The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1941
Page 1
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VOLUME xxxviu— NO. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST Am-^^ JLA-J.M* W J^ 1 , J. ^ f f ^^ - u * WUHlJlJ^ST ARKANSAS AND SOT5TT7WART lUTScnnnr ^^ AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Daily News Blytheville Courier Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Leader HLYTI11CV1LUC, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, APRIL 25, Walter > I Winckell ON BROADWAY New York Heartbeat The Big- Parade: George S. Kaufman, the playwright, studying the •scene at 45lh Street and The Biy Apple Mass Hart, his favorite collabber. studying the tardy ar- x!Xh ^ ,- Ule Saroyan premier* with .studied contempt... Margot Stevenson, the actress (you're wel- * . her to M. Gabel, while me- real 61 '- 1 ^ - al °" g Broadwa y w »th her veil, no kin to the Hyde Park people.. .Broderick Crawford, standing in the rear of the Lyceum Theater until the curtain goes p and then going to his seat. (See Hem above re: M. Hart)...j 0 Ann Sayers the darling of "My Sister Eileen." - m tne NBC ^ Sunday eve'g at 9-meetin* her pals- from mt'l News, United Press Associated Press and The Lotions of Love Man...Alice Faye on Vth Avenue, the center of Ah-traction ... Dom Dudley pointing out Broadway Rose and observing: The poor man's Honeychile Wilder!" Haw!...The Richard Koll- mars (Dorothy Kilgaiien). who will be three in July. Sallies in Our Alley: Carl Sandburg visited the Stork for the first time the other night with L. Lyons, the Albany lobbyist. ..The Pulitzer Prize winner, biographer, historian and Great Man was introduced to Sherman Billingsley the prop, who nodded "Hy'ya"'' and walked on... Mr. Lyons " followed Mr Billingsley and whispered: That's Carl Sandburg—the writer!". . ."Yeah?" said the Sam Goldwyn of E. 53rd Street, "Well tell him to mention the Stork Club once in a while".. .Some of his friends were chatting about New Yorker editor Harold Ross and his bride..."I see," said one of them they are shouting at each other already"..."Yes," was the reply "it's Winchell's Revenue!" Nazis Flank Rear Guard At Thermopylae; Fight For Mediterranean Next NEARS ATHENS BKKUiN, April 25. (UP) —The spearhead of the Orman .Army of the Southeast was reporlud nwirinir Athens today niter a three day fi^hl had overcome British rear guards at ihermopylae Pass, 80 miles north of the Greek capital. The British rear guard was repm-Unl bv Nazis to be hghting harcl to delay the Germans as long as po.ssil - o com- the evacuation of the British Kxp^ilionarv Pmw ' from southern Greek ports. i is ; h Command comnu.iii t ,u cs claimeri that nearly 200,000 tons of shipping had S HunT , the 0 ""^ l. the Nazi ' Memos of a Midinghter: Over at Club 18 one of the bit-playing ^al= from '-Panama Hattie" was show- Ing off stepping on everybody's punch-lines... Frankie Hyers, the squelch-expert, finally stopped-her with: "There she is. folks. -Pana- raa-:.Hammie!"...Wheri the Marx Freres call it quits after their next flicker Groucho and Harpo will be rich. Chico, instead of stickin^ to the ivories with the black keys fooled around with the ivories with the black spots... Georgie Price and Cam Marshall (the rich Washington laundryman's little girl) are just as humid here as they were at the Roney Piaza pool deck...After seven years of trying every day. a horse-player hit a four-horse long-shot parlay. But the bookie blew!. ..Eddie Cantor is doing so well opposite Fred Allen Respite the predictors). Fred's sponsor i s reported seeking a different time...Margaret Case Har- Greek ports and ships moving in* waters close to the Greek coast. The German high command aba claimed that the fight at Thermopylae had been ended by a flanking maneuver similar to that by which Xerxes and his Persians defeated Leonidas and the Spartans. After taking Thermopylae by encirclement the Nazis said the "German spearhead was moving speedily down the coastal highway toward Athens. There was no official report on the exact location of the German defense forces and no confirmation of rumors that the Germans were almost at the gates of the Greek capital. The high command reported that a huge new toll of shipping was sunk or damaged yesterday by their air force. the Nazi Air Force on TO