Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 10
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10-Friday, Ftbruary 21, 1969 Rcdlands Daily Fodt FEBRUARY 21 m (60) JMIT I <O (90)En: M (TBridi, Hly bir audi S THESiXO'CU)CKMOVIEJ •A^ "TTTANIC" — Barbara Stanwyck, Clifton Webb _ :"Cit»«llli» iM Gov Md tnpctadOM Xn ki To«B." Ti »M (0 MMT (adMBtun) "SS-Enai nnio. Botrin Cwipbtn. Is nik ffCM HMiR TlMir (driRM) -sa-aiftM Webb, B«bara Stamqtk. mat* tH^Ofn'Ttm Rictt-I TWMMlMiOO) 74000* Eminc HM (Q WiMw CnMkitt. (30) IMart Mr UM? (Q (30) tfraMwri (30) (30) "We're Off To SM tilt World.' ffi«MricM«M(C) ^Tnrth er CO«M«MMM (Q 7:3iee (fin* «"<'*M IM (Q{ QCW^ Cbipml (0 (60) gSii ii tea (0 (55) , (5 (60) TbmmT Steele. Ulii, Ljmi Redgrave, ScTgio Mendes aid Tim Conway guest QMifliN S Hant: (0 'Apacke' (weitem) 'St-Brnt Uncaiter, Jean Peters. OTnrik ar Ciiiii (0 (30)| erany Maoaa (60) ®CaKiaadalallaii (30> sua itan) aa al Fav IKMOHaaKQ (30) JKrtli aid Nak (01 (2 hr) A repriia of a PBL filn ea- aay by Arthur Barron abeui tha joy of life's beginning and UM andaly of a dying man. trSQIMarfal WaiM af Irrt (Q l :3eeS(£ltMar r »la (0 (30) lailfeaSatN iBobbyCuniarStaiy.' nknm Urn SaaM Seat (Q (30) "Tba Japaneaa Hollyweod.' I «a» «1 (30) Dennis Whol«r hods. O Mar* Crlffia (0 (90) (BM »a Odds (0 (30) (musicaQ 'S4-lta«rd Keel, iane Pmell, Jeff Richards, Tommy Rail. (O (60) Tomnr Smothan, Leois Nya; Or. Wniiaffl Sehub of the Esalen Insli- bite of (Mifonia, Angelina Butlar, Tha Baddy Miles Eipraa, and John Stemit and Buffy Ford guest )CBlara Malt • M - r Hall hosts, e kr Tear Ua (0 (60) -ss w - -' OllaM (0 (30) Tad Mayan. IMBOaCSSaar Tiak (0 («0) eSHaH (0 (60) RiSCSffiJadd I •alO (60) "n* Holy Giaund: Tha toners." CeaehBioa. QMnlHl IMan (30) e 1M MM (0 (30) Tranda-j lent Baigams." Joan Fonlaina and Louit 1 Lalhontz guest eM»Ma .(60) I aa(grtdfie,taWMim Ors Golden Bears meat Die University of Washington at Seattle. OftaagaTalea ®SeatlMU$A (0 SMfDOiiCer IBIaAatban (0 Pete Peletta anc Moiita Moore calls the action between San Jose State and the Un!- venity of San Frandaco. CBaaaaa la CMa eQtaalfcc»diant«a (0 trigM) W-Anthony Steel, Stanley jjoOMarir (0 *Up h Ana*" (com- SS )8®0 -(e» ady,...^-ay^O^S.«. Oa{9eTanWaaar (0 SOCSQJaay BiAap (O 12«a77 StMl Mp UaaOMaair meat Daiweraas Man Sr (drama) 'ei -Ron Randall.; OebiaPaget tt»mka» naatrr llaet Mr. U- UdOeiMa! -Sea WkT (Jama) '57 • J Burton, Joan Collins. (O (30) _ Sa HiAria UMSeOffiCD""" (Q eUCU BastoHiaa (0 Dick En- fctrg calls tha action behaeen the Bruina and the Oregon Beaverv aiian Ck* (0 (O tl«*»einr (to-l 1 :30 (0 MlNai (0 af iadV (drama) RosMiL @ S) 9 Spider Ma* (0 JadrULannKO Sagabmh Iteafea Eitadto RalaV Banaaa SplHt (0 FantobVayaieCO _ (0 "Blood Arrow" and "Erik the Conqueror." SCntanaa «(i:)TbaAidda9Mr (0 Television Review HOLLYWOOD (CPI>-"(W Smut," the kng-niiiinfic comedy series' that was cancded oBieially by MBC-TV this wedc has been picked op by the competing (XS-TV aetmHc for OMtrie (O (western) '58—Brian Keith, Rick MtnlarUiing ijaEMIaayUsM Mnan/Stparaun (Q (0 (adventure) '41-De«glas Fairbanks Jr.. Ruth Warrick. )FanlaalieFaar (0 llM03(9 ®aHybaak Sqeaias (O Peter Marshall boats. Q @ d) EB Saaiia al DM leitfa IBAward TIaairt: "Rise and Shine." SSiCSCSOalanMd Wadd (0 f|@^EBtaarican Bandstand OMaria: (0 'Mantata' (west em) '50—Enol Rynn. Alexis Smith. Proffimmhiy for the upcom- inc seaioB it. at tUs pomt. stiO subject to cwitches-bnt mdess OS are chanted. "Get SiBirt" win simply coBtiniK as before; with viewers merely having to tune in on a different AtsuminK CBS -TV defioitdy kttpt "Get Smart" «• Oe air. it wiU not be the first time the networt picind 19 a dMw from a comp ^itor. As an example, some years a«> it got the Fred MacMiinay «riet, "My Three