The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1930
Page 5
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Tonight and Saturday JEANNE CAGELS QQBBtonaitQichat . Jealous! shadows from her past threaten her happiness. What does this lovely young wife do? Matinee". i Evening - 10c, and ,25c. - 15c and 35c. Also Pathe Sound News and Fibles;, and All Talk, ing laurel and Hardyf Comedy. COMING TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY HAROLD LLOYD in His First All Talking Comedy ' 'WELCOME DANGER" SUNDAY AND MONDAY •Also Paramount Sound News, Talking Comedy and Vitaphone Act—Mat., 10c, 25 JC ; Eye., 15c; 35c. 1 S o c i^e t Dinner Party. Thursday evening at their home on West Washington street, Mrs. William N. McGraw and sou, William Jr., entertained at a charmingly appointed six o'clock dinner' party. The dinner was given complimentary '• lo the Misses Edna Jane Plessinger, Barbara Thompson, Ethel Blair and Mary Brown ot Blul'ftori who are delegates tp the Indiana :State Sunshine Convention and are the^ complo-ii- ! • . ' V • • ?• : ly used in the decorations of the j • home. !'•!'' ; •; During the evening a happy ; group of numbers, was given toy. i the quartet composed of Messrs. ;.-.Iim Tolle,/Russell Downes, "*Bob | Morriii aiid Bill .McGraw. Miss Elizabeth Compton also gave a program of readings. Other guests for the dinner parly with the honor guests were: Bill Me-' Co'rmick, Bob Morris, Dan Simp-, soii. Sherman Mettlen, Bill McGraw. Bob Richards, Jim Tolle, -Russell Downes, John Barrum, l J )iil Ogle, Mary Osborne, Mary Belle Simpson; Blanch Achen' bach; Ruth;-Simpson, ^Elizabeth Eva McCarty, Mrs. house guests of Mr; and Mrs. McGraw during the convention, | For the prettily appointed • tables, ilio hostess used a pretty color scheme of yellow . and white, i lii' Sunshin.e colors, for the i decorations, place cards and flowers. The yellow aird white, color scheme was also effective- Simpson and Brazil. Esther -Coons' of Miss Alice Brady student at Indiana University is here to spend the spring vacation with hpx par- entJ, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Brady, northeast -of Tipton. t~j. -' - HAT TIME And hoppy you'll.te'tto loy oiide your ho* -for on* of lhose 41 MOVIE MORAL CODE Aim Rules \of Hays Group at Reflecting Better Life Conditions. LIQUOR USE IS CURBED .New York, April 2. —A .code of ethical practices toil motion picture producers has been adopted by the Motion Picture Producers and Distributers Association. .' I I . L , Ratification of a new "iset- of ruleiB was considered necessary by the members of the Hays organization since the changes brought about in pictures by the addition of sound, which allows more literal translation of plays and literary works, call for. ..the* u^e of more liberal subject matter. The three main points^ of the agreement "provide that:" j 1. Every effort shall be made to- reflect in drama and entertainment the better standards ofj life. 12. Law, natural or human, 'shall hot be ridiculed. j ; "3. Sympathy shall- not be created for the violation of the law. More specifically the code provides: '. -That crimes against law shall never be presented in s^»Ii_a way as to throw sympathy with the crime as against law and justice. That acts of murder or torutal- ity s.hall toe presented only in sjich a wa^.as will-not inspire imita-i tion." - a That methods of crime shall not be presented in explicit detail on the screen. ' " i That revenge in modern times shall not be justified as a .motive. That the; use of liquor in American life shall be restiicted •A to the actual requirements; of characterization lor plot. ,'. ' 'The love of man andworian, Will Hays explained yesterday; "and the social problems that emphasize the- need of religious, ethical and moral teachings-, are obviouslyi' proper material for mo. lion picture presentation. Nevertheless, the screen, which reflects: the art of the multitudes, with its vast popular appeal, Owes a def-j Inite responsibility tp public moN! treat all sex relationships with due care and judgment The! code provides therefore: That the sanctity of the institu tion of marriage and the home| shall be upheld. That adultery shall not be ex; plicitly treated as