HJ. IKS ^ Pledges By Hull And Knox Given Wide Applause In England LONDON, April 25. i UP)—Great Britain hailed with enthusiasm today the speeches of Secretary of State Ccrdell Hull and Secretary , ---of the Navy Prank Knox pledeiiiK SCn WUh rcllictaiic e to the Ger- that the United Stales would no? mnn lnnrcl1 ' only aid Britain but see that the aid got to it. LO.VDON. April 25. (UP) —Adolf llitlor's plans for K'rand scaU; action against the British empire include an attack on the Mediterranean fleet from new Balkan air bases, a drive against Gibraltar, and the dispatch of land forces to I'Veni-h Syria, 1 Tunisia and Algeria, foreign diplomats reported lodav. *" A usually trustworthy diplomatic source asserted that Hitler had finally obtained the consent of the Spanish government for the pass- ago of several German clivisions through Spain to Gibraltar and possibly also to Spanish Morocco. Expect !Uov<> Soon The informant expressed the belief, on the basis of his information, that the German troops would move within the next few weeks at most and possibly within the next few clays. British official quarters were said to have received no information to substantiate this report. The informant is especially well informed and, as diplomats go truthful. His idea was that Generalissimo Francisco Franco had con- Aid Promised Another embassy recci\ r ed a re"II is a clear rebuff to the Axte! finrt - * senL from Madrid before the and obvious encouragement to us,";" i!e rc sarding a march on Gibral- Inv^stors Offered Substan- fial Interest 0 n New Savings Bonds United States Defense Savings Bonds and Postal Savings Stamps will be placed on sale at the post office in Blytheville next an authoritative informant said of Hull's speech, which Britons regarded as even stronger than that of Knox. Even above the question of the ossibility of convovs for Arnpn- can gcds. there was plication .to Britons that "their "re-! that as long as last June Franco had promised Hitler that Spain would enter the war if Germany and Italy took thc-Suez canal, ac- ording to this report Ramon Ser- rando Simer, the Spanish foreign Most Cnlical Bailie Of War,^ British Ambassador Tells ress II Prominent Home Economist Will Conduct SeiGions At City Hall Mrs. Gussie B. Andersen. Mans- fiold. Ohio, will conduct thc two- day Mississippi county "Vitamized" Cooking School and here noxt Thursday Food pair and Friday, May 1-2. The school, to be held at the City Hall Auditorium, will be sponsored by the Courier "News and the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation with the cooperation of local electric appliance dealers and tood merchants. Invitations to, all homemakers REA ; members and all rural service users in Mississippi county to ATLANTA. On.. April 25 (UP) —Lord Halifax, British ambussn- cior .said today I hat the "Battle ot flic Atlantic Is the most n-iti- of ul! in this war," , U ul expressed hope that whatever the United Stiitcvs can do to aid in the Atlantic .strug«h» bo done soon. "1 really doifi. .suppose people working; day and night to produce wnr nmteriiils will see much sense »n it if it cannot be delivered" -^ sniti at a pros ^conference ut which he declined direct comment on the convoy question. He sjikl the British people wore muly lor n Ions war "of endurance and morale" and Unit they were "not disposed to be dlsap- nointcci about the- Balkan situation." "We realize Greece was n gamble." lie .said. "But what would have been our position if we had relusecl to lend H hand to Greeks and Yugoslavs in their freedom?" fight for "I must reiterate." he continued, "that the Battle of the Atlantic Is the mast critical of nil in his war line! whatever you can do to help us In this battle T hope you will do soon." Lord Halifax met the press u few minutes after his. arrival here "Axis May Be In Greenland Now..", FDR Declares Roosevelb ule Mi'-m^UlT 1 ' 1 "' 1 T ma -r lje occllpietl in » art lj y tomct llu' Axis tVe'-e" * " """^ S0methin|{ to C0lm - is boii being done. P . whethw. in Greenland. Asked whether done by t,,i s county he replied ttat it SMEflJESSElS Merchant Marine Committee Approves FDR's Request To Use Ships WASHINGTON. Apm 25. (UT»)— The House Merchant Marine Committee today approved President Roosevelt's request for authority to requisition for whatever use he elects the