Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH No Meet Planned in Effort To Settle Strike: Diinlap • WOOD RIVER—Robert Dun-i !af>, Edwardsvillc. chairman of| thfc Labor Nesrotiatinc eonimit- | tee of the Construction Kmplov- i ftr's Council, said this morning no meeting of his croup With the Bargaining Committee Of Laborers Loral 338 in an effort to effect a settlement of the 4-j-dp.y-old strike is planned. In their regular quaiterly meetinc at Alton Wednesday Night, (he membership un.-ini- mously gave a vote of confidence to Dtmlap and his committee, which" in effect rejects the latest floorers proposal, a 12's cents per hour raise retro- ••ictivp tn Ffb. Jl. and an additional 10-eer.U pci hour raise to : take effect .Ian. 1. Itfu. ; The vote of ennfidr-ni e also ; Mlst.'iined (lie romtflillec'* p/o; posal In the union local nt a 10- 1 cents per hour increase wild trie 1 option r>f eiihr r a II! fn 18 i month* i-ont i H. t. i THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 General Fire Alarm Devise, 2 Companies Needed To Keep Present Rates At Oil Citv To RevivalUnder 4.0 r \ \ Amoxanauiurch way The Officers and Director* of the WOOD RIVER SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION /ormer/y S/ancfcrrd Servings and Loan Association now located in our own building NUMBER ONE EAST FERGUSON AYE. invife you fo visif our new office in the remodeled bank building. We are Holding Open House Friday Evening from 6 to 9:30 P. M, Bring your frfondi along, a favor IB provided for you and candy for lh« youngsters. YOUR ACCOUNT IS INSURED TO $10,000, WE PAY 31/2% ON FULLY PAID UP STOCK W. A. GROVE, President W. I. JOLLEY, Vice-president B. M. HARROD, Secretary-Treasurer MRS. IRENE SCHWALBE, Assistant Secretary Directors LEONARD SCHMIDT GEORGE G. GUKER BEAUMONT PARKS EDWIN LUTZ lllifiiToastitiastcrs Meet Wednesday I ndorli i na \Va- Tallin Topic at Wood River WOOD KIVKK A table lopir dismviion entitled "Shoulrl wr> Co inlo Inflrirhin.'i'." 1 \vas con- dm-lfil by f!i(hard Ui'kfii- Ivtiivcr at lite llhiu Toa--trnas- i'-elin^,' laM riurlil nt f.'iver liakciy aild nrVKR. To comply with certain edicts r,f (he Illinois In- ' «pcelir>n Bureau and thus keep the ! fire insurance rating here n! its; one the eiiy now has. insurance rating at In keep fhe its present level. present sixth class. City Manager | 'farhaujjh estimates the pumper R K. Harhaufih sald'n general rrmi Pl<?<Ply equipped, would cost AiixilifiryToniftht | \\OOIt PJVKfl • Maitin I/mKe- , haiigh. new administrator al Wood River Township Hospital | will hf gucvt speakci al the April Pipeline of the Auxiliary at the hospital al "iSO o'clock! J. H. White. li'ts Club (III- Wood .'at''. Alone the lable Julian l!\an spoke no New I /ink In' tho on "A ill Kill f'IJ.;il Policy'' (inipnt-ffl ii with HIP policy n| ihf former admiriislra- lion. Woody I /me, Innsl.nidslnr for Ihf e\eninf: inlrodiiccd speakers which included sh;iil .Smith who spoke "Poker llnnd". Herb Mall (ireen Thumb," Carol Abrahams "l-'irst Nii;hl in .Juil". IloinrT Chandler's speech "l)on'l Put (I Off was awarded as Ihe hesl ol the evening hy general (•valuator l-.'veieit llegei'iinn. Assisting ll(i;eniaii as critics were .Inn Slci;ink(i, Hill Cox, Moli nurJics iiiid Al Ucnken. John N. Jones served HS Grammarian arid parllamen- tlrlnn with KvrreM Reader us limer. Cur* On inn (,'fil In drnxh WOOD RIVKK A cur parked in front of HIP Haplisl Churrh I/ircna Ave. fit Third St., WHS struck hy n westbound unto about 2:30 Wednesday afternoon resulting in modmitery heavy dnmiiRPs lo both. Police said Mrs. Hill U'nnoiw, '!!!"> !