The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 4, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1930
Page 2
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FAOB TWO or progras i givan i at the Cbni^hj ol tbe i Nai arene on North Wesi street i undVy evei ling at . o'clock. The [prog: both 1 nifrukaantal - and numberThe public Is cordially incited to/attend;the service. IY • AUTHOL Connecjt'Tipton Man With Theft il Aftet being I held in jail at Richmond since the latter part of February, Willard Tichenori local, man i^ho was 1 , arrested at I tM home it Mr parents Mr.,and ;Mn£ John' Tichenor 1 by I Sheriff De vault} Never in our entire business career have we offered values to equal the tires now in our stock. Built by the. - i . ' •i v U. S. Rubber, Company to outlast •, • ' j •• • i '• • and outperform any tires in their various price classes—priced by us for a short time only at unapproach> able low levels—they are easily the foremost tire bargains available in town. Don't take our word ffor it—find put for yourself—today! was released Thursday turned to his home Tichenor was ing tha arrest of mojnd [youths on bing a ltomobiles ceasorfes. When nied any part in the operations j ot the galng and afier being 1 [held more ihan a month Was released. Mrs Tichenor visitiufc with relatives j at mond [returned home with' son TJiursday evening. SUILT BY THE WORLD'S LARGEST PRODUCER OF RUBBER Farmers Oil & Tire MS East Jsiferscn St. Tipton, fad prior tajfed dent. Sunday in the Churches St. John's Catholic Church v (Hev. K. Jos. Bilsteic.) Low Mass at 7:30 a. m. High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions 31 ^2:30 p. m. , m Devotional and Bencdicttoa at i 7:30 p. m. Sermon with 1st and 2nd mass. Sunday school at 9_:30 a.•'in. Morning worship and sermon ail 10:40 a. m. t Vesper s6rvice at 5:00 p. m. 1 Christian Endeavor at 6:00 V.'cst Street Christian Church • Christian Science Services. 211 No. Inuepenqence street. , Morning service at ;10:45. ' Sunday school for childrecj t a- air 20 years at 9:30 a. m. • "Testimonial meeting Wednesday at 7:45 p. m. A.reading room is open Wednesday from 2 to 4 p. m. when the Bible and 'all authorized Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed or purchased. The public is invited to attend these services and use the reading room- This spcielv is a "branch of the I Mother Church of Christ,: scientist, in Boston Mass. •- Hopewell Presbyterian Church. Sunday school at D:30 a. iri. Evening worship and sermon at 7:30 p. m. Sermon by.Rev. N. V. Andrews. > , Lutheran Cliuvcli. t • • (Rev. Theo'iSchwan; pastor. 1 ) Sunday school at 9130 a. m. Divine services at 10:30 a. m, . Lentep services at 7:30 p. m. Quarterly member meeting at 2:00 p. m." ' . Walther League business meet- niK, Wednesday evening 7:30 -p, "'• ' [• .'''•'' Sunday school teachers j meet- he 7irst Church : lng and cl 'oir meeting • Thursday •evening at 7:30 p. m. Alter the Sunday • morning services, representatives of (S. A. Gordon. Minister.) The ordinance ot the Lord's Supper will be observed at the morning- worship hour at 10:30 •next Lord's Day. This is a sacred privilege ' no member of the church family ought to miss if at all possible to be there. May we each one prepare our- our selves for tliti^j service by a' pray- First I 'rcshytci-jan Church. j Lutheran university at Valparai-; erful examination of our 1 lives Church school at 9:30. Juvenile Chur^ at 10:30. Worship and sermon at 10:30:.Faith as Personal Trust. C. E. Vespers at 6:30. Worship and Sermon at .7:3,0: A Dynamic Religion: .