Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 22, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1969
Page 4
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A .'^it.'S. Sf*i«9 What to do about building program? Loco/ Afofes cdehraUoo Tbors., Feb. 29, FW., Feb. 21. Sat. Feb. 22. 7:30 ajn. ia 5:30 pjn. De Witt'« A lo Z Paint Supplj-, 327 Oranee. Bed- 1 lands. X Yucaipa Trustees offered several courses of od/on Six alternate proposals rriat- doUar amount increased over tiie, vard at a idgii Kiioai iaatoad ed to the Yucaipa Joint Unified millioo to provide for inlla- of an intenneifiate icfaoaL "ft muU feem ridiculous to taitieoltnre|wedclvSupt.o^^ MOT or five moolht) -•.•—»'. «——» CHnif Gfwp to Meet al GriswoJds " " " — " "-McCarly, ecu tedmotogist, and S. B. BosweS. j B. Tbonsiey ia tbe s-ake of vot- associate specialist, department «• rejection of a $3i nuHioo ...^ „ of twrticiilture, Otnis Ejptri- school constructum bond issueiposed bond issue amount cet at nent Station, Biverade. ne! in the Feb. election. about tL9 millioB. based upon a 2-year pnjeetian ol boiUinc needs with the pn»- guest speakos vill talk on "Pruning Qtnis for Mechanical Harvesting." and "Care of Frort- Injured Trees." Emergency telepbone coonsel- faf available. caU 7934710. Confidential, no obligations. 24 hours. ntMsMJf Council of Cfaurcfae*. x ImiMdlala C«* We bay and sell good used braitnre. 79S-1111. x is cheaper." said Itustee Evan Skeen. "I midd hale to aee makeshift altenialives used.' said in urgiBC a "sendble program" based on boidinK needs. Trustee Dr. Norman Miller The alternatives, presented to —HoU an deetion in the im- Oe School Board Tuesday mediate future with tira or more, . _ . ^ Bight, ranged from a tax dec- fcve-year bond proposals oo the'said the Scbod Board sfaoidd tion to increase the district's baOot. such as one measure for "strongly consider a bond is- I general purpose tax and build hiai school construction and an-'sue proposal "of lesser Ume. up funds for building purposes other fir etementary and inter- 1 He said a bond F *VPM «I cov- 00 a "pay-as-you-go" cash i:vo-: mediate school coostnictiao. lering a two-year •"ul ^nc program, to a one-j-ear pbnningj Hie superintendent, who noted! gram is "rtbowt as minnnnm as moratorium after which condi-j the district is already two years; you can 8 D " and that a one year Give your driveway that*tiew liook. Free estimates on seal- coating driveways and parking lots. Also paving and grading. lions in the stboci district wouldltiehiod ia its buildinc pmff»m fx ei-aluated and a course of ac-! because of three defeated bond lion decided upon. Other alternatives which Dr. •nwrnsley asked the trustees to cooader were: proeram "is begrocd tbn realm of practicality." Dr. Hnkr said a five-year pre- pwn "seems to be the moat desirable." bat he noted the dis- dections since April 1967, said tfaete are strong arguments ag^ttst a tax rate increase to' buiU up funds for construeUoo triet has sou^ PKsage of a —A one-year wait after which ot new facilities on a cash ba- five-year program in three bond another bond dectioo, based on sis. dedions "with the same result" a five-year projection, would be For example, he said, the pres- — defeat, bdd, but for a larger amount cn; lax rate would have to be Dr. Thonisley has recommend- Kevari Contractors 792-5652. x than Uie recently defeated S3.5 increased about S2 per $100 of ed that community leaders and milUon proposal due to in- assessed valuaUon to finance interested cttizeos be coasultod creased construction costs. canstruction of a 9700,000 gym- on a strictly advisory basis in —Hold another dectioo — af-.i^isium wbidi Hwiid enaUe thelan efibrt to {wpoint a spedfic ter the minimum legal timeldistrict to use the new high course of action on the district's lapse of 90 days — with the scfaod campus on Yucaipa boid»- building program. MiiM4 Pi Plmoe Redlands Daily Facts drculation department. 793-3221. behn 6:30 p.m. week days, 2 :90 pjn. Saturdays to report Biased papers and obtam da- Dry CI *Mi Yaw Caivet Clean 2 or3 avenge rooms for tem than $10. Free use of ma- cUna at MaxweO-Means 100 Or- No wet carpet x Far Sale - AnNvM Fan and miscellaneous. 