Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 11
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 11

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 11
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M «MO- mont Av<M BCMifliont* • jOmClUATieN lEreellwrt DCAOLINtS mwala party utt-tas pjn. ** praeadkK auMleallaii. ^ OamnarcSM-s PJD. day p» cadint publication. PHONE 7f}-3ZniBHy •:N ajN. to S pm. •:M CJii. to n Hw SMrtey I UstMiM >a»oc» M. nUNB — •Veunt <amala eamwn •lacl(_and twi. Vicinity Mutt oeriancad. Yucaipa ar M ax. . Wrila ascallent aiming opportunity Hi an astabliatMd tsrrilery near year homa. Fraa training and baauly caufta. Call m-9U» or wriia Men Mgr. P. O. Be* ML Padlands. KRlUNWrparfOmraiSfBr ralary (or publishing (inn in Mantone. Must be ceod &i>ist and imew how to use SwieraMc, good cem- nwnd et grammar Quired. TM-UM. A-AUTOMOTIVR Ua OLH l-MMw we*m. Air: sin^ to FOHD eanaP tien, overdrive. 7M-HW. «rTmuHNnnnc~EioB»rca>at tion. radio, heater, mmi. UU VW. Sunnxrf. good tion. sm. m-vm. V numihl ». poeiar disc brefces. air conditiening._ an- torn interidr. low niilei lent cenditien. m-im. •U QLOnKWiLC Super • ZOoor Hardtop 3N cu. In. v.* erith autamaUc steering, brakes and windeew, tee- tory air. Mechanically sound _ but Call IfMM afMr i pjn. tlGERATOR -.pimiiTuti ml IW and tura. Value w. dadianda McMAHAN'S USED FURNITURE •adroem tat, French.' Full sin gat range.. 15 iargiiiSprt Bar miniatuia i tered. TW-L iWAHT to tind a gaed 'iRiftiflliivt* J iaia - Sat I eell. WD S. Grove. YAMAHA 16 TIPnCTi8— U N B I O I tostiMorts REAUV fina larIgM poinbnent T»m. piano, ay IP- 47 iKwe Pwpwty BY OWNER — Rialto. S units eiRh pool and extras. Inoama HOMO • year, sum doem. Trade (ar bal- ence. IT4-1S»T. DOWNTOWN Business , , building, emi . ..J1093S SSiU-^iiihiinJiir^ Full lira gat lanaa $ Co((ae taMa, early American..t U» Mattreit and box tpring t r Sota, aartv American 7«e. dinatia tat J*MlS!<i?»^%mj:,:m% SS;UGHT Wuttgr^or commi^r pnp; A nice ettracUva tsem erith DON FIGGINS a N. nh Raaltort TU-IHl fSS 'O M B I I UI Pnwm Pratt Bros., gl E. CIttut Aea. .... tq. (t buiWing. lot TZKUO. All (anced, blacfcteppad, near freeway on and off lamp. Ideal (or machine thep or building contractor, etc By owner, leriM- Phone dayt 791400. eves. 7M-«7a- Redlonds Doily Focit 55 NNsesfirSale BEAT Inflaiion. Invest In this bvely 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, on jpr^ MT lot Slid rontM ifKonw TRMH smaller cuatt higusa eiith tt*. own prhMte I extras. ' ufiy'^ii^ and (!«<*• Rapessassad IMg Singer lowing machine. Sg zagt. blind hamt. .monograms, overcasts and epoliques. Rnrments »5 month. .Can Mr. Hemmit (or (ree home lnspectMn.| fiAftACe SALE. Wednesday and sun- day. Furniture, bed, dretier, chett. chtln. end teblet. dislw^^baauti- 51 Uts and Acreage "Tha tint* i* coming whan thay'll give you a new car free if you promise to let them repair all tha breakdowns!" M china dosat and , stove, antioues. too^t, and mteal- taneoot. Fiae — latrigmtar, larga fomHur* gae tl8»ei »»» Avenue E; Yuealpe. »T«P. r:r»iiDTfirviSiTMCiy 1336 W. Highland Ave, FULL TIME • PART TIME | (L7S per hous guanntaed. Pleasant, phone work (rem our oHiea. Steedyi employment no eiparicnca nacas-i sary. Call m«U. X E. State. Reaiands. I FED MART FulMime SrocenOtrfc. Mutt h produce axpenanca. Morning box bey. mutt be aMa la work IS aja-3 pjn., Monday.Frl- day. Apply In person to Mr. FWier. 