Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 14, 1967 · Page 1
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
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Tuesday, November 14, 1967
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Carroll Daily Times era VOL. 98—No. 268 Return Postaga Guaranteed Carroll, Iowa, 51401, Tuesday, November 14, 1967 —Ten Pages Delivered hy Carrier Roy Each Evening for fiO Cents Per Week Singh Copy Marine Leader, 4 Others Die— U.S. Loses Second General as 'Copter Explodes, Crashes SAIGON (AP) — The United States lost its second general in the Vietnam War today. Maj. Gen. Bruno A. Hochmuth, 56, commander of the 3rd Marine Division, was killed in a helicopter explosion and crash north of Hue. Four men died with him. The crash came little more than four months after Maj. Gen. William J. Crumm of the U.S. Air Force died in a collision of two B52 bombers over the South China Sea while en route to a Communist target in South Vietnam. Five men were lost with Crumm, 48, in that accident July 6. He headed the Strategic Air Command's 3rd Air Division on Guam. The U.S. Command also announced that Communist gunners shot down two American helicopters and damaged five more Monday in fighting along the coastal lowlands 365 miles northeast of Saigon. But it was not known whether Hochmuth's death was due to enemy action. The general, a lantern-jawed Texan who took command of the 3rd Division last March, was on an inspection trip. The pilot of another helicopter accompany- ing him said the general's craft was flying at about 1,000 feet when it appeared to explode in the air, broke in two and crashed on its back in a lake. There were no survivors. Two American pilots, the American crew chief and a Vietnamese interpreter also died in the crash. U.S. military headquarters in Saigon said it was not believed there was any enemy fire in the Won't Take Rec Area for VIP Retreat DES MOINES (AP)-K you -think the state may take away one of Iowa's all-too-few public recreational land and water areas to establish a "VIP retreat," you can forget it. That's the word from Ever- •tt Speaker, director of the State Conservation Commission, who said Tuesday that "we would not like it to be for kings and queens." Some sportsmen raised eyebrows when it was disclosed recently the commission is thinking about creating such a retreat on a Mississippi River island donated to the state with the understanding it always will be open to public access. Speaker said that even if the conlmission does decide to set up such a retreat, it .wouldn-'t interfere with public use of the area, for hunting, launching boats or fishing. In the first place, he said, the "retreat" will be a house and a hunting area, and in the second place the island would revert to private ownership if the state moved to shut the public out. Speaker echoed the views of Gov. Harold Hughes, who has said he would favor a "headquarters" where visiting dignitaries could be invited to hunt and fish. Hughes said, however, he didn't like use of the term "VIP"—meaning "very important person"—in connection with the idea, nor the suggestion that public use of the area would be banned. 'Speaker said the term "VIP" wasn't the commission's choice. He said current thinking is that the cottage might be used, among others, by visiting biologists or conservationists making studies in the area. "They're VIPs to us," he said. The 20-acre island was given to the state by Mr. and Mrs. William Noble of Oelwein, about two years ago. Noble, now a member of the Conservation Commission, stipulated in making the gift that the island will revert to him or his heirs if it ever ceases to be used as a public access. Speaker said the area really is —Kuemper Photo Snow White tells some of the dwarfs she is making a surprise for their supper in a scene from the production to be presented in the Kuemper High auditorium at 1:15 p.m. Nov. 16 and 17 for the grade school children of Carroll and surrounding areas. From left: Bashful (Mai Poley), Grumpy (Steve MeGrane), Snow White (Sue Kanne) arid Doc (Bob Casey). Performances for the public will be given at 2 and 8 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 19. Tickets are available at the door. (MORE PICTURES INSIDE.) Plan Model 6 Dream City' in Minnesota ST. LOUIS (AP) — Plans are being made to build a kind of national model dream-city in Minnesota—possibly one weatherproofed by plastic domes—an engineer on the government- supported project reports. Max L. Feldman of the General Electric Co. reported Monday the federal government has already contributed nearly $250,000 to aid private industry planning for the estimated $6 billion, built-from scratch city that would have 250,000 population, and perhaps be built by 1976. area at the time, but officers Marine headquarters in Da Nang said they did not rule ou that possibility. The flareup of fighting along the coastal lowlands coincide< with a lull around Dak To, in the central highlands, after two weeks of hard battling there Only occasional sniper and mor .tar fire were reported thi morning after a fierce battle late Monday in which 10 paratroopers of the U.S. 173rd Air borne Brigade were reported killed and another. 