Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 22, 1954 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1954
Page 17
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THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1954 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN tipper Alton News *EN91fB NURSERY as planned by wrens who divided (he basement of A. W. Ben/, 2919 Forest Dr., into winter and spring living quarters. Benz Is holding open the pocket of a hunting coat where the birds nestrid. There are young wrens down there. (Story in Upper Alton column.)—Photo by Orville Brown. WRUN& SPURN SPRING. KKKP BASKMKNT 1IOMK A cotiple of wrens moved into Mr. and Mrs. Ben/, expected the birds to move out at the first sigh a furnace-heated basement at 2919 of s l )rln s but tllis d'd ™t happen. Forest'Dr. early last winter and' Thm? wprks a S« ""'.V knew that I hey n6t only did not move south" 10 hlrds obviously preferred liv- \\itii the rest of their kind but now ln " '" a ™P l<) "'OstinR in thc bud- tliat shring is here they won't (llll S trcPS illlri bllsll ' is move dut. i Thry follncl 1lle npst '" lho roal .... ' , , ,. ., , ,, 'jwcket and five eggs in it. Now "It vyas easy to believe that he thpro arfl ^ b,rds N^ould stay around during he, mother h cold wa her because o the heated (he , £ » won't fly from the nest unless the whose : home they took up residence, ;' 'but it seems to have disturbance is major. The papa wren continues to occupy his lone, i ,, ., . . « • .• . v\iuii ^.uiuiiiuua lu tj rhangdd all their natural instincts. , roosl ,„ thc They jre having their young down i ,. It . g fln odd h , there l|i my old hunUng coat. j ahou) „ ^ ^ ..^ made m This | is compounding the bit of Pf f ort to (aj llc them and when I traitorftusness which started when caught ono you would think that (he wrjsns began to roost in a cap!would be enough to scare them so of his jlast winter, he added. The ; had they would leave the state and have resisted the call of j never come back. But here they '" '"' are content to abandon thc wild for our basement." What the young wrens will do when they are old enough to get out of the coat pocket will be interesting to observe. There aren't many wrens so lucky. Most young wrens have only one choice of life when they leave the nest. These wrens the wi d, the singing of their old friencW lately returned from the swampls of Louisiana, and the natural habit of building a nest in bushes. "Th<ty got about five young in the po<:ket of the coat which hangs near the basement stair well," Renz Said. "And everytime we go downstairs our head almost! will have two. brushes the nest but the wrens have become so used to our company that they pay us no mind." 6ensj leels/that if he had caught on to iwhat the birds were up to they might have moved into the living quarters of his home but he discouraged this unintentionally. "La! it fall was the first time I saw ttem," he said. "I felt a pecking at my toe while in bed one morning and looked up to see this wren it my feet." He chased the fluttering bird around the room until he caught it. It quieted immediately and could be petted without going into a frenzy. After awhile Benz placed it on itlie window sill .and it was A furnace-heated apartment in Alton for the winter season or a flight south to tropical America. nRlVERr,ESS CAR RAMS INTO AUTO Two minor accidents were reported in the Upper Alton area Tuesday one of them involving a driyerless car. The automobile of Leroy Bierbaum of Alton Rt. 1 parked on Washington Ave. above Walker St. started down the hill without a driver and collided with a car driv-. en by Harold Berger, 2718 Benbow Ave., which was turning into Washington from Walker about 5 p. m. police said. Bierbaum was at work at the Following award* «*ri made: Robert ttritty, Billy May, bear badge, gold and silver arrows; Brent Schtndewolf, gold .and silver arrows; Tommy Cadwell, gold arrow; Mike Fetttnfer, silver arrows; and Michael Poe, year pin. The film was, "The Story of Oil". Charts on the story, made by the dens, were displayed. Next paper drive will be May 1. It was announced that a planning meeting for committeemen and den mothers will be held May 4, 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Mmdrup. SHOW CttfilStlAS WESf fcftX At MGM SCHOOL t ontottt The newly formed Upper Alton Ministers and Evangelistic Fellowship is sponsoring the Df\ BHIy Graham film, "Mr. Texas", at the high school tonight at 8. Doors will open at 7:30, the Rev, Carl D. Mitchell, president of the fellowship, said, and there will be no admission charge. The public is invited. The film has been called the "world's first Christian west- em." Starring are Redd Harper and Cindy Walker, both professional western stars who recently made a decision to give their lives and talents to Christian service, the Rev. Mitchell said. "Mr. Texas" was produced as an experiment and its. preview 'l\k years ago attracted 25,000 to the Hollywood Bowl. The story revolves around the Billy Graham crusade in Ft. Worth, Tex. FINAL PLANS MADE FOR CHURCH PARTY Final plans for a card party at St. Matthew's School hall were discussed Wednesday night at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Maude Sinniger. The party will he held April 29 starting at 