portion of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Yucatpa 8" and "Forest Home" in the Redlands School District of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Mentone School, Crafton Avenue. Mentone, California. Precinct Nor 4 shall include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Redlands 13. 16. 17. 18. 19. 21, 22. 23. and 33" in the Redlands School District of San Bernardino County. i Polling Place: McKlnley School Olive Avenue and Center Street, Redlands. California. Precinct No. 5 shall include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Redlands 4, 10. 11, 12, 26, 35, and 39" in the Red lands School District ot San Bernar dino County. Polling Place: Franklin School. 800 Block. East Colton Avenue, Redlands, California. Precinct No. 8 shall Include all the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Redlands 20. 31. 32, 36. 40" and the area embraced within that portion of San Bernardino County Election Precinct "Mission 3," in the Redlands School District of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Smiley School. Cy press and San Mateo Streets, Redlands, California. Precinct No. 7 shall Include the area embraced within those portions of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "East Highlands." "Patton," and "Highland 2" in the Redlands School District of San Bernardino County. Polling Place: Cram School, 29111 East Base Line. East Highlands, California. The polls will be kept open between the hours of 7:00 o - dock a.m. and 7:00 o'clock p.m. The election returns will be can vassed at 9:00 o'clock on May 29. 1959, by the County Superintendent of Schools at 575 Sierra Way, San Bernardino. California. Deadline for the receipt of absentee ballots is May 28. 1959. Forms for declaration of candidacy may be obtained at the office of the County Superintendent of Schools. 375 Sierra Way, San Bernardino, California. The last day for filing declarations of candidacy is April 17, 1959. February 8, 1959. ROY C. HILL, County Superintendent of Schools. By Doris Maltsberger. Deputy. wishes to work with elderly people. 3 days a week. Light cleaning and light cooking. PY 3-4219. I LIKE high weeds. Do you have them in your lawn? We cut. mow and edge your lawn and fertilize. PY 2-7135 after 5:30. 15 Bargain Spot Automofiv 1932 PONTTAC Chieftain deluxe. TEy be seen at 432 W. Olive Aye 1952 FORD ranch wagon. Looks like new. See at 528', Orange St. PY 2-6221. cTEAfrusED CARS fiot /SHT _ SOLD 99 BARGAIN LOT TOP OF HILL ON 99 31129 E. Hwy. 99 PY 3-4247 PEOPLE'S FURNITURE (Near Bank of America) EASY CREDIT —FREE DELIVERY USED FURNITURE Maytag Washer, like new ISS General Apt. Size Refrigerator...- 489 O'Keefe 8c Mcrrltt Gas Range $39 Frlgidaire Refrigerator, runs quiet... $59 Kenmore-Fully Automatic Washer $64 Bunk Bed complete, everything . . $89 Westinghouse Sewing Machine, desk type, late model - $59 E. Roll Easy Vacuum Cleaner $39 Bed-Divan, like new, red and silver upholstering -.$55 3-pc. Dinette Set. new finish ... $19 Kitchen Utility Cabinet, white _...» 9 Low 3 Drawer Chest $14 Crib and Mattress, deluxe style —$24 Chest on Chest, 5 drawer „.._ -$17 Youth Bed and Innerspring Mattress -$37 King Size Headboard. Firm Twin Mattresses (2i. Box Springs (2i $119 PEOPLE'S FURNITURE •Near Bank of America* 218 ORANGE ST. 40 Money to Loan Real Estate DIRECTORY If you haven't found what you've been looking for among tonight's Real Estate Classified Ads, any ol the brokers listed hera will be glad to[ btlp you. (Rl REALTOR Brewster-Rabensfein {R 13 E. Citrus PY 3-5178 Redlands Daily Facts Wed, Mar. 11, 1959 - 1 1 Burgess's 405 £. Central PY 2-4973 Canterbury Realty Co. (R 12 W. Citrus PY 3-5421 Deshler Realtors (R Hiway 99 at Colton Ave. PY 3-2439 G. Geo. de Vries (R 14 E. Citrus PY 2-3114 Emerich's 302 E. State (R PY 3-2428 M. K. Feenstra (R W. Hiway 99 _ Tenn. St PY 3-5307 (R PY 3-2861 Don FiggFns 20 N. 7 th MOS'EV To LOAN 6N TRUST DEEDS of any kind. Byron Ferguson, Real Estate. 