Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 12, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1898
Page 17
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THE LOG AN SPORT PHAROS. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12. 1SH NO 62. HOTETO By Far the Greatest Day's Sales in Our History. LOGANSPORT NEVER KNEW Such rapid Linen Selling, Such Rapid Silk Selling, Such rapid House Furnishing, Such rapid Dress Goods As occurred here today, and will continue until a week from Thursday. Don't miss it. It's the event of the year. 42x36 Muslin Pillow Cases 8c A 12x12 Bleached Turkish Wash Rag Jc 81x90 Bleached Lockwood Sheets (ready for use) 48c 9x4 Sheeting, regular 20c value 12#c etc. Dress Goods and Silk Remnants at 1-2 former price- Our 18th Annual Remnant Sale But Enough Is as Good as a Feast in the Case of Marcus Aurelius Hanna. HAS THE SEVIOJTY-THEEE HE VASTS Is to be a Success. Use Logan Milling Co.'s Flours PATENT AND AUTOMATIC. Flours are the Purest and of Highest Grades on the Market ^TVETHEM FITS. That's what you'll get if I make your clothes. I'm making Fall Suits and Overcoats to order from $16 to $40.00 ••• - G. 'Tucker. 'Tailor, 4* *ad Broadway. THR TAILORl Can Suit You in Style and Prices. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . .FOR THE.. . Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE ...FOR ... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney [ Complaints, Bhenrotism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fever and Ag«e au.d all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood w'Derangement o:E the Nervous System. Price 25 Cents, PREPAREiD BY THE THOMPSON -HERB TEA CO. * NEW YORK. ABBREVIATED TELEGRAMS. Herman Friel cut the artery in Ma left wrist and then hanged himself in a barn at Chicago. A. C. Frost, a Chicago traveling man, disappeared at Kansas City Dec. 31, and has not since been heard from. Rev. Thomas E. Moore fell dead from an apoplectic stroke in the midst of his sermon at the Saptistchurch at Harper, Kas. The Anchor line, operating a line of steamships between St. Louis and southern points, has made an assignment. Among the appointments by the president yesterday was that of Ethan L. Trevitt, postmaster at Fort '.vladi- son, la. Mrs. Ballington Booth is pronounced to be out of danger, but it will be several weeks before she can regain her usual strength. Thomas A. Edison has discovered a new metal, which, mixed with iron, renders cast-iron as tough and strong as wrought iron. Fourteen large clothing and dry goods firms are boycotting the Denver newspapers in an effort to obtain a reduc- -ion in advertising rates.. Justice A. IV. IS'ewraan, or me Wisconsin supreme court, fell on an icy sidewalk ivhile walking from his residence to the capitol at Madison, and was seriously hurt. The various committees organized to promofe the celebration of the semi- centennial at Madison, Wis., next summer report that their efforts are meeting with much success. Pugilist Corbett has made an offer of $35,000 to Fitzsimmons, to whip the Australian In ten rounds. The latter refuses to enter the ring with Corbett until Jim has whipped Maher. Dr. E. M. Smith has tendered his resignation to the trustees of Montpelier (Vt.) seminary and announced his acceptance of the presidency of the Illinois "Wesleyan university at Bloomington. W. F. Goerdes. a member of the Tork Consolidated Stock and Petroleum Exchange, is in jail charged with having attempted to swindle the firm 01 William Hawley & Co., members of the Stock Exchange, out of $18,000. The port of Chalmette below Orleans, with its hundreds of thousands Of dollars invested in cotton compresses, wharves, etc.. has gone into the hands of a receiver on account o its inability to meet $100,000 interest on bonds due July 1, 1S97, and Jan. 1 1S96. The first seizure under the new lav was made at Niagara Falls when : sealskin saeque valued at $200 wa,. taken from Miss B. Parkiston. of Lon don, England, a passenger coming fron Canada. Under this law sealskin gar roents are taken right off peoples' backs and caps off their heads. The Newark Farmers' USutual Fire Insurance company, of Rock county Wis., has only had $465 In losses to pay JQ the past year, and but one assess ment ha.s been levlea in three years. The total risks carried fo»t up to $650, JTifw Ore Dock at Escanaba. Escanaba. Mich., Jan. 12.—Men are a work tearing down No. 2 ore dock. Most of the timbers will be used rebuild N/o. 4 which was burned Nov 29 last. The new dock will be sist: feet high, containing 250 pockets, eacl one having a capacity of 125 tons. I •will be forty feet wide and 1,500 fee long and will cost $250,000. BvirUl of Major M. P. Handy. "Washington. Jan. 12.—The remains Major M, P. Handy were taken Monda, evening to "Wilmington, where the par ty, consisting of Mrs, Handy and son and Fred Handy, -wife and son, stayed over night, taking the 8 o'clock trail In the morning for Berlin, Md., wk«r the interment took, place. And Only Xeecls to Hold Them Till Tills Afternoon—But the "Combine" Keeps Up thd Fight to Defeat Him All Night and There May Be a Break lu His Hunks— McKisson Chosen by the Fnsionisfc;—His Alleged I>ledg:e to the Caucus. Columbus, O., Jan. 12.