The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 1, 1985 · Page 14
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 14

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1985
Page 14
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LARRY MATHEWS Candidate For Salina School Board Dedicated To Continued Excellence In Education Pol. Adv. Paid for by Mathews for School Board, Randy Mathews, Treas. The Salina Journal Monday, April 1,1985 Page 14 Star-studded Wrestlemania' packs in fans across the country SOME RUN FOR OFFICE FOR STATUS SOME RUN FOR OFFICE FOR POPULARITY SOME RUN FOR OFFICE FOR THEIR BUSINESS I'M RUNNING BECAUSE SAUNA IS MY HOME VOTE SCRIVEN HE'LL LISTEN! NEW YORK (AP) - Professional wrestling bodyslammed its way to the peak of chic on Sunday, yanking the likes of Liberace, Billy Martin, singer Cyndi Lauper, TV's Mr. T and Muhammad Ali into its newfound hammerlock on hype. The ballyhooed event was "Wres- tlemania," an extravaganza of head-bashing at Madison Square Garden that was broadcast via closed-circuit television to 200 locations across the country, reaching an audience estimated at 1 million. "We billed it as the single greatest sports entertainment presentation of all time," said Rex Jones, spokesman for the World Wrestling Federation, which has presided over wrestling's boom. "And we firmly believe that to be true." If Jones' words were grandiose, so was the scene: large, sweaty performers heaving one another across the ring, staging brutal kicks and stomps as fans pelted them with paper cups and yelled good- naturedly for gore. "It's rough out there," panted television's Mr. T, who joined good- guy wrestling champion Hulk Hogan in stomping two heels in a tag- team grudge match. "It's not for no wimps, wrasslin'." ' The result is a heady mix of brutality, glamour, flying giants, screaming fans — and lots of money. Ringside tickets to the 21,000- seat Garden show cost $100 each, and scalpers squeezed latecoming fans for far more. Promoters also sold 5,000 tickets for a closed-circuit television broadcast in the adjoining Felt Forum. Publicist John Bailey said the Nas- Mr. T. carries Rowdy Roddy Piper on his shoulders. sau Coliseum, the Boston Garden and the Philadelphia Spectrum were sold out for the broadcast. "We're giving people what they want in sports entertainment: The chance to cheer for the good guys, boo the bad guys, have a couple of beers and let off a little steam," Jones said. The fans let it off in jets Sunday, filling the Garden with hoots, hollers and screams for vengeance. They downed beers and hoisted banners honoring their favorites as lights played on the elevated wrestling platform. Backstage, performers milled about the locker rooms in a carnival atmosphere. Pianist Liberace, timekeeper for the main event, arrived in a full-length fox coat. Hogan posed for photographs with referee Ah', dwarfing the former boxing champion. . paid for by Scrlven for Commission, P.O. 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Bring your friends and learn together how to secure your financial future. WASHINGTON (AP) - Most adults responding to a nationwide survey think students should pass a mandatory exam to graduate from high school or advance from junior high, the Education Department said Sunday. The telephone survey, conducted among 1,200 people from November through January, also showed broad support for more math, science, English and social studies in public schools and higher standards for teachers. "More than two-thirds of the participants said they would be willing to pay an additional $200 a year in taxes to finance education reforms such as better pay for teachers, extra teacher training and smaller classrooms," the department said. The survey's sample closely reflected the nation's makeup in terms of age, geography, race and family income. But it was not representative of Americans according to educational background. Almost 53 percent of the respondents attended college or graduated from one, compared to 33 percent for the nation as a whole. The department said that 95.1 percent of the respondents thought that their local school districts should require a student to pass reading and math exams before receiving a high school diploma. About 80 percent of the supporters of high school exams favored the tests even if it would mean that their children weren't able to grad- uate. Ninety five percent of the respondents supported mandatory tests for promotion from junior high school. When these supporters were asked whether they favor such exams if it meant their children would be held in junior high an extra year, 94.6 percent still said "yes." The department said that 82.6 percent still backed junior high exams even if they thought the experience of failing would convince a student that "he or she was dumb and not able to succeed in school." The mandatory exams were two of 11 