The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1930 BLYTimVILLE. (ARK.) COUUIEK-NEWS itles for Book Ban Demands Secret Session in | Which to Read Tropic Passages to Senator. j By RODXEV IHITCI1F.R ! NBA Scrvlc* Writer • WASHINGTON—The Senate, after sadly boring the American people with ils long tariff squabble, Is. about lo pul on a good, snappy j sho»- in what will be known as the '• battle (f Smooc vs. Smut. I In this epic struggle, the Hon. i. Retd Smoot. mialor f<o:n Utah,. chairman of till" Senalu Finance | conmluce, liKjh eccl<!.sin.ttic of the Mormon church, stern champion oi'; gccd mcrsls and enemy of citjarci!, for v.'Gmon, will underlain to iirc- tttt the vlriuf <if the American people from foreign literature of the type disapproved by the Meth- cdist Board of Temperance, Prohi- l)itl?n and Public Morals. Gcimt'r Smcoi has been through a terriffic period cf training, has sparring partner having been none ether than Kid Smut -himself. bnioct emerged badly shaken, bnt leady for the main c;ntest. ^^_^_ Tu Force Second Vole I _ , „ , The Usue involves the provision I B( ' nal .?I.. nc1 ?l l in the present Tarill Act under which Cusicms officials maintain | censorship en imported bcoks, us-Mill the books. ing their own judgment as to what is obscene. By a margin of two votes the Senate adopted amendment of Senator do thai," said he. "But I can'l pnl that si HIT In the Itec- orcl." Some of tin 1 more ribald senn- tors insist thai Smoot can't huve his executive fission. They Ue- iimnd llmt he come right out hi llic i.pi'ii. They are adii]iilng Hie lUb'iiinent <n Serial :r Nun Is of Ne- bnuka, who In \ircvlous debate on censorship implied that It It were triio that trunk, imccnsoied Hteva- turc impaired a peison's morals, lie Cusl'nis censor nuul be the iiDft Immoral person in llic world >y this time, j thli conn:: Smoot 1ms refused to tell whallnnd Sliukr. L'ccks he rend, except (o mention j Jle may l.ady Chaltcrley's Lover." by D.lmg cntiie II. I.ii'.vretiee, anil such lump lomes | inont oi c us "All Qlct on ihu Wuslrm Front."! Is Hint i: ; liocncclo, I(al:e!nls. Aietlno ond' V In Ire's O.ndldc. H VVL'.J Cole Ulraso of South CaioUnu who read, on the -floor PAGE THREE allowed t» il<o!ili> what 120,000.000 Ainerlaiii i-nvrns should read. How cnn such a i:i.m be nllowcd to censor Hit- .nun' of Hit 1 world? Can't, «o u-ly on our law:. 1 , our Judges iiiui ii,,, luiiiirnc,. O f our (•hike-lies n!,,| ullicr moiill UWIK'ICS lo toy ni::i O f UK, |;IKK I SPn ,. ( , of (he Aun-Lii-aii people, lo prevent. lion ot libsiiiliy?" If Smroi n-.iili his piivple jms- snge^ tu th... Kcsiiiii'. Cuitlng promises to nuMi ii:,u uy readily fiom Indian Students Edit Very "Flexible" Paper PIKIIHK. 3. U. p Jan. 14 (UP) — IVihap.s tin; iluuiiu'sl wwspaix'r ever publlsliocl Is "Wulnnln Wnslc," n nilmcotiiaplied pamphlet dlslilu- uu-il ut liKBiiUu- tiitctviU by the Pierre Indian .school. The pnpcr contains no stt number of piim-s i,nd the publication dull 1 Is Kovcini'd only by Ihc regularity with wlilrh conv Is luntoit four lu 10 ceptcd In half n ilor.m IndUn dialects uud Innguancs for iruns- Intlvn Into Kni'lhh. A fcatuie ol Wotiuiln Waste Is a full |i:ii;e ruvrr pUituio of each ifsiic .skplrlii'il on stencil by Thorn- us Dulls Kyes, a pupil of ' the Ediral. and iiuo Hie Record, tlnce lines mi illibusier by reacl- 'i-lumrs. for tl«. urgii- •:MIS anil dhi'v llurrnls Iwk .should bt 1 Judged by srhTii-i; ,,i a ..|,, s ) t , imj,,. ,, r parngrn|i:i. i,..:t In n s eiitlK'ty. Olli- erwlsc. ih.