foreign merchant vessels tied up in. American waters These Immobilised ships include the 39 Danish ships now j n pra . tective custody. The bill introduced *cd and will be extended to all of tne seven seas if necessary for the' protection of tile Western Hemisphere. ;. He ; compared the patrols to t.iose sent out by pioneers .crossing the prairies in wagon trains to determine whether there were ' Indians ahead. The president flatly denied that the government had Any idea of Instituting convoys The President said that U. S naval action in the Atlantic has : consisted of a patrol for a year nncl a half and still is a patrol. When it \vas suggested at his press conference that these patrols might be in effect convoys- establishing safe lanes through which ships could travel, the President remarked that one could not turn a cow into n horse by simply calling it a horse. - the plain , m -.minister, wos telling Franco that attend Mrs. AndeTson'i'ercst rhnf tit/tit* ,-Q LTll-IMch I-M r> nf *!-,„ »«-^j'«._ .-<• . I • . . • "-'v-i ji,n .-> ^^ TT due " < he - had ™« lc « &£*£ as.nTWp.r aid to Greece had caused Amen- sent the report from Madrid ap- Each session will hP-nn »,o AVI V £££ T^P 'f^^P™ ?! !^ eC !, !£ ™ «™ ^t ev B e P n ^ITnl^u^rVv^ arnam in ,ts light, instead of i a .small British success would pro- frightening them into greater cau-' long Spain's indecision. tlOn SS GtM'MlUnx «llri Tfolin.-r. Ur./-; I C?~,..~ .», !i:i._ Germans aild Italians military and naval experts y Postmaster Ross Stevens. Mr. Stevens said that plans are nearly completed for this community, along with thousands of others from coast to coast, to do its full part at the opening of the savings program, formulated as part of the national effort to make .1 Yugoslavia and Greece would affect American opinion adversely to Britain. riman got a bum deal in her jam' Amenca impregnable, with H cop. She wasn't pinched for!- The neu ' Def ense Savings Bond refusing to pay a S3.85 check as ls similar to the familiar "Baby Bond" of which more than S5.- 000.000.000 worth have been bought by more than 2.500.000,000 Americans since 1935. was said. She resented audible Nazi talk in the place and threatened to report matters. As a result they summoned a cop and filed against her for "causing a row'' etc. Funera 1 , Services Held For Huffman Baby Today Martha Ann Huffman, one-year- old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Huffman of. Huffman. Ark., died at the home at 8 p.m. yesterday. Funeral services were held at 2:30 p.m. today at the Baptist rhurch in Huffman, conducted by the Rev. McGee. Burial was in Elmwood Cemetery. Survivors include the parents; two sisters. Rebea and Edna Lee.' and three brothers. Charles. Chester and Owen Huffman, all of the home. Cobb Funeral Home was in charge. New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close 1103 1109 1103 1109 1104 1108 1115 1108 1108 1109 1107 1114 1107 1112 1103 1105 1110 1105 1110 »1102 1108 1104 1104 1100 1110 1104 1110 HOS 1108 1105 Stock Prices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service ... Coca-Cola Gen'l Elec Gen'l. Motors ... Int'l Harvester .. Mont. Ward N. Y. Central ... N. Am. Aviation . Packard Phillips Republic Steel ... Radio Socony Vacuum . Studebaker St'd. of N. J. ... U. S. Steel .. 154 3-4 .. 673-4 .. 231-3 . 69 . 41-2 . 893-4 .. 295-8 . 373-4 - 443-4 .. 323-4 - 12 . 121-2 . 23-4 .. 39 . 171-2 - 33-4 . 9 . 61-2 . 361-2 513-8 A Defense Bond may be bought Saturda - v May 1 or thereafter for $18.75. In 10 years his bond will be worth $25, an increase of 33 1-3 per cent, equal to an annual interest return of 2.9 compounded semi-annually. i Any time after 60 days from the May dale of purchase, the bond may . Sept be redeemed for cash, in accordance with atable of redemption values printed on the face of' the bond. The bonds are in denominations of S25. $50. $100. $500 and $1.000. For the smaller investor who wants to buy a Government Bond on an easy payment plan, the post office will have a new series of Postal Savings stamps at lOc. 25c. 50c. SI and $5. Each purchaser of these stamps will be given a pocket album in which to paste his stamp s until he has enough Mar to buy a $25 bond or one of high- Ma 3 f er denomination ; <J»ly I Oct. Dec. Jan. U. S. WEATHER FORECAST BLYTHEVILLE—Fair, cool ana dry weather