from ABC-TV. and it is gtiii mmung very strong in the ratingB. The CBS-TV sdiedule that has been leaked oat also reveals that the network is makmg firm Hd to establish the Doris Day series » Oie big hit it was ezi ^eeted to be, but has not yet bccoiM. What CBS -TV currently planning to do is insert Miss Day's sfaqw m its potent Monday night lineup, between "Mayberry R-F.D." and the Canri Burnett series. Other series on CBS -'TV on Monday night are "Giin- smoke" and the Lucille Ball prognon. Miss Day's transfer to Monday nights would dislodge a very successful series, "Family A^ir." w«ich now is slotted for By RICK DU BROW an early tune p^iod 00 Thnrtdays next ttm. It will be fUIowed on Ihuradays by the new one-hour Jim Nabuts variety show. Nabon has quit his long-mn "Gomer Pjde" situation comedy series as of] this season. > "Gentle Ben." the ddldren's show aboot a bqy and his bear, is currently 'sehedided for canceOatiaa by CBS-TV. But the Glen Campbdl Variety Hour, iriiich had iU debut this mideason. has won renewal It is produced by the same firm that puts on the Smothers Brothers series. The Smothers, according to the peoci0ti4a schedule. wiU be back on flie network too. Over at NBC-TV. nounccment of next season's new shows says the previooslyr set Bin Cosby hdf-hour series win concETB "a big dty hi^ school gym teacher and assistant coach «4io moonlights — principally as a private nvesti- gator—to make ends meet" NBC-TVs upcmning Debiue Reynrdds situation comedy, also previously set, wiU be about an on-the-go surburban housewife with a family cirde that includes her sportswriter husband, a domineering older sister, an easy-gnng brother-in- law and a chubby, mythic 10- year-old nephew.' Yet another new NBC-TV series, the hour-long "Bracken's TIZZY nmmr ^ jni I by K(4e Qsonn l ^^^i ^iiiiiiiiiiuofliiiii Cofnip has nwcliciiMil properties •V DICK WIST WASHINGTON (UFI) — Re-jflat on his back m defiance of cent reports that some young:feline tradition, people are turning on by "Whafs wrong with that smoking catnq> go along way crazy cat?" my mother would toward ,esplauiing certam mys-| exclaim. "He looks like lie is teries of my childhood. Catnip, as you know, is a strongly scented herb with smaU hlinsh flowers. Although known "ivunarily as a cat delicacy, it has been, used "Ha't bMn vary good so far. I just hope we don't run out of situation comedies!" medicinally, usually as a home remedy, m the treatment of sudi ailments as colic and chlorosis, an anemic condition sometiraes called greensickness. According to the journal of the American Medical Associa-, . tion. it has never been credited j'^"^''' i trying to fly." Nobody could fi'ure it out at the time, but I now realize that he was hallucinating. Under tiie mind-bendi'jg influence of too much catnip, he fancied himself another Orville Wright I also can now understand what used to come over my grandmother late of an afternoon when she was sitting out on the porch in her rockins in peychoiriiarmacrdogy with having a psycheddic potential. But youths who have smoked catnip leaves, or tobacco flavored with catnip, claim it produces somewhat the same effect as marijuana or LSD. She would begin rocking very slowly, gradually accelerating the tempo and all the whi'e making a rhythmic "choo-choo- choo" ndse. When she reached fuU speed, with the wind whistling under the visor of her World," is described by sources at the network as "somethmg like "Peyton Place' m a movie studio—but on a higher plane.' Repeated tests aid correct diagnosis By DR. WAYNi C. BRANDSTAOT Kgh^cM Baabal flMWaak (0 Crat Teak* Satnlar Malinaa (0 112:30 B a (EIJe«y «Mi (0 . QMovit: Traawr (mystei}) '47 —filenn Ford. James Carter. O (SKS ® Happaaim (O smg er 0. C. Smith ami Lude