The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1930
Page 8
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Prairie High School Girl Took First In District . Oratorical FORMER KEMPTON MAN. Ell Johnson, Died in Hospital at I Tallinn, O., r Wednesday. NOW TO ZONE CONTEST Miss Marguerite Terhune, stu- • Wednesda'y noon Dr. W. F. Dunham receives a'telegram from Sabhia, Ohio., announcing the sad news that ihis uncle, Eh Johnson, 'former resident jof Kempton, had died in a hospital!- at that place. The message stated funeral services would he held at Sa- hina" | Friday afteVnoon at 2 o'clock and that burial would take jplace there. The deceased who was about 78-years of age had been afflic.ed with cantracts of the eyes for some j time And was totally blind i Several weeks" ago he entered the JEWEL ROBBERY FOR INSURANC E TAKE ADVANt'Atr.El Highway Policemaa flays Antomo.! bile Laws Will Be Enforced. Dow Chappel, state highway policeman, was here -Wednesday afternoon looking over the'local alt- uaticjn in retard to violation I of the motor laws and was in confer- Store Owners at Elkhart and encejwith Sheriff . Pevault Pals Confess to a Conspiracy. „ ... I hospital for an operation for this dent in the Prairie township con-. . . £~ . . J : trouble' and was thought to he ] getting along.well, when he took a sundden turn 'for the worse. The j deceased married Anna, (Allen; daughter of Samuel and i Harriet Alien and'a. sister' of | Mrs. W. R: Dunham of Kempton Solidate school, won first place inJ the district oratorical constitutional contest at Lebanon Wednesday night and a] number of persons from this county were present to congratulate the 'winner.- This young' woman, who Won I and ~ Mra - Jane CIine ot Sheridan., the county contest here on March ! For a i numbc l r "f years he resided .19, easily carried awav honors at i at Kemnton and has a largfe ac Lbanon defeating contestants :| "uamtance in that community, from all counties of- the Ninth- He ,las live(i in s *Wna, <Vfor 'the district, with her oration on "Lincoln and the Constitution." The district meeting was sponsored by the Ninth District bar ; ]iast several years, j Beside the wife he is survived ,; by two children-Mrs. Melvin Ray . of Sabina, O., and a son Milo association .and the one .held here! Johns P n . ° r Cincinnati. A number was sponsored by the cpunty bar' 0t rela,ives and friends from the association, Olen J. (;ifi|ord beingi in charge of the arrangements Miss Terhune won the first prize j of $25 here and the first, prize of] $50 at the distrirt contest. ' J ' She non enters the zone con-j test which will be held soon, the; date and place having as yet not; been announced " successful' 5n that goes to the state contest.: Luke White of rhe, Covington! high school was awarded second! place. . All contestants were' awarded cash prizes. Judge: W. H. Parr, of Lebanon, president of the Ninth'! District Bar association presided at the •oratorical at Lebanon Wednesday night. Kempton comniunity will attend ?ral at Sabina Friday aft- ; the fun ernoon. ARRESTS ARE Elkhart, Ind., April 3.—That the robbery of Wright's i Chief of Police iLeohard. 7" i j ! Tile highway! policeman S ' • that | dealers were taking ndjran- j jtage .of the dealers' license lawlin ' j many' places and using cars with • _ :oiily one plate in' order to cui down MADE) the number of; plates. \ njeeded This,-he said, was a violation and the department i was "breaking; the practice. i ' j F J Thje state policeman,! who and Cbsgraye Elected President stated' jewelry. been jin the hospital for some tinle, has Secretary of Agriculture Wanted! for Indiana iGj ! - O. P. Headline] FOR JUNE MEETING Boat With 800 Cases Aboard Caught Within the 12- Mile Limit. ' iur:i CIPHERING MATCH. —;— •• d BurketSchool 'Will Contest at Jackson Friday Night. OFF COAST OF MAINE There will be . : j. Boston^ Mass. April 3.