The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 4, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1930
Page 4
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Tipton Auction Company to Offer Some Splendid Faniis. ' Tin; Tiptou Auction Company composed of Lee Lear ell, L. W, Fuller :cnd E. A. Foster is pre- p-jriiic; for an unusual auction siile of real estate during the moiiili of June, at which they will offer five good farms all of which are to lie sold for,the purpose of settling: estates. • Included in the sale are the Mike Hoffman .farms in this county and one near Phlox in Howard county. Two' of the farms are near Sliurpsvillc and one near Kempt on. AnoiIter ' I' M nil which will be sold by iliiim in '.l.une. is a 43-acre tract, hoiiiir, part of the James F. Inuis farm. The Bethsaida church is on-this 43 acres, ' The sales will he advertised later- and full particulars can he nhiliihed: regarding the tracts and j tonus from the Auction company. Thomas Marker and Wife In Accident Near Martinsville, III. Mr. and 'Mrs. Thomas Marker are at the home i of the former's father, T. C. Marlcer in Windfall' and hotli are suffering, from serious injuries received in an automobile accident early Thursday morning at 2:45 o'clock at Martinsville, Illinois as they were en route to Windfall from St. Louisj- Missouri. j • Mr. and .Mrs.. Marker who are appearing in a well kno^vn stock company at St. Louis, were advised Wednesday; night iof the critical illness of Mr. Marker's mother in Windfall. They left St. Louis at once motoring through to'Windfall. At Martinsville a large bus passed them on the highway. Mr. Marker wai intent in watching a railroad ^crossing i'ahead of him and failed to note that the bus had stopped. He crashed into the rear of the bus. Here On Vacation. Mr. Marker suffered the most sanest and bad .Aiis U-iltl • Mary Helen Tulle, regis-] is spending a few; da>'.<" ii>i> with her pa rents, j Mr. and Mrs. .1. c: .Tollc of Oak | •Mrivi. '.'.iiss Tuiic has for the past; w'wral weeks, had charge of a: patii-iit :it the Methodist hospital,: who i .M 'now recovered to tl :e- es-t tt'iit that the niir:-e was not re-! <juirod and rtyfoi'ii accepting an-^ other decided to spend eral days here. I one ever paid a deserved tribute ute-to those ' indefatigable newspaper workers whose contributions signed "Vox, Populi," "Pro Bono Publico," "Veritas" and "Old Subscriber," have appeared in the newspapers of the country for so many years. Now.we nee^l wonder no longer, for it has been done. At the annual banquet of the Buckeye Press' • association recently, the principal sneaker was Hal Denton, a, former Washington, correspondent, who in the course of his talk on "Browsings in Newspaperdom," recited this hjrmn of praise for that'corps of unpaid and hitherto unhonored AX IMMORTAL GALAXY. The news from Washington, D. C, which now is sent Befogs my brain until my brow . with lassitude is bent. , 'This stuff about the tariff be•i' Jng framed up for the" rich • Is as bad upon one's system, asj '! bubonic plague or itch. Ohi give us back the atews sheets! which in. days agphe we.readj (And, just to think, i the writers] sev- Kiii^ht-s- 'IVmplai • Conclave. vere injuries to his i| cut? on the head.anil face. It is •feared there may , lie a fracture of the breast j hone. Mrs. Marker i also suffered sever cuts on the f he-.'.d and had bniii-es about thej hi:::ii and body. Tliuir uuio was i •"iotatili-ii.'ly demolished.. I ; • ' i "p'.oy were taken into Martins-; villi'- and their injuries dressed, j Later they were .lahen to Indian upolis to the home of Mr. Mark er's sister, airs. Hofl'mever. who j . .- . , . , ..„.-, „ • • Lo what was right to do, | brought them to Windfall. Fortu- _ ,,• • ' ,.„„.