The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 3, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1930
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•a mm I Reconsiders Decision Not Run and Files Name With Clerk. to THREE IN PRIMARY Issues Statement Regarding His Candidacy and Platform. ^Erturned .Missionary .Askrd I for "Booze," Turkish for lee ' i Istanbul; -April 3.—The American colony is chuckling over the story of a linguistic 'mist hap of ari j elderly* American woman: missionary .; who. after long years in Turkey recently visitedl the States. Lunrthiiig in a sedate New York tearoom, the missionary called a waiter gnd tapping her glass of lemonade, said: "Bring me some boqae." . • The waiter! stared,, but the dignified old lady repeated her order! unruffled. Unwittingly, she was using the Turkish word for ice. •nUred M aoeond class maUnr, pet. 6. 1MB, at 1 BODY QF AN INFANT GIRL FOUND TIPTOX, INDIANA. THURSDAY W ENIN 1 G, APRII, 3, Opens Tuber poutofflcs at Tipton, Ind.. Mtdnf tit* not «f March 1 IMt. 10.10. J iiil ulosis Drive John Bannon Finds. Package at Morris Tit South of Hobls. OFF CERS FOR THE MAUSOLEUM he a flos- to to Samuel A. Culver, long" time member of the Tipton county )ar entered? the ra:ce for the Republican nomination for judge,of Tipton Circuit court Thursday morning, and to a Tribune reporter, stated he was'in to win. Same time ago' the name of Attorjiey Culver was mentioned as sible candidate but lie refused! run. Recently friends have> been after him to make an announcement and he filially decided enter the race. > . \ | •• For the nomination Attorney Culver is opposed by Alfred A. Fletcher and J; Frank Pyke.tiuth of whom announced some tipie ago and lave been engaged their -campaign. 'Attorney Culver asked' .that ine following statement be published in connection with hin didacy, over his signature. To the Republican Voters of ^ ip- | ton County: i In announcing my candidacy for Judge of the Tipton Circuit court, I wish to state: i That-1 am not the candidate of ainy Boss "or % Clique. : x | That I stand squareljj on the Constitution and its amendment^ I That, if nominated and elected I j will OBEY the laws as ^ell a: E NFORCE them. 4 j That the army' of laborer's ir overalls, will receive„;the liame consideration 1 and. square treatment, as the white sjhirt brigade I realise that I "cannot bringMo the position that legal ability ind practical experience,; of that gat axy of able jurists, who have' graced the bench, since my jad mission to the Tipton Counts Bar ' vis: . ' ' •' j ! Judges .Dan Waugh, LexJ Kirkpatrick, Walter W." Mount James F. Elliott, Lee Nash and James M. Purvis; but I- do bbpe •to restore in our Temple of Justice, that high standard of integrity, I sobriety and morality, it formerly' enjoyed. " And in my efforts along that line, I respectfully solicit your supper*. - * . ! S. A. CULVER The Democrats have two dMatas after this nomination PLACED IN SHOE BOX Believed Body Was Thrown the Water Some .Time Wednesday Night. Meeting Held to Fill Vacancies in Board of Directors of Company. k ri .fi Jft- U. S. and Gi-eat Britain Are j Friendly io Jap Treaty Conditions. WOULD WIN ITALY e.fiOO Fnrmrrc Quit Shaving In Hungarian Tax Pro.est Budapest, April 3. -j- Six thousand farmers, comprising the <bullc| of the adult male population of of Mako, the center of Hungarian onion production 't i have announced Ja solemn resolution not to shave until the government Brants lower taxation and railway rates. ; The farmers assert that under present conditions they can not.find a .market for their onions and decided to adopt this' striking and endurfKg form of protest. ISHfW BY MITCHELL Attorney General Objects to Any Modification 'of • Strict Statute. 'j Official Announcement Made i; Which Ihsiires at Least Three-Power Pact. TWO; CRYPTS Wednesday at the office of the First. Rational Insurance Company, a-! meeting of stockholders of the pany w tb*y betng Glen J .Gifford Janes M. Purvis. p .nd MBWUCKS TO 8PBAK HRRK OudMate ftor-Oavemior . at IIMMM -Dinner .1 Announcement .mas,-- nJade Thursday that John: E. Fredr cks former candidate for sorer ior, would a* the betf liner at the lef- ferara Oar dhnier to he nerve 1 nt the" We** street-Christian chi fen 1 'A|rh •:• 14.