Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 4, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1896
Page 1
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Hit VOL. XXI. LO(UNSE$RT,nINDIANA, TUESDAY , AUGUST 4, 1896. XO.-185-. A Big Shirt Waist Slaughter Sale on Hand And choice of our75o $1,25 and $0.00 WftUts for TO centH 03 cents and 39c We have about 8 dozen of our Finest Waists left that were $3.50 and $4.00 which will go at $1 .50 IN OUR ANNEX. Before starting to Remodel we will offer the Greatest Bargains. $2.50, $2, and $i Wrappers for 980, 780 and $7.50 Silk Waists for - - - 400 Duck Suits - - - - - $3.00 and $4.00 Parasols for ?*£- " " Everything in the annex at , 50 PER CENT OR LE5S. 57C $3-48 $'-39 *' 88 .ON GUARD Five^oinpanies of Soldiers Main ',' !'Min Order at Cleveland, All' 1 jbnion Men in the City ; Ma StrikeJiOut of Sympathy—Trouble >VV Looked 'for. 409-411 BEOADWAT. 306 FOURTH ST. Clothes up to Date . . Hove been in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one ha» a finer line oJt woolens and worsteds to select from than Important Features ... In the make-up of|onr clothes work their superiority. We are not the'oheapest tailors but claim to be the best. : Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 3" Market Street. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an offer. CYCLOMETERS - LAMPS OILS ' i, , ' GRAPHITE CEMENT '. REPAIR KITS ENAMEL SADDLES ' TIRES TOE CLIPS ENAMELING ' BRAZING BELLS 'LOCKS VULCANIZING OLD TIRES Made Good ai New ZINN & COMPANY. 202 Sixth Street. Cjevjjlana, 0., Aug. 3. —When th whis'fle blew at the l^rownjioist work Monday morning 130 men walked-int the shops. They were protected by foil companies of militia, comprising com pniiitf's'F, L, A find B of>tbo)J:'ifth rogi m'dntV'O: N. 0., under-command Lieut! Col. Whitney.. All -day men o the 1 'police force were-also-.on guard A,-,la.rge crowd cf. union men guthc about 'the works when the nor.unloi men' went to work, but no violence wn offered..' . • >:•:•'• • The soldiers and police kept the unio men moving, a.nd \vould '-not"let then stand in one place for more-thnn u few minutes, lit a time. Monday morning tis people came downtown, tlmy won dered"at the unusual spectacle of sol diers'-porading the sidewalks,in re.mot(! liartsJof-the city, Soldiu'i'S'-were patrol ing the downtown suction as-fur wcsi us Pearl street, east, within a few block* of the city limits, 'n factvi hey-were on guard wherever it was-"b'iirrriiscr that trouble was liable lo'oeenv. Pr'lnz, the union man who wns'Sho'tiliy-ii non- unionist, passed a very bad night at ft. Clair Street hospital;- : It", was thought at oue time that: lie" was dyf: but he rallied. The physicians say that JVinz has remarknble 'vitality,- which gives them hope that he- -will • pull through. His condition'was- critical Monday morning. •./'.•'- ! '••• •: A crowd of union men remain at the hospital in attendance'-'' npon'. their wounded brother. 'They-postbnUe-tms of Prin/.'s condition every few-.m'inutCK. Sunday night, on McH-ehry'.' street, Henry Brett (colored),'-6{"feG3 Central cvenue, while makingV speech on the rights of union men, was 'attacked by a- crowd and beaten, ire, wtiK taken to St. Clair street hospital,">Vfie're'he was in a dangerous condition Monday morning. Brett Is 24 years old. Condition Ver7 'Serlou*. At 0:15 a, mi Monday Director of the Police Abbott, after a conference with Mayor McKisson njid the officers of the Fifth regiment, ordered another company of militia, making- five in all, to the Brown wd« ks. The director paid that he had received private information which satisfied him that tho condition of affairs was far more serious than appeared on thn surface. ; A crowd of union men gathered ;u.lj the corner of Hamilton and Belden streets at nine o'clock,.and when ordered