34974 Yucalpa Blvd PY 7-8005 20 - YEAR LOANS: Farm property. Equitable Life Assurance Society. REES 8c REES, Realtors 124 Beacon. Hiway 99. PY 2-5323 42 Mortgages • Trust Deeds CASH for trust deeds, property loans. Brewster-RabensUln. Realtors, 103 E. Citrus. Phone PY 3-5178. 46 Business Rentals CONCRETE building for lease. 4400 sq It Suitable for retail or light manufacturing; large paved parking area. 12236 Calif. St.. Yucalpa. PY 7-0139, 2500 SG. FT. in downtown Yucalpa in excellent condition. Former bank premises. Inspect IBS W. Yucalpa Blvd. and phone collect Mrs. Cates, Turner 8-4451, San Bernardino. Miscellaneous SHOP-SMITH with speed changer. Extra parts. PY 3-3897. IS SHARES ot Redlands Heights Water for lease. PY 3-5322 after 5. 18' x 12' ROSE wool rug and pad. good condition. $75. PY 3-4815. ROTO-TILLER, 2", hp.. 4-cycle engine Like new. 4.30 p.m. $80. PY 3-4383 after 6 Help Wanted WOMAN to gather and process eui Electric carts- 996 S. 2nd. Call mesa. MAN for gro.-e pruning, experienced. Phone FY 3-1607. WOMAN to demonstrate Sarah Coventry jewelry part-time. No invest-, ment, collecting or delivery. Call PY 7-1403. UONEST man with incentive to work and operate poultry ranch. New ranch and home to live in. Yukon 2-7679. 6042 Beryl Avenue, Alta Loma. California. MAN and wife, retired or semi-retired Work around hotel. Short hours, no experience necessary. Board and room. plus. Apply Wlssahickon Inn. PY 2-903S- RANTED — Young woman for proof reading position on newspaper. Need to be accurate reader with ability to spell. Some typing skill required. Hours 8 to 2:45 p.m.. 8 to noon Saturday. Permanent for qualified person. Write to Box 44. Facta office. State age. education, work experience, length of,residence in this area. NEW ll'xl5* green tweed nylon rug, $80. Also 42 yard wool Wilton tweed carpet and pad. $231. TU 84-2179. SPOBT Camper, fit any pickup Aluminum exterior, insulated. Butane gas plate. Reasonable. PY 2-2142. FERTILIZER—Ground, weed free. 3 for $1.00. Van Der Veen. PY 2-3746. Iowa Street. RENT A REFRIGERATOR RANGE OR WASHER HARLOW'S. LOMA LINDA PY 6-0121 OVERSTUFFED, dining set. circulating «il heater, chrome kitchen set, bed davenport, Philco refrigerator, lawn mower, garden tools. PY 3-1893. 50 Lots and Acreage LARGE, closest-in view lot Grand View Drive. PY J-4811. Terms. 52 Graves and Ranches ORANGE GROVES M- Good S acre grove. $13,300. ZONE Priced to seU at 10 ACRES Fowler's (R 25 Cajon PY 3-2883 Fred P. Foy (R 131 Cajon PY 3-2591 Wanda Hale IR 1012 Orange SI PY 2-4809 Helen Hill (R 223 E. State PY 3-3017 Hooper-Jenkins (R 20 W. Citrus PY 2-5425 Bill Kingham (R 103 E. Citrus PY 2-3433 Phil & Becky Lukei (R 131 Cajon PY 3-2— Bert Marcum (R 204 E. State PY 3-3780 Ray Overoclcer (R 827 Brookslda Ave. PY 2-1804 LA. Pratt • (R 6 W. Citrus PY 3-2509 Prescott's {R 9 W. State PY 3-3188 Sedgwick Real Estate (R 211 Orange PY 3-3939 Virgil Sims 20 N. 6th (R PY 3-2778 Updike Real Estate (R 341 Orange PY 2-1440 55 Real Estate For Sale Redlands 9 Room and Board CASA DEL REY — Room and board Reasonable rates. *>Y 2-9068. 10 Rooms • Apartments 1 BEDROOM furnished apartment, gala ge. laundry. BEDROOM 118 S. Buena Vista. furnished apartment. NOTICE TO CBEDITOBS No. 28648 In the Matter of the Estate of MARY CLIFFORD DAVIS. Deceased. Notice Is hereby given by the un dersigned. Christine Pry, as the Ad minlstratrlx with the will annexed of the Estate of Mary Clifford Davis, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to present them, with the necessary vouchers, within six months after the first publication ot this notice, to said administratrix, with the will annexed at the office of Edwin R. Kales. Attorney at Law. P. O. Box 188. Security Bid*-.. Redlands. Calif., which said office the undersigned selects as a place of business In all matters connected with said estate, or to file them with the necessary vouchers, within six months alter the first publication of this notice, in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of the State of California. In and for the County of San Bernardino. Dated March «. 