Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 28, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 28, 1957
Page 15
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD, TUESDAY, MAY 28, !-?.,' ^- : ; —•:.-.- -— ..,»»i»u i.mivo, iuiu»m»,AND, MD., TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1957 . p.™, ^~V /* /• • • j -»-y »w! ! : ; : • ; —•—— „ . r IFTEEN Officials Deny Transfer Three National Loop Clubs NI,r.m*f«U - • ! : ' ~ " ***W ML Confab Set Today. Shift Would IneludeReds CHICAGO-dNSl-Tlie Nation- tol League opens its annual mid- Summer meeting in Chicago today ami officially there will be no franchise changes on the agenda for discussion. That doesn't mean that the officials of the eight clubs in Ihe circuit aren't going lo lalk about possible switches for 1953 even though denials have been coming fmm NL officials since notables began arriving for tlie importanl meeting. Warren Giles, president of the National League, tried to put to rest a report that the New York Giants may be transferred to San Francisco, the Brooklyn Dodgers to Los Angeles and the Cincinnati Redlegs to New York. New One On Reds He said that Ihe report involving the Giants and Dodgers had made the rounds before but that the one involving Cincinnati was a new one. He continued: "It looks like someone has made Cincinnati an added start er in the speculation." True or not, the -report involving the Hedlegs spurred the Cin cjnnati Chamber of Commerce yesterday to set up a specia committee lo speed study of a proposed new stadium to house that team. Waller O'Malley, Dodgers president, had this to say aboul tlie rumored three-way franchise ihift: "I'm not going lo get involved In any springtime romancing." Horace Stoneham, president o Jhe New York Giants: outs. about it." Gabe Paul, Cincinnati genera! manager: "I would not dignify such ru mors by commenting on them.' None On Agenda Giles pointed out that "I'm not , laying that a franchise change might not be discussed, but there's none on the agenda now WayneBethea Cops Decision Over Andrews NEW YORK, w - If Wayne Bcthea's punch was half as strong as his chin, heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson would have ATTEMPTED STEAL FOILED-Jim Gilliam, Brooklyn Dodger second baseman has the lag put on him by Philadelphia Phillies catcher Joe Lonnet in seventh inning when he attempted to Player Of Day Major League Night Boxscores Nats' Lemon Starting To o Find Range Cards 6, Cubs 2 By Infernationof Newj Service steal home on pitcher Bob Miller's pitch to PccWee Reese Umpire Stan Landes (left) called the play at Philadelphia. <AP Pholofax) Reih 11, Braves 6 Jib h o b 4 1 4 7 5J130 CHICAGO ST. LOUIS ah b o * Morgin 2b 5116 Blas'atne Banks 30 3121 Dajfc is Sp*ake If -(010 Musial Ib Long Ib 12111 Moon If Moryn rl J I l o Boyi-r cf BoUtr cl 40 JO CunnTiamrH b 0 0 Newman c < l 3 o H^jnilh c 3241 -'II ii 4013 Kasko 3b 3014 Jim Lemon is a stubborn man Potoimy p 1010 "" p " ' ° 3 who doesn't mind selling records! a £™.. a ,f a , t ,V..°.S for striking out just so long as he'._ Temple Jb 4122 n rf < 1 2 0 1100 52 MILWAUKEE abb c Sandy Cook Starts Consistency Early OKLAHOMA CITY—'.fl—Sandy Cook may be only 20 but she's ™™» « ^ m '»f. ,'»"»: ! cettin» In ho fnrcic^^t .