The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 22, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY, "DECEMBER-" 22;''1939 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OPPORTUNITY PAGE'SEVEN :- CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Oaily rate per line lor consecutive Insertions: One time per line l'0c Vwo times per line per day.-...08c Three times per line per day,,.(JCc Six times per.line per day....,05c Month rate per Hue '. ooc Cards of Thanks .5Qc & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy vibmltted by persons residing oui- /idc of the city must'be accompanied by casli. Hates may be easily computed : from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility «•!)) be takeii lor more than one incorrect insertion 'of any classified ad. For Sale Good block laud, conv & cotton farm. Wrlie P. O. Box 345. New Madrid,. Mo, 22-pk-30 .49 acres 2 miles south 61 Blylhe- ville on Highway Si. ideal location for suburban home. Jas. B. Cltirtc. ; •phone 191 or 481-W, 10 c'< 27 | 7 room cottage, 2 oilier houses. 10 acres land. Highway 61, near city. Thomas Land Co. 7-ck-lf ' 20CKU Late model tractors, Rebuilt and reflnished. Oood as new. Paul Byrum. - 26-ck-tf Welding For Rent 3 room f u r h i s he d apartment. IJghts and water lurnished. 713 ChlcKasavrba Ave., nhone 592-W. . '' EXPERT EL'ECTRIf AND ACETYLENF WELDING Drag line Una heavy welding » Barksdale Mfg, Co. is or Re«. IOW ce "bedroom convenient to l>ath. Steam heat. Phone 280. 21ckit'; Notice Nice'front bedroom. 100D W. Ash. Phone 445-W. Mrs. M. G. Goodwin'. ' ' 2lcktf 6 room house or pnrt of house. On "Cliickasawba near High • School. Inquire 128 E. Main. Phone 110. New 5 room downstairs apartment at 911 W. Walnut, Will be vacant Jan. 1st. Equipped with Butane gas heat, new, large gas range, Venetian blinds, two large screened porches. 'Oarage. Phone 98. . • . . . ' ' 20-ck-U 3 room -furnished apartment. 108 "W. Kentucky, phone 683! 19nk2ii 2 room furnished apartment. Also bedrooms. 102 W. Davis, phone 335. .. • • ' 2-ck-tr Nice, comfortable . room, close in Men only. 310 Walnut. 5-ck-tl Comfortable bcd'oom' for business woman.' 10S8 W. Main. Phone 239 : • 27-ck-tf. Nice bedroom with twin beds. Convenient to bath. Men preferred. JOO W. .Main, phone 77S. 24ck2-24 5 .rooms furnished or unfurn.. 3 Furnished. Bath. .014 Hearn, '•*•• ' Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35 Say "Merry Christmas" WITH A GUARANTEED USED CARS FROM I'HIU.Ii'S ;'.w lte $495 ... $384 -37 Ford- Del. Tudor City rti-lvcn. Heater , '38 Chevrolet Coach. t;a- dio ft Heater. liow mllcng '30 IJulck "40" 2-Door d>OOn Thoroughly' reconditioned. IpuZ J '35 Ford Del. Fordoi. (tOOC Cleanest used car In townv""" '35 Ford Tudor. New paint, and motor. A •« fkf\ Clean throiighoiil 5)1"J '113 Chcv. Sedan. A real (JllO^ clean buy at this price.. ..«}> \.u*) '37 Plymouth 2-Dcor <t*I7Q Reconditioned throughout v«5* »j PHILLIPS I'lioiic WAHN'ING OltDKU IN THE CH CFflGK ASA W MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. KANSAS. Eva Wright, I'liiiultfl', VS. No. 7030 J. B. Wright, Defendant. The defendant J. B. Wright Is warned to appear within thirty (iny.5 In (lie court imined In (lie cnplaln hereof and iinswer AK- fioynl oiidirlo Museum of Aiclme- (lle »wM~iiccdnlli)g to L>r. C. T. 1 closy IMIS rm'li'ttt from (lie estate Currelly, illrcdor of the museum, unmet! of the late W. T. WiUlors of Hal- "~ Charles St s ' complnint Wright. of the pliilnllft EVB Ilnli'd this 2D day of Nov. 1U39.' IIARVEV MOKKtS. Clfl'k By Ell/.nbdh Blythe, D. O, Clinide !