The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1930
Page 5
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1930 ni,-yTHEVII,LE. (ARK.) COURIKU-NKWS r PACE FIVE 01930 & NEA Service Inc. lli:lt'lv IOIIM rr. mitt' 1,1-JMA Atlr, n uliirliUJid ji ui'i M iA«i;iti>.\ i Nrn turk (mljII-lilHU ' rlc- %ltTHI U KMI ; tri. i-x.-riii'ti uf ttir ttriu KuTukt l- i vilolniirr f:itLri ..I !«,. cNIUrrw V<t\\ hU l^-t.:ir nlil ilnuulltt-r. Ij. hi t'.i\- rir|tr, cirnl J I" MOIL 10 I* nl tmJ- tii.tCtEi ljn» mi inilin^tc- irlmil» Knuw ' Ii w:is close tp 10 o'clock wften . Annul KuiKiii wc'nt upstairs vnuili'.il ui 'I'liny'n iieilii'inii duor Ii w:is inn lumn later «liea de j I-HIUC 'Inwn LL{!:I|:I. All Mini time Judkh hail walled I In Hie llvlnj) roniii. The lirsl real | mniai-p in lier naiiptness with Ar i Inn- KntKlii liml arrived ami Ju .iiili \vas u-nllliifi tor ludgmeiii. SI". 1 ,-:is iiivnre Ariliur had 3[lulled TJu- 111:111 Jtnlitli \vcni 1'oiiv wn? nut in s Mrs WliL-clci Aiix.ii in wny She wn? si.nhm up Them she inrtiuil Her IKIIICM eves slmwrd iiliiinly S;IL I KJU-U •iusne lllLl!.^ WJis iviv/.j; "Mis-s 1'onv »c-ut rf^lil i]i>" to upr rnnm. sir." ylie s.ilrl In Kn(?lu "IMihi'f even-illiln'l even spi-:i![ to inc!" Jititllh nml Arthur Knl^lH OX' rhnn^t'il Kkii'ii'j Vlic jjlrl was Ursi to sjicah. "Uaiin l ymi [jciter yn u;i in IUT?" she :i.-!;t.'(l in u ctilnrtt?s vulrc. KnEpliT loohnE nt UK wife. IHd she i enlly mu;ui U"; lie u-n^ not j arciisioincrl tu (K*;itnti; \v!lli dysUT.I cut fuju;i1cti. And hnw liyatti ir;iHy I'tiny jiail liislier agninst Her Rlrp- mtithcr ditrlnj; Ihe drive! Tony hail nlwnys Had n temper. He li.iM seen mimtc laiiErtims ever siiu-y the yoiiiiKslfr wjs fnur years old. EEul •iiolliinr; like !iii:;l She WHS upsiuirs now—nlone anrt douhlless in (ears. Impulse inM Knight En ruali up [hose stnirs.Jdbs tils pretty diiughier. tell tier ihlnps v.ere :i!L a mistake anil coax. Iicr iiUo smiling. . - - EJiiT here slnocl Judllli. tils wife. \Vas it to be Tony MOW or Judith? "Hadn't you K'Ucr £t> u [LSI airs to Iicr?".Judith Knight was rcpcat- Of course *hnt wns the thins ho iiniRt do. GratefuJly Judith xvlih a glance. "'Yes, I'll go up." Jic Kild and mounted Iho siaira. VIMS. iu to II WMRKLER came nearer Hie Rirl. "What in (lie world-? 11 she ashcil in a slcigo whispor. "Wiiat'a Uappcncil?" "Miss 'icny—Isn't feelins well." Jndilli tried to make the cxpl.iiia tion sound plausible. "It was the trip, t think. Her faiticr will lei Sou know- if she wants anything." "nut I've known the child since "/Von', lhcn t you're going lo itanglifcr liitliorlo. What would Li* lln !Ki\l '! She :ai ou ihe divan where Itisi ni^hi slie ;i:nl Atthur bad watctitil Hie llrvllglii so liapully. There was a lire hurnlnK OK llie grnrc now The Mnines were leaping merrily. but JiidUh did nut even remenifM?r liisi ul^lu. As a mailer ot ber hnnds were cold. Al Isst she hcanl ills tootRtens Knight mine down the staircase slowly- It imisl Imvcf been *» ordeal. Judllli reni3!i\*\1 where nhe ?a\, nnd Arthur came Into the llv my room. •'Arthur—Is, slio suing to —he al rtglUY" Tl;c yirl had sprung to her feel. Her fare was white and lensc Knight paused hcfnre the hearth "Oh. yes." lie said. "Tony's nc, in 1)L> ;iil ri^lii. 1 told Mrs iVIiuckT in send up a iriiy. She'l iroliohly ivani to stoy lu lier roun i Illtle longer/' He took Judith's liaud. drew he down hesidc htm on t,he davenport "You mustn't think too hardly o Tony hci-;uise of—this morning." h nh.jQvidchily fc'ellng t>i word carefully. "The child has alwajr l:een lilyh Glrnng. 