^ Mr ; wall kn >wn -and, husiness 1 nan titers and.h Iffosien's - :nfc ^t: ; ;>e :aerT « Tipton Mausoleum ' Comas held for the purpose of fleeting three directors toJUl the places of three directors deceased 1 . i i •: The directors.elected James Mood, sjfccretalry-treasurer of the associa- tS<jn, to fill thp vacancy caused by '.Be "resignation of Ira F: -Grain Mr. Crail, who has been seriously jll fori some time suffering. from paralysis, asked that he be - relieved {from farther duty. He is The body of an infant girl baby, found wrapped in bath towels and cotton /and evidently born without -the aid of a physician, was discovered by Dewey B.anhon near the gravel pit on the John Morris farm south of Hobbs at!9 o'clock Thursday morning. It lis REMAIN giving the authorities a problem to solve. ' j ' Mr. Bannon, who resides just east of the gravel pit which jis close to' the east and went, road which intersects the -Windfall pike onej and one-half miles south of the Hub highway, was passing the pit and in the water at the edge--of [the ditcb which flows through :ljie pit and at the west edge of f the latter, he saw ja cardboard shoe box partly submerged-in the water. Wondering what it contained, he climbed the fence and securing the package was horrified to find the body of a normal baby girl. Mr. Bannon, who-is a sohrin-law of John W. Ray, notified the latter of the Senator] Arthur Capper with berculosis Association, whan tight tuberculosis by an address oyer a coast-to-coast radio book-op. jThe outstanding appeal of Jim .early < control and < osia of the disease tb that cases can be brought under Be Held Ninth Annual Convention to a yotanc ajtenber of the National To- : he opened the national eainpaign to HITS PENDING BILLS Indorses Le<nslatioD Which Would Eelieve Court Ccn^e^tian. the asapeiation'a, presenje^ eampaign h) in Tipton Fri day and Saturday. Officers Expect to rest of Man Who PROGRAM ANNOUNCED practically helpless and is unable | ghastly find and Sheriff Devault to-attend the meetings of the association, Mr. !<3rail has been a Jaitbful, official of the company, ind' devoted considerable time to .,(••• - this project wjhen his health permitted.' V . '. ! | Miss Belle iWaugh was elected t director to j-fill, the vacancy 3aused| byjtbel death of her moth- jr; Mip. Alic^ .Waugh, and Mrs. C. V. Craft was chosen to fill the vacancy caused by the death of her daughter,; Miss Mildred Lebo.j Frank H. Gifford was chosen to j fill the vacancy caused by (Continued FronV'P<tge 1.) MORE CA JfWDATKS FI L E. Advisory: Board • Members For Wildcat Democrats Announce. : More candidates are filing heir declarations with the cbun- y'^erk the latest being advisory board members from Wildcat townsliip who:wish: places on. the Democrat ticket. These are James \r. Neteon, Br. H. D. Yundt and Grant Mitchell. 1 Amos Brookbank has filed as - a ii candidate for the Republican nomination. for assessor of Liberty tiownship. ahd ; Coroner E. t L. Webb visited the scene of the discovery. j A Tribune reporter who visited the spot before the arrival of the i coroner and sheriff, found several men gathered about the body of the infant. It appeared? the baby had been dead when placed in the shoe box and thrown into the water. The supposition is that the box was thrown from ,a passing automobile and before becoming watersoaked floated to the j the place where found, being .out 'of the bounds of the pit. The bodyj was wrapped in''two bath towels, one a pink and white and one blue, white and yellow. The box in which it was found had contained an Everett, brown kid shoe, size 7, stock number 1532 and the dealer's cost mark ! i The ninth annual state convention of Sunsliine Societies; opens iji Tipton Friday and will close Sjaturday noon. Several hurdred visiting high school I (girls and sponsors are^epected !to attend. ; Registration ; Friday j morning will-be at the Methodist ciiurch and at noon there wjll be a luncheon for the VjisitorsJ in the Afternoon; a program will be; giv4n at . London, April 3.