The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 2, 1985 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1985
Page 6
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Living Today The Salina Journal Tuesday, April 2,1985 Page 6 Teen's friends waited too long Dear Ann Landers: Last week I attended a funeral visitation. It was extremely sad. A 13-year-old girl had committed suicide. "Sally" was 5-2, thin, petite, blonde and wanted desperately to belong. She tried out for cheerleading and didn't make it. In fact, she failed to get into a single club she had signed up for. The girl looked so unhappy my heart ached for her. A few weeks ago Sally won a raffle. It was a certificate from A pizza place that entitled her to invite 14 friends to a pizza dinner. She turned down the prize because she said she didn't have 14 friends. At the funeral home I sat and watched the school kids come through in droves. I counted well over 100 in the 45 minutes I was there. Later I learned more than 200 had been in and signed the guest book. The longer I watched the angrier it made me. Dozens of teen-agers Ann Landers FIELD ENTERPRISES placed a single flower in the casket. Many touched her hand and wept as they moved along. I wanted to take those kids and shake them. If they cared so much for her why did they wait until she died before they let her know it? Sally left this world believing she didn't have a single friend. If just one of those kids who passed her casket had taken the time and trouble to show her a little kindness, that dear girl alive today. Please print this for all the Sallys out there for whom there may still be a chance. — Bitter in Cincinnati Dear Cincinnati: Here's your letter with my thanks for having written it. I don't know where people get the idea that teen-age years are the happiest. My mail does not reflect that notion. I sense a lot of anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. I hope what you have written will move some teen-agers to seek out the not-so-popular, not-so-beautiful (or handsome) kids at school and make them feel better about themselves. It takes so little effort and it could be, as you pointed out, a matter of life or death. Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I live in an apartment. Please tell us what to do about the couple next door. I'd like to make it clear that we are folks who mind our own business but we are beginning to wonder if this is always the wise thing to do. At least once a week (usually on Friday or Saturday night) they get into a screaming fight. There is a lot of obscene language, throwing of objects against the walls, breaking glass, crying by the woman with occasional pleas for help. The neighbors on the other side have told us to stay out of it. They banged on the door in the middle of one of those fights. The woman answered and said in a calm voice, "We were just having a little misunderstanding." We have been told the police don't want to be bothered with family squabbles. But what if he kills her one of these nights? We'd feel somehow responsible. — Uneasy in Queens Dear Uneasy: Have you reported these warriors to the management? If not, you should. It is up to them to insure peace and quiet for all tenants. The next time there's a row, contact the party in charge of the building! Colorful deviled eggs appeal to children Cap and gown orders increase substantially CHAMPAIGN, 111. (AP) - Students in U.S. high schools and colleges continue to show increased interest and participation in graduation ceremonies, according to an executive of a major manufacturer of graduation apparel. "During the Vietnam years, participation in graduation ceremonies by students and faculty dropped significantly," says Ted Beach, vice president of marketing for Collegiate Cap and Gown here. "But the volume and kind of orders this year indicates students and faculty not only want to participate, they are seeking ways to make the event more memorable — adding more color, .more pageantry, and a stronger emphasis on souvenir items like tassels, cords and pendants. "This has been a major trend in the cap and gown industry in the past several years," Beach said. The executive said a substantial increase in the number of gowns for graduates of day care and other preschool programs reflects the increasing number of two-career and single-parent families. "The day could come when one individual might go through six or more graduations in a lifetime — kindergarten, grade school,, junior high, high school, college and graduate school," Beach added. Since the company ships more than a million garments each season and most graduation ceremonies fall between mid-May and late June, precision delivery is of overriding importance, Beach points out. The company processes orders with an IBM computer to make sure each graduate gets a gown of the right color and size at the right time. Dear Heloise: A cup of tea and "Hints from Heloise" have started my day for more years than I can remember. Eight darling grandchildren now grace my life and Easter is my favorite holiday to spend with them. Hard-boiled eggs after the "hunt" are always .abundant. The children enjoy their colorful eggs so much that "Nonna" (me) has found a way to recycle them that pleases everyone. I peel the eggs, slice them in half and remove the yolks. Dip the whites in water colored with food dye, then mash and devil the yolks. They look so pretty stuffed and will entice the little ones to eat the eggs instead of wanting to save the pretty ones in the shell. I have fixed my eggs for birthdays, baby showers and buffets. They compliment any meal and are so eye-catching. (I leave some of the eggs uncolored for contrast.) — Wanda Aloisio Clever grandmother! An attrac- Heloise's hints KING FEATURES live, simple way to salvage some of those surplus eggs. Hugs for the hint and for your faithfulness to the column over the years. — Heloise Dear Heloise: I find a cover-up apron with two large pockets is great to wear on house-cleaning days. I can go from room to room and use one of the pockets for pickup, and use the other pocket to hold my dust cloth or whatever. Just remember to empty the pockets before washing the apron. — Anne Gauthier Dear Heloise: My kids really had me gnashing my teeth over this one ... I couldn't get them to turn their clothes right side out. I tried every remedy known to desperate mothers from threats to cutting off ear lobes. (Well, actually I didn't go quite that far). Then, I hit upon the perfect solution — surrender. I started washing the clothes the same way they were putting them into the laundry and returning them from the wash the same way. If an arm or leg was in instead of out, they get the garment back the same way. They soon learned they had to turn them right-side out eventually and also they washed nicer if turned the right way in the first place. Even the young children soon caught on. (You have to work with them — they would just as soon wear their clothes inside out.) But, for the most part this has proved to be a most satisfactory solution all_ around. — Struggling but Winning Dear Heloise: To keep your closets smelling fresh and clean, use a box of scented fabric softener sheets. Open the box and set it on a shelf. Close the door and each time you open it, you get a whiff of a pleasant fragrance. — J.E. Middleton The perfumed cards that come from the, department stores are good for this also. And they are free.