The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1930
Page 2
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p. P &YS BOARD BUNGLES 3.— HHepre- Demqcratic ;oritribur political i campaign which the party organizations are waging, in anticipation of the Spring primaries. Through the Democratic -National Committee he issues'an attack on j the 'eft ici- of the farm relief ilegislk- and, recalls that Represent a- Tllson, the Republican floor in his - earlier j review of Republican record had failed to sJLress the advantages of this law, Garner quoted many com the Farm Board on and said that its promises not been verifie'd- in actjial ition! Stabilization corporations are instrumentalities provided by act to meet market emergen- " said Mr. Games, "but it not. until Feb. 11 of this yeai that one was organized for and that is the jonly one so recognized—rather late to dp meadows- - lit is sujjrounded by hedges' and i is beautifully landscaped. < Its name, es,'' comes! from "The (bout Beech- eighty beech trees among the 20.0. trees on jthe property. Jj' " * The grounds include "a brook well stocked with'trout, a private swimming pool, tennis .courts screened in with trellises ten fee.t : .' i ! ' il . high on : all sides with climbing roses, a large vegetable ' and truck garden with a gus bed and a . berry i beautiful rose gardpi winding walks. The is screened from the |iy| trees, and will Mrs.' Coolib^e the big aspara- patch, a and many [whole place public view ve Mr. ami pjrivacy they enjoy so thoroughly dii„ the (ground flo'or home are a receptibn ing room, a library; •ityj of : 5,000 volumes room and | drawing ants' . dining room of- the room, cliu- itli- a capuc- a livinf rpom, a serv- nd culinary 12 YEARS AGO I' April 3rd. I James. B. Shuck died at his home' one-half . mile | south of Grdomsville;at. the age of 94. .:" •"'*'•* * 1 The: l?endergrass store had a "fine box" every^-person spitting on the/ floor having to drop in a Hicke .1 Cross. lor the. benefit of the Red . '!* f • i* | William Wiggins announced; his cajndidacy for the Republicanj nomination township. •foYj trustee of" Cicero to learn I el ,th . Fripnds were grieved that Mrs. Mattie Cummins, widow pf All Cummins, had died during the'.iiight at the home of her soil Paul department and a litrge sun porch! j.. on Columbia Ave. J. Kessler'suffered a badly across of the house an'd offers which I sweeps end unhampered, view of Mount' Hoiyoke and beautiful .Connecticut . River, j iThere are two suites on the second iftopr, each jjp^ovide'd with' private i baths. 1 Fireplaces of brick and'Caen stone arejilpcated in two off the bed chambers and in the"! living room and library on the first.floor.] Bach sleeping suite has sleeping porch. J On the third floo'r roont,; two guests rojoms aud'-two mafds' rooms. - jj j [The residence is' frame building, witl to mjatch jthe silvel-j beeclie^, alid the rqp: IF YOU MADE ijp your jjnirid to produce the best cigarette ever smoked est tobaccos in all the WOE and money) without stint to discover and develop the one most perfejt blend? . . ..Of course you would. And that's exactly what Camel did. That's why Camel so quickly became the most popular cigarette in America. That's why, no matter what you pay, you can't match it for mild, mellow fragrance and that smooth richness that makes the perfect smoke. Experienced smokers will tell you. . . . It's a great cigarette.' Don't deny yourself the luxury of C> 1930, *. J. IbyaoMi Tafcaoa N. C. BODY OF INFANT. mu(jh for the 1929 crop! . This corporation, I which is i really the Farm Board, has purr suefl a -characteristic policy of [•.illation and uncertainty. The result of!this vacillation has been lire. Wheat since the stabiliza- corporation was formed has don'e no better than cotton with' out; one. | ' :'• . The net resulte of this out- stalidyvgir administration; achieve- me it are that in a season," when, to liiotelthe^ Board's statement oE Oct. 21,;; 'the total* supply' of An erican cotton is less than last year and consumption continues at ^ world rate equal to that of last year, unfilled orders and actual sales of cotton good .5 are I • i • • '» 'I more and stocks smaller than last year,' the price of . cotton has gone to j; the 'lowest level for a uuinber! of years, and is now | more than $3 per bale below the I Board's; loan basis, and more than $10 per bale below tlie price prpvailing when the Board urged are a billiard a shingled Hie shingles bark of the is sheet copper, designed to rjialteh Che' color of the]beech leaves j j Taptiitry