The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1941 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1941
Page 3
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AY, APRIL 25. 1941 „, And !t Comes Out Here—75 Millimeters' Worth \>A. i--.'-V v '*'*- 1 - > i'*X'>*:_'•v.'.vss.*.*..., . -^ • • • J Risin Sun's Son Under Rising Gun When Johnny Conies Home Complaints With Grain Of Salt P.y RUTH MILLETT When Johnny writes home from an army camp that the food is awful and please send him a baked ham. a box of cookies, and so on. right away, mothers and fathers should not get too upset. When he adds that getting tip in the morning is terrible and please send him a little extra spending money —parents ought not to get too worried about-what "poor johnnv" to going through. They aren't likely to if they remember how Johnny, or his elder brother, used to write the very same kind of letters from college — when Dad was paying a nice-sized check every month for his son's room and "board in an imposing fraternity house. And if Johnny 'comes home on furlough, sleeps until noon every day and cats as though he had been living on bread and water for six months. Mother and Dad ought to remember that he ncted the same way when he used to come home from college on summer vacations. High ranking morale officers from the War Department met on Governor's Island. New York, recently to discuss the best methods of establishing a high morale among the "folks at home." Maj. Gen. Robeit C. Richardson, in charge of the Public Relations Bureau of the War Department in Washington, pointed out. that families of young men called into military service were hearing many .stories about life in army camps, and though most of the stories about poor food and bad housing were untrue, the families were disquieted by the rumors just officials of Dr. W..F. Brewer Dentist Blylheville, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions $1.00 Full Up'r & Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) PARENTS CAN } ARMY MORALE It looks as if ( are going ' thing that through men write long."homesick ^^. i home and have worried parents writing, wiring and telephoning encouragement. Parents can do their part to help the morale of the army by not worrying too much over* the first complaints of homesick sons and the rumors that reach their ears and by remembering that it takes a while to get used to new surroundings and a new type of discipline. Early Morning Fire Destroys Manila House MANILA. Ark.. April 25.—A fire Pt 4 a.m. today destroyed a vacant •-our-rcom house here and threatened several other residences when a high wind fanned the blaze. Damage was estimated at S800 to the home, owned by Ucie Spencer and occupied until last Tuesday by Effie Glisson. who had moved. The owner moved to Ravenden Springs. Ark., several weeks ago. Wert Optometrist 'HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 IIIILTPELLIICIIII BIRMINGHAM. Ala. (UP) - Dr. Tom Spies, who began a campaign to control pellagra after his mother died of the disease when he was a child, reported today he had treated more than 4000 cases in five years without losing-a patient. Dr. Spies studied medicine at the University of Cincinnati, but it was m the South where lie found the natural laboratory for his work—in the meat, meal and molasses belt of Alabama, where pellagra raged unchecked among poor people." Five years ago Dr. Spins obtained leave of absence from the Cincinnati school and went to work at Hillman hospital here with money supplied by various health foundations. He began experimenting with nicotinic acid, which a German scientist had developed in 1867 from nicotine, a deadly poison First he injected the acid into his •cwn body, preferring to risk his own life rather than those of actual pellagra sufferers. When he suffered no ill effects from the injections, he began treat ing the men. women and children who locked to the hospital seeking relief from tile disease which had sapped their vitality. Among the. 4UOO cases treated in the last five year, Dr. Spies said were many advanced ones who seemed to improve "almost miraculously." Many who had been confined to asylums with insanity resulting from late stages of the disease were able to return to their families. With his anti-pellagra work far advanced. Dr. Spies