-• The regular services of the church are scheduled for attention Sunday morning and evening. We trust that attendance on these services may be somewhat 'larger than usual. As we approach the Easter sea- Son we should reconsider the value that our religion offers us and ponder on whether we are neglecting or using that value. Baptist Church. m will lnclbde arrested several and toll Kic# charges, ofjrob-i of parts and ac-' d< arrested he who has 'I been Rich I her - - Charter No! Report 'of jthe co'ndiljioi} Loan & Trust Co.,'at State of Indiana at tlie business on March 27th.J-lMQ». !! rwi. W. Mount,. President, Ci M. Mart* Vice-President. Walter Carter, Cashier. Omer, Ci Boyd, Secretary F. H; Schauer. As'stJ RESOURCES 74. .on, of Farmers Tipton, in the close of its "Secretary. • tefcl URJBES AMENDMENT] ] (C mtinued From Page .Vice President j wheneve right of choice devolve^ them.' • ! i In support of bis proposal, Mb. Cable said: j ['If any of the conditions foyth - in the foregoing j resolution shpnlc occur, there would I be a total : iiMpeusion jof thej Executive pojwer of our government. [ I | i"Six Presidents and seven V« : uuilMlj Ol Caflsaa 'Cityi tfissburi, [has been •Jecited by the largest | majority ivaF'obtained by a Mayoralty jcan- Udate since the inauguration or ionj-paitisaa eonncQmaiiic govern- rieit The new Mayor, who is the nllHonaire president of! Itlte Con- tie upon sit •ofi illitess Ito. no'on>of! Mar mn ers Bread Company^ U he[oaQi of *ffl «?.Apra .l0J take Loans and Discounts .. Overdrafts | ! . : ULIS . Gov't Securities. Other Bonds, Securities. Banking' House ..•:•,•'•! Furniture and Fixtures Other Keal |Estate qwnfed.' Due from Trust Co'sJ Ijiijnks tnd Banlters .. Gush on Hand .. Cash Itemij ..... Trust Securities Mortgages Sold 12 YEARS AGO April 4th. . I-. Miss Elfa Plake was operated for' the removal adenoids. '.' of. tonsils and $C3S,5S6.20 - . S.45 „.: 1SJ,350.00 etc 3,225.00 . 30,000.00 5,000.00 ; tice of the death of Dr. Johnson Friends near Ekin received no- 1 Total; None; 53.572 15,770.1 1 l,:|4S.-3ir 2O.f7!"w50 95,500.110 ..S1.0iS),110.03 $ 50,000.00 50.000,00 LIABILITIES Capital Stofck—Paid [In Surplus . .1 ;.|-L- tJhdividcd t J roflts-4-?ret .... 16,si2I.S: Demand 1 |DeposIts $224, M7.22 Demand Certift- • -I . ir ^afes••'*.:!. ....--! 1 1 Time Certificates •ifie.S! Savings Deposits Trust rl'Cposits .., , Certified Checks ; • Due ;to: Banks & . |;J[TIV Co's |-...- '. ; Bills' Payable .....; Jfotes ; Rediscounted Bond Deposit Acc't' First Mortgages Sold Trust Investments j Otlier Liabilities ..: 1GC257.31 : l;S3.i)BD.7r> ij93B.!H G7.00 8,312 Total in 1 Boston. ^ . ! .*'*'•* j Onier .''fj rowdy suffered a titroke of| paralysis at the home of parents near Sharpsville. 11 «I}I,43».47 :.., ~ None .. 2>:912_llX ..- isi:.!in<i.)in .... 95,500.00. .. 20.77ij.5n i 2,o::li7i .S1.049.1;lll.ll! State of Indiana, .County of Tipton :i SS: Buck Meyers sold a loadiofj seed; corn to .Grawfordsville par-j ties at 55 per bushel it bringing! 5279.55. ..' . 