1 suppose wc'v huuiored her. Of course 1 shout liavc \\ritteu Tony about our ma riagc right from Iho firat. Tha was my mistnke ond I realize i I'm goins lo set a letter oB ihl afternoon to Junior—" "But. Arthur/' she parslstci "Joea she understand now? J Tony ^olng lo be—friendly?" She too was careful of tbe word she ciicse. Bhc was that lush!" spoke Indignantly. the woman "And not a word to me! Sha lust s.iileil cast with her head up to the air as though she wus seein' ghosts!" "If .Miss Knight wains anything." slit said a second time oTer her R NIGHT = mll ^•y.-i ot coifttc." J ml I III' sllil rolco illd not Bound natural he hanlly heard heraell. Slio woi InklnR that In spite nt Arthur's eassiirins words, affdrs with his stood ojactlj irlicre they nrl been. The man glanced at v his' w'rlsl atcti. "I've gut to run!" he .oxclalnin' Lord—wlmt'have l.ue'eii thlnklHR f? nireolors' !.raeCllns al oni 'clcck »nd It'a 2D'Hiimfios 6t iitiw II tic a good hall-hqur late." He was on Ills feet and : oi)i Inti lie linll for hat and coat. Juilltl ollowcil, rerrlvcd a hasty kls omewliere on the right temple an' hut llie door after blra. "You may serve luncheon for mi Mrs. Wheeler,"'ic liousi cccpcr. Another, lonely nicnl lu th \nlRht home. Judith ate her liincJieonjttioiight- fully. Then, following : n ' policy which she had fouud^gbbd many, tnony months hefnre^she'.pul on ner heavy travel coat.'jam'med a small felt over her head and »«nt;out ot the house. . • .'• . N : . . Tlicrc was no oifn? Tlie gray sky looked bleak And a raw • u-ind swept -round th* .corner'of llio house. It whirled bacX the skirt of Judith's coat She pirouetted'with the wind to set thp'.wrap clpaeiy aliout her again. She pushed np tlic high collar so thai 11 came well tip on her'cheeks. ^ IJ3U BpOOKMAN in ihe wind look ill tier tuts- lo»; ll'wm t epltudlct (hint (T h*.(lrl, ol courts. T)i« TlEoroui »rclie. the ruth of tin cold «lr, »«r» iilmulatlui. Tiny ut her pulse r»cln|, brok« up ner Intro- p«ellTi 310od, brooihl re« and t» Iff. .Finally <he came to tie ind ol :i« street. Judith looked (bout. Slu bid carcely noticed'tlio houses as ihe fame along. It had liceii a Blreei ot mprcastve re&ldencei. Now she f'und herself surrounded by sparse, rum-shackle collates. Tlie Elrl turned and retraced her sttpa. IT »as nearly four o'clock when slie reached tlio house. Her checks were t;LowliiK. tier body was tingling hut her feet and ringers *er« Icy. Tcli \varm nlr as she pulled oi'.en the front luill door was I'umfortlnE, "Oh, Mrs. KnlKlil!" llarrlel came hurrying from the dliitiis room. \o one Knew nltere jrou'd yone. 'e were worrying!" Judith hail pulled off her lint. She Imok nut iicr wnvliiK crop of curls nd hrustied them back with car» CM lingers. "Just volklnR." Blia answered. 1 bee yoVve Kol nulle a towu here. :urly lost, aiysetf!" Harriet disappeared, evidently to eporl to Mrs. Wheeler. Judith warmed her handi bofor* lie grate lire. Suddenly she had an njrilrntlon. She consulted the housekeeper. "Has Miss Tony tioeu duwnslalre. Mia. Wlieelei'(" Judllli aakeil. "No, ma'nm. I sent • iray of uncli up nnd 'ihe said she dtdu't want anything else." "I'd like a cup ot hot lea. In the living room," Judith (old her. "And will you lia\-<! n ten tray arranged 'or Miss Tonr? Tell Cora la wake t as attractive ns she Send up cinnamon toast, thin sandwiches anil somo Ililln cakes. If tlicru's unyllilnK stie knows that Miss KnlKlit likes especially tell her tu semi it, too. Abk Harriet to lake Ihe nay np " "Yes. Mrs. Knight. I'll see to II right away." Judith went Hack Into the living room, llarilei i-.-ime almost Immediately with her pot of tea. and soon after the tnald passed through tlie hall anrt in.united the stalruay CLASSIFIED ADS 306 I MM ecu t ntf tor (or tat On* toantaa taMrtfen. K» Oooi U» wo* tod Mad th» 'Announcements F»r family Court ('Ifrk MHS. JOHN LONG. WANTED-noardcrs and roomers, $7.00 |wr wwk. lia Eust, Cherry street, Phono GOT. I'XMt SALK BABY CHICKS- All varieties, from proven llockv Custom milching solicited. .Marilyn Iljlchciy, IJIy- thevllle, Ark. Otk-ir MORE VALUE Than Ever Before L'lttl'tf what we are clvlng you un our uMd rur& tRfi U believing. Couir around and Kf wlut HT havr (ir cull 177 Sl« or 811 and we will (hilly brln; my car nut to yuur home fur clctnoratrattim. 