Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 18, 1978 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1978
Page 2
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2—Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Wednesday, January 18, 1978 v. isors' actions this weeic COURTHOUSE OBSTACLE — Leaders of the Blind and Disable Action Center appeared before the board of supervisors Tuesday to report on the problems of their members in the Ukiah area. This was dramatized by the plight of Charlene Stouffer, who had to be lified up and down the staircase outside the board chaniliers. Pictured, left toi right are Bob Kuder, lactibn center director, unidentified center staffer (with back to camera); John Duffy, assistant center director (partially obscured); Stouffer and Supervisor Jim Eddie. —Journal photo by Harris. The board of supervisors Tuesday: BARBERO - Heard a report' on a NCCSA (North Coast Cptinty Superyisors Association) meeting to be held at Los Robles Lodge, Santa Rosa Feb'. 2-3. Discussion items include water and roads. Supervisor Al Barbero said he has been disqualified by the govemcfr's office from serving on the new state highway commission because he is an elected of-" ficial and had a "conflict of interest" because he presumbably ' would be inclined to vote for funds for his area. Barbero, a former trucking executive, had received the strong backing of the NCCSA for the appointment. CLOUDSEEDING — Learned from the county administrator that cloud- seeding operations in the Mendocino and Sonoma area , have been stopped effective Jan. 8. Napa and Colusa Counties are continuing seeding operations. The administrator noted that Mendocino is obligated to keep paying the seeding contractor coordinator said Lake' has passed the JPA and Sonoma and Napa are expected to adopt it next week. He said no county'funds are involved this year, but Mendocino may have to pay up to $5,000 next fiscal year if sufficient federal and state help isn't obtained. ERIKSEN — Reapirointed Ted Eriksen Jr. foi> another fouryear term as a^icultiural commissioner. WELFARE Notified Dennis Denny, Social Services director, that he will now only have to report quarterly instead of monthly. Denny, in first quarterly report, noted his office in a four-day work week (Jan. 3-6) had handled 1,299 calls, an alltime record. He said 9,895 residents, (16.4 percent of the coUnty) were receiving some kind of social service (MediCal, food stamps, etc.) ' Denny said this high figure resulted from seasonal unemployment. He said the .state has just completed a two year audi^ of $4 million in Social Services funds, and found only one discrepancy — $189 for a desk and chair Today's marlcet report AXEMAN EICHLER, HILL RICHARDS INc! S! MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCk EXCHANGE %• DbWJONESlI A.M. PRICES S -f-2.77 until all parties in the nine- inadvertently given to the dis- Community action groups (Cont'd from Page 1) Yoder said the shelter house will open in the city — its location will of course have to be secret — in March. She said the shelter project Will hold a daylong seminar on "Battered Wives'' with author' Del Martin this Saturday at the Methodist Church, Smith and "Pine streets, Ukiah. Reservations may be made by calling 462-8879, "We need donations for the house — furniture and kitchenware and of course money," Yoder added. She cited one example of a recent battered wife case to the board: to the board in the afternoon. Before their report, center personnel held a small demonstration to dramatize the plight of persons in wheelchairs ^t the courthouse. Charlene Stouffer, 52, a lifelong county resident and center ac|tivist appeared in her wheelchair. In order to I 'each the board chambers she had to be lifted up a iO-foot flight of stairs. Assisting her Were Join Pelkey, ad- rpinistrative analist, John Duffy, assistant director of the action center and Mike Hunter, a candid:ate for the Ukiah City Council. Also present was Bob Kuder, the "A family went on a picnic, cetiter director, who is blind. to, Mill Creek this weekend. The Wife accidentally spilled some juice and the husband began beating her. He ripped off her clothes and chased her along the road with- his four wheel drive pickup. She was finally rescued by the sheriff's department. We talked to her in the hospital where they had to pick the thorns out of her feet." The Blind and Disable Action Center gave an hour long slide documentary, report Duffy, in his report to the board, said the superviors chambers were only one of many government offices and businesses that were literally inaccessible to persons in wheelchairs. "He cited the post office, and the offices of the Ukiah city manager and-, planning director. The offices of North Coast Opportunities, on the other hand, he said had double doors and an elevator and were easily accessible. Duffy said that all govern- bers, a center spokesman seijd ment buildings built or the group would be applying remodeled after 1968 hM to for revenue sharing funds this have handicapped access, summer. Supervisors noted that the courthouse was last remodeled in the '40s and thiis was exempt. Supervisor Jim Eddie added "We are aware of the problems here, but