Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 1957 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 19
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Dial'PA 2-4600 for VACATIONERS, havt the horn." ? mn hi J '°" *' 1 " 1 * >(w *™ ' land News or Evcnln* Times ^ any where In (he Slates lor Bo copy; Sunday Time, for lOc per Before you take • • -™ r "rcul Sm%c?a«m,5! 56 Buick Special 4 Door yoar paper EAVES TIME and looks, line—ATS transparent .Olaxo: lo rniir UkKS* Ijnolcum. End. W ,XI M . Rosenbtum' OPKN JJOVVJ.INC .M CreiaptoWever* nclil 'cxcepl Wednesday or Sunda? For reservations dial ryA 2.2921 ' 2—Automotive InteiTiationaTTFarvester Authorized Dealei Mowi Tr Farra.Triclori t nlacAlntra THE UGIIT 4 DECKER CO »1> S Centre St. Phone PA j': t .CMC Trucks •Case -Tractors & Machine™ £ ;; 'iVelo'.Holtona >, Farm Equipment COMPLETE" REPAIR BEHVICl POP AU. HAKES i ''After We Sell— We Servel '• Collins G.M.C. Truck Ca HT 4(3'EAST PHONE PA'2-392: TOWING IS TAYLOR.-PA 2-7979 OWING 20 4 Hour Service Moore PA 4-6440 --SAFE BUY ^" USED CARS Finest Selection in town is. Dodge 2-.oW 56 Here. Monterey Hardtop 55 Mercury 4-door 54 Ford Ranch Wagon 53 Olds. 2-dr. 83 53 Chevrolet Bel Air Coupe 51 Mercury t door 50 Pontiac 4 door 50 Sludebaker Cpe $20 No Down Payment Excep i Good Credit on Any Cor Up to $850! Cumberland Lincoln-Mercury 828 N. Mechanic St. Phone PA 4-0460 ALL OUT END OF THE MONTH .-'- SALE ur Vo!ura« Deal Stlup—With 's [arjln—Oulck Turnovtr. V\"he«l 'em le •*>! '«m Attitude. Mean Wt C* antlnut to SeU you A Good C*r For The Leait DolUr. — TH* Very Beit (ode — Guaranteed. 16 PLYM VS 15 FORD V8 io PONT V8 i4 OLDS 88 i3 PONT "8" 51 CHEV 4 DR BUICK SPL 19 CHEV SDN JPV> INDIA.V Cub Srrtut Mntorcyfle Excellent cor.diilon. s.wo aclua mllei. oriffinal lires. Heaionable, P 32 PLYM. BEI.V. HT. J695 M4H, Blje A Crejr Jini*J.. Vcrv Jhaj HI-WAY MOTORS McVulltD H»r,, ;« yd,. b»)o»d Circle Inn. PA 1-50M AHLBURN'S CHEVROLET CO 3S Ptyroouni neiveotre Club Sda. 1157 SS Ford CusiomUne J-dr. Srln III" 3* CheV. 4-dr, station Waroa PG JIM M DeSoto COM. Conv. ... I 39 SI Vord Dli. Mr. Siln. ( 3t OTHERS AHLBURN'S Chevrolet Co Phone 26 Hj-ndman. Pa ST. CLOUD MOTORS ISiS BUICK 2 DR. R. H. DYN. 1M4 OLDS. 3 Dfl. R. H. HYD. l!kS4 BUICK ^ DR. R. I! DVN. 1KJ BUICK 4 DH. R I! 1»3 POXT. 1 DB. R. H. HYD. Froslburg, Md. Bank Financing AT OUR OFFICE 30-month 5% Interest ON ALL 'S7 MODELS 57 Ford Tl. Viet. "500" loade 57 ford 4dr. Sta. Wagon 56 Chev. Bel Air Sdn. 56 Pont. 2 Dr. H.T. R.H. llyt 56 Plym. Hdtop, equipped 56 Plym. V-S Sedan, nice 56 Pont. Sdr... R&H, hyd. 56 Kuick H. T. R&H. dun. 56 Chev. V-S Sta. \V. 4-dr. 55 Pout. Coiiu. F equip. Shar 56 Plymouth VS 4 dr. S. W. 56 Ford 4 D. S. H'flgori, nic. 56 Forfi Sdn. KH, F'matic 56 Forrt Com;. RH. F'matie 56 Chev. Sdn. R&H, P.G. 55 Cadillac Sdn. Equipped 55 Ford Viet. RH.. sharp! 55 Chev. V-S H. T. R&H, P 2—Autonwtfv* EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAV, MAY 28, 1957 STEIN LA Dosolo Hardtop ford Station Wagon Plym. Bel. Clb. Sdn. LVSoto Ilardlop A!! cars guaranteed! BANK TERMS 18 S. Mechanic COLLINS Studebaker-Packord Certified Used Cars . 1953 Pack. f>up. HT Automatic Transmission, beauti ul black and white finish, hack- up lights, interior spotless, 15,000 PA 4-2600 actual miles. 50 ... speed '.(788. OMC I TON HEAVY DUTY, J *'*' Ct "" 1 e ° n ' 1J ' 1< ' 1 '- Csl1 C0 Smith's Triangle MOTORS S. Cenlre PA 4-6464, PA 4-S466 Aion. — Sat. — 8-9 P. M 1588 1288 1408 1550 2-Au»omotive 1953 Ford VS Sta. Wag. S'ew engine, only 12.000 miles, ^ew tires with "Life-Guard" tubes. Local one owner. 