—The factional warfare against Senator Hanna is not over. It will have at least one more day of charges and counter-charges. The fight has never been more bitter than now. Hanna received 73 votes yesterday, a majority of one over all in a total membership of Ko. The senate voted 19 for McKisson and 17 for Hanna. The house vote stood: Hanna, 56; McKisson, 49; Wiley, 1; Warner, 1; Lentz, 1, and one absent. The only absentee was Representative Cramer, the Democratic-Populist member from Paulding county, who is seriously sick. His physicians stated last night that he could not possibly be in his seat today. After the vote was recorded esterday in each branch of the legis- ature separately a majority of a. quor- m of those present is all that is necea- ary in the joint balloting, so that the erious illness of Cramer might'become i important factor. Will Announce So Election. The scattering vote yesterday for len.tz, Wiley and Warner was cast by Her resentative Wiley, Hazlett and Hess —ail Democrats. If Cramer had been re:;ent and all other Democrats In line VIcKisson's vote in the house would lave been 53, or still three short of a majority in that branch of the legis- ature. With Hanna having a majority if three in the house, and McKisson laving a majority of 2 In the senate, he chair will announce today that here was no election yesterday and hat a joint ballot will be in order. As icon as the two bodies meet in joint :onvention at noon today their re- pective journals of yesterday will be ead and the lieutenant governor will nake the usual official declaration. Contest Went on All Xisflit, If all the senators and representa- ives are recorded on the joint ballot oday as they were recorded yesterday n their respective ballots Hanna vill have a majority of only one over all. But .in the absence of Cramer, and iy some of the Democrats refusing to 'ote for McKisson. he is likely to have a larger majority of record on the jour- 13.1 of the joint convention. With the £sult apparently hanging on the change f only one vote the contest continued all last night, the same as it has been going on here other nights for the past wo weeks. Burned Their Bridges Behind Them. The seven Republicans who refused o vote for Hanna yesterday have since igned statements that burn thebrldges behind them. Senator Burke and Representatives Scott, Mason, Jones and Rutan say they will vote for Hanna if the Otis charges are proven to be un- rue. Representatives Otis and Bramey, however, simply signed a codicil to the statement of the other five in which they concur in asking for an nvestigation, but they state that they will not vote for Hanna under any circumstances-: While the bureaus of claims and charges are in full operation on both sides, as usual there are also reports about-the bribery charges being presented to the grand jury of Hamil:on county and of Franklin county. HOW M'KISSOJf WAS SELECTED. romise He Is Alleged to Have Mode to the Democratic Caucus. Columbus. O., Jan. 12. — The Democratic caucus Monday night lasted practically all night andVwas a stormy gathering. It was found absolutely impossible to agree upon either Governor Bushneil or Charles L. Kurtz. Both names were considered and both were iven up as imoracticable candidates. When the name of Mayor McKisson was ugg-ested the Democrats demanded to now whether McKisson was a free silver man. Not content with the assur- ice of Myers and other leaders of the Jjsion, they sent for McKisson. When that gentleman appeared, he made a peech to the caucus in which he said in substance: "Gentlemen, publicly and before the people, I am and must be a. Republican. But I assure you and pledge you that if elected to the United States senate by this fusion, I will stand upon the Chicago platform." This, as alleged, got him the fusion nomination, but now McKisson denies that he so pledged himself andDemocrats and others present confirm his denial and state tha; McKisson said he was a bimetallist and opposed to the policy of Secretary Gage, but that he would not stand for the free and unlimited coinage .of silver. Hardly had the result of the balloting in the legislature been announced yesterday before a surging crowd filled the lobby and corridors of the Neil House and cheers for Hanna swept like waves through the house and out on the streets. Hanca responded to the repeated calls from his friends, and in answer to their demands made a speech congratulating them on behalf of the Republican party for the auspicious outcome. "It is not so much a matter of personality with me," said he. "It is 'a question of keeping the pledges a»d upholding the integrity the party, and of giving heed to the will of the people." The excited crowd lifted the senator from the floor, and man after man embraced him, while others were Khakins botn hands. Finally the crowd was held back, and got into line and for fully an hour the senator stood and grasped the hands tnd listened to the exultant consxat* tafion.'i of the crowd. "Thank God, the right will prevail!" "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow, " "Glory, Hellelujah!" and kindred expressions filled the air In choral singing. The crowds' cheering continued unabated during the afternoon. The feeling of relief among the Republicans was indescribable. They realized only the impending danger and gave way to ei- fcravagant expressions of pleasure. Ths R-hole city was wild with excitement. MORE TALK OF IXDICTM.EXTS, Two Oases of Bribery. One from Each Side, May Be Investigated. Columbus, 0., Jan. 12.