The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1930
Page 4
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pAisa Tinas "That's my favorri And, in so personal a place as y^ur bedroom it's right that you, too, should use yoir favorite color! So, before your room is 'repainted, ask- a see the Rainbow Range of Colors! You'll find ybur- favorite aknpng these 32 Granitoid enamel and stain colors— and I lends'for each! The bed, nightstand, chair and window , quired less than a quart of Granitoid enan el! Let us help you with your painting probl ans! bookcase above re- Bryan Bros Erlanger Estate. INCOME TAX COLLECTIONS. New York, April 3.—Charlotte j Fiscal, who claims a widows share, in the .estate '.of A. L. Erlanger. yesterday tiled in snrrb eato's court an affidavit, in which flie characterizes as "ahsui;d" a lv. cut estimate 'by mi attorney for the .estate thai it. would amount t<> only about S2$00,000.- Tlie estate uf the Napoleon of Druailway" sboulil be nearer SliiO.ftjlii.oOu than $2.U00,0t >O , ! thc former actress stated. ' Kstiniatcil Total Revenue Will Be Sin >rt of Expectations. Washington, April I'honc r >»!l for taxi service best prices. Fred Losey. tf Manure Sprcadn-s D'isc Harrows Corn Planters ll-Jtary li<::;s . Cirltiir.v.-la'i-s HULL BROS. months 1 brought Are You Al- FORMER RESIDENT DIBS. Miss Grace Wall, Slsiter of Mrs, Carl Flore*, Succumbs. , • FUneral services for. Miss' Grace Pearl Wall, who died at the, Noblesville hospital Tuesday night, will be held at the home of her mother, Mrs. Cash Wall, 1485 Central avenue; in Noblesville, at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon. Rev. , Gertrude Reinier, former pastor of the Friends I cnurch at Noblesville and a friend of the deceased,- wlllcTconduct the services. Burial will be in Crownland cemetery at Noblesville. Miss: Wall; who was 47 years of age, was born and .reared in Noblesville, and with the daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. Cash. Wall'. The father died about five years ago. Two brothers, Harry and-Hershell Wall, of Noblesville, and a sister,; Mrs. Carl Florea, of Tipton, sur-|| vive. Miss Wall, a- practical nurse, made her home in Tipton at one time and cared for.the mother of John A. Wynn during her last illness. Miss Wall was a splendid woman with numerous friends here .who will regret much to learn of her death. . . The Indiana quilt ed at tike at 2 diy afternoon and .jtliough the treasury department's Jina'l rep )rt for March Showed an increase in income tax collections lor nine months of the fiscal year, it was Estimated that.this total tax for ! he year' would fall $50,- 00ft.0ti0| to 5100.000,000 short of ijstiiuate: last Decmber. ^ Inconiii tax collections for. the first nil) i months of the fiscal year, wl ieh ends with June, were | and ! f 1.S12.1 37.S41. an increase of $125.57-,244 over the same period of he previous fiscal year. Collections'for .the last quarter, however.; tisually^drop about $50,000.000 indicating a. considerable ! decrease] from the estimated S2 Fine Bab}; Girl. Mr. and Mrs.. Von East of Columbia Avenue, are the proud parents of a -fine baby girl, the stork having visited them early Thursday morning. The' baby daughter who tipped the scales at 7 pounds has been named Norma Corinne, anjd is the second child in the home. The baby was wel- corned by a brother. Von East Jr. Mrs. East and baby are at the Coleman hospital at Indianapolis where the baby was born. The mother before marriage was Miss Martha Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Allen of Columbia Avenue. The grandfather Mr. .Allen is exceptionally proud of his first granddaughter and with Mrs. Allen will pay an early visit to the hospital to see her. LOCAL EXHIBITORS. County : Has Displayed at Number of Indianapolis. contest open- Athanaeum ball room,: New Jersey!: and Michi- o'clock Thurs- 461 quilts: gathered from Indiana homes are: on' display. Admission is free jto the contest which will j continue and Saturday .from 10 m. to 10 p. m. "Prize winners' will hf announced Fridaiy. j j In the display' of. quilts are several" from this county and loll . r i i •.. i , —i • cal women are expecting to carry- away s'ome of the premiums of- for | the prettiest and nit st artistic quilt. : ] l J | \ i Included in^ the display,of qjiilts are! ones furnished by -M"s. Tolle of Windfall; Mrs. Ajda Rubush and, Mjayme. You ug Elsie C. Ne 'jw- ot Sharpsyille; Mrs. by and Mrs. Fred cadia; Mrs. J. W Russell I M. Hoover. sjiwers ^arid Mr Tiptoni [Waltz of Ar- Burrbws, M^s. Mrs. Alie rs. Emma Waltz of TO VISIT EUROPE. Mrs. Rossini Waugh'.; Stewart Sail on 12th. I yinceniies, Ind., Apjril 3.