1956 Studebaker Champ 2 Dr. sedan. Overdrive. Under coat. 16,000 actual miles. Local sne owner. Collin's.Garage STUDEBAKER-PACKARD 12 Beautiful Bargains For 5 DAYS ONLY We welcome your old car on Trade. No Down Payments On Some Models Bank Terms Up to 24 mo. to Pay 55 Cad. DeVille Coupe 24,000 actual milts, (one owner). New ' set whitewati Vogue tires. 75 Henderson Ave. Weekdays 'til 9 PA 4-lSM Sat. 6 WANTED — J.ate model imall car, must be A-l. Beit price first letter No dealers. Box SM-A, c/o Times- T-O-W-I-N-G! 24 Hour Service IHAS. GURLEY PA 2-4846 CHRYSLER 1957 Plymouth Sport A 215 horse powered Coupe engine with full flow oil filter, dual fue! filters and a new rep!aceabl< .. deluxe carburetor air clean er. A smart looking re finish. This brand new car 53 CllCV. CoilV. Cpe. is loaded with extras. Equipmcn 688 in . cludes a Iu " automatic power fllfp mi^ll Vinflnn t rsnemlr rtnn 388 248 188 I BUICK H.T. I BUICK CF.ST. BUICK H.T. J BUICK CONV. J BUICK SPEC, S3 BUICK H.T. I BUICK 5 DR. 52 CAD. "K" CAD. CPE. y> CAD. crt. 13 C.-AD. SDX. CIIEV WAG. 55 CHEV J dr. 'f 53 CHEV Y« S S. 15 CHKV VJ P.O. CHEV WAG, 4 CHEV 4 DK. CHKV 1 DR, U CHEV 4 DH. 1 CHEV 2 DR. I C1IF,V 4 DR. I CHEV CPE. DODGE V3 PT DODGE 4 DB. 50 DODGE 4 DR. !8 FORD CONV. » ronn VICT. i5 JTOHD WAG. IS FOOD flam « FORD F'matic SJ FOHD I DR. « FOHD VI 1 if. S« FORD CUST. & H FORD ! DR. t i< FORO WAG. II FORD CUST. > 13 FOBD ••«" CTl. SJ FOHD ML *dr !3 KortD F'uiatle 51 FORD VJ t dr. 50 FORD VS 2 dr. 55 MERC il.Top 54 5IKRC Jl.Top il MERC O'Drire SJ NASH HT M OLDS roll Pr. 51 PACK I DR. « PLYM 4 DH. U PLY41 WAG. SJ PLYM ( DR. « POST HT « dr H POST irr Cpe. GOOD TRUCK BUYS VORD VI H TON l_ NEW U WILLYS I WH D3IVE «< TON SI DODCE DLX CAB « TO.X K CitEV H TCK — 1 OWNER 3 WILLYS » WHEEL '0 Warranty On Many! BIG CUT IF NO TRADE-IN ALL CARsSALE PRICED GULICK'S nO^"N ON TKZ CORNtH S. CENTRE i WSIS. ALSO « THO^US STHEET PA I 3S» PA 1-1U Gtt t\t laa ifrirn o^ tsri Lhet fr*r - tke~sittl texts »a I«r and poi jr. tfity GTK ItUy rsld / . Rambler "S" SI. JHambler V-8 >dn. Willys Jeep +-Wti 'Si TUmbter -s" tdn. " "6" 55 Po;it. HT, R&H, Hyd. 55 DeSoto Ht'p, R&l! SS Merc. Sdn. RH, M'matie 5.5 Pontiac Sdn., R&H, Hyd. 55 OMs. Sdn. R.I!., P .S v P. J 55 Chev. "6" 'Sedan HAD 54 -Biiick Sup. HT, loaded 54 Buick Cent. H'dfop, nice 54 Plym. sil. R, H. nice 54 Chruslcr sri., K. H. 54 Pout. HT, R, H, Hijd. 54 Ford Sdn. Loaded, RH 5J Chev. Sdn. KM., P.O. 53 Packard .Sdn., R&H )•« winji "Jtip"'"!' 53 Were. H. T., RA-H, OD. TOB ., „,,,, „, 53 Ford S. Wcg., RH, Tmalic.I S3 Olds Super SS, RH. tlyd. 53 Buick Sup. Riv. RH, Dijn. 53 Cadillac Sdn.. like nan 53 Ruick Spl. 2-Dr. RH 52 Cod. Cpe. R&H, hijd. 52 Pltjm Hjrdlop. RH 52 Olds. Sup. "SS" HT 5 1 Pont. S. Wag. RH, Hud. 51 Fard sc<!.. R&H 50 Sluric. ,Sd. R*ff 50 Cad. HT, R &H. hyd. SO Olris SS Sdn., R&H, hyd. Red's Used Cars 722 GREENE ST. PA 2-3150 PEXN-MAR GAS MISERS Cost less to buy And less to run thttt pa if , ktg PER MONTI I'JF, (new) W me*-) .... $5 IrueX Si ,. 52 "53 GMC *« Ion pk-up 4 jp«d ..'