the funds for a solution just aren't available." The slide presentation graphically presented other problems facing the blind and disabled: The intersection of Perkins and Main (where the library is located, has only one corner With a wheelchair ramp; the ramp outside MacDonalds on Orchard Avenue the middle of the block with persons having to go through a lane of oncoming traffic to reach it and trees in the middle of the sidewalk on Gobbi Street which posed a problem for blind people with guide dogs. Outside the board cham- county agf-eement agree to stop. GRIPS — Adopted finally the joint powers agreement setting up GRIPS (Gedthermal Resource Impact Projections Study) an agreement with Lake, Napa 3nd Sonoma Counties. James Roberts, PhD, project Homeowners (Cont'd froth Page 1) Robertson said the city must replace a house with a comparable, safe and sanitary home. "You can't be forced out of your house until you find a comparable decent, safe and sanitary rejllacement." Through a previous program begun in 1973 the city is currently funded to negotiate for four parcels at the north end of the airport. Hays said it is his estimate that it will be three years before the city is ready to. begin purchase of homes at the south end of the airport. •"For two years Congress didn't even fund the acquisition program," Hays said, "so there wasn't even Taxpayer suit Bakersfield man jailed in Lake Co. (Cont'd from IJage 1) The illegal raises were discovered by TALC last August when supervisors gave themselves hefty pay raises of 16 to 32 percent effective retroactively to July 1. \ Research by an attorney member of tALC revealed that the raises were illegal, since they were adopted by resolution rather .than by ordinance as required by Calfornia law; and furthermore, that any raises passed could become effective only after a 60-day waiting period to allow time for unhappy voters to try and qualify the issue for a referendum. It also was found at this time that the past and present supervisors named in the suit apparently had voted themselves illegal raises in 1973, 1974 and 1975 as well. The present board -immediately rescinded the resolutions and adopted in their place an ordinance which was meant to legalize the past raises to the 1975 level of $600 monthly, but TALC collected enough signatures ofi a referendum to j)ut the ordinance in limbo until the Juw election. Warrants were issued by a clerk in the Superior Court soon after the suit was filed yesterday morning. They were served to the supervisors by the sheriff's department at noon in the' county administrator's office, with no comment from the defendants. Thq action canje from the present board members towards the end of the day in the forni of yet another press release. The statement called the mistake of passing pay raises by' resolution rather tlian ordinance '^a procedural error" but nonetheless done "in good faith in public.'' It concluded thaf the suit "must be recognized as the vindictive campaign it really is," ultimately to result in keeping honest persons out of public office instead of its stated purpose to keep public office holders honest. LAKEPORT - A Bakersfield man was arrested late yesterday on a charge of felony indecent exposure, battery and petty theft according ,to Lake County sheriffs reports. John Walden Shadden, 27, was arrested at 7:40 p.m. Tuesday after a high speed chase by sheriff's deputies and Highway Patrol officers when the screams of a sales clerk he allegedly attacked brought help. The account in the sheriff's report states Shadden allegedly entered the Stagg clothing store in Lower Lake and asked a 42-year-old woman working aS a clerk if he could try on a pair of pants. He later came out of the dressing room in shorts and went to the store bathroom exposing himself to the clerk- when he returned, according to the report. , When she refi^sed his advances he hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Cultural Arts group slates UkiahDailn Journalc^'— GEPRGE HUNTER '. Managing Editor PublhhBd dally except Saturday and corfain holidays by the Mendocfno Publishing Co, at 590 South School Stroet, Ukiah Mondocino County, California 95482 Second Class Postage paid at Ukiah, California Court Decree No. 9267 Subscription Rates Carrier Route - $2.75 Per Month, Three Months, $8.2$ Six Months $16.50, One Year $33.00 Auto Route • $3.00 Per Month, Three Months $9.00, Six Months $18.00, One Year $36.00 15* Per Copy. Newsstands Telephone 468-0123 Commission will meet Thursday at 7 p.m. in the children's room at the Mendocino County Library, corner of Perkins arid Main Streets, Ukiah, to view slides taken of the articles in the "Si^n House," home of the late Grace Carpenter Hudson, which is being cording to the Highway Patrol money for the city to go ahead." Robertson added that the FAA program is only funded through 1980 then Congress will have to renew the act creating' the clear zone program. City expense in the whole program involving 30 families will be 10 percent of the total cost, According to Mike Harris, city planning director, the total project cost will be $1,700,000 with the city's share $170,000. After the four hour meeting Vesta Toste said she felt all of the questions had been