The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX KK1I5T BET IBEJPE1T Bush and Howley Suggest Tire Players But Alarm Clocks for Next Season. Bj- WILLIAM BRAUCHKR SEA S*rvl« Siwrts Editor CLEVELAND, Ohio, Jan. 15.— The alarm-clock system of training young men 10 become ball piny- its will be In use in two major league b:ill parks mxi season, the Innovations of Douie Hush aud Dan Hontey. Mr. Bush, tlk new field director of Art Shlic:; and Hie \Vliite Box. lias Minn; Ideas of Ills own I about how lull' players should consider the fli-Ins for v.hloh llioy nre suppns (Hi to be working. Accordingly. M: Shjres and the others will have 1-1 leave their Dinner nlc early enough of-an evening lo be able to rcix>r at the bait park every mnrnlni; ill 10,for u workout. Mr. Bush says he Is afraid he will Ue pretty ssrlct about [his. too. •They've tot lo get up In Hit morning," says lie. "I can't see Mils stuff .of players lylnj! in bed mull Back Again noon. It makes 'em look lazy lo me, Besides, If a fellow eocs to betl by midnight why should bo He it) ted until noon? He ought to Imu- nil the sleep he needs by 0 o'clock. If he can't get enough by that time let htm go to bed earlier. I expoc; lo see 'em all through with breakfast by 10. Then they can gel the ficev out of ihelr eyes before It's time lo get- Into llml ball game. "Besides, why shouldn't, they b? out to (hat ball naik every inorn- hiK when they're at home? They haven't anything to do. have thc-yv They're working for the ball clul). .<. A .Ki > -X KWS A 1)111 Tlic Same State Hands Three of !he most Interested parties—oh, yes, there are interested parlies—In the Jack Sharkye- Phll Srott alfair to be held at Miami Fi-l/ruary 'n nre James J. John- aren't (hey? I expect to have thorn =>ton. ilic ISoy Handlt who has a Here is "Story" of Fight Between Sharkey and Scott By WILLIAM BRAUCIIKR Old Phlneas T. Barnum was not roarliiu through his derby when he forget himself one day and puclicly placed the .birthrate of [lie goof at one per minute. But they are sending a gent named Scott into the ring with one Jack Sharkey ' clear jw Inteicsl In the Suffering down in Miami Feb. 21, and we v.'orking out every inorniig cicar jimc-umu .iut.-ii.cfc .** mv- uu*itiiii£| up into July. Maybe not after thai, j Slob, and Johnny Buckley and Ucl1 I But they can come out in Hie morn-1 Jf^'k Oniway. who have blocks of U<JW " '" Miami fee. 27, and we are wondering If Madison Square Gnr- ' ' bashful. think Just Ihe same and make plain j stork In t!ie scowling Sharkey man. | to brat somebody." A number of Ihc White Sox tuay find it rather shocking to be that they're "worklntf for tin 1 club," as Bush siiBsjest-s. Hut if Hint Is the only shock the Sox huvc under Mr. Bush's direction, they can be countered, pretty \vcll oil. Eveiy morning at 10, at. ncdalu:! Tk-ld. Cincinnati, Mr. Dnn Howley. new boss of the Ucdb, will lj? out looking over his Iloi-k. They call Mr. Howley "Howling; Dan." 1'tnyors who fall lo it-ulster at tile appointed hour probably \vl!l ] lenrn Unit that nickname, Is no' for nothing. Ukc- Mr. Bush, Dan , For there pmlit memories of the Scoll v, ill collect 25 per cenL pro-1 Scull entry that even the convlc- vldi-d the t-aie at. Miami goes over } tlon of Solid Man Mauldcon that j$200.000. uhlch probably will Imp- lic-n. If Die gate Is under $200,000, UK- Fainting One will ge; 20 per cent. A year ni;o Johnston, Buckley and Conway were working together. If you lire willing to call that kind of business working, to bring about u meeting between Sharkey ami Gene Tm;ncy. Mr. Johnston, who now o'.i-ns one-third of the then 'had « 10 j per cent Interest In Sharkey. The H-I-IIC has changed a bit since then, but U:e crowd that moves the set- tines u round remains [he same. Scott Is a fighting man will not erase. One of these Is still fresh. H Is the picture of Scott, swooping to the resin In a beautiful spiral after being tapped on the hip by OUo Von Porat. Still another of these persistent memories Is of Phil Scott claiming foul in his bout with Campolo when ' ' rude.list of! ip V, flldiu Social Clubs One of ihc scribes who writes pieces for the papers In New York says the Sharkcy-Scott affair will Howley has his i )><, „ |,| B social turnout. Umloubt- own ideas about I CI | ly u w |j]/ for mast of the peo- what ball play- I f \ e w |, 0 K0 t 0 Miami regard $25 l>iin lloivlcy crs are su|i|x)sc.l lo bo doing wi:h their time. Like llusli, Howley Is "a prince of a fel- for a seal as just a piece uf sum change. Uul the word "social 1 'recalls an entirely different sort of liiUherhiB o! years ago In DaHl- low" until you take advantage orj ll]0rc Im. When moused, both Bush mid j At 'n e rford.' who died recently 'in .he Maryland metropolis, onue was That tall