tonight and Saturday. Low tonight 48. High Saturday 74. MEMPHIS- Fair and cool with tonight's low temperature 50. High Saturday 74. ARKANSAS—Pair tonight ana would try to Isolate Gitbraltar and make the straits untenable rather than attack the "rock" direct. There seemed a feeling hat before any move against Gibraltar there would come a big attack by German planes on the British 1 Eastern Mediterranean fleet, and ! uthority The Kitchen Planning and Home Service Director ot the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, Mrs. Gussie Andersen is a national authority in the art and science of modern cookery. She is well qualified to conduct, a cooking' school, on the use of electrical appliances in the home and in modem kitchens and lecture on proper diets and vitamins for neaith and human welfare. Mrs. Anderson has obtained an I its Alexandria base, from new bases i international reputation as in Greece. Such an attack mteht ' sine, having traveled uxt a cti:- Chicago Corn having traveled extensively be synchronized with new press- I both in this country and urn ntrntnt-t CVi-,™* <•„_... Y- n__ ^ . J against Eg>m from Libya. in Eur- fcre the Atlanta Bar tonight and will be introduced by Senator Walter P. George, chnir- mnn of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. of the Merchant Marine Committee, probably will go before the' house wec next lt empowers the President to requisition the ships and make what disposition he sees fit-trans- fcr them directly to Britain If. .ho \vishes-and compensate the owners I out of the $7,000.000,000 -British aid appropriation. '• rt nlso permits '.the Maritime Federal'Food. StamD Pro- cram In County Will Be Started May 2 Federal food stamp program officials in Mississippi County, where the food stamp plan will begin] operation next Friday, announcesj plans today for issuing stamps. ' The Blytheville issuing office will be open daily 25 — County announeed at 1 p. « oo T n I 03 In SeO T J loday ' Ma, April 5. Huffman charter the vessels either of Amer- « " 1T "T , ^ m ' t0day Com - icnn or foreign registry for defem, ' & ° M of (a . vote re «unt for Pem' 1 * C * coim ^ 32 precincts i purposes. o KoLarians Go T Hospital- To Save Member's Reeon May .Sept ber of years as a director and supervisor in thc specialized food activities of Marshall Field and Company of Chicago; Manager of Homes Tea Room. Chicago, and several years with the Rochestet | _ ] Chamber of Commerce in Rochest- 1 If he can't go to the mcetm" er * New York - anci llie United Ho- Open High Low Close I thc meeting goes to him. "' tel - s Corporation m the East. Mrs. 07 7-8 683-8 673-8 681-8 T " order that Charles S. Lemons.' Andersen also owned one of the 68 3-8 683-4 681-4 683-4 who hasn't missed a weekly meet- most far "ous restaurants in Chi— j ing of the Rotary club since he ca *°'s North Shore Drive. 'became a member IG years ago, Has Wide Experience could maintain his perfect attend- In constant, search for the new- anco record, members of the local est and best methods of cookery club met with him yesterday in Mrs. Andersen traveled and stud-' his room at Blytheville Hospital. led in the various countries of 877-8 8.91-4 875-8 «!) 1-4 ' , EarKcr the club had ™ei. for Europe and has obtained a thor- 1 mncn at the Noble. A film. "Explor- ough knowledge and understand-, mg With X-rays." Designed to of- Jug of the proper preparation except Thursday af- ope. Her broad experience has ! tfinioon . a ' Kl win remain open (ill been obtained by serving a num- Chicago Wheat Open High 89 1-8 91 5-3 Low 90 Clo-;<? 01 5-8 fe! " l ° the layman :in idea of cooking and serving of foods and scope of the use of X-rays and to a vast experience in entertaining. inform hihi of its potentialities. , ranging from a simple meal to the Prev. i Guests at the meeting; were: most elaborate formal dinners, open high low close close 1 Basil Seagraves and E. H Burns 1111 1115 1113 1114 1112 cf Gsceola J. T. Phillips Sr.. of 1117 U23 1115 1118 1118 Baton Rouge, La.: the Rev. E. B. Exposition m At Osccola the office will be open on the first three and a half dnys of ench week. Both offices will be closed for, precincts in lost Missouri gubernatorial race: The recount was conducted peacefully with only three votes being challenged. Mr. Huffman said the recount was made on a "cooperative harmonious basis," unlike those in several other Missouri counties where fighting punctuated the counting. Gov. Forrest Donnell gained .