10 Far Iteit pup, thortanad tail. Holiday Hillt JZL 7n<t!a. _ 1A _ APARTMENTS RWNB—Voung, 'riandly. JiJarti^maia | f Collia type iwppy. Summit net ctaiined inl days. I( frae to good iWt - Sunday liwn W. Olliia ~ " ua. Cat, part Partien, lek marUnnJi " . Cell m-ah. ertth tiladt SSI. (anerad malcl far raium of" Schwinn Colliglent bieyete No questions asked. Cell 7K-S7E2. 2 Pmanis ««.«U^-nt>^«;^H^ neous. 7JM07J. Ufld Notieos UAM BEZURLY ei dutjrj Olive. Tg-23t». HSUk U. el lU untumlslied I room duplex apaitmant Cerpat, rahigerjtion rates. tSO and up, aUlltiesinelude^ Children welcome. 7K-7SH. US West Btlm. Apt 1 spaamjons UMumishcd J bedroom, new cer- peting, Sill Pool, air conditioning, and Simdiy. Adullt. no pats, nl Peimterook. W.w, eamar araoii and Ash. 7«.3Wt. UNIVERSITY MANOR Garden Apts. 1200 Sauaie Ft — 2 Bediooms US University St. 7S2-as» appeintitf 7tost«e_ander and por- IW^'room. .Ooae to kitchen and . U. 01 R. en ouiet straet um nlihed, sm. »20 SUIIman. m-cm. Bnibead end Wife, and reoerded May X uee. tn book «IU. peat MX. t OWcM aeeonU io.lbt oUlce of the County Bcoetdcr of SS.^SSV AT rUBUC AVCnOS TO Bum- SST BnWER FOB CASB ipayable at tisM or Mle in Uwiul maa^ «« , , , m^.„.^ 9 wtk. Oa umiad SUtasi at the nort»Hii 1-2-3 »ad™omt. 2 Baths sBtruue of the County OoortJioMe —wiSI!!-? » nthatm jB the City ot Sea Bcnaidino. Celt- Fully air condihenad, 2 poelt, prwaia taoia- all ftcht. title and iatcmt: pauos. SSSed^urSd now held tor Wm U2S E. Citrus lU-im ' oi Trust ta the REDLANDS OASIS Deluxe Garden Apts. Who HT.'^ Quiek'Reference Directory to Business Household and Professional Services Only S» par mon* buys a nilnimum, 2-line od in thb directory CeR I9MIII ftr tarMier bifprmetlsii » Air Ca BURGESON'S E L F S '^ 79M849 MERCURY ANSWCRINS SERVICE 47 E. Vine TtyHal ir AiBlaaii . ««Teot zaaa • Aato Repair SPECIAL Goodie Shop.'»l E. suM^iiMnk. REOI>!NDS 1 Miiture CAR WASH • TK-lMl property rttoattd in and SUta dncrtbed u: aid Couaty "l«Tio; TSrt "lio. Brodrton . Homes, es per pUt recorded to ^BSBBSSan^B Hone^. e.. tJJ ^P^ ^ „^ A-APARTMtWTS 10 FarReit Book m of '^"JkT^'tae made, but with- aatcemaaat OT^wm^^ CTprrsi to pay the J of Se note of Ituet to- ggJMS, with iateicst from VoneK St. ««. e. in MM note ' —meee. if any. mder teid Deed of TmO. . end expcfwH of the Itwtee end efihe tniate created by -SJ^rSTu-er-Deed at Tmtl. by letenn of a breach or Siault in the Obligations «aes. ehergcs end •reared deUveted to the indae^ed a wrtt- ten Dedaiatioo of I>efeidt end De- aaaa for 8ile, end written notice sf teeech and e( election to cause the nndenlgned to sen laid prep- StT to satiafy iaMobliipti^ ^ an October IS, 1968, the - lid noUee of ; 7U7. TCI. of aaid Of-! XIAM BEZVBLY. as said Itnstaa. U737 . Pine Crtst Manor Apfs. 1001 PINE ST. Mr. Apt 22-71Mm NOWRENTIKG Just ne«vly eompfated • Bachelors, I, 2. 