gaucho of the pampas, Victorio Campolo, grlnncil his greetings to New Yorkers who welcomed the big fighter from the Argentine upon his return to the United States recently Campolo desires to lay In a supply of the American dollar und lu gain that end he will fight anybody. It was unfortunate for him Howley can be vciy nasty to llv? with. "Of course," says Dan, "fellows like CrlU who give you everylhlng they've got won't have to put on the monkey suit and lake a morii- itiL; \uirkout afler-they have al- talncd the projH^r condition. In June wealhra n morning workout would lake loo much out ot the buys. Hut it won't hurt tiny player on the club lo bo out Iherc at 10. Thai will let me know they are up for Ihe day ami i)ot ( slecplng loo much. "Some of Ihe crowd will Jinvc lo take n workout every morning lo te really for emergency use. Those excused front the workout, however, will have to show up. "Uall piuyers nre asked to give only a few months out of the year to Ihelr business. 1 believe In giving Ihe limit during those feu- months." Both Chicago and Cincinnati wound up in the second division last year. If they.end the season behind the eight ball this year, it won't be because Bush and How- Icy couldn't Keep Iheni awake. WANT OWN FI,A(> TORONTO-Mucli interest Is being shown throughout Canada In the movement recently launched to adopt a Canadian flag, other than England's Union Jack. The that his ambition to mix'with | Canadian red ensign which Is now Jack Sharkey in the Miami bout was sidetracked, for quite a few dollars woukl have been his as the result of Hint engagement. used is nol recognised In uarlla- mct. Some are in favor of retaining Ihe Union Jack but adding to it something distinctive. y Catnpalo as this was a palpable cul. Mr. Donovan probably was inawarc of the new rules by which a bust In (he eye Is foul tactics so \e told Phil to be about his business, which was Supposed lo be l>rli-.e lighting. Therb is y0 f, another plaiinjvt; note which persistently echoes In our ear. It Is the scream to which Scott gave vent when he ran into one of Johnny Hlsko's body punch es In their flght In Cleveland. Phil sank to the floor, wearing his best dying gladiator's face and regarded Referee Pasy Haley with trie mien of a sick swan. Mr. Haley never had heard of Ihe new style by which a sock In the ribs Is, Illegal, so he bade Philip to be u» and doing. Scott has claimed foul n times, if scattered records are correct, nad this claim has been granted nine limes. Among the caullflov;ers frcm whom Scon has won on fouls are George Cook, Rlcnrdo Bertaz- Milo, Armando do Coralls, Yale Okun, Guardsman Penwill and Otto Von Poral, quite a few of them palpable palookas. It was Scott's victory over Von Porat, via Hie foul rente, tliat led lo adoption o! a measure by the New York boxing fathers, cutting the wages of fighters involved In foul affairs. Mr, Sharkey, the other half of Ihe Miami match, also has teen known to yell ouch on what wu cannot repress calling divers occasions. H was his habit that probably cost him the ll^ht with Dcinpse.ty Referees .who kiy^w that a cauliflower is In the habit of yoilcllng murder are not so ready lo admit claims of foul. And when Dempsey did sink one below, (he yob's belt, followed by a crusher to the point o fthe jow, no foul was allowed. We are furnishing without re- 1>ID YOU KNOW THAT— Jaclc Dempsey got ?4000 for refereelng hall a round a). Atlanta recently, while the fighters split up $100 between themselves ... but the Mauler spent 'an hour autographing books, pamphlets, popcorn boxes and what-noi ... he sat in a box wllh the Strlbllngs, Bobby Jones, Waller Candlcr and ths Adalrs . . . and introduced Wille to the crowd. . . Ait Shires earned more in four fights than he did In 154 ball games last, year . . . Dolly Stark, National League umpire, coaches Dartmouth In basketball . . Four of the five men on the Dartmouth team are more than 0 fetl lall . . . Ihe other Is John Cheney. 5 feet 11, und he's Ihe cap- lain. . . Noire Dame once was pcnalleed because an official thought Coach Knute Rockne was signaling to the 'players by pulling up grass . . Rock merely was fidgety. she wanted me lo bring a wrltlen excuse signed by my mother."— Hummel. Hamburg. "It's all nonsense lo say brown eyes denote en ethlng and blue eyes another." ""Anyway, black, eyes usually denote something."