Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 22, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1969
Page 6
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Breakfdsf club en/oys eehos of Olympic Games m COLLECTOR ENTHUSIASTS — Robert Roach, new president of the Loma Linda Univeraty Stamp Qub, encourages young Greig Mitchell, left, and Becky Mross as junior members of the dub in their hobby of stamp coUectmg. Young people who share this interest are invited to a special meetmg of the Redlands Stamp dub next Tuesday evening. dd) met at the Badtaodf Ooantiy dub Ihinday icliv«d the Modco City Olnnpic Games tfanMifb tfae ex jpcriences of Hn. Bobert Sdwl- a member tt Breakfast dub. MIS. SdMitoo save a toarist viewpoint of living in a Uexi- ran family bome and travding tbrougb tfae city and countryside as wdl as a spectator at tbe gcmcs. Mrs. Scbcdton and ber husband were part of a group wfaidi attended tfae Olympic Games in Tokyo m 1961 and in Mexico Gty in 1968. Peytai Jordan, bead trad coa^ of tbe U.S. Team, and a personal friend of tfae SdKrftons.l took Mr. Sdioltoa into Olympic Village, a normally restricted .area to visitors. Through Mr. i Jordan the Scfaoltons were privileged to meet many of t b e contestants. Mrs. Scfaollon showed slides of tlie highlights of tfae games, induding tfae giri atUete carrying tfae torch, the Parade of Natioos. the Olympic; Village and many of tbe athletic events. I Mrs. Austin R. Wdch. presi-i dent, introduced a guest Mrs.j daughter-in-law of Mrs. Chas. T. {Michael Larsen Kennedy,and two former members of Breakfast dub, who have Mr. and Mrs. James A. Smith moved from Redlands. Mrs. Al of Highland announce the Wincher and Mrs. Everett A.gagement of their daughter, iJanet Lee, to Michad Gleave |L.arsen, son of Mrs. Patricia L. I Larsen, 1207 San Jacinto street, land Gerald G. Larsen, 106 Car- josEram BBA« Yucaipa clubwomen honor charter and life members, pasf presidents Stamp club invites young collectors to meeting Young stamp collectors are,San Bernardino Sun - Telegram, i General Foreign section invited to an interesting pm- Vm annual birthday bncbeoo boooring past preadents of Tu- caipa Woman's dub, life and charter members was bdd Tuesday hi the woman's dub- boose. The patriotic motif was used m decorating and a miniature Young Lincoln choristers sing for P.LA, JANET LEE SMITH to be bride of CAROLYN McELRATH gram prepared by Redlands Stamp dub for next Wednesday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the community room of Provident Savings and Loan. Citrus and Sixth. Guest speaker will be Bill Connors. sUmp editor of tbe Kimberly PTA slates meeting Tnt> honorary life member- diips will be awarded by tUm- berly PTA at its meeting next Wednesday evening. The meeting will also feature a presentation by tbe Univeraty of Bed- lands drama department Hayes. Hostesses Mmes. Warren H. Hooper, B. Gam Haycock, Pat larsai and George W. Paul prteted members in appropriate rie Lone, jcostuming reminiscent of the) A wedding during the summer (Olympic Games. They decorat-igeg is bdng planned. San Bernardino Sun - Telegram.: uenerai foreign secuua mllied the dinmg room with me-1 Janct is a graduate of Pacific who »iU teU of the advantages be taken care of by Leroy Ush ["«Hf« «*'«* Scholtoo hadihjgh school in San Bemardmo,i 3f reading stamp articles, sub- and Mrs. Ruby Hendricks: Top- ^ ^ San Bernardino Valley CoUegel scribing to stamp pubUcations ical CoUecling by Mrs. Emmai jf!