„!»„ ,..„ basketball and baseball teams. Johnson p 410o 303 o Kotkinson II 3 1 5 0 ' ^ ' — o — .•-.«—inpie' hits some homers in the process. Pnafhoc ^r\A n^^n^n^.. ..I......... ^*- 1-otiT* Total, led for Ponoliky In S:h. 3JST7II ailey c lb 3b 4172 5190 i 10 0 MCMilian M 4 0 0 3 KlippM'n p 3111 Sanchez p 1100 Freeman p 0 0 0 0 R her second year of bowl- she turned in a 624 series LaSalle Takes Fourth Place As Hinds Tops Aggies, 4-1 LaSalle High, making ils bid too late in (he Allcgany County League baseball race, bagged ils third in a row yesterday behind the one-hit pitching of freshman Johnny Aggies' diamond. The triumph, eight games COUXTY HIGH SCHOOL LEAGCK STAVDJNGS Allegany 10 1 BnJce i 4 Heall 6 3 Mt.Savage e 6 Hinlstcne W L s 6 5 6 plenty to worry about. --„,.-- - lt , t The 24-year-old New York truck]" 16 s ' xth in the last eigh loader sampled Paul Andrews' for tnc Explorers, puls coacn Hardest wallops—and the Buffalo N ? rm Sell ' s club in', fourth place longshoreman can clout with the w ''h a 5 ' 6 record. They had been oesl—and came on to gain a split ' n z three-way tie with Bruce of decision in a telecast 10-roundcr Westernport and Beall of Frost at St. Nicholas Arena last night, burg for the slot Bethea, who never has been stopped, was staggered in Ihe second and seventh rounds but came raging back each time. The chunky New Yorker, using bis 11-pound weight edge—20H4 to IDO'.i—to good advantage, wore down Hie thin-legged, 6-3 Andrews with his swarming attack. Scoring with overhead rights and short combinations, Bethea swept the final three rounds from his tired rival lo earn his third straight victory. Referee Petey Delia (6-3-1) and Judge Leo Birnbaum (5-4-1) voted for Bethea. Judge BUI Forst (5-4-1) had Andrews ahead. The AP card had it even, 5-5. During his college days in the early 1920's, Wyoming Gov. Mil- In winning the 1955 American «l fecal . Coaches and managers always CW I QrK \JlatttS, —*.......,_.* L.JU innlla^cla culta^a know absolutely nothing navc , lricd <° E c t the strapping it " WAshinotfln rmlfJolrlnt- tn i-»nt Washington outfielder to cut down on his full swing in order to reduce his number of strike- B—Long. Ne«man. Blaup.gara*. Dart, Musial. Moon. Boyer. Kasko. E—IJitrelJ 2. **"" " r>f. Dark. i*a, 2B— RRI — , ! Z. McD*aie], Bolger, Fn Swings From Heels But Lemon found that when- followed the advice, he ff -- getting distance on his drives. Last year, the 29-year-old native of Covington. Va., decided , - 3B—Ern- . JIB—Musial. Sfl—Moon, K«k ime. Boytr. SF—CunnLnRham. D sitfame, Dark and Muiisl; PJ Si. Louia 10. BQ—Rtiih 4. Fohalsty L. McDanicI 2. SO—Rush 3, U McDa 1. KO—Ku;tt 7 in 5 2-3, Pohofcfcv 2 1100 0000 0000 Tetalt 40 13 M 8 a—Fanned for Burdeltt ... ™ b—Fifed out for Crone in Sth. K*r rlf !iI?! The ( oHott ™fi week M the Pro- siiima ^ i G o ijSressive League she matched the Bru:oa cf 3220 SCriCS. CrandaU c 4 1 9 ll BurdcUe p Crone p bSawaisfc Cole 2b Totals his first _s^aiytossc(la 4-1 down four on strikeouts while issuing only one pass. Van Par- Is coach sons, Hank Winner' and --_,... it MMivi aim JJIjn Richard collecled the LaSalle one-baggers. The defeat was the 10th in 12 attempts for Flintstone. Yesterday's game was a makeup contest rained out last week, 'our tilts are listed today with front-running Fort Hill hoping to assure ilsell of at least a tie for he title by playing at Flintstone. Sunnerup Allegany is host to Valley while LaSalle meets Mt. Savage at Stitcher Field and Beall invades Bruce in Westernport. The only safety off Hinds yes-i .erday was a single by Randall Mann. Hinds waged a pitching, duel with Milton Heavener witrv Don in AD R H !