to disperse 'refused" to do so. Lieut- Thompson and a squad of police marched on the crowd and arrested three men. They gn<e thejr names rts Charles Sunel, 22 Kclgar street; .Taints street;.anfi Michael wallc ordinance. A big crowd:followed theVmitrpt.wagon through tlie-streets an'd 4aore\ 4 a.irests were threatened,-but LoganspofU WabasHalley Gas Co , Natural arid Artificial Gas Bills due the first of each month, ten day's grace, All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special-Low rates on heaters during, the months of May, June, July August and Sept- tember. Invitations.- Are always appreciated and especially so when they are tastefully gotten np. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a ipeoialty of • . \NVITATlONS, PROGRAMS. LETTER HEADS, MOTE HEADS. BILLHEADS,: STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC.; ETC. latest Styles in Fancy Type and Material, PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchbere Optical Co. The mil-known Specialists'of New York, have appointed t>. A.'HACK an agent (or their celebrated Spectacle! and lie Glaiuea,By«r pair guaranteed, . . . D. A. HATTK bns complete asjbrtment and invltea all to satlstr themselves of ttin great snperlorttyottheiegoodiotfr an/ raviofactured, at the store ot D, A. HAUK, Sole agent for 'togwuport Ind. , , ,. . . ' ';•'• . . Ho.PeddletsJuptilled. Evcryipari.whcther he belonged to the locked.-brit'.faction or the non-unionists crow^/'-a't the Brown hoist-worfcs Mon- dajfjporning realized that'before-the sun' Y'erii, down somethingl-wbuW occur, ,4vWch would doubtless increase the seiiatisness of. the situation,- Both factions were determined. .•••"• '• • .'Sunday, -Grand Master. Machinist O'Copntell arrived from Chicago to .take chargevo'f. the men who are engaged in the" lo'ckout. He said he re.ili/ed that the situation'was serious:" ; ;' • ••.'•••••• ' Wheii asked if the bonrdiolarliitratlon •VYpulipbe;-requested to rej-urn to Jleye- land "he" replied thftt It Wrfaliily would .not {'!.< .--..-. • '"••••• •''• •' The .company, he ..thought; had not ke.pt its;agreement with .the-men.• II was 'arranged that he should meet with the.-locke'd out men in the; morning to devjse.sbme matliod of notion.' .. A'rumor -was current on tho streets, to the.effect that union men wore carrying revolvers in belta strapped around their waists. A number of other incendiary' rumors were belng>circulated. Locked out men when they, were interviewed • said that an '. effort, would be made'.to induce nil union nuavof the city to enter upon a strike put of'.sympathy with the Brown men.. P.. J. Mundie, 'of the IT. P. nail works, . anuounced that his men could not : be.drown:Into such action. • . ;'. ••• • ,-• •• TO STRIKE OUT .OF BYMVAtllY. All the Union Men in Cle+lSind May Go .Cleveland, 0., Aug....'a.-^early, 1.00- men,ali of the employes of 1'an Wagoner & Williams hardware manufacturers, near the Brown hotsting. | vjjn;ks,.inaug- urated What promises to be ngVcHt sympathetic strike:of all tifef.jijiifp.menjn the city, by going out Monday' morning. The men signified then--intention of going to tho city hall «pd demanding of Mayor SteKisson thatthd uori-u'nfon men be disarmed. "If -the^jmiiyor refuses to do this we wllK«wifieUTselves and compel the non-unionists to give up their guns," sa.id;a leadec.., .. ..;*.-. '-.' . ,.When .the Van Wngoner^iS: ;\Vniiam8 men started, for the eity'liairfjiey first stopped at'city foundry.XO;,3 r .on, Hamilton street. The police,'under;Lieut, Thompson, dispersed the_meiv, ngcl.-tli'ey p/ot together agaJn' at ttfle'-Kilby^maiiu- facturing company mill No.-.