papersjl and brick in jteriors ( {ire set off jhs ido thejhom woodwo'rk. ]J. McCrackon started (he. by wl^ikb jenamelet j i President Henry of. Vassar, College (building of the Iijime arid the^ landscnpijig when jjhe was a mem her of] Smith.. C ( oljege .faculty. ew York"ar the. plans to 'he pure •4 basement in livjne cellar. The supervised) design is said MurpliK- & Dand.jjN, chitectjs The English. ; There tlie house stockfiljn jit, eluded^ in the saiJcji. Cqolidge saw cellar when 1 is a larg< with a • howeve Mr in tlie the; pi inquir operty and Igobd.. naturedly jed !if he could find any of 1 it! left whin he .'moved in. y[ He ! Was 1 informed [that it was not likely 1 (Continued From Page 1.) burial. It was the opinion ot those whp examined the body that the infant had been thrown in the water Wednesday night.' The body showed the little onej to'be normally developed and soJ : woman or)-girl, far as could be ascertained sound, j , The body will:'be buried and Tlie little head was covered with the Officers will endeavor to ; e's«He blacW hair, longer than or-; tablish tlije parentage of the lit4 dinarlly found ou^ a, new born tie-one. as to ; tliet;reasoii for finding the body whena ft; .was. One is that it was normally j born but died at birth audj the i parents took this means of j disposal to keep down expense. Another i^ that tbe body was tbrowjn there by some one to hide the shame of? an /Unmarried The features were n '?,rt regujsfr j So jfar ft' \iti ^Sihier of the body, | took charge ' 0 ne was bU^the evidence foiind and will re-t,he towel i, placed inBide the box tBrnVa^erdli -'iinrfcnl tlieorieH ! are iadvaitoced I the neaT future, j ^nd thrown.4nto tbe water. •J -and ai3 could be seen the The Tipton Mausoleum-Com-[tides of association pa ay was organized in 1923 and 'Iwert filed yesterday, with OttJoj built'thcj beautiful luausbleum^at [J^ifijeld, secretary j of. >utej.- the soutiiwest edge ot the city.;. Mr. Wright Tiiesda^ left! the | state eally indestructible and contains! thoijstate securities j.clomini>js|on, 143 crypts. Of thews all but twp ^ l3 evera , 'gears': j'•.'•...] I have been spld. Each crypt owy- j! '^j^, 0 jj^ B - oijgariii^tlon Tbe building, .which ( 1*. cpustracHiomi loy' ot the sejeretsiry,,o|f ed of bronze and stone is. practMi^^ u& hadVbeW. auditor er becorties a stockholder of the: organization, which hafta perman-1 work • 8mong The upkeep ot the maa^qleuni ; ! 4nd perfectly formed. ' body jcontjained no markB of *lPr ji tse lt i B ;'practically 'aotttac':; Wtl •. ^l ^f^^K^f ! ^oroklpr'-Webb Iqnestioned the jlence! andf it is believed the littje. B ome'expenditureB have h«en[ faaaefH^ er ^ ne t n 9 n ?T!f* l ! ; ?] ^ ' - - ! - - - ' .i . , . —. capital, stack.. Other,: ••• .<-. ''1 ; ;. 'J .'; ...LI idea'd when wrapped In in general w.el eut endowment .fund with 'ther^.T""'- 1 * 1 ^^^ county Auditor. Only the West !|^ b "« h % ^f^fff^l from .thl fund ia used. jl 66 ^ 1 ' a ^ d,n «^:^ rl f • ,'one; of< the incorporators.,, I ijhe: organiiatiph w |ll 9; some expenditures: have bean taade;".*M1 er in beautlfyinB tlie (rounds; , l 1 ^* 8 r William; T, Hardlhi.. has been £«!PJ^w>.w'?^'';WfcwVAJ; , Mil the. president' of the: ^asMCIattbh ainc^;ita',organjsaVion^ other two \nlai^lM|i*~ the lioard . to deith Lens per ite i nd Of drre^rs^ aVo ^; A; ,;Hsr6n^and caMi'Ot^iitMitj^ls-; House Has 16 Rooms, Out door Summing Pool and Scenic View. WILL MOVE eifere No collar the. .Front! wre p.ii| e( i ankle while movfs^ Enam For Your Kitchen, or Woodwork— j and it's CHI-NAMZL BlucFrMt Store TIPTON, IND. 'A Good iPlace to Trade' Mount Tom, miles of the stove at the home of Leriter Boring {and was crutches. getting about on Fr&nk' Watson brought . automobile license No. 74S.1S1 to this office for the.' owner, he having found i.t on the road west-of'. Tipton, j ! •:• i ' • . v " * - ! William F. Small was slowly improving .from'u stroke of. paralysis suffered one; year 'before.; Hours Arc' Set. Chicago, April ;>.—This is la itory of jifi! and death, based 011 statfslies: le. ; Afiit'i-irau. research fouu- pu •'i.f.igiircd it out. today f hat lio'u'r'"the. "stork arrives! lis :>' likely t:> be 1 a. ill., tlhan •was- not iilr a pile of coal, looked over ' T dati the 111 or any,' other tiim ilfeiit.'; •.Death', "on the -other coints li'iosl- fi'-'^iuently at m. .. -• of the da. V or : »0 [a. LeeS. KUNE New Majest c, >Iodel 90, Complete With Tubes, $116.50. Leatherman IKAL DUHECTpR. 'Mrs.. Verne Cooper • of N J oijth j Main street, was an 'Indiana lolis visitor Monday accompanying her father O. U. Norris 011 a 'bus|ness. trip to tlie tity'. Slio was accompanied home-by.