™.J r I For that was . left to VERITAS, and OLD SUBSCRIBER, too! fore the , of that)old regime are dead) If anything went wrong pertaining to affairs of state; No one for a . minute ever thought to arbitrate. j i There was never any question asj it :has revolted against Emperor Leo pold,\the instant after having' him crowhed at Brussels. Be votes, vengeance 1qr Leopold's dastardly act in compromising Crack's tcile. •j the lovely Princess Eleanpra, ichom '•he lbd to leave| the triptant after; the marriage ceremony. Leopold •'had ridden!, incognito, \io Crack's ; estate, and spent a night tcith Eleanora. Now the Empire is dis- menipered, thanks to Crack, who captures the Archduchess Uarfa Luisa, Leopold's] sister, .'and plans. at r. revenge'; to | compromises h^r.\ •Leopold flies with his panic-stricken] remnant of "an armyj \\ ' J i! -f-! ,! ' CHAPTER XXII— Continued "dive me a toilet case, and. ten: minites; and I| will attendCyd\it. master at his supper/' she said. The valet:; withdrew immediately and almost; immediately returned .with a luxurious 1 toilet case, which bore, as' she instantly j noted, the arms of Kurland. i . j Maria Luisa Jsnatched out the minor and j stared at herself, and the bitterest of jail bitter thoughts pier led her heart: i"If I were i a beautiful woman, none of this woujld matter!" j .' j j ]*'• Hje did riot stir as she entered. , nor)did the! fiddlers take any heed ' of her; all three seamed absorbed in the music, the wanton, rich mu- Her pride j was| now stronger Under cover crossed the Tipton C o m - thundery w i I I hold regular conclave at 7"p.' m„ .Monday. April l.\ It is de.sired~~t.lial we tipen prompt-j 1.-. All members and snjonrninir.l knights invited to attend. LKH F. GRIFFITH, Commander, • artdy tltey reached tlve home be- other parsed away at i •1:3 ii a. in. Friday!-She was con-' scions, remaining so until the' laist and was. Jtble^.to recognize and , converse-with them • before the end came. I .illtKKTV TOWXSH1I" KILIXCS. Heiijaiiiiii K. Cajsc for Justice of IVacii—Lcw^'lJoyd, Constable. Kd.Walser was at Indianapolis j ISeujamin F. Cage, who for Friday on business lor the Nickel j several years .Plate signal department. De Luxe ring" binders, any style or sue. Tribune Press. See the New lie Kitchen Wall Harkcr & Speckbaugh REXALL DRUG STORE I ., has served as Jus- i tice of the J 'eacc : for Liberty i township lias filed'his declaration ! as a caudidat ^ for re-nomination 'to this office. Lewis L'. Loydhas ; filed as a candidate for. the nonii- I nation for constable. ! Mr. Lloyd 1 as for several years ! been night' policeman a,t Sharps-; a terror ' to' law jing the time he has atchman he has cri mi- taking : yflle :ind he iij j breakers. Dur i served as w I caught a number of real \ mils or' had. a hand: iii ! them. i * ; Others from Liberty township : who have filed are C- L- Lee and i Fred M. Henderson, both for 1 members of the advisory board. ! All of .the candidates are ask- i a. ; t ing nomination on the Republican ! ticket. Now, |if these doughty diplomat!' were at a loss to know. There was comfort in the though. that soon PRO BONO PUB LICO • Would hurl huge gobs of wisdom with h~s fierce and caustic pen, And then we knew the natioi that we love was safe agaii . Too- busy? Ah, no; never! . Wers those Mentors of • the press In the days when this fair land of ours was sorely in distress. We live now in an age of greed:; 'tis easy to forget. ! ' The\ glorious work aocatnplislj- ed by these writers hold, and • - vet ' j There is one thing that a gracj- ous, loving public ought to do - A. were' at crnoim matters. Rear a marble shaft to VERITAjS . and OLD SUBSCRIBER, too. There -were others in that'galaxy •' who set the world aflame, (Who never failed to let us knoy | just where to place alt blanie j CONSTANT, READER. how J prolific, all he needed was J hint ' ' . To dip his pen in vitriol aiid ! rush right into print. j " • {Then 'there was dear".old MORE *" * " | | ANON, who seldom failed to' FfTster and Lee Leavcll | thrill -J Indianapolis Friday aft-1 When he grasped between liis attending . to business ! . digits Wis; sharp and trench! '• ant quill." ~ ' • j Yes, give us. back the . ."good old . days" Frank ' Stanton sang about, When these antj many othdrs could get up and rail and • shout.. In retrospect we see them now apa/;sing in review. And we how our. heads to VERITAS and Ofif" SUBSCRIBER, too. 1 ; I —^Hali P; Dontoti,. y:4 'Is'' KeelinK Better. ; - ' - ' ' ' • '| • Charles Vensble, Union tlon dispatcher, who i has .been confined to bis dome by illnesB for the past several weeks, part of-the tiiii"? being critically sjlcfer' is feeling much "better. On conn': of navlng;;aviiitmber; mockery'-and for your cruelty! 