1 [The home ot" John Buscher; atl Atlanta, 'was. struck by lightning, damage being done to the coping and weatherboarding. ' i ' • jJJw'ight Tj'lHch returned to Old Point,-Comfort • Va., to join his company after visiting with ihisj pjirenttj, Mr; and Mrs. Ed Ulrich Enamel For Tour •Kitchen, Bath ior Woodwork— j and it's CHI-NAMEL Bine Froat Drvig Store TIPTON, IND. | "A Good Place to Trade" MRS. MARKER. (Continued From Page 1.) of Lawrence, Kentucky. A son anl daughter Timothy ajad Ruth M< rker are, deceased, j < j . Folio jying their I marr age I Mr. and Mrs. Marker live«J-J n -iken- tu;ky until in Febru 'arr, i !sS2, when they i moved their ;aihily to Windfall to" make:it |.heir j 'hdme, aujd in a short time bad identified [the opm- Vi^e Presidents jliave died? in |«f-j tnUmsejVes 1 closely j with fice. ft is also easy ; W pbrceiVe'| m mity ] interests. Seventeen years thkt (Jhe President-elect, becaujse j a? £ Mr ^ Marker suffeJ-ed a jstroke of ivccident occuriiiiig rcl^ 4 jfollpn--! ing thje election,i may he incapaci- from .qualifying ;as Public l ,1 welfare that ye i=et up ^u«h machinjery hs isi provided by my ; ; Teso 'luti|on. i 'Vye Preii- demands our Federal Goyernmeht. ZEP SERVICE -i i i -I - I : I (Continued From Page 1.) should forestall any" stalemate ]Of i falmiiy land friends but: retained |o days and westward iflights I -i ! in tw in three Th s German-built ship Jwill be • -1 - • • I i' i modeled after the.Graf Zeppelin vfith some chan'ges that Dr. Eck- eper' i trans-Atlantic flights ha ve showfTro be advisable.!The|Am ir- ican liijships will follow., the ]p it- teru of two huge dirigibles jnbw being built for i > navy It ps hoped that devices! can perfected to ajirplanes, in aind I. passenger^ which the dirgibles w,ill pass. Dr! pejrmit, contact w l ln order i to land mail Eckener the Chesapeake the :Unitedi Stales at; citiejs. pter paralysis and had revfer jentirc; recovered. She was nclt able to : aid wklk without the crutch. • • Of an unsusally happyj ial disposition, Mrs. Marker didj nJit let! her affliction Jburden ber I. Walter Carter.! I .Cashier of tbe Farmers Loan & Trust Co.. of Tip-! ton, Indiana, do solejrinly swear, that) at Sharpsville. Uie.;above! statement!lis true. - - •.'•"»' j WALTER CA-RTER. . !. - .. • . ; I Subscribed and sworn to before mei. i Ed Daniels announced lie this 1st day of April 1 ,. 1930.- " - |, ., • , . • ' • • j j .ERNEST OLINR. I woultf enter the race for Judge of (Seal) j . ! |! • Notary Public! My commission expires Feb. !). 1333. " : ib. P. I the .-Tipton Circuit court. L Charter No. 80. Blessing announ.ced his hooks had been left at the Wind at windfall in the; iaU bank and debtors could settle •jit the close of .usj ' "' 1930.' . • • ] there. President. . \ Vice-President.'Casbie I Report of the condition of the Peo-' pies State Bank lat I Windfall in the: State of Indiana, business, jMarch I John S. Mitchell ; C. E.l Dennis, B. D. MitchelL f Phi Scudder.. Afest.: Cashier. . :' • | RESOURCES Loans and discounts .. Overdrafts .. :i J.I Other Boni1s.| Seeurjities, etc Banking [House F^urniture] and Fixtjures '.:.. Other Real Estate Due from Trust CbnipanieK \ Banks and Biiiilcers and 'Cash on liand Casli Items ... Visited in Munclc. Total . .8379,230.20'! • — t~r . no.h::W'I \ -The' Misses- "Betty and Eleanor ^•^••*JJ|-MfCreab'..