•-183 in the .rccont, the clerk, said; Democrat Lawrence Mc- Former Local Woman Sue- b - _ -*- ••••.••iwoiu.i. A-iuvvieuut: iviC- S In Memphis* Fit- ' Danicl - unsuccessful candidate who i Q i ' .challenged the vote lost a total/of nerai oaturday |05 votes in the county recount. V —:— . The recount showed the loilow- r±>- =-«-»-'- <"" "A'£ 4 'SnS'v^ SnSsr "ijsr' fl!ures - o month. Republican relief clients certified by tl,c Pr Vra. ddiuKhtcr Mr, It was 5186. found that 36G votes i wirisLon, cued in Memphis yester-'wcre cast last year in which nei- cSr^rtd 1 1 o «"rt ^r —"» * ™ ^^ 0 ™^^c™ W ctthc. tc he BvihSml n-' , P ' m ,- 0moiTOW llt Ul ^ Christian Pnscola, 138 votes had been record- Osccoln offices ' Olil ' ncunc Ol | ^ lupch .. here - conducted by George pd for Mr. -McDaniel that should • i iulorson, pastor of'the church, nave been given to Governor Don- Pallbearers will Ce ^. of retiil fnnd -torn oi ictaii tood stoics Gcorec l it was disclosed to slimo nhn Mn,-o ihnn "Jn t Mr< and Mr ' S - Knox worc vvo11 W - H{vrper for McDaniel. stamp plan. More than 50 known in Blytheville. Mrs. Knox been was an active member of the food applications already have filled out by merchants and the applications are coming in fast. Christian church for many years and was especially interested in X D. Rorex, area ] missionary She was a member of a well known Piggott. Ark., family A .son. Will * Obtalned " Admmtoa- Texas Corp. 36 1-2 Memphian Wi!! Address Legion Meeting Sunday j Legionnaires of the Fifth Dis- "rict of the American Legion will '•5 addressed by Edward F. Barry. Memphis attorney, head of the Memphis Chicks' baseball team and civic leader, at the monthly con- r erence Sunday at Harrisburg. The district comprises Poinsett. Craighead, Mississippi, Cross and "rittenden counties and the Legion '?osts of Blytheville. Jonesboro. Manila. Monette. West Ridge. Ty- -onza. Lepnnto. Caraway. Weiner. Marked Tree. Marion. Carle and Harrisburg. M. M. Griffin. Harrisburg post commander, will preside at the Business session with Legionnaire L M. Grecr acting as master of -•eremonies. The Legionnaires will ~neet at 10 a.m.. attend church en masse. Uin?h at the high school building and hold the business meeting afterward. Mayor E. H. Freeman of Harris- ' ,burg will welcome the group and W. L. Walton of Black Oak, district commander, will respond: Attendance of 250 Legionnaires is expected. in the Glencoe building 1108 1115 nil 1109 of Paragould. Wilson Postmaster Will Be Appointed A civil service examination will x diedhee Nov ? iven a PP licant ^ f °r the job of * I postmaster a Wilson, it was an- < Continued on Papn 3) the issuing offices here Csceola. Death a la Deutsch . . . German Gunner Drills Invading British Plane " Survivors include the husband 1 " 0111 ., t ° day ' Tne deadline for and granddaughter > receiving applications 'was set for National Funeral Home of Mem-' ?? ay j? in an official bulletin which phis Is in charge stated: 1 "Applications must be properly | executed and on file at Washing, ton, D. ! C.. prior to the hour of. closing business ta r)?.? date spsci- lied above." The Wilson office was among a ! number of post offices listed in ! various parts of rne nation for j which the Civil Service Comznis- j sion announced competitive ex, animations to ill positions "at each ! of the places named at. which a . vacancy exists or is about to occur." The date for assembling of competitors will be announced on the admission cards sent applicants after the date for the close of receipt of applications anu will be about 15 days alter that date. The Wilson post office is a third class office, the postmaster of which receives an annual salary of $2100. Lamination of applicants for the Wilson office will be held at Osceola. •'•-• Battle in the sky ... Germans say these pictures show downfall of ship. 11; Here the gunner yets the ran fff > T . T .. He sends a blast of bullets at the British plane. .. . First streams ot smoke roll from tail oft >VQund^d_rajdcr. j1LJ _ T Then, like a great me(eor, it plunges toward the earth, Chicago Soybeans May Sept Open 118 1-2 1H7-8 Close 121 117

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