—Representative Otis claims that an agen;: o£ Senator Hanna offered him $10,000 to vote for Hanna. The offer, he says, was made at Cincinnati. The grand jurors are in session in this and Hamilton counties and them were current reports last night of efforts to secure indictments in this and other cases before noon today. As Representative Olio claims to have been offered a bribe at his home in Cincinnati that case could be brought only before the grand jury of Hamilton county, and it would be necessary for Representative Otis to be there as a witness. Otis and others who would be wanted as witnesses in that case were here last night and it Is not -thought to. be probable that Otis would be absent today. If the vote is cast today as it. was cast yesterday the absence of Otis and others opposed to Hanna would have no effect on the result. Another case of alleged bribery comes from the other side. Representative Snider, of Green county, who has been stepping at the Neil House during the past week, voted yesterday for Hanna, for Boxwell for speaker last Monday a week, and attended the Republican house caucus one week ago last Saturday. The opponents of Hanna have been after him closely and constantly. It is alleged that Maddey came to the Neil House last week to see Snider and that he claimed to represent Kurtz and Bliss. Representative Snider had been anticipating the visit, and a stenographer was concealed in the bath room adjoining his apartments. It is charged that Snider was offered $5.000 for his vote and that the names of his backers were given by the caller. "It seems to me that Ohio has spoken While it is not likely that any indictment will be made, yet it is quite probable that there will be an attempt in the legislature today for a dramatic scene on the charges of bribery. The opposition is charging the Hanna men with voting down the motions and the resolutions yesterday for an investigation of the bribery charges made by Otis. The Hanna men say they will give the fullest consideration to this investigation at the proper time, but that the purpose of these charges now is to stampede the legislature on the balloting for senator, and that such a scheme cannot be carried through. Some of the Hanna men also state that at the proper time they will reorganize the house, as the vote of yesterday showed that they had a majority of three over all in that body. Change in the Civil Service Law Not Prevented by Strength of Its Friends. 1HST TOTE Df TEE HOUSE A TIE. Forakor Is Glad It's Over. Washington. Jan. 12.—When asked his opinion last night on the subject of the first, day's balloting in the Ohio senatorial situation Senator Foraker said "It seems to me that Ohio has spoken for herself, and that there is not much more else to say." And that is al! he would say. As to where his affections were he was mum. CL1PPERTON ISLAND GOOD AS OURS Will Make an Ideal Naval Station and Commands the Big Canals, St. Louis, Jan. 12.—James E. Blythe, a St. Louis representative of the Oceanic Phosphate company operating on Clipperton Island, where on Dec. 14 last marines from the Mexican cruiser Democrata landed and hauled down the American flag, is in the city. He says: "The Oceanic Phosphate company Is a San Francisco corporation. The company's claim to the island is all right Mexico has no territorial claim on it. Clipperton is American by right of discovery and peaceable occupation. "Clipperton Island could be made, an ideal naval and coaling station, com- martding-any canal that might be cut through the Isthmus of Panama, and also the trade of the Sandwich Islands. It is now the property of the Oceanic Phosphate company, of San Francisco. This company keeps a little garrison of from eight to ten men on the island all the time. It is estimated that there are 1,000.000 tons of high grade guano on the island, worth $16 a, ton.' MINE WORKERS IN CONVENTION. Four Hundred and Sixty-Four Votes Pres- «nt Representing 60,000 Miner*. Columbus, O., Jan. 12.—The ninth annual convention of the United Mine Workers of America opened in this city yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. The convention is the largest in the history of the organization, about 300 delegates from the state of Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia being in attendance. President Ra.tch- ford presided. The morning session was given up to the organization of the convention. The report of the committee on credentials was presented at the afternoon session. It showed 454 votes were distributed as follows: Ohio, votes in the convention, representing about 60,000 miners. The votes were distributed as follows: Ohio, 153; Illinois. 