3 Bedrooms. • $100 to $190 per month. Al ACCURATE JANITOR SWWCE Caroats-Floara-Windows 7-• Oeeaifs, itet taiatdnr ROTHENBEROCR ARABIANS stud service—oeaturee. 712-3310 ra ARABIANS 1c Jewelry Mti. • [ALOEN JEWORV-Mff. * Repair, IM Orange. 10 a.m.-4 pjn. 793-«07g. r Lletwri. Winat. Bear Every brand under tha sun. Jelly Jug. »ld w. Cotton Ave. REOIANDS VAN ft STORAGE Industrial Pam TM-TIM ALSO taliauttftall Plata, 79M17S. Guaimtaad far life of you ^^i^aCFREOLAN^- Pamtine and Decorating 7W«M FREE Estimates and Guarantee No Job too Large or loo Small IS years area experience. Call OMnlnv aniy ler tppointmant 792 Wl Peiiit eB< Wellpeaer Norlhsida Paint — UOS Oraw" Highest quality. ,1 SANITARY PLUMBING iS^iUU Wabash Ava.. Radlandt. 7»«.2m Dutch Girl Cleaners 34 W. Colton 7>2-30e WCeift^Bryaaenlna-LetRtdnri REROOFING. ROCKS OR SHINGLES Roofing Co- Est 7»-3t»l • NEU-t CLEAN SHOP "^ygflTorWCJoj TM -mi j-QBrtiliiBirSenflce CUIRKS COLOR TV aiRWM^ BROOiWDC mSVILLC mi ft amt'lft *" 7e».»ia Van Ovfce Pat ftwa. 31» Orange. Fiowara foray (gq»*wi.FnwiWh livofy. Ptiona, 7tMllL fS!dl»Jda "r ^f?.! » Se. tth St yard EW lawn, spdnMer systens, clean-upa and thniat trtii . trash hauling,^ ?!tJP^L.'JSRf* maintanence. Call Kan, 7M-2217 or 7»4^1g». Fiaa asUmatat. 'it SperWin Caodt BUSINESS LOT Excallent comer, lOlh and.. Slate, bordering Redlands Blvd. Wilt laally sacrifice lor quick sale. 7S2.4Hg. 53 Real Estate Wanted CASH FOR EQUITY We pay cesh (or the equity In wir Bob Parker Real Estate [37 E. Olive Ava. 7a3.2SU ON GOLF COURSE ^C^u»'JS^''Wo«"'.M green. It hes e beeutHul view, level eccess. This is the finest building site le(t in Redlends. For sole by ovmer. Call Overton Pratt avaninat. 7S2J86«. 55 Havesfar$alc •V ema—l badraam.~}W Mhe. 2500 tq. ft Family room, lacraation room with wet bar, Jub araai tWS down, no cletlni'cattsi I badteem. 2 baths, (amity room, lafrlgaraetd air, 2 (iraplacat, carpalt^ and drapes, dishwasher. Fenced, Vi acre view M, tam Owner, 792-S2«9 after 5. 55 Haises far Sale GOOD SHAPE — 3 badreom home, 2 ear garage, pelia air eandltioned, alarm system. On Lugonia Ave.. Univanity District Good terms. Only n7.600. BEN M. NYMEYER (aroker) Cen.7»3-4W0 CASH IN A FLASH DO YOU HAVE e.e Inlaws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. we ne^^oStouse*i'-|^Wa PWiHeiirtJhe answer ell costs, delinqutnt ptymentt — — * — made current ifflmediataly. Con- 'TSurmEfSw'i BUILDERS, Inc. 9439 Sierra Ava» Fontana <23-t27i or I7S-3U0 i I collect 55 Hflises far Sale SromOk^ bedroom, near &/i BVTJWl 5Wa toan. 782-1349. me»-3 bedroom, den. 2 battii; IS W. Citrue 793-2777 I bedroom, z bati», nice comer, (encad, sprinklers. All wotK dene! S22J0O. 792<73» attar t p.m. gy OWWET- rbadieomT3l5,i08. Drive by 330 Canter St and call Income, tr jr 792-7590. iV flWNER -1 bedroom andWml room, on €. Ciaseant^fifpr- S19.200. Owner trenstawad. 79»i BY oRrtTEU - Conrfo(t*la home cottage. MOO aq. it: awlmmli S'BEDIIOOM, S bath. M It frentaga. Neer schoou 142* Texas or call Riv. 7<3-17S3. 12U0 Country Club tjinc. . SrewNER — Lovely custom i bed^ •oom, den. en Elizabeth Crest rtew- ly redeeoralKl^MjgiHteent^k^^ Owner transferred. SJ4.700. 7»«1M. BrTS».f!»