•'. Coo|«'r Atty, for 1'ltf. Percy A. Wright Atty. ad Utcm. Wert Optometrist -HE MAKKS 'EM StiK" Over J(jn Isaacs' Store I'hone !>40 i ? or Sale or Trade MULES For -Sale or Trade See Floyd Simpson at Delta Implements, Inc. 8-e.k-t/ Auto Painting Special paint job, $12.50. Offer good until January 15lh. Joe Ackins' Garage. So. 2nd St. ' Phone 284 H-ck-l-H Unfurnished apartment In SHane t; "avihg for Rose Bowl fmirsrtny Apartment Buildine on W e s I>0 - 28 ' llow Chevrolet; tnkc two Apartment Building on \V e s Main St. Call 571 or 137. 8-ct-tt Farm Loans Large Or Small At Low Interest Rates. W.e are equipped to handle large or small loans on nny sized tract of (, at-low cost, and at a low interest, rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut P* . Blythevllle, Ark. , Call 290. 22-pk-2f Arnusp Si'ieirlsli t.lvpr. work ot the bile to rid yourself of constl- uat.ion. gas pains, and that sour mink .feeling. Take one box vf KIBBY'S ACTIVE LIVER MILS 2Sc at all Kir by 'Stores Tailors Wear a tailor-made suit (his CHRISTMAS. $23.50 up. George L, Muir Illyllicvillc's Only Tailor KamsKfatVio "Repairing iftPPY ' GRO.& UUK "MHT. mm DKUVKUY itin w. Main St. rhtme 15 Expert gun 'repairing. See E. M.' Damon at the nlylheville Ann- j ory on Wednesd.'iys and Thursdays.) Tieul 100 lo ICO acres of fnrm Innd. Would b\iy nmles. tools and feed. "Vrply Wade Furniture Co. 112 \V. Main St. I8-ck-20 l Stock Beat Prict* Drug Stores FOR CHRISTMAS Specials For This Wt-uk Only HD.V Ilor ;i RcooniliUnncd CHI' rVnm Tom Lilllc Chevrolet 193!) Master Ui'liixe Chevrolet Town Sfdiin SO'M 193S M^lcr Dcluxu Chevrolet Town Sednii SiGO 1938 lliulsuii Tcrtiigilfuic I)rot> Rliani. lijiillo A HwiliT. 'J'w Mtlpafii. A beauty. IDS- Cln-iTuM Town Srilnii. Hr;il liny JS65 JSI3B Ford V-8 Tmlor. Itmis like new $2?5 l!i:ili Clit-v. Coimlv. A Hojiuly S2R!I Iil.'IS l-'nul V-8 Coupe. A-l runilllluii $1:15 1I1S2 Kuril \'-8 c:oii]ir. Only .. %9V \\K Have a Fnv <;iirs I'rom S2S.OO lo SC5.UO. Ocinijlctc i.lne «f Trucks. 1'HcJ'S Hlglil, l,iirj;p anil Small. Clirvrolcl, Ci. Bl. (;., Doilsc, Fonl, Inl. WE TKADK ICnsy OS1AC Vnymmt 1'lau HUBERT UTLEY'S CAMPCRESGENT SERVICE STATION AND 'CAFE 7 Good Reasons For Trading at Hubert XJtlcy'B: 1, Modern Cabins, 2 All )xi|Hi]<ir brnmls ol beer— loo. 3. 6 miles free rand twice. 4. Phillips "OB" Leaded ens—13Kc Onl. 5 Public IOIIR -distance telephone with private line. 6. Ccillfit'rt, iiiodcrn dented rest room. 1 ,. 7. All popular brnnds clgarctteE, i jik^s. Sio. COM'l'i.KTK 2-M10UR ONE-STOP .SKRVICK' CRESCENT CLUB IMIKSKNTS Gill Wilson and Hig 9-Piece Orchestra Sun, Dec. 24, Sun. Dec, 31, & Jan. 1 * Vor liiwrvn'lions Cnll Holland 17 LITTLE ILF.T CO. I'lione 03:1 I^OK^Bi HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without. Surgery, nni) Ounrnntccd A viny safe and harmless melhoil; without confinement to U«l, loss of time from '\vof)t niul with very little dlscom- loi't. All tyucs of lilies. flMHrra, IMtiilns, do., treated bv our atrtee methods. ; DRS. NJES ^ NIES Mi'lit ' Dlytlitrltit. Aid riion> 08 XMAS GIFTS FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS New. Heater New Radio New Fog Lights New Seat Covers New Battery New Spotlight New Firestone Tires . Busy Terms, 20'.'{i Down. Hiilmicc 5% Weekly' or 207(, Monthly;' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. IJUDGOT DKl'T. Sill * Walnut • I'hoiie-810 0|ini Way fr Nishl. ; • RKfl RYDER •^Ix')- Tl,.Mf,i rTn , ( ~QUALITY~SHOE SHOP Tnvlslhlc tmlf-solhui. Full soles r or every s'bnc niid boot. Cre;rc, le.illier, ruhlwr. or Orocnrd. Shoes 'lyeil any color, Polish, laces anil! 