1059. CHRISTINE FRY. As Administratrix with the will annexed of the estate of Mary Clifford Davis. Deceased. EDWIN X. HALES. Attorney for said Administratrix. J (First publication Mar. 11, 1859) 101 W. Fern. N^C— clean room to man. Reasonable. 703 W. Olive. FURNISHED apartment, utilities paid, 825 month. 20 E. Pearl, FURNISHED 1 bedroom, close in, 850. PY 3-5785. CLEAN, quiet furnished apartment. Second floor. 833. 221 4th St. CABIN, kitchenette, bath with shower — 60S W Colton. l'.ii TON Coldspot air conditioner, used 2 months. Wright air car eooler, with 12 volt transformer. 15's horsepower Elgin motor. 309 E. Palm Avenue. PY 3-4505. ANTIQUES and GIFTS At Casa Fiesta 1701 West San Bernardino Ave. SPECIAL SALES Fridays. Saturdays and Sundays Any Time by Appointment PY 2-1003 22 Business Services Carpentry CARPENTER, cabinet maker. Remodeling. repairs. None too small. PY 2-2810. evenings PY 2-4604. Commercial Printing CITROCRAPH PRINTING, HJ E. State LETTERPRESS — OFFSET 7 acres navels. 3 acres valencies. Con-, tract B water, wind machines. Price [CLOSE in. southside. 3 bedroom, S9500. 826.300. " " 5 ACRES AND HOME Sice 2-Bedroora home, food navel grove. We ran arrange term* for qualified party. $20,000 full price. REES & REES REALTORS ' 30 YEARS EXPERIENCED. GROWERS 124 Beacon (Hiway 991 PY 2-5325 Eves.. PY 2-1007 Evenings and Weekends. FY 2-3480 $1500 down. PY 2-2408 or PY 2-3658. TRADITIONAL SERVICE SLVCE 1914 HOMES — LOTS - FARMS FOWLER'S 25 Calon REALTORS PY 3-2883 IMMACULATE 4 - Bedroom. 2 - Bath. $14,250. Fireplace, drapes, disposal patio. 82750 down, balance at 4'?% — $85, including taxes, insurance. In terest and principle. Trade for newer home with room for horse. Cash difference DESHLER REALTORS Hiway 99 at Colton Ave. PY 3-2439 Eves. PY 3-1037 55 Real Estate For Sale Redlands CHARMING older home, 3 bedroom, carpets and curtains. Ideal central location. PY 2-4931. • BUYING - SELL—lG _ RENTING VIRGIL J. SIMS, REALTOR 20 N. 6TH PY 3-2778 Sun.. Eves.. Bob Wlnans. PY 2-2754 LOOK SUNSET DRIVE Located In Redlands choicest residential area on beautifully wooded acre with view of the mountains, bedrooms, den. 2 fireplaces, central heatinc.'oalc floors. life time roof, 2 car farage. 922.500. PY 3-4306 or PY 3-4935. High on the Hill look at 1331 W. Highland Ave. and see owner. Duplicating Offset REDLANDS BLUEPRINT CO 22 W. Citrus Ave. Phone PY 2-3478 Equipment Rental Complete line of Contractors Equipment and Trucks By Day. Week, or Month W. K. EQUIPMENT CO. 273 So. E St. TUr 4-2181. San Bdno 1830 — 8th St. OV 4-5464. Riverside Garage. $7 week. MENTONE —3 room unfurnished du plex. newly decorated. S45. PY 2-3889 FURNISHED 3 room apartment, first floor, close in. laundry Utilities paid. PY 2-4009. FURNISHED bachelor apartment, utili ties paid PY 2-4009. "B -BKSOSr close in, private bath. furnished apartment Utilities paid. $60. PY 2-3713. 38 E. Vine. HU.LCREST INN. 725 Orange. Rooms, day, week, month, roomy, economy caL stores close by. PY 2-9041. S3 WEEK up. cabins. Kitchen, refrlg erator, utilities free. Shady trailer spaces. $16 up. 518 Lawton. CLEAN* I bedroom furnished apartment. wall-to-wall carpeting, cooler. 845. 317 W. Olive. PY 6-4332. 2 AND 3 room furnished apartments. Swimming pool. Mission Motel, Hiway 99. 3 miles west of Redlands. DOUBLE and I single furnished room. Housekeeping privileges, attractive home, business woman desired. PY 2-3705. 4-8 p.m. YUCAIPA. 