^ ^an Diego State CoDege in t. „ . .. J - 1968 wlh a degree in social and bang a stamp coUector. ChnsUansen and .Mrs. Erma Rgjl^nJ, WCTU (science. She wiU receive her' Robert Roach, newly elected Pearson: British Commonwealth . . y • leaching credential from San president of the Loma Linda by Al Palmer and David Sol- ^® '"•*Oay Diego Stale next June. i University SUmp club, uill ex- tau: and Latin America by Dale Redlands WCTU will meet Janet is Uie granddaughter of hibit frames from his collection Ferguson. These specialists wOl TuejJay at 2 p.m. in Room 3 Mrs. J. C. Raines of St Peters- of Pitcaim Island stamps. Mr. answer questions and demon- of Brookside Free Methodist burg. Fla.. and Mrs. Clamce C. Roach has been active in organ- ^trate ways of creating interest- church. Smith of Gettysburg, Pcnna. jizing several stamp dubs for jng arrangements. i Her flancc is the grandson of young people. Registering visitors will be jo« lo Htallh, Beauty Walter B. Manthey of San Arthur Thomas, former Red- done by Rac Leight and Thdma! ' 'Bernardino and Mrs. Dormus N. Date of Duncan, McElrath nuptials nears To be married March 29 at U a.m. in Norton Air Force Base cliapd are Canlyn Frances HcElrath of Bedlands and Derwood Donald Dunoan Jr.. now sUtioned at Norton with tbe U.S. Air Force. TTie bride-to-be is the daugh ter of Mrs. D. S. McQrath, 112 Doyle drive, and tfae late Mr. McElrath. She is now a student at Redlands high sdiod. Carolyn's grandparents are Mr. andln-t-.' painting of George Washington was placed on the table in the foyer with a liny cherry tree (and hatchet , Honored were Mrs. Everett [Jackson and Mrs. George Math- jews, life and charter membos: Mrs. Waller A. Andrews and Mrs. W. F. Cruicksbank. SO-year members and Mrs. M. A. Woods jand Mrs. E. H. Sutt life members. Past presidents honored were Mmes. Moores Butler, Roy Nelson. Charies Beaumont D. D. ! „ Wilbur, Glen D. Sherer, Earle : pe smgmg of the Lincoto j Hutchison. Howaitl Waite, School Ctarus, directed by Mrs.jLm-e R. Gervais. Gardner Par- ,ShirW Kaufman and acrom-ifeer. Taylor F. Woodridge and S ?^flA^ ^.-Arnold Blesse. p ^STthis"''*' j'-^ inv^ioui uia -cow. ^ yj^jjg lyj^^ soprano from Ri- Tbe program also - included alto presented the program. She presentauons of honorary Ufe g jtujent of GwendoI >Ti Rob- memberships to Paul A. Brei- erts of San Bemarfino and a ban and Mrs Sue Brown. Mr. ^j^^r of several music awards, Breihan has been custodian at including one from the Southern Lmcota for 12 years and Mrs. California Vocal AssociaUon. ^"•"t ;J„'*^HS^l^ She most recenUy was one of h^ been at Lmcoln for "t^e young singers in the district " .. selected lO continue for regional Past recipients present and competition in the Metropolitan honored were Mmes. Samud opera Auditions. iNeeley. John Ramos. Ralph Her program for the Yucaipa Gonzales. Joe Jimenez Hazd dub included arias from Puc- Bonson and Agnes Haalboom |ci„i-s -La Boheme" and Bizefs The young choristers who "Cannen.. gjjj several selec- were applauded for thai; singing;tio„s in the popular vein. were Teddy Ortiz. Becky Gonzales. Martha Hernandez, Danny Ttujillo, Phillip Perez. Manud Torres, Armando Bevis Eva Mrs. Glen D. Soberer gave a report for Mrs. J. G. St. Clair on the history of the restoration ud Torres, Armando Bevis Evalgf the Sepdveda Adobe whose Lopez, Ricky Sandoval, Kevin!restoration partly spon- Martin, Audrey Jones. Gtoria'sojgj by Yucaipa clubwomen. Jimenez. ' - ' -=" — Nellie Gonzales, Linda Ruiz. Martha Lechuga, Harold Allen. Women of the dub will conduct a rummage sale in the . clubhouse nest Friday from 9:30 Debbie Delgado. Larry Bubal-^g„, to 12:30 p.m. under chair- Mrs. J. E. Brou^i of Stafford! shire, England. Her fiance is the son of Cmdr. ;cava, Margie Hernandez, Enri- ique Lechuga. Elizabeth Haalboom, Bertha Vasquez, Marie Dcbra Macias. Linda Jimenez, lArt Rivas, Douglas Seals, nianship of Mrs. G. L. Rice. Her fiance is the son of Cmdr.i jj^j.