..', SI Hudson Hpmcl OD :— '*3 Chev. dlx. 2-dr. high ttuality .. CO WD KT PENN-MAR MOTOR CO. Direct Factory Dealer for Ramblers • Jeeps • Hitdsons Metropolitans BARROWS PARK. LaVAl-K: PA 263! "7MT~ri,Y.MOUTK Slilton~ivSFjnr" In Excellent Condition Phone PA 2-3S58 after 3 p.m. S»W RUICK Cirnlary 2 dr. Riviera Hardlop. Hxtio, heater. d>natlow, U.OCO actual miles. Ukc rww. Priv- »l« owritr. J3,000, TM> trjidt. DU1 PA -H SS3R, " TODAY'S SPECIAL 52 FORD V-8 club sedan • Radio and heater Yours for only . . . $329.79 Woody Gur!e/s \VSED CAR LOT 212 GREENE ST. PA 2-0202 sax-in We da U i . On 352 Ct1F.VR01.GT Bel AU hartlo corsl anrt nhitc, with •nl.ite va •'«»-_rrivatclj- owntfd. PA 2323Z. ?rCHEVROI-ET rtctuxc 3 door seclT OtlRina! pAlr.t. many acc*-55orle SlO down. !28» month. PA 2-Oi«. I9i5 ByicV Super 4 Door Rivier; Bt-auliful 1 ton? blue v-ilh «hUc top w mileairc. one, like lJv csjviipptd wiih power, most lit week S24 19>5 Olds Super W -< Door 5 Ore owner »"d nice-, price riitht. Sexeral other older raodcls. tr ,1 on n<«" Buic^s. that *re put In co d-(ion to ctr« JT>U yr*r> t>l pood «c nc*. 5AV11.I.K BUICK SALES hone 477 Roinney, \V. V 19S2 MERCVHY 2 door Custom, bi ttfo. heater, turn flrnsl*. rtrat lfl, Plil FA 4-31C*. Buy where you save! M-G-K Motor Co 221 GLENN ST. DIAL PA 2-23( 2-Automotive Was 53895 NOW $3495 «h*levS"« ' Was $1695 56 Ford V8 2 Door miles, radio, heater, NOW $1495 55 Plym. Bel. HT. Cpe. ^'ne owner. Automatic Transmission, hiteaalli, rsdlo. heater, low milease. Was 1795 NOW $1650 55 Chev. Belair 2 Door very elean ear. Loaded wilh equip- Was S1595 NOW $1395 54 Merc. Mont. HT, Cp. Overdrive, radio, heater, A real beauty Was 11595 NOW 51395 ' 55 Pontiac V8 Sdn. ifle owner. Cleaa as NOW $1495 Fully equipped. pis. Was S1795 54 Ford 2 Door le Loaded __._ ... Was $1195 • fleaa. THRIFTY '-THE HEART of Cumber-lands Used Car Center 305 S. Centre St. BEATS EVERYBODY'S PRICES 55 Chev. Del Ray $1495 2 dr., R, H. i Powerglide. W.W. 54 Pontiac C. D. $1095 2 dr., R, H, 4; Hydramalic 4 Ford, Nice $ 795 dr., R4-H, White Walls 3 Buick Spec. § 895 dr., R&H, Sharp 0 Jeep S. Wgn. $ 395 ladio, Heater i Overdrive For The Best Cor You Ever Owned THRIFTY AUTO SALES NOW $995 Loaded. A real beauty! Was $1095 (lite push button transmission heater, defroster, variable speec ectric wipers, windshield wash- s, signal lights,, backup lights, rge wheel covers, safety dash, itety sun visors, cigarette light. airfoam seat, white sidewall res and safety rim wheels. Our pecial for this week. This fully quipped car is priced At Just . . . $2495 Plymouth 2 dr 1195 Ford 2 dr 1095 Chrysler Windsor. Green. 1995 Chevrolet 2 dr. Belair .... 895 Cadillac 4 dr. "62" .... 1695 Jaguar XK120 1795 Lincoln Hardtop 1295 Dodge 4 dr 795 DeSoto 2 dr. H.T 995 Plymouth 4 dr. 745 Chrysler New Yorker .. 995 Buick Hardtop S95 A 4-3840 Potomac Motors Open Evenings 6:30 to 8:30 LOT and GARAGE or. S. George end Harrison Sis. PLYMOUTH 52 Chev. Clb. Cpe. 2 Tone, motor overhauled aad clear Power Olfde, radio, heater. Was 5745 NOW 5599 TRUCKS 54 Chev. Pickup •• ne«. * >995 NOW $830 51 Willys Pickup • Wheel nriie. Was $S93 NOW $530 50 Chev. Pickup 1 real value! Was $595 NOW $475 HARE MOTOR SALES at Orchard — PA 2-4664 Skilled Radiator Service SchaiJe's Mec^.tV Val. PA MciNTYRE'S DOUBLE VALUE Bonded — 100 % 1-YEAR GUARANTY No Mileage Restriction TODAY'S SPECIALS These Cars Must Go! OK USED CARS <5 Chevrolet $1545 ri«r V-&. Bidio, heatfr, overdrive. 55 Chevrolet S1495 dt>ar V-J. Healer. o\(rddve. do Ford < doer. S1495 53 Pontiac door Jtilion H a JOB. R i rlio, itornttk tran,<mission, power 52 Chevrolet door itatlon -»ai;on. Bad TRUCKS 55 GMC. ton V-5 pickup 53 Chevrolet tan (*b Jr rhas'd, 2 ipt 53 Dodge ' loa pint! $950 <;c«ri $645 D. htattr. S1250 $950 $690 Open 9-9 Phone PA. •1-4400 DOUBLE VALUE Buy ;c:th assurance Drive tcith confidence 219 N.Mechanic St. Rear Entrance N. Cenlre at Bon MclNTYRE CHEVROLET Priced to Sell! o.ev. "alcr 4 dr. u. PG il Chev. Bel Air HT, RH S2 Chev. Dlx, 4 Dr. RIt Si Chevrolet Z Dr. RH 51 F«a 1 Dr. RH Fordcmutif 31 Studc Comtn Ob. Cr*. RH 51 L ii T. MclittiS RH Ml Che*. I 3 T. Pickup H 50 r>ort[re >5-T Pickup 50 Oi*v. 2 t>r. RH > Chev. tj T. PicXup H Over 30 cars to ch<wj» from Bar.k tern 1 .! and no down payrrvtal i. «ISM Cumberland Motor Sal TOneowsi.