—Passing Show. RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday All Talking! Soe! Hear! quest a round by round description ef the battle at Miunii Feb. 27. and ylvlng it lo you in advance. Here It is: Round One Sharkey felnicd. Scott fainted. FLASH—Sharkey wins! That's all. There isn't any more. Pleaie do not step on the women and children on your way oul. FOUCK OF HABIT "Why did you break your engagement with that school teacher?" "[ dldu'l show up one night, and WEDNESDAY, JANUARY HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday "SILENT" 6EORGE 3&NCROH ' The Mighty" d Qammount (fitfuii All Talking Comedy 'and Beniies Orchestra Admission, Matinee 10-30c Admission, Night 15-40e 'RUTH TAYLOR kCOUEGEl. —with— William Collier Jr. Jobyna Rolston With Comedy and Fox News Admission, Matinee and Night 10-25c he manager of Joe Cans. In Ihe old days fighting was Illegal, yet Baltimore hud fights, and better ones than we have been privileged lo see In our lime since Uemgxsey quit battling men around. In order lo get around Ihc little legal obstacle, fights were held under the guise of meetings of Ihe "social club." ftl Hcrlonl figured tuigely In these meeting.';. He would take a position solemnly in the center of the ring before the tight and be- _ln tile formality of reading the minutes of the last meeting. Off With thr Urrby! Inevitably there would be a loutl demand that Mr. Hcrford remove ills hat before he started reading the minutes. Al's brother, whose name we have forgotten, would make u motion that the minutes of the last mecllng bo dispensed with and Al would crawl out of the ring, hat intact. The club then would proceed to lake up new business in the • form of ear-scrambling. A gentleman and patron of the nrls named Hayes was at that lime mayor of Baltimore. The social clubs nowadays are a liltle different from those of the old days In Baltimore. It is the fighters who are socially inclined in modern meetings around the. roped arena. The polka rather ihun the i»klng Is the newer form of diversion The higher a person climbs, the Icsse he weighs. Ntw Qirysler "77" Royal Ssdan, JI725 {Sp«ial fqulprc*nt CHRYSLER proves what it IS by what it DOESI A motor car proves what it is by what it does. For performance is tangible, definite — something you can easily check for yourself. When we say the new Multi-Range Chryslers are swifter in pick-up than other cars — smoother in flight — faster in climbing hills — easier to drive — we are simply stating facts you can prove. Gears can be shifted back and forth between forward speeds at any car speed without clashing. In the midst of all today's claims and counterclaim's, Chrysler suggests a demonstration, in order trtot you may learn for yourself why Chrysler inspire* a pride all its own. FEATURES: i*«Gt, fow«fui ENGINES . . . SEVEH IEAKNC- COUNTER. WE10HTSO CHANKSHAfT . . . MUUI «AN« FOUI-SPEED TRANSMISSION AND GEAR SHIFT . . . tUIBEK SPRING SHACUES . . . CHRYStIK WEATHERPROOF FOUR- WHEEI. HYORAUIK: BRAKES . . . LARGER, ROOMIER IOOIES OF DREADNOUGHT CONSTRUCTION . . • AOJUSTAIlf FRONJ SEATS , . . METAIWARS BY CAST1ER ET CIE. 6 I 2 CHRYSLER Fowler Motor Go. Blytheville, Ark. New Cars HUDSON'S IN TEN BOOT TYPES, AND AT NO EXTRA COST, A WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS TO SUIT YOUR OWN GOOD TASTE. ... a i^ae—fast—powerful Eight We count this our greatest achievement. From front end to tail light it is a new design. In appearance and finish it is commandjngly.. beautiful. And in smoothness it surpasses anything we know. -,--'^-It outranks anything we have ever done in design, performance or value. The readability and riding ease are not excelled by any car at any price. And the price at which it sells questions the wisdom of ever paying more for any car. Prices and Details—Lowest finance terms available ft ISO! and E o s In 8 Body Tyju-j, and 01 no extra co»t, • wide' variety of color* to suit your indlvUuil tut*. with even faster speed . . . witn greater power . . . with quicker get-away . . . also challenges in good looks-in real values —hi reliability and in price . . . Its challenge is distinctive and unusual in those fine qualities which owners prize most highly. In appearance it is a completely changed and modern car. The bodies are longer, wider, lower. It challenges your interest with big car spaciousness and comfort. The motor is larger and smoother. The performance range is notably increased. It gets quickly away at the stop, is strong on the hills and swift on the straightaway. You won't be content with any less comfortable or less good looking or less distinctive car. It is a thoroughbred automobile and it challenges your attention because of its price. Features That Challenge "''• •.-»,.,' Lorpr BcJ!»—Grrattr Pcwr—Fatur Sftai—AiUti Eantmj. fWft cflKrVciArj If Sat '• Ynr Oum Taiu. Nnu An BcJ, Dnip,,. F,ur Tiw-twj SJucl Alurhn. RaJiaor Sluam A/*-h»M, Startir n Da,!,, Electrv Gauft/ir Ful M OiL Monan-Cunningham Motor Co. Opposite Glencoe Hold New Singleton Building on Ash Just East of Second Blytheville, Ark. Caruthersville, Mo.

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