~}f~37adi|S^ bath* BICYCLCS-Blcyela rapaln. ScMrimi, Pratt Bros.. 851 E. Citrus ^ttetHoeryttrtts.Cefd* SERrS OF REDLANDS 200 E. State W k-'TtrM-lelat i tarvke By Cooper «. Custom teltvWao.SaletASanrica RedUnds- zenith haedquartera. Terrier TV. 500 Oranat. » Upteliigiiit tiagg iFvMvtiidiG M alias.' RtSm ^^^^^ IMPERIAL HARDWARE 19 E. Citrue 79*291? RESTYLE. R«air. ReflnWi. Roy-a Upholttery* Drapery, 792-17lS.__ Frt€ •ftffmCM. Mrinar M#ro»» * it Wetdi - Jewelry Ropeirina Clif(ord Famr. Jeweler 7 N. 5th St 792-3475 »Waddhn ARTHUR COMMERCIAL PR^ „ 112 N. Filth St 7mm • Watdina Ches. E. Mosso Welding Works 701 W. Stuart A»» 79*2799 St tba Ktotas Straet 3(otoal Wetv a . «— C.Jpiny Wy^en llth day ^ ABtaMtlfe Srt ^w per *are wes lerled •a aOlee of the eaopt Stieet Statael. Water Boole S. BOB US. Sedlead*. jiaar attaMBMB^M builtHns. ca.jeted. 319,600. 12.000 down, essume swr. loan. Shown by eppolntment only. 793.3698. rKbROOM. 3 bath, cujtooPhome. 2350 sq. (t Outstanding view, Vi acra landscaped kit Dining room, femily room, large living room. S»9,7i50. 792«5 ^ HOMES - LOT* - «»•» TRADITIONAL SERVICE FOWLER'S 210 W. emus REAtTpRS By owner, 4 bedrooms, lamily room, 2 baths, builtins. lulty carpeted, eir eoodiUooed, nicely landwaped. S32JXI0. 109 South Ave. 792«01. CUSTOM extras In this 4 bedroom and pool home. Cannot lia duplicated (or thousands mora ttan tha owner's price of S42.700. On »de-sic near Kimberty SchooL 79MS49. >Y eWNEII — J bedroom, Itk betns. covered paUo. carpet forced air heeling end eaellnc. Fenced. 2 garage: SlUOO. FHA. tCOO dc fiar Clement-Lugonle 792-367L Outstanding Financing New —Custom Built S45.950 Assumable $30,000 6Wr. First. Trust Deed and saeondaiy (inancing to suit qualified buyer. Ask us to show you this one. JIM DANIEL, Realtor Multiple Usting Service J^^ Geor^Rjgr "^.^ ^-iSS" 127 CAJON ST. Ph. 793-3249 to your hotising problems. A vary llvebia, 4 bedroom, 2 bath hoc PLUS a cozy 2 room and bath ntitt houta Schooi°"'oittricL nU Financing. 125,500. Now You Can Buy On FHA or YA Terms This lovely custom built home in a most desirable seuthsida loeatlon. inc ovvf bMUtHul hMtOwoofl fICMfS* le& of fruit and shade trata. Low $2S.7S0 or NO DOWN down. On I; to quallfiaL VIRGIL J. SIMS U W. Citrut Bealter 7S1.27n Payrane B^*^ 'VSl&,^m% 792-M2 792-eiJi Martha Fouch Roy Buchez 792-3aU 7S2-5170 Elsie Webber 792<i00 Kir 5 BEDROOMS Lots ot room In this 5 bedroom home, with family room and dining room and built-in kitchen. Large pool tea Way below value at SU.SOO with good terms available. FINE VIEW and a lovely guast heusa toe. Every feature you would want in this fine 3 bedroom, 2 bath custom built home Dreamy kitchen, nice dining erea, wool carpets- Ceelina. enclosed patio, workshop and wall planned grsinidi of 1.41 acres. You •otta- see this $47^00 propert] Good terms. DON FIGGINS 20 Na 7th Realtor 793-2981 IF YOU WANT... The sparkle of e new home, 1, bedrooms. 