The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 1, 1985 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1985
Page 17
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Fun The Salina Journal Monday, April 1,1985 Page 17 TV sitcoms bring back sparring The Far Side Something is happening on television that is so Walton-ish ... so Little House on the Prairie-ish ... that I can't believe it myself. It's the "Nothing happened" sitcom. It's the ones where eyes meet, but nothing happens. Hands touch but nothing happens. Lips come close, but nothing happens. It's downright provocative. Believe it or not, sparring and flirting among couples are coming back to prime time. Frankly, I had almost forgotten what the ritual dance of courtship looked like. It seems forever that instant sex (add a bed and stir) was all we ever saw. Occasionally, we'd see a scene where a couple of strangers would wake up in a bed and he'd say, "How do you spell your name again? Is it Polish?" But that's as personal as it got. They never had a dating period or a time when they discovered how they felt about broccoli, the Dolphins, or sticky children. "Cheers" was the first sitcom to Tank McNamara Erma Bombeck FIELD ENTERPRISES introduce a hero and a heroine who did not wake up after the first date under the sheets. Then the producers chickened out and Sam and Diane had a "relationship." It almost cost them the series. So now they are back to sparring and flirting. Others have been more adventurous. The only time Scarecrow touches the hand of Mrs. King is when she is dangling from a helicopter in his grip. The closest Judge Harold Stone ever got to. having his public defender, Billie, in his arms was one night when a robber tied both of them up while he ransacked her apartment. The Laura and Remington Steele relationship brings back the electricity of Scarlett fighting off Rhett with everyone knowing that someday he'll win, and it'll be Fourth of July. And the propriety between Tony and Angela on "Who's the Boss?" is reminiscent of Doris Day sleeping in Rock Hudson's pajama tops in his bed with a chair propped against the door while he sleeps on the sofa. I have to believe it's a trend and that it will only be a matter of time before a couple comes to the captain of the Love Boat at the end of the cruise and says, "Guess what? Nothing happened." Or miracle of miracles, J.R. will come home from the office and when Sue Ellen asks, "How was your day?" he'll answer, "Nothing happened." The other afternoon as I was watching "All My Children," I could have sworn I saw Erica blush. My mother said I should adjust the color on my set. She's probably right. ACROSS ttShip- 1 Doc's org. shaped 4 "-Take clock Romance" 44 Homeless 7 Deuce- child beater 48 Silly one 11 Columnist SO Venetian Barrett magistrate By Eugene Sbeffer 13 Skater 53 Order Babilonia member 14 Busy place 55 Unique 61 Drunkard DOWN ICoy 2 Philippine Moslem 3 Wild ox 4 "Who am — argue?" "Get, you rascal! Get!... Heaven knows how he keeps getting in here, Betty, but you better count 'em." The Family Circus 15 Riding whip 16 Sphere 17 Actor Richard 18 Stock up 20 Region 22 Charged atom 24 Some are Delicious 28 Irish lass 32 Actress Dunne 33 Javanese tree 34 Young boy 36 Privy to 37 Machine tool 39 Ship's stabilizer 41 Hypothesis 5 Pasternak heroine 6 Sign after Virgo 7 Butt of jokes 8 Equip SMLssGabor 10 Strong urge 12 They bring May flowers Avg. solution time: 22 min. person 56 Affirm 57 Actor Marvin 58 Hauls 59 Sweet potatoes 60 Crow's cousin nnnn nnnnnn cinnn nnnn nnnn nnnnnnnuonnnnnc/n i nnnnnni nnnon nnnnn nnci rannD noun ononn nnnn nnnnn nnnn nnnn nnnn nnnnn nonno nnn nnnnnnn nnnnn nnnnnon nnn nnnnn nnnnn nnnn nnnn nnnn unnnn nnnn nnnnn nnnn nnnn nan nnnon nnnn nnnnnnn nniunn nnnnn nnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnntn nnn yesterday's puzzle. 19 Female antelope ZIFinial 23 Badminton need 25 Miss Home 26 Adam's grandson 27 Dispatched 28 Off-beat religion 29 Colorful fish 30 Tardy 31 Catch a crook 35 Actor Duryea 38 Epoch 40 Support 42 Cede 45 Fido's tormentor? 47 Burden 48 Utah's flower 49 Formerly 50 Dennis or Doris 51 Eggs 52 Jewel 54 London suburb THE HOMELESS CREATED OP THREE FAIL6P AMP OPERATED ®i THE LEAGUE, WILL6ECAUEPTHE ' WE PKJAMCIALLY TRDU6L£D LEAGUE KJTiMATeC? it WILL SAVE THE HOME TEAM AT LEAST * <o PER GAME. IN LABOR TO CH AN&E THE SOOREBOARPS... For Better or for Worse THESNOtOSflLKtoST SOr4E,flN.'lBEFES MUD -rr HOST BE SPRING-. CRYPTOQUIP 4-1 H YCM GY OFC PZYCUQHWTI GR TQOA FCWC UGO HPGRU IMZBBZRUPA. April, fool!" Saturday's Cryptoquip - WHAT UPPITY, POTENTIAL MATE WAS OFFERED BY PREHISTORIC MAN: CLUB SODA. Today's Cryptoquip clue: B equals M C IMS King FMlurn Syndicate. Inc. HOM6 FROM The Lockhorns Hagar the Horrible I'M <SOIr4<& TO IT ecrr Pfi&r LISTEN 1 TOTHe <&(Z£AT UKBPA F5W,LO\/5t? Otig... 0 "LEROY CAVE UP RUNNING IN PLACE FOR SITTING IN PLACE." BOV,ISHEGOIN& . TO BE SURPRISE!? BOY. AM I STUCK THE /MAILMAN 13 GOING TO THE PAY HE POT ON THAT 9ILLV UNIFORM WHEN HE OPENS JON'S MAILBOX TOBAV LL WAIT FOR TEN MORE HOURS, BUT THEN THAT'S IT... THIS IS MY FAVORITE APRIL FOOL JOKE... ^ Hi and Lois Wizard of Id WJ0A BOM8OO JlX,,. FRX 90 6\6L£ POO JIMB,,, OLP AHO ALKEAPy' TUB Rex Morgan M.D. Beetle Bailey [ YOU WERE RIGHT, CARL / J THIS IS THE MOST 1 THOUGHT YOU SAID you WANTED TO GET BACK TO YOUR HOTEL EARLV CLAUDIA USUALLY CALLS ME BY THIS TIME—BUT IT'S ONLY NINE O'CLOCK ON THE PACIFIC COAST.' I WISH I KKIEW WHERE SHE'S STAY/W6.' BEETLE, YOU PIMWlT/ IT'LL TAKE THE SHOP A WEEK TO REPAIR MV JEEP/ IT MIGHT TAKE EVEN LOMSER THEY'LL PROBABLY WORK OH THE SEVERAL'S LI MO FIRST FABULOUS PAKTV I'VE EVER 8EEKJ TO/ EVERYBODY IS SO IHTERESTIKJG.' I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE .' Born Loser NO, IT STILL ISN'T TI/AE YET M LEAST W 6OULP HAS/E -7 -5AIP 600P MI6HT! IT'S ABOUT TIME 1 WORE THEM I SOT THESE PAJAMAS LAST CHRIST/AAS

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