•:. Lorenu AVP., WHS driving the Wtinoiis CHI- wosl on I-oronn, when it .struck n parked c;ir in front of I IIP church, left thorp hy Mrs. Julian Hynti, (i(M liHllonm AVP. The Wnnous cur was damaged In Ihe front : the Rynn machlnp in Ihe rear. The impact of the collision forced Hie Rynn ear into n nearby sign posl. (iijsoline rroisumplion i-erords .show Hint tnolor vehicles traveled more than eight billion miles in Connecticut during 3353. alarm devise will he installed on the City Hall, and two separate fire finhtinR companies will be formed lo take both water pump- ers to all building fires. Failure to do these tilings would mean that the city's fire insurance ratiriR would he lowered to seventh class and policy holders of fire insurance policies would have to pay an estimated $10.000 to VVl.- (KK) inure |ier vear I ban at present. llarbauub indicated (hat ahoiil .May 1. in fompliatice with (lie Inspection Bui can's MilinRK. Ihe fire department will he or^ani/ed into two ciitnpanies, one paid company (Co. A i, and one volunteer company (Co. Hi. When the alarm Is sounded for a fire, volunteers would report to the fire station and man Ihe a^cd 1.926 pumper, under the supervision of a volunteer captain. If Ihe alarm Is a "still" fire, one involving urnss, car, or noii-slniciural, company A. Ihe regularly paid firemen, would respond and the general alarm would not he sounded. Hut if a buildinj; or .slrurlure of some kind is alire, both companies would answer. Itescmhli'N Air lluld Alnrin The general alarm device on C'ily Hall will pnbahly resemble an air raid alarm devic'e, Har- liauj;li said. The volunteers will (rain on their own pumper and perform regular drills \vilh il. Presently the volunteer firemen report directly lo Hie fire and lake orders from Ihe paid firemen on Ihe .scene. But the new set up calls for the volunteers lo he responsible only lo their captain, who is lo be directly under either Chief Tom Terry or Captain Russell Pinkerlon, second In command, depending on who Is on duly. Hill, Hnrbaiigh explained, this Is at best a stopgap plan, one, city officials hope wll be strengthened by means of a referendum on the question of providing an additional mill for fire protection. The Inspection Htireau has also ruled that hy lOfiS Ihe city will he required lo have three additional regularly paid firemen in the department, and will have lo have anolher TM-gnlloii pumper like the GIGANTIC SHOPS JUNIORS! MISSES! WOMEN! AND CHILDREN'S! SPRING TO and FULL LENGTH COATS EVERY GARMENT BELOW WHOLESALE COST OFF Regular PRICE SPECML GROUP "VICKY VAUGHN" and "TONITODD" COTTON DRESSES REDUCID TO stee SHOF I NO SPECIAL PURCHASE EVERY GARMENT FROM REGULAR STOCK! SHOPS Belle St., |'iu»tt St., Alton, 111. K. K«*gu»on Ave., Wood Kiver EE SHOP: ROXANA—A revival «hirh Jv>• K ';i,n Wpdnr-sday niRht MI thr fhnrrh of tho Nawirmr. 200 \V. Tyd'Tnan AVP.. will rontimip mjjhtly at 7:.'',0 thrnu K h May 2. ac- to tho pastor, thp Rev. nation for five years. He hfld a similar position on the Kansas-district for «ix yparn. Orald and Donna Ism Jenkins of Kansas City. Mo., are full time fvanjrclists in the Church of Louis and Cape Girardean, Mo. The Roman empire did not maintain prisons for punishment but to hold prisoners until trial or execution. about $20.000. anr) the salaries of Ihe three Bflditional men would total about Jin.OOO rarh year. Referendum Svt Thus in the referendum set for July, if rili/ens vote to allow an additional one mill ($1 per $1,000 of assessed valiuitioni to he arMed onto (heir bills, (lie amount will serve lo maintain the present in.siir;uif" ralinn. and possibly liiufj- il tn the much more dr- sirahle fifth class. If il is passed. Ihe additional one null lax would lie levied (or oul> one year, lo Rive the city an extra $.'!.'!,000, enough to purchase the required pumper and pay salaries of Ihe three additional men. After that, HarbauRh said, the council in succeeding years probably would drop the levy from one mill to about /I of one mill, just enoiiKh to pay Hie three extra firemen. Piissaj.;! 