1 at least have known 'bo fault towards fls it cruelty to keep you here toi company?" |be smiled. "It Is long since 1 have enjoyjed the icon versa tidn of one so 1 exalted-j-an Archj ddchess: an Emperor's sister!" Then," discarding his:; mood ol mockery, he added, sombrely: 'Whether you Will shall not go until the Then you! may Irethrn brother and tell have spent:your uight." j "it' is Impossible," mered," i'.'that you to remain here?" | I ; . "There jwas one thing: that though't; an, impossibility." he 'swered.:: "\ had, jwitnin | a| narrow space, d; little heaven on 'earth, anil I { thought I it impossible (that it should ; lie [ defiled, or ejve'n spietl i or no, yon LIBRARY NOTES mornine t|o your him. vj-h^re yoj. she stam would! force mt upon gone!" . I have niurmured by other mem But; that if not n-ronged yon!" shi^ in llie'extrenie of bcwil and liu dermcht and tear, shame miliatiou Christian laughed "Thd Caesar's -sister-f-JBlij? A "fat' enouglt piece, by' camlleiight! To morrow you shall' go livliere yen will! sufficiently esc'nr'efl:! tonight yhu rehiain with me?" I 'j "And.all she cried. There your camp to know It?' ypur wile ltft her so| ajml, my I 1 ''.' .. hie horror Oiled by Gliristian Bd wonldtbe avenged through lien gleaming jfloorj and 'dropped |ier captor a curtsey as jif 'she-had met him at her brother's court. I ll seems," remarked Christ an. arding Jber without! interest, "a long while! since Brussels, and our lasjt- meeting after thej Opera, ei?" .Longerjitd nie than Ito" you,;Mnn- • led. fily seigneur, 1' dare say," she repl faintly, "since jtlme drags hea with the unfortunate." We need not talk of. misfortune Mart i|n the ad. to-night," pe smiled. J"Let us. dame..have our relaxations' and| vej-sions— as ybnr brother "hadj Ottenhelm^—sweet liiterludes to faiigues of wari' He asked: !• "Where is jfottr hrhther?"!; - • • !• ; )A.nd she shook her shamed h f'He flies" like a hare," sniilei}. Christian; "and like a hare will fie be caught atlast. exhausted, In >><'< final retre |at." J II' ^\ (She was stung Into some poor reply by the 1 unutterable! contempt be hfjnd his words: . -|.' •: . -| )"I do riot know j the seat 1 of your malice," she said, "or why thus discard all manner ot civility wtth me. jj God I may not forgive lor wbat you do!'' '] .' •. ;, ! i: "I,'; amiled Christian, "have aco resolved not to fdrglve God. I Maria rLllian Icnntltllipd to Stare I Maria Luisa him. with curiosity, ofleretT tamn?" 'Will all yoti "Do you remembel • . :ta thdt ybitt hand was you,"' she to me, Madame.' last! demanded plte- oiujly, -•'furthej' i distress my linpour by referring to, what: Is solely aJ humiliation .to my mind?" : i | ;: i! "Humiliation?" I". lie" repeated "Sour brother did :not {consider; hbmlliation tbkm: he consldei'ed his offar another j subtle sblft to j^aln; 4yaenrlces; but we! wllli not! talk, of It, "tinea tt dlspltaui you/ti, .i | "I bav* been all my life m0sUnn ,1 ferl ^ULIM will be no sejerecy." re p)ied*C.liris|t ;an, "as there was iiu::i at Oltenhaiui." -, | ' I Maria l.iisa" rose and clasped nci lijiHids |tipoi| her heart. She fell tin little metal image pressing! InJo iiv: bosom. . | i ; • ? •' J "why do 'you »Iteo'p itatltitiK o' ttenheimi?" site snid "I ilu not iiilerstaml wh :u iynu nitaii.' Is ii"t there? VVIi.v! have >•»:'. lung? She is of, my a^^ helplessness.; she alsf hi; be exposed to these inured 1 of -war: Can yon thin!.' ojf herj anjl'- still : deal with me si ajlrocitiiisljj?;' She was -'further te 'i lie elTect ot !her. wurilf- looked ghastly: slu tiioughi that lie would.