7:30 p.m. Committee members attending last night included: Mrs. J, Robert Morrison, chairman, Mrsl Carl Ewen. Mrs. Kmmctt Melton, Mrs. Ollie Meyer, Mrs. James O'Connor, Mrs. Harold Lcilner, Mrs. Henry Schmuck, Mrs. John Richardson, Mrs. Richard Worcester, Mrs. Eugene Crivello, Mrs. Edward Kinney, Mrs. Keith Elliott, Mrs. Earl Gross and Mrs. Vincent Ochs. MRS VAIILE HAS iUST BIRTHDAY A party was given Wednesday night in honor of the 91st birthday of Mrs. Henry Vahle, 1419 Doerr Ave., and (lie still highly active nonagenarian had not ono but two birthday cakes. Attending the event were all of Mrs. Vahle's children and sons and daughters-in-law. A daughter said Mrs. Vahle still does all her own housework and she is active in club and church work in addition to having plenty of time for her friends. She received nearly 100 birthday cards. Her husband died in 1949. Those present last night in- 10 Men's Teams In Wood River Softball League WOOD RIVKR. - Thirty rep. rpsetitatives were on hand Wednesday niRht in a hijthly saccfss- ful organizational meeting at thr Roundhouse here for summer Softball River Recs, Moose, VFW, Hartford MYF and two Westerner Club teams. Only three hoys teenage teams were represented -- The Jive- landers, Bobcats and Hartford MYF -- and additional entries are wanted. The Khoury League for grade school boys will have nn organi- zational meeting Saturday morning at the ftcwndhouse. Loroy Emerick. rity recreation director, was pleased by the enthusiastic- turnout which gave indications of producing outstanding league competition this season. Ten teams are lined Op for the men's competition — Gene's Inn, Knights of Columbus. Italian Lodge. Owls, Hawks, L&M. Rams, Skaggs, Helmkamps, and Oilers. Six women's teams indicated a desire to enter. They are Wood eluded Mr. and Mrs. Herman! Penning, Mr. and Mrs. George Yost, Mr. and Mrs. ,T. E. Lewis, { Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Curry, Mrs. Mary Doerr, Mrs. PeaH Vahle, Mrs. Elizabeth Doerr, Henry Vahle Jr., and Jerry Curry. I PAI/CUH HAS WIKN'KR ROAST Pal Club of Hillcnest Church of the Nazarene held a hay ride and wiener roast Monday night at the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Foiles of near Jerseyville, Twenty teen agers attended. Next meeting will be April 26, at the home of Betty Lefler, president of the organization. CTJO CIRCI,K MEETS FRIDAY Clio Circle of Main Street Methodist Church will meet Friday, 8 p.m., at (he home of Miss Lcona and Miss Beatrice Peter, 2640 Grandview Ave. JOHN KWK\ RKTI'RNS FROM SOUTH AMKRICA John Ewen, 3405 Thomas St., returned recently from an eight weeks business trip to Surinam, South America. Ewen, son of Mrs. John Ewen, is a chemist for an aluminum company in East St, Louis which has mines in the Netherlands Guiana. He made the trip both ways by air. TWO C1IIKIJRKX HAVK MKASKKS Two children of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ursch, 3428 Robin Ave., arc in St. Anthony's Infirmary for treatment of measles and one of them has a complicating car infectioq. They are Marcella, 6, and Cindy, 18 months. The older girl has the accompanying infection. She is a pupil in Milton School kindergarten. The children entered Wednesday and they are expected to be discharged in a few days. Their condition is satisfactory. France consumes the «ju1v«- lent of 35 quarts of pure alcohol per person per year compared with 14.8 quarts in Italy and 9.5 quarts In England and the United States. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK! THE PIXIE SUIT Ail POLISH!* U* fOt SUMMftH Whir/ through Summer fn on truro of glamour in oar sun-shiny cottons/ WHAT MAKES IT SUCCEED UKE SUCCESS? • PRINTS • STRIPES • CHAMBRAYS NYLONS EVERGLAZE LINENS CORDS SLEEVELESS ACKET WES It's different, it's darlingl Red top with black pants. Wrinkle-shy cotton with patent key-belt. Sizes 10-18 $P98 to Sim 7 to IK, 10 t JO, 14 U to 24 U ALS lection- Nets, Nylons MnrquiiellM 14.981, '22.98 in no hurry t6 move on. It sat i time at Owens-Illinois Glass Co. there straightening the mess that j The car rolled about a half block. Police- reported a collision between cars driven by Francis C. Kurd, 2122 College Ave. and Charles C. Bess, 1410 Clawson St. at Brown and Clawson Sts. Tuesday about 7 p. m. Bess had turned left into Clawson when the accident occurred, police said. Hurd was moving east on Brown and had bpen made of its feathers and then nonchalantly flew off. Ben'f caught another wren a rhort ^ime later. It was about the same (time that he discovered the reason for the invasion of the housej The birds had taken up housekeeping in the basement and when i they found the door closed they came in through whatever opening was handy. Benz discovered their roosting place| and at the insistance of his wife he bored a hole in the basement door so the birds*could come and go without using the upstairs. The strange relationship went on through the winter without mishap. The tjirds accepted the family and vice versa. Bess west. CUB PACK 16 MAKES AWARDS, FILM SHO\|N Cub Pack 15 met Tuesday evening at Milton School and a movie was shown and awards made. Lacy Ervifi, advancement chairman, received Dale Bower and Jimmy Munstermann into the Pack. COOK'S PAINTS SALE! 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