- Opp. A4P Super :Mlt VACATION SPECIALS 51 Chrysler Sharp $295 52 Dodge Conv. $145 43 Ponliac Sto. V/oo $95 . 5! Ford V-8 R&H $295 49 Buick R&H. Clean $195 Cadtllac Cpe, Say., loailerl Fotd Wjzoo, loaded Fcid I Dr. .. FonJ FairUtc. rea) sharp Buick Cent, loaded .. .. Buict Spec., loaded Olds "H". real sharp Ford Custom. R i Jl Por.tiae 2 Dr. RH. !l«d Fort! Country Sdn. » *Pau . .«35i .. ...S1- ..,522< . Merc, hd, lop. haj ererrthlar XI I Ford Ra&ch Wares II Ford Customline * Dr. n tans t-ustomline * Dr. .. il 153 -, n * Cbpv. Bol Air. Cream pnff. PG SIOSS /-DUSineSS * J Boick I Dr.'Sharp ..'.'.'.. " Cbtr. 1 t>r. an Dodse V-3 HT - Pontiac CaUlir.a. Sharp 2 Solck (dr. .. .".. 1 Ptyraoalfl.- real Iharp .. 1 Chtr. J or «-dr \ Ford 3 or I dr. , Old* Holiday 4 Dr .., Ford V-5 2 or 4 drs. , Chevrolet 2 or 4 dr«. . S r-onllae S.W TIRE SALE! FO:1S. full treaded .. 57.45* p. t :«w 670-15 *)2.9.-ie. p. •UNLOP TIRE i- BATTERY SERVICE WILLIAMS ST, PA ? 31M i PLYMOUTH Belvedere V-& Co rertilil* Coup*, RH, Powerilite fran^ raLsiion, WW Tires, Dark Gre«a Cm fsa Kith Light Sports Top, Low m age, local l-ovncr, Itte new. SL. Oorge Motor Co-, PA 23455. FERGUSON rhACTORS FARM MACHINERY Kicbt'i Garage Ballo. Pite PA 4-41 1 End Of Month Bargain 53 Hudson Sport Coupe, Hydn matic, Clean " $59 53 Chevrolet Belair 2 tone, good buy at J89 53 Chevrolet 2 door. Save more, on this one at $6D 52 Chevrolet 2 door. Clean an mechanically perfect ... 569 52 Ford 4 door sedan. Loaded $51 51 Pontiac 2 door. Just right f< the family $41 50 Chevrolet 2 dr. Power Glid_. Clean. Only 5295 Baiifc financing or Nothing Doirn! Jim Raupach's Garage, 443 N. Mechanic St. PA 2-!224 3-Furmshed Apo/tment* Two, ond three •Burnished Apartments. PA 4-3874 M1TII apartments, Kelly Blvd. t, 1, « rooms: sleeping rooms by Utilities 1'A 28100, PA <-M38 URN[$UED Ursl lloor apartment, te/nl'priva(t baUi. TKO or thr«c Idults. 406 F-ark SI. . ROOM front apaitment, downtown. AH utilities • {urnlshed. 230 Gfrnn Street. KOOMS, prls-atc bath; also (or bate large <Jccp freeze. 567 Patterson Ave, between, 5-7 p.m. Nice 2 Room Furniah«rt Apartinent ''rivate hath, utilities turnisheo 207 Greene St. 4-Unfurni$hed Apartmentj 20-For Sate Miscellaneout GARDEN SUPPLIES Cabbage, tomato, potted tomato, pepper, cauliflower, celery, seed potatoes. Pansy, petunia, ttzny, map draeoa, lota and scarlet saie plants. • All kinds 01 vegetables ana Flower S^cdJ Garden femtizcrs. Lime, Peal llumu\ and Peal Moss. Our Special mix Lawo Seed 35e Ib. LIBERTY HARDWARE CO N. Liberty St. Pbone PA J-7H1 T & W WASHER SERVICE Apex, Kenmore, Easy. Mayta, BUckstoae, Wrint;*: Rolls. PA 4-23U BKHH—Throw-away botUe, 12,93 case CUMBERLAND LlOUOn STORK 419 He/idcr&on Av*. PA J-77i7 11RKE ROO«S, private bain, second floor. AU -Utilities furatsoed to "QllrtJ] St- Dial PA 4-C523 a VIRGINIA AVE., second noor, 5 rooms* bath, porch. Immediate possession. Good condition. $35 month. t.ten Watson, PA 2-4<MO. IfREK rooms, batb, second floor. V15 Bedford St. (iO month. Phone PA •4-2303. •' HAPPY HILLS FARMS MILK Gallon 80c \k Gallon 42c Plus Jug Deposit At Your Local Grocers VREE KITCHEN"" pilTiKiflV a&a R« modebnK- Green<Jiartmao Appliance PA I 5730, or el\op out showTOom *nd »e« our modern KUchtrj biiplay HREE rooms, 1st fic*or. Bath, ga* and eteclrif- 528.30 p*r niomh. -£90 Terrace., Phot»o PA Z-7J3i. "~~ IODRRN' .