justified. . That scenes o£ passion shall not) be intrq.ducted when not essential .to the plot. i 1-\ GOLDSMITH CLASS Juniors 'Will Present Southland"-{'April jtj I LAY, ' . | • llose lb. : The Junior class ofi'tle! Goldsmith, High school is having final rehearsals! on their annual el iss "play which will «be gliver, at he high school auditorium| Fri( ay at Of evening, April 11th,i jat| ! _8 o'clock. (The Southland" is an ' exceptionally fine and wholesome glair and the cast of characters has been well chosen to insure; success The cast includes Evaline, the oldj a southern Mammy Rose girl, inda, man. type, ] Dorothy Dorinda. a • I, lovely of ^outhern jLoretta Phifer; | Major Dor- fine type of southern gentle- Thomas WinslqwJ. !-.Burton (Budj) Dorinda, j ^ \ loveaple chap but -a] bit egotistical jaiidl .lames Thompson; Grant- progressive cotton | grow wild, Lee a er, Robert Giinn;i Ruth Beveridgu, a well i ! \ \ i - i l to do unattached woman. Gladys Christy; Alfred ;Hicksbn, a law- vor. Francis Johannaes; Hallie, Eurke, a pretty lithe chatterbox, Mammy Crystal • Lockridge;Poynter" an attractive dolent daughter of; jth'e Harriet Harrison; Stephinie be- Barrie, a southern girl 'of French descent, Lucile^Bess. i !.-' A brief synopsis!is as Rose Dorinda sells! some Elizabeth but in- south, follows: that done with a failure-is to close the door upon it and for get. But producers * look at figure done. balance sheet and something should be and Polly Not only do the that Mo- in pictures I Marie Dressier ran are inseparables they work; together with highly laughable results 1 hut they play about together outside of studio hours, i ! •!'{[• I.j ' i But they have ha 1 .amazingly different! backgrounds, j W Marie Dressier has a jlong^ career (f professional and social . triumphs* Gay and smart New j York entertained" her years auo.And slie has been a great continental frvorite also. But Polly Moran' is! well, just Polly Moran. She isn't | concerned about the correct pronunciation ! of llorj d'oeuvres varies. Neither does' she really see the superior flavor of the endive as against the! good leaf. Caviar is just old j lettuce "that I black room land of moneyl the to l|er blind family portraits to get hire a specialist to pire father. Bud Dorinda |leav|e.s home w'ithout a! word to janyone! iss Ruth; an old friend of the Doi in­ da family, leaves,foi' pilifqr and leaves her jewels' in the c ire of Lawyer Hicksoii. The jewels i ' disappear|the same; day| IJud por- inda leaves. i j •• Lawyer tha.t Miss soon !and to marry Hicksbn !recen{ Ruth is coming he plans! to Jiiive llud Dorinda arrested- if Rosd him so she!consents Bp ;es wbrd hdnie refuses though she really loVes friend, Grant Lee. ; I | . Wlien Major D^orinda's jeyes are •to be tested Bijdljretujriis home with ! the | family! portrait 5, i Miss Ruth's jewels werelfouKd and Mr Hickson's|scheme fails aid Grant pf Rpse Lee receives the love Dorinda. allow » N FILMLAND Sex perversion or any inference of it is forbidden on.the screen. The subject of white slaverjl shall, not be treated on the sireen " Good taste and a proper legart for the sensibilities, of the audi ence must regulate the treatmen 1 of low, unpleasant, although no necessarily cvy subjects.. Amont: the provilftons fbr. safeguardinj the standards of motion picturen are the .following: \ No film or episode may throv ridicule on any religious faith, j Ministers of religion' in tlieij 1 cl aractcr of ministers of reliuj- ion should not be used as conup characters or as villains. The use of the flag shall bb consistently respectful. The history, institutions. proirl ; ii.ent people of jother nation |s bhan be represented fairly. Pointed profanity is forbidden Obscenity in word, gesture, reference, song, joke or by suggestion is forbidden. Indecent.or undue exposure \a forbidden Such subjects as hangings cjr electrocutions, third degree methods, brutality, apparent cruelty to children- or animals, must/: tie treated, the code provldesl witi- u the careful limits of good tasty. c UMr. a very clever woniaii ways] But one of ;'her! theories is that ! of jhaving.