'lyes. Shoes dvr'l black—35c. Giur-j vntccd. \\'c cull fnr and deliver. I I'hnne 12fl. II. B. Campbell, LONDON (UP)—'There are no' "Officers Only" restaurants inLon- .1pn as there were fdui'lng the World War. No distinction is made 'n serving colonels or privates. , Good Work, Utllc• Ik-'avor O, LITTLE BRAVER, RED H BUT ME WORRY- .VDSRHASNOT BEtEM f ME'MOT GO HOME HERE — VOL! SHOULD >~. TILL rAE FIMOLIM •E HOME IW BSD •' J( I HtM, MISSY ^TTl \ JO-3EAM-' l^ 1 x ' .~N\ .1. L GUARD ' Optometrist Only Gradunte Optometrist in Blylhftvllle. GUssra Filto) Cornrth 'Z-itf LUCKY DRAKUAUD HIS —WONDER WHKT iVTWEV 1X> OUT HERE IN BY. FRED HAKMAN MEBQE Lfe/flW SOME- L/l-ZZ. IJ ALLKY OOP ])Y V. TV HAM UN: • f,fCK MY TEETH IM, Y V^U'LL Be DOIM'SOME )/' ^C BECAUSE VfaU CACRIBP 1 EH? WHACT DO YOU L TALL DoUMClM6--/*J7 WHY ALL ^—^OFP MVGlRL FRIEWD IHIKIKI'LL BE D01NGA KEEP YER DUKES f'TH'SAWlMOSlTV) HERE, AW'CAiUSED ir-j=«:-r j.BHj^uttt> | , ^ / ME/fj ^ oc A ^ OF TROUBLE/ — PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drujr Co. M:.ln & First Phone HI ORGAN OF HEARING HORIZONTAL I Piclurcci is an ' of the body.'* € It is called (be •—-. Sits -external part, the •nuriclc or •J3 Wasps. 15 Resembling . the rainbow. 17 To assist. 18 Corner. 20 To recede. 21 Hops kiln. 22 Astral. 24 Drunkard. 26 Street. 27 Public taxi. 28 Soft food. ,10 Near. 31 Fuel. 32 Constant corhpambn. S4;Knob. 36 Torpid. 37.Wine vessel. 38 To sink Answer to Previous Tunic lllndian viceroy. 12 Indefinite article. !•) Mnkes Jnre. 1C To suddenly. 30 Resources. 41 Prosaic. •12 Note in scale. 44 Pattern block. 45 Myself. 4G Typesetter's measure. 47'Silkworm. 49 Northwest. SOlnfiueiua. 51 Bristly. 53 Vision. 55 To spread. 56 Grain. 57To con. 58 Rhythm. VERTICAL 1 Sound of surprise. 2 To bake meat 3 Sand. 4 Conjunction. 5 New England G Domestic slave. 7 Streamlet. 83.1416. 9 Fish. 10 Coffee beans. . ii its chnin of small bones. 22 Supports. 23 Redeemed. 25 The enr <|rum. 27 Exposed. 29 Bent of arteries. 31 Diamond. 32 Dance step. 33 To drink dog-fnshion. 35 To purchase 40S(air posts. 43 Rugged mountain cresl. 4G Exultant. 48 Virginia willow. 50 Exploit. 52 Queer. 54 Fish eggs. mm !''<>r Prompt laundry »nd Cleaning Serric* REMEMBER LEFTY'S Service Station for Magnolia Mobiloil caul Mobilffas Now Managed !>y Walter Cox, Jr. and E. Bl. Murray See Us For Anti-Freeze! -i y . ~^~, OF TRODBl Y^ai f rt6 DIp'MOSOcH x ^S''M£AWXE--'iOO THINS^'HEOFFEREb 1 JUS' HMJLEOOPF 'MB X BOW RIPE ^ AN' WENT 'ND'iioavn... T N WITH •SO-WH/ST? ^ ^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CERTAINLY AK1D WHV NOT. SIWCE WHEN HAVE I BEEW AWSWERA8LE TO A BIS APE UHE Vcu? WHO DO you THiNii you ARE ttffiSS I'ug- Again CM ,F Gail Us For Prices Before Selling Your Lee Wilson & Go. Wilson, Ark, WASH TUliHS 1 SJiVEH EEEW.IEP >T'D BE ' *0 HACO TC C-ET KIP OF A [ -SKELETOU I j— —:< BY EDGAR MARTIN i-a_^.—-y "\5lSS7 He. Citn'l Lose' It WOW 6 MV CHKMCE A 6AR8A.6E TRUCK BY ROY CRANli m. I'RliCKLES AND HIS KRIKNDS WMA.TBESE, BROTHER V!E COLLECT 6ARBA6E HOT TcASH.TP>VtE TT WJLK (>ol Him GtiCHSing &<$? Gee,/) i vstosfr TEIL JUME// You ; ^t>o owe WHO'S j HILDA SOME , COMSIQERATSOM' AND .! THINK YOU SHOULD B6 TKUS TO HER ' Cure GM- V HILDA OOULD BfttrAK OOW AMD FUNG SOME \Arao AT THAT TRICK' BY MKRUILL RLOSSEU ; ' r WOULD YOU MNO __ .., THAT LAST REMWW: WTO SMAC..^- ^

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