*cn floor in centrally located apartment buUdiDg. Recently redecorated. Dla| I'A 4-3D»6. lAXDV ^ J^OOMS, private, third floor, fiood heal. $11. Adults. 212 .JUrrl- -soni Si, PhoaepA 2-«>Co. iV.SIRAELK. West Side. seVoid ~Uw. S rooms, irtcluduie large TV' living room, new bath, porches. Autojnatic fias furnaie beat, hot Mater and gas for cookinfi. All furnished. Adults S83. Vacant June 30. Write Box ftw-A, c/o Tiilies-N'ews. THREE "BOOMS" ANcTBATH : 'rivate Entrance, One or Two Adults Phone PA 2-2&60 "OVH rooms and bath, private en ira , 2nd floor, 17 Offutt St. >nth. PA 2-623ff. 125 'HRKE ro dale Si F ms, private balh, 2nd floor, " 1 St " APJ>1> " IM SpriD£ " L'SEI) BUIU>INC MATERIAL New i C'sed Bathroom Fixtures Cumberland Salvage Dial PA 4-068 I5-Furnished Rooms SLEEPING ROOMS PRIVATE HOME, WEST SIDE DIAL PA 2-06*7 19-Wonted to Rent" V ANTED—jijrcly .furnished «'0. THREE. ft>ur-b«droom housei need*d for responsible proftisiona K-chnical personnel joinina C«!ac€ii staff. Call PA 2-1000. E>.t. JS2. 20-For Sole Miscellaneous 'ACATIO.N'KHS, have the home umn 4ws follow you v^hil* you are awa> rom npme. You can have the" Cumbered .News or Kvenln^ 'rimes matted ny where in the Stales for 6c per opy; Sunday Times for lOc per copy lefore you take jour trip Pnom Oil imes-Xesvs Cireulattoo Department; A 2-4&XI lo order your paper. WALLPAPER Sarvden Re Cochran . -.,.,. IX .M RICE day* week 1 Insulation! Balsam Wool! Try "Pcnnsy" flout* <a Narrows Dial PA 2-7300 Free East POT kino AUTO Insurance lo cover State Li • $32.21 Also Wo.rtmen'3 Compenjatioi Fire, Clean \Valson PA 2-4Mi> WEDDING Iflvita, reception*, napkins, matches, federa Printing, ZS7 ColumWa St PA USED TAPE RECORDERS Phonograph!, Hi-Fi fqwpmnnt Enterprise Amusement Co. 170 N CKHTRE ST DIAL PA *•«!» SCOTT-ATWATER MOTOAS, WHIRL- WIXD BOATS. BOAT TRAILERS, MARINE LQU1PME.NT. BOAT KITS - MARINE PAINTS BOATHAVEN WARWICK & GREEN WAV, PA 2-651 55 Buick Spl. HT. RH. NELSON AUTO SALES IT. Vc. Impeded Cert 3I> POTOMAC. R1DGELEY HZ S-9ZM —Autc Glou BEAT THE HEAT! Air Conditioners WARD AIRE l-lon rilx, 220 volts. Reg. 5229.95 NOW $199.88 SERVEL ELDORADO Si Ion. Reg. 5229.95 NOW $179.7 WESTINGHOUSE ^i-ton, 110 volt. Heg. 5319.95 NOW $269.88 WESTINGHOUSE S ton For Casement Window One Only! Reg. $329.95 NOW $279.88 Vacuum Cleaners "ANK TYPE With, attachments. Reg. 559.95 NOW $47.88 ANISTER TYPE With attachments. Reg. $59-95 NOW ; $47.88 Montgomery Ward Baltimore Street at George PA 2-3700 tJSF.n Restaurant. ERuipjnent .Bouzb and Sold. Dave Guater Food Consu' UnL Lav ale. Md- Dial PA 2-0244 Complete line Deltas Rugs, Magee Carpets Burkey's Floor Covering BEDFORD ROAD PA 2-497 TACKLE SHOP J43 VA AVE FISHERMEN'S IIEADQUABTEHS Off a daily 8.5 Also Mo D-Wed-Fri 6-* HEfilSTEREO COLT'S DEALER •SPECIALS" — 3 Ford TraclonT Ferguson w/rfianure fork. '55 and *3 modtli. S59S lo S395. New Hollan z:SOO Forage Harvester w/motor an grass heaJ, S695. 2 JohD Deere 1 Harvesters. . Pro prass and cor heads. SS95 and S795. for your For t^e enuipmenl and needs, new Krd. see R. r>. Speicher, pho 'IF-rcury ^-9153. Me.yer*da!e. Pa. JOFA BED AND CHAIR GLASS INSTALLED (WHHJ3 VQU WATT) BEERMAN AUTO PARTS 613-521 N. Mechanic PA $119 FURNITURE MART 20 N. Mechanic St PA 2-3141 5—Auto Repairs, Service NORTH END GAR.AGE 507 Heudersot. Ave. PA AAASON1TE & PEGBOARD TRV PE.VNSY Route io Narrows "Dial PA 2-7300 Free Eatv Parkinyl . ::::J!S McFARLAND AUTO SHOP Phone PA 4-1216 503 Pine Ave. g* Established Business STOCK FOR SAiLE BELXJW COST Machinery 4 Equipment Cost Less Depreciatfon - fs Reasonable lease on premises JAS'CO JALOUSIES STORM WINDOWS STORM DOORS AWNINGS Approved by Good Haasekeepln JOHN E. SHARP & CO. McMulIen Highway PA 2-7620 ..... I *55 $ 295 1 255 t S3 TRUCKS 5J Ford pkkcp V-* •rd 1 Ion plc&up 3 Chev. 2 T Eminp .