13th Street—New, unfurnished 2 bedroom duplex, carport, antenna, garbage and water paid. Adults. $65. PY 7-4409 evenings. NEW i-bedroom. carpeted, breakfast bar, sun deck, swimming pool, beautifully furnished, disposal, air con- dltlonlng. $95. PY 2-7379 or PY 2-3876. NEW 2-bedroom apartment. $85. Sylvan Manor, between Grove and Judson Streets. 1316 Sylvan Blvd. PY 2-4180] FURNISHED 3 room apartment, laundry facilities, garage, hot water furnished. $60 month. 330 S. Buena Vista. PY 3-1473 or PY 2-2536. ATTRACTIVE 2-bedroom furnished. Upper floor with sun decks. Close to downtown Yucalpa. $60 per month. Phone TUrner 8-4431, San Bernardino. BEDROOM furnished apartment, clean and close to town, lights and water paid. 4 room apartment, partly furnished, newly painted. Close to town. Lights and water paid. Call PY 2-1576 after 4 JO p.m. Gardening LAWN mowing, trimming. Hedge and tree pruning. Light hauling. PY 6-3905 HEDGE trimming, yard work, power tools, trash hauling. PY 3-5914. General Remodelling CARPENTRY, painting, electrical re- palr. No job too small. PY 2-3361 or PY 4-1414. Grading — Excavating TRACTOR work, discing, grading, lev- ellng. PY 2-2289. BULLDOZING. EXCAVATING. GRABING. TRENCHING. H. Kevari. 1131 6th St. Phone PY 2-5652 or PY 3-1773. Key and Repair Service WHITE'S KEY SHOP Lawn mowers, pickup and delivery, saws, shears sharpened. Safe combinations changed and repaired. Small motor repairing. Including OUTBOARD motors. Keys made for all locks. 316 Orange. PY 2-3466. before you buy your home. Take a (Large, well built 2 bedroom home "*" " " — Privacy, view, beautiful yards and all the necessities for comfortable living. Real targe rooms, closets and cupboards galore. 2 baths, wall to wall carpet throughout and an outstanding kitchen. Built in 1954 and you can't duplicate it for the ask Ing price of $22,750. *I550 DOWN BY OWNER—4 bedrooms. 2 baths. Urge kitchen, ilidlng glass doors to king size patio, fireplace, corner lot, prt vate alley to garage, Rainbtrds. di chondra lawn, close to school, churches, shopping. $110 per month total. FHA. PY 2-2821. FRED P. FOY, Realtor will give you all the tntormatlon re garding this lovely 3-bedroom and den older home in the Cope-Smiley school district. The asking price ' $13,500. Call at —131 CAJON —or phone Day or Nite, PY 3-2591 Close To Town Really neat and built in 1953. Nice living room with fireplace. 3 fine bedrooms with 2 baths, carpet in living room, hail and I bedroom. Drapes, wonderful covered patio and fenced yard. Worth every dims of the asking price of $25,000. DON FIGGINS 7th at State REALTOR PY 3-2881 Landscaping LANDSCAPE gardening, sprinkling ays- tems installed, renovating by roto- tllling power equipment K. Feenstra, 819 Sylvan Blvd. PY 2-3470. Pla$tering PLASTERING-Stucco. 30 year't expert' ence. Licensed. Insured. PY 2-3232, PATCHING a" specialty. Call $>¥ 1-0444. Donald J. Zrlcton. Prescription Cunningham's Prescription Pharmacy 29 E. Vine Phone PY 3-3229 Tire Recapping 8-hour recapping service. Guaranteed'. Taylor's Super Service, 4th — State. 2T Trailer Service HOUR home and road service. Installation and repairs. Southers, TU 9-2403. San Bernardino. Tree Surgeon TREE TOPPING. REMOVING. INSURED G. Maxwell. 1215 Webster. PY 3-3783 DUNITHAN TREE SERVICE Fully Insured 2394 M1U Creek Rd. Free Estimate Phone PY 4 -1312 30 Furniture'Appliances USE THE FACTS FAST ACTION "CLASSIFIED" CALL PYRAMID 33-22-1 USED DEPARTMENT McMAHAN'S NO CASH DOWN EASY TERMS Large Gibson Refrigerator.-. 5-plece Dinette Set Kirby Vacuum Cleaner with attachments 2-piece Living Room Set Servel Refrigerator Occasional Tables . Philco Radio _ $89.95 ..$14.95 ..$14.95 $29.85 $59.95 ..from $ 3.93 S14.B5 40" Electric Range _$S9.95 Occasional Chairs from $ 9.95 2-plcce Living Room Set _$39.95 Norge Gas Range 449.83 Stlvertone Console TV $89.95 Admiral Console TV $79.95 Mercury Console TV .