is branching into other fields of medical research. Preliminary studies have - led him to believe that- pyorrhea. forerunner of tooth decay, may be due to some form of diet deficiency. He predicts that the time is not- far away when bakers and other food manufacturers will place vitamins and nicotinic acid extract into basic foods to forestall such maladies as pellagra, scurvy and pyorrhea. igratory Children Seen As Menace To Health Standards Uy Dr. HiVluuxl Arthur Holt Director. Cleveland Child Health Association 1 Written for N'K.V Service The automobile and the trailer have produced a K rciip of migratory children in America. They have, in the opinion of most public health officials, become n menace to national health .standards through no fault of their own. With no fixed abode, urecnrious living- conditions, exposure to ninny himml.s. menial, moral and physical, these children are "rowing up without health safeguards or educational ncivantages—.scarcely a desirable condition in n democracy. It is estimated that more than half a million children each year are traveling w ith migratory families, living in trailer camps. Some are setj up on .sanitary plans and are properly inspected, but there are all too many where no safeguards exist. IMNGtiK TO LOCAL 1IKAI.TH CONDITIONS The water supply may be bad, lack of sanitation may draw flies and nits. Food is .scanty, poorly prepared and poorly balanced. Irregular hours, constant elmnge and disturbed environments make it difficult to get proper rest. The promiscuous mingling of children and adults increases the dangers of infection. Children need it diunco to play 1/1 il»' nulii MiiToundiiuss -unil tin's is denied many o! th'.'sc \vnn- i»'rm. Most ditlicuU of ail is to M.TUIV proper educuiion fur (lu»w children, and as a result of this lack oi' supomsion. they oil en i'.i'AV up (o bo petty thieve 1 :;, va- ('I'ati:.-, or \, MU'i-auts crfate a special health problem not only for their own '"'hildreii but also for children in localities into which they may ;>o, These children are really hoine- 1<'^ and .schoollirxs. Such a lift': abo often ereaie.s' a down-cira^- uiiir. inferiority complex. I-""til health authorities an? awaiT »ii' tin. <|;uim-rs coniuvUnl with the migratory movement. J'rovi;,iun,s have been made tor trailer eamp.s with sale water und .sanitary conditions in some cities, but localiiie.s cannot meel, this piobh'ti: alone. Disease is no re- i-'iu'i-ti-r of .state boundaries. The fedora 1 government, through the Farm Security Administration, lue. provided a few mobile cam)):; with showers, clinic trailer, laundry and recreation space. Parents everywhere can do •somcthinu to lessen thi.s menace to child health in our democracy by working with local. Mate and federal health official;; ID meet the problem. Read Courier News want ads. Stage Show To Ik Held At Roxy Sunday, Monday Jack Case and his Bar 20 Ranch Siage Show will bo presented at •he Roxy Theater here Sunday nnd Monday, it was announced cciay by O. W. McCutchen. operator of the Rity. and Roxy. Mr. Case and his troupe, who have been touring the middle northwest during the Winter season have appeared in the largest theaters in Minnesota. Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois. Missouri and North and South Dakota and arc now on their route .south to Texas. This show presents one of the most outstanding sharp-shooting and roping acts in the country.! Mr. Case formerly was a trick and ! fancy shot of Peters Arm Co., and also at Remington. He has won the title of all-round world champion cowboy at Salina, Kansas, and the honor of being the 1937 world champion bronc rider. Rex, the "Wonder Horse" seen on the screen many times, will be on the stage with this group. This famous $10,000 trained movie horse has traveled in France, .Germany,' Spain, Belgium, England, Old Mex*. ico. as well as every state in the United States many times. He does' 18? major tricks and many interesting minor stunts. Cooking School (Continued from page onci as M<u> West.. Edna May Oliver, Gloria Swanson, Herbert Marshall. ! James Cagney and othm equally as distinguished. Many of them discussed with her their favorite KM;.J;. /-.nci now, us a representative ot the Westinghoiuse and Electvi-j Manufacturing Company, the Ark- ansa.s-Missouri Power Corporation and the local electric appliance dealers, Mrs. Andersen with nn international experience and knowledge of both old and new methods in the art and .science of cookery, is going to be here in person {.