^^ Serrano, Armando Gon- (USN) and Mrs. Duncan of An-|^g,gj_ gue Allen. Sherwood Howard. Shcrrie Langley. Susan tioch, Tenn. He graduated from Kearny high sdiool m San Diego. His grandparents ara Jsmes W. Duncan of Permont Tex., and Mrs. OUie Duncan of Dallas, Tex. ifomia. will arrange for prizes Guests are al«-ays wdcome bums up lots of calon^. firms anas orama aeparuneou ip At the recent board meeting i^^' in the Norman Dick bome, 17031 Rossmont drive, Mrs. Dick was; thanked for her eSotts with tfae! health committee tfais year. ! Mrs. Harvey Deme and: Mrs. Prem Matfaur discussed; plans for the annual Book Fair, to be in April and Mrs. Kay -j mond Boese told of proposedi plans of tbe Dese^egatioa Com-' mitlee in the Redlands area. bur Thomas, former Ked- aonc oy nac ua^i anu lucmiai Hands club president and nowiGunia. Refreshment chairman. ( If you love the outdoors, jog- jLars«i. also of San Bernardino ll^A Federated!Fern Palmer. wiU be assisted ging is the ideal way to loseiHe is a Redlands high schod PhUatchc Clubs of Southern Cal-by Lucille Innes. club president!those extra pounds. Jogging and San Bernardino Valley Col,,.—, „„ ,„,c „f ,„i„rJ»c firms lege alumnus. He attended Oaremont Men's College, and will receive his degree in marketing from San Diego State College in June. Michad is a member of Alpha Omega chapter of Sigma Pi fraternity for which he served .as rush chairman in the fall of J1957 and was ddegate to tbe national convention in 1968. uuriua. aitou^c *w» ptu.*..,, «««« —* rf- ^ and for a section on U.S. and and next week, a special wd- Ways CoUection. He vrill be come wUl be extended to the assisted by Mrs. Barbara;young people of Redlands, Yu- j caipa and Loma Linda. you aU over (espedally hips and thighs) and speeds your drculaUon. Uierd)y working wonders for your complexion. Pamper Itoi* Protect hands bom the ravages of harsfa suds by wearing rubber 0oves lined wiUi cotton.' And pamper your hands occasionally with an all-oight beauty treatment by a«aring tliin cotton gloves over rich cream to bed. Nrt Ml Halianf There is some historical evidence to support the contention that Christopher Cdombus was not of Italian extraction, and that he came from a Spanish- Jewish family whidi settled in Genoa. It is a Uet, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, that be preferred tbe name of Colon to Cdumbus and always wrote in Spanish or Latin. i Mentene clubwomen to hear Lf. Miles Mentone Woman's club win mcd Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in ithe clubhouse. Pdice Lt Claude L. MOes nill be guest speaker on the subject of Civil Defense. Gifts for veterans Aould be I brought by members at this time. Hostesses will be Blrs. Edwin Thamann and Mrs. Edmond Mason. iRippim Woric j NEW YORK (UPI) - Unusu- ial Occupations Department: L. iB. Foster Company employs a Working crew which specializes in teraring up railroad tracks. Library film program to feature travel Tbe second program in the "Movies at the Library" series at the A. K Smiley Public U- brary is scheduled for Wednes- dav at 7:30 p.m. in the Lyon Gallery. To be shown are two color films set m Canada in this hour- long program: "There's The Land, Have You Seen It" is a Iravd picture exploring tbe route from Seattle northward to the Yukon by air. sea and rail; and "Canada's Waterway West" iwbidi takes the viewer on a irip up the St Lawrence, through the seaway, .the Thousand Islands, the Great Lakes to Niagara. These fQm showings are a special service of the library to which the public is invited. Children