1927 Model Kiurtstrr. Ituns good and well worth tlic prke TKADU :XOHANOK FOH CITY PROPERTY—Drained nil. over land on Hint road wusl o( Osccolu. No lgsiHV. W. S. Mick, Klslicr's a- on Flist Stvcol. LOST ,OST-Coln pinto contnlnlnu J25 In lillLs. Hiidi-r uluiisc return to Courier Nu\vs for Idi'titlflniUon mill eward. . V8 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLKANS, Jnn. IS. (UP) — Colton closed sU'inly. Oncii High Ixw Jnn nan 1703 ma Mm- .... 1115 112-1 ma Mny .... 1740 1H8 ma July .... 1755 1101 1155 Get 1754 I7til 1151 115: Doc 17<« Spots closer! steady nl 1700. Close 1793 1713 l'M7 1101 J'KKSONAI. V!. J. Kr:OX repairs show good. No. SM West Main. STOVK Repairs by IIG S. nroiuhvay. Sain Sickles, I3pk Jan 13 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 15. (Ul')-Col ton closed steady. Open Illuh I/iw Close Jan. Mar Mny July Oct. nao 1710 )7&i 1760 1107 ma 17-11 177-1 1774 We CAHI) OF THANKS wish to llmnk our ninny 5100 1826 Model Touring. More (ban worth (lie money..,$110 friends who sympulhl/ecl with 113 In Hie loss of our dearly beloved fnther ntid who sent lloi'ftl tributes, Signed. A. U. Clwyn. Bob Gwj'n, 192S Model Tudor. condition 192G Model Uulek Good motur .. Tl|i-lop .5^75 Coupe. .$125 1923 Model AA Slake Boily Truck. Kxttllcnl comli- tlon. Has been driven less lhau 800 miles 1'HUNE 810-611 Muil 1^ KsclUSlvc "I ttioimlit lie woiiia mnvry ouo of those twins." "Yes; bul when lie SHW Her sls- hnvc HII exclusive incxlcl he would ter he decided tlml If he couldn't it marry at all."—Pole Molo, iris. .5075 with tlio tr*y fur Tour. palled her arm • an smiled reassuringly. "Ever thins is going to bo all right. J dilli, 1 promise you. We'll lust have lo give Tony a little time to come [o ner senses, that's all. "Ilemcmber," he added, "It never does to try to force the child! She'll come around all right in ber own time. Her mother (it was the lirst direct reference be ever bad mide to his first wife) was always carelu) never to USB force ffltli ihouldw. -»«• father will let you Tour. It makes! her stubborn.' That wind was challenging. Here was an enemy you c'ould tight! She didn't know where she was EOlDK. This «us a suburb In which Judith had never -be.en before the homecoming witli Arthur Knlglit yesterday. She Isnei nothing slmut the town, but stio walked, on with Hie Uecemher gale beatlDg'ngalnat her cheeks. Now and tien she had to turn about to catch.her.breath. \ Judith bad had Iht rnguo notion when she left thd^trause'tUat gelling oul into Ilio open air- would help solve her problems. Sli* musl decide for herself bbw'to win over Tony Krtlght. ' .-• Now she found lliat keeping her fontlnz . and making orocrcas Wqll, it was allcmpt £! peace- inking. II mlL;ht work. Judith • as milling in go halt way eveo after this mmnlng. After all. Tony I\uj$hl,\v3s .a young tljlns,,- She had been pncnpercd all her life. No woniler she resented an unknown intruder in ber home. Not, ot course, that Tony had been paying i/irllcnlHrly much altcntlon to thai home herself. Jndllh leaned back comfiirtntdy as she sipped her lea. She fell warm and rested after ner (enHi. I Arthur would be coming again toon ind she must BO ,ip ami dress fnr .llnnor. The whole world was' bo ginning to lock rosier. Judith Knight, lost In reverie, looked up and her heart stopped healing. Khe snw a scarlet whirlwind entering tlie rwm. Tho whirl wind was Tony Knight, clad in vivid patln lounging suit, her dark hilr louselcd alioui her head. The girl walked directly In front ot Jndllli's chair, planted her feel firmly, rested her hands on her hips and then spnke: "Now ilien." said Tony Knight FOR RENT— Furnished Aunrlnicnt 108 West. Kentucky. Plionc C83. determinedly, "you/e goins 'o get out!" (Tn lie Cnntlnur-U) 1'IIILLH'S MO'i'OH CO. Authorized Futd Ueivlcrs Corner Walnut ami Hill, 'OB SALE—Hoy. In ton or cai load lots. Sec J. K. Dobbs &. Son llythevllle Home No. 1, or A. Con•ay, Blylhcville. ^8i)kfeb. 1. f'UU KKNT FOR RENT—Furnished batli;. 