13S; Pennsylvania, 83; West Virginia, 32: Indiana, 51, and Alabama and Kentucky, 7. Illinois Legislative Proceedings. Springfield, Ills., Jan. 12.—During a brief session of the senate yesterday Fitzpatrick introduced a bill taxing Insurance companies 3 per cent, of gross receipts. The revenue committee bill was read the first time and advanced to second reading. The new bill is based on the Berry bill. ! In the house Bovey introduced & Dili taxing insurance companies 3 per cent, of their gross receipts, and in committee of the -whole on the revenue bills several substitutes for sections, etc., were offered but no. action -was tak«*. And That After Three. Modifier* Had Changed Their Votes—Speaker Saves tho I)ay for S» uttinjg Off Debate and the Bill Passes "Without- a Straight Issue Uein* Made in the Struggle—Senate Hear* Fairbank* on Immigration Restriction, Washington, Jan. 12.—The civil service debate which was inaugurated in the house a week ago ended yesterday. It opened with a. roar, but ended very tamely. There was not even a vote on the appropriation in the legislative, executive and judicial appropriation bill for the commission, upon which the debate was predicated. The Republicans who are seeking to modify or repeal the law decided to let the debate coma to a close yesterday, but it required the casting: vote of the speaker to accomplish this. Tnere are conflicting statements as to the situation in which (the future conduct of the war against the civil service law is left. All the Republican opponents of the law agree that the fight is to be kept up, and it is positively stated by Pearson of North Carolina that assurances nave been received from those in authority in the house that an opportunity will be given in the future for the consideration of fc bill to modify the law. How th« Closure Was Carried. A standing vote was first taken on closing the debate, and it appeared to be 92 to 85 in favor of closing. A roll call was demanded and when that had been taken, the motion to close debate stood defeated by six votes. A recapitulation of the vote was called for and it was whispered' about that assurances had been received from the rules committee that time would be given for the consideration of a measure prepared by the Republican opponents of the law. Three Republicans then changed their votes, making it a tit?. The speaker announced the vote, 125 to 125. "A tie." added the speaker, "and the chair votes aye." Thus the speaker saved the day and the motion to close the debate was carried. The Republicans applauded most vociferously. The debate was then returned. Kroslu» Defends the Ijiw. Brosius, the chairman of the conwnJt- tee on civil service. ope»ed the debate for the day with an elaborate defense ol! the merit system and an argument for sustaining the law. Pearson ' North Carolina asked how the statement that the civil service law was economical could be reconciled with the fact that the employes of the government had almost doubled since 1883. Brosius denied that this was true. The advocates of the spoils system, he said, had repeated this .statement until they believed it. Speaking of Grosvenor's. attack on Carl Schurz Brosius said the latter probably threw it aside after ha had read it, with Carlisle's remark: "Another foul chimney caught fire." Maguire of California read a letter from ex-Public Printer Benedict's secretary, now in the classified service, challenging some oi' Landis' statements made last week in an attack on the civil service law and offering to resign if the Indiana' member could substantiate them. • i SATS THE DEBATE IS AIX BMTRF. Simpson of K»n«a* Impugn* the Statesmen's Sincerity—Bailey's View*. Simpson of Kansas enlivened the closing hour of, the debate with a reference to the senatorial contest in Obio. He said the debate bad been prolonged while the Republicans out in Ohio were making promises to. the boys in the trenches . in .the interest of Senator Hanna . It was all a bluff, said Simpson. . Nothing wasi to be done, and now that Senator Hanna's election was secured the mask was thrown off and a vote was to be taken tonight on this bill. Whether the house would have an opportunity later to consider a bill for the modification or repeal of the law would depend on the speaker, said Simpson. "He is the whole thing," .exclaimed Simpson, "and runs the bouse." [Laughter.] "Have you consulted the speaker," asked Quigg. "No," replied Simpson. "He never consults me and I never consult him." Bailey of Texas, the leader of the minority, closed the debate with some remarks defining the attitude of the Democrats. It was dlf»cuil. ..he .said. (Gontinncd on Fonrtfc F»c«.} Royal tukc* the f*«4 pmn.

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