796-9073. x Attorneys elect new officers The Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association of San Bernardino County has dected John F. Ingro as president for the current year. The oi^nization is comprised of attorneys who devote a substantial part of their practice to the defense of persons diarged with criminal offenses. The first monthly business meeting of the Association was held Thursday night at the Play ers Restaurant, San Bernardino. 'Mr. Ingro recdved his juris doctor degree from the Univer- sify of California Law School at Bericdey. He earned bis bache- kr of arts at Pomnu Cdleee, and is a graduate of Son Bernardino Ingh iwftoffl. Other officers dected Lewis J. lieseh of Ontario, rice president; Matthew M. Kearny, Saa Bernardino, secretary; John T. Morrison, Ontario, treasurer: Bobert N. Krng, Badlands andj George W. Porter, Ontario, di- raetors. GinisVilage addition to start soon Constractioo of a major addition to Redlands Citrus Village, estimated to cost $650,000, is expected to start shortly. Contractor is J. D. DJifenbaugb, Inc., ol Riverade, who has iJans „ . ready for consideration by the ;5 «>'an«l«. and Mrs. Bernard city building department andi^havez, San Bernardmo; 17 planning commission. I SrandehiMren and a sister, Mrs. Vital Records DEATHS PEREZ - Died in Bedlandi, Calif:, Feb. 21. 1989. Mrs. Georpa Perez. 28367 First street. Biyn Uawr, agad 68 yean, native of Mexiea and resident of Bryn Mawr fbr 68; years. Deceased is sur\ived by ber sons and daughters: Joe Perez, ColtoD, Reinaldo Perez, Bryn Mawr, Kirs. Scrapie Landeros, With revi^ons recommended by the city departments several montlis ago, the plans still call for a two^evd building of 48.000 square feet, part of which win be occupied by the Auto mobile Club of Soutliera California. The structure will rise on Palm avenue near Redlands boulevard, west of a service station that occupies the corner. Ihe lower floor win have about 32,000 square feet, and the higher floor 16,000. Architects Ruhnau, Evans and Steinmann, of Rivoside, have q>ecified con' Crete constnidion. Sciiool employes in Yucaipa to iwld election Sarah Martinez. Bryn Mawr. Rosary wffl be recited at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Emmerson- BarUett Memorial diapd. Redlands, Requiem Mass wiQ be held 9 a.m. at St Joseph the Woricer church. Rev. Joseph Snoj offidaliag. Interment in Hillside Memorial Parle Emmer' soa-Bartlett Memorial chapd, Redlands, in charge. BAGLEY — Died In RedUnds, Calif.. Feb. 20, 1969, Mrs. Merle L. Bagley, 719 West Olive avenue, aged 78 years, native of Iowa and a long time resident of Redlands. Deceased is survived by an adopted son, Aniceto I. Bagley, Germany; and a brother, HanU F. Zane, San Bernardino. Funeral services will be hdd Monday at 3:00 p.m., from the F. Arthur Cortaer Chapel, Rev. Herbert M. Fink, pastor of the United First Methodist chureh, ofOciating. Affflovncefflenf of Funeral Serv/ees FERE2, Mrs. Gregoria Boaary: 7:00 p^. Sunday Emniema-Bartlett Memorial Beqnim Mass: >:00 ajB. Monday St JMq* ilia Worker aurdi •OGGS. Muy L. Gmaride Servioa U:00 ajB. Monday HilUda HHnorial Park |.Alim. Ridiard 2:00 pjB. Monday CabDMa Oupel CLOUD, Mrs. Nora 4 :00 pjn. Monday Lena Linda O^id CCDERQTH, Etnare ^•1 llTll • • ill,I it services reaomg Ytaeaipa Cbapd A dvil service or merit system dection among non-teaching employes of the Yucaipa School District has been scheduled for Tuesday, Mareh 4, by the Ynca^ Sdiool Board. The dection. in wfaidi classified emj^oyes will ballot on whether or not a civil service sjrstem ot employment will be initiated in the district was called following a petition to the board signed by more than 15 per cent of the district's non- toachittg emvioyts. . To pass, the issue requires a 51 per cent majority vote. Prior to the dectioo, a "pro and con" meeting on the dvil 8etri<;e system will be held at 2 p.m. on Timrsday, Feb. 27, in tbe Yuea^ high sdiool cafeteria. Harry Hader, California School Employes AssociatiaD official, win present arguments in favor of the system, while Donald Wheder, associate superm- tendoit in charse of personnd for the