Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 1957 · Page 21
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 21

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 21
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker OUT OUR WAY 1 By R. J. WlllUm* OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE EVENING TIMES. CyMBERLAND, MD.,' TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1957 TWENTY-ONE BEFOae wg 60 ANY EGAD.MVRTL& AMD CHESTER, MEK& AR£ DIASRAW5 Of THE 6TERS ItJ A\Y NEW DANCED- I'VE CHRISTENED IT THE "- ANP.S6E SOME7WIM.S VJOULD VOJ PREFER THE VJDRCV WART Answer to Previous Puzzle Screen Actress . Ma rlow 5 She is a ——, performer 6 She has featured -5 12 Cry of bacchanals 13 A&e 1-1 Among 15 t*ur hearer If) point 17 Fork prong Ifi Greater i/i stature 20 Bod canopy 22 Drjvinfi reins 21 Kounlain drink SfiExbl 29 She is w>c ot movicdom's young * S-t Ireland 35 Pillar J7 Tow-ard Ihe shcKcrerf jidc 38 The dill 39 Before 40 Window glass 41 Ne!u-crks 4S Hal(-em 44 She is at homo on . movie—-— 48 I-cni;cd for 52 Storehouses 57 Rabbit 58 Arrival (ab.) 60 Ruminant ar.jnul 62 American writer being 61 Social events fiS Scatter 66 Ooinp DOW.V 1 For fcnr thai 2 Eye part 3 Furnace -* Shout 5 Appalling 6 Mineral rock 7 Sticky substance 8 Rodents 9 Leave out 10 Row 11 German river 19 .Measure of cloth 21 Worm 23 Closer 24Gunlock catch 2A Trieste wine measures 26 Re elm en prefer ilx^l 2" Against 30 Buqlccall 31 Wings 32 Ix?asc .13 Views 36 Offered in payment 42 Masculine nickname 46 Adjust 47 Slice* Ob-) 4R In£ormal talk 49 (.'ri«>l raltle 50 Operatic solo 51 Animal doctors 53 Old 54 Sit fora portrait 55 Facility 56 Plant part 59 Fish eggs 38 Zb AJ Mb 5 T 8 r A A F ~2~~ n 5 B' 8 A W E b . T 8 S ~T~ I 8 D 3 M 6 L, 5 B Y B 3 I i I 8 V 5 Y ^ p 2 Y 6 B 7 4 N •i N 3. B 8 O 7 S a o 6 2 V B 7 H B 6 A 6 0 3 I ti 7 F 2 M G 4 U 7 I •1 S N Y 8 B 3 R S G 3 B 2 A 3 T 5 U 5 R B I 5 P O E 7 I 4 T 3 A 7 O D U N 5 Y 2 V b E 6 A 4 T. 1 E 2 M S W 4 R L, 2 4 0 B 5 3 B K 6 4 N T R D 3 4 L P U 0 7 5' T-TERE is » pltasant liuie game that will give you a message every * *• day. n is i numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune Count the lelterj in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If (he number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner ot the rec- t*ngle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then rtad the mejsjje the letters under the checked figures give you. O »W. to willhu >, XUlri. Dii-.ritMrf ti Kir* FtUmi !n>lk%!<. 5- 5? 10 II UiTTi-E J-J31 SI Dean Hits '•JLiberal Arts \Fattures | FORT WORTH, Tex. -The iDean of University College at iTutanc University, has charged 1 liberal arls colleges with failing to communicate the meaning of [a liberal education. j Dr. John P. Dyer toki members of the Association of Toxas Col- j leges meeting in Fort Worth thaliAf,-, ,, v j"it would he difficult to find aj 1 c .7 jtimc in our history \vher; so inuchj [Continued from Page 8-1 jintelicctual intimidation existed in mistake not uncommon to school •our country." bov; but quick , djsmissed and Dr. Dyer stated that the idea of forgotten by the less imaginative * / There used lo be o time there wcsn'i much to see In o small ro>n. but flow women dress th.e same everyuher?, fcfc bb St ential to na- «. ould bc cri , ica || v disturbin ' special y I.ighler-than-air craft were nofp. u .. i np u-ed at nil in World War II in • l _ ltme air combat or in carrying oat.VVilli Prison's Murliiiic rjids on cnc-jtiy territory. Display Classified CUMBERLAND FORT MADISON". Iowa iJ— One parolee from the Iowa State Penitentiary managed to parlay;" 4 his prison occupation into a bus-'?, iness when he was released. i" Percy l.a,nson sa,d ,te man. O. S Svuger . operated a'; confonnily being ess lional well being is becomm? ani a pcrson ot ' •accepted half Irulli Jn the country. ;tivi; v v n - ^i'ff * •> ' ! And 1 think you \t; iidu sucn 3 *.ir ' ei i— - .