* uiriy 1! 1 1 0 Allison c P*ru,n, 31, 3 1 I Cli'man cf 300 lleiv-er p 2 i ,00 Rob!,,', & j i 4 o I Mann 3b 2 j ! 0 1 Bible Ib 3 £ a I 0 Bobbs is J o 3 0 OM'I'hail II » 5 Unno* If mes cl Richard r( Bo 1 2b ollw. Ib TOTALS Zl 1 l f.™ ™ ™ -* : *—' Ijnlilojit UK) ll» »_i i-rrorK -Murray, Mann, Bo«i 2 Roblneile, Allison. Double plajs-La' Salic 3, FlinUtoni I. BB-llinds 3. Heavener 1. So-Hindi 3, Ileavtner < "it by pllcher-by Heavener (Lennoj). U—Reynolds and Zimmerman. Time— - ' 1, — - - • — •" uuvl null llllllult J1CUVC1LCI Wllll ward L. Simpson captained the the Aggie tosser being nicked for University of Wyoming football, only three hits. LaSalle punched across a pair of runs in the lop ol the fourlh and added two more in the sixth. -- "**« uuu<.u «.<»i/ iiivic nt tiic aiAin. League pennant, the Yankees The lone Flintstone marker came shiitouUheir foes 19 times while in the bottom of the fourth. "" ""' ' ' ' " ' ' The LaSalle lefty walked three /S^'VpOMPLETE •PPEST P5/f C ' fllll INSPECTION Phone PA 2-0345 tfncuvi I mutf ruf flfrfrftQH tfl Crou . out for O'Connel! in 6th, d—Singled for Freeman in Kih, E—Ran for Byrgess En f—Han for Jcffcoat ir ^JSJO-SVKLAXD a V M °r «*!»«*> 7s r ! ^ 93<l1 ' WtxxiliDgU 5120 Smilh cf 20IQ Wertz ib Colavitorf ila 2b 11, IttdtCtWl 5 3," Thurman. Bel], Robinson. I ?. Baifcy. McMill - . n.n!,l H. W-L. McD.mrt (MI.J2." B °df to swing frotn the heels at all " mes - As a (CK). U—Burl-han. Boggesi.Gor- . T— A-9,127, result, the six-foot-four,! BALTIMORE Ol --. r —d righthanded slugger! *t> t [t; sel a new major league record by nnd none has been menlioncd to me." Here's what Giles said will be discussed at the meeting: J—A proposal by Milwaukee to, change the constitution so that; sel a ncw ma J° r lca gue record by only six votes are required for a! fanmn S 13S t' one season, franchise change instead of lhe! But he also clubbed 27 homers, present eight — a move which! Jed the lpa fiue with 11 triples and will require unanimous approval)' 6 * 1 * he Senators with 95 runs bat- and which Milwaukee has tried to le ^ ty- . __ _^ effect three or four times pre-1 Lemon Js still swinging "'freely j£ ^.tusly, jfhis year and he's beginning •2—A routine waiving of the.ficl results again, constitution to permit the play-' ing of more than seven night son, B niton. Aaron 2, CrantfaU 2 iTorrc " in 5ih on ui]d pitch). 20—BelJ, iSe;iaIora 1Q 3 Orioles 6 WASHINGTON 3290 4030 -1210 •1130 0000 52023 1 0 D 0 Sine'land 45 I 1 1 1 Garcia p 1003 McLl\h p 0000 cRobtnsoo 1 0 0 0 Wynn p 0000 bHp Ka aMaris Pilula p 0000 100 -Flied out lor McUsh d out for si/ik Will'ms Ib-ll 5353 Pilarcik cf 4 3 4 o" K*U 3& i 0 0 2 TriantJci c i 1 3 0 Fr'cona rf Bcxt>- Ib Brid 3110 0030 3010 3042 4122 2010 0 0 1 D 0000 5751, UifclT Cf PL*"** Jfa Si ever* Ib . Lemon rl 3130 Rtrberel c 4 2 * o' Thron'b'y If 4 0 2 0 Bridces si 3113 Kemmerer p 0 0 D 0 Stobbs p 1100 Cicvcncer p 1 1 ] oj Braliiji, HH—Aaros- Crandatt. S—Tempi*. Bel!, Burdelie. 