-y -ay. nil excellent precedent iKiiiid ix, established for bar- pases and contributions are ae- o! lh« nnluiiil geysers abounding COLDS MAY DEVELOP ~ INTO PNEUMONIA rhif. thi' Ilible fr'm au unlmpcitanl piece of mod- fiu ficllcn. ' Divcrsey." by Mac- MI'SKKAT i'[.A<i|tK Kl'iby Kantor. wlilch he described PHACIUI-' '] tic American a. "llic dirtiest lliiiiB I evur mul.";i,,oii 6 lii n, imhonln Uvi-my years nicaw had eulln-.iUj' traliucd this ugo \ n ., xrry small n ,, mbcl . ,,„„ t'.:k away fron. an iinsiisppclliiB mu ltlpli ( -;l t,i sl ,ch Hll vx[mt Hint young woiiinn "before she vvaehed Ba hcinl:i K waning •! ivlcnilcw Ihc v.-crst purls." war to i-si,;,ninate llie^c He'll Have Oiniositloi. " Thc ,-c :,„• .-nlilom ,,f 'the animals hm'.ot* worthy opponenl In the , now ln „,,, cmml ,. y .,,,, (hc , crllicoinlnK battle will be Senator |, |)BS ull . n ., :[| a j. Silling, and erudlic und culliircd tan x m ent. :uid "iwls Omni jiEduate of Haivnrd who splnte | i imils „,,. lu , |l( ;o kn| l\u iKiiyuagcs. Onlltng says tin . es oil . SmcclV perspirallen and groaning b-.oks is beside' llic it ... thrusting ti:c open page under a senator's nose he would mutter: i\Ve must keep this stuft out!" New Mexico knocking out that : provision. Smoot is going to fortei another vote in an attempt (o put I > up the bars again. ' Girding himself heroically. Smcolj sent lo the Customs officials for i examples of just how wicked for- | cign literature could be. They sent , him 40 vr.lumes, including some of ' the raciest and most sensual pas- . luges ever written, representing confiscations over a period of years. What the Customs officials con- 1 stdered the most salacious para- j graphs had been carefully marked. | It wasn't necessary for Sinool to j read the bcoks themselves and find out what they \vere all about. I On to Baltic! ! Forlified by G7 years of geod behavior and right thinking. Senator! Snic.ot waded into this insidious I mess. I Aj, Limes, vitli perspiration on his ' brow, ho c:uld be seon stalking dc- I termlnedly .down the corridors to ! the offices of senators will! large ! ^^elh-diU consliluencies. a bockj lucked liiider his r arm.. Thrusting j UK-open., page.'.under a senate's" ncse'lie would 'mutter between clenched teeth: "We must keep this stuff onl!" Nt, one need .suppose thai Senator Smoot- was enjoyirtg himself while reading "this ttufT." He hated it. Figures ]x?rcentage. decimal iioints find economic questions are his favorite reading. He dcBsu't smoke, doesn't drink an:l lias no other habits except hard work and sometimes n little golf. Fouod Books "itotlen" According to. Smoot. the Customs people hit a bull's-eye every time. All the bo3ks proved objectionable to him. "Worse than I anticipated," ne admitted. "I don't Clink anything ought to be said about, all this. It's toj rotten lo mention." Naturally, there were other senators willing lo help him. including Senator Jim Watson of Indiana. Watson, asked what he thought of what he had read, replied in such terms that he cannot here be quoted. At Smoot's office it was snld that Watson had lakcn At Watson's office It was denied that anyone there had seen them. Strangely cncugli, the ! 