—The -. . . , a ciphering, Br iUsh two-masted schooner Ara- match Friday night .between the',„,_,, „.,-,,, - nn -!' ',. T » -v' . : 1 j T , • ! , may Wlt " ° 00 eases ° r liquor Bnrket and Jackson schools at; ,, „ . ," ,j . ».„;,', •. • •;. . "hoard was seized orf; the-coast of the latter place and the public'is ,,.' . . < „„,A J U ,. . ' . „ Maine by a coast guard patrol invited. Harold Gordon is the • ' ' teacher at Burket in Madison township and Earl Foster is the • teacher of the Jackson schoolj j north of Tipton. ] The match will be in the four boat yesterday, Thomas' F. Finne; gain, in charge of enforcement squad i nounced. The Aramav was [fundamentals. Both schools have ' l custody within We experts and is anticipated. a -close contest limit, Finnegan the said. the customs jiere, an- taken into twelve-mile j Finnegan said the Aramay was i well! known to Edast guard and • , • - ' ' _ . i customs .officials. The boat had Ol Miller, former Tipton resi- , 1., . „ . , r ' !been on the (.customs suspected dent, who for the past several ... „„ 1 ^ -. . -, T ... t. list since 1922. r . ;>ears has resided at Indianapofis, I ;Was in Tipton Wednesday, • visit- j ling with .relatives and greeting iold friends. Mr. Miller is-B brother of Charles Miller,, watchman at the Citizens National Bank, and of Mrs. J. B. Johns, of North Mam street. He resides on ia small i place just south of Indianapolis, and is getting along well.' Masonic Notice. L. L. Cook; of Elwood, former i Tipton resident and former county treasurer, was here Wednesday afternoon attending! to business matters and greeting friends. ' - Stated meeting of Austin Lodge No.' 128, P. & A. M.', Thursday ev-; emng at 7 o'clock. Members and visiting brothers urge* to attend. H. M. MUNDELL, W. M. SAM D. GROVEtS, Secy. store hereon Jan. 27 by two eup- • oh account of mastoid' trouble posed, armed robbers -was a slill :having trouble with! dne^ "framed job" through which the'•! i'f? ejirs.. owners of the establishment, hoped to collect.a $15,000 robbery insurant policy, was established by police yesterday' with the arrest of six of eight men alleged to have been the conspiratore.- Full confessions have.been obtained from five of those under arrest. ' j In addition, to the clearing'.up of the local robbery, it is antici- 1 pated that numerous other robberies and' burglaries will be! solved through the apprehension! of the ring. ' ... Fred Wikoff and Phelan Wolf,; OWMTS of the store, admitted -to j pome that they had planned the robbery as'<a meant? of obtaining payment of^a'$15,000 policy from ! the - Casualty Surety Company of i New York. j —Abe Poncher, • also arrested I here, has confessed that he played paTt in the conspiracy by bringing .into contact the local jewelers and Meyer, Bogue, Chicago criminal of long standing, who" engineered . the fa'ke holdup. Others under arrest at this time are John Meleski and Martin Tesmer, held in* jail at Chicago, who have admitted they were the two "who actually staged the falte holdup, and Bogue, taken' into custody at Chicago • yesterday morning. Two alleged conspirators, Fred Poncher, '28 years old, and Louis Poncher, former Jiead of-.the Valley Motor Company here, are being sought. Fred Poncher is alleged by police to have been the bead of the ring. OLD PRESIDENT J ! ; After Fall of His l[ Ministry, j •!