*.!**** 2 Dotfgs. Pantl 3 Ford Courier 1 Dod£« Pickup 1 Che». -lV.ick wiLX^ln 1 Stadc. 2 ion ran InM I»S ion, Stak« Bodj-. . Oi«v. \'i ton Intcmilioaal dump S Intrrnatfonal *i T. plcfcup S Ford P>;up 1 ton. Stika .. S 5:udc,, Rood >fiap» ....'."', ... S TftS ... I «95 ... S <9i ... t 533 ... * 495 ....S GROCERY and Meat Market In Cum- bcr]and. Doing a j?ood business, but must sell due to 111 health. Proof ol amount of business done, only lo Interested parlies. For details w, " Bo-c R6O-AX. c/o Times-News. 8-Coa) F-or Sole . S 23 . » 1S5 . S 195 Many Others to Choose From $5 Down On Cars Up To $700 BANK TERMS 10096 Guarantee See Max, or Buckwheat for the Best Deal in Town HAROLD'S McMuUcn Uwy at Custard Stand 9 8. no. to 9 p. m. Dial PA <-0670 50 FORD }/> TON V-8 PANEL 4 forward Speed Transmission. A-l. THOMPSON BUICK Call Car Lot: Dial PA 2-2424 GLEN-ROY OLDSMOBILE 55 Chrysler .... $2250 WINDSOR DLX. CONV. PS. PR. AT. Tinted <!»sj. Crash In. strumeat panel, HH, baeV up aod lig- na\ Uihla. louver, 18,004 miles. LONACONING MOTORS Lonacpnirg, Md. Di?J HO 3-3501 eow si. . .- , . , ,PA 4.0790 o»<-n p tii 9:3o Henderson at Frederick St. DIAL PA 2-2028 LARGE :ORNER CENTRK t Hanover —Store room with storage, fd(rhen, 2( romod' room.":. Also three rooiri!!. t>aii.. j«e ond Hoor. Six rooms, two balhs. hot u-atcr fi«ji. aaJom atic i» ater ti Iwpcclion: Mrs. Stevens, 2i1 Union si.. PA i-iwu. iUARANTEED PROSUn DELIVERY BEHUN B!C VEIN UOA1. (SJO TON PHONE PA 1-Z717 9-ElectricoI Work, fixtures ELECTRIC WORK FREE ESTIMATES ON WIRLNO Sterling Electric Co., Inc. 100 N. CE^fTRE ST. PA 2-4SOO ELECTRIC WORK Motor Hepalring. Wirtng and Fixture QUEEN CITY ELECTRIC CO 7fJt{«oAo«» Apparttlt Aft*t 155-160 Frederics SL Pbone PA 2-3153 10—Financing, Money Loom finance Piun;bino & Heating —McKASG'S— LOANS in a HURRY! ON ARTICLES OF VALUE —ALSO Unredeemed Vahje»— MORTON LOAN CO. U BALTTMORF. STREET THRIFT PLAN" Finance Corporation of Cambtrl 1» N. Liberty St Phoae PA LOANS ON YOUR SIGNATURE OST.y UP TO »15« FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 49 KorUi M/'C^ar.ic Street l'hjr,« PA tlStW AUTO LN J MINUTES Loan, 201 S. George DIAL PA 4-6622 SI Fort, ni!t. nice (8 I>«)ir« ^ ron p^.Tip l« 52 Cticv. >.h tern pk upj Dingle Esso Station Fayftle ». Greene PA «. Mil I Line. 4 Or. MM >J POM. KT S75S Bulclr HT S5M 51 Merc 4 dr. SW5 Jl . S \V Sl?5 Jl .Vljh 1 dr. SJS5 Triple Lakes Auto Mart SI. JM, Trtpl« L«Ves', PA 4 (6SI We Loan Money Oa Watches. OUrr-cnds. Op«a *t« T *••/ »o* need money iw 5fl«i" M"> Jewelers 131 N. Mec&Jint Phone PA 4-6685 50 CADILLAC "82" Series < door Sed«n. RH. Hydratnatic, Oririnal Blaefe nni&h. Xfotor, transmission just 04-ertaulcrf. Real Bargain! (J LTXCOI-N" Cosmopolitan < door >e. KOSPtTAL BEDS. WHEELCHAIRS, WALKERS CRUTCHES PA S-8484 Pile Bro». RL 5 Mc.Mu:>n H»7 - dan, radio, heater, Po indow, , , , tone paint, \vhltewall tires. Mans other extras. Extra clean tar. ^ » ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. PA J.JtSS 11—For Rent 12-Aporrmcnts niihed unfurnished. Combit liv,n/j-flinine. &«i3rt>om. kilcb*n, SuiUb.« permanent couple. RI-STATE MEMORIAL CO —Monuments & Marker Jnpainted Furniture—Save Wt'.GtVS SkH GKEIH STAXFS Try "Pemisy" -, cule *0 K*rro«j DIiJ PA I-T3 Jennett Transfer & Sforog Varehot]se-Frankliii SL PA 2-6 mato Cabbap?. Scaflf . . . Saff, Zer.ias. A: 1 .OC5. Petunias. pflM planer. Ev«rcrc*nj. Dolan'! 1J«1 Bedford St.