305 DDdgan. Apartmen llpkl FOR RENT—Modern Hcsidencc rooms and hath, Dr. Siiliha 'hone 410. FOR RENT—Two large rooms. 208 W. Davis. furnlshet 1-lpkl FOR RENT—Large comfortnb fuinlslied room, Onrnge If dcsii ed. 10-15 West Wnhuil, riionc H llpk WANTED 1/!W 1729 1150 11U7 17iM 1723 1737 1758 1771 17G9 Spots closed steady tit, 1717. Siberian Klondike Awaits Miners' Ruth YAKUASK, Siberia, U. S. S. R. — (UP)—A "Siberian Klondike," Dliu dcvelO|Hiicnl In the Ya- kutsk region, according to Prot. A. Obrnclic-d wlio Iseaded un Acnde- niy ot Sclctieo cxpctlltiou there, notwccil. Ilifr rivers. IntlljfIrka and Kollin'a in nollicuMcrn Siberia lio found n n«ld aren ol al least 100. 000 sqiuiro miles wliicli he desorlbea as |»tentlally nniunn the rlchesl sciirccs of tlic precious inota! In the world. m NEA Los Angeles Bureau Here U a striking study of Nincy Torres, llnslilng dark-eyed beiuty and one ol the ncntit twinkle In the Hollywood cotutel- l«tk>n. Famed In Mexico City as a sliifi«r of Mexican lolk sonis, Eliu tins been signed u » featured plnycr In tlic talkUs. 8ho onco entertained at a reception given by President Fortes QU of Mexico for Ambassador D\vlght Mor- Rcad Courier Ncwi Want Ad). !OOTS AND HER BUDDIES OW THEY HAVE TO TAKE A HACK SEAT BY MARTIN WANTED—To rent 0-rooni lion modern convenience at one Tost, office Box £>f. 14|ikl7. POULTRY WANTED—We have set tlic pace for five years. Marilyn Hatchery. Blytlieville. Dck Feb. 10 WANTED- 25 colored families to make crop. Sec Roy Brinkley. .Osceoia. Arkansas. 81*22 WANTED—Poultry, heavy liens. 20c. Lrghorns. 1G. Thursday ami Friday. Fisher's plnce, 215 South First "slreet. 15pfcl7 Girls' Many Hobbies Take Up Most of Her Home CLEVELAND—(UP) — If Char- WERT He Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills I'ulilic Ai'counliint. and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax. Hoo'Kkccping Systems, Phone 52 Ingram BUlj. Blytlievillc, Ark. btlc iMarie Elgis. 18, sometimes called the "butterfly girl" of Cleved nirport, doesn't \vatch out, her 'hobbies" will soon crowd her out cf house mid home. Miss Egls. daughter of nn air- orl confectioner, guarrts n $5T(,- MO coleclion of 6,000 rare butterflies, tends several hundred cati- nrici in a colony she established, raises mushrooms, and keeps on gathering cocoons, moths, flies bceltes and other insects. Miss Elgii' extensive hobbies r.vcrflow the attic, cellar and living rooms of her father's home here. I'm too intcrsetcd to stop now," she says, "even if we have to add another story to U'.« house." MOM'N FOP SOMETHING TO WORRY AUOtIT B YCOWAN -T t Two Unlucky Days BERLIN—(UP)—A ' police department report shows that mtirc street- accidents occur-on Friday and Saturday than at any other time during llie week. ; ONE PIECE OR A CARLOAD N'o job too sniiill, none too big. ... Bring your building problems to us. We're hove to help LUMBER E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. 1 . VL1. 5W ^ PAMIC FOR US'. (SHNE VlCKl-E RtM-\iC n WOULC MEM4? •11MPLX 7HM VJOULO HWC FlRS"T CM.L OM CMANCC-tO TC».CV<\,C VtOLWHG UMIUS (\MD COOIM tr- D BOCK^ WILL ^>tt Mt iLC NO\V,1 W.\NT 10 SrWNO K SttOOIH = Of RC(i U. S PAT. Off. 110» FR ECK LES AND HIS FRJKND8 !H TVTS BOILOlrK ALL LA\KS OP on TK\S T&JW ist WACO ort ' 1 IF SO THIS IS TUE CAPITOL B01LOIN6--

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