—Official anv - II I ; "I • '•: •- . nouncement was made at United I delegation .'nead- M I - , " '!' afternoon that the - • Brjtish and Japanese accord. ' (WILL s and Britishj at. j the Japanese] at j ' . j s, indicated : \HCr\- Japanese rese^va- Sta'tes. naval j quarters, this : Americans, • are in "compleljej . The American! • a meeting witin 1 St.. James pala'c ' 'Drive | Carefully" Move- : ment Will Be Started 'by Local Post, j _-j ceptance of the : tionsJ I Make Ar ; ,?p!a 1 ing of ' s ^P 3 '' in or(Ier c keep tbeir dockyards waking Worked Washington, April 3.—Opposition tri modification of the-Jones law, wjhich provides :heavy maxi... " mum penalties for violations of — : —- j the. prohibit!"'] statutes, has been 'filed With the house judiciary" PUT UP SIGNS if omm 4 tee William D. 'Slitch- ' , . • jell, attorney-general., . In a confidential communication he objected particularly to a ' measure by Representative Geo. R. Strobbs (Rep.. | Mass.), to modify this law by defining slight and casual offenders and fixing the maximum penalty for such of,i, i. .i : fenses at six-months imprlson- rv on local campaigns in co-oper- ! : ' . !..J i- ,! ,-A.. • • ment and a fine of JaQO. The ji ation with city governments. This !•.. Tbe. jAmerican Legion is spon* fnoring a national campaign !"Drivp The only points to. be : nettled CarefllI! y" for the protection'of are details relating to Japanese 1 •^ e ^°- 1 ^ h ? ldre »» aild -H posts in , reservations oh Ithe'scrapping and >- the c °intr>' are instructed to car- to i was said thereliwould be no factor Wl!1 ^ don . e . bere by thej local; Near GrOOmsVille. jot difficulty,ill 'any of the- Japan- :post wnich has secured the as- SOLD POULTRY HERE I ese reservation's! Senator DavjiJi A. was credited Reed, . who bjy his colleaglies with having been inutruinental regulation has 'soling the Amirlcan/jBritish kd! b * en ' made »7 jchlef. of jPolice ai;d | Japanese probUm, niade the foI- ! L * onard who .has been reque^Ung f^ited Thursday J. Franklin Arthur i men: He ik looking -for a party who solej ! chickens from his place several met us. There to quibble' on j Friday, j Neighbors saw the man . at the Arthur home j while the' of i the thr f e df'psationfi. the Methodist church. This open with an organ -'preludcj Mrs. C. B. Stemen, followed music by the! high js'chobl club/ C. B. Stemen i will will •. ov with glee give family was .absent and^ secured the hutnber of .,his automobile. * Investigations made in Tipton answering, sistance of Mayor Griffith andj j his administration. j ' j A start in the direction of bet- i/ter auto traffic Jones statute, he said, should have a longer trial. : At the same time the attorney* general disapproved two bills by Representative Charles A.'Chris- tifpliorion (Rep.. S, D.), embodying plans tor dekoing felonies misdemeanors under- the States code and for setting _-. . „_,._._„ ...v. , ! . - ( - , ^nijB i :uuc UJIU ior swung * [.lowing statement ' to- newspaper d "yers to observe stop signals.; ap j ur U ess «trlals before United / !—'—• • «•> '•" ! - | Park correctly, and refrain from 1 - ' " 1 - - Stickprs have States been residing; on a farm one mile north i „ T i| I {speeding of Groojmsville was^ere in con-; bn *^\M^ Sl ^^ P^eed oni sotne autos and owners sulttition. with- Sheritf.. , Devaul, I^XaSse 1" ^riUsh ^ | ^ N^.compe.led to ta,k over " las no disposition {' • W infraCtionS with either l Mayor '• "tber bills J „ . -I Griffith He part-of any one bten rei la-r r-,i H. disclose that poultry answering j t,,a " theSe haVe been - Tne ? e ?\ llt the description of that stolen was ! WftS ™t a victory for anyone, >it •'All three | delegations have been frank and fair. I can hot i'm- ! . i • • ,i i • • - 1 • : agine more pleasant negotiations greeting from the ! high j school after the invocation; by Rev; SMG and the selling price ? 