$98.95 Kenmore Deluxe Washer.. .$79.95 No Red Tape to Open Your Account McMAHAN'S UNIVERSITY DISTRICT Near Christian School 3-Bedroom cutle, with fireplace, oak floors, wall - to - wall carpet, class shower enclosure over tub, patio, shade trees, double farage. fenced yard, and 4% G.I. loan for only $11,900. Please hurry: Phil & Becky Lukei REALTORS 131 Calon St. PY 3-2885 Sun.. Eves.. Roy Buchox. PY 2-5170 127 E. STATE CLUB AREA ONLY $20,900 WITH LOW DOWN PAYMENT i Redlands* most delightful area Dream kitchen, loads of shelves and counter space, double sink, built-in range and oven, garbaie disposal. bedrooms, and the Master bedroom Is truly large with a connecting bath with a full 5' tile shower that has elbow room. Pullmans in bathrooms, main bath has laundry facilities with outside door. Sparkling Crane fixtures, aluminum windows. 12 foot sliding glass door tzpm patio to living room, fireplace. Detached garage with room for two cars and a gclfcart- All thl« is brand new. with a 138 ft. frontage lot with landscaping. Country Club Homes located on Jordan St.. near Redlands Country Club. SCHERER FOOTHILL TERRACE, A CORPORATION DON FIGGINS 7th at State REALTOR PY 3-2881 Apartment House I untta, all nicely furnished. One of best Southside locations, close in. $16,000. Income $173 a month. In Shady Setting Greenspot area. Sparkling contemporary. Hardwood floors, all wool carpeting. Very attractively furnished. Ideal home for retired couple. $10,500. Terms. South Side !-year-oId 2-Bedroom. Patio. Everything you want in a home. Hardwood floors, plastered. Built-in stove and oven, 11 ft. Servel. Landscaped yard all fenced. A real buy at $13,500. HELEN HILL, Realtor H N. 7th PY 3-3017 Eves. PY 2-1303 55 Real Estate For Sale Redtanoi BY OWNER-7 rooms. 1*. baths. 3 car garage, walled patio. Extras. PY 2-2373, 2 B_DKOOM5 and den. suuthslde, wall to wall carpetina* throughout, stove* and refrigerator, draperies, fenced back yard, sprinkling system. $13,500. Call PY 3-1173. Collect $220 monthly from 7 units, close In, oa 100 x 135 ft. ifte. Good potential, grogs about 13$3500 'down. BERT MARCUM, Realtor 204 E. State yPY 3-37B* Van Wieren Bros. ON NORTH SIDE NEW 3 BEDROOM — $3850 $850 DOWN PY 3-5173 326 FRANKLIN AVE. TOPS IN A 3 BEDROOM 1955 HOME. LET US SHOW YOU THE INSIDE. Ray and Helen Overoclcer Realtor and Associate CALL ANYTIME PY 2-1804 627 BROOKSIDE AVE. PARKING $950 DOWN Brand new 3 bedroom home with easy monthly pay menu. Close to north side shopping. A real good value with excellent terms. DON FIGGINS 7th at State REALTOR PY 3-2861 I Block to Golf Course Executive type house, 3383 sq. ft t years old, 4-bedroom house. 2 baths* •tone fireplace, knotty pine. Screened: in patio, electric dishwasher. Approximately 1 acre ground, room to build duplexes. Rambling ranch type. Yucalpa area. PY 7-0600, Shown by appointment only tff owner. $23,500 PAY A LITTLE MORE and get a LOT more for what you pay in this individually designed 2-bedroom and den beauty. View? — wonderful.' Southside? — of course! 2000 sq. ft. includes 2 fireplaces and • formal dining room<£or your entertaining pleasure. Call BEV PERRY at Brooke 'Sawyer, Realtors 12 W. State PY 3-2814 Eves. PY 2-5150 FHA OR CAL-VET BEDROOM HOME, built la 1953. Iff neat and clean, on a quiet street In a desirable neighborhood. Wall-to- wall carpeting in living room. din.inf room and hall. Draperies and cooler included. Fenced rear yard. Have FHA commitment and should go well on Cal-Vet. Will consider 15' house trailer as part payment. 1200 square feet — 512,300. Virgil J. Sims, Realtor 20 North 6th PY 3-2778 Sun, it Eves.. Bob Wlnans. PY 2-2754 WEST CYPRESS Between Cope Jr. High and Smiley Grade school. 