and DesI Amaz Jr. guest The Raiders do their version of "On the Road Again." Tha semi-finals of the ama teur band contest an held with Judges Stephen Young, Gary Lewis, and Enzo Ceruslco. jptft (0 Kbbm Iktabe (0 "Yaqui Dnims." lMa®(EIMabr Dick (O OMariK-MbyWaraltl (mystery) '55-Neville Brand, Arthur Franz, Jean Willis. O Mavir llaageroas TariV* (drama) '58 — George Bakar, Frankie Vaughn. OMtiiR "iack la iataanf (adventure) '45-John Wayna^ Anthony Qulnn. S )Dicfea Rabada eB*«MdhitatHi|Migbb (0 a(i)1lHla«tllaa|W (0 OSaMay BaMt Faatan: "Play It CooT and "Village of tha Giants." ffiFMn (0 ffiManrCrifRn (0 2«BTIa Naw Sadaty (0 QMtrir (0 "Apacta (adventure) '55-Uoyd Ndan, Joan Taytor. IBCaranat TkattaK "Strange Holiday." (O One often hears a person say. "There's nothnig wrong with my heart My dectrocardiogram didn't show a thing," or "I had a chest X-ray and there's no trouble there." Such an attitude shows a lack of understandmg of the true value of X-ray and other diagnostic procedures. These tests offer your doctor valuable dues about your health or lack of it but they do not make the diagnosis for him. It is possible, hut very unlikely, for a man whose dec- trcardiogram is normal to die of a heart attack the day after it was made. This is because the ECX; tells us nothing about the state of the coronary arteries that supply the heart muscle. It is only when an obstruction m one of these arteries se- 2 :30eS(£CK Ca> Claarie (0 Tha first semi-finals match ia held. OS) (SSI* 8) la Barter haala tha 175,000 Cougar PBA Open from New Jcnay. SBi|ndm(0 3SOilewa(0 4«IOK ^SagirFealBm (0 OWagra Traia (Q BBronct 4dBOSan :aAaitaSMa (0 QTbt Cabtoewsi (0 JAaHricaaa (O A study (d tbi St Presidenrs fife; MieaMNiHMiio 0.a (i)«>*«*« AaamMlnal at tfea lendea HaM and Cou*) Club, London. Ontario, Canada aad Jim St John nwat Mike Lioaagage and BiA Stranpc. Sarti (0 The Otynqaans Track anc Md Matt from Haw York's K3d! Lcgd Netiets NOTICE TO CBEDROBS No. 37964 Superior Court of the SUt* of C*U- fomla. for the County of San Bernardino. EtUte of FEBN r. WAKBEN, St- ceaied. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of the al>ove named decedent that aU penon* bavins elaimi asainit the said decedent are required to file them, with tba necessary voudiers. in the office of the cleric of the above enUUed court, or to present them, with the necessary vouchers, to tlie undersisned at Taylor 9t Smith, Attorneys at Ijiw. SOS Arrowhead Avenue. P. O. Box 112s. San Bernardino. California 92402. which to the pUce of business of the undersisned in aU matters pertaining to the estate of said decedent, witliin four months after the first pubUcation of this notice. Dated January 37, 1969. lONE B. SKITH, Admintolratrix of tb* EsUte of the abov* named TAYLOR at SKITR. Attorneys^ at Law. 505 Arrowliead Avenue, P. O. Box 1125. San Bernardino. California 92410. Attorneys for Administratrix. (First pubUcaUon: Jan. 31. uat) Phone: t8S.<t3t, verely damages the heart muscle itself that the ECG changes will show up. This is why tests sometimes have to be repeated and com pared with the results of previous tests and why your doctor must weigh them against results of a careful evaluation of your complaints, together with the findbigs of a physical ez- ammation before he can make his diagnosis. In the last analysis your doctor is the best diagnostic instrument of alL Q — What foods are lovr acid formers? A — Surprising enough, most fruits and vegetables, even though they have a tart taste, will allcalmize your system because the weak acids they contain are offset by the fact that their ash when they are fully consumed (oxidized) is alkalme. The acid formers in- dude GA, fowl, red meat, nuts and sweets. If you want to avoid addifying your blood