attending these programs shodd be accompanied by an adult "ILLS HARD TO PAY? Sd'j things you no longer use;' through inexpensi<-e Classified' Ads and get quick cash. Dial 733-3221 now. CarriUo. Margie Ortiz, Etta Palmore, Ndlie Hernandez. Sheridan Andrews. Laura Edwards. ! Gloria Marquiz. Gloria Hernandez. Deborah Houston. Sheila Wright and Elinda Andrews. Facts Classified Ads Oan Sen Anything Call 793-3221 SAVE (^ERViSO ON SOFT WATER! has the best prices • Automatic Units • Exchange Service Call us and See! Call 793-2359 Redlands 612 Texas St. Thoughtfulness fllllSf KrtUaf FKIRUARVa- Jerry tafe* KitCarsMi Ridcy Emary UCMiman Oarim Eshae Don Crismond Charles HOSKIIM- Claude Janes Rey Lawrence RonaU H«i«schd Brian Kinf WWian JaversOT Da«M Camanka RidMiriMa Oamy Wten HMMKeNy JanKaofnan FfMUARYM- «ear*»Le«i* AIM •**>*• ttonif Itoifciili A.R.CMC WadellRMar CtodcWMiam Sluart O. Narihrep Herald Tlvaiftn AilanKeefir IriaaWalUw n 1.) FASfflONS OLD AND NEW — Elizabeth Hormander, left, A. F. S. student dons the traditional costume of her native Sweden as she is shown one of the dresses to be modeled at the "Swing Into Sprmg" fashion show and luncheon sponsored by Alpha Delta Kappa honorary teachers sorori^ March 1 at Garden Air Country club. Center is Marilee Merchant and at right is Mrs. Fred Sales. Glad Rags will present the showing of spring fashions at the luncheon which will benefit the American Field Service program. Modeling will be Mrs. Sales, Mary Geiger, Mrs. Robert Earp, Mrs. Amoldo Ramos, Mrs. Barry Lee, Wendy Baron and Barbara Kime. Mrs. Ralph Mitchell and Mrs. Robert Stitt are co-chairmen. ^^^^ MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOOr Enjoy our Special Albendigas Soup served in a Soup Tureen PHONE 793-SflS 1571 NO. ORANGE. REDLANDS Cortner principals take time to personally serve every family. Individual wishes on all aspects of service are strictly observed to assure perfect expression of intimate feelings. No e.xtra charge is ever made for this careful, deeply satisfying personal : ji-vice. r.MTHOIt CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVL.Pf 2-1411 Clement PTA to hear panel A pand representing the schools, church, law enforcement agencies and professional counseling will discuss "Problems Parents Face" at the aement junior high PTA meeting next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Each panelist will briefly summarize tfae type of problems be or she deals with and will answer questions from tbe audience. Panel moderator win be Harold McDaniel. head counselor at Clement JHS. Speakers will be Rev. Harold Hudspeth I of IMPACT of tbe Redlands con- .gregatioo; Dr. Robert Eaton, 'clinical psychologist in private practice, and Sirs. Evelyn [StrattTi of the San Bernardino County Probation department. Hostesses will be seventh grade parents with Mrs. Tayle Wirz as chairman. lord Jeffrey's RtstaMWt & Ceekffdk SERVING THE REST FOOD AND DRINK SPECIAL DAILY,LUNCHEON ENJOY OUR HAPPY HOUR Ntonday Thrau^i Friday 4 «• <:» P.M. AU HOUSE DRINKS 50« HORSDVIUVRES . . RieM K«tai OUR MNNBt SPEOAIS NKMIY Includes Soup or Salad fc DessMt of the D«r MON. - limmi SMm Vp . THUB. _ tM Cfcid— «Hli NoMlttt f ||_Gfni «l TUES. - Old taUoMd fcrfS„, SAT .-MQ WBL - iMll^ af NA JUN.-I . — FiM CkKkM HQ HA Ipmfti^ -•••it TiWf.Tiiitair 13tlSmBJN6 >A¥E. r HOUSE-HUNTING? See a Realtor. Then see First Federal for a home loan. Both are ready to help you fast. FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS ft LOAN ASSOCIATION OF SAN BERNARDINO 555 No. E Sf.,San Bernardino LOMA UNDA: 11142 ANDERSON ST. • BARSTOW: 802 E MAIN ST.

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