2 bedrooms and closed in sleeping porch. Nice fireplace, wall to wall carpet in living room and dip ing room. Hardwqpd fk all rooms except, breakfasts kitchen, and hath, which has I tile, new linoleum in service *. House painted in and cuf ye«C Lot good size 57x294. all f* Pine tree in front yard worth fortune, several other 3 £3 -*.*trees. Prjced at $13,250. Have^W>Wloan coming. Call us to see aUtytOoC:. DON FIGGINS PY 3-2881 4 BEDROOMS Near Cope and Smiley Schools, built i n 1956. Large living rcom with fireplace, separate dining room. 2 bat hi, convenient kitchen featuring built-in dishwasher, range, oven totfsserie. disposal and refrigerator, lots of natural birch cabinets and large breakfast area. This beauty has hardwood floors completely carpeted except for kitchen and baths, forced air heat and cooling system, heavy shake roof, lovely drapes too on all windows. This home is perfect in every detail even to'the large beautifully landscaped yard with sprinklers, nice patio and an outstanding view in one of Redlands best neighborhoods. $23,250. FHA terms available. PRESCOTT'S Smiley • Cope • Special with Four Bedrooms 'Just the right distance from these new schools, in a quiet neighborhood, is this sixteen months' old two bath home. The corner lot enhances the lovely view. A large living-family I area, which Is handy to the built-in kitchen and patio, adds to the livability of the 1600 square feet of floor space. Owner is being transferred to Phoenix and says. "Sell it for $21,000." Terms can be arranged. Get in touch with FRED M. HOOPER OR RALPH D. JENKINS 20 W. Citrus REALTORS PY 2-5425 PY 3-2812 PY S-3144 208 1 a Orange St. Redlands PY 1-3763 PY 3 Overlooking Ihe Valley and mountains — you71 feel you're sitting on top of the world in the comfort and luxury ot this beautiful home. Lean back, relax and scan this panorama from the security of the spacious living room—and—look up from dinner and enjoy the spar- kllng carpet of lights from the dining room. Three bedrooms, a king- sized playroom and spacious kitchen- breakfast area round out the appeal, of this gracious home. See it in its setting amid cool ivy and green, green grass. Buy it for only $31,500 and know the Joy of saying, "It'i mine." BERT MARCUM, Realtor Multiple Listing Service 204 E. Stale PY 3-3780 EVENINGS and SUNDAYS Joe Littlepaje C. A. Bloebaum PY 2-358* PY 3-UU ' Cottage Style desirable Summit Ave. Corner loca- on. Mellow 2-Bedroom home of _ u s t o m construction. Beautifully landscaped for the busy person who likes Igvely plantings requiring minimum care. Can be purchased for $16,500. or furnished for $17,500. Designed For "Fussy" People Mariposa Drive, by Redlands* Golf and Tennis Club. This outstanding home contains a 31 x 15 ft. Recreation Room. 3 large Bedrooms, 2 3 « Baths, separate Den, Dining Room, 2 fireplaces — and much more that raises it to the "out-of-the-ordinary" class. Owner leaving, so drapes and carpeting stay. Shake roof enhances outdoor charm. Sprinkling system facilitates easy yard care. Extra- large 24 x 26 ft. garage. Price $32,500. Terms. Under the Circumstances Owner transferred, and has authorized us to sell at F.R.A. appraisal, with 10% down—or you may submit your own terms. I.oveIy 3-bedroom home, located on one of Redlands' wide, tree-lined south side streets, and across the street from a well-kept Orange grove. This is a well-built custom house that represents a sound Investment at 115,750. $750 Down If down payment has been your problem, here Is a fairly new 3-Bedroom home, built In - M. with a 4!4% G.L loan Just made to order! Over 1000 sq. ft. in this livable and well- planned home. Fenced back yard. Total price $11,750. Owner will consider any reasonable proposition, and will trade for San Bernardino property. FOWLER'S REALTORS 25 Cajon PY 3-2883 After Hours. Call MR. PUTNAM MR. MEAD MR. CUMMDJGS

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