Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 9, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 9, 1963
Page 5
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C omer FROZEN POPvSUCKKRS 1 box r«d fruit gelatine 1 envelope red fruit drink powder Dissolve in 2 cups hot water Add: 2 cups sugar, stir until dissolved then 2 cup* cold water Pour into sucker molds or in two free/.er ice-cube trays. When partially frozen, put in the sticks. Olhor matching fruit flavors and colors may be used. Children love those on hot summer days. MARIETTA WEHKAMI' Ingalls (Send your favorite rectp* to rho Coek't Corner. Each reeipi Which is pu'-llshed will earn a $1 priie for the contributor. Reclp«t will b» judged on the basis of reader interest cr originality. They inav be taken from a cook book or magatlne, but the source should be given and si--Mid not be a current issue.) Your Problems — bv Ann Landers — DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm a 17-year-old boy who hopes you can solve my pioblem or lead me to someone who will. My voice is high-pitched and weak. 1 sound like a girl. It has always been this way, but somehow it seems to be getting worse. I'm becoming so self-conscious about it that I never answer the phone unless I absolutely have to. This is not my imagination, Ann. People are always mistaking me for my younger sister. Operators frequently say, "Yes, Ma'm." I hate to speak in class because of my voice. My grades slipped last year because I'd rather sha'ke my head no than to give the right answer. People say I'm not bad looking. I havd a good 'build, am a neat dresser and have a pleasant personality, but my voice is ruining my life. Can you suggest help for me? —DAVID Dear David: First go to a doctor and find out if there is something organically wrong. If you get a clean bill of health ask the doctor to suggest a speech clinic. You can strengthen your vocal cords just a s you can strengthen other parts of your body. Voice lessons will give you confidence. Your insecurity is a major part of your problem. * * * DEAR ANN LANDER: The letter about the neighbor with 38 cats was too much. These peoph* never had it so good. Please asl them if they would like to trade houses with us. For five year s we have lived next door to a character who has parlayed two poodles into 48 dogs of different sizes, colors and Brittany Spaniels and Toy Poodles). This is asking a great deal of a five-room bungalow. The enterprise is advertised as follows in the local paper: "Stud service, clipping, and puppies available." The stench is unbearable especially on hot days when the wind is from the south. The yapping and barking is enough to drive a person to the brink, which is where I am at the moment. Yes. we have complained to the authorities and the situation has been investigated. But it was decided that the people are operating within the law since their dogs are a "hobby." When the ad s were presented as evidence that they are also in business, we were told that it is perfectly all right to make money on a hobby. PETIT MAI GRAND MAL Q. It petit mal a chronic condition? It there any connection between petit mal and grand mal. A. Petit mal and grand mal are different forms of epilepsy. Both may occur in the same patient but one does not necessarily lead to the other. Epilepsy of either type is a chronic condition which can be controlled but for which there is no cure. DOUCHING (,>. Should unmarried wom- take douches and if »<>, how often?. Alto, they use tamponir A. Unless there is some medical reason for doing so, regu- 'lar douching is unnecessary. Many women have the mistaken idea that douching is essential to cleanliness when in fact, the healthy vagina does not require frequent mechanical cleansing. The internal type of absorbent is quite satisfactory for women—married or single—who prefer friend in our Phannacui. Trust him with your prescriptions M'UUNG PAYNE KHARM'AfY 109 Grant BR6 6762 What do we do next? — DOG TIRED Dear Tired: Organize the neighborhood for some red-hot political action. If enough of you put heat on the city council or the zoning board you will probably get results. * * * Dear Ann Landers: This problem concerns my brother Tim who is 11 years old. Or perhaps my mother is the real problem. Tim is dreadfully overweight. He has been putting on the