—The Unjited States ijitate Department has- been enlisted by post of the American effort to solve the Merlin Pritchard eran, formerly His mother an •k, now of Gushing, Legion mystery world war vet- of this city, j- Mrs. E. J. Pritch Okla., believes her son dlive. The War Department belieles he is dead and in Vincennes. ; Merlin * Pritchard went buried ! I :| : to in 11917. His last letter told mother, now 7Jo yearil bid, his outfit.was Imovingl into war his that the Returned to Akron. fr<Jnt lines. Thb next! information aTjout the son was the report thSt he had been killed-in faction: July -'body, ' as! that of Pritchard,; was return 4-SOS.000.000. The - first of the only $G2 calendar r.524,917. three year puffer with head- aeies? Ringing in be id. and ears? ' Palpitation of heart? M; sery; in lower back, be ween the shoulder fcli ides, or in neck and back of head? Lumbago? das on stonv~| ac li? Rheumatic pains in muscles and joints? Are you' tired out? N > pep? Then for the sake of health and 1 hi.ppiness, - see or. pfyone ; Mr. and Mrs". Ivan Falconberry returned to Akron, O., Thursday after visiting with relatives-"and friends here. Mrs. Falconberry who is a daughter of Mrs. W. L. Bockover has been here for two weeks and her husband came Tuesday. He is a sontof Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Falconberry. While here Mrs. Falconberry spent several days visiting at Gibson City, 111., with Mrs. Shirley - Falconberry. edj to this country and with military honors i " I cennes. Recently the mother received a letter from a soldier in French foreign legion Morocco, in which Taken to Hospital. Wednesday evening the Young- ambulance took Mrs. Martha East wife of Vou East, to the Coleman] hospital she being accompanied by her husband who remained at the hospital with her." Mr. East is a daughter of Sir. and Mrs. George Allen of 402' Columbia Ave. She,is an expectant mother a»d the attending physician reel om mended her removal to the hospital. 191S. Later a identified ' l laid to rest at; Vin- the the serving • • 1 I.. writer claimed to be her son. He told a JMrs.j of Ne' Rossini: Waligh ! .Stewart ,York city, formerly Tipt'onj arid daughter of, Mrs. Eva \faugh of North -Ma !iri street, wjill s til for Europe"; Saturday, April 2th. J- j ! Mrs: Stewart who has been doing musical research work in fjhe 1 brariesj in New York city will 'continue this wofkj in Europe nd will give attention to tjhe vbrk in | G recce au'dTof the ear : er Byzaiitlne periods: Mrs. Stewart has planned her Visit at this.! ime t!o be able to be at Athens, he great Grecian center for the 'famous annual festival of Delphi She wjill sail on the Bremen. She inllconti'iiue her w^rk in Europe for aii indefinite time. This ' will be Mrs. Stewa^t'^s fou rt& trip to Europe, each time for some special work besides ightseeing trips. To Return Sunday. 1 of iinemory ended with of memory foreign le- was i si ^ned Btory of wourids, loss arid 1 hardship,', which his -sudden recovery in ; the service of the) Ipn. The letter Frank de-Bruyckeresi Tlie mother was skeptical of i.tfhe .'triitjh- ot the man's claims until he sent a photograph of himself, which she identifies as that lot her whom she believed ! interred Vpncennes. * ! j Fingerpriuts of the man ing to be! the lost son are supplied to the State by the foreign legion to check records of;the men! who i i : i s i i served overseas in the wbrldi war; The State Department lays the ' lot aj lias| son. in cjaim- l!o