^PA 45413. Memorial Da: 'ASSIES f plants tc-a __ . \Vlichl, i'-ireo- b!t> Singer Sewing Machines i rand new electric auto m atic s S40 OFF Fortabk-s and Coa?ofcj. Don't Miss This Coed Buyl Singer Sewing Comer 55 Baltimore St. IPEC1AL Sewinfi niacfiincs atjjostcd. In *t,e hrrmc E2. Elcctnly ar.rl Bus WAKEFIELD Sale* 1'A 2-3430, 1*79 FT« 5en rft* Sett «t(J .'Repair Vit Ittil Schn'inn Bicycles Reo Lawn Mowers Everythirs 'or Ite bicyc!* ar.d lawn mower at Vet's Bicrc'^ fc Mower Sappl» ^Quccn C.'..f F'vjnpnl PA 2-65W T^« pricHfij* ft ell YCxri/ BT sclectiae jour family plot NOW, ;.oa c^n eaioy these advantaj;*!.: l/sw prices. Easy Terms. B«sl sc- IcctiOTi=, Fcrpctual Care: KU.LCRKST BURIAL PARK PA 4-.J33 Lou? Prices! Spouting, SPOT,. )K, FJj:furc5, Roo/ Points! Liberty Hardware Co. N. tibcrt.v SI. Phone PA I-7U Complete Home Furnishin WOLF'S Baltimore Street KOOL VENT ALUMINUM AWNING Welcli Insulation Fix* Kstimalrs, Ft, Ashbj 2110 Frostburc HOMELTTE CHAIN SAWS Sile* aod Service Davi* Garaj Md. P&ona CD 8-4237 STRAWnKRRIF-S. 20c qiiait. >*av 195 Pickinc May 2J». 3<3. June 2, after a. m. Come to \Vycr Flacc. A** rm!< _Southwest ol Shoit «*p. W. Va. L0ANS MANfii-i^ vIOLIN". COMPLF.T -••"—>OM oirrviT. ALL IN GOO niAL PA ^-. X X=;T, PLASTERBOARD—AII size Try "Penjisy" Rout a 40 Narrow;. Dial PA 2-<30C Top Soil, any amount. ping. Dial PA 2-0336 laby Parakeets & Supplie iarty'S. 439 N.' Mech PA 2-701 'resaploun PA uric b-il. «rmiore euto FOR SALE Hot-Point alic asher. 2 elect r 11 rug, mel VEGETABLE PLANTS ine quality, thick,stem tomaioej, j Jrs. swtct potatoes, cabbajc, harp's Seed Store, PA 2^147. Very Gentle Riding Horses Call PA 2-OStt <iTZMILLER MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS AH tiio test tnftrtsrt i&d gra tccludins "Rock of As*s~ fira a&a "Barra Guild MeciorlaLs*" "red CK & Georse Sts. PA 3-(3GQ. 2-J3 "S« WHAT TOO BOr- Factofy Diiplar Ths Famous Klmtjall Pjanoi" Pr-.ce Reasonable PEOPLES FURNITURE STORE Rejn^art•J 17 Baltimore St- USED POULTRY EQUIPMENT >' Feeders, Metal Nests, Electric St: ns Satferics. Finishing BaCtciies. Ra :hPlicrs, RnoiliriE Spctions, Electr ntub«Tor. IW Turkey Crates. MJ 1XTKRNATIONAL "IW TRUCK 43 INTERNATIONAL I "a TON ri£ INTERNATIONAL 21, TON Set Rear-Mounted t'ord Cultivators ;HARLES RO^^ZEE Lake Xoon R PHONE BEDFORD VALLEY Jjl Sove 20% On Bottled Gas PA 2-7SC PARAKEETS L3 Uyons St EUdxeler Pa * RK 8-9" 'UPPIES-Cocker Spaniels. Mrs. HA old Me«k. Porapey Kennels at V Summit. Phone Frttjlhurs 11M-W- i bl -SEH MACHINERY FOR SALE Modr! HD-l* AHis Chalmrrs with >5odtt 30 Hanson Bic.4 Ho« -Tasr Crane on rubber 75 K. P. G.M Di«jc] Power Unit Model HDS AlUs ChaTmcrx w-ith b M.xiel P-A Caterpillar with witwh Mortal RG Ctrtrac -with blade " l^i HG aelrar !cl TD9 International Tractor Irr sen. ice. we fit iTi*s.e* of Ir^^'k*.. x F.VUM CQurpME SOMERSET, PA. PHONE *34S >-For ED Hot Point rcfrt|«ralor, Ilk* MVJ nodel refrigerator (p«rctla!n flnUla) ilOO, Airway vacuum cleaner with iltachments, »19.93; Prtmler nprlfhl .-acuum cleaner wilb •uicKiqcHtf. (49-95; Croslcy electric range, like lew; gas rttrlgtrtloT, 130; Ifl cubic dot KeJvlnalor home /feezer. Crceo- it^PA^Aa! 1 ""*- lsa N - oolr * PUPPIES ' MeMe'a Kennels, Mefittered Cocfcer Spaniels, PA 2-1691, 5HMAN Motor Srootcr; large boys ' 4 RfDING HORSES AU gaited S«: ANDY EVANS Rt. W> a«af Raw lings. Md. Or; JACK WETZEL. "*~ and Liquor Store, JO N. Centre St. GM 1C' i-j «wi*-Jt-lj lldCU 16 FJnghara Dump Trailer* Tractor; l»o BQY MOTORS, \formi, fishlnr uipmejit, archery. Buy and *ell . CLIKE-5. 