- of N'orth Main street Owned.. :;t-,'r,0H.u()! were . the KUcsta of friends; at i M.uncie Thursday and were guests .!«:S.HJ I at' a six a'clock dinner party igiv- }.'"•''" i p n for tliem. Later they attend•"- r '- :i '-Vi.eil. .the " -Jordan Rivejr Revue, I:::;::::- of her; and jov-| he has been studying bay area injsearch suitable spot for {an |airpqrt. bas shown particular | intpr t if the region of Laurel, Md., and in the Hybia valley, nearj Al- Hun- would be nine months' before a decision is reached exandria, Va. Commander sacker said he expected it Mn.- and Mrs. Mr. And Mrs. C. V. Craft, 4 -ddifman and Rev. N. V. Andrews, pastor.) [ so will briefly address i gregation. CHEVROLET TRADE-INS THE CHOICE OF USED 0AR8 Lowest Price Quality Used Can in Tipton dounty ; 1929 Chevrolet Six Coach. ' q 1928 ; Whippet:8port RDMbttr. 1988 W%pet Ooaob, 1987 ^Avrrokt Itdan. IK***,, 1 the- con.-1 and the elimination of any practice of which wo might question jjthe Lord's approval. z'. The Bible school at 9:30 will be found helpful to all who desire to "grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." Classes, suited to every age... -'B: Y. P. U. devotional meeting at G:30 p.-m. followed by the evening warship service*, at 7;30.-. .X cordial welcome awaits, yls- itors and afransab »t : aU the: :aerficaa tiat Church." ' , J - - rp->9— mmm Hi If •#c^' J iaS^<&rt'* * Attended ConferenceJ L.- S- Leatherman, J. -.- -r -T ,^ ;H,. : Rfedd&g at Hartford City! Thuriaay were a'nd Attended session of the 8 annual North .iBt- Indiana Metbo- onference,! being held at; Grace Methodist church, j A men'fe association banquet beld{ at the "United! !iret|i4eu churth Thursday noon New JMiafte of; , tl at cheery nature, that radiated si nshiiie and joy to all j those about her. A homemaker, de-- vnted to lier .family, j and jto her church; she also gave jto,. .her neighbors and friends and .the community that richigijft-jof un-| seIfishvj service in i her neighborly acts of charity and lcilidriess to those in need of comt'ort qr help, and her life has : been i one to leave its impress of a tj-ue chris­ tian in; the. community. Capital Stock— V pajdfinv. ..? 40,ooo.(io [ staged 'by't lie siudenrs of Indiana Surplus, i. •'••!-• • lij.orto.onj uiiiver'sitv of Rlnomiiiglon. Mute IXindivided Profitsf^'et la.ill.% ; -• « „, • , • f '< Wnianrt -iDeiKislts If 13l,ls::.:i.7: % ,. ! Alice Ihorue. of Bliionitngton.ifor- jDemand Certifi- v i me'rlv . of Tipton; was. a member catOS I .-. .|;2a.i.llx.l'.r • - Savings Iirposit.s i; Bills l.-Payable . ...|: • Xotes RediscountcM! Xndlpna. i Total State •- of I SS i I I, B. D. Mitchell, Peoples State Bank I do splenmly swear 'statement is 1 truej' i. • i Bjj, Subscribed and s« this 12nd jday of AijHU W3«. (Seal) New Majestic, Model 90, Complete With Tubes, 8116.50. Lee S. Leatherman FUNEStAJj pmECTOfl- Drake Beauty Parlor Graduate of Rainbow Academj Call 13 for .^ppointuiieut Second Floor, Masonic Bldg. H.s<il-.S3 -i iu :r ,i-:u:; j of- the. ca«t'.'-. • .' -"/_v':^V ' The Tijiton. ladies ?;tv is • —• let tlie best things ever n ..v.ti7S2J.:;!': County of Tipton.'that vhc opera lipnse_v.tip . „ ,-•',. ,.lo thn limit. The' revre will he Cashier *>f. tlio, - . . ; ; of Windfall. Ind„ Iffiven at Indianapolis Saturday A -at: one 1 and I "packed,! .that the- :,bovVi- njgIIt _ D. MITCHELL, .j - - ^orn to lrofore me | [day of AijHUWM • i -Mrs. H. G: Read of Itloommi;- I .;1HUGH a?OTV, !;. •-„., , , .!!';..;•. .1 i : h| Rotary Public j ton jj;inic,,Knday tor a. tew days !My"Commission 33iiiires-'jan.