Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 13, 1967 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1967
Page 7
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Women Now Outlive Men by 7 Years By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Things a columnist might never know if he didn't open his mail: One of the things that science hasn't been able to figure out is why this century has been most favorable to the longevity of women. As recently as 1920, statistics indicated women outlived men by only a year. Now the feminine margin of survival is seven years: women 73.5 years, men 66.5. If you're superstitious, one of the ways you can assure the happiness of your household is to put a tomato on the windowsill. Of course, it doesn't hurt if you also can afford to have meat in the icebox, a color television set in the living room, credit at the drugstore and cash in the bank. Bears, like people, suffer from insomnia. For example, grizzly bears have been seen shuffling through the forests in the middle of winter, when they are traditionally supposed to be paused in hibernating sleep. The human brain is said to contain 100 billion nerve cells, now and then, don't you feel- particularly on Mondays— that one of them is missing? It is hard for a fellow to feel at his T\mt» Herald, Caroll, !«. Monday, 13, peak with only 99,999,999,999 brain cells. It is that absent spark that makes all the differ- ence in ignition. When you drop a glass and it breaks, the cracks in it move at a speed of nearly a mile a second—more than 3,000 miles an hour. The wisecracks follow as an accompanying speed. Quotable notables: "Love is the delightful interval between meeting a beautiful girl and discovering that she looks like a haddock."—John Barrymore. If you want to contact Scotland Yard in a hurry and the international phones are tied up, simply send a cable addressed to "Handcuffs, London," and it will probably be delivered there. But don't send it collect. Wonders of science: An extract of potatoes, researchers at the University of Michigan have found, is capable of both stimulating and inhibiting the cell growth in other plants and microscopic animals. This confirms what was found out in Ireland long ago. A presence of po* tatoes on the plate stimulates the cell growth of the Irish, and an absence of potatoes from the plate inhibits the cell growth of the Irish. Few human beings are entirely satisfied with the shape they're in, but those most discontented with their silhouettes are adolescent girls. Only 16 per cent are found to be clinically obese, but 60 per cent don't like the way they weigh. It was Thomas Robert Dewar, one of Britain's wittiest distillers, who observed, "Minds are like parachutes: they only function when open." Iowa Book Shelf Following is a list of bestsellers in Iowa as compiled by the Midland Booksellers Association for this week: Fiction 1. The Gabriel Hounds, Mary Stewart 2. Confessions of Nat Turner, William Styron 3. Tepaz, Leon Uris 4. Rosemary's Baby, Ira Levin 5. The Arrangement, Ella Kazan Non-Fiction 1. Our Crowd, Stephen Birmingham 2. The New Industrial State, Robert K. Mass'ie 4. A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church, Fr. James Kayanaugh 5; Listen to the Warm, Ron McKuen (Distributed By Iowa Daily Press Association) THE MASTER AND MARGARITA, by Michail Bulgakov (Harper & Row, $5.95) Once the reader adjusts to the notion of a novel presenting Satan as the head of a troupe of fiendish magicians Here Today To Help You Tomorrow An important factor to weigh before investing in an insurance program is not only the Company but also the Agent who inexplicably choose Mos cow as the center of their operations for a few weeks, he will enjoy their spectacular efforts to make this world hellish for sinners on every hand. In his perverted way, Satan heaps indignities on the evil institutions of Soviet Russia, pays tribute to virtue, and even preserves a remarkable historical account of the events surrounding the crucifixion of Christ. In fact, if one didn't know better, one could almost believe in a Satanic organization consisting of a group of incredibly mischievi- ous boys sent to do the Lord's numerous weird, mythological figures. Ribaldry, fantasy and eroticism commingle in the story; the author has been called a literary Hieronymous Bosch. Too, his work is reminiscent of the Far Eastern sagas and has some of the flavor of Tolkien's Ring Series. It is not always easy for a reader steeped in the Western literary tradition to follow the convolutions of the plot and appreciate the 'reality' of supernatural characters but for those who persevere, there is a unique reading experience here. — Mary Ann Riley TOO STRONG FOR FANTASY, by Marcia Davenport (Scribners, $8.95) The autobiography of a major American literary figure is always looked for with