^ft'pni tlie "•----•-•-•-' •-- pittsburcrl).'Wa'e"li;s : "ne!or Hamilton street. The,.men in Kllby No. 2 snid they were willing and anxious to join the Van Wagoner &• Williams men as soon as the. mec.in Kllby No. 1 did. Then the crowd marched to Kilby No. 1, at the corner of Kllrtland and Lake streets. A committee was sent into this shop and was rrfctby the foreman; He told the men that'he hiul two or three pieces of important work in the mill, which he wuntcd''.to finish, and Hbkcd the committee not to induce the men to go out until this work was done. This was agiocd to.'but the men in tho •mill said they would, quit as soon a« ordered, to by the Central Labor union. : : ARE DOING WELL. Injured In Kllllvruy Wreck lit Atlnntlt Cley Slay Cat IVoll. 1 Atlantic'City, IC'J.. Aug. 3.—All the victims ot Thursday's railroad wreck- in 1 the sanitarium passed n comfort• nb'le jiitfht, nnd hopes arc cntcrtuinod 'thiit nil may now recover. Interest in the cn.se Monday centered in the inquest which was begun Mipnriny by Coroner I William McLiiughliu'. ' The inquesr. is being held in Odd 1 Fellows'hall, as it was anticipated a. big.'crowd would be present. This anticipation-was not altogether fulfilled, as.\vher. tho firstwit- JH-SS was culled tlie'hall >v.;is only com- 'fortr.bly filled. The'jury is composed oL' representative .business men of the city.. Both the'Heading nnd Pennsylvania railroad- companies nre represented by counsel. , Several witnesses were examined, the principal onc'of which was Suporin tend- wit Dayton, of the'West Jersey (P:i.) railroad, who explained'and defended the system of signals in use at the crof-s- ing. At the conclusion of his testimony a recess was taken. ' ' ;RACEL HORSES INJURED. DECLARE WAR. Kentucky Gold Democrats Denounce the Platform and Ticket. Call a Meeting for August 20—Secretary Herbert Votes the Straight Democratic Ticket. Wreck'on the Bl|t Four Bond Kuliu V»l liable Animals. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 3.—The car containing a number of horses valued at $00,00(1 and owned-by J. 32. Bush, o£ Louisville, was upset in a wreck, c:iused by a hot journal, at North Indianapolis curly Monday morning- on the Big Four road. All of the horses were biuily injured. . . .'••,. David Barn«0) 1J ,>vho. i >yBS,.in charge of the car; Dennis Porter, of Louiii- ville, nnd George Fajrin, of Lexington, ivcre slightly injured, and diaries Brock, of Louisville, was seriously, but not fatally, injured. The. ; hor.ses were on the rond from Freeport; 111., to Louis villc, where they were,..to rest prepare tory to resuming their racing. Thos hurt;were: May Queen, seven year old', .no 'record; Hal Corker,2:12; Sail} [ironEOn, 2:17%; King Henry, ilinni B,, eoltsi'Defoe. 2:15; Buster, 2:12'/ 4 . The' railroad .cbmpaiy. will also SUB tain a heavy loss. FIRST. BOAT ..GOES THROUGH Louisville, Ky., Aug. 3, — The gold standard democratic executive committee have issued a long- address to the democrats of the stole calling on them not to support the platform and nominees o£ the Chicago convention. The address in part is as follows: "TlKit the Chicago convention openly repudiated all previous democratic platforms and principles, and enunciated reck- k-ss, dangerous and un-Amcrlcan creeds, many of which have been traced back to populist nnd jwunback conventions, or to the pronur.clamiMitos ;•: populists or socialists. It doclarfd for v.-hat would lead to the r(.'i;Uui:LUon of r.iiUonal o.nd individual obligations and eiodlt. It formulated a scheme for debasing; the nation's money, under which the established standard of values would be reversed, the pur- di.Tilng power of the wages o£ labor be reduced In half, and our nation be sot bacl; from Its financial place among enllKhtened peoples to u monetary fellowship with ilexleo, Nicaragua, Peru and the silver Rionuinelalllst nations ot Asia. "A platform with' a candidate that has thus soiiRht to be, and has been, received Into enthusiastic fellowship by the populist St. Louis convention, and who has thus