2 beths. ceramic, tile In kitchen end beths. buni-lnt and «t'^"*c»'?SS (rea standing fireplace, dressing room off master bedroom, marble llman tops. PLUS e walled in d with larsa patio and chiMian to jjlay, a pool, boat or trailer in OaftonMoore school district ... IF YOU WANT all of these things lor only $22,750. then call us today. LONG ON HOUSE, SHORT ON PRICE! bedrooms end den with lott of room for iloreai and reem far boat or trailer. (Jorthside area najr, shopping and schools. Priead right I lor quick sale at OJNO. DO YOU NEED LOTS OF ROOM? Than this is fer you. S aerat In Highland with small eottaaa an property. Thit Is level ground on sewer In residential location. Convenient to Norton end San Bernardino. This is a good buy et S30M0. FHA a VA Rcpossatsions WE NEED LISTINGS NEW! Extra Value Nottingham Estates 3-4>5 Bedrooms Prices Start at $25,950 Including carpets, drapes,, built­ ins. air conditioning, fences, front lawn sprinkler system, etc • • • excellent " Surprisingly IN REDLANDS Fern at Nottingham Ave. OPEN 'TIL DUSK Every Day Except Wednesday Ken B. Smith & Associates 4226 Sierra Way San Bernardino 2 bedroom end den, Hi beths. com. plete with drapes, carpeting and fireplace, air eondltienad. Soublo carport and brick wall ai acra comer lot beautifuTi scaped with fruit tieea an ers. 325.000 with lo-i down. Owner will finance. 792051. . Show Me If you can, a better buy than this coty three bedroom, Wz both home. There's built-ins in tha kitchen including the dishwasher. A sunny petle for dad to shew off hit out. door cooking skill end a privata fenced yam for the childian and pets. Only SM,950. We Agree irs hard to believe that this charm, ing three bedroom home with beamed ceilings, nice carpet end specious enclosed yard. Won't last long at this kiw prke of S11.000. Bob Parker, Realtor 37 E. Olive Open till 7:30 TU 6-5101 OPEN SUNDAYS 793-2914 Cope-Smiley school area — a cha.rming 3 bedroom home, large living room with beautiful green and blue carpeting. Tile >itchen with breekfsst bar, dining room, utility room. Thia home is immaculata and a plees. ure to show. Full price SUSOOi Small down. Heap O' Living 4 bedroom end laiga family foem. baths. Near Smiley-Caiia schools. Very attractiva stone fli». place, wall to wall carpeting, large enclosed rear yard with timed automatic sprinkler^ thaka moT Refrl|erated cooMnc end fofced air haeting. Ideal location fer tha entire fami^. Excallent terms avail, able. Wanda Hale 126 W. Colton Realtor TSUtH Eva. Dudley Owen 7924191 NELSON Realty COZY k CLOSE-IN Hera's e darting f net.. cottage on R-2 lot oft Olhia Ave. Walk to thoppinft church, llbivy or the Bowl. To settle an a"— tea thia for ONLY IMSO, MOVE UP KImberly-Moore schools. Your opportunity to have a 20 x 40 fenced Poqu pley yard with tturdy aqu/pment 3 badraomtv 2 baths, FAMILY ROOM. New gleaming white tile in bullion kitclian and baths. Outstanding landscaping, roomy private let A FANTASTIC BUY AT [26.950. NEVER AGAIN!!! §S?