pounds steadily since he was about eight years old. Now he is so heavy he looks terrible. The boy eats all day long and mom takes delight in getting him to clean his plate. Then she piles on more food. I have told her she should put Tim on a diet and she says, "It's only baby fat. He'll outgrow it." I'm deeply concerned about this because I know it is unhealthy for anyone to carry around so much excess weight. Please tell me what should be done. — TIM'S SISTER Dear Sister: Your brother should be put on a diet by a doctor. This is no baby-fat problem. The boy probably eats out of frustration and anxiety. Your physician will tell your mother is a diet is sufficient or if the boy needs professional help as well. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann L a n d e r s' booklet, "Teenage Drinking," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, ope. stamped envel- Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Elks Couples Play Bridge The Elks Couples Club pla'yed twelve tables of bridge Tuesday night at the Elks Hall. Men's high score was won by Acy Hall with Collins Moore placing second. Mrs. Alan LaShier placed high for the women and Mrs. Charles Rees came in second. Hosts for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wollcy and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bentrup. Next bridge session for couples will be Aug. 21. Hosts will be the Clyde Dibbens and the Collins Moores. Basket Dinner Given at Finn up Saturday evening a group of friends had thei,. annual basket dinner at Finnup Park. In the group were Mr and Mrs. Raymond Dicks, Mr. and Mrs. Virl Rundell, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Gilchrist and son, Keith, from Lamed; Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rundell, Ingalls; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lightner and Lynn; Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Armstrong and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wasson. Page S i f«nr«lon 4'll.v Tplrflrnm Friday, August 9, 19(3 MRS. TOM GARTON ROBINSON Lucille Burnside Lucille Burnside Is Wed In California Ceremony Honeymooning in Copenhagen are Mr. and Mrs. Tom Garton Robinson (Lucille Burnside) who spoke their vows Saturday afternoon, Aug. 3, at the First Presbyterian Church, Santa Maria, Calif., with the Reverend Wallace W. Williams officiating The bride, who was .given in marriage by her father, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Wright Burnside, Santa Maria. She wore a gown of silk organza over peau de soie with a band of satin leaves defining the empire waistline. The square cut chapel train was aippliqued with delicate sprays of satin roses. A single rose headpiece held her waist-length veil of silk illusion She carried white rosencfs and stcphanotis. Attending her sister as matron of honor was Mrs. Raymond Warren Danielson Jr. (Cynthia Burnside) of Salina. She was dressed in a floor-length gown of white organza over pale yellow satin with a double sash. She wore a matching headband and her flowers were white carnations and yellow garnet roses. The bridesmaids, whose same as the gowns honor were the attendant, were Anne Robinson of Des Moines, Iowa, sinter of the bridegroom; and Judy Bart el, Rosemary Porter, Kathleen Rutter and Linda Van Wyk, all of Santa Maria. The bride's mother chose a gown of lace over ice blue silk and the bridegroom's mother, a gown of sapphire blue crepe. They wore orchid corsages. Groomsmen for the son of Dr. and Mrs. Van C. Robinson of DCS Moines were George A. Goebel, Davenport, Iowa, best man; Henry II. Smith, Phoenix, Ait/.. Eric Lassen, IMS Angeles; Jerry McKnight, Fullerton; T.O. Pierce III, San Diego, and Robert Villagrana, Balboa, Calif. "Beloved, it is Morn", Aylward, "O Perfect Love", Earn- by and "Wedding Prayer", Dunlap were sung by Mrs. Clark Miller accompanied at the organ by Miss Belva Mehlschau who also played'the prelude music and the wedding marches. White flowers decorated the Santa Maria Inn where the bride's parents gave the rccep- i lion. Assistants were liarbara was born in Santa Maria is a graduate of the Santa Austin of Canoga Park, Barbara Gray Nugent of Ross, Charlyn DeVoss of Lancaster, Susan Smith of Hillsborough, Lynn Holmgren of Orinda. Mesdames George L. Paulus and George Garlon, aunt of the groom, of Santa