5F—PoiL DP—Torre. Cranda!] and Torre. Left—Cincinnati 9. MJJ-AauVee £. SB-KUppstcia 2, Saachezl 1, Uurdeue 5. Crone 1. Johnson L SO—j 8. Sanchfi 1, Freeman 1, Bur-1 |rie»e 6. HO— Kbppstein 6 is 7 *-3. San-i""""" 1 ^ ""' ' ur a " J *P-s cor iieez (! che^ l in 1-3 (pitched LO one in 9th».i*T Slnie *l out * or Pitula '« ^*- jiFrwraan l in 1. Acker 1 in l. Borderiej ^ , r ,, Wl 101 H — Smtlh. Wertz" 2, Aula. Ca'ria' Kuenn, Torgeson. Kaline 2. Boone 2. Mar*; well 2. IVilson. Tutt!e. Boiling. E—Xono i RBI— \Voodlir.g. Wertz 3, Raines. MaxveeU' " Knenn. Eporte 3. Tutlle. Boiling, fay. i 1. Acker 1 in l. Borderiej' il-EK—Klippscein «-j, Sanchez: 1-1, Free^ man M. Acker 0-0. Bun!me 5-5. Crwiv M. Johnsoa 5-5. WP—Sanchez. W—Freeman (2-0). L—JotnMD <M). U-Jacktw- ski. Crawford. Vcmoa, BalUnrant. T— Senators 3, Orioles 2 games by each club this season. Socks Two Homers | Z T«t»ti* He hit iu'o homers !ast night »., and both were instrumental in T. , .j ".., " -"-<"««• and both were instrumental in Giles said this is aone each yearL v .j nning gamcs for the last . p]ace so that the constitution can always be invoked to halt excessive night games if necessary. 5«^^:^^^-ffi^^ ... make a suspended any called by light failure, no .matter what the inning. 4—A report by Paul, who is chairman of the television committee. 5—Any other business which may properly be considered. Item No. 5, of course, coulrfj involve talks about switching franchises. And item No. 5 also will include the appointment of a National League committee to appear before a Congressional committee hearing on the anti-trust status of professional sports opening in Washington June 10. Major Pacescltert B/ International Newi S«nric« NATIONAL LKAGL'E BATTING (Baled on 100 official »l ball! Flijtr and Clnb C. AB K H I'd. Mu»U], St. Louis 34 113 24 S3 .371 Gro>[. PiiUtmrsh 33 m 16 45 Aaren. Milwaukee 35 153 03 53 .... M*jri. N>w YorV 34 130 IS 45 .3*6 Jlonk. Qndnnjtj 37 127 30 44 .346 HOME RUNS — Azroa (Milwaukee), Senators. The firts round tripper ended „„„, pyb(lnl _ Voi , ^^ 3 an ll-innmg game between \Vash-jL*mon. Htrixici. Bridges, 5 in^ton and Raltimnre. and the iTj?™"*^" 3 "" RBI • Lemon *. b-Wa'lkVd "fdr'oT)*]Mn 6?h; f-Simrk oat for Wipthl in flih, B»l(itnor* oto <IQ\ l&fl— d H-Triacdoj. Franrona 3. Xi*man, Brjdp- teser. Pi'bum, Yost, I'sher 3, rievri 2. Kirs* C* mr: l Com fJlel Micd pamc of April 21] . 000 101 000 DO— 2 9 0 . 715 000 Kt> OJ—3 10 0 Uek 2, KaHne. 2B— Maxwell, Katine. Tor- gtson, 3B-Mucw«ll. HR— Wtrtz 2. Bc-one SB—Kaenn. S— Lar>'- SF— Kalin*. Cl«veland n, Detroit, 7. BB— Garcia Wynn 3. Lary 6. Aber I, Foytack SO— Garcia 1. McLi«h 7, Lary i. FOJ-- taek 5, HO— Garcia 5 in 4 2-3. MoLI.ih !' H S" ll^l' i ZUVM.NX : . Tri^dos; d«z. Clevengcr <7J. HYDE <10J and Stevens, Napp. T— 3:22, HR (Wajhingtoo). j Triii;dos, Usher I. Pic-* JBridrwcwr. WjUiara* 3. ^ it ^ Plc-Ai. Trioandos. HR-Lemon, B«rt*ret, Ushtr, Triando*. S-S tobbt. SF*L« mon, DP-Sridses. Ple«rs. and 5f«ve»; Kell, .second came with two men on and got the Senators off lo a quick start against the Orioles in the second game. Lemon started his pro career in IMS and -ADS Cleveland prop- 0 ^ n lt W , M L sojohasaa l erty until the Indians sold him i. night i. cievcnEer 3. HOJoh to Washington in 19M. , a .. 