|.. V j ' ~ ' j' AUCTION WAS EXPECTED HAMBURG tw^RE ROMOTJRv yesterday. The plosion, | however!, ward and thaw; tWJ|' TJhe store Tiets! Brothers; | The Board ol dians has filed ; Dublin, April 3,—William -T. reetectedLpresident the T!ie Washington, April 3.-rSecre Cdsgroye, was of the ;|executiye council'of Ir sh Free Stalte last ni^htj vote in! the Dail Eireann was 80 65 in his favor. ! ! ! [Mr. Cosgrove thus witl resume,' brief', interval of five which his had dajys, the 1 important i post held! since' 1922J !• When ministry fell last week j j it I ae lieved a record, for long lengev- jitj among European cabinets by virtue of its eight years of, con- tir uous service. ' [ The president of "the Irish.''Prea Sti tte is not a president in the American sense, hut ;functions mdre like a premier in! a parlia- m« ntary government. I ! | tiry iof Agriculture Arthur j'Hydei likely will"! become the kjey- noterj at the Indiana j. Republ: can state convention to jbe June^ !' [• | Elia i who held I Rogers, 'state ' chairman, rrived here yesterday,! likely! ' will, extend the invitation I tlo the Cabinet member after, he has completed informal conferences with [Senators WatBo n and Robinson ind the Indiana Republican House members.: i Thje opinion prevails keynoter should be from SnSTRIAfi DECLARED. Indian Girl, Charged With Murder, Tool III to Appear. 8EEUS- • •J- -' • t i'. ' ^ . <i lesf Persoial UM AvafaMe -May Amount iDp to $300 fame wiu wetvt I Yoi mil tbe luhipa oewi to j beeoffWiMmiea-frowhw! i »»dfa>dM«c «»n tune with the ! tr«ad; Ant -fcow ^bont your : , ho*t? Fanuskiagt nylei have I cfaatvMJwolDropialrlita if* j cbwMMMt Mid t«ii* show you ' |~«lMf jo«r:boa «f oetds tolmng _ tt mf to ih« »o«W ' Buffalo, N. Y., April 3—A 1 mistrial,was declared 'yesterday in the case of the Indian, Lila Jimmerson, who for two weeks has listened to a white man's government attempt to convict her for theS murder of an artist's wife. The ^defendant, who suffers from tubreculosis, was in a hospital, to ill to reappear in court for the concluding stage of the trial, and Judge F. Bret Thorn dismissed the twelve men who had heard the evidence. The twelve, men listened to the muttering old Nancy, a tribes- woman, tell how she killed Mrs. Marchand with a ten - cent hammer and chloroform soaked wads of papjfrrin the latter's Buffalo home. They were informed] by a handwriting- expert for tbe defense the! "Mrs. Dooley" letters were not penned in Lila's handwriting and listened to witnesses, all -of-'the white race, testify that the character of the thirty-five- year-old defendant- was good. outside the state. that! the i -speaker |Hj|de becomes a natural choice both ]because he is a vigorous Republican orator and the, mepiber of the Cabinet representing jagWj- cultujre. Governor! Leslie, the (Indiana- Senators and various' of th .Housje members will have places on the convention program,]' bujt proposed plans call for] Hyde jal the leadliner. Before he j entered the Hoover Cabinet, Hyde j had . I i. ' • | '.Ml ! I I served a term as Governor - jof Missouri. He is regarded as one J ' f I • • ! L of the best political speakers jof the Country. j NAVAL PARLEY: Plenary Session of Five Powers Has Reen Post poiied. to April*, M Xo Casualties in Crowd as Force .1. ' !! olj Blast 'Upward, ' •. j:' : Hamburg, Germany, April 3.