Barbara; Mrs. Olney D. Newman of Kansas City, Missouri, aunt of the bride, and Mrs. John R. Burnside of Garden City. A string trio providec music for the reception. The new Mrs. Robinson is the granddaughter of J. II. Burnside, who attended the wedding, and the late Mrs. Burnside, and the late Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hicks of Garden City, and has been a frequent visitor here. She is also the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell Hicks and of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Burnside who attended with their ciildrcn Jane and Joe. She and completed two years of study at Colorado Women's College. The bridegroom is a graduate of Claremont Metis' College, Claremont, Calif., and of Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colo, where he was affiliated with Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. After their honcymoom the young couple will fly to France where they will live for six months while Lieutenant Robinson completes his tour of duty as an engineer with the United States Army. Brethren Church Friendship Class Is at Hornbakers Sunday evening the Friend' ip Class of the Church of the •ethron met at th,e home of -can Hornbaker who farms Mr. arm Mr*. Richard Parks and sons, Stanley and Kenny, Mendola, III., are here visiting Mr, and Mrs. Dale Fry 404 Center.. Mrs. Parks is the former Jeanclto Fry. Flying yesterday to Springfield, Va., was Mrs. Russell Wells, 602 N. 12th, who went to be with her brother Van Jones and family whose wife is critically ill and has boon hospitalized the past three months. Vacationing in Evergreen, Colo., this week nro Mr. and Mrs. Dale C o r 1 c y, Carole, BiTookp, Shannon and Kevin, 1022 N. 5th. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rlckman, 503 Stoeckly, are going to Manhattan tomorrow. They will both attend Kansas Stole University this fall. He is a sophomore In political science and slip Is a junior in elementary education. Leaving tomorrow for a visit in Denver with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Tyler, are. the Rev. and Mrs. Terry Tyler, 509 N. 2nd, and family, Gary, Mark, Steve and Tammy. Arriving Thursday to visit in the Jim Shaver home were Mr. and Mrs. John Hopper, Mike, Rickey and Johnny of Pawnee, Okla. Mrs. Hopper Is a sister of Mrs. Shaver and Claude Cramer. Utah Guests Honored with Picnic Supper Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Foreman and family, Holcomb, entertained with a picnic supper Wednesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frank and girls from Blanding, Utah. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Butch Bird and sons and Curtis Foreman, all from Lakln; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bicker and daughter, Mr. and Mrs, Charles Foreman and son, Mr. and Mrs. Don Klaus and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Philbreck and daughters, Mrs. Wilford Herman and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patterson and children, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wallace and Kathy Obholz, all of Garden City and Miss Lillian Frank. Shower Honors Mrs. Caldwell Mrs. Jerry Caldwell was honored Wednesday afternoon with a miscellaneous bridal shower at the home of Mrs. G-eorge Pappas, 1218 Pat's Drive. Mrs. Caldwell was recently married and is the former Sharon Manley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Manley, 2312 N. Main. Hostesses wore Mrs. Pappas and Betty Cook, who used a color schem e of pink, yellow and white. Party 'games were played and prizes were won by Mrs. Curtis Cook, Mrs. Errol Miller and Mrs. Cyril Jarmer. Others attending were Mmes, G.B. Mayo, Clifford Manley, Delmar Towns, Harry Towns, Jack Homan of Lcoti and the Misses Janifto Oliholz, Christy Towns and Dobra Homan NOW is the time to let our experts Reframe, Clean and add Non-Glare Glass to... Your old pictures, paintings, etchings, watercolors, etc. Wren Studio ana amera 211 N. Main BR 6-4951 Airs. Royal Hornbaker, members of the class, were'co-hosts for the occasion. A basket supper was taken there by Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Courtney, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Sheaks, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Simmons. Mr. and Mrs Raymond Ladd, Mr. and .Mrs. Thomas