steps cited in the poll for raising standards in America's public schools. They were the top two choices of the 1,200 respondents. Mandatory high school tests were the first choice of 35.5 percent of the people surveyed. The junior high promotion exam was favored by 13.5 percent. Among respondents expressing a top choice, 7.2 percent said their preference was for teachers being required to spend a month each summer improving their skills. Overall, 80.9 percent of the poll sample favored this. The fourth most popular step for improving education was limiting the size of academic classes to 25 or fewer students. This was the first choice of 6.4 percent of the respondents and was backed by 85.5 percent of all respondents. Bennett defends cutbacks NEW YORK (AP) — Education Secretary William J. Bennett denied Sunday that proposed federal budget cuts for student aid will result in "fewer people going to college" but said some might have to find alternative education. College! students might be forced to move "from more expensive institutions!— to less-ex- Bennett pensive institutions," he said. "Don't assume that public institutions are less good than private institutions," Bennett said. The newly appointed secretary was among officials who discussed education topics on the ABC-TV program "This Week With David Brinkley." The others were Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas, whose state just tested its teachers for competency; Mary Hatwood Futrell, president of the National Education Association; and Albert Shanker, president of the United Federation of Teachers. Asked if there was a disparity between continued defense spending and the cutbacks in education funding, Bennett said: "The federal government has a monopoly on defense. Education is mainly a state and local responsibility." On another topic, Clinton said no results were available from his state's competency test. But he said more than 25,000 teachers, "the overwhelming majority," took the test despite threats of a boycott. Futrell portrayed the teacher tests as "morally unjust." Evaluating teachers after they are certified is "changing the rules in the middle of the game," she said. "Those skills should have been assessed before they became teachers." Shanker said he agrees with "most of the positions" taken by Bennett. Tune in TODAY I The ALL NEW KSAJ RADld 98.5 FM Stereo ' CORRECTION NOTICE The Whirlpool Jet Tub shown on page 5 of our "Spring Savings" circular (Sale Dates 3-31 thru 4-27-85) Is manufactured by Tra- Jet; It Is not Novl-Amerlcan's Bubble Tub. The Fir ready-to-assemble fencing section on page 6 features 1x6x6 dog eared pickets, not the published 1x6x8 pickets. The * ED30 and I SG10 steel doors on page 8 are primed, not pre-tinlshed. We are sorry for any Inconvenience this may have caused. Free Seminars In Your Area Are ONLY At The Following Locations and Times: Wednesday, April 3rd 12 noon to 2 p.m. or? p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Best Western Mid-America Inn 1846N. 9th Street Salina, Kansas For more information call: (801) 943-1311 April 1, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MAGDALENE W. DODGE, deceased NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FINAL SETTLEMENT Case No. 83 P-157 The State of Kansas to All Person Concerned: You are hereby notified that a pell lion has been filed in said court b Harold Larson, executor of the Will o Magdalene W. Dodge, deceased praying for a final settlement of sale estate, approval af his acts, proceed Ings, ond accounts as executor, a! lawance for the services of the exec utor and attorney's fees, and ex penses; and also praying that thi Court determine the heirs, devisees and legatees entitled to the estat and the proportion or part thereof t which each Is entitled and dlslrlbut« and assign the same to them In ac cordonce with the will of Magdalene W. Dodge, deceased; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 24lh day of April. 1985, at 10:00 o clock A.M. on said day. In sal< court, in the City of Salina, State o <onsas, at which time and place sale cause will be heard. Should you fai (herein, judgment ond decree will be entered in due course upon said peti lion. /s/Harold Larson, Petitioner JAMES I. SWEET iWEET & BOYER 120 S. 7th Jallna, Kansas 67401 913-825-0565 Attorneys for Petitioner (3tsp) First Published In The Salino Journal Monday, March 25, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS MNUFACTURERS HANOVER MORTGAGE CORPORATION, Plaintiff, DWARDR. WOODS and EGGY J. WOODS usband and wife; and, JOHN DOE ND WIFE, IF ANY, WHOSE TRUE AMES ARE UNKNOWN, THE OCCU- ANTS OF THE PREMISES DESCRIBED EREIN, Defendants. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Cose No. 85 C-39 Under and by virtue ol an Order o Sale Issued by the Clerk ol the Dlslr let Court in and far the said County o Saline, in a certain cause in sal Court, -numbered 85 C-39, where! the parties above named were re spectlvely plaintiff and defendants and to me the undersigned Sheriff o sold County, directed, I will offer Ic sale, at public auction, and sell to th highest bidder for cash In hand, a the South Front Door of the City County Building, 300 West Ash, In the City of Salina. In sold County, on Friday, April 19, 1985, at 10:00 o'clocl A.M. of said day, (he fallowing de scribed real estate situated In the County of Saline, and Slate of Kan sas, to-wit: Lots Thirteen (13), Fourteen (14) Fifteen (15), Sixteen (16), Seventeen (17), Eighteen (18), Nineteen (l». Twenty (20), Twenly-One (21), Twenty-Two (22), Twenty- Three (23). Twenty-Four (24), Block Two (2), Hawks Addition to Gypsum City, Saline County, Kansas. DARRELL WILSON Sheriff of Saline County, Kansas ACHTERBERG S NEUSTROM 118 South Seventh Street P.O. Box 1604 Salina. KS 67402-1604 913) 827-0344 Attorney for Plaintiff ATTEST: BETTY J. JUST Clerk of the District Court (3tsp) (First Published In The Salina Journal March 18, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS (PROBATE DIVISION) n the Matter af the Estate of AULINE LEVERNA HENDERSON, De- eased NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FINAl SETTLEMENT Case No. 84 P-92 HE STATE OF KANSAS TO AU PE«. ONS CONCERNED: You are hereby ollfled that on the 13th day of arch, 1985, there was filed In the I above entitled Court by Shirley A Gawlth, administrator c.l.a. of the es tote ol Pauline Leverna Henderson deceased, a petition praying for a fl nal settlement of the estate, approve of her acts ond proceedings and ac counts as administrator c.t.a., for an allowance for administrator c.t.a. am attorneys fees ond expenses, for i determination of the heirs, devisee and legatees entitled to the estate and for an assignment to them In ac cordance with the will of Pauline Le verna Henderson, deceased. You are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before Apr! ,'j j 85 ' ot 10:3 ° o'clock A.M. on said day, in sold Court, at the Cltv County Building In the City of Salina In Saline County, at which time and place sold case will be heard. Should *"!n £i "" rreln i Mflment and decree SHIRLEY A. GAWITH Petitioner j-EHMAN. GUILFOYLE S HINKLE 306 Northwest Second • Abilene, Kansas 67410 913) 263-3070 Attorneys for P»tltloner(3lsp) (First Published In The Salina Journal April 1, 1985) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF SALINE COUNTY, KANSAS (Pursuant to Chop. 59 K.S A ) N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ETHEL MYERS, DECEASED NOTICE OF HEARING Case No. 84 P-99 'HE STATE OF KANSAS, TO ALL PER IONS CONCERNED: ' lu /M ' L rER You are hereby notified that o pell- Ion has been filed In this Court by CLAUDE WAYNE MYERS, duly appoint . 3"S""* d ""^ ac1 lr>9 Executor ol he Will and Estate of ETHEL MYERS Deceased, praying that his acts be approved; that his account be settlec nd allowed: that the estate be as Igned to the person entitled thereto; lot fees and expenses be allowed; hot costs be determined ond ordered aid; that the administration of the state be closed ond the Executor be Ischarged and released from further ability. You are required to file your writ- en defenses thereto on or before the 23rd day of "April, "1985, at eleven o clock A.M. of sold day In sold Court In the City of Salina, In Saline County, Kansas, at which time and place sold cause will be heard. If you fall therein, lodgement and decree will be entered In due course upon the petition. CLAUDE WAYNE MYERS, EXECUTOR. SMITH, BURNETT 8 LARSON 111 East 8th Street Lamed, Kansas 67550 ATTORNEYS FOR EXECUTOR Olsp) No., Red (First Published In The Salina Journal Monday, April 1, 1985) NOTICE J?Ti: T «!T£ WN , ER ' UEN H°LDER, AND INTERESTED PARTY OF THE HEREINAFTER DESCRIBED MOTOR VEHICLE AND ALL OTHER PERSONS WHO ARE OR MAY BE CONCERNED: ;,?, ujand each ol vou ar » hereby not fled that the following described mo or vehicle has been Impounded by Saline County, Kansas, lo-wll' Year Moke/Model, Color/l'.D. 1975 &M°" 0 *™ r < /ll «nholder 1972 Oldsmoblle Toronodo 3Y57W2M704535 No Tog Andrew Basham 702 South Lorraine Wichita. KS 6721 1 Assoc. Financial Serv. Co 639 South Oliver Wichita, KS67218 Stevens Chrysler Plymouth 7127 East Kellogg Wichita, KS H 0 ! he ow , ner/ll <>nnolder does not claim sold motor vehicle and pay the removal and storage chorees ?im r b " C , 0t L 0n eoltl «Hhln tin n liii K 1 °' , h V dal » °' th » "«"«i publication of this notice, said mo"' onH M hk.h "! 1,21 pu . blle ouction bddtr ' r calh ln . , " °L ot Apr "' 198S - 01 .M. at Salina Wr ' A.M. at Salina Wrecker Inc., 850 East North o'cl-, o clock S.rvlc.. ., lina. Kama*. DARRELt WILSON MICKEY W.M^!E| C ° UNTVSHERI " SALINE COUNTY ATTORNEY BY: CONSTANCE M. ACHTERBERG MINE COUNTY COUNSELOR IBS. 7th- Box 1604 llna, KS 67402-1604 , 13-827-0344 (2llp)

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