33 wounded. Mayor Recommends Two New City Posts It would differ from all current federal programs in the model-city line—programs, he said, that relate only to improving "pieces of cities" within existing communities, rather than building a brand-new one incorporating the latest technological advances. an "island" high water. only at times of A proposed salary increase for all city employees was presented to the Carroll City Council by Mayor William S. Farner at a reglarly scheduled council meeting Monday evening. The council delayed any formal action, pending further individual study by each member of the council. The proposed increases came after a salary study conducted by Mayor Farner. He recommended the raises go into effect January 1, 1968. The mayor told the council the last salary increase for city employees, a cost of living increase, was put into effect March 1, 1966. In the proposal, Mayor Farner recommended the establishment of two new positions, assistant police chief and an additional street foreman. The council accepted the low bid of $3,387 from Peters Motors for two new 1968 Pontiac Catalina four door sedans for use as police cars, subject to their meeting the requirements stated in the specifications. The bid included the trade-in allowance for the present police cars. . Unsuccessful bidders included Burgess Motors, $3,586 for two Ford Customs; Wittrock Motors, $3,731:36 for two Plymouth Furys; and McCoy Motors, $4,300 for two Chevrolets. The new police cars are to be delivered in January. The council decided not to have a paving program in 1968. Council See Page 9 Eight-engine B52 bombers pounded suspected Red positions 16 mile's southwest of Dak To, dropping 150,000 pounds of bombs on a suspected base camp and staging area. The U.S. helicopters came under heavy machine-gun and small arms fire Monday while lifting 450 men of the 1st Air Cavalry Division into a battle area 15 miles west of the provincial capital of Tarn Ky. The U.S. Command said fighting tapered off after six hours with four Americans killed and 19 wounded. Communist casualties were not known. Less than 25 miles to the south in the coastal lowlands, U.S. paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division reported killing 20 Communist troops in a series' of scattered clashes while suffering no casualties. The U.S. Army said 10 of the enemy dead were North Vietnamese Army regulars wearing new green uniforms, indicating they might have recently come south. No major, ground fighting was reported elsewhere. New CHS Driving Range— —Start Photo Robert Witowski, driver education instructor at Carroll High School, shows off part of the new formal driving 'range which has been constructed in the parking lot at the Carroll Athletic Field. Mr. Witowski is about to enter a car furnished by Peters Motors for use in student instruction. The pickup truck, furnished by Wittrock Motor Co., is the-first truck to be used in driver education classes in Iowa. Wildcat Strike Closes an Artillery Shell Plant ST. LOUIS (AP) — A wildcat walkout, a military official said, was started by one man snowballed into a full-scale work stoppage today and shut down the Chevrolet artillery shell plant in St. Louis. ' It was the second wildcat walkout at the plant in a month. Col. Frank Hertzog, military commander of the plant, said one man in the section where the first machining is done on 105mm shells quit work because of a 'change in procedures. Hertzog said the man persuaded about 40 other employes to walk out with him. The group then stationed itself at the plant entrance and talked still more employes into staying off the job, Hertzog said. The officer said the new work procedure had been agreed on by union and management representatives. He said the procedure was put into effect on the first shift Monday and "everybody seemed happy." The plant was shut down in late October because of a dispute over work rules. That dispute concerned gauging operations that were taken away from machine operators and assigned to final inspection per- sonel. Hertzog said management called for increased production because of the time saved by the transfer and there were objections. Over $4,500 Donated to Rotary Fund The Carroll Rotary Club has contributed over $4,500 to the Rotary Foundation for study abroad, Dr. Walter A. Anneberg, chairman, reported to members at a meeting