-> give a highly instructive and entertaining hour as to the best, and correct methods of the prcparatioi 1 . of food. Singers To Meet The PemSscot County Singing. | convention will have it's monthly singing a t vicksburg. Mo.. Sunday beginning at 10 o'clock. Singers and public arc invited ., to attend. R. E. L. Smith of '^Steelc. president sin ted when he '..made'the annoimcemetil.V ", ^ ,,' ' Dan McLean Accepted For Air Corps Training Dan McLean has been accepted Pancakes Offered By N P.T.A. Group Tomorrow passed examination of the travel- ' next' to the ign board at Jonesboro Wednesday. : , O ulii side ' With the next GO days, he will i — receive notice to report to a preliminary training field. He is the .son of Dr and Mrs D. C. McLean. A pancake feed will be sponsor- 11 ed by the Lnn?e Parent Teacher ''.Association tomorrow. Mrs. Rupert , president, announced to- rn, post office on the LIBERAL Allowance for your old Furniture on New. We also pay cash for used furniture. Alvin Hardy Furn. Co. 301 E - Mai: ' * Phone 1220 WADE'S GARAGE Body & Paint Shop Wrecks Repaired Wrecker Service Phone 1209 506 W. UTXORA Phone 42 Mat. Sal.-Sun. 2 and 4 P. M Every Nielli 7:.10 P. M. Always We - 20c CHAMPION BISHIP'S GRO. & MARKET Mrs. Jack Biship, Prop. FREE DELIVERY 212 E. Main Phone 1231 777 MARKET Fresh Meats ami Vegetables Fancy Groceries FREE DELIVERY Earl Snider C Pit WEEK . A RECORD MAKING TIKE AT RECORD MAKING TERMS. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FRIDAY and SATURDAY S' WM. HOYD "Drums of Fu Munrhu" Selected Shorts LAST Cli TO S! FULL LENGTH WMfi — ' • - ^* ^* ^^ ^v «^»^fc 5th ft Walnut Phone 8K 4 -- SHOWS •- 4 Malincc & Night Sunday-Monday Mat. Sun.-Mon. 2 P.M. Nights 7:30 P. M. Also News Reel PAGE TRREfc Ol , Conquests * - ' GERMANY ITALY COI;\TKV 119,800 sq'. mi. SF.i/fDOR SIGXKO \\V March, 1938 March, 1939 April, 1939 Sept., 1939 April, 1940 April, 1940 May, 1940 Moy, 1940 May, 1940 June, 1940 Nov., 1940 Nov., 1940 AXE A <SQ. .Ill,) 34,064 33,000 10,629 70,000 16,575 124,586 999 »2,704 11,775 127,596 59,830 72,425 42,808 95,558 50,257 'Austria Czechoslovakia Albania Poland Denmark Norway Luxembourg J^y S. ^3*£?/r,fit:o LA A ^i\f^W-mm^ Motherland Belgium France Hungary Rumania March, 1941 April, 1941 April, 1941 GRAND TOTAL 1,065,077 sq. mi. Mediterranean With the ovomumin,; ot Yugoslavia and extent, , uivunccs |n Cm , po ih „,, , r '""" h «« P"*.si?d flie million yquare miles mnn- ,,, ' , , Hitler-Mussolini conquest. Axis holdings in Africa push' the 'current ,«„ * ', ? ° b ° Ul C(JUnl L ° tlmt of N *P°le°n. -11. LUUUII mntk even higher. Map illustrates the extent of m the three periods of European conquest. Manila News been Dovmmtj. who hius d with the United , Corps in Cuba for the past svonil monih.s, i, s expected tu ,,'r- ivo here Sunday for ;l x Lsit with HS brother, Melvin Downing He •»w to leave Paris Island, N. c cocluy. Nut WIM-- ot Muniphi-j Mtt-ndod lo busmen here Wednesday. Adrian Cannvny of Washington IX C., is .spending n few days with ">•< iiinUior, MJ-.J. E. L. Canuvi.p £n Hi fiunily of Mnnih. Mrs. pearl Youu« ot Horners- nlle. MO., .-.pent TiiLvjday in Mnn- ilu with friends and relatives. ( t nVj Limes i ,, r . ntn .p illa! . own wek;ht, P HERE'S HOW SINCLAIR DEALERS '. SINCLAIR-ize YOUR CAR FOR SUMMER TO MAKE GEARS QUIE7FR AMD TO SAVE WEAR ON I PUT SUMMER SINCLAIR LUBRICANTS IN TRANSMISSION AND DIFFERENTIAL THEM I FILL THE CRANK-CASE WITH SINCLAIR MOTOR OIL. IT LASTS SO LONG IT SAVES TO HELP PREVENT ACCIDENTS \ REMOVE AND LUBRICATE FRONT WHEELS AS YOUR CAft MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDS .'I' i CLEAN YOUR RADIATOR OF ANTI-FREEZE RUST AND SLUDGE. THIS HELPS PREVENT OVERHEATING WHEN I COME TO THE CHASSIS ! USE A SPECIAL SINCLAIR LUBRICANTTHAT HELPS REDUCE WEAR! AND TO GIVE YOU BETTER SUMMER PERFORMANCE I CLEAN AND ADJUST SPARK PLVGS.OF COURSE I CHECK YOUR BATTERY! PLAY SAFE! HAVE YOUR CAR SINCLAIR-, FOR SUMMER NOW Special combination price of many Sinclair dealers Phone 200 riplitfd 13-iO ly FfncfsiV Rtflnins Company (Inc.) Blytheville, Ark.

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