anticipation — and Marcia Davenport has come through with an exciting and fascinating book, beautifully and compassionately written. She reflects on literature, music and politics, as well as on people and places which have influenced her life and work. Among the people are her work. The climax mother, Alma Gluck, a onetime famous American singer, Arturo Toscanini, the famous conductor, and the almost legendary Jan Masaryk, the ill- fated foreign minister of Czechoslovakia, whose mysterious death she discusses for the first tune. The places were Prague and Manhattan Island, both of which she has loved. Dividing her life almost equally between Europe and the United States, she remarks that "cat-like, I am no sooner out than I want to be in." Her literary life, covering 30 years and seven books, has of is an account of A career insurance Agent who lives in and contributes to the growth of your community fe here Today Dale Textor and tfc» many To- , UKjgfuws ahead to safeguard his insttreds against the financial dram caused by accidents, sickness or premature death. I am weiring personal insurance protection my career. The Company I-sepreeent is financially strong, upholds an outstanding record for payment of N claims. We offer a complete line of personal insurance coverage: Life-Annuities-Aocideiit-Sickness-Hospitalization- Ma^ Medical-Group. Give me a eaU Today because 111 be hejeJIomowow your financial security. Dale Textor Phone 792-4465 514V2 N. Adams representing the Devil's annual ball, an orgy worthy of comparison with Goethe's Walpurgisnacht. Once that affair is over, the devils unaccountably leave the inhabitants of Moscow in peace to lick their wounds and try to recuperate from a daytime nightmare. With the publication of Bulgakov's novel, after decades in which his work was repressed and neglected, a place among the best Russian novelists is probably due him. Risky as such prophecies are, this work almost cries out for us to render its author some critical indemnification. — Theodore-A. Stroud necessity been the somewhat solitary one of a dedicated writer, but it has been rich and rewarding as well. So is book. — Jennette Mishler her Woodmen Accident and Life Company Lincoln, Nebraska The Protecting Hand A. MUTUAL LEGAL RESERVE COMPANY • ESTABLISHED 1890 MULATA, by Miguel Angel Asturias, trans, by Gregory Rabassa (Delacorte, $7.95) Whether international politics are or are not involved in the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature, a good many literary personages as well as the publisher foresaw that it would be presented this year to native Guatemalan Miguel Asturias, writer, teacher, lawyer and his c o u n t r y's Ambassador to France. His novel is a fantastically imaginative tale of Latin American peasants living in a world of superstition, mysticism and legend. The hero, Uymi, sells his wife to the Devil in exchange for wealth and an exotic creaiture called Mulata, who turns out to be the incarnation of the Moon Spirit and a bisexual being. Subsequently reunited to his wife transformed into a dwarf, Uymi engages in a long struggle with CARL SANDBURG: A Pictorial Biography, by Joseph Ha*s and Gen* Lovitz (Putnam, $7.95) A handsome tribute to the late poet by two Chicago admirers whose careful research is evident in the text which traces the poet's life from childhood, in Galesburg, HI. through his days as radical reformer, newspaperman, Lincoln expert and major literary figure. This is not a full-scale biography, nor 'a study of Sandburg's work, but it is an excellently done comprehensive report on a full and significant life. — H. P. Moore , THE DECLINE AND FALL, by Edward Gibbon and Roger Price (Random House, $1.95) Hippies, Go-Go Girls, LSD, Playboy magazine etc., etc., etc. are compelling evidence to many people of a striking parallel between U.S.A. 1967 and the Roman Empire shortly before the Goths came. In line •with this, Mr. Price, of "Drood- les" fame, has illustrated quotes from Gibbon's classic with contemporary news photographs in this paperback book. The results are not wholly satsifactory, despite some devastatingly funny cutlines, largely because one has the feeling that what started out as a wickedly humorous idea became more serious to Mr. Price on execution. The result is neither fish nor fowl. Here's why Wide-Tracking is catching on as the great American sport. The Great One by Pontiac PETERS MOTORS, INC. 229 NORTH MAIN ST., CARROLL, IOWA PRESENTS ^^M^^IH^^^^ vNMMNM^Rllv VX 4MMwBlt4MMMlflVvHH9fe^8m 48ww I&JJB n^M^v^MHNv vnOT WHH^P ^HHP^ v^^p *^V vHW ^^^KV^^MMHNv Steeplechase SWEEPSTAKES- ^* IN PROGI IN PROGRAM * 301 See breathtaking leaps, thrills, chills and spills on TV weekly... filmed abroad in beautiful COLOR at World Famous Race Courses! NOW! PICK UP YOUR FREE GAME CARD AT YOUR SAFEWAY STORES! 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