at the Burke Motor Inn Monday night. Speaking on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation, Dr. Anneberg said the Carroll Club now ranks second among the 51 clubs of District 600. As of Monday night, the club had a 700 per cent record and was short only $257 of attaining an 800 per cent rank. Contributions after'the close of the meeting were expected to bring the club up to close to that percentage. The club supports the founda- Rotary ... See Page 9 He told a science-writers seminar that planning concepts for the new city include such tentative ideas as two-mile diameter domes; multipurpose buildings to include homes, business concerns and recreational facilities; and computerized medical check-up systems. Feldman said that while details are not complete, the objective of the Minnesota model- city would be to build "the most technologically modern city" possible—and to surmount "the gap between technological ability and its application to cities." Feldman told the fifth annual briefing session on "New Horizons in Science" sponsored by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, that a group of Minnesota industrialists and scientists had sparked the new venture. And he said that Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, former mayor of Minneapolis, has been a prime mover in its support. The northeast monsoon weather once again cut heavily into U.S. air strikes against North Vietnam limiting U.S. planes to targets in the southern half of the country and 93 missions^ Air Force F4 Phantom pilots reported touching off 40 fires in a strike on a storage area north west of Dong Hoi. State Auto Users Report > On Mileage DES MOINES (AP) — Atty. Gen. Richard Turner is assigned a state car, a 1967 model, which he drove only in Des Moines on all but two of the days it was used in June. Turner's top assistant, Solicitor Gen. Richard Haesemeyer, also drives a state car. He listed one trip to Council Bluffs in June, with all the remaining mileage to his West Des Moines home and back. Fisher, OTool Given 10 Years 'Arthur F. Fisher and Daryl J. O'Tool, both of Carroll, were each sentenced to terms not to exceed 10 years in the State Penitentiary at Fort Madison by Judge R. K. Brannon, Denison, here Tuesday. The youths were charged with breaking and entering at the Elk's Club here on March 24, 1967. They were expected to be taken to Fort Madison late Tuesday, the sheriff's office said. The Weather IOWA FORECAST Fair, cooler east and north Tuesday night; lows 20-25. JFair and warmer Wednesday, highs low 50s northeast to 60-65 southwest. Partly .cloudy and mild Thursday. CARROLL-NORTHWEST Clear and colder Tuesday night, lows upper teens to lower 20s. Fair and warmer Wednesday, highs in the 50s. Precipitation chances less than 5 per cent Tuesday night and Wednesday. The Weather in Carroll (Daily Temperatures Courtesy of Iowa Public Service Company) Yesterday's high 44 Yesterday's low 31 At 7 a.m. today 30 At 10 a.m. today 44 Weather A Year Ago- High temperature a year ago today in Carroll was 47; the low, 24 degrees. Haesemeyer says he doubts whether he uses the car enough to justify its being assigned to him. T. E. Daugherty, an employe of the State Commerce Commission, reported he drove his state car 179 miles in June, all Des Moines local," Asst. State Schools Supt. L.N. Jensen's state car moved only between Des Moines and his home in Indianola during the month. Jensen declined to call the use of a state car a fringe benefit of his job, but he said he would not have taken the job without it. Six Leave i for Florida Youth Parley (PICTURE: Page 9) TEMPLETON — Six Carroll County delegates from the Sioux City diocese will attend the National Catholic Y ou t h convention this weekend at Miami Beach, Fla. They are Larry Johnson, Bob Schreck, Monica Eich and Sue Sporrer, all of Templeton, and Bill Ranninger and Irene Stangl of Manning. They are part of a 16-member group from the diocese who will be accompanied by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. J. E. Tolan of Humboldt, executive director of the CYO for the diocese; the Rev William Ortmann of Laurens CYO athletic director, and the Rt. Rev. Msgr. A. W. Behrens member of the CYO board, anc pastor of Sacred Heart Parish Templeton. The group left Tuesday morn ing by United Airlines for Chi cago, and after reaching Mi ami, will go to Nassau by Brit ish West Indian Airways, ar riving at 6:55 p.m. Tuesday Special housing arrangement have been made on the islands with families. The students will visit sever al schools, have, an opportunitj to tour the island and enjoy £ bit of swimming on Paradise Island, a short distance off Nas sau, to be reached by launch They will return to Miam Thursday morning in time fo Delegates . . . See Page 5 Driving Range One of First in