— Heloise Dear Heloise: I have found empty boutique facial boxes handy to use as miniature table-top wastebaskets. I keep one on my sewing table, another at my writing desk, still another on my bathroom dressing table. They are attractive and I think the pretty little boxes look better than regular wastebaskets. — Virginia McClintock Dear Heloise: If you have a small foot stool that needs reupholstering, try using an elasticized toilet seat cover over the top of the stool. It can be washed as needed and so it always looks great. — Bert Wagner CLOSED TUESDAYS Starting April 2,1985 BEIJING RESTAURANT 540 S. Broadway Salina 823-1685 Spring Savings Spree April 3rd thru April 9th, 1985 Morriss Pharmacy Kraft Manor 827-4446 Metamucil Laxative Hffjul.if Orange 01 SlrdMtx-iry Huwfcr C OTT Chum; J.&M Stuuh' Cassette Tapes 60 Minute 3 pdiK w 90 Minute 2 IMCK CHO.IB I .OO Growth in middle ear should be removed Kleenex ' Little Travelers 3/1.00 Depend ' Undergarments sr 3.98 sr 4.98 Dear Dr. Donohue: I had an ear infection my doctor cleared up with antibiotics and eardrops. However, he said I have a cholesteatoma, that if not operated on could develop into mastoiditis or meningitis, which could be fatal. What am I to do? — Mrs. D.M. I'd have the ear operated on to remove the cholesteatoma and avoid the bone destruction. Mastoid bone lies adjacent to the middle ear. A cholesteatoma, a peculiar form of tumor in the middle ear, can, if left alone, eat through to that bone and might even cause an infection of the brain coverings (meningitis). As you might suspect, such things don't happen overnight, but the potential always is there. The first sign of a cholesteatoma is a slight drainage. You always will have a draining, infected ear as long as it remains in place. The growth itself is a kind of skin cell that doesn't belong in the middle ear (just inside the ear drum). These cells pile up and may cause inflammation. Dear Dr. Donohue: When I was 35 I had to have my uterus and ovaries removed. Now five years later I am still taking estrogen supplements. How much longer do I go on taking it? - O.M. Usually estrogen is continued for five years beyond the expected date of the woman's natural menopause — the menopause that would have occurred without the removal of Doctor Donohue FIELD ENTERPRISES ovaries. But the doctor may decide to continue even beyond that, depending on the individual, whether, for example, there are signs of serious osteoporosis developing. Dear Dr. Donohue: I had a sore throat that was diagnosed as strep infection. I was put on antibiotics. The soreness disappeaced after taking the medicine for a few days. I had to go back in and my doctor took another culture of my throat. It showed the strep still there, although I had no soreness. The doctor said he thought the antibiotics had worked for me, and we should "forget" the test. He told me I was one of those people who would continue to show evidence of infection in the future, but I would not be in danger of passing it on. I'm trusting my doctor, believe me. I just need your comment. — R.C. Often the patient without symptoms will have positive tests for strep, even after use of antibiotics against the germ. Sometimes, the doctor may begin a course of another antibiotic, just to be sure. But most often, if there are no symptoms, he will spare the patient that \ LARRY MATHEWS Candidate For Salina School Board Dedicated To Continued Excellence In Education Pol. Adv. Paid lor by Malhews for School Board, Randy Mathews, Treas. \ and dismiss the latest test results. Should symptoms recur, report back. Dear Dr. Donohue: My husband is convinced his vasectomy, which was done several years ago, is the cause now of his sudden impotence! I doubt this, but I think his thinking it is, is leading to the problem. Am I right in assuming this? — Mrs. H.V. Vasectomy was once suspected as a cause of impotency, but a more recent study among 10,000 males who had undergone it proved that wasn't so at all. Those are the clinical facts. I can't answer your interesting speculation about the psychological aspects — your husband's mistaken belief leading to the problem he has. Certainly the facts of the matter should help relieve him of that problem. Dear Dr. Donohue: Should a person who gets migraines smoke? — K.D. No one should smoke. But the an- Milestone Card shower slated for 40th anniversary AMES, Iowa — Sunday is the ruby wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jean L. Healy (Marian M. Kartzer), Rt. 5, Ames, Iowa 50010. A card shower is planned for them, as well as a dinner-dance. Healy is a native of Wilson; his wife is from Ellsworth, t They were married April 7, 1945, and have five children and five grandchildren. swer to your question is, yes, smoking can make migraines worse or bring them on. Most migraine sufferers find this out for themselves and give up cigarettes with urging. Planters* Snacks Cnt?/ Balls. CliftfZ Curls Of Curn Chips 5 o; 7 5 01 Chate mO*W Basis' Soap Njturdl Cleansing B.ti 33 u. .89 NOTICE A Marketforce Affiliate ECLEN-M2D INSURANCE THE PARIS PLUS Sizes 12 Vi to26y 2 104 S. Santa Fe Sizes 30 to 52 Our bank is expanding into our space. We'll be moving to the Mid State Mall very soon. Here's your chance... WE'D RATHER SELL IT THAN MOVE IT ENTIRE STOCK ON SALE •Dresses, coats, suits, skirts, pants, jackets, blouses, sweaters, fun tops, co-ordinates, bras, girdles, slips, half-slips, robes, dusters, hose. USE YOUR MASTERCARD, VISA, AM. EXPRESS SHOP DAILY 9:30 to 5:30 pm, Thursday 'til 8:30, Sunday 1:00 to 5 pm SHOP THE I'AHIS PLUS DLU1IMG OUtt MOVING SALE

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