- A powerful bomb exploded- in crowded department store he; i! -! force- of the ex- wa# mainly up-1 [were to casual- la owned by. the NOTHING SUC( )S LIKE SUCCESS Ttoard Asks Cnstody. Children's Guar petition in- cif- fcuit.'court seekinlg the custody "of j . i j j,• - '* eight-year-old lf, au ' Goodnight, son of Garnet Goodnight,, of this city. The father has remarried since the death ot the boy's mother,- and there are several other children in the home now. It-is said the lad is nnt being given a proper chance in his present en vironme.nt and tb[e board asks- for h,is custody. Causing Him Tronhlc Millard Hancock '.has'', iieen- suffering from an abscess'on-his upper jand visitei ; In this year and age no one has lime to hear yen tell why you IDIDN'T niceeed. Evet7one is too busy tryingrtb make a financial success off their own lives. Open an account with this strong bank and FOftOS AHEAD. j;. !' Systematic saving will put you on "Easy Street^ before you know it. Make your start'today and place your money in an interest-bearing; account. Jd! to physician have it AFRICAN RE OAUTIES Group of Duck-Upped l,Men and AVomeh Arrive For Circus. •' New\, York, . April ! 2—New York's theatrical district, beauty mart of the world, opened its eyes •a new varietyj of puchritude las^ evening when a bevy of prize-j winners,; just arrived trom the Congo K paused, momentariiy at Madison'Square Garden .and then we it on to the Bronx to' appear in Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baley Circus. . , "here! were eight of them and they proved beyond a doubt that bes uty is a matter of geography as well as being only skin ]deej>. These women and the four: men who accompanied them are member! of the Ubangi tribe Iwhich in- hatits an Isolated triangle of land in' French Africa. Their beauty mai'ks consist of wooden disks inserted ;in their lips' in child- hoc 3 and gradually increased in size up to eight or ten inches giving a duck-bill effect which is grektly-prized among the,younger set Those | who arrived --j yesterday are believed to be the vfirst ever to come to this country Wednesday evenij lanced, -j . When jit first starjted he thought he was going to have a small boil, but it turned out.much more serious, and he suffered, much pain before it was ready to open. W. R. A, Regular meeting! of the W. B .1 A. Friday, evening] with" Mrs. Carl home, 427 North ait.7:30 o'clock, Kritsch at her jCoride street." As there is important business to come' before the c rder, it"is urged that: all 'members ^ie. present. I L'c iidon, April | 3.—-Taking one grea. step forward yesterday toward a three-power disarmament agreement among the i United State s. Great Britain and Japan, delegates to the i London naval conference hesitated toi take another toward a five-power pact until sure of their ground. Consequently they announced that the .mportant plenary session set for Friday moraine I would i ibe postponed -until next week. If | .. :«•!» ' : < 1 •!• DRYS END HEARING TARIFF BIliL. Goes to Conference Between the Two Rrmncheg of Ooa^itiu. Washington, April 3—Hawley- Smoot tariff bill which has- required nearly "fifteen months for framing, and passage ^hrougtv the' senate and house "was submitted to ^a conference-between the two congressional branchea 1 yesterday tor adjustment of the hundredfe of differences over rates-and other features. The conference* started today behind closed doors with five conferees front each --: house - en- dearoriag to map oat a protraa of,procedure. "•• > ]i Conclude Their Evidence Before House Judiciary Committee, j " " ' ' : —T^-'i* || '•"}[ WJasbington, April 3. — Dry forces ended their case in the prohibition liearingsl before, the house judiciary committed; | yesterda^r irfti atatementa j : 6y pslx:' la «4 «rs deadribing' a decade 1 under the eighteenth amendment jaa having improved economic "akd."'social: conditions throughout Ithecoua- i*r.