*12,i 1D3:!. } v , sit v.-jihlier. cousin, .Mrs. IP A. •j West, and- family on South Wert streetl Mrs. Anita • Dickey •i filial report showing in full jwith the ward wljo was 21 yiars of age March 2!. SJG26.63 in tile, hands of the ' guardian was tijrnedvover to the, wa rd. An iaiiiityer j n genjral wias. filed by Prosecuting nfey- A.1 W. Bolton tb tllie plaint for divorce jof Edith an against Noble Eiiiglenian. nt th the was CIRCUIT COURT. (Continued From jPdge 1.) TREATY 0 settlement denial Attor-j com-j Engle-j 1 Pake 1 1.) f^rence j nego-f 1 cai;h |1 other at the (Continued From thing, jthat' the con tiations appeared to he coming to^ a| head rapidly. Annoyance with:, wias ; j: being displayed French; and Italian 1 beadquartersi and thp nerves of the conference siemedj-frayed oyer 4he : Franco!! Italian parity dispute; vhich authoritative spokesmen laid thus far has not grown ,dny ; better. r '•''' ""' Read Tribune wan |;la4s. _ , /• Chartar No. 435.! Report of the condltifan Phrm'ora' State' Bahkla tdn couhty,»ini the ISjtaL . a« .the tilose of - its liusiricsd 2% 1330J; r ••• ' r|-;;j|7 John F -i Morris. IPresidien, Ira i C. Mclaon, Vice-Piiesident, C. t. Hobbs, ealshier., " 11. !B. Castor. Asstf dashier. ! RBSOURCiSS " V «ns. and: Discounts i J. O -crdrattx M:. 1 :.'-1 M » s - -'flavt! Securities 0 •B inkln* Bouse,. 1 V.: : J: P irnitura and Bixtures.. 1 . O her Real Batata Owned ,. P * from Trust' Compari lea H4j: gankarand:^, Bankers -^d of the! [H'iOblifi. Tii^ of Indiana, - J -nl March SlaS.OoaitT 14r,.r,a 2,527. B$ 1.78IS.WI a.017.91 9,271.3' }M2 ,31S.63 j JUABjUTIIia ,'i M"" j Charter No. 189. .- -Reportl of the Condition- of the State Bank of Kempton at Kempfbri Blmimiugton accompanied of Mrs. in the State of Indiana, at the.closejrfoad anil "is the guerit of friends of its business on March 2.7. lWiii. j . : ChasJ J. Riehman". President. - • — • . • . ~*——: — r~. \ r- . i John i P.. Hailovj-. Vice-President ! Geo. ^J. Riehman. Cashier. i j J KKSOURCKS . ! Loans and IJiscounis $227.513.07:j S H 0 Notri COURO? . & N, E STORE ng OJver $4l98 >VL 'i:drafts Banking: i House . ^ Furniture and Fixtures .. Other Real Estate jOwnid.. Due | From Departments Due j from Trusti Com; panies, crs ... Cash', on Casli : ItOjins Other Assets Banks and Bank- Hand". ::2!i.-lS . 20.000.0(1! i,;.on| i-js.02i 125.00 -J. i ,:il9 .or, 2,SS«.1-1-! IJB.ll-j -' 1 1 Total I . i. -.1.1.. .-?297.,!)ii'2.3S-| I i LIABIUTIES - j Capital Stock—Paid In 5 2i.O00.00 j Surplus I 72U.S9 J Undivided Profil .*-4 _\Vt ' :!,U70.49 Deniand ! Deposits .?7r..rir,0.t)l Demand | Certifi- ! 1 i | i cates ii. illo.sns .O'. Savings I Deposits - 19,120.17 19(i,s:;S.'22 i Bills Payable '. i : ..!. J ; 4i>,r>»i).i>n i Casli Over : fil .93 i Bond Aijcount ... 2I.SOO.O.0 | ' Total State of i SS: I. ;Geo. MIRACLE •' ! WALL j GLEANER ; An Amazing - , Simple j Invention That Banishes! Cleaning Drudgery. . j Fdir'Demonstration Phone . . 