Nation Construction of a formal driv- .ng range, one of the first in the country, has been completed and is now being used in driver education classes at Jarroll High School. The only other known ranges are located in large cities, according to Robert Witowski, driver education instructor at the school. The facility, located in the parking lot at the Carroll Athletic Field, is designed to aid students in learning driving techniques by simulating conditions normally faced in everyday driving while being free from on-street traffic conditions. The Carroll facility, designed from one in use at Michigan State University and others, includes various designs for lane changing, "T", "Figure 8", "X", and "Y" turn exercises. The lane changing exercise is designed to teach the student the proper procedure for changing lanes, whether in anticipation of making a turn or continuing straight ahead. The "T" exercise is for practice in forward and reverse driving. The exercise derives its name from the basic shape of the driving area. A flag attached to a four-foot stanchion, representing a fixed ob j e c t such as a parked automobile or a parking meter, is found al either end of the top portion of the "T". The exercise helps de- velop skills needed to control a car moving slowly forward one flag, stopping within a distance of 12 inches from the flag, and then proceeding slowly forward to a distance of three inches Range See Page 9 Hands Nailed to a Tree for Punishment WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Two members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club were accused today of nailing the hands of a shapely redhead to a tree for withholding $10 from a club member, Palm Beach County Sheriff William Heidtman said. "She was nailed to a tree — we might even use the term crucifixion although she wasn't hung off the ground, but she was nailed to the tree by both hands," Heidtman said. Heidtman said Christine Deese, 18, "was brought by gang members to a hospital last Friday night. She persisted in the story she had tripped and fallen on a plank with two nails sticking up. She had a hole through each hand in exactly the same position and it seemed a little remote." '. Late News Off AP Wire Select Jury for Wage Suit Selection of a jury got underway in District Court here Tuesday morning for trial of a $4,417.58 wage suit brought by Bernard Ankenbauer against Delores P. Balukoff, administrator of the John J. Balukoff estate. Judge R. K. Brannon, Denison, is presiding. DES MOINES (AP) - The Iowa Supreme Court,awarded a Minnesota contractor a default judgment of almost $1 million Tuesday and said the state's failure to argue against the judgment was "inexcusable." The court said the state's failure to plead prior to the entry of the order resulted in "a needless loss of the taxpayers' money of over three quarters of a million dollars." The contractor, Hallett Construction Co. of Crosby, Minn., brought suit in 1960 after being delayed a full year in paving a segment of Interstate 80 in Cedar County because preliminary site preparation was not completed. The company said the highway commission tied up valuable equipment on the site anc refused to allow it to be moved to other projects. In a unanimous decision, the court awarded judgments total- ing $972,358, plus interest at five per cent from September, 1961. SATO-JOHNSON MEET- WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson greeted Japan's Prime Minister Eisaku Sato today and told him that the destinies of the United States and Japan are closely linked in Asia. He said both governments recognize responsibilities they have to all of the people of Asia. The Japanese prime minister is here for two days of talks expected to deal mainly with Asian security. FORFEITS $5,000 BOND- SIOUX CITY (AP)- District Judge George M. Paradise ordered a $5,000 bond forfeited Monday when Ronald Frank, 19, South Sioux City, failed to appear for his trial on a charge of rape. Frank, charged with raping a girl under the age of 16 last June 14, is serving with the armed forces in Vietnam, his attorney said. He will face the rape charge when released from the service, the county attorney's office said. ORDER SIGNS OUT- AMES (AP) - The Iowa Highway Commission has ordered two restaurant chains to remove a total of 10 advertising signs along Interstate 80 in Jasper and Poweshiek counties. The commission said notices mailed Wednesday gave 30 days for Nickerson Farms Restaurant, Cameron, Mo., to remove two signs and Stuckey's, Eastman, Ga., to remove eight signs. 'PEACE' CANDIDATE- MILWAUKEE, Wis. (AP) Harold Stassen announced today that he will enter Wisconsin's presidential preference primary next April as a "peace" candidate on the Republican ticket.

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