Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 9, 1891 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1891
Page 2
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IN THc. GRIM SEIZURE ROOM. Th« Llttlo Dvm That Smugglers Are Afraid to Enter. There are few more interesting- places In the government building in New York than the dingy little cubby-hole on tie ground floor of the custom house known as the "seizure room." Those •who have never visited this gloomy den have an idea that it is of immense size and jail-like in appearance. The fallacious idea that this department is in charge of a small army of men whose motto: "We never sleep," is written on their faces, is also generally entertained. A halo of bustle and activity is supposed by outsiders to surround the room where thousands and thousands of dollars' worth of smuggled goods are confiscated annually. One 3ook into the place will dispel the picture. The room is not more than twenty- five feet long by twenty feet wide. In the middle of it is a long table, on -which seized goods are sorted before the making up of the inventories and official reports. On every wall are bulky shelves running from the ground almost to the ceiling. Peering boldly out from the edges of th»se shelves are hundreds of packages bearing on their side the numbers that give a clew to the date of the seizures and the quantity of the commodity seized. To your left as you enter are huge boxes and trunks. These are all filled •with those expensive articles of wearing apparel, etc., that the American visitor to Europe loves to buy and hates to pay duty on. These larger pieces are all labeled like the small packages on the shelves. The contents of every 'bundle have, within the past three months, been carefully examined, in- •ventoried and appraised, four times every year. The room is cleared out and its contents sold at public auction. Take a look in the seizure room any afternoon when either one of those lynx-eyed special agents, Brown or Donohue, has made a haul. You will then gain a perfect idea of the system of examination in vogue in the grimy little den that smugglers dread to enter. The long table in the center fairly groans under its imposed weight of silks, satins and laces. The fashionable uptown dressmakers are responsible for the table's valuable load. 'They attempted to defraud Uncle Sam, and liave been caught in the act Three immense steamer trunks have been relieved of their contents and three separate piles of the articles have been made. One man with an iron- gray mustache has thrown aside his «oat and is ready for business. Another is at the end of the table with .pencil in hand and regulation inventory sheet befoi-e him. - The former's duty ends with the designation of the quality of each article seized, and the latter records the designation and general description. The first garment, a handsome even- Ing dress by a Paris maker, is described. Its material is pink satin, its trimmings of pink lace, the size of its waist and bust so much. No sooner are ithe measurements mdde than the examiner writes the significant phrase, "A clear case of smuggling," for the woman rvvho declared the garment was for her•elf is of mammoth proportions, and the tmst and waist measurement of the gown in hand are for a sylph-like form. The first pile is gone through methodically in a comparatively short time, and the record shows five dresses, three jackets, two hundred pairs of ladies' evening kid gloves and a lot of miscellaneous articles that had been ingeniously secreted in the pockets and folds of dresses and the toes of shoes. The second and third piles are gone through in the same way, and at the conclusion of the examination one of the officials ventures the remark that "Uncle Sam is richer by about 35,000." Old "Isaac," who has been in this department for no one but himself knows how long, is now busy putting the ar- •ticles back in their respective trunks. When this job is finished it is seen that there is a fourth and a new pile of nondescript articles at the far end of the table. These have been weeded out of the three piles by the experienced examiner. What are they? Soiled linen, underwear and dresses that have been worn. They are known as "personal properly," and the female smuggler is at liberty to take them away whenever she feels disposed. But it is not likely that she will call for them. She would lather suffer the loss than again face the men who have brought her into disgrace. They are bundled up by the methodical Isaac and the name of the owner is printed on the package. Such is the simple method of examination in the seizure room. There is •no more excitement or confusion noticeable than there is in the smallest and most inactive of the government offices. Nothing surprises the officials. They look on everything that comes to their mill as grist for the government, and their duty ends with the examina- "tion and description of it.