you should reduce your intake of these foods but not avdd them conpletely. Q — My husband has had pains in his lower back for over six months. Now he is having blood ui his stools. What could cause ths? A — Low back pain may be caused by a ruptured interver­ tebral disk, sacroiliac arthritis or faulty sleeping posture due to saggmg bed springs. Blood in the stool may be caused by piles or amebic dysentery. A combination ct the two symptoms, however, is strongly suggestive of cancer of the rectum. A thorou^ examuatian without dday is m order. CEBTVICATE OF USE OF Ficnnocs FIRM NAME It to hereby certified that the nn- dersisned are conductlnf at Redlands, County of San Bernardino. State of California, a Restaurant business, under the fictitious firm nam* of "Sousa's Sea Food Grotto." ANTONIO J. SOUSA 430 West Colton Avenue BT.ti.~i., Calif. MARIA r. SOUSA 420 West Colton Avenue Redlands, Calif. SUte of CalifomU. ) County of San Bernardino ) ss. On UUs art day of February, laaa. before me. a Notary Public in and for said County and SUte. personaUy appeared Antonio J. Sousa and Maria F. Beusa Imown to ma to be the persons whose names arc subscribed to the above instrument and adraowledaid to na that they executed the same. nr WRNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal. RUTH HOWLAND JONES. Notary Public In and for the Count)- of San Bemar- dine. State of California. iSEALI The day in Sacramento By Unitad Press InttmatieMl -mE GOVERNOR Demonstrations — Told the San Diego Chamher of Commerce that itudeats and ftcul- ty partidpatmg in demonstrations at the University of Cali- fomia at Berkeley should be ejpeDed or fired. THE SENATE Passed Override — Ddetes provisin that after July U 1971 actocd boards woidd no longer need to submit to the volen a property tax override proposaL (SB 35 - Sdunitz, R-I^istin. 22-13. To Assembly.) Committees Fuiance Approved Relief — Sets a one-cent gas tax increase to he^ make avail able at least $30 million in flood rdief mooey. (AB78 — Davis, D-Portola. Voice vote. To floor.) Colleges — Appropriates $S75,< 000 to meet enrdlment costs of 4,000 additional state coUege students, but reduces the sum from the $2 milliott approved by the Assembly. (AB93 - Wfl son. R-San Diego. Voice vote. To floor.) Introduced Aides — Sets minimum levd for salaries of governor's aides at $»,000, mstead of $16,500, except for 8 secretaries at $27,500, mstead of $20,000. and executive secretary, finance director and four "super" agency heads at $35,000. (SB63 _ CoUier. D- Yrdca.) Executives — Increases salaries for various commissions and boards of the executive branch and sets up a seven- member commission to review Supports Attack CAIRO (UPI)-Cairo newspapers carried lliursday their first reports of the Arab commando attack on an Israeli jetlmer at Zurich and said "no power on earth" could stop Palestinians from fightug to Israd. The Cairo press expressed support for the Arab commandos. Ltgd Notice NonCC TO CREDITORS No. saoao Superior Court of the SUte of California, (or the County of San Bernardino. Estate of LENNIE H. TOtmC, 1 •at« I •THEY eSitio m us VEGAS" caiar c»Wt "ASSICNMiNT TO KILL" NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to the creditors of Uie above named decedent that aU persons havinc claims acainst the said decedent are required to lUe them, with the necc»- sary vouchers, in the office of the clerk of the above entlUed court, or to present them, with tha necessary vouchers, to the nndcrslfned at the otnccs of Taylor * Smitfi. Attorneys at Law. 30t East SUte ttrcel. Redlands. California 92173. which is the place of business of the undersicned in an matters pertalninc to the csuu of said decedent. wiUUn taar months after the tint pubUcation of UUs