openly declared his determination not to support the party, cannot seriously expect to be accepted as the platform and the candidate of the democratic party."The address concludes, by sailing democrats who are against the Chicago j nominees aud platform to meet iu mass meetings in their counties August 15 nud select delegates to the state convention which meets in this cijy August 11ERI1KKT CASTS HIS VOTK. it Is fur cbo btr UKmocrntlc Ticket ing to do with factional figlii-s and expected all republicans in this suite tx> turn in and do their share of the work, lie says he will accept advice .ind help from both factions. OVER THE STATE. Events in Various Portions of Indiana Told by Wire. DI|t trwk«, »t Snult Ste. Marie Official!; ; '^v "- . Opened. 1 Sault Site'ilSftnle, ..jifict.^AHig. 3,—Tho new f.W-foot lo'ck was officially opened Monday forenoon at 10:30, when rev ... •> •,**.«%.•... enue colle~tf{i^-fAridrew Johnson am •Iyer and harbor-improvement steaine lancock were'' locked : through. Jfc official programme'ma'rked tlie opening if the largest lock In the world and thi completion of; one of flic-'greatest en -Sneering feats in the [history of the country. Col. Ly!decker,'who succeeds he Jate Gen; Poe, Lieut J. E, Cavnn nugh and Miss'Pbe, Supf K. W. Wheeler and his corpsbf engineers'were among the party on board.the Hancock whca he first locking Was-.made. The !oolc vas coinmejiiied hvlSSOrjt is SOO f.eet n length'between gates;"'1,100 feet, in engtli over all, 43-feet high and lOOfcet vide," and will, .accommodate boots drawing 21 fcct'of.'watef, JUDGE PRATT: DEAD. 'ormor Judge, of tho ^Supreme Court : I'nuscn Aw»y on' nil Jfnrm. • Brooklyn, -JT'. Y., Aug.' S.—Ju-.lg-e Cal. in E, Pratt, for, many years one of the udgea of the supreme .court, djcd 9^ is farm at nochfcsler;"M(iss., on Eu& ard's bay, Monday.-moniing, • Mynterloui iX»Ktb*t>f it Binlcer. Pittsburgh, Pa. ; i A'u : g. 'S. — Walter Crafts, aged about',38.-years, president -of .the Commercial^National bank of Columbus, 0., a guesjt.pf .the Mononga- helu house since Saturday evening, was found dend,in his room :it nine o'clock jfoddny morning.. After partaking of breakfast Sunday mbriiin'jr 5fr. Crafts retired to his room, leaving instructions that he .was not to be disturbed. He was.not afterwards'seen until >fon- day .'morning. All efforts to rouse him proving unavailing, the door of the room wns forced and the lifeless body .found on the bed. -'The'cnuse of death will be determined ;it a post mortem examination. The-co.rppirr is in charge of the body and cffccteiof the deceased. •Text! Kreaoher Knot to Dn»th. , Austin, Tex.,,Aug-.j3..—Eev. J, T. Gibbons, a pr6mihent..ncgro pastor of the African MetlipidistVEpiscopal church, was'shot 'th"reft' l tiine*;-3rqnda.y morning and instantly icilled.'by'Percy Cook, a member of his ,llpcfi;;iiti'tne latter's residence.' Gibbons'UiVbcc'a.,too Intimate with .Cook's 'wtteV«'n_i3 Cook Sunday .night o.verhe'ard-'th'djn'^making an engagement for.the paistqr to call Monday' mornlnjr.-' tte~\lurked : oround his home until QibboriV'.-'caferbcl it, and a few; minutes of.te^h.e: ; 'kjlled him. He BUrrendered^to'the'-'offlcers:'; . • ; .. •;'' KlUed by" ia;,t!itlin'ojTn:AMaMln. a prosperous^ fliriner:. soft AJjJens -Freah district, .in..Charl,efi. .c'puatjv.was shot ' nnd!jcilled hour .. Monday ciorniBig by ;^n, ; un]!no\vn pej- »b"n;' : :>'b cause for ; thcipwrder is known. Muuigomery, Alh., Aug. 3. — The weather is fair am! In-large vote isbeing polied. Secretary llerbert was one of the earliest to ca'st'his votx; for . the struight democratic state and county ticket. No disturbances have thus far been reported from any sections of the stale. The populist, republican fusion- i.sis assert that if. Congressman Albert T. (ioodwyn, their candidate for governor, should apparently be