^en who jlook i senior) to iier Some of our most | successful i estanlisUed •stars; pickj leading men froni| the ranks of the ; cdloiiy^s h" in^some is pretacad by. resolution, w|jich.provide* form 'InterpreUtiau of tuj-provlr siona i "Brarr it«p ot^thla l>n£ cednre,"^Mh ttays eipUinlBd,^'* anNict oraelf-«6V^hm«nt Snd^rth ii Hqllywood, .[• Api'ilj 1, Swan'son ifi" all readyj to her new picture.'. I thinll people are interested in w( star is doing than! aiiy pictures. Her followers'* tremendously ehthusiasti. i i •• i I her recent success has lb pGldria Istart on more hat tjiis in so tither are • Ajnd jeen one tihlngs of the most thrilling [ pictures. J ! j Owfen Moore aiid'ilan JKeith tre tho. t|wo liandsome j gentlemen in her newt story. Gloria Swanson is lii m« ny keenest young men, not (realizing emphasize tljeir doing so jthey own maturity; j Gloria will sing in this one : lso What's a Widow,"jit :s cal Fights galore have centered' around "Queeii Kelly" t.nd .tliey are not over yet. The b«st tbjing that by stuff on toast" arid to be spoken of in a shudder, i I . ' I ,\ But Marie Dressier is making a worldling out o£ Polly Moran. She's drumming .drawing technique into; tile rough ready PolL And Polly is taking it in good faith—^there's a friendship between these twoi I was standing j oh the [Hammerstein set watching, gay Vienna.! being unrolled before my ! j eyes and thinking whatjfuri our grandmothers and.grandfathers had in- the pre-speak-eai3yj days. j I "Just across th^ |way ajvery handsome young blond gentleman' was standing with a ""haifj-smile Tipton Young Ludiea - Wflt |At- lend Session at Indiaiuipolis. The Misses Martha Nile Bow- Hh and Madonna Phares, dele- iaW from! the junior Art League d* Tipton, Vention of oh his face. I j racked my brains, said •W\io is but couldn't pla-ce! him. So j to one of the executives, the handsome | blopd?" j At that; monienjt |the 'jhand- sbme blond" came over. Alexander Gray-couldn't! watch my perplexity any longer.- j Movies had. transformed him| from to the 5th annuarcon- the Indiana Fede^a- ttdb of Art Clubs, and Misa Mary Louise Kurt*, state secretary of' the Federated Junior clubs will go to Indianapolis Saturday to attend the session of the Junior Art clubs. | Miss Phares! is president of the ; Tipton Art League. •|The convention will be held at the John Herron Art institute, besides some exceptionally' fine program features -including a pageant "The Three Gifts'.' by the pupils of the Art; school and the' delegates will be taken on a tour 6f^ the Art Museum: They •yyill also visit the home pf Mr. and Mrs. George Calvert, art c-cllec-: tors, jthe Scottish Rite cathedral and the studio of- Seth M. Velsey, sculptor. , | Mrs. Sam Matthews, sponsor for the League will, chaperche the girls. She went to Indianapolis Friday • to attend Ihe other ( sessions of the convention, -Fri- great j day and Saturday,-she serving Sari seme of the committees, being one of the Field secretaries of the Federation. ' {Mrs: Matthews will also be on the reception committee for the 7th annual Indiana Art .Dinner glten in the Riley Room at • the Clay pool hotel Saturday evening at! 6:30 o'clock.. iThe dinner "will-be followed by, an address by lan'.B, Stoughton Holburn' oI Edinburg, Scotland, author and' staff lecturer for unirj versities In England. A mceM ooe-ttraii patent lea., WTlh b%k He.- •' I. a jvery nice looking youi|g j man '! j with dark hair and a very j'corkervative Brunimel who s for a row; air into a Beau will knock: the!del) ! Of all the.amazing things jtliisr village can boast, • its! understanding of feminine ! psychology! "s perhaps the greatest! Gray'^ | who has one of the finest barytone voices in the jcolpny, hdd i !not come up toitheir ideals of sex!.appeal in his two fjormer' pictures. Doesn't tnis j el make too thidkj! well it will, to ( vour sports froeksP Iti.< of perforated ft ?t» calf with sunrtri (tint $3.9$ wltn Carnine-I'urkcy. It began to look rather dark; for the former Ziegfeld leadipg man. Out here producer; expect'sex appeal plus in tljeir favorites^ -So a niakeup man Weiit to work and transformed t.lie singer intio; a blond. The entire -personality is so changed thdt I ^don't think it's rash to predcil that he wilf jbe a contestant: forj th| first: place in feminine hearts this rooming Study Club The members o! of the Tipton ' Art J Association will be entertaine 1 Mondayjafterf lioon by Mrs. O. II. Mayne at her home 'on the Hub Highway west of Tipton. A splendid musical program will be given and also a Composers! and Mayne and of study of Negro singers toy Mrs.: 'iNegro Spiritual Waugh. Member^ meet at Library promptly at 2:00 o'clock' where tralni-poytatipn will urg- the Study club ' by Mrs. are 1 aske^d Eva !