19, 8 was discernible on the end of the box. Through this the officers hopejtp get some line of the, parentage of the infant. Coroner Webb had the body of the' infant brought to the Leatherman undertaking establishment in Tipton where it was examined by doctors and then prepared for (Continued on Page 2). Adelaide Hail* Mawscon on Return From Antarctic; Claims Territory for Britain Adelaide, Sojith ; Australia, April Gordon. Caryl j Oakes, violinist, ^ill play, there .wijlj be{ reajtlihgs by Betty Compton, vocal solos by harpjj The 1 Mrs. The] Belle Jean Vandevender land sblos by MrsJ Ruth ) Morris by ajddress will jbe, given '. Helen Paulsen] of ,|Chicago, urogram ends-with the S. A Sunshinel from 4t the 6.00 Ifand, composed of children t^ie two warji buildings. J j Vesper hour iwill jb|e held ;Presbyterian church and at o'clock therej wH.1 be ja banquet at| the high school gym. , ' 11 Saturday morning j a breakfast, will !be given Masonic Temple. • jj The Saturday morning gram will be church the This opens | with 3.—Sir Douglas Mawson land falls companions of the Dis- "overy; expedition are welcomed back to civilization after a nine monthcruise along the fringe of the Antarctic Continent. , "We have just - broken the ice, id Sir, Douglas modestly, "but there is much -more remaining to, be done.' Considering the time at our- disposal we did a tremen- dons amonnt'of work; We found planes very useful, but I still ln- sist they arerunsultable for de- gratulate you and ,your companions ^on the'successes achieved in the face of formidable-obstacles wrote-the King. ••.-'•• ! Lord Stonehaven added that the entire party bad shown '.'the great qualities of courage, endur- " J ' anoeiand deration to duty, whljb are the' best guarantee ppssibJe, fbr maii(tainlng the Tlrility of the Brittan race." . . , BtV Douglas told o|. ,ptontlng the • Australian ^Qag.on j'te'ff'JT- Land—th» only time his' expedl- UonitbuchW^thaAuU^ for scoiuiing and spying but ] mass. and,-eald ? :that^»hont ; ^aoo. of unknd%nf coast' had -been He Mitll'al^a'flu Hi sold to a local dealer Saturday of last week. The same party is thought to have been responsible for the! theft. of chickens from the Jacob Ratcliffjfarm near:: Groonisville ! all honorable iarid reasonable set^ tie ment between the three.' DITCH RF.PAIR FUND. II I -. Trustee .1. Hj Tranbarger Needs . Funds to jjcialrry on Work. ^ last week, although! no" trace of k the^missing poultry was found.: j, j. H.Tranbarger, trustee of Ci- |Cl.ickens_ peculiarly marked| cero i town8h , p f ha8 iaslIe(1 a call were taken from ; the Arthur j for a meetinB ; of uis - advl8ory home and according to employes j boar ^ for Tu^dky morning; April i to drive carefully, of a local establishment ; were il5 , t ' 0 make W. appropriation lot j ' ' ; ' ' : ,,. soldj here by a party whose name! soo needed to (repair ditches of| or Chief Leonard. So far: commissioners, , as had nmended by the Hoover forcnient commission, pproved in general two i-itten by Christopher-on and recommended to con- no affidavits have been filed as ; gress by the Hoover commlsaion Chief. Leonard is of the opinion the. average auto cfrivei- i>- careless rather than wilfully break- changes in these, ing the law. j "The Legion having iour large • signs made which will be placed : J —•— | !at the ends of Main and Irefferr , W. 51. Granger, who will, open son streets. These signs, 4x6 feet i a pastry shop in the Gleason will be'; lighted. They ask drivers room ojn North Main street, " has to',"Drive Carefully" for the pro- !>-en making some extensive im- tectipn. of children. There will•; provements in the interior of the also be/twelve metal signs 'placed'-,' room, iwhich has been' tastefnlly at. the ;three school buildings,' decorated. He has had more to do These- will represent the Ameri- 1 than at first anticipated and will can Legion shield and in the cen- : not be! ready to open until the ter will again' be the' admonition ! latter part of next week. to relieve congestion in federal courts but suggested several Oprn Next Week. Attack of Flu. sponsor a atl the! is in the hands of the officers, j j Sheritf Devault was ^nvestigai;- *ing;the: case when he was called i to the Morris gravel pit sjoutheast of Tipton to investigate ,tHe flnjd- ingiof>tbe body of an infant girl , babe. I • .''