defeated on the face of the returiis by John V. Johnston, democrat; they will carry the con test into the legislature, where they hope- to have a majority. All indications. : nre that the legislature may be quite close. Johnston claims that his imv jority will be nearly 40,000. TAKES manor NEWMAN TO TASK, Prominent Fopullit of Itoiton Object, to «. Bolus Cullod an Annrchlit. ' ' Boston, Aug. -.3. — George P. Wash burn, of this city; eastern member of the national executive committee of the people's party.Moudiiy issued a challenge to Bishop" ;John P. Newman, of San Francisco, ii.' which he took the bishop to task for stating that the populists were no better than anarchists and urging the 1,000 ministers in the home conference to use their influence in the pulpit and out against the election of Bryan and Sewall. He informs the bishop that 90 per cent, of the populist party are native born American citizens, composing mostly the. sturdy farming element, and declares that the bishop will find that bis own people 'are not with him' politically. •:." READ OUT OF THE TABTV. Ben T* Cubic Otuted from IlllnoU Democratic Central Committee* Chicago, Aug. 3. — Ex-Xatioual Corn- milteemau Lien T. Cable, one of the leaders of the bolting movement in Illinois, was incontinently read out of the democratic party Monday morning at the meeting of the strte central committee. ' ' The committee, .under the leadership of Chairman "Buck" Hinrichsen, r.iet at the Sherman house ;at 11 o'clock. It' immediately began work of drawing the dark line which marks the split in Illinois between the silver or regular democrats, and the "sound money" men, or bolters. As i: result ihc places of the following members of the committee were filled by new men: John '!'. Hopkins, Hen, T. Cable, W S. Foreman and.K. E. Spangler, at large, and A. A. Goodrich, First district. The new members appointed were: A, W. Bastiau. vice Cable; F. W, Harill, vice Foreman; Alex J.Jones, vice Goodrich; Carter H. jHarrison and A. S. Trude, vice Hopkins nnd Spanglcr. CAMPAIGN OPENED. Regular \Tork\BeifBii. at New Tork Be• publican National Ueadquarten. •New York, Aug. 3.—Hegular cam- iaign work w^as begun at republican iational headquarters Monday morn- ng. Mark Hanna was on hand'early, and wns joined by N.'B. Scott, ol West Virginia, and Powell'Clayton, of Arkansas, members ot the executive comroit- ,«e, at ten o'clock.^, Mr. Clayton will mve charge of the v speaWng arrangements of the campaign. He had a long talk with Mr. Harina. about speakers. Mr, Scott.Who is't6"give his attention chiefly to the southern states, saw sev- ral ; southeruers~"'during the morning, ly the end ol th« week the committee vill be ; rendy to send out campaign lit- •ratnrc. ' • . J[r. Hanna.did not care to be iuter- iewecl in regard to his conference with rhomas "C..'PIatt, Cljiirles W. Hackott nd lUdward Lautertiach last Saturday. nit]v snv^hat. hn hn/1 nnt.1i- Colored Youth TuralnK White. Lafayette, Ind., Aug. 3.— Local physicians are interested in the case of Le- laiid Briggs, a 12-yeai-old colored boj of this city, who is slowly turning white. The process began several months ago, and at this time the lad's right armand portion of his side and face areas white ns the slvin of a Caucasian. Physicians say that in time he will be completely ch.'mged in color. Hundreds of people call daily to see the boy, who seems to be jiroud o. f the transformation he is- undergoing. _ A Tr«li! Wrecked. Xoblcsvi.lle, I ml., Aug. ^. — A mi.tcd train of 37 cars heavily loaded, coming from the west over the Ch icago & Southeastern, broke in two on a long do'vn grade west of White river. Passing over the iron bridge in safely, the two sections met with a fearful crash o;i a high (Trade in the city limits, destroying half of the train. The loss will rench thousands of