55 or 1371. ' Mrs. EDNA BURKHART Insurance! of AIT Kinds ~ Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business Needs May Be. j LEE F. GRI1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY i Phone 57. - j .::S297.90:t.r.S Ind'ianaJi County of Tipldn, J. Riehman;'Cashier of the State Bank of Kempton of Kempton. Ind.l do j. solemnly I swear, that the above statement 'is trm-. ; ! i GEO. j .T. -RIOHMAK... Subscribed and sworn to befor'o me thisl2nd day of April.! 1950. . if ! • . OPAL JJOZKvGO, • (Seal) ' • ! I [ . ^ oln Ty P»!>lic My Commission expires, Oc.t. Ifl, U2"i Political R Aunouncenicnts. j 'The Tribune, from now un- -tir the date of the primary election, will curry politicalian'r uouncements in this-column; •payment for the same must be made in advance. .. w. A. Pumphrey, D. CHIROPRACTOR Office Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. Charter No.; BANK STATEMENT. - Report National State ; of business ! • 7496 N6 .I 7? eserve .district Fw .Iii'ini'. . . . ! As a'candidaU 1 'for tlie rtepuhli- can ^nomination -for judse of the Tipton -circuit • court, I hereby respectfully soiicit your- support. . -, S. A. CULVEIt. of condition I of the-Citizens Bank at| TTiptoh. in thR Indiana,'i at the close of its 19311. .-'...$1,012,529.13' .... o(M.7S March |271 , , RESOUItCES Loans and discounlts Overdi-ifts .. Govern m'qnt securi „, , Ms', owned ...4.-.!.... 11G.900.00 Other bands, stocks Securities owned] i .... • :;ll.Sfl.1.5T Banking: j House . Node furniture and fixture!, .. 22,21)0.00 Reserve Jvitli. Federal it -J i Reserve bank ..... - : C2.1S7.04- Oaslj and due froifl ;b]inks . 12S.9SB.58 Outside checks and, other Lciujih items ...'iif;.I...-..- Redemption Fund with TJ. 2 Si! Treartirer • V 3 M :1 Otlieri assets ...'Hi. ] : ' -i • • •• ' -JH'; ; Tptai :i....'.!.!!.;J:...'$i.«o;ois.87: \ LIABILITIES. Capital .Stock PaidjMni • 1 S$-SSS^ ..... , _ .. .00 Iforli-'iiterMt,'- etc V '-' S,533.B4' \ 100,000,00 . ; - 5fi .lU .5% :,WT »M,«. For County Clerk. .1- hereby announce myself asi candidate, for tlie nomination for clerk lot: the Tipton circuit court subject to tf^e' decision of the pemocratic the .primary election to'be held May 6. 1030 . PARKER DTJNHAiM.j 5,00<h00 3.25- Capital. Stock- PaldlMni ? 100,000.01 JJridlvidod proflt »^|nei ., 17,495.96 Reiervei 'forjdlvid *»d «|etc. :. : 2,400,(H • :i •• 1 ' 'For Trustee. . -• i f I.hereby announce myself:asi a candidate for the nomination for trustee,, of; Cicero township, j subject, to. the decision of the Demo crat voters .at ; the primary elec tibn - to-be. hold - Tuesday May j6, 1930. ' , ; :-.<-:. : ' ""'; I R>X L. HASKETT .I I am, a candidate .for the iDcin ratic -' nomination for trustee of cero township and will -appre- ciste any aid that is riven me In myj campaigu and in the. primary erection; ; : . JOHNC. BOZELL: 1 ANS 1*0 $3o to $300—Your Own Secur ity— Quick and Confidential. Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Kin. 4, Masonic BIdg. N. Main. See— I YOUNG & MASON Suits and Fajrnishin^a 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO-SJBKVIGE We <io ' Anywhere -—j Aerial Work—Full Une Acctworiea McJunkin Radio Shop . phone a»X7. \\ • Our New Spring Wooleaw Are ArriTing-^Coinejwid See Them CHARI &8irOVCH • ' Tailor and Ibik'i flhop 108 Xotth VUtm Street. i I 1 T^=m We Srade lor 1 :wr-OU Xltea i ,1 -HI!!'

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