The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1930
Page 3
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7i TM TIPTON OiftT 130—Two Friday and Phones—27 Fancy Leaf Lettuce, lb. 12c Granulated Sugar S LT.. 11, 55c Haddock: Fillets, No Bone No Waste, lb. DiMifoc SMOKED SHOULDER, Sugar Cured, j» tlClllCS 4 to 6 lbs., Shaiik oil, lb. . . I l7\ White Rose As good or better than most high priced bread flour, 24 lbs. 89c mur 3 Good cotton, each . ... . . ItJC I aPii iStrictly pure, 50-Jb. can, $6.00; ti~<MI Ldl U No . 10 bucket . . . . . ;.' H*£9 Heavy but lean and sugar cured Not sliced, per lb. 20c Loin, Round or Swiss, lb. 28c Moore's Golden Rio Collee 2 35c Moore 6:30 O'clock Cottee, lb. 25c BUTTER— Perfection, per lb. ... .y.- • T. N. T. iSO^PH 1-lb. cake, or ., 42c 15c SHALL ONIONS—Fine to set out, 8 lb?; ... J SILVER LEAP FLOUR—. ' I 24 lbs. {/..J :.. : CLIMAX WALL PAPER ; CLEANER—3 for ./.. ROYAL STAR WALL PAPER CLEANER-U for ... 25c 25c PEARS—In si I 2y 2 size can j! ip, lar^e POWDESED IsUGAR— "\ 3 lbs. for .... 25c 25c COCOANUT—In bulk, ! V 2 lb. for .....J... 5c LARGE BLUE PLUMS No. 2%, in syrup ... PORK AND BEANS— . Libby's, 3 for PRUNES—Large size, 2 lbs. 5c STARCH—In bulk, 3 lbs. PEACHES—Large cans, 15c; gallon 15c MEAL—EZ Bake 6 Its MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI. 4 boxes for I PORK LIVER— 2 lbs 6,boxes GOOD LUCK OLEO- Per lb. 25c SPRINGDALE OLEO Per lb 15c FRESH HAMBURGER- Per lb. .............. 20c BRAINS—:Per lb. ........ 18c BACON—Sugar cured, per lb 25c SALMON-l-lb. tall, pink .... 19c PORK CHOPS OR PORK LOIN OfV. ROAST—Per lb. ... « W V SHOULDER PORK ROAST Per lb. ...... FRESH SIDE PORK-Per lb. ...... 25c 20c CORNED BEEF-Already cooked, lb. ^. 29c RIB BOIL BEEF— Per lb. ....... 18c SALT FISH- 2 lbs. 25c SALT—100-lb. bag, 189c; lQlbs. 19c ROLLED OATS—In bulk, 5e i RAISINS—Seedless. 2 ibs. i : 17c i GREEN BEANS—No. 2 cans, 2 for ..! TOILET PAPER— FowlOciolls.... 25c Wafer ColWes Sbntett • • AKCAPIA - XEJW8. Mr. i and Mrs. Fred Marts and Amy and will guests of Mr. Mrs. ttttlbUKft guests ]of Mrs. Lulu Nagle-Sunday: family^ visited ; with = Miss Lowe ; at Fishers Sunday. Mrs! Charles Phillips! and; sonsi. Don, I Max and Bobby and Mrs. Leslie; Stephenson of | Lansing, MiehJ came Saturc ay spend'several ilays and Mrs. Carl Overlorf and Lilly: llonnold. '. • | ;!' Mrs. Lilly Honrold I made a business trip to Tipton Saturday. •Mr. and Mrs. G;rald iiHannahi] and .children were Sunday, dinner guest; of MrsJ HannalWs Mrj. and Mrs. Charles J. at jNp ilesville. !' | Mr. and Mrs. Bart Bryant en- tertai led a party of friends Saturday evening. Quests jjfor the evening were I Mr,. Schick and daughter Agnes, Mrs. LajVanche Durrell, Ca^-1 bverdorf -and Mrj arid Mrs. Will! Waugh and son <k Cicero;-tool supper ;. with Mrj. and Mrs. Raymond I Nagle and Mr.; and Mrs. daughter Sunday. Elyinj Nagle 6t Njjblesville were |.Greepsburjg, ;Mr. and j Mrs. Karl iparents, Wheeler Mr.: arid Mrs.. Caryl IPey. and Mrs. !Mr | Robert Hunt. of. Cicefo • and Miss Elsie! Edwards of Sheridan spent Saturday evening; -pith/Mr. Fred Mart*. and Wewhonse & Newhousc Mrs. .Elmer Blfihop vis- Ited Mrs. j D>lla Donaldson at Stock well janl Mrs.: Nelie Miller at Ccneord Sunday, j -Mrs: Ray Hildebrand , visited her f athek^j Jl O. Perrin at Indian- apoli i Sunday. . j jj . j , Mi. and Mrs. Raymond Nagle snenl _ Friday evening I with relatives in Npblesville; • : !j * .