Saa Bernardino City School District, will speak on disadvantages of the system. A similar deetion hdd two years ago resisted in rejection ol the {mposal by dassified onpkves. HevtSmday find drive seftomonw School Manas After a three-day wedceod, cafeterias in Redlands puUicj sdtools will open again Monday serving baxbequed meat cn bun as the featured diA. Chile beans, creamed meat tacos and grilled cheese sand wiehes wifl be the menu headliners the rest of tlie week. PetfiYliaridi UNDER DIRECTION OF r.Aniiw CORTNER 221 BROOKSlOE AVE. MR. BEBT GRgBW C^arcndB sctvioci U SJB -t Saturday, at MdotodtoMt- morial Park. Loau UBda. HBS.MEBLEL.BA (a£? ServMca 3 pjn.. Hoadar. at-the F. Arthur OottMr Cbapd. The entire menu for next week is as Mlows: Monday — Batiiecued meat on bun. hash brown potatoes, cdery and camt sttds, dtnis fiiiit cup and milk. Tuesday — ChiU beans, cole slaw, beets, fruit JeUo, com-; bread and milk. Wednesday — Creamed meat mashed potatoes, tossed salad, peach haU, biscuits with honey butter and milk. Ihuraday — Tieo with shredded lettuce and tomato, bat tered com. orange whip, Scotdi bread and milk. Friday — Soup, grflled cheese sandwidi. spaueh with ban! eodced egg, apple wedges, ice cream cop and miHr. More than 400 volunteers win stage a mass march in Bed- lands tomorrow seeking 1969 Heart Fund cotttr9)atk>ns. T!ie house-to-house canvass will climax the month-long crusade in the city directed by Hersbd HcQunn and Mrs. Alma Swenson, chairmen of the Odd FcUow and Rebdcah Lodges, respectively. City chairman, Larry Myers, vice president of the Security Pacific National Bank, urged readents to join the fi^t agamst heart disease. The Redlands solicitation Sunday will be coordinated with those in all major areas of tbe county this wedc "As each homeowner makes his contribution, he will receive literature which tells bow his family can avoid the tragedy of | heart disorders. "The Heart Sunday phase of the campaign serves a two-fold purpose for the Heart Association," said Dr. Clarence A. Paul, 1969 association president and Redlands mternist. It provides fimds with wUdi to fight heart disease and also brin@ the chapter's public education program directly into each home where we hope each person reads and heeds the lifesaving message for their own sake," he said. Weather Arartf* rebnurr nlnf*n >.« Avense wuon total nlofaU UJ» Zm. u Jan. 22 Jui. 23 Jan. 24 . Jan. 2S Jan. 28 . Jan. 27 , Jan. 2S . Jan. 29 . Jan. 30 . Jan. 31 Feb. 1 . Feb. 3 . Feb. 3 . ?eh. 4 , Feb. 5 . Feb. • . Feb. 7 . Feb. • . Feb. t . Feb. 10 . Feb. 11 . Feb. 13 . Feb. 13 . Feb. 14 . Feb. IS . Feb. U . Feb. 17 . Feb. IS . Feb. 19 . Feb. 30 . Feb. 31 . •alnfaU Temp. _34 — Houn sod . 64 S4 1.07 - 58 50 Jt . S» 43 . 9( 41 .14 ita . es S* 3.41 la44 .39 54 J« 11.00 . 55 41 .47 11.47 . 48 40 .09 IIJS . S3 31 .34 II . 55 29 . . 59 33 . 57 33 . « 34 . 70 35 . 57 . S3 . 71 . 61 . S9 . 61 . 61 . 55 . 63 . 73 . 46 . 41 . 57 45 JS I3;27 4S 1.43 13.70 37 JS I3ja 37 3S 40 «T 43 43 45 .03 It. usa 14.01 JO 14JI 41 44 .70 15.01 40 M 34 J3 ISOO 44 J4 MJS lima to CHOP DOWN Your INCOME TAX Gsningycurincomttax con ka a wandiriul W Ion's lirtMiy pniMt Tote 10 MOCK. Ihtyl nda sura ywgrttwrylqainoiidriuc- tion. See *• dliea ia veur MMUUMtlta ca »MiO«wM00On >aa CHECK THESE MIRACLE FOOD PRICES Imo MllKBONE Flavor Snacks. HEAIEMCN Lemon juice.-. 0RLEAr4SC0VE Oysters. .PINT . 80Z. CAMPBELL'S OEAM OF Vegetable Soup io» or AWASTllONGONiSTW Floor Care .300 CAN 39° ,.31« 25= 59* 19 43" 2i23' . 80Z. Instant Coffee L. TILUE LEWIS to CAL Pancake Mix DOLE SEASONED Green Beans CHIWMNG Chow Mein Mix-.. CANADA D«Y PLUS DTOST HI'Spot .loot .40Z1 .303 CAN $119 2125' 2? .IJOZ. , 1601 EARLY CAUFOdNIA Med. Ripe Olives.. COMPLEXION Camay Soap , ,, H 6.SUE I Camay Soap um VXL e 09 AW. CLEAN a A. Uquid Cleanser isorW Stain Fighter uoz. CASNATiON rrm Fish Crisps 80 ^97 Dressings — —- ITALIAN ' lOOZ.'tw .iiOZ. SAGE'S PLAIN OR IOOIZ» Salt AZA* WnXIWI rtWHro 60Z. is»oz :63^ 6i4S' 2i2S' 25' M.J.B. COFFEE KCDMr.BiCKRK lb. CAN. 2b. CAN. 3b. CAN. -.6» M.37 '1.99 3^ lEITOlU OiwOi . 160Z. i StnBenianliiio • Riverside • Mands • RiaHo

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