answered and their was generally a "good feeling" but she added "there is a lot of hesitation because there is a lot involved. "Some people will ask — why should they worry, they are being given fair market value, but we do worry. We wonder if we will get a comparable home. There are not When she continued to scream many houses for sale in the he dressed and fled from the area and it is a worry, store, the sheriff's office "The most upsetting thing reported. was the 25 percent Shadden was overtaken by depreciation used on the home law enforcement officers and which is not brought up in a charged with indecent ex- regular sale." She said she posuce and battery. The and other home owriers now charge of petty theft arose basically understand what from an earlier charge that he that is and that it has to do had taken gas and not paid for with upkeep of the home, it. Reckless driving was added ' to the existing charges and bail for all four was set at $6,250, a sheriff's office spokesman stated. Shadden, the sheriff learned, is also wanted on out-of- county warrants one of which included a' separate charge of indecent exposure, the spokesman said. Auto strikes reflectors and then tree The driver escaped injury and his passenger suffered minor injuries when a car drifted off the road on N. State Street at 12:30 a.m. today, struck four highway reflection markers and then a tree. James Mercado, 21, Manteca was driving north on N. State near Parducci Road when his car rounded the curve and drifted off the right shoulder of the road, the Highway Patrol reported. Henry Griffin, 20, Ukiah a passenger, received' minor injuries and was taken to Ukiah General hospital, "ac- trict attorney's office (the DA has" since reimbursed the cost.) PUBLIC DEFENDER— On the motiSti of Ted Galletti, refused a request from William Beaufort, public defender on the coast, to have all pre-trial hearings in the Ten Mile Justice Court. Beaufort reported he' "wasted" whole days driving tolhe Little River and Point Arena Justice Courts for preliminary hearings. Galletti said it was in his contract to go to those courts and added "the people on the south coast wanted the service." REDWOQD VALLEY — Rejected a request from the -Redwood Valley-Calpella citizens advisory committee to hold a "workshop" with it and the planning commission. The advisory committee said it was finalizing its general plan for the area would soon have to file an EIR and wanted advice from the board. Supervisors rejected the workshop idea noting they had appointed the committee members to handle the responsibility and added they would review the finalized committee document later in a public hearing anyway. EMPLOYEES - Learned that Gordon McK-illican, personnel director, has warned county department heads to cut down on the number of part-time employees. Under new federal regulations the county must provide unemployment insurance for its employees and is 'seeking to minimize the added expense. Part-time employees sometimes receive' unemployment after they leave. I TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS made into a museum. Regular meetings of the commission will be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the city council chambers. All meetings of the commission are open to the public. report. STfAK MOUSE NOWOFCtt I '7D »llMliiorthef Ufclati; THE MERCHANDISE LISTED BELOW HAS NOT ARRIVED IN TIM^ FOR THIS WEEK'S Celebration Days CIRCULAR RAINCHECKS WILL BE ISSUED ON: ROBITUSSINCF CORICIOIND SOPHIE MAE PEANUT BRITTLE DESK ORGANIZER NO. 288 MONTAG STATlbNERY S^REDPED FOAM PAMPERS W« hop* this doM not lnconv«ni«nc« any of oiir valuod customors. 680 South State Street (J |^ j^pl -fl.46 -.17 15,070,000 878 434 437 Industrials Transportations Utilities Vqlume Advances Declines Unchanged Listed Stocks: Caterpillar Tractor,53y4 K mart 26V8 -f % American Tel & Tel 58% Un. Blank of America 21% +V4 ' Boise Cascade 23»^ +^^ Heublein 24V4 Un. Evans Products 15V4 -I -V4 General Motors 59M2 -t-% Georgia Pacific 25»4 +V4 IBM 269 -V4 , Louisiana Pacific 12Vs Un. Houston Oil & Mineral 30y8 -V4 MasOnite 15% +VB McDonald's 49 V4 Mobil Oil 59% +V8 Nat'l Semi-Conductor 18% -Va Natomas 37y8 -l-% NCR Corp. 38>^ -t-% Pacific Gas & Elec. 23% Un. Sears, Roebuck 26y4 Standard OU of Calif. 35y8 -l-ys Transamerica l4 Un. Diagnostic Data (OTC) 153/4 - London gold $171.95 -$1.00 Sonoma Vineyards 5%^i^ NEW YORK (ilPI) - The stockmarket, aided by news that the dollar was rebounding for the second consecutive day, moved broadly , higher today in fairly active trading. But investors were uncertain about the eeOnbmy. ' Brokers said the dollar's strength reflected a, rise in interest rates at home and indicated recent Federal Reserve Board intervention has been effective. Some traders were disturbed by the Fed's late Tuesday report that industrial production rose only 0:2 percent in December, compared with 'a downward revised 0.4 percent hike in November. The. Commerce Department reported personal income climbed 1.1 percent in December, following a' 1 percenj; rise in November.'' Advances outnumbered declines, 815 to 297, among the 1,585 issues crossing the tape. STARTS TONIGHT • SEE IT! 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