^Arcadia 1 the jriusicj! jfer. of lives'. Zoller and daughter of Indianapolis, and Mr. and MrsJ. C. E. Park- These. rela-'j Mrs. Button musicians furnished for the Sheridan high school operetta Thursday and KridiiV nights. The orchestra was ndmr. osedibf Mrs. Chet: Hall, Mrs.' John Noble, Miss Faypla Sowers, Albert. Martz and Eugene Over- dprf. After the play Friday night they pl-iyed for a dance in the home of one of the members of tbe cast. " M . Mr. and Mrs. John Button' had as'tieir house guests 1 'Saturday nighi Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brow n of: New Augusta! iWith. Mr.' and and'Mr. and JVlrs. Other Button of JBrownsburg were Sunday dinner guest's of Mr. and jj Mrs. Lloyd Smith 1 ; •• :4 v - • j 'Ill ' - ' ' ' Mrs. Lilly Honnold entertairie* Sunday 'With-a family dinner her guests being Mrs. jCh'arles Phillips and sons and',| Mrs. . Leslie Stephenson of Lansing, Mich., and Mr*arid Mrs. CaTl bverdorf. Mr! and Mrs. Jerome Powell of Armp were guests of Mr! and Mrs. Raymond Nagle Sunday. The- Republican's J of Jackson township : held their convention in the high school auditorium at Arcadia Thursday night. Due to thq more favorable 'jweathe'r tliere. was a better attendance than at the meetings earlier in the week. Dr. ."C.'H. Tomlinson of Cicero was chsen chairman' and Shad Young also of Cicero' was elected secretary. The following Advisory Board was nominated:.'. Alvin •I, ' :i 1 • • Baker, Max Steckel and George Bishop! arid C. C. Carson were selecteclas delegates to the state convention. Precinct committeemen ...were selected- -as follows North Arcadia; Charles. Booth; southeast Arcadia. Clyde Smith;! southwest . Arcadia, Clarencej •Bishop';'north Cicero, A. W. Voss;| southeast Cicero, Mark Wiles southwest. Cicero, John Bert east-Atlanta, Victor Dunn; wesi Atlanta, Johif. Barker; Demin Robert Ttoss. •• - . : i fWill Parker who moved ' to' J South Bend several months aso _ J has written to Tiis aunt, Mrs.s Ari FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS bs. E-Z-Bake FlourV^ind 1 2 lbk Com Meal for . bs. Blue Ribbon Flour for . |:..[........ I: bs. White Rose Flour for|..... }.;. .... i Olep, Banner Nut, lb., 17c Miller Cup Coffee, lib Majxwell House Coffee . 41c 39c can Prunes, 2 lbs. |.. i 6reeh\ Beans, large Pure Cane Sugar, 10 lbs. foe Navy Beans, 5 lbs. ... .45c Jello Powder, 2 for Pumpkin, 2 large cans for Hominy, 3 large cans for Spaghetti I or Macaroni, 4 for Corn Meal, 7 lbs. for ... Fig Bars, 2 lbs. ...25c Bread, every iay, 3 loaves Kraut, 2 large cans for Boone County Red Beans, 3 for Letttfce, 2 lbs for L'-\- •'•-,,! Belef Roast, psr lb Boiling Beef, lb. . Liver, 2 lbs- for .. Eeaberry Coffee j. • Raisins, 2 lbs. . .25c 22c .25c Bacon, sugar! cured, per lb. Pork Steak, per lb ,.55c ..93c . .98c ., 25c 28c ..25c ..19c ..58c Pinto Beans, 3 lbs.. .25c ...12c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c ..25c . .25c . .25c ..25c . .25c Catsup, 3 bottles for' for Brains, lb. .... Pork Shanks, each Hearts, lb. — B AND VEAL EVERY DAY 404 - PHONES - 405 :i8c ..5c ..18c ^25c 25c ' media Leonard in which he told . of 'thei'painful injury his wife - received when she-fell on the; •j icy pavement -recently "and'broke •her right arm at the wrist. The arm was not set immediately as '. the physician in charge did not : believe it to be broken and as a ; result it did not heal! propprly). -.Mrs.; Parker, after an X-ray ! 'exj- aniination was taken to the jlwi? pitajl'. the arm broken and properly. It is thought she Wiggins. Silas Devaney,: James have, full use of the arm but it lama baby chick just out of the egg. has filled my little bread basket last 72 If you Up To Yoia* with enough food to hours.; Then it'sjup to you. „ ^eed) me a dirty mash or table scraps, I'll probably die. \ But if you start me on Purinia Chick Startena and fjeed mbaccjording to the! Purina Plan, the chances f re nine toj one that I'll, grow up and make you laoneyU - ; • --],{'j ! j - ! I I Don't feed pe anythmg for 72 hours. Then start ifae on iPurinti Chick Staroenajbthe dependable gtartinig mash containing bqyernjiilk and cod liver 1 I ^ayottbH 24-Phones -188 We M9 scjt I will His Folly To Stay Fat ; The proof s everywhere. la every circle yon can see that excess fat is &*• •ppearingfasL Modern science baa foand a major cause of excess {at in! a weakened gland. In late years, physiciane the world over.bane been fightmg that caoac. -They do not rely on starvatieni ; This modern method is rmhodiwf in Marmola prescription tablets. Each box contains the formnla, as prepared by famous exbexts. People have used these tablets lor 22 years—millions of boxes of them. Now nearly |aH have friends who show the results; in new beauty, health land vigor. Go try Marmola. Test the right way to reduce. The results will amase and delight you. All druggists supply Marmola at Jl a box. ~ will be some time before she can have the full use of it. The Parkers own a grocery in South Fiend and Mrs. PSirker had been assisting her,hU9barid in managing tr. The Lutheran church choir met Thursday jiight-with lliss Paul, !!ie Trietsch and enjoyed a splen- (Continned on Page 6.) II Purina Feeds LARD Strictly pure -' 2 lbs 25c JOWL BACON n>. 15c Miehigan, No. .. J : 4 Ibs COFFEE S?: 15c BUTTER Boned and l Q-.irty, 25c Wabash Valley, per lb. RoHed lb. 23C PORK LIVER 10c BOILING BEEF £ 20c POTATOES? Michigan No. A 1 ]*, , 15-lb. peck "*|V Manor House; 2 lbs. for 35c Extra Special With lib. box of Cane Granulated Sugjar free; per jib. Full 15-oz. can!for .. 5c BREAO ,/lbl * ' 3 for ...! 42e 25c PRUNES fe** ! ..25c PORK rvuaaci rjis ^wv ROAST ^ 28c Hour Pilsbnry or Polar Be ar, 24 lbs 95c Hour, J Noblesville Milling C o., 24 lbs. 7i>C COCOA! We SOAP P. & G or Flake OQ- White, 10 cakes ...... J 0 ^' ToliCt Soap Camay, PalmoUve 4cakes2$C .5 MMktom pork, CoffCfeOor Own Santos Peaberry, 2 lbsiSc CoffeC Fancy Santos, Good Qoalily r Cored, Lean and Sliced, lb. OIL. HAMB A yV« fresh, URG: ROIK-StricUy

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