1 of Ihe referendum ques- lion Ilins would mean a "considerable savings" to (ire insurance policy holders in succeeriiii).; years. llfirtmiiKh said the referendum provides rcsidenl.s Ihe "opportunity to decide whether or not you wish to pay Ihe higher lee In insurance premiums or a lower cost ol additional lax levy." Spring Flower Show Canceled At Wood River WOOD RIVER — Members of the Garden Club at a meeting Wednesday volcd to cancel the spring flower show scheduled for Ihe first of May because of unfavorable weather. A plant and pastry sale will he held April 30 at H a.m. at 48 Ferguson Ave., instead of May 7 as previously scheduled. Mrs. William Knct/cr will be in charge of the sale. The meeting was at the home of Mrs. Ann Rotsch, who reported on Ihe federated gardens meeting in Kast St. Louis in February. Mrs. Knel/.er reported on a federated gardens school of instruction given April ]9 by Mrs. Henry Rosinos of Kdwards- ville. Mrs. Dorothy Cronan was added to Ihe calling committee. Flower arrangements displayed by Mrs. Alonxo Bowman, Mrs. Ilcsscnuuer and Mrs. .Juila Paris. (iuesls were Mrs. Eldon Newt, Mrs. Robert ('.lover of Canada, Mrs. Alice Slarbuck and Mrs. C.i. L. Stetson. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Paris and Mrs. Bowman. The members toured tho flower garden of Fred Busso, 691 I/>r- cna Ave., following Ihe meeting. Methodist Men Seat Officers A. C.Um-ll, Wood River, Mew President WOOD RIVER — More than 100 men attended the quarterly sub-district dinner meeting of Allon-Eclwardsville area Methodist Men at First Methodist Church, Tuesday evening. New officers installed with the Rev. V, W. Corrie of Ihe host church officiating were A. G. Uz/ell of Wood River, president Fred Maneke, Hast Allon, vice president; and Klberl Parker, of St. John's Church, h'dwardsville, i secretary-treasurer. Guest speaker was Harold' Grothen, faculty member of i Staunton High School, who spent last year in Austria as an exchange teacher. He told of his experiences there relating that teachers in the country are on the average paid only SUO per mouth from which income lax is deducted. The invocation WHS given by the Rev. 1,. B. Walkington, former pastor of I be East Alton First Methodist Church, who is now located at Robinson. Music on the program was provided by Edward S c a r- boraugh of the Jocal church and Niel Claussen of Bethalto, both vocalists. Grade Students To Sell Flowers At }\ ood River WOOD RIVER. - Elementary school children of the area will sell flowers on Ihe streets Friday evening and Saturday morning for the benefit of Ihe blind. The sale is conducied in cooperation with the National Brotherhood of Service wilh Mrs. H. G. Muellor- as the local chairman. Thirty-five per cent of the pro- •ecds from the sale will be con-! tributed to the Lions Club i for their fund which is used to aid those who cannot see. The ! balance goes to the national organization. Children selling more than $3 worth of flowers, which are made by the blind, will receive prizes, and other than that there will be cash prizes for the top salesman. tonight. During the business meeting plans will he made for activities in observance of Na- loinal Hospital Week. The evangelist is Dr. O. J. Kin'h. Prior to entering evangelism in 195?,, he superintended the New York district of his denomi- I present a varied program of gospel solos and duets Mrs ! Jpnkins also whistles and gives religious readings. Together they conduct children's work. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins attended Olivet Nazarene College. . Kankakee. 111., and have served as . music directors in Troy, Ohio; St. I A Bur-gain a Day Kfrp» the Wolf A way' Hfmiem«d* REEF BARBKCtTE 12-07. ftA* 22-ot. Jar 996 J«r Watctt tnr Our Big 3rd ANNIVERSARY SALE: COMING SOON! J. A. W. MARKET South Roxana SILVERBLOOM FASHION CLEARANCE sorts GO*? 3-BIG GROUPS-3 Reduced from Our Regular Stocks 4 '6 '8 Better dresses afl . . . now tagged at a fraction <rf original prices! Hnrry right in choose from wide assortments of favored fabrics and colors m fashion'* top designs. All sizes—but not in every style and color. Blouses Selected Groups of SPRING W»rt 147 Selected Groups of SPRING Sk W«r« to 022 AN Spring Millinery. 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