1311 Ella Ave , LAVEH PIANO, sin. Repaired uaranteeii. PA t-WH, Bob Mo t «. ind. , SPECIAL ! PURCHASh! " Manufacturers Close Out Women's Newest Spring and Summer ' COATS ; RAYON FAILLE •"• DUSTERS • NEW ALL WOOL -I TOPPERS -, AND ,.,/j SUITS '' : \ While They Ldsl i - -19.97-24.97-29.97 ^Values i All The Newest Colors ' ; Group Number 2 ;• WOMEN'S NEWEST " RAYON FAILLE DUSTERS : AND GABARDINE TOPPERS! WhiJe They Last $6.99 9.97 : 12. 97-14.97 Values Att.The Newest Colors MAURICE'S FROST8URG, MD. and KEYSER, W. VA.C MIAMI FASHIONS 10 to 20. 12\i to 26^i 1*9$ PasleTs. Prinls and Solids -—'is. halters, 10 to 20 .... il M Batlitns Suits 13.95 t a Sl^Ja SYKES STYLE SHOP • 35 Md. ATL>. Daily 11 a. m. B +Cm Phone PA 2-13TO ^~ MOTOROLA Hi Eh Fidelity Connie. Phonograph. Blonde. 2Q-watt amplifiers, 4 speakers. Bejular I23»S5. Only S1S5.9S IncludinE SM djamond needle. Sycte'i Mojic Store, 22 «X. Centre. ,„ Storm Windows Completely Installed As Low As ... 83 5. Cenr»» St. FA «j»M rALLPAPF.R—Maie tdcctlon atlume. Expert paperhanfias, low cost. f PA 1-CX2I lor -lamplea. Hinlf; Wittl^d. PANSY PLANTS - 25c clish daisies 23c doz.i cre«x&a£ OT lie a clump; rock cardeo jcd ennial nouer plants 15c each; luge OTtmeut seeds, plants and supplies fiat qualitr. Tearp'* Seed Sure. Phone PA 2-*U7. co. 3 FABULOUS KROEHLER LIVING ROOM VALUK (1) 2 PC. Kro«hl«r tofj bed mitS 1 tables, 1 Umpj, 1 pU!o«s "^ RUG. SK9 NOW IU#* for all 8 pieces. ^ (2) 2 pe. Kro*hler livinj room suite, 1 lihlts. J lampji •** REG. 5279 NOW I1ST 1 for *U S pieces •* (3) 3 pc. Kroehler sectional, 1 U^jlw I lump i*. HEG. (M5 NOW S2i»- tor all 5 pircci *^ F* Oi!?y ot Millenson's can you find values like these MILLENSON'S : |317 Virginia Ave. PA 2-5930 Try Our Dcl.cious Country Butler, hanger's Grocery USED POWER MOWERS S25 ft UP COSGROVE'S 252 N. Centre PA 2-3040 TOP SOIL & FILL DIRT Phone 004-4198 COCKKB rfRistcro PA 4-« > CONDITION TA 4-OSC3 Spaniel 1 "black ma SINGI.K BED. REFRIGERATOR 1'hone PA 2-3362 VSED FORAGK HARVESTERS" 7JP Crass (Copper S4&9 .- w n*^«re. Handy pockethooX siie phoioit*t ?tal<*d for darabihtr. Yoar rli«cliarze papers loo, \\"hatcver M is wr*ll ropv it. CUMBERLAND ENGRAVERS. 113 S. Mechanic S!r«L PA 4-l**2 COC'KCR Sp^nioJ BIacC~Fema"le. f,.., istcred, 1*1 th papers 6 vcan old. S2il. Dial PA 2-42t;0. 8 to *S. rilF. uONGtR i^u> ao run* the c6i *r p<r das il becomes. Well b« &'-» to Quote long terro tnd contract r*tei lo *nj want advertiser Tb« lo»f vcur rnM (hr crcjiler vftor prttfil 2TF~Gim^D7.*ycI*. 20" hoy's blcrtlf bicycle. AU 3 (r>r 530 — . , _. John lictre w/Grasj R,- Corn^ Ifpjd,* ?-">^l ^ f>} ' OT ' e ^ |V S« WASHINGTON - AUrac|lvt fur- C«,<e u-/C,ra5s & Corn Heads ..,. S7B9'l?5'i BENOIX Duomitle Washer wit; w/3 heads $lOS3i castrra. 9 pound. E&cellcnt candi .1 . - H. G, BENDFR • iPhor.e ME 4-3271 Mocridile. Pa, 1 . . $W., PA 4-lfttO. cost *IB5, Dial "TS HARD lo eaeti wtial & propertj. » aicd car or any other used Item n wttrHi; but reiding Ui« «~ant «di iUilj wUl make It easier and enak* your cuexses =« lot more accurate. Bead them and us» Ultra for TOUT heallh. STORM DOORS ALUMIXUS1 $39.95 Try "Pennsy" Bout« «9 Na,-n>«» Dill PA Tree Easy Victor Adding : Machine Agency SALES and SERVICE KEYSER Office Supply Co. Inc. Phone 2-3721 Kcyser EW uidli'ied Mottle HoroM. Wi t^kc furniture In trade. XeHt™ Traitcr Sales and FuinLture 5t«ce. Ft. London. P». EHpirf 9^3283, BRYANT Forced hot Bit gas furoact, suitable for small home. Can b« seen at 7n Txulsiana Av«. OFFICE DESK Lat* Model. All Slettl, LiVe Nftv, 175. HAGER'S FRUIT, LOVER'S LEAP i

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