noUce. Dated Feb. 3. uat. LOUEVA YOUNC IRRIG. Esecntrix al tha EsUU tt Uie above auatd dteadeat TAYLOR ti SMITH. Attorneys at Law, 30t Kut SUU Stiatt Redlands. CalifomU tSTS. TWepkonc: TSS-Sxa. Attorneys for Executrix. iFint pubUcaUoK Fab. T, Uat) salaries. (SB363 — CUher, D- Yreka.) Officers — Removes frozen statutory salaries for second- m - command executives and permits them to be set by tiie governor. (SB3161 — Collier. D- Yreka.) Tear — Authorizes reserve police and auxiliary sherifTs deputies to use tear gas to put down a distuAance. (SB3S5 — Bradley. R-San Jose.) THE ASSEMBLY Introduced Riot — Extends definition of "pararailitaiy orgaoization" to include instniction or tratnng in rioting. disniptioB er uiterfer- «nce with tcfaod activities. (AB 574 — Lanterman, R-La Canada.) Blind — Provides highest possible allowance to bUnd persons needmg aid who have children receiving welfare aid. (AB 616 — McGee. R-Van Nuys.) Sales — Exdudes from sales and use taxes the lease of sets, props, wardrobes and photographic and sound equipnient furnished under movie or tde- vision studio facilities agreement (ABS14 — Zenovicfa. D- Fresno.) Vocational — Permits governing boards of sdioal districts to estabiish summer vocational and tecfanicai education programs. (SB60« — BiU Greene, D-Sacramento.) Attend — Adjusts formula lor computing average daily attendance in some grades. (AB606 —Veysey, R-Brawley.) Gifted — Increttes appropri- ailon for programs for mentally gifted cfaildreo. (ABa06 -Veysey. R-Brawley.) Hospital — Appropriatea $19 million for hospital construction. (AB606 — Zenovkh, D-Fretno.) Water — Prohibits any offi- dal or employe or-persoo with any financial interest hi any cor- poratkn or agency wUch dis­ charges wastes mto state waters from serving on the water quality advisory committee or regional water quality control boaitfe. (AB603 - Robeiti. D- Los Angdes.) Party — Urges RepiAiiean and Democratic ticos to adopt platform pteks urging aU candidates for the legislature to hdp esUblish h>- cal fair campaign practices committees. (ACS19 — Z'Bcrg, D-Sacramento.) Drug — Appropriates $200,000 to estaUisb drug abuse programs. (ABS99 — VasconceUos, D-San Jose.) Medical — Removes contracts with carriers under Medi-Cal from regulatory powers o< the director of health care services. (AB592 - Stacey. R-Bakers- fidd.) Radio — Exempts from sales and use taxes leases of radio tapes. (ABS88 — Conrad, R- Sherman Oaks.) Teadi — Creates a stale Board of Teachers' Standards and Practices to assume duties of state Board of Education, Department of Education, Director of Education and nqwr- intendent of pid^ mstruction on accrediting feaddng histitu- tions and granting credentials. (AB5S6 - Deddeh. D-ChuU Vista.) Register — Permits voter registration up to 15, rather than S3, days before an dec- tion. (AB583 — Brown, D-S a o Francisco.) State — Exempts state college employes engaged in a labor dispute from regulation of automatic resignation when ab- sait for five consecutive working days. (AB581 — Brown, D- San Frandsco.) Wage — Estal^es minimum wage of $2.25 for ail public and private employes and a 354iaur workweek. (AB580 — Brown, D- San Francisco.) Parks — Declares that paik lands are the best and most necessary use of the property. (AB578 — Brown. D-San Francisco.) Vote — Requires county clerk to give. free, voter registration information to county central committees. (AB577 — Brown, D-San Frandaca) Recess — Limits recess peri cds in the first through dghth grades to one period in the morning and one in fiie afternoon. (AB573 — VasconceUos, D-San Jose.) WhUe readmg of this matter, 1 T I got to thinking about a cat r=™ . ,''T.L''JJ^°° ' used to own and about one of ^"^ ^o toot-toot, my grandmothere, who was