3 .i^ 0 .' D *? V n * Mt w « bt r £Senalors 10, Orioles 6 Steven 2.1 <S*cor.d CimO ik. 2B- BALTIMORE 010 OC4 100— fi <i KANSAS CITY ... CHICAGO KELLNER and . . Gardner and Williams; . . Bride. and WlBams. Lttt-BalUmore 9, ngton t BB-KemmMer 3. Stobs 4. OT«U 1. Wifhl L SO-Johnron 1, O'Dell WASHINGTON ..."." 420 301 Wx—1& IS 1 JOHNSON, O'Dell <4>, Wijjht '6* '"-* Triandos; Kemmerer, Siobbs CLKVENGER <6) and B«bcret. Statey C7i. LaPalme IS) and Lollai HR — Triandos (Balti Usber nore); Lemon, Soosler Dinuei- Tap Tonight pear ociorc a congressional com- _. ,.„„.,. millce hearing 0,1 the anti-trust ™ e J? nnu " „ t ^ ^-, d J nn -« ttatus of n?nr«.« nna » ™ rt<: of the > orl Hill Booster Club will 13; Moon <St, U>uU) r 10 (SI. Loul*>, 9. ind MuiUI RUNS BATTED I if — FuriUo (Brook IVTI) and A»ron (Milwaukee). 33; Mu rfal «(. Uuhl. 30; Robinson and Iloat (Cincinnati), 77. RUNS — Aaron (Milwaukee). M. .-HITS — Aaron Olilw aukrc) an< Musial (St. LouiO. 52. ^DOUBLES — Ho»V (Cincinnati) *nd Wu<ial CSt. Ixrul-i>. U. {TRIPLES ~ Mays *N>w Ynrkt. 4, STOLEN BA5ES-MV* (New Ycrt>, 15: Temple (Cincinnili), 7 »nd CilHam lEn>oklyn>, 6, .PITCHWfi— fH-aitd on moft »in*>— Gcmei <Nfw YorM. fi-l: Arkcr (Citi- cinnain. Sanford (PhLlarf«1pWal and Jack!wn fSt. LotiJ>>. 5-1: Burdett CMllwaukte). S-2; Grots (Cincinnatn 4-fl; I^\rrcne« (Cincinnati> and Dm dalr- (BrooXtjn>. <•!: Spahn (Mdwau* k* r t, 4-3. acd Nf w-coni br (BrOokljTl>, •STHIKEOUTS — XouUx (PreokljTi), 43. i AMERICAN l.KAGCK BATTINC. Pjiytr >nd Cut << An K H 1'ct Williams. Boston 33 115 33 47 .409 Mantle, New Yorfc 3(,-HO 29 39 B-rto!Ji. T*trcit 71 103 11 37 HOME HUNS — Williams (Bosti TO; Siercrs (\VashtnE(t>n). Zernlal (KiTi- *is CKy) and Mantte (Ncw York), 9: SMias (Kansas City) and SKo^ron (Kew.York). 6. RUNS BATTED IN — SEcvtrs (Wash lTi<lon), 33: T>oby (Chteapo) and Wcrti <nev*3»n<3>. 24: Minojo (ChicaRO) and f pri!>*Ti <B<«lon>. W. BUNS — MAnlle «S«w York), 23, • HITS — \\HHami (Roslon). 47. tKtVRLF^—PUws l\Vashinctnn>. IS TR1PI.FS — Slmpwn tKantAS City), I STOLES BASES-l-andis (CJiicago). It; Francon* (Baltimore) *cd Afinoso (ChicaKo). 5; Apariclo (Chicajco), Pirr?sU (Boston) and Pil&rcik (Balti^ more). 4. PITCHING—(Bwcd oo most WIM>Pierce (Chicago). 3-?: Maas <t)ctrt>H) 6-1 and Brewer (Boston), 6-3; Trucks (Kansas City}, 5^C: Grim (New York) and Wilson (Chicago), 5-2 and Wyna ineveland). 5-5. ierc« (Chtcaco), be this evening. 7 p. m., at the 'ort Cumberland Hotel Ballroom. Featuring the affair, at which ime all athletes, coaches, cheerleaders and their advisor from the school will be honored, is the presenlalion of the eighlh-annua 1 James H. Hipslcy Memorial Award. Victor D. Heisey, principal, will present the award which goes to the senior football play er selected by a vote of his team mates and approved by the faculty as the most outstanding on the squad last year. Rev. Kenneth \V. Grove, pastor of Emmanuel Methodist Church will be speaker. Arthur Davis former faculty member at For Hill, will serve as toaslmaster. limps Meet Toniglil The regular monthly meeting ager, of the Tri-State Umpires Associa ~ " (ion &ill he at the Ixiyat of Moose Home today, 8 p. m. -- >«nnk 1 Ln 1. ., t .....,i;.i. v m. f ,-. Stobbs 5 in 4 1-3. Clevrnf-er 4 in 3 2-3. R-JXEW YORK OT>*I! 0-0. WlRht 1-1. BOSTON Zuvcrink (Mi. Kemmerer 1-1. Stohtw 4-3, M- HBP-By O'Dfll (Bridge.O- -•!