'he Customs icervice expects to get Cutting of I thr-m all back. Smcot still hopes to administer a coup re grace lo Hie Culling amendment by gelling some of Iho purple passages lo the assembled senators. "There • wouldn'l Uc any ques- lio'u about the oulcome If I could , t those 40 point. "I blmply don't believe," he sasy, "Iliat a Customs clerk should be Dabv ^J tK~ ^ " 's Cotds Bnt mated without HESIIFFtlD runs WITH PILES Some Doctors Said Others Ahcesscs Others Piles Ulcers: and A SIMPLE LITTLE REMEDY CURED IT "After you have suffered as I did for three years and spend all 1 did in vain, you surely feel grateful when something comes along and heals you up and makes yoii well aiirt happy, at my age, 70 years." writes C. P. C. Stamp, who like scores of people here pr.iises Colac Pile Pills to the sky. . "Some doctors called it. access, ethers ulcers and some jusl piles, but I was in terrible pain vvitli almost a steady flow of bloody fume, or sometimes It was clear, red blocd. Our family physician, and a coupie more did their bsst for me, and I hnd already used the remedies advertised in the papers so you can Imagine my relief when I found Colac Pile Pills were each day lessening the pain, and bloody flow. It got. less and less until It quit, and the bowels moved regular, and comfortable again. They surely healed me up, and made me well and happy continued Mr. Stamp, a well known farmer of Preston, Iowa. Seven out of ten past forty years of age are apt to suffer with some mild or serious rectal trouble. Colac Pile Pills—a couplo with a swallow of water nt meal times, do good to countless thousands. They arc iold on po;'.tlve guarantee of reults or money back by leading druggists r send 75c cash or stomps to Colsc Chemical Co., Brentwood. Md. for full size bottle by return mnil. Adu. Head o Vurler Nnvs Wnnl Ads. n this territory. Already school* and other public places are heated 11 thin manner. It Is also plannsd o ims.i luatcd pipes from these jeysers throunh the ground, lieal- ng It to u degree enabling ills of vegetables. (JKV.SKKS HKVr CITY HEYKJAVIK. Uvhuid-ll Is planned lo lim this city, ranllal of Iceland, \\lihouL coal mid from plnn en. the oiu> iTivu-nl point. Tun tails llic liaiiH'sslnR of Cougln from eoU» may lr*il to M- rkHJi troiil>K'. Vun c«n ttoi) lliciu ROW M-ilh Cii'oiuuUliin, an eniuliltlcd cTcvjuln ilut is j)lra*ant to lake. C'ri'oinuMoi! is a iiicilii;^! illicuvi'ry villi iwo.fulil action; it Miolhr4 nlij KonU I!K' tiilluiluil ulcuiLlfiivci uud 111- liililtif );<TIU gii>Klli. Of all knimJi ilr»na crcosolu 15 rcc-" oxiiizctl liy lii^li inL-ilical uiitluirilipl nsnr.L 1 oftiiu (iic.ili-et lujllniJ npcnoifs fov i->ilii;Uj flcni 'rtillll nmi Lroni-hlal Urilnliuiks. CrcuuiuUiuti cnnlalnl, In addition to crco^yk-, oilier i-leiiiriiK inlljiiu'il ulili-li iixnlio (ml heil llio rltatidjt, ivttib ilio crcoiotc yoci on to llio tlonurli. It uliioilH-tl Into lh« lilooil. oIloAa Ihu cjf ilx iroutlo anil rlin-ki tlic growid uf iliu (.ami. CicmnuUinn !•> KununlccJ ullifac- toty in |L- tronlnu'til u( i'u-ig]i5 ([dill «,liis. liroucliill", niul miniir luini! nf liiu:u:lii,il iriil.niiuii, ami ii cicillrnt for liiillilljii; iijiiHo ayslcm nftrrcoUi or flu. Mwiuv rrfiniilnl if not te- lli-vnl adir tjliing nccurdliiij loilitcc- lions. Aik your drUEgist. (jjv.) CREOMULSION FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON Relief from Gas Stomach Pains Dizziness Thedoctors t«ll us thai 90 per'mil of all sickness is due lo stomach anil bowel troubles. You can't be well if )ourtlig(:ilioii Is bad; you are likely to KCI sick unless you relish foc.l an.) digest ii proricrly. Tn lilac has a wonderful reconl as v rellrf from tlljjcsilve Uoublis, wn (hose of years' standing. Local iwopte, many of.whon you know, nre hiuhly endorsing Tanlac. For example, Mrs. lillen Wiiile snys: "For years 1 suffered