• .. crisis added on to all the stress- Dyer singled out Ihe segresia- ~°^' , - ,. ., tion issue, and said: ".Vany pco- , ' a , rl of the P™^" 1 ' as >' c " pie 'continue to oppose Integra- H"™ 1 }" ., sl ' nsc - ', s l ' lal - vour tion through fear of what their| has . failcd '" lrall «sh]p. when neighbors will think." - v011 V J mosl nccncd Jt . (o Set On the other hand, Dr. Dvcr yo " r bcarln S s ln llf e- is lavin" do'wnl - vou nce help 1 Yes. i of thought for'^^' r '' ua ' ^ e ^P- analytic help and iHrie type outlined in Abraham' ' intellectual '» ' ^,, ... t .,.,«u 1 ,,,^, a , u , l ! son ' s and p « et ' s book "Body. . - -• -;•.-.--•"-:•.-••; nn education—the liberal educa-| M>nd & Sugar' (Holll. Beyond broom making macmne for most-, ion o[ adl] j ls ., (hat. you need lo turn your back uf the 35 year term. About the; ... Wul , ^im.^^,, •• cxplaincd ,on your artistic bias and do plain lntic he was released, the prison Dye r. "is needed for tho^e who' ilard w ° rk lil;l1 "quires no soul- pot a new machine. Swigerl; alrcady havc thc: . de ,, rccs and sscarching. B. O. CmRAC 1951 MODEL 2 A. G. i CtEIRAC 1948 MODEL I FORD J SPEED I?5J MODEL 1 A. CHALMEkS C A. 1951 MODIV 1 D t CASE BACKHOE Jt lOAOEf! 155Z MODEL I fOSD 5ACKKOE 1 LOADER 1937 MODEL I N. H. 8ALER 76 ' I D. C. CASE i CULTIVATORS 1951 MODEL 1 #9 FAROUAHAR SAW MILL 1 S. C. CASE 1 MOWER, CHEAP Morgan Brothers Industrial Sales Rf. 40 -West City Limits Phone Frostburg 1080 ,- —-;?-- -Lijireiiov na\e me,.- aegrccs ana^"^" 1 ^" 1 "^- Also, it might help ibotiRhi the old one for SI. | are re ' ady , 0 begin , hcjr educa . you to read Thomas Merlon's Now he earns his living—mak- tjon." " "The Seven Storey Mountain' ing brooms. , _ 'llarcourt Brace* and then his ls Will Slake p= (Vaccful Texas Dnhuukrr Cols I'rulcrlinu Of I'ajicr 'The Seven Storey llareotirt Rrace* and then "Tile Sign of Jonas' 1 <Harcourt Brace > — to see how he found his way out of confusion lhat had Ariz, i.?—The verged on despair.—M.H. of The Kv not by IVriro linK Ti "1 want to subscribe to thel o e - -Miner. I used to live in your j Drugged Darts Calm ' SAX MANUKL NORFOLK, Va. I.F. — Poflmcn'weckly San Manuel .Miner recent- prappling with the problem ofily printed on its front page—in Ihe bitinje rlO£ may find a ray offboldface type and "wilh great hope in the advice of Dr. Harold!pleasure" — this letter from liurstein, a Xorfolk veterinarian Texas: —give the dogs the new tran- qmli£er pills'. Burstein wasn't talking about fair city, and loved it. 1 missS r » ' \, ,., . Ihe po.slmen's problem cspeciailyjSan Manuel and Arizona veryj j -' nrr *" or "l' n "SiPr —just ttixset dogs in general. Heimuch. Texans don't have much- MIAMI. Fla, <.^—The Florid, said the tranqmlizcrs-iike music to brag about." (Came and Fresh tt'alcr Fish —could still the savage beast.j The paper did not print thclCommission is experimenting relieve nervousness, keep dogsjsubscriber's name "for fear wordjw-ith drugged darts to calm down from grieving while master is onjof this may find its way to Texasi-skiltish deer before transferrin; vacation as well as subduing the and reprisals may be visited on-thcm from one location to an vicious types. this fine San Manuel booster." jollier. Disoloy Classified Display Classified Display Classified Congratulations Graduates! One way to prepare yourself for the future is to make sure you have plenty of copies of your diploma . .. transcript of credits and birth certificate. >~s|A Have Photostatic Copies Made . . ^) Photostating is the surest, quickest, most accurate and least expensive way to keep your records handy. Save the original. Use photostatic copies. Any size including billfold size. The Cumberland Engraving Co. 118 S. Mechanic St. PA 4-1622 F-FOLKS HATES METVT WAV AH IS/'- . KEERFTJL.T-ONEO'THEM BULLETS IS APT TO OAR TH' l\ ONEARTHLV SMELL BUTTON/.'' ^_ TT>. FELLAS.7- D-DOf T LE«/EME.'A- VO'KINJ GIT ME OUTA THIS suir.r STEVE CANYON $- VE5, R»T vt>u ^3 HAVEN'T TOLP t'/,\ PRETTY —OZ 8* Jofin Prentice anJ Fred Dickemon THOUGHT YOKE PLUMS: YOU'RE (J BSHT IF YO-AU WONT K AS HOW J'P LO PACK A COUPLE OF SIX 4H IT'S A-SOINS TO BE A rr WASN'T Mi ACCIDENT, IWAS AlOHe 1 . M BUTLER TMESt WITNESSES SAW -- - DEi.l3EKivra.Y CAPSIZE rvE SEEN IT WITH VOUR (AOTOK BOATlV^lEEP FOR TWO HOUR& . GUESTS- DtWJA. SEE ME', HER BUDDIES E\W OF Ps •oVSOOtVi MADE joe OF Mis vow W.OLILD >OJ FIGURE TO GET THEM OM! VVEU-.THA1 ESTHi t-ITTLE

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