«-, . ... . _, _ V.Cltvrficrr (1-0>. L-Joh Scar. TabaccU, Berr>-, M< —ADVERTISEMENT— Offers $50 for $1.50 KUCKS, Grim -51. V-j(7). , T-S : M. HR — I sail fBos . 030 MO £30-17 13 1 -- 013 002 002— a 10 2 Howard; Minarcin BREWER, Portcifield s tt\ and Dalcv. LD-erron (New YorX): Pier- Athletics 7 y White Sox I HR — SKiias Dodgers 5, Phils 1 BROOKLYN P12 002 000—3 7 I PHILADELPHIA ,.. OH) COO 000--1 2 6 Drysda]* arid Campar.ella; ROB- EHTS. Milier <r> and Ijannett. HR — Snider, Cimoti (Brooklyn). SOITTHERN ASSOCIATION' Atlanla 3, Nashville 1 Mobile 4, MempJii! 3 Birmingham 3. ChaUanoosa 2 New Orleans 4. Utlle Rock Duquesne ! - 1 . ^ ' '.: JAMES ADAMS A special "Try-A-Loan" Plan is now being offered by Aelna Finance Co. so that prospective customers may see how quickly and easily a loan is made. The plan enables credit-worthy persons to get $50 on name only for 30 days at a total cost of just St.50. tjrger amounts from $75 to 45. $1000 are also available. Friend ly, one-trip service is also fea lured. Call or see the Aetna man 48 N. Centre St.. Dial PA 4-5800. (Loans over $300 made Order under Md. Industrial Finance Act). Tforrv _ ^ , CIO IH 000—T 9 0 OCO CXM KKX— 1 7 2 WILSON. s City), DUQUESNE BREWING CO, PITTSBURGH, PA. Pure Refreshment; Summer fun calls for the true Jbeer tang and perfect purity of Premium Duquesne Beer. It's electronically inspected! Heard about Natlonwlda's A.C.P. PROGRAM? ...stands for Advisory Committee of PolTcyhoIders. Own a Nationwide policy, and you're eligible to participate actively In this unique program of v/orking with management to shape the affairs of your company. rac^s Hook up with Nationwide! Here's quality protection with the world's 2nd largest mutual car insurer...covering almost 2 l /2 million drivers. There are 1,500 claims adjusters at your service coast-to-coast...and rates are among the lowest in the country. Give the office below a call for full details... and ask for Nationwide's neiv $10,000 PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY coverage-available at unusually low rates. *""/. ATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY ^_^ home office: Columbus. Ohio Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. Phone PA 2-0900 BACK THE ATTACK ON TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS THESE ARE YOUR LOCAL NATIONWIDE AGENTS PHONE NUMBERS BARCLAY, ROBERT C,, 60 Aspinall St., Ftostburg, M<t Frostburg 133 CALLiS, CHARLES D., Rl. 2. Cumberland, Md PA 4-1437 DAVIS. CHARLES F-, 702 Baker St., Cumberland PA 4-OSOS DERHAM. ROBERT M., «2 Hammond St., Westernport, Md Westernport 3571 IIAHN, WILLIAM P., 514 Williams SI., Cumberland, Md PA 2-0481 INSKEEP, KENNETH M., 606 Washington St., Cumberland, Md PA 2-4314 MAXEY, WALTER J., 451 Walnut St., Cumberland, Md PA 41-5SIZ McKENZIE, CLARENCE U., 417 Wimmer St., Cumberland, Md PA 2-1749 PROPST, MACK J., Oakland, Md DE 4-2101 WILT. CHARLES A.. Accident, Md Accident 347

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