—N. Y. News. COREAN WONDERS. Seven Roiniirlculjle Tinners to Be Scon In Th:it Country. Corea, like the world of the ancients, has its "seven wonders." Briefly stated they are as follows: First, a hot mineral spring near Kin-Shantao, the healing properties of which are believed to be miraculous, No matter what disease may afflict the patient a dip in the water proves efficacious. The second wonder is two springs situated at a considerable distance from each other; in fact, they have the breadth of the entire peninsula between them. They have two peculiarities. , When one is full the other is always empty, and notwithstanding the obvious fact that they are connected by a subterranean passage one is of the bitterest bitter and the other pure and sweet. The third wonder is a cold wave cave, a cavern from which a wintry wind perpetually blows. The force of the wind from the cave is such that a strong man cannot stand before it, A forest that cannot be eradicated is the fourth wonder. No matter what injury is done to the roots of the trees, which are large pines, they will sprout up again directly —like the phoenix from her ashes. The fifth is the most wonderful of all. It is the famous "floating stone." It stands, or seems to stand, in front of the palace erected in its honor. It is an irregular cube of great bulk. It appears to be resting on the ground, free from supports on all sides, but, strange to say, two men at opposite ends of a rope may pass it under the stone without encountering any obstacle whatever. The sixth wonder is the "hot stone," which from remote ages has lain glowing with heat on the top of a high MIL The seventh and last Core an wonder is a drop of the sweat of Buddha. For thirty paces around the large temple in which it is enshrined not a blade of grass will grow. There are no trees or flowers inside the sacred square. Even the animals decline to profane a spot so holy.—St. Louis Republic. A. Common Experience. "What has been the greatest mistake of your life?" "Making so many."—Puck. Guaranteed Cure for La Grippe. We authorize our advertised druggist to sell you Dr. King's New Dis- eovery for consumption,; coughs and eolds. upon this condition. If you are afflicted with la grippe and will use this remedy according to^directions, giving it a fair trial, and experience no benefit, you may return the bottle and have your money refunded. We make this offer, because of£the wonderful success of Dr. Bang's Naw Discovery during last season's epidemic. Have heard of no case in which it failed. Try it. Trial bottles free at B. Y. Keesling's drug- store. Large size 50c. and $1.00. 4 LOOKING BACKWARD.—Lot's wife became a fixed monument to admonish us that it is not always safe to look backward. Onward and upward should be our battle cry, and armed with a bottle of Dr. White's Pulmona- ria we may safely defy that remorseless enemy of the human race, consumption. It cures coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, croup, whooping cough and consumption. Itis entirely harmless and pleasant to take. Sold by Ben. F. Keesling- and D. E, Pryor. to9 Sore Tliroat is particulary favorable to the contraction of diphtheria. Heed the warning, and use Darby's Prophylactic Fluid. It at once allays the inflammation of the throat, subdues the pain and gives permanent relief. It promptly and effectually destroys all contagion and dipbtherietic germs. It is a safeguard against diphtheria, and should be used on the first symptoms of sore throat as a gargle. to9 '•!-' Steam Cars $o« XSlcy 'STfff Tlltn. Within a few months a gentleman of nearly eighty summers named Aiken, a member of Amity Presbyterian church, Venango county, concluded to visit a daughter living in Wylie avenue, this city. Mr. Aiken had never in his long life seen a railway train, but he had read of numerous mishaps and frightful accidents on railways, and after he had purchased a ticket at Grove City for Pittsburgh he boarded the trr.iu with great trepidation. The old gentleman's nervousness increased until at length on reaching Butler, he could endure it no longer, and getting off, lie threw his ticket away so that he would no longer be tempted. At -Butler he hired a liveryman to bring him to Pittsburgh and to come after him at the end of two weeks. The wagon roads were awe inspiring and the old gentleman was greatly shaken up. His ride from Butler to this city and back cost him thirty-five dollars, and what it cost to take him from Butler to Venango county is not specified, but, counting the cost of railway fare in the first instance, thirty-five dollars between Butler and this city, and that from Butler home, Mr. Aiken might have ridden as cheaply '•and had a palace car all to himself.— Pittsburgh Dispatch, Why Savages Are Lazy. The savago, says Thomas Kibot, is lazy; is inspired only by the chase, by war and by play; his interests are in the unknown, the unforeseen and the chance. He is not capable of continuous labor,because in half-civilized communities work Is repugnant. The most ever-present characteristic of our criminals is their inability to pursue a steady calling; and the great German and t Italian anthropologists regard this as proof of a reversion to primitive habits. In order to overcome laziness volunteer attention, must coma in and be maintained as a sociological power. CHILD BIRTH • • • • • MADE EASY! " MOTHERS' FRIEND " is a scientifically prepared Liniment, every ingredient of recognized value and in constant use by the medical profession. These ingredients are combined in a manner hitherto unknown 66 WILL DO all that is claimed for it AND MORE. It Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to Life of Mother and Child. Book to " MOTHERS " mailed FRHE, containing valuable information and voluntary testimonials. Sent :>v express on ri-ec-iptnl' pi-iccJl.CO per bottle B;ifiOFIELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta.Ga. SOLD BY ALL illLUGGISTS. Sold by Ben Fisher 4th street. DO YOU WANT TO BE "IN IT" — =AND=— On the Ground Floor ? IF YOU] DO O! the Winery of It. Human wretchedness touches bottom in sea sickness. Life is held a feather's weight by the unfortunate afflicted with it. Why endure its atrocious internal convulsions when Hostetter's Stomach Bitters relieves them instanter? Not only relieves, hut prevents. It is not always on the "briny" that traveler's nausea is experienced. Railway journeying, riding with one's back to the horses or the locomotive sometimes produces it in super-sensitive stomachs. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is always the prompt remedy. The mischievous properties of brackish water, the evil influence of miasma, unwholesome or unaccustomed food, excessive fatig-ue, whether bodily or mental, the dyspeptic ten-' dency bred by sedantary pursuits, the pernicious effects of exposure to extremes of temperature or dampness, all these are effectually counteracted by this genial preservative of health. Cures also .rheumatism, kidney and bilious trouble. tolS GK-D MEDAE, PAEIS, 1878. I. Bum & Co.* Breakfast Cocoa from which tho excess of oil has been removed, is Absolutely Pure and it Is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than thre« times the strength^ Cocoa mixed with. Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. KUn Something: New In Corn—New Bried;corn OTeal. This process retains all the sweets and nutriments of the corn. It is this process that has given Kentucky and Virginia its great reputation for corn meal. To be had at the leading groceries. We are also manufacturing' pure whole wheat flour. This is also on sale at all the leading- groceries in one-eighth barrel packages. There is more nutrition in this flour than in any other made. We are now prepared to grind corn for feed in any quantities declld&wtf D. & C. H. UHL. She was Completely Cared. A daughter of my customer suffered from suppressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottle of Bradfield's Female regulator, which cured her. J. W. Heliums, Water Valley, Miss. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Ben. Fisher. to9 A Safe Place. Frank Jones, a gentleman from Indiana, was seated alongside the driver on the stage going to Brownsville. They were near the Rio Grande. Frank, by the way, had embezzled a lot of money and was en route to Mexico. "I*' this country safe?" asked Frank of the driver. "Safe! Why, of course, it is." "No robbers?" "Bobbers! Why, this part of the country has got such a bad name that -the highway robbers are afraid to risk -their lives in these parts."—Texas Sift- lags. __ —A passenger on the steamer offered •One of the sailors a glass of whisky, which the honest tar declined, saying: •"No, thank'ce, sir, 'I never drink whis- ty, besides it's too early yet; and thirdly, I have had three glasses already." —Humoristisches. —Mudge—"Do you know what I •would do if I had a million dollars?" Yahfiley—"Buy your own cigars, per- iaps."—Indianapolis Journal Dr. Koch, with the assistance of the German government, may have discovered a lymph that will cure consumption, but how much better it would be to prevent it by the timely use of Pine-apple Syrup. It will do it as well as cure your coughs, colds and sore throats. It acts wonderfully in cases of croup. Mothers should not be without it. For sale by J. F Coulson & Co. to8 A Fonl-lttontlied Woman is even worse than a foul-mouthed man. But no one need he foul-mouthed if they will only use SOZODONT and rub it in well. . Don't spare the brush and spoil the mouth as some parents do with their children when they withhold the rod, to29 Pennsylvania Ltnc». , Excursion to ciiOuisville, Ky., for the Scotch-Irish Congress; one fare for round trip. Tickets will be sold May 12th and 13th, and will be good to return until May'l 9th. raay3d6twlt Fits, spasms, St. Vitus dance nervousness and .hysteria are soon cured by Dr. Miles 1 Nervine. Free samples at B. F. Keeeling'a (4) DK. J. MILLER & SONS—Gents: I can speak in the highest praise of your Vegetable Expectorant. I was told by my physician that I should never be better; my case was very alarming. I had a hard cough, difficulty in breathing, and had been spitting blood at times for six weeks. I commenced usingthe Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing, I soon began to get better, and in a short time 1 was entirely cured, and I now think my lungs are sound.—Mrs. A. 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Cures all Throat, Lung and Bronchial troubles, and is pleasant, positive and PERFECT. For sale by J. F Coulson"& Co.. feb8d&w3m rjTOODTffANTELS l ^^^ CATARRH CUBED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. Sold by B. F. Kees ing _ 3 WHY WILL rou cough when Shiloh s Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling. 7Q Pain and*dre&4 attend the use olmost catarrh remedies. Liquids and gmiffa are unpleasant as well as dangerous. Ely's Cream Balm Is sale, pleasant, easily applied Into flip nasal passages and heals the Inflamed membrane giving relief at pnce. Price SOc. to28 224 YWJ3ASH AYE march!7d3m THE REV. GEO. H. THATEK, of- Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives te Shiloh's Consumptive Cure. Sold by B. F Kees- 6 CEOUP, WHOOPING COUGH and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh's Cnrr. Sold by B. F. 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IN A W O B D, An Entire library in Itself, Within the reach of every household in this broad, land, and on these remarkable terms: The Daily Journal and the Encyclopaedia in Cloth binding—$10.00 down and $2. a month for eight months. The Daily Journal and the Encyclopaedia in Sheep binding—$12.oO down and $3.oo a month for eight months. The Daily Journal and the Encyclopaedia, ip Half Seal Morocca Binding $13.00 down and $3,25 a month for eight months. Our salemen will call upon you with sample copies of the work and arrange the terms. This offer is for a very limited period and those desiring to secure the great premium must contract for it at once.

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