• to be- provided. : ,ed to attend the meeting. Every memberj A Splendid! Program. Are You Ready Pay $20,000? & jwy IN*** •waifJi triM daatagM te a firi who had aim hit by a tnKk. TVfamUy * U wm« wa. killed by a < ar weafrad ISMM. A WJT of 14 crinlai A very splendid program was iven Thursday uSghtjat the Prairie i Consolidated ! school, this .being "The Festival of! the Months;' Robert Law resident, who iji manager.of the merit of the Indiana Gas Light Company; was hire! i from Noblesr, former now ppliance depart Tipton distridt ville.Friday. Mr getting his new live, Herbert Bergman started on the; right;foot Law was . |her,e local representaT; Thursday evening in the office of the county Clerk; Justice "of tlie Peace 'R. P. Rice united in marriage Fesler Carnine of Indl- .anapolis and Miss Cleo Purkey- giving her address as West .El- wbod, this county. The. bride- grooiri is a service salesman.trav­ eling out of Indianapolis where it is! understood the young .people will make their home. The bride is| the daughter of Mn-aifd Mrs: RJ L. Purkey who are residents of Tennessee;. W. E, !TerwiUiger accompanied the you'hg people to the office of the Clerk ajid made the necessary affidavit as to residence. As with its ribbon tie^, la­ this patent leather slipper with parchment; underlay- trinuning. if* only And $2.98 '9- . ••**- ' Fpofwecir for «l fhi oa> a JLC.rtNNEYCO !r>ll($8r)tiHiMaiiiSi At the Fitz. iMrs. Etta Little - who has been spending the} winter with her sis- m" Whisler near AJ- for - Cliicago: Friday city ' with Sirs. Mary Freehand .her sob. te'r, Mrs^ T«| bright,' left and will visit in that her daughter lich and husband Oral Little. . ' - ' . j A French. town house, typical of the. finest type of upper class residence in Paris, is one of the outstanding-sets tor the Paramount, talking picture! "Jealousy," starring : Jeanne! Eagels, now showing at the Ritz theatre. The* house: represents an extended three-story stone dwelling in .the eighteenth century style, placed behind, high iron railings with, ornate. gateway anil a grass p.loi with trees in, front! It occupies nearly half the great main floor stage of the studio. French atmosphere | pervades! A coBseTvaiiidij} t^ltd oxford sure at ayptal to men of good tattc ia dress!... priced to appeal ! to thrifty meal Gnmneta! call. $4 :9$ the dicture. The first day'a work on "Jealousy" was done in aa elaborate Paris dress shop. Seta used also include offices, libraries, ' living rooms and bedroom*, all. or them in a style of great wealth and taste.' "Jealousy'' ia by 'fir the smartest talking picture, from! .the viewpoint ot cloth is arid sets, so far produced in the east. Arthur Jackson of Crawforda- ville.l former Tipton resident, here Friday attending to- businfese matters and visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Jackson. Cosmopolitan Service has the CINOjt 1901, the Leatheraan institution •^endeavored to offer Tipton people onljr best to be had in funeral service. Nothing has been omitted,-no effort spared in.makinff L tath- eriuan Service adequate to every requirenient, efiBciei t and satisfying in ev^ry respect. I EATHEBMAN Service ia aUmclu 3 ive --of- L fering'at no extra charge ^he services of the only licensed lady embalmers in the city of Tipton, who walways serve in ore of womea and children; modern equipment' thoroughly zom.- plete; ia stock of highest quality mercharJdjse, ihclriding selections to suit <jvery taste and to meet every cirenmstance. These s«d tnaiij other extraoi*nary features ari offeted by an institution which forthmy^aiars has •lemplifled the utmost in efficient, quality service. 1 H ESEis, indeed a traly m^tropoUtan wrvice ,-as fthe as can bo found.i anjw|*1re-i vtil- able to anyone 1B tWi »»Mrli*wtat ririoes no higher than for ordinary strviee.

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