..'I " . .:" the townshlnl I I 'i- : Is Improved. , , me lownsnip.i \. .Miss, Delcie Shields of the Ne. Ati the regular meeting of the!. I 1 „j _ board last-S^ember only $160 1 There I s some siiBht i«ProTe- ™*a community. community was appropriated for this work,' ment in »'« condition of Charteej nurse tn Kokomo. has been con^ which would~ T only care for-three | Enable y.ho has been very criti-j/ined to her home in Kokomo for ditches as -[th'eyj averaged $50. ] The members of the board i ferson street for several about ' cal Iy ill at his home on East Jef-! a lew fJ avs w| t« « serious attsck -weeks. i ot IVu.[-Mrs. Jane Shields of Ne- • are it. D. JQii^dV .CharW-'A!''|ti-j-MrX''Venajile-' is able to sit jup a . vada M -at Kokomo .nursing her ARCADIA GVM. pro-j Bond Issue for 918,000 Is Anchor- Methodist) an or- . ized by Advisory Board. fan prelude by Viola kohlmeyerj: i Trustee Otto K. Jensen,-of Ar A 1 dams cadis, has announced that, the ad- rtuartet will sing and, Jane Col (ins will give j readings' The. ad dress will be by Dr.j J. jRiyjmonc chutz of North Manchest irj col lege. Motionl songs jby chil Iren oi he ward .school ^ and; the 1 uslnesi -eeting close jthe afternom. Lunchepn, will be peryet at: th 0dd Fellow's ball.i [ j •••••: j There are -approximate! yi I0< chaptcjrs in I the | sta'te.: - Tipton ^onnty has four chapters, Ppairic ^indfalt flha^psTilli!: and Tiptot J Kirklii Vrcadta, AtU^U. find ;re chaptirsj : ) ..lU^k":iDa t Tldspl and readings by Anna Mae . , k the Pralriel school. Th!e| mal4 viBPry ,board of Jackspn^townshlp has voted to approve a bond issue for S18.000 for--a] new gymnasium foir ithe! Arcadli high school and the-! repair of' the. building;' This stjep;b>"Mr. Jenjaen-^asithe! result of a petition signed seme time ago Cran- Ja«- Hauomk lkW<*iol# chel and Will! Bishop. {part of the day only. I daughter. Stimson Denounced as Trying to Get the . United State8 Into League's Back Door Improving Slowly. tion jWlth support of- the "nag* tiye; pact'' al ftSe. Londoh naval conference, Isjcontalned in a letter address to MijJ Stlmson and made by oven 200 taxpayers' and hand- J public by H.JR^alph Bui'ton. geO- Rufits Belong who suffered * slight stroke of paralysis a*wwr- al monjths ago and has bean con- Washington, April 3.—A de-[lofrg part, "shall, by withholding I fined to his home all winter l»- nunciationofj Secretary of 8Ute j economic assistance from- thatjslowly^ improving. H* la very Stimson, parltjculsrly in conhec-jcountry which has been termed the. weak and has not yet ventured ... ag«re»aor, play a part in enforc-lout of [the house \but with alec Ing Article XVI of the League;weather hopes to be out and: ed him:' : The old gym is considered-as a menace la health. and dangerous in case of Are. •>• Thej new gym'^nd repairs 'on the old will eliminate tUls!;hatard. | ' [ Jjnd^'-Vestal, j of 'Nobls^ U4 iw> oil \ attdrney for 'Ti ^atMt ji tan inatractad'r^osim ill" Wilis, eral [counsel for the rfatlonal Patriotic Leagu<|. ,-:.:-Cnartlng --JJMr. 8tlmson with having alwayji been an advocate of the Leagui of. Nations, Mr. ^r£nai;dlraeil7 accbses Mai oi u ^nchls prnilnt poattlon »as head 'o >a |a ;4t |e***u deHigatlonnt % cfifr^t «J inrorr. ;^ r oourtry SlfeHUoal j o^ wh ^Wmla it to siiijcjB iflssBnT-aflaBUVn ^wvj; SI of blattons,'' aqiounts to an ('•absolute commitment" on the part of this country to Identify itself with the enforcement provisions ] of the •league, becoming thereby f'noth- Ing morei or less than, an; asso- ciata iaanibar.".' ^ I|*gardta«s of the contention th»t the United States would not; ba asked jtonsa Its military!or naval forces "to anslat' •uropo" In sinUM war on^a covenant Ibreak- lng;»ute.[thls, Mr. Burtofk Jstf its. WftHldlmenn thafeSthaj bnltsd Btatea, Would bseome. linlud with aroundi Thursday at 11 :301 a. fire department madls a the home of. Svurett Maple (street, sparks flu* having lenttsd. t •» raasV the t* •at'.

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