be Departjment in an! effort entire story to the'efforts Carol Lcc Kriotts. • The-stork visited Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Knotts, Tuesday morning and left them a fineTiaby daughter who' has been named 6 Carol Lee Knotts. The baby is the first born in the home. Mother and baby are at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chambers on East .Jefferson' street and both are-doing fine. The mother before her marriage was MiE» jMaxine Chambers. Who complica- soldier in the legion qaused international! tions recently in his ejHojrtsj to getj a-discharge from the i French ser- 1 vkce. Visit of Stork; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell oi Windfall received: Superintendent on Turkey Creek Projecjt Files Suit Against. Company. WANTS PROPER BRIDGE Through his 'attorneys Gift'ord & Gifffrd, Jesse! K. . Bo'wKn, superintendents of the- Joe Suftong drainage pi'oceedingi better known' as tliep Turkey . Creiek filed!hiuit asking -that •ailroad be man­ tlet a • .suitable railroad crosses of Jackson Sta- drain, has the Nickel Plate! dated to constri bridge, where [its the drain south tipn. i Mr. Bowlin the depth and after setting : qut cut of the ditch !at this point states that the railroad company, otherwise, present bridgej unless; will at dam to the .wa­ ist; wholly inadequate and'.,will retard and act as a ter of ..the stream It was stated ! have been made matter this out, of j C.burt but that, tjhe railroad engineers say the '-n'res-j ent bridge is su^flicient, while tjhe superintendent contends it is not aii'd : the suit jwiis file.d in order that the Court liny determine ijhe matter. ordered to do' reinforce their this point which that to attempts settle he The Turkey \i .Creek drainage project is one ]!of tlje largest I in the. county and is expected drain many acres of .land heretofore considered; !ass waste "a portion of the yearl The superintendent is-firtn in his belief that-tjhe bridge of the railroad - , if allowed to remain as they contemplate will not allow ja! freei passage 'I of the water infipod seasona when the drain is most nedded. We pow offer these Housej color and styles. Sizes ranging from 14 to 48. outstanding values in Ladies' frocks at uneqjualed prices. Latest design in •A 75c i See Our Windows for These Values The Boston Store Thomas D'. . F-oster . who has been - jin the St. Vincent's hospital for treatment and j aii .operation \ T ' ' i for hernia, will 'j return home Sunday. The physician in charge stated his condition was satisfactory and that he would be per mitted to come; home at-that time, The Young ambulance will go to the hospital after him he not ing strong .enough trip in an ordinary Attended Banquet to make CBX- - - be- tlie TRAVEL I LK<-TLRi:.S. Are Iti'im ; (Jivij gene! n lly Miss Warder. Imo- i Miss Imogene [Warder of Pei-u, was a Tipton {{visitor -Wednesday- and was the" six o'-clock cfinner guest | of Mr. and Mrs. - .William McAvpy east of Tipton. Miss Warder, who is a i'foruier Tipton.girl and a graduate of the .Tipton THIS INTERESTED US— j "MAYBE IT WILL YOU, TOO »w Bremen Speed. Who wero Damon and Pythias? To say d£ two people that they are like Damon and Pythias is to. bestow upon them 'high praise indeed fori the phrase is a referr erice to two inseparable friends whose devotion to each other became proverbial.- - j '• • • •• i .... i 'Our readers will doubtless be surprised ^o learn that origiuall it _was Damon and Phintias! "Pythias.'.'