\ .....p| . h AJfter presenting; but one wlu! Best the drys obtained Wmisslda pf- the committee to Joter written •tatjementf from "tbejr * leaders without subjecting them to eroia exainiiialan; abr|ipt»r ettdlng; tla sasjlon ind the hearUfp. TU\ otk, .-however,'. ar»:to.hji; glvmi ^nltjr • for llaittadviebatUi two; | ;4 ff s . , ^A-i^-^sy^ , Gersld .ToM. JSMIOT st Indlaaa UOnxria* ^IS /eaJaW... FORSIER RESIDENT ILL. George Freeman Said to Re in] Critical Condition nt Templeton. Wednesdays' afternoon Mrs. Rotha Straley jjf :;the I Little, Newi York -community, received a nies-j sage announcing the serious Illness of her father, George Free^ man former resident: of this county. The sick man resided in Kempton for many yeans removing his: family to Templeton about five years ago. i ( f idee Heaving ; Kempton MrJ Fr«eman lost his wife she dying 3 yeaTS ago at Templeton. The message | did not state His ailment but said! his condition I 1 was such IhSit little hope- was 'expressed |HOG PRICES I STEADY. Ten Cents Higher in Spots—Cattle Hold [Steady. Indianapolis, Ind., April 3. Receipts on hogs, B.000; cattle ^50 ;i calves, 850;|] sheep, 400. j Hog prices early today -at the localj live stock mjarket: were-gen­ erally'steady, in sbpts 10c iiigber, with Weights of 1^0 to 250 pounds at $1)0.30 to $1().50; top, $10.60; heavier kinds so'fd[at $10.20 down, underweights at 1 p i]2 5 down, sows at $9.50 down. ! Cattle were r generally steadb-,. with calves also-steady at.$14.00 down; sheep were lambs were Quoted :at S9.50 down. j .Chicago, 111., ceipts on hogs over, 6,000; tWe Meeting. THB BAm OF THB A Voluntary Member of tbe Federal Reserve System Only Banh la Tiptoai Coaaay Xader Both unclianged and •I- April 3, — Re- 18,000; carried market was steady to 10c hfgher^- with the top $10.35-; thereJviVre 6,000 cattle, and 13,000 sheep. Local Froficite Market, (Moore i. Butter __ —L - EggS —ii fori WEATHER—Fair tonight and Friday; [slightly warmer Friday, i j. 1 *'r*l I Trtbuae want ads pay- ! I his recovery. Oats -.—i- New -Corn, No. per 100 lbs. 1 Moore) .__ ^35e 22c Local OraM Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) 2 Soft Wbeat ii __^$1.00 4 yellow. .36 >85 ] Indianapolis Produce Market. Bggs~Indianapj >llB- Jobbers-offer country shlppe ^B for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis, loss off,, 22cja dozen. Poultry-Clobbers I .paying for fowlB, 4% lbs", up, 28-25c lb.; Leghorns, 19-22c; roasters, less than 4^ lbs., 20-21c; I Leghorns, 14- 17c; sick, cull! and humpback poultry not bought; .roosters, 12- 16c;: ducks, 10-12cfgeese, full feathered,. 9c; guineas, young",, $6 a dozen; old, $4;|s'qnabs, 11 lbs. to dozen, $4.50; old pigeons, 75c a dosen. : ;' i I - • Butter—Jobberi 'l selling prices for creamery: batter, fresh ftrata. No. 1. 44-46C a [pound. '. Batter Fat:—-Indlanapolfs boy- era are paying SScja pound delivered at Indlanaaolls. NOTICE. We Have • Well; ilghted Park- j Ing Space in the Rear of Our Store. BARGAIN! GROCERY Pat Samhinc Into Linoleum, With Colorful, Modern Furniture^ Rugs, Stoves, Lamps, Etc. PHILCO RADIOS J" COMMERCIAE "With a Record of Thirty Yean of SERVICE" '- \ ' j I ' .' •' 'i ' Qur Commercial Banking Department has a \ clean record of fair and sound 1 management. May we serve yotf in your needs?) The Only National Bank in Tipton County: k I & l U, lf,|..|. > > » 1 1 1 t 1 > > t » > 1 > ' A Bed isNo Longer A Bed UNLESS IT GIVES YOU PERF ECT REST We have all the "makings"; fir your perfect bed—Rome DeLuxe Red Springs, Master-Bilt Innerspring, Sinunoiu Beauty Rett and Deep- Sleep Mattresses. Aj Very Extensive Display of ajsdroom Bnttes Alw»ys Awaits Your Inspectio«u 1 I

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