Graves, Mrs. Letha Kuns, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Widows, Mrs. Mason Kuns, Mr. and Mrs. George Soofoy, and a guest, Donna Sooby. Mrs. Thomas Graves conducted a short business meeting. Plans wer t . made for an outing in September at Meade State Park. AIR CONTROL CO. HEATING AIR-CONDITIONING SALES, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE 112 S. Main BR 6-8072 Wt Service All Makes! Mobile Sheet Metal Shop NOW SHOWING! THE INTERNATIONALLY ACCLAIMED HIT JUST AS IT WAS SHOWN IN THE MAJOR CAPITALS OF THE WORLD! DARRYLF. TIJIZ ZANUCK'S | 111. WITH 41 INJtRNATIONAL STARSI £41*4 on Ifif Hook CVftHtltUS HrAH r fOM Ctalia,fa, CURTAIN TIME TODAY Show Starts 4.15 Feature 4:33 • 8:00 Continuous from 4:15 CONTINUOUS SHOWS SATURDAY 2:00 4 Feature Start* 2:10 - 5:20 • 8:46 Admission Child 50c - Adults $1.00 ESIrWEl In-the Swim wifh Garden Citians Photo by Cheryl Wnlkof Jesse Scott III, 10 yoar-old son of Mr. and Mrs. JBISO Scott Jr., 1208 E. Spruce, dives into their family pool while his parenti and 7 year-old sister Sheila watch. Their pool is a popular spot after little league games and Mr. S'cott enjoys an early morning daily swim, too. Young Scott has been swimming since he was four. Miss Walker Refurns from School in Mexico Wanda Walker, if! year-old junior In GardtMi City High School, returned Sunday morning from u six-weeks summer school at Co- Icgio do Torreon nl Torrcon, Con- luilln, Mex. She was among tho 5(5 girls and 15 boys from the United States selected to study there this summer. Last summer June Laughlin, Bandi Wells anu .loo 1)111 Corn attended from Garden City. "Attending school in another country Is a wonderful experience," states .Miss Walker. "It helps to bring about a bettor understanding among people. Members of the group with me all felt they gained respect not only for the customs and habits of the •people with whom thny lived but also for our own American ways of life." Prof. Donald Jameson met, the group from the United Stales nt El Paso, Tex., in June and they were taken in two buses to Torreon whore they woro placed in various homos with private families while they attended school. One weekend was spent in Mexico City where they went sightseeing and saw a bull fight. Calendar of Social Events Nromitnons LODCIBI — 8 p.m. 0,1(1 HVIInw IUII IIOU'OMH YIOAIU100K AIJTO- Rnipli I'niiy •— 8 p.m. Hnlrnmb HlKh Hrlxml KyimiiiHlmu. Yiwrlwnk Itlnw nnil quomi to bo nnnounniMl, Mm. H'ttyt" Hilton, (ipnnnnr. SATURDAY HQUATtID DANCBl - 7:110 p.m. M8T Vi'lrrniiH Mottmi'lnl Hiillilliiff, Ijiilcb, Cnllm-, K.C. WUIImnn, Phillip*, Tflx, HpiciHiiriMl by Lit kin Hqunra Dnnrai C'luli. TIIKNDAT OH) MOLAY --- 7:.SO p.m. Mn«onln IVmpln. hiltlntlon. Linda Brakey Is 13 Years Old Llndit Ilrnkoy, daughter of Mr. nml Mrs. Robert C. firnkey, (K)B N. Olh, was guest of honor Sunday evening at a barbecue In honor of hnr 1.1th birthday. Silk lieadscarvos wore favors for the cook-out on tho lawn. Guests present woro Myrna Lllc, Nina Austin, Shorllynn Klnuny, ttoorglunna Southern, Cheryl Craig, Susan Wheeler, Linda Sheeny, Vickie Zimblo- mnn and Candy Ilovvo. —Short, mohair, hilly lined cover up sweaters, beige and white. Just the thing for places where tho air conditioner is working over time. Inez-Accessories. —9 ENDS TONIGHT! RODOERS AND HAMMERSTEIN'S ! NEW PAT BOONE BOBBY DARIN PAMELA TIFFIN CO-HIT— M G HORIZONTAL LIEITENAIVT "—'JIM PAULA JACK HUTTON PMNTISS CARTER Plus Color Cartoon . STARTS SUNDAY! BIG ACADEMY AWARD PROGRAM 1st Hit ... Nominated for 3 awards . . . MfflD HCW.,.*. O BIRD MAN DF AICATM2 •mill tniiis Co-Hit ... The winner . . . best supporting actress Plus 3 more nominations —•i Miracle worker Boxoffice Opens 7:15 Show Starts 8:0& NEW/ Insect Fogger Rids Patio, Porch, Terrace, Lawn & Garden of Piles and Moiqultoes In Seconds. MAKES OUTDOOR LIVING FUN AGAIN. Hundreds of other uses! In jutt 30 seconds ... an ounce of liquid produces 2,000* cubic feet of Insect killing fog. BEST SEED COMPANY 102 S. 9th BR 6-6921 SATURDAY ? ARATH SoltisritFridaii or even the 13th- who cares cause this \s50scavu Mou'llteqladfa; airitthe 13th/ FEATURES ftpfcrvftfes ^ff ^C TCP ^^^^ T^^ Adm. 90c Show Starts 8:05 Boiofflc* Opens 7:1 S FOR ALL OF THE BRAVE AND THOSE NOT DEAD FROM FRIGHT AFTER 1:30 P.M. FREE COFFEE AND DONUTS

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