from ii:i'iR(-s- liou. I got no relief from Hiiiihiun U'.Hil 1 tonlt Taubc. Allrr my loiulli bottle. I feel like a new person anil have a line appetite." If you suffer from gas.pulna in il:c ploiimcli or bowels,dizzinesa. nauwa, conslipalinn, or torpid liver; if you luive no;i[ipelite, can't sleep mid au- nervous and all run down, you nc-oil Tanlac. It is i;ixxl, [iiire iiifdinno. minleof roots, licibs mill barks. Gt-t a- lioltle from your druggist today. Money back if it doesn't help you. Accept nosubstitulc. Presenting , O. }, MILLER Vice-President 'and. G.eneral Manager Gately Chain of tores, Inc. n Store Engineer -^Master Executive S EVENTEEN yenrs a«o on February 2nd,Mr. Miller sought a job with the Gatcly Company—and gol it. His i! -;-:ies in this first job were general and the title was "Stock Boy." But he \va.s the best stock boy J. P. Gr.teLy had ever known, for tlic lad worked an average of sixteen hours a day and was continually offering suggestions that saved money for the firm. Mr. Miller was not only a human dynamo for performing his \vork, hut he WM slso ;>. store-house of ideas and a never-tiring student o' srore operation. As a result Mr. Miller was promoted and promoted through every phase of the chain store business to his present exalted position of Vice-President and General Manager — in which he is still improving methods of store operation and continues working Umg hours every day. His motto is "Systematized, hard work hatters down any obstacles on the road to success". Mr. Miller's ulea of success is that of operating a nationwide chain of stores, giving to the people of every community in which a Gately Store is opened the opportunity of sharing in the profits of Gatcly Chain Stores, Inc. A Go(cty Store fe hcins planned lor l/iis com- inimily, offering to ihc people here nn opportunity ID sfinre in tlic pru/ils o/ the entire Gdlely Clidin. Lenrm nuirc nfioi<( Iriis opportunity to- c/ny...\Vriic /or inlm'stiiii! booklet "MAKING ^!O^^HY \VOKK AMD GROW"...This f> 0 «ifc. let may menu a {arttine to you. GATELY CHAIN STORES, IMC. /2th Floor, 1st National Li/c Building ST. LOUTS, MO. - .112 West Main SI. Hlylhcville, Ark. 'This is THE VERY PAINTING ^ V ...._ "Coming events cast their shadows before" AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining from over-indulgence You men who would keep trirri and fit... you women who covet the tantalizing curves of the truly modern figure—when tempted to do yourself too well, light a lucky instead. Be moderate—be moderate in all things, even in smoking, liat healthfully but not immoderately. When your eyes are bigger than your stomach, light a Lucky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain that lithe, youthful figure. lucky Strike, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—"ITS TOASTED." Every- one knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste; It's toasted" *Be Moderate!... Don't jeopardize the modern form by d rastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums, be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking lucky Strike Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of tlesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too wtl), if you will "Reach for a lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN—The Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra, every Saturday night, over a coast-to-coast network of the N. B. C © l}». Th« Amrrlcin Tobnco Co., «fr«.

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