dollars. The people, being in the rear ai:d front ends of the sections, escaped unhurt. Dlen from Parnlj-nli. Huntingioi), Ind.. Aug. 3. — C. E. Donne, of Chicago, was stricken with paralysis here while eating supper and died before midnight. He was here in the capacity of a detective, looking loi (lie child of his brother, II. C. Doanc, that was kidnaped b} - its mother, who was separated from her husband. The parents of the child's mother lately moved here from Benton Harbor. Xtich., but the child is not here. Doane'sbody was sent, to Chicago. Accused of Wrcrklnf » Home. Anderson, Ind., Aug. 3. — Washington L. McCoy, secretary and manager of the big McCoy lamp chimney works at Klwood, has been made defendant i>: a ?10,000 suit for damages, filed by Sylvester Beymer, a merchant. Bcymer claims that McCoy, who is a wealthy bachelor, has destroyed his home through the alienation of his wife's affections, McCoy is one of the best- known manufacturers in the country. . Will Se« the Purln Show. Elwood, lud., Aug. 3. — The Indiana gas belt will be represented nttheParis exposition in 1000 by a number of.young business men of different towns, who have banded together in clubs of 25 for that purpose. To that end a weekly assessment of one dollur will be pairt in by each laembcr, and it is calculated that by the time the exposition begins there will be about S'CO each to their credit in the club's treasury. Koraicd te Let a fir f TO \V»«h.. Ligohier, Ind., Aug. 3. — An unusual suit has been brought in the Eikhart circuit court against Eliza. Xusbaum. and John Foster, 'who conduct a Turkish bathhouse, by John F. Xerguson (colored), who nvcrs that he was refused the privilege of taking a bath for the reason that he wns a negro. He demands judgment for $5,000. It \s the first case of the kind brought in the history of state litigation. . Destroy II U Uqnon. Lafayette, Ind., Aug. 3. — Unknown persons forced an entrance iuto Morris* saloon, at Eeynolds and with gimlets bcrcd holes in all the barrels and cases, letting out the stock of liquors. The tobacco, cigars and cigarettes were also destroyed. Morris places his loss at «SOO. The work is attributed to enemies of the saloon, the temperance element being greatly opposed to the liquor traffic in the village, , Woman Burned to Death. Indianapolis, Ind., Aug. 3,— Mrs. Andrew Licvlc, of the suburbof Westlcdi- nnapolis, tried to light, a fire witli'coal oil. She thought the match had. gone out and poured more oil on the shavings. The stream from the can \vas ignited nnd the can exploded, throwing the burning fluid all over her and setting fire to her clothing; and she died nftcr two hours of great suffering. ' I,»it One to Die. Evansville, Ind., Aug. 3.— John Jing 1 ling, a victim of the heat, died Sunday morning. He had a fine war record, During the terrible fighting atChamp- on hill. in. 1SC3 he.,had both eyes shot out. He is the last to die of the four men ivho bnd both eyes shot out during the war. Two were federal soldiers and two confederates. suddenly- Anderson, Ind., Aug. 3.— Prof. F. M. Davis, a well-known Xew.York spiritualist and lecturer, who wns attending the Indiana annual meeting near this city, died suddenly Sunday. LlEhtnlngr KUli Nineteen Uonn. Columbus, Ind.; Aug-. 3. — During a thunderstorm 17 head of horses beloog-- ing to W. H. Bradley and two belonging to Mr. Outsinger were killed by a bolt of lightning. ^ _ . Killed Uernclf. Anderson," Ind.. Aug. 3.— Miss Lcotin McCnrty committed suicide. Her motives are not apparent. She was in her istli year and wns engaged to'be' married. •'• • _ ' ' '•• " : Drowned While Bathing. '. "'Scottsburg, Ind.. Aug. 3,— Waller White, a promising young rnan of :J6, . »v:i* : - drowned near Daly's mill white iwimmir.g with three companions, '

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