a L bdng a curious bd, would devotee of catnip tea. Both say, "What in tarnation are you behaved rather strangely at;doing, Grannikins?" times. ! "Go peddle your papers The cat, for no apparent i somewhere else, sonny," she reason would suddenly crouch down, lurch forward, race around the floor to gd upl speed, and Qien spring mto the air, wildly wavmg his legs and tail. Occasiflnally he would land would reply. "I'm overdue m St. Louis." That's what too much catnip tea will do for you. In the light of what is known about catnip, it is obvious that the old lady was taking a trip. CARNIVAL By Dick Tumtr M *TieM*LaP|«mLoaa»u—neii USI i-SM* TflMSU Daly 1 7:1S — Pit, UU San. fram 1 PM. Abaincalar JULII CHRISTII TEIUA' Ltgd Notices crrr OF REDLANna Realaaas. CaUtarala INVITATION. BID ACCCFTANCC COVEBINC SALE OF USED EQIIIPMENT NoUce is hereby given of sale of ceruin USED equipment, where is and as is described herein: ITEM No. 1 — wniys Jeep Model M38 -A1. 4 cyl. ID. No. 13SB« (Old City Equip. No. 31 rrEM No. 3 — 1964 PlymooOt 4 dr. Sedan, a cyL. auto, trans., LD. No. 39<U68aoa (Old City Equift N K 14> riEM No. 3 — uaa Mercury Comet 4 dr. Sedan, t cyL. std. trans., m No. 3Ja2S50ai4S (Old City Equip. No. 1631 ITEM No. 4 — uaa Dedie 4 dr Sedan. 8 cyl, auto, trans.. LD. No. DK4IKS3iaaaa3 (OM aty Equip. No. 93SI rrEM No. s — lass loa ^ ton PU. < cyL. std. trans. 4-speed. ID. No. aaai* lOId aty Equip. Na not No. 6 — lass InU. U ton PU. 6 cyL. std. trans. 4.speed. LD. No. aaa44 loid city Equip. No. as) The above equipment may be Inspected at City Yard. 401 L street. Redlands. CaUfomU, Hen. thru Trt SM a-m. thru 3 pmi. RID CLOSES AT 4 pjn. ON THURSDAY. FEB. 37, Uat. MAIL BIO TO: P. A. Jeserlnae City Purchasinc Aatnt City Han e im I T N'A Til tts IU. M m 2-21 "The generation gap la hard to explain. The best way to understand it is to have your Father do some of your new-math!" Feminine Aiiiwer to Preriout Poztle ACBOSS 1 She who lost herhusliand espouse 10 Sphere of action U Median 15 Diversions 16 Starchy root 17 Negative 18 Signs of contempt 20 Menu items 22 Stitches 24 Ignited 25 Sign of consent 28 Masculine nickname 29 Period of time 32 Mouthlike openings (anat) 33Femiiiin* title 35 Chinese Red 36 Greek letter 37 Marrow 38 Daughter of Cadmus (myth.) 39 Point of view 41 Conversant (slang) 43 Headgear 44 Female bird 45 Slight error 47 Form of courtship 50 Zeal 54 Woman's secret 55 3 (Roman) 57 Arab capital 58 Carriers 60 Feminine suffixes 61 Small island 62 Aquatic animals DOWN IJokers 2 Modem Persia 3 People (comb, form) 4 Heavy blows (coll.) 5 Expends needlessly 6 Method 7 Yellow bugle plants 8 Girls, ladies, etc. 9 Comparative suffix 12 Dealing with anatomy 13 Deity 14 Abstract being 19 Hindu teacher 21 Facial feature 23 Metalworkers 25 bene 26 Algerian seaport 27 Female offepring 30 Biblical town 31 Circular band 34 Bookcase part 37 Cents 40 Hawaiian wreath 42 Fragments 46 (flatter 47 Bait gently 48 Gone by 49 Miss 51Lifeprindple 52 City in Russia 53 Antarctic sea 56 Verb suffix 59PahnlUy no Vine * Caiaa : Redlands. Ca. 93373 Payment or accepted Mda may be certified or cashier's ckeeks to the City ot Redlands, or by cash. The City of Redlands reserve! tha right to Riect any er aU bUs. This inquiry irapUes no eblisatiOB on the part of Uia seUcr. the Oty ot Red- P5 25 26 27 1 32 36 39 «7 48 54 58 Th« Atieciated Sfudants of San Bamardine Vallay Cellaga pratanh Jamas M. Barria's classic comady *What Eveiy Woman Knows' FrMqr t SMqf. 21.» -1:15 pjn Save* daad h Uort BOLOGNA, Italy (UPI)_JVt least seven persons were reported dead today and 12 injured after a fbur-stoiy building collapsed Wednesday night, rescuers said today. A gas ezpk>sion was fabmed. V

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