^iS'uJr!?K <5SSf?"be !R home in beeutiful Country Club erae of lovely homes. Owner trantfarrad, commuting and mutt selll Spacious grapK&ke fenced ram dMdsd fer chiid and adult Soo tq. ft of immaculate Interior. Family room with wet bar, mammoth service room, dining room, breekfest room. Baautlful carpet and drapes. YOU'LL NEVER AGAIN HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY - HOME TO BUY THIS KIND OF FOR S2Jge UNDER APPnnisco VALUETI I 139350 - Assume lean at knv Interest rate. Call 793-2041 lOS E. Citrut REALTORS Multiple Usting Saivica EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS Fred Hooper 792-7758 Willette Steely 792-7801 MollieGabbert 792.4383 Doreen Nelson 793-5478 THOMAS REALTY $22,500 6% Rnancing Near Sage's — Immaculate 3 bedroom home, on a quiet cul do i Features lergt Ihnni Rwn a fireplace, dining room.lultt'^ rai . and oven. Forced air heating, refrigeration cooled. Rrivata fSiori mSr yard, and petio.^ targe 6% loan may be essumed. Peynwnts S152' monthly, including taxes and Insurance..Call today \o sea this CrkOOIMAN UftN. Oranct Eves. JIM VANDER LEE BUCHER 2 OPEN HOUSES i fe 4 p .m. SafuHay. Fab. 22 821 Lolita Avee and a Peel 22 E. Cypress Av. 4 Bedrooni—2 Baths Campbell & Ketchersida 111 Ciiloii 79J.2033 I2&C BroeksMe Ave. 793-2797, Evenings and Weekends Sharon Weston Gloria Haneell Margaret Thomaa 793-4394 793.r" Charm & Character CUSTOM BUILT ON A CHOICE STREET Keyed Is a ing, this 4 lamily- Ihr- 2Vt bath home sf fords e Mclutfed mertef suite (16x17) plus drassing area — large wardrobes — and bath- The panelled femily room has an inviting formal firapleee and mantel, tha perfect setting (or gracious enlartainlna. Uaed brick Jn the entry hell » alta foiatd gracing tha tacand fireplace In Die livimi room — carpatad with gold acrllan. In "Mom't room." neluni wood cebinets. pentry, now ditliwaikar, breeWest aioa. a separata laun- dor rootnjand a witn a view neip ... lutcfwn work a Joy. Room tar s pool ' ing. , Tha wannth tntidg tMi hama to (ramad with an equally kaatiUful exterior, let ua show yen thia day. SSIJIOO. laria lot kallar pafti- DOSS 793-3354 33 E. Vina MULTIPU LMTINC SCRVICf Carlar SQUARE Real Estate Sales A LITTLE JEWa ON WESTWOOD UNE Half a block from Redlands Countiy Club this almost new ftm of e house sparkles among the trees. Top quality construction and tha best in carpets and drapes am a credit to the prestige location. There are over 2,000 sq. ft with two fireplaces and a formal dining room. The kitchen is e real dream. Tha covered patio wKh built-in gas grill afford a perfect entertainment arte. TWO Itrga bedrooms, 2 baths, beamed ceiling, den, Arkia refrigerated air eon- diUoning, and autometic sprinklers. Our pleesure to thow....t9Sm 1 Watt SiBta — Day ar Nil* 793-2841 Pet Newnham 792-7122 —Les Platz 7924100 —Bonnia Rook TSS-UOO Lois Uuer 793.1286 — Mary Poole 792-2197 —Helen Johnson 792-6S4S CAMPBELL KETCHERSIDE KEALTOBS . 1 We're Giving You The Low Dovml! •y far the best value on todays maritat 3 llvfng room with beam ceiling and attracthra firaplaea. Ux40 screened patio, back yard hat 5' block fence. All frethly painted SUJOB Light Bright, Just Right (ar the youne (dmiV. 1 bddnemt. with • bath and • haW. iiiilt' ki kitchen to cheerful and clean you'll think tmilas era part of tha menu! CerpeUnt drapes, covered petio, end deubia aerega era IndMad in tha bargain price of S17,90aL Cdl 793-2033 ar slap by 131 Cojaa EdI Dudley Kate 79M14» I 7924134 NeroW Oykttra 7»-7W Jayca Lawranc* 79S.7t3S Leona WOgan i

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