-Mr. and jMjrs. Ralph Kuhns ot .Frankfort bi^tj^! were six o'eloek dinner guests Mondaj* evcniiiif of .Mr. a 11. 'I (Mrs. Norris and Ur. and "Mrs. Copper. Tribune classified ads pay. wonder ^neii j want jobs. machikie j to replace and reformer. . j. Nob|dy.will invent a; Married. Woman Fears Gas I --Eats Only Baby Food whitc-j the collector ALL ILLS GONE [. AFTER USING NEW KONJOLA & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4,98 COURTESV OUR MOTTO New Medicine/ Wins Quick r=~- For 3 .years I ate only baby food,- everything eise formed gas. Now, thanks. to Adlerika, 1 eat anything und enjoy life."—Mrs. M. Gunn. | .lust.ONE spoonful Adlerika jrc- lieves all GAS so you can eat and! sleep hotter. Acts on BOTH jup -j per- and-, loivor- bowel romovingl poisons you ,never kDew were] there, and which caused . yburj stomacii trouli'e. No matter w^iatj you have tried lor stomach ^rid! bowels.; Adlerika will surprise I you!. Blue 1 Frr.nt Drug Store;! in! Atlanta, by.'B. It. Overdorfi j { Insurance of All Kinds Life — I Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Easiness Needs May. Be. LEE F. GRIFFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. W. A.IPumphrey, .p. C. CHIKOPRACTOKs Oilice l )vor Foster Jewelry •• Store. Phone Tipton. Ind. Victory Over Liver Ail -ments and Neuriti Northampton, Mass., April i.— ormer President Coolidge, who fpr twenty-five years has lived in tie modest double tenement bouse at 21 Massasoit street, now f lmouf.aB one of the examples of li is New ' England simpUcity pf t iste, has completed transactions fir the purchaso of TheiUeechei one of the most beautiful:estutes ii Northampton. Mr. and MB.I ( oolidge will move into their new sixteen-room v EngliBh country ljouse on May 15. , • ' | Tho|; Coolidges bought I The deeohes of Mrs, Morris h. Comey, widow of aHormer superintendent df the; . West "Boylstoh coition qtills.' I Aa IS characteristic oMiim Said-, cash. The; estimated ifrlcaHs ttfijuou and! tbk eet&te' is tby:ttib city fbr »23;'00uip r who»-hair" : Iharlmarrlea'WJ*; beencbrif !>:,i»-;l.-.u-ff ty . % „..U Political: Aiiiioiini'i 'iuents. ] The Tribune, from now uh- til the date of the • primary election, will carry political announcements in this eoIuniA; payment for tiin same - must jjie made in advance. ; . , I _ can ' 'Kir .fii'l^e. ! s a candidate- for the Itepn uoniiiiatio.'r for jucl-e of!) LOANS $23 to 9300—Your Own Sccur ity—Quick and Coufldential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Riu. 4, Masonic Bldff. N. Main. blithe i Tipton' circuit ;oim. I horehvj; re- spectfullv 'solicit your support. S. A. Cl'LVEif. ; For County Clerk. I hereby i announce myself jis a I candidate for fire - nomination) j for 'clerk of-'tlie: Tipton circuit Court, (subject to' the derision of lithe : Democratic- voter's at the primary i election 'to be held May, C,' !l93'0. i .PARKER DUNHAM "I suffered forUearb with agoh- J candidate for the nominatiqnj izing pains in mjjj limbs and ;bu'ck," I trustee of Cicero township^ said Mrs. Margaret Gurley, 701 North'Tillotson I'avenue,- MUucio. VMy. legs became so stiff r could scarcely! walk. Ijfnins in-my knees| nnd toes were .ilniost more than I' could bear. I was; bilious and suffered' with' terrible - -headaches. These often lasted- tor, days- at- a time' I was becoming so run down and. neijvons thai I could scarcely do" - lourtlt bottle ot For .Trustee, i I hereby-announce myself Us a for sub Ject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the primary, election . to be held Tuesday Mail • 6, 1930. •-.•..,';'•-.-.'•" * '• \\ JU-X L. HASKETit- See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Fnraishin^s 6 East Jefferson St. HO. I1UI|VUUB: IIIUI j-;mr-daily task; ">4fter the fc KonJc?la I knew Ijl: was. well along on - the road to ne^ health. Rhou- niatjsni'j left/ me his, thpjigh by magic and - the sfearf til ; pains , of neuritlsj were-, nqjti-long in follow- irt^j-'-MyijHvercteiired.up and;bet gati to function.bprrQctly. .Today nevorj s.un*er r.fjV>m: bilious, Jiead- : .I am'a candidate for thonDem ocratic nomination for t/n/it3i| of Cicero township, and will- appreciate any aid that is given mb in my campaign "and in the primary election. I JOHN C. BOZELt. ; lag pauses an jliis RADIO SERVICE We •Go • Anywhere —- Aerial Work—-Full Lime Amiiworfae ' McJunkin Radio Snop = Phone 30X7. | We Trade for Toar OM Tire* LINEBACKS Wert Jfffenoa 8t

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