! who were such Bremerhaven, Germany, April Z: —The : 'North. German Lloyd liner Bremen, which recently established a new record for a crossing of the Atlantic, sailed: for New- York again yesterday. She was ei nipped: with four improved profilers of twenty tous each, from which even higher speed was ex: pected. for iwas Oi McNew, distket agentj Hoosier Mineral Feeds Co at Royal Center Wednesday evening attending ai meeting • arid' banquet of farmers which :liad been arranged by ,"Dr. Fissher," agent in that • district fof r j|jfe company. There were 7G n,rebent for the affair. • 1 :| Simmons -of Crawfords- high, 'school, lias just completed a very succeriijful lecture tour through northern and central Indiana, addressing Rotary, and Ki- walnis clubs and! American Legion posts I and other! organizations' in travel talks contfernjng her recent two years of gravel in Europe.. Miss (Warder |. visited seventeen European countries. •'-•• ' - •-, j She will leive Saturday for/an extensive tripj through'the., west delivering ' hjer|- lectures before ciirbs and organizations at Omaha Nebraska, Salt Lake City, Utah, message ville, who was in Tipton for a weeks as manager of the Diana theatre when it was owijed: by Thompson & Son,| returned' li|oni"e j ^ booklet Wednesday after ja : short visit! Through here with friends. Tuesday from their igrandson rank Striker of Edmond, oma, announcing; the Arthur Miles Striker, {child Mrs. . Striker tier and baby are', tjicely. mother prior larrivai o'. April Is; of Mi mo alon getting to! her ma* San jFrancisco CalifJ, and man/ other cities. Jin addition to her lectures Miss Warder .has issued entitled | "My Trip She . has : left Tribune classited ads pay. VOUR EYES will bear *. up under severe abuse, and in spite of it give re le service. But there's no use "vm. ^fooi yourself ; a^oiut the v results of 'eye*strajn. Ireland several copies at" the Frisz Cigar store. VXKSI BU: Cicci-o Totvii.-diip Unit In .Monthly BEAU. Session j lfriilay Xij;ht. The Cicero • township Far hi Bureau fodeji'atiou 'will'hold its regular moulhly lneeting at 'the- L I , ! " !l ... Lutheran school building Friday evening Aprjl 4; and the general public is invited.'. . ". './ B|or this ! meeting Dr; Ada Schweitzer' if. the Indiana State Board of health will be present of friendship that tliey to come down through the as- u symbjol for such n tieantiful I (• relationship. Damon and p{iinti-| as were-two Pythagoreans.ofj Syracuse, in the reign ot Dionysius Mrs. K. B. Trimble and Mrs. not; Ross Pstterson and children'Nad- liuod-liite andj Ned, of Windfall, were wore!ti, e Wednesday afternoon guests ages „[ vein Cooper aud Mrs. O. Nonis on North Main street. was the tyrant. When Phintiasl condemned to death by Dioriysius lie begired leave to return t] his hqme-to settle his affairs;and Da-; mon pledged his life for the reappearance of .his. friend. j- ' ' ; .-• Just, injtime to save] Damon from death in his place.:Phintias returned. I Ko moved was tlie ty—; rant at tliis mutual evidence ofi devotion that, lie pardoned jPhiu-; tvas aud asked admitted to ffllows,hip with the two friends! ' At (he Diana. iia eatre Last Showing Tonight Shows 7 :<M> ami H:4T> Admission: 10c and 25c. ETI.N<;. and deliver i n address'and a pro- gra n of p iical - numbers ' and jothisr feat'ui 5S |'will o be given liy locil .person ; Following the, prp- grairi refres ^nfents Iwill bb serv- ledv The ; raeeUtig will be called to ord Jr at 7: i& [and '.all' are In vlted ' I|r .VS ;chwditier y/lio will speak at ithis-meeting is planning to campaign ' a^jiong- IB 'co ^^|tMUtt .:|Mi^; ' 'ia ^:^ilji^iiwiai \t(6 Don't ntiss'your favorite \Vest-j ern ntar in his newest all-talking romance of the Itio Grande cotin- try at the Diana Friday and Saturday. You will thrill 'to the sound of ^housands of pounding! hoofs, you will be anfazed when you hear fthe big fight -between "Hoot" and the gang: you will be rocked wjith laughter when you hear Loutse Lorraine's torrential outburst in Spanish;-and! you-will be"'-romantically thrilleil when yp'u hear iHopf serenade Ihis ladylove! Yoii will find Hopt Gibson eyen . mere enjoyable when- he peaks to yon from the screen. lt!s an all talking, picture i from Universal! ; ; .!, . The Star of 8tara GEORGE JES8EL in Love, Live and Langb With LILA LEE Tin- picture you'll never forget as long as Jon live. Hrar (.'cow Jcssel »!«jr mad stag "A Song of Margharttar sad "Two Little Baby. Arm." j Also All Talking Comedy, •THAKFK! TROUBLES" FRIDAY AMD SATURDAY Matinee B)Hh Da>s at *J: IS il • • i IlKltK HK lis KOLKS: HOOT OI180H In a 100% TalkiBc Western,^

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