-faint. ; "Tilere lis sonieyiing' liere I di lot kribw'.t she muttered.jrecoiliiii.'• "Yoti will soon •ItuowJ" he i-e; llied .l; "wlieu I "send you bai'k t" your biother. lie will iell you. '"heti he raised his voice, witlijn i remlful '! effort at self-roniroi 'Come. Mailiinie. the: supper lis e;.'." j Ai|il lib ponretl i out twi: glasses or] wine. | He drank, tilliug Ills glass again and agaiuj as If he toasted her.mule anguish. "It is not every night ojf ^ias an Bmperor's sister (or jc .i pany! : Anil I have been very irjiie(l of late, pestered by dreams will seem to come-from Hell" I "Yoti have made the whole lap<: a hell,".site niiuiered: "a ruin fr< ivhii'hj 1 think none of iis.can ev arise!'- •' li • •• j "Can ynu help me; dispel nn dreams?"; smiled Chrirtlnii "I'm naps Willi yoti I miclil forget, for an hour or two of d.-irknass. eh 7 Take oft. your coat." he aided jiarshly. ; "The room Is warn hnngh'" And. 'as she stontl i;ininnhlli;. In jmaile ti tiin.'ement n-s if hilnsclf t. llvest lu-l of her he;i\i.v jjiilet gar jrhent . : At this.: -wllu in .-iiiiiit. IIPI k'ous lit user j. Marin Luisa iitiliut foned'UIie coat.iand dropped it On the Mi)or,| shjOwing her long waistcoat' and .torn, embroidered silk, {and the nifiled shirt opened ah the ibosoiii. Here she put her han'1 Wrivlrig the [silver Image into her jllesh.| •When! tile ! i "Invention'and Society."Are inventors "born" or does society make them? Who are some o'f the living innovators? Who are the men that -have' prepared the way for this mechanically operated -century? If you have-, ever'wondered about these and similar questions you: will find the current reading an' j course published bythe Aniericair Library Association is meant for you. The booklet edited by KenVp- ffert gives a",brief introductknr to the subject and ' a guide to six i readable books.! : '•A .popular. History ijf American . Invention"-1.-^- W.;i 1 et.u in a r Kaeinpffert. ; . "Fdison, the Mail and His Work"—George Bryan. "Inventors and .Molfey Makers" —F. W.-Taussig. ' . "Popular .Research Narratives" —Engineering Foitnd;iti:)it. . "Men and Machines":—Sttiart' Chase. "Industrial rice 'Holland. lielgian ti> Kxliibk Timepiece .•AVitli Figures of Roynlty. - Br'usseli',. "April t.—In conne-c- tion 'with the centi ::ary fetes of. Selgium's independence a clock- naker at. La Idiuviera'will exhibit | centenary' clock just completed lifter ten years of labor. j |- The. clock -is seven feet.. wide, nine' feet high and .two Jeet [liicli and has four faces, each knowing- the hour, day, date; of month-and year'. Under the dial is a contrivance from which a fig- lure of Kitig Albert emerges when the hour strikes. Seated on h<irse jbVck. he waits while the nation-] ;al antliem.ii- played.' . ! j "' The fig -sin: of the-Queen;ap-| pears at the half hours and j thej Prince -and'* Princesses at j the j q.uaWers..-The figures arc in. alum i inliin and arc two.and.a half 'feet; high.' Thcre'is a Kentiiu .'l in f i-ont j j of the door'who salutes asj the j |^royal figures appear. On another j Mr. and Mrs. -Alvin Howe and family have removed from the Innis property on Sooth West street to the property on North West street recently vacated by C. E. Holmes. The Fields made the transfer Thursday. Mr. Howe is Schrader ferso ader Tin in street. the manager e Store on of tho liast Jef- j Mr. and; Mrs. Samuel Marshall ! will spend the week end! in Tip!ton with s their daughter Mr3. Raymond Yoiingman aid husband. 1 ! Dr. E. E. Bkks Office! Corner Ohiropraetorj Phone in Over Blue Front Jefferson audi Main. 'itdial the hour in various -countries I Explorers"—Man-|| t -, lFOUSnout the wor id' is indjeat- j Televism is the latPi,t -marvel of i this' fiiVett'tive age. Who . de-j vised the first apparatus that made it possible to see an event I that occurred |iu utiollu-r.' Ilaird! i ja yonnjj Scotciininn• claiins the | credit. Rut Alihaly, a- Hungarian engineer presents evidence that | he at least was as Haird. [ C.; Frances JeiiUinii (if W;isliing- j ton H. C, steps forward to insist jthal he! sent silhouettes over/the l wire when Mafialy and Haird | we're experimenting. Long "before these attempts had. even been mentioned, the Bell Teleplmue in New York and the -New. ; General lilectrie Company of. Schenectady bald developed televism apparatus'. Here we are .with five-men or,groups endeavoring .to splv'e the sanie difficult problem at the saine time. Are inventors born, or ddeii society make them.. Is- inveit- [tion a growtii or an Invention? Hie books suggested on this suti- *~ject help to solve if. not answer these questions. THIS; INTERESTED U^—• I MAYBE IT WILi YOU. TOO*, RKI'OICTS 1(11 )1. { Uiiiiiaiiian l'apcr Cites S2.*>,UI)0,- i not) Offi-r.'l-'oi- Phone (.'iiniWsioii. i Bucharest." April •!.—An electrical company associated with J. P.. Morgan & Co.,. according; to the newspaper Dimineatu, ban offered a loaii of S25 ,000,oa0 for Rumanian agricultural development in .return for a nafionaj telephone concession. J it proposes in the course iof a year to jiroyide telephone co^inec- tion. with outlying countries By means - of cables and in years to install' telephone e ^efy municipality. The totajl in three "in .vestment would be ST3.000, Albright church ladies wi. hold ii?arket at Leather; .man's Saturday. I !I -1 ;")7 (10(1. she asked, |vildly say?", 1 "There Christian reckon'ng comes, wiiai will yui: no rerknii'liij Hold my, the hhllnw;df my.hnndj" Hejl.iajl. efmne •nearer,' looking at!her harshly Ydii are trio tlreil." lie sait; brielly. "Vot nrjeover^rouKlii: wil. [you not eat and 'drink and rest «;frh ine' and take up these triiubit-s! ir the njornlug?" ! •'•''• !; j !'• Hefpuljoifl his" liiitidto imicli Ijer but Ina secuiid she jvaa away, linn p'ressed hard aiid frantiU'nlly aguiiiet the smnnth. white well. . ': "36' lialeful to ' yiiu.- ieli?"' he mut. •<ered f and looked her l)p nii;l doivit . !*Dld • yon kttii^l ptirsitiiic you?" he added. "Kor. week'n ufiw; .fromt place - tt* pis cq»-ii I ways on [j'yogrltrack; did you klnow that?; ZW* iihe'.ant'wereH. vand »"ny should |( have' been'*' ^Beciuse; only iliriitigh you ean I '.jMlatlee .my account with your ^J-WWihM he dontT crle<| tjari* -if -'V ^l^ti^i'T '•'' rr fi -lT-l- r-l lattm'telisydtt tomorf qr .f •••I What iliK'S "th| iron enters into his soul" menu? Here is a metaphor which we all. recognize as indicating thai tlic' person referred to has be-j come bitter, cynical, disillusioned. ] One must indeed have been badly treated by circuinstance to have, the iron enter, into! his soul; but that isi life. Strange oiirfugh; the use of;the expression is-drift to a smiled t niistukb.'. For, according to one of the foremost! attthprfties on-language,! it is after tlje' Vulgate veri.- sjon of Psalm 'l64:'l8, which should' have been translated: "His plersoni entered into, the iron."/ destiny Ir. and w.i.- Phone 509 for taxi service'and best prices. '; Fred) Loscy.' '.^^~^SKV':' •;•••' Pap«r -'- ^uMQTiljMM 1 II is Sdmeone Birlhday Today We have jus add- ' ed several nuni-'' bers to our al­ ready, large selec­ tion of greeting . cards. Jewelry and Optical Go. Tipton. Diana Theatre Tonight and Tomorrow Mat .Shows 7:410 ami **:!.•>. Tumoitrow Mntincr rjt -: 15 Admission: HOOT GIBSON The "Airtfon.-Kid" llfii; INClf, in The Mounted Stranger Ite was- a Mrungprjin their miil.-t. hut he soon j • became known to them as the m<>»t dangerous foe than laws the girl tin- wu|l through of rvent screen, lliiilli (1 r knew. S OT the out- lum win with his bark against Sep him the mo»t exciting series |s ever burned You'll I he and pleased! Hashing upon the amazed. Also the Serial. "TarfHin. the Tigjrr" and <)MW«1« I , the i.ucky Itabblt. COMING SUNDAY and MONDAY Hard Goal jSllllis ^f: M^'lliiiii-' PhoneW. BtRWlABX CO "Btl j The Mar with the lincst Kpeak ins